MegaCast 07/06/16 “Safer Than A Tube Sock!”

Wednesday, July 6th

Ted & Steve recap their 4th Of July Weekend, which was the inspiration of this week’s Ted Talk.  They also talk about giving away tickets to people in need…both for good, and naughty reasons, and Steve once thought that stippers had “punch cards” for loyal customers?!?

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I'm not cave that he's played this song on the radio testified Rodriguez machine oh yeah first thing you think. Mega cats I I think I played out every time okay have stagnated cats I don't know I later in the Manger I saw you treat. Who I recently. And it's a passionate mega cast and I dot. I bet they just play testified my Rage Against The Machine yet and it's funny too because then I hate bend Oklahoma men's room he watches attacks lime. And they're probably played east is that your first he Buick with its wits with what is is that duke may cast their Ricky story in third deck he let you can add like oh that's our insurer. Everytime we play we habits I wish replayed more dozens of African awesome song. Every time and hugs meg meg our man on bond but that the mega guest is starting on my dad 'cause in the middle of region megs Ted just walks and fired up and Joseph Perry kicked everybody out. I would be unbelievable amount we offset. A gladiator. You Danny get out Vicki Dunn Brad go home. Protect it. Brad yeah answer so yeah I know you. Danny you seemed cool I don't know you well enough to spell out yes he's gonna get behind the board for. I call him flash drive which stuff you rid aboard since the NBA's rule her yeah. Yeah and and that was getting more more sporadic casinos usually I work the weekend shift because Andy BO host. Andy savage he ran his own board but. He ran his board and the most ridiculously stupid way he would hover over the board and want to hit the buttons. But he doesn't wanna do any of the work behind. Loading the stuff so I had a hover over Eminem how soon. Put things in certain spots him and then he hit the ball in the head start and that's it. Yeah take it upon give up running aboard man not really working abort so alert like crazy about it. Yeah I don't get it man I would much rather not run the board of I'll let you got a lot of life Foleo a side on this and I wrote imagine new more than anyone knows the difference because just what I think you're young you were still yet you still board yeah. Just at a time it just seems more freedom you can look up other stories you do this and that you ought to have that sinking fear that there's no commercials loaded or no song already are and in that. Crack up and how to describe it but Blake. You know you say it joked it's not funny that's one thing they need say some a little controversial. You know when I got to deal that. But nothing is worse is that pit in your stomach when Mikey fire some limited doesn't fire off. Or you know your play in the wrong through pain you out if you just like. Eight. And it's nobody's fault but your own oh yeah and where everyone in the room is aware that it was smoke pets grew up. We battle and a couple weeks ago right it was one of those things are like Ben was like you know late. It it falls on both people right like Cassell left something in there that shouldn't have then I'd and then didn't check didn't try to get out. So it's like that that's electoral on the board just kind of like us. I could kind of blame him but then I didn't ship give lake right it's like it just this girl. You should just be that guy that is like unbearably. Objects like. You just like overbearing and how new learned then when he screws up Mike come on man I know this game I live this game I am this AMP. Do we do we need to put me back behind there do we need the professional. And I got to be funny I got her on the board would guys doing without. It's like that most lopsided relationship where regarding to that. I do everything I actually don't do anything as I do every day around here you army to take out the trash that's what you do I should be back act that storm out. Today. Average serves. We're staying put it Katz is flash drive. A British and I don't know we have like these are really awesome. Touch screen. Computer system that is how we work our our our our basically run the radio station from music their songs sound. Former idols the touchy I was used to Mal still right but it's it's got that option oh it is it's super up to date it's fancy they ask for as a kid should stay right. I use AF a lot hell yeah to want I want to talk OK with that went kids what are battered like you know eat your lower Momo. Our from a normal with a baseball player who via the a lot of holes a birdie man turn was yeah. That was the first time ever heard it and you're missing out yeah and then some foul I don't know mainstream evil kind of just picked it up on not surprising since think. Everybody seems to and the bit burning man with a separate me. Everybody's still an Arab got a burning man except for me I didn't think of trash out. Break flash drive in a sudden it's so I wish death. Android uses the computer system I am so old school I have a flash drive I just firing off of this flash drive it I don't feel like learning on the yacht. The nuances of the board utterly you have to now there are no it's fine yeah you know. I can play our songs I can play our commercials I can do everything from this yeah I mean look I can even test Ted and CB can name a movie blue moon. For them too excited. What movie is that he secretly to sign ya. Dual ports are safer than 2%. How I mean is that reference team Blake sacks this open it is. Are. What more time safer than to sign him. Relatively. Not new but it's not like an old old classic. And I might not now. Out imagines he's saying it's secret and a tube sock meaning that. He's having sections of the that's not an animate object. Well America pot is safer than tubes are not very it is I got a voice theater does run that whenever it out I want. That's a good one safer than YouTube's site that's our new slogan what gives you may cast it's safe to the two sides keep the effects if I don't what people use it like randomly but don't make it about sex would just like. Oh hey Alex this is great like both yet safe in the two oops I mean I hope breaks that thing is crazy but you know what. Safe and tube sock. Safer than YouTube site who. Aren't let's get a person's onto I flex. Hey that's our that's our social commentary or is there you can make it past unlike Braxton we are Seifert tenants who sought safer than to sign him. Ten push ups and the chance for our part to raise our blood to pump and our brain into. Public should. We're caught Jim. Our besides. Isn't that you can look at in the dislikes. You know I like that gas biggest laugh at you Janet