MegaCast  06/14/17  “Leisure Suit Ted”

Wednesday, June 14th

This week Ted shares his excitement about getting cable in his new apartment.  They come across some great audio of a comic bombing on stage, and we learn about how dream Ted is a better lover than real life Ted! 

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Ladies and gentlemen. Steve made. You are just excited to do the mega cats are not man. Do you know I never know results today never watch you control our head coach. I am right I can draw mind. I that you guys you've got a novel over there man with Turner's up all right Jack Jesse gets louder and my 200 eagle oh yes he did I can see ya Southport Steve you can't see it all its sound in my ears weight so my headphone knob controlled your head full volume even know you have a headphone control volume over there correct. Really we exist in the world's worst studio. I mean really I'm glad we're moving. Well that's part of it too yeah you know like I feel bad engineers stuff they just don't play they've given up yet. Yeah I would do Greg everything's moved in there's going to be nice to get stuff again I just. I don't know late today I thought I noticed it and you turn it right when we started I got. But it doesn't make sense situation patrol might expose on the board over the air or no in theory if not even in there it logistically. I should have no bearing on your headphone volume. Right so mind like a master volume and and you haven't come up a micro volley but only when I turned mine up it doesn't affect George now. Now now. Went out and I do this you can hear it can't hear you can act now now you can and give up nine seconds I can scrutiny while your junior two time retired for the got a Ted talks here I don't even know about Motley get. Uptick I don't know I'm just read our immunity are some Audrey device about the guy whenever Ted talks and its distracting him but I've been. Nobody is any idea what's going on out because we shall normal the right time out okay. I was just say I thought it was nice sixty picked a good volume like I agree with it OK I've got to do. Color business is Blair everything I know you know does it diesel. But always blow yet because it. We you know that from your days are working the board yeah I know. Oh miles miles split yeah miles is going to go death miles thrill and Cassel all Blair so loud and I always thought. My were pretty loud 'cause I've been hearing loss from playing drums firm since I was eleven years old. Dude whenever I plug my headphone Jack into the Jack in some domain studio where real share the other room in an I share the same space as miles Montgomery from the men's room. I see that plug it and I never put in my in my head before I put him in first and lower the volume because it's it's it's. It's allowed just come into my head phones let alone putting Obama head. Yeah like keep you coming to the manager during the show. And all the monitors are down it'll sound like speakers are on because they're not phones it is certain that it's it's not good for him man. That's good I think fish is those old school radio reduced state player and it didn't mix of humor lies self that yeah it's weird is that and I young school. The new school doesn't old dog at your standards your right. I don't match up north when I when it. When I do my news report I said our wide but it is doing more like an anchor a psychological thing and I even like ready for a start my news I would hope. I get back to our hatred that's it that's how my Darcy second out I got news for a year now a winner Jimmie seventy degrees that we go to Rondo is reported scope yes the that's our Newtown governor Ted smacked. Dawson's going on right downtown Seattle Abbott had a lot of bank robberies task tragedy strikes on third in pike can't. I could better Christopher they tried you need to strike and third quite yet just saw quite down that is the worst. Part of Seattle. Third and pine yes and I give between second and third. I can pilot I sky crane whenever I have to walk to like to show box and I know I'm going to be. Bothered by somebody. Yeah at least show boxer a little bit. But if you park on second. And start walking react got a guy that I've that McDonald's out of McDonald's is the worst right here's the problem I don't know what the answers but it appears at some point. Everybody in the city just surrendered to that McDonald's would be toned I think by the crips or somebody. Clearly gang activity that goes on there all day long do you him were you here maybe you weren't around yet because this guy big guy and then there's nothing to do with the actual McDonald's and the food is still delicious I've beaten her but. During the day it's got to be a part of McDonald's has is that close of the market in the east and it's not a Taurus is just. They tie it just stake I don't sketch yeah. What were you here when they try to come back this sketchy news outside of that McDonald's by pumping in country music now. So must have been maybe fifteen years ago I could just get a problem for ever I'm shocked at McDonald's is still there it's been a problem. For as long as I've lived here that has been noticed ARIAD to keep your McDonald's. Take a cab and go to one on Fifth Avenue Biden did the Space Needle because it's not worth going to that McDonald's is because of the people that are hovering outside of its super. So they try thirteen years I've got stops and McDonald's like two or three times right. I bony guy that's under a couple times upon my I just don't feel safe. And they decided oh yeah you'll do. Will put country music the trying get the riff Raff out yet. Our overworked or not they don't do it anymore. Well that was a big deal with the classical music clearly at the market just excited but there's some studies that say it does student because there's a couple buildings and delta haven't always played classical music outside. That's probably why okay. That's funny thing is to write anytime you have an apartment building our Condo building your business you McDonald's. But number one McDonald's is just physically open them and each sheet. So people can send a lot of time in there to begin with drew the number two is there's