candidates go at each other I don't know I loaded it man all of the flash I'm not all of what stood up and let us down some of a bit and I got it. Man's name is Jared more the song all I do. Okay this guy gets away from playing this version make. Right. It's not mature pine Lake Huron fire in this kind of broken out all its. I'm not like sleep with a I'm I tell my wife is liquid enough. Yeah that's news whenever bad guys. It just dead. Quit anytime you need. Picked up a good six Ludacris now. Now the. Do it did you can't stop. But look I think it. Right over your personalized guide what you just talk about ought not even just off I was volunteering united section some guy and your team. What's it look like we have no idea who this handsome. And even more handsome boy. Because I had. Don't think it plays guitar and sing like fast. You know how the data to the list learned ice skates to learn to play guitar and learn a language I a lot of sought to do in my forty Steve. Or that the goal did you guys ten years from four to fifty to accomplish all these things up current cannot yet I don't really working on. We could put out what against Laura. OK. Yeah now. Who is going. And almost out now. He got your head closed door and I'm. Because that's where you have I. It's. Like our yellow they really love. We love that number eight. Now it's favorite and into soccer. No doubt. Yeah. It's funny. That's what I could be makes somebody. The mega family tax it and instead you got you have to start playing that song when you win. Just good call so I did the other day and it felt amazing college series you get the win. I'm still like you might have to make W into the men's room when you win at ten adversity SEC. Judith to get caught never had a victory you need a victory song yeah bowl victory sire had victory right whenever great. Yeah I got to figure out how to do it felt. There's or record well typical figured out how skeptics this is an offline commerce solution as the industry people would say they don't just go get a boombox analysts are clean my new music. Or you play from your phone. President Ted talks yeah yeah tools it's okay. He takes me. I had a good talk this week. You got to the top off drink that stuff Steve. Had to pick a slate of my drink. Lip a lot of hype well well I was going on here know who pops daughter got big drop off. We're the most important things is taken tops off stuff so that. Ted talk this week with hand. Over fourth of July and everything like you see a lot of friends and family in this and that and you know I spent some time this weekend with. And I don't wanna sound mean the kind I'd say perimeter friends apparently people I don't always hang out with the tonne almost like acquaintances yet connect. But like gals like you know what Blake says in my usual crowd and I'm a yo ya I did it two days in a row and it was really fun. And I think you know like the one cook out of my job to tell the dues are appreciative that we showed up and stuff so. I know it's summertime here we go hang out with friends and family maybe we reach out their buddy haven't talked to a while or something you know hook up some of those other people to look. Some bad call I got a phone to. I make my certain. Close friends who ya got you. They got Munson and everyone's already bred from mob drama earned a rodeo that sale once a month hang out making up for a launch. But you're right I I I call and I I am definitely the guy that is. Completely to his close circle it's like a super tight circle I have a lot of friends but I don't spending time with them and I probably should be better at that. Yeah I like to analyze all I blame her yeah nation wants to spend time with me I only got so much to me like it's. Right out there that's bullet what are the guys I just a talk about hanging out there forever that it was like Sunday are doing this or that like yeah me. Yeah I like to talk about all the time it's actually feeling you can have fun. We other people it's like you know it's not that good if not I do not want people to be around yeah exactly and that being said. What are we doing Fred and I ten and iron on thousand sings yeah yeah probably that was Baird on 600. My own. Does regulate and you Bayard band like yeah I get into they are the same groups to of course for you we got terrible policies in the Toledo but that's the point of attack are Steve and I branched out someone other super rich are right why might not but I'll try we'll Friday a bugle costs yet I mean seriously. Alice in Chains not to be awesome it is I can't wait. I said Alyssa and TV and which won a double put dinosaurs here or there won't be for an app like gives me the blues great black gives way to blue such a good record I like doubles I didn't know what guys are feared that's a really good record. But black gives way to blue there's some just so awesome about that it last what kinds of marrying yes yes yeah that's like my. Proud of my favorite son and that's the odd to say I mean check your brain protect my brain yeah it's just how. That's armada sentiment on you know what it calls just your brain do you a little worse at night knowing song titles or any of that crap album titles it's just everything's on my phone are. You know on an MP3 player or some sort yeah. And there's a lot of songs I like that I don't know the names of those go I like down one and you know write I write checks out and it's awesome. It's it was so he used the house ago and it's links. So she relates DDM it's like. And. I don't I I can't match yet sing that song like coming home may have. Pervert pervert pervert our. Another hour right. My wife does that to me all the time I know she doesn't just to make me sound like an idiot if there's like a radio or yellow bands that I would enable what they saw no Mike you know the. And moon when the. And and she's like yeah I've got doesn't help at all put up on your phone. Dummy you know what song I keep singing and over and over and I hate my TV because that if he's just the last lyric of that steal but boost direct TV commercials would Bon Jovi. I don't have turned back to. So that's obviously does have a shepherds and it's like to back so I. I am a card or car drove we get out of my errands I did not. Obsessed with the and obsessed I've been nod but we're watching something music earlier Maurice was like almost like infomercial time sort of went to commercial break for whatever show we're watching was just like. Thank you I doubt the guy who likes brazen thing on the bottom of the boat now can float and not like. Those kind of I took my flex seal yeah but of course senator oxy clean yeah the optically commercial. Brings out like he worst impression of an English guy ever. For me president I think is Australian Aaron you know not like toxic chlorine