going to be our means that stuff so that people are gonna crash there late to drain me and kind of weather conditions. So is there any type of music that would drive you away from something. I mean it might be country. Yeah now. Yeah and you'll 80s90s. Arab country I got a mine like obviously the old young seventies style I don't my rate I like the old school stuff I like. Who's my guy. These current Brian now now now Arnold's all the way down. Rom Keith Urban. No no no. Sam hunt now he's not that popular. He's he's older Virgil some surge additional Simpson yeah where's Sampson Simpson did you get a surge yet like I like him I'm down with the Brothers Osborne. All right I'll go it's. So I knew I guess something you projections that don't like I don't know what enough it's poppy country until I hit yet it's that like it. Cheesy country I can't stand to dom our dog died remembered or better do you know yet. Let me look my deepest countries same thing that country you'll save us wrap Brighton but it's just about bitches and money this and that. Like yeah however other analysts in the country it's about being broken drinking a beer on the riverbank ya like they should aspire for more than bitches and money and you should aspire for more than he broke a lever for specific to gatherings they can work to become better people seem like the middle ground would you like middle class depth. But so it was a one of the it was it was an archer who didn't collaborator like Tim McGraw. Oh that was Nelly Nelly yet sexy both Tim McGraw and Nellie are fine yeah because they worked together I mean. Might kill Kelly's career. It's Tim McGraw I think it's still five if I don't secret Nellie is the same references credit used to credit children's cred. I wonder and I would adjacent to revoke I would watch my wife she it's funny she says she's not a fan of country but she. She asked me to recorded DVR the country music awards. Oddly enough. To see empty country music awards was not on GMT it was on the Nickelodeon channel. Do you get that. But job all of a sudden they're doing I don't know was Florida Georgia line of one of the newer poppy country artists they're doing their bang and Elvis and Jason to rule book comes out. And he's doing stuff without an and he does his his big hit. I don't know how it goes Mahmoud do you morons do not mean there I don't know I don't well. Do you do do do. When. My wife makes fun of me all the times that you wouldn't it if it'll put a gun to your head and said Palme bust up popular song he would not and incidents at a point where we can understand what song you're harming. I would fail and I would die out of that Hummer jail yeah. We'd be terrible six. What are your bosom got a lot unedited edit. This time around daybreak about the hidden about McDonald's. Country music that you talk about going on a tangent. If we did not say other I don't know really the most. I didn't know how this got to sort it. 100 restart this right do we get up at the McDonald's the third imply we were complaining about the headphones and somehow we ended up on me harming a decent guerrillas on the that my friend is the mega cast. That's why you download and subscribe to it every damn week. Somebody on a treadmill right now America at both Felix girl may have just sell what happened. Right get into it from someone I know create a couple I graph. Or like a chart. That shows the flow of what our first break in on the mega cast we never hit it a push ups and the Ted talk right away it's always they were up against the break and that's what are your heart race the blood plugged it in the Braves should educate they saw because I'm pumped about pain in the grass. Moon. Stone tower at their new songs on number three yeah I love this song rock my. Next Saturday it's going to be so much fun at the wider every hitter get your tickets at KI SW dot com CNN Paris content. Okay now. Jack did. The New York I guess Jesse do pushups before. Well I know myself the beginning usually yeah. Coming to a new film yeah now you're like 1015 minutes into the jokes yeah. I'm so sad to see you guys fly I. If you could. Less playing time things always find. Isiah might podcasts like the other dimensions indication that it can actually. They can't get over local on time that you have an assailant a freaking out man I wanna see people are paying. It's like there's certain things I'm gonna bring up all the time but I can't yeah now what Reggie Bush success to say they have got excited to see yellow. Thank you madam and I actually spent some time. When we're in Hawaii and Hawaii army in spring Julio a Las Vegas are sitting poolside comic I mix this and this in my cool. Summertime vibe. You know at that time I was on a big Chris Cornell kick in my Wi-Fi data show doesn't do depressing me like stop listening to Chris Cornell I'd stop listening to a tilt right after a few days snatches I do you definitely listened to audio -- some gardening Chris Cornell like. Voted down because I I can tell it's bombing you're out of it okay. Assume this is something more cool and chill and what would yell wolf yeah and housing. I don't know how the crowd is gonna react to him we kind of excites me. Yeah because he's not a rock guy he's kind does mellow cooled by B hip hop yeah. It was fun. Yellow wolf's. I've never seen dating meadow I've only heard about it I think this stage show we pretty cool to see. I have people who never. Never ask for tickets. Make friends yeah that are asking because of the metal yeah and then after that man I'm just. It backstage Barbara she's always couldn. Like we have a debt Manger room happy hour and a half which I found out you know it's funny figured you got your happy I'm happy hour and a half we have our happy hour. Whatever it at the same time in the same place. Yeah I know fiercest say that I am pumped about that me too I know it's not so much so. I don't get why native Mike promoted that way like I know PGA remains in the men's room. So like look if you're listening that I know you're sold out yet and we saw of a few tickets last did not march I thought it jet out you know the problem is. Yours also I mean not saying make obvious he's super popular and people love you they want a party we cannot thank. You also have sausage in your party. As Bob well. And ours is an offer sausage yes that's us is how I'm gonna say underside of the blocks yeah you know what if you saw its recent in my pants my sausages for all of you. We'll open up and coming once I pop pop pop up its work or are you sure are now. Take tool and I'm still hiring. This takes me. Hope today's you listen events Steve can attest have a nice big smile on my faith that you did. And a big part of that is. But my house is suddenly got kind. It's all in mayor it's set up I got my cable caught on how Y five living without Wi-Fi is a weird circle fell my way you'll probably just. I'd be your data plan was almost done. And one week in less than an audit I had to buy and you went boom. Yet who's now like fifty bucks yet not now. Almost wasn't it was a little roar wasn't yes unless that's a dagger. But either way my point is is just now great mine were all kind of and that too seriously got bush lobbied I was moving right nobody died. I let my point is is that. They're persists it it seemed like the longest month that a long time and get that nothing was going by the way right lastly correct Sam on the opposite of a year yeah it's a couple. Did tough times stable tax everybody it Dahlia website I was watching bicycle and is that Merrill. Could I go to outside for some tough times losing a family member. Going through a divorce an awful break up it will pass it's just like Ted when he didn't have cable and Wi-Fi. Eventually you'll get your you know just right vision of why five your radio you might get a new wife or your family members just like when Ted's going there. I get so those are actively keep it eclectic eclectic eclectic. She checked. By just trying to be overall positive CD I respect that don't drag it to have had a proud you don't want to underwrite general may need to leave the studio we need happy makes. Such a crack at the channel. I'd all of the titans made woman who's gone outside now ride this out even worse on an eyelash treatment but yet you that's pretty much worse areas of Blake that's too old I. That's just is not what. The couple broke out just makes it a fine man if live moves on yellow all smiles are doing it once known in my Eric amend the vice channel. Yes it was the opposite of a motivational speech he laughed I pushed cheaper. And so awesome. Source real advice apparently they're going to be following I don't know exactly what going to be Doumit if following some of the local wrestlers they may even be. Some writers at the defy wrestling show that can be happy at the end of the month. On the ice advice might be doing a big piece about Seattle rustling you know what show it's odd. I have no idea I'll find out. But I doubt you coming and your big vice guy you got me hooked on that challenge and hooked on that whole conglomerate of bison news and did. I tell you laps I was first ahead DB and her eight I went home I watched the show called wheat can't. Then that's about wheat and stuff like I was in the state of Washington talking about weeding do you lies. And then I watch that I on demanded an episode of the wire that I watched Jesus and Merrill Ross yeah. Battier and it's. That is back like you would know why are your favorite show. Yet there's like I need to bring you back again to put an exact figure champagne being smashed against a boat yep basically yeah well also to like welcome back cable. Yeah I kind of forgot like. As got a few movie channels and stuff files like AF they have everything on this on demand library and this thing I didn't think I think. Yeah thank all the crowds like this every season of the wire like all right. It is crazy how much stuff bizarre Demi and a night for an extra amount you get like these goods that do I read extreme mean. Version or whatever I am I can't guess where you get even more television shows but it's not how much. Meg and I saw Leo and I'm still like desert where you were watching don't begin to derive anything. They also argue yours wrestling news nor want sat on too much for require. I know proxmire its role that's another wrestler. No Brett Myers com it's on the IRC channel and it's on the man wanted it's about Bob. Hank Azaria plays. Pop up baseball comic oh Deanna gets wasted. He goes off the deep end and so it's like going off about how his wife is getting railed by other guys used to be like the Kansas City Royals. Play by play guy for the radio he gets fired and lately he's a country disappears does have no idea he became a viral Internet hit for that melt down. Comes back into hybrids and small po dunk town to do live play by play announcing at a Minor League Baseball team it's not a minor league right. And it and at an end is just. From there hilarity ensues yeah it's good it's really good idea to we want to get into it because a lot of people were telling me was good so much it's gone I seek seek. Yeah I watch you do you'll real audited so I mean it's a style comedy you get a kick out of our policy to break let me come back yet. Oddly enough I wanna tell a little bit about America's Got Talent. Our rights now you back into watching television I feel like we should talk about some television yeah yeah tired I'll wait. Eric may I guess we'll return. Taken Steve makes me food I am kind of led by doctoral. Commences. The mega concert will be back. What do you want your Mir to me well when seat. About flavorful atrocities sparkling refreshing. One that's gonna let us have done it forward and glass and above all you want a beer than just takes care of your service to my name. The army. Santa is you could care less if you're in beer is full bodied sparkling flavored Fuller even told you dragged today and Stubbs long list as long as you get a job and kind thoughts. Come on. You want an honest beer Garrard is bias. And does lie and taste good and well I guess they do you feel like you moves here but no fool. All of bill did she do why. Bothers buzz right. As we know beer is not about tastes so about the birds. And and boom boom boom boom and beat these guys would consummate Kagan by the ocean. And then the cup is that. I do not know. This on the outside don't we. There's some with a huge hit MI out on the party but in my birthday party last year he. Sort of fighting in the share. Yeah I'm not positive I don't. Who it is it's one of Jonas Brothers he has I called dance or DN CE. And Jonas Joseph Joseph this Joseph Jonas I and I love the record the records like if you like upbeat. Super catchy mindless pop music yeah. DNC is a great band to check out this is fun it's joke. But I have I I made sure to play that one on the way out of that break because that song got covered on America's Got Talent. I as what does it say every time I hear that saarc. It just takes it back to the bus just added out all the sudden jays right there in front of me and we're all mapped by. Never thought about playing on the busters on my birthday party. Remember when our friend our romance the porn star yet until we sounds so weird I guess they got our friend romance the torrents are one of her friends and read the stripper on the buy and they contain played a dance on economic I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Try to dance songs I'm doing the what all that song and I played in the poll bosses Brockton and everyone's in love and in my own mental note played at the classic yeah that was a fun one but not out America's Got Talent that a guy. Daniel Ferguson anonymous you're watching it will probably not because you just got cable yesterday. He's an impressionist and I don't watch much America's got company came across this clip this morning Stearns so let's show no idea all right. Right I guess I just saw this clip I haven't even. I just thought it was hilarious that's right grabbed it. So this guy's an impressionist he decided to sing that kicked by the ocean songs but he did and a bunch of funny voices. That same cake by the ocean that's an even yeah. And everything he moon. Cake by the ocean. I don't know if that's ago drug reference or. I sounds like ball or sack by the ocean after he kicked by the ocean I never ET I usually I either but I'd read final with a cupcake by the ocean. You know I was a record just a Snickers by the ocean. Yeah I don't know much about Rex Rex tracks considers are good desktop Boller that's I think take by the ocean it's all point it's more like you kind of rough and Heidi I've got yeah. Ensuring all I stand. This could whites are excited I. Stated Dick Freddie should get to. This sort of guy. He does a version of that song but he doesn't deny these voices and it's in this order so while you're listening kind of keep a mental note our first person you need your singing on this clip is goofy. All right then Scooby Doo all right big Kermit the Frog and ice and Peter Griffin from Family Guy is awesome and then this is the best from because he's I think one of the judges Simon Cowell. Actually charts of yours out this guy for America's Got Talent doing that song with all these voices. 6220. So. Curb credit Peter was smooth transition other good ones yeah he really spell out Tomlinson puts to redo their kids. Scooby is pretty awesome yeah cause scooby sacks by the ocean some people like scrappy do start to do with that X discovered is that different you kind of get annoyed with. When I bar yeah yeah yeah that one friend has constantly trying to start fights CIA guy just hang out have a good time why do you got to. Create drama people that we don't know I mean they named scrappy is in his name dunes south why don't you providing him out if his name is scrappy dude you're right or keeps it. Golly it's. I also read this cup from America's Got Talent good got a view not because you've you've bomb on stage but because you don't you don't stand up comedy yeah and there's nothing worse improbably bombings. Onstage as a standup comic view it all laugh British prime nothing. Extra worse about bombing on stage bedouins in a comedy when millions upon millions of people are watching you on television yeah. This guy I've been able Y a great you try to do his standup routine. And boy oh boy you do not go while at a point where to stand sort of drew crowds are booing him as. You take it out. Don't fret. OK first the longest time I didn't know that shocked a com was a talented singer songwriter. I thought Chaka Khan was a they freeze thank you exclaimed triumphantly much like bush talked a lot got so. If you if you could just kind of picture a small white boy you just periodically shouting out shocked at time. That's that was me that was me. I'm only okay. Paying full. Almost policy for earth last brakes felt like there is nothing happening where you go home and an added another laugh track. I'm shocked at times that's your that was an easy that was me. I know a lot of comedians will talk about their sex lives I need to own house. One of those Saeb. Simon probably saying that they had a sexual encounter. The next. He never made sense to be because. You know. I'm going well for me who all the sort of gives Obama the apologists. Like advise her dog hears this current diet man jump out. Wanted to say thank. You'll definitely. Why everything was just grown and. I don't human being you sweep the judges write like you appeared in his voice as soon as he started idol even speed traffic and people know I don't know how to explain it. But when you're on a microphone. Like specially with comedy but almost any time people can tell if Europe KM there or your nervous. And you think it's now like the bears sharks in the sense IPC blood in the water yeah it's like the one of the weird times were kind of like an animal. Sometimes you look at it dog. You know like I. Most dogs likely to wake up we shows like that dog is just. Yeah it just looks and Artie can challenge your whatever Gordon lake. Yeah I did that I sounded weak and scared and are anxious preyed on. And I thought I shall die yet have potential to decently funny when you're summit the sex on you again you know talk what they're sacks I don't really get to do out there okay. It's funny feeling good on the self deprecating road but it didn't go anywhere. I didn't help poor guy did this on television. Set nervous self deprecating yeah they unity was unsure about his hatred of himself yet. Tough room two out two walked out there for all those people try to get jokes don't live in like what 3040 seconds so what are you. Fine tune your act before you even step foot on that stage but when you re going out guns ablaze like Yemen and you don't stand up and when you grabbed the step that you know kill. Yes. I don't know I know that his stuff. I might not be that awful him doing that it opened I can a club. I hate that did not work well for that I don't get so I felt bad for the guys yeah they are that is brutal. Burn all these like here's the deal. A singer songwriter moot if they're up there and they can't saying at least are still playing the guitar play the piano and ego are right and there's certain and try and pitch and it's something funny about being a bad singer it's why people love the first few weeks of American Idol when it was a shout. Right and you're like there are off pitch what they're trying to say that play out here comedian in your match staging you don't do well it's like this guy sucks get him out of here. And do you think is also in the sense that with with singers. If he's trying to talk like you said. Most people would be jaguar I can't do that so I mean could crew cruising ever have in the ability to even do that much like I commuted but a lot of people. Whether it's true or most often than not it's not. Think that they can go up on stage and told jokes while fighting amongst my friends. A 100% to out. And Heidi Blake if you ever come in get air like so that's who like I'm generally a funny one of my life. You've got to qualify you a funny one you've already lost make mood in doubt and the public to listen did you think the group you're hanging out in right. But Sheikh. You know to Europe. At a now let's say you've been working at this apartment for this law what people are you kind of have to last summer your jokes but they suck. Who who you know or you're just like that paid shark in the family might get a courtesy chocolate isn't he you're actually funny regulars like come into your house see you're awesome food. Out of course there are a lot for your jokes so next time I got into trouble tomorrow some fruit. Yeah like when I was a generator there was a guy that date the he was like on the funny guy this and that but we all Haiti is just coaxing her off poll. Do you get this sometimes I when I'm talking to to dump me brand new Tiger Woods on like Jack you know. We may file I do radio and I'm sure you get this as well as I you know a lot of people told me hot I'd be great for radio to. My towel. The mole as more often than not their reason for it they say yeah you know I mean a lot who sets have a great voice for radio. And I look at Dido. I have a great voice for radio. Tell that you do I like not that I could bad it's great when you think about late judicial voices nobody would ever hit my voice. I couldn't get on the errant person who worked at the end because my boss told me you have an accent your voice is all may easily it's this it's that you know. Yeah and I ever argue with him going. Yeah I don't sound like anyone else that you have on our radio station. That's a good thing I think I'll stand out good or bad I'm gonna stand out. Also let me now just you know this lake. Know what I do you go all you got a great voice for radio and it's no I don't George used to hearing it now yes eight. I voice. And it's like these other bad about our voices is that just normal voice is like anybody else's. These people that you say oh yeah I've been to all have a good voice radio did think that it's still like TC case of doing radio like you want me to have the Smoot. So we heights. And it's a Donna is this a kind of gone maybe they're still going on my gal like the warm stations are on the stars and that those kind of stations where maybe having the booming baritone. Pipes makes sense but on KSW and other stations like iris is only gets a bit the same year. People can relate to you in and the story kind of way not in a vocal kind of way you're golden picked up. It cracks me up the line look we have a couple friends did you voice work right yep you've heard from you heard on multiple commercials and Seattle and stuff to like. That is hard work but there's not a ton a bit they got to hustle all the time I can't do that hole. I got once heavy I I I have a very told mr. Al onetime top asks. To do a voice over. Are right outside of what we do here at the radio station I was working at the end I got a call from random person and is Amy and I hear you on the radio. Did you be really good to be the voice of this product for commercial. Bob he's come down to the studios and do an audition now I. This is the beginning of Steve leagues. Voice acting and voice actor. And I think you might come even by going online to see what averaged people who do voice work make you may do very like other. A big time voiced guy to meet a very good career at a short very lucrative career. So I'm getting more more excited about this Symbian you like for seat right it's a whole new start and I got a bad time I was a part time minimum wage. Barely scrape by early stages of me working in radio so I go down there. Nice studio really hit close game it was for some kind of a caffeinated meant company and he called aren't paying win. Temperaments or some I don't know long time ago but it was like a new company and they wanted the site. He's again your voice got has that kind of edge to it that we think is going to be great economic awesome and I can tell really quickly did I was not doing a good job when I was doing the auditions. Well all all all okay like all right coal. Okay job he's trying to do our job and this is the weirdest thing out of there were just doing it to act with me and maybe distinct. You re something so absurd that I'm gonna fail lot it out what you do that line as if you were Chinese. There might why they do what Chinese impression while reading that line. I don't know I can't do impressions if sites. If you gave me a thousand dollars and now has had two impressions you would take the thousand dollars away from yeah I do battle that's right I might eight might at all. I got it that's that's my best my English impressions on my Chinese we got sunny completely racist I have no idea how to do a Chinese impression and I certainly wasn't. Even backed and thank god I don't realize obviously we've grown a maturities human beings and know what things are not as sensitive as others in. Like nowadays it would make what even entertain but I thought about a verse economic I don't know I should ever ambitions. Try this can have it be committed to take the I considered a bad idea yet I just found not I'm sorry I can't do it easy what do you mean you can't do it am I can't some tar and not. I don't feel comfortable doing it. And I don't know how to do it yeah. And he's it won't Carmel sorry to hear that but I will cool will call my your dad don't call us we'll call Leo and never heard from him again. So we like Mike MI and the knowledge I think he's attraction and I remember like seeing their commercials eventually and there wasn't a Chinese guy talking. Rock. I was not going to be. Straight which now. Now very weird I'm glad never dated but. Does my one moment of thinking I had the pipes and then. Quickly finding out through a crushing it humiliating experience that I did not have spikes did late lace pipe. Right into sausage is available at pain in the grass and the B Jimmy party. Throws to seal the. Good morning here called good and move. Disarm run late for work no time for breakfast this morning for this guy not hide you sit down an. Hell OK we have Cheerios shirt do off what kind of days in multi grain or frost under the new peanut butter or the new dolce de lid shape Cheerios know something brand new year you know love. These cereals are just what the doctor ordered being in its tail like you are asking why yep it's Cheerios but not so raise this. A little money and its money grab it's not raise and honey Cheerios. And men like you Madden brazen honey I've heard that before. Yeah kinda Syria does naturally loans fat and cholesterol and now nothing raisin honey Cheerios can keep our marriage intact. You okay I'm meeting a meeting. Big yellow Bob you're a cardboard to court today. I'm just leaving early yeah Eric he's eaten not gonna raise an Chinese Cheerios or in it men okay that's not. I don't know why you had to tell the whole morning and even honey Cheerios all from your friends in general melons and I'll cave. One of the guys like to downtown known he's and I'd like to write that I mean right. And I didn't go in the street not able to. It's a bit and buy low. Oh yeah. That's dragged shoes don't downtown got your own doubts Alec next week do exactly out of balance the guys going down down next month I got you all right aren't. Yeah and McDonald's only got I accept that we clicked out just listen for that country music. I doubt you'll watch in the NHL Stanley Cup finals right. Of course you are. And oh wait you are getting and M cable high tag you back. I'm sorry opens its act as. The I'm you know they feel like I'm like oh crap music capital San may be watching as the penguins are in the stomach about oh no we just didn't have cable. Oh so you miss that moment when Mike Milbury. So Nashville Predators fans heeded Milbury for what happens he basically said deputies who barn are so bad. Kind of dessert what dot what's coming to whom we've trump said yeah. I it's I've seen the highlights that they were so messed up so messed up you know what though. Eight luck it sounds like sour grapes is chapel fan but I scenes of people making this argument online at Crosby gets away with this stuff. All the book not on the double stance on May be unbiased as well because the same kind of sin division of Sidney Crosby as much as I wanna like him goodies are you really want the best player in the NHL. Is upon pitch yet. Things that he does he should not be doing and if you haven't seen it I'm sure you can find online. Payment. There on the ice and you're kind of going out of the whole series DK is a defenseman cities of forward. And there on the ice and crabs is dead bang in Sudan's head would alma nom but still banging his face into the ice yeah. Any other player probably suspended for that. Probably got a matching her only were PK boots I don't debt. And Neil it's funny that people were just saying talking about it and had young people were critical about Cosby like. Am I trying to turn this into a race thing but it is no way in a bothered me in a mining and a black dude but he gave a black dude. It's a role reversal peak it was doing that to Sidney Crosby I can only think of one word that people will be using about. What it takes a thug. An assistant to the letter say exactly that that's unfortunate. I shut people love to use and but nobody is calling in the Crimea thugs for what he did and there was a thug move is part of the game gave it a wall like Mike Milbury is like you know he kind of got what's coming to retain. Actually kill was mill where it was you the same idiot that like earlier in the playoffs Scott on PK. Is he was dancing during warm ups on yeah I think so yeah he doesn't respect the game this and Matic shot at thought I just say I don't like it when black ice dance. Brightly just say. So I was behind I thought I had it but of course I don't. I was very excited to play the clip. No matter what that's like for years right and I tell what this on the mend June. Like Brett Favre right yup he. Also has he record for most interceptions. Brett Favre in playoff games rate over the line it's rich it's still threw a football which is a penalty yeah and laughed about it. But Brett Favre is a gunslinger. And he's just having fun bright. Now when now. Donovan McNabb. Ran a row automate stuff happened he was a disappointment. It's. During the game he didn't care enough. Where is money are we stuck there at 500 people are realizing they're saying these things that that doesn't seem weird this is acceptable. Yeah it's sad that it is yeah instead of someone doesn't like the same person who assume about one person doesn't realize in. It is it is it depresses me that kind of stuff I mean that you can't live it PK gets a lot of crap. Oh god dude do you ever see on Twitter some of the things that people say to him on Twitter I came imagine I mean people are freely calling him the N word yeah. And thank. Look I get twitters are anonymous. But how do you throw that out there and think that. That's okay. Also don't like you'll like it's always kind of a joke in the black community right they'll white people do not spicier food than that we like kind of glances at right. I was that far off. I grabbed the mail and I like old bail out. Yeah I yeah I Rangel made to the I I don't want to start guys I guess I'm collings that's all right I I do that stereotype to our desire robbed predicts assists if it didn't I kinda want our. Eight get divot you're right I I got Indian ones are still my point being it's like that you wings mild. Alec lemon pepper now you have and I pricey at all. So coat that's a stereotype bra and it it's all right it's kind of a joke but. A stereotype now leads stereotype about black people are a lot more. Expression. Right so like for years like which I NFL's it was are you back to it was a lot of white guys ready in touchdowns catching passes right in the sixties is it's not but it was like. You just. Nicely Tulsa ball to the garden walk away it's like just because we're kinda boring. Does that mean like these black people are these black dudes are wrong for celebrating. I don't like to let. He's warming up before I got. I would say this too we're talking about grown adults played an epic games right let him dance rather we all say their client kids support. Why they act like kids you gonna have more structurally digging it might or packages is he's happened there were applied. My favorite in my fear and I mean you know he's really Nolan is when people are the old slide as saying don't act like you've been here before. And I. I'm sorry if I score a touchdown. Of the matter is the first whatsoever score or the hundredth touchdown. I'm going to try dual cart real prisons Franken awesome that destroyed a touchdown and now 170000 people aren't screaming at me and excitement. X I'm going to be to god I will do the Lambeau leap even if I'm not at Lambeau Field. It's rarer. People get that you know you get used to see him. I don't know who scores the most touchdowns right now in the league but it's like they're not that comment would like fifteen touchdowns is a good season ticket sixteen of these games for the whole year they play once a week like scoring touchdowns is a big deal. I think about remember when Jimmy Graham scored a touchdown after that injury and he came back and you can see in his face. Meg this is a guy who has millions upon millions of dollars and probably millions upon millions of women that wanna do completely well. Awesome things to him the most ripped into did you watch seat right we've seen him naked yeah. And I hot tub. Yeah we'll leave it at that. We knew we should mirror at the V Mac can Mickelson yeah it was a torrent happens brings into the hot on her putting us we had Lewis was in my dream last night. Always had I like that that but so here's a guy who may you know he's been there before he's caught plenty of touchdowns but you saw his reaction. It's a big deal. It's important. Yeah they'd also maybe get a kick back financially so that also adds to the excitement. Their throats but more importantly it's not about your dream about Luke Wilson. I'm just randomly and that's it I've been having the most specific plane extremes lately. Let's take like somebody else citadel as a failure in my dream and their well what was going on at the funny we all just merely assume it's going to be sexual. Is yet that's what it is not like nothing mood of the we're just hanging out at the same thing last night. I was just like some big did air some. And like Luke was like one of the special guest. It's amazing don't you know look at other gentlemen ever talked to all men usually happens see me just it's like that's the same that is truly the most boring remember reverse. I think when I just saw big tweet our picture before I went to bed so we popped into my. Opera. It. Did you ever told this by about I used to do this when I in my single days. Pulled up if there's it's that you wanted to cannot not be conversations with my attacks are right out yeah instant messenger back in the day. And always beat him the best way to get into it and I did they bought it and understood it and went with it is while they were insisted otherwise it would discount laughed it off but it was. Had a dream about your last night. Good life now you haven't tried I want now alt tag you're single man you can do it all right all right any other and six A you've five. Had some fun times whereas. That's good icebreaker to get back into that mindset with them. Let's do that showed up and other people's dreams yeah yeah like we have a friend. In one day he told me was they came and I get tea. My wife had a dream about chip in it was the best sex he's ever happened it was central. I really took my time there was glasses of red wine Omaha are you serious yet do drew Ted is open them. Wait so his wife had a dream about you correct. And then she told him that you dream about you. Right committee she felt uncomfortable about it. Do I know where you can put the might suffer saga merit. Wow. Brian castle white cop on the ball heading and yeah it's getting into their that is that the first they Jesus. Now she told him that it she felt uncomfortable and then he felt so uncomfortable about it that he he felt like he had to tell mate wow yeah. I can make some people I don't know how I'd handle that my wife will mean Evans had a weird dream loud bang and Ted and you really get a yeah but it's kinda need a lake I don't think I hang out of this person that is let's Alec your wife she does it go out lots and. Try I've never limited interaction whether. Got you so yeah but some of that stuff no that's I think that's. More tolerable that Odyssey it would price feel weird for me because my wife has now a lot of quality time with deal. And I think you'll be weirder if the person that my wife was having a sexual Jiabao was someone that she's got a lot of quality time with. Not make a sexual women a friendly way. As opposed to an acquaintance. There's going to be a pot that's very random and funny. Yeah there's something to that that would give editor Janice extra value to be weird it would be where just say that's any browser Iraqi leader Brigham it's up to me but I I've. I know dreams are deeper than just the way they block yeah I don't know I do I. Somehow I ended up there but for either way puncher repair the yeah well I'm telling you man Jude dream Taylor was sort of like getting emails mail it to you showed up out of tell you street kid is like. From what he smoother. But he he's he's played all the time. So easily issued leaves there's leisure suit Larry. Jet stream to add these shoots 72 and implement try to sit up past these are these shares zero Larry but these are you Saudi. There's easier this is scary. Again for those of you wondering do you need good pipes to be a radio personality. No you don't you need to have a good commanding was flying which days we just can't speak on air every African morning yes. All I mean that right a lot of days I mess up like this for a couple days last seekers like I cannot see something that people never understand. The date. If I get scared on the on the men's room it's what I've said a word I know it's not right now but my brain just at that point one not allow me to say it and it's funny sometimes like athletes. A time I had the problem with and I will hear announcers say it I like in the domino can sue. A bit is that how it is adopted soup yeah yeah I hear all the time I hear it in my head properly but when I try and sit out of my mouth losing him on a mobile. Yeah and they know us on it began alliance. That's like as Joanna champion can not say her last name that funny sub sites Italy or Larry either very hard named the site. Easier Schuker. Leisure suit Larry you know what that is now there's a video game character from back in their noses basically video game was that he went around to say batted women. Oh yeah what message did that's I'm talking about but he's very respectful self its basic. Neither romantic. He whined he dines. Gangs during your dreams OK he's received ten. Freak injury Nintendo Wii in particular it would create Ted. But I should do is round up all the women that it didn't extreme Ted. Oh did denotes slick are what does he do it yeah we should have them on the mega cast an agent like compare notes do you think dream Ted and I are working with the same size quit at thirty think as a junior dead he's he's got bigger. I mean is I don't think women are dreaming about. Guy Matt Harris has its price I think I think everybody's got a massive songs in a woman's dream yet. Right. I don't know man he's drink Teddy always translates in all our all four plays let's idea it's the actual sex and it. Party over I dreamed that I'd be had a massive Don and also has great motioned to his ocean. Solitary it just set us straight. It's pathetic that he's doing more that I am pleased and laid all the time all the time all the time the fewest votes each. So no immoral I'm gonna play is audio but at the end of the Stanley Cup final Mike Milbury talking and I discovered a doctorate appears. There's fans in the background editors cursing and it was on national tone at our Milbury did added that thrill it was great. I did hear that on Soledad yeah. I love that just think that guy Brady is so obvious just S few did at a national neither piece of crap Mike Miller favorite things that he said but also he's got a got in trouble many years ago. Because I don't I always forget the full story of basically he. Trip to. A kid in a handshake line for his legs kids' hockey team and you had to coach or some like I got fired for it. She is this current views too extreme. Yeah yeah. The price sucks him back in dreams as well. Come on Mel where you know how he goes it's fast it's over he's got what he why he's out yet even. Dream Ted and overdosed. He's got like light candles put rose petals on the bed yeah don't have like a nice thing you know particular brunch. Might be one of those bugs Nestor whatever no you know like around the bed nets at. The ball like but the mosquito thing like I maybe not that did you go to the image data dividend of the match she lays siege. Yeah like Kurt leg goes around in bed with the polls but again the polls in the curtain calls it currently. I've got Thai ice. Wouldn't know I swear Welch type people opposed. Critics are nice and immediately see how so I never did sell it it didn't just out. Aggressive when I say I don't treat it does he you don't even know he didn't even say he does it right any state get the word to get those so Todd stroke you know your mask. I didn't think you magician. Point about a Bora mrs. Well we call on a day yeah yeah every we should. Taylor has if you haven't already please join as a brand new grads is going to be next Saturday's tea glass and are still about spots available and tickets available for the BJ migs part of the party. But it does include hanging out with two leisure suit Ted and god term because we're all set I don't care what our company. All right but there was a good idea of not say that I think that's a great selling point now are you hanging out with the men's room. You rail and our show now only hang out our show we hang out with the manager of tiny. It makes sense yeah I don't now I thought it was just this adds a bonus and he got there like always get a parties are together when our little secret seek. Yeah let's get tax. So. Plus that's part of be a great place for people to us hey. Guess that my god. It's a little dream about it. Right they yeah and I hope you'll say like I saw Steve I got half a mega I know well that that window of the game show. I hope that you people like the only jet was here is can I could've gotten a mega hugged. That what I hope not good enough by itself it's not enough Steve divisions if you're a regular thing man. Follow us on Twitter had to make a cast yeah. OK okay. You back here that's great notably the CF OK filed Friday night. Join me at 321 rattle around now the commissioner of the 21 battle and that's this week this Friday so I'm sixteen. Friday night had to battle policy AKA powerball tickets start at 9 PM come hang out streets appears to have a good time it's going to be a great time and fired T shirts. KI SW dot comedy get information on our Twitter page dope art about the users who leisure. Easier at leisure suit Larry. And Ted. About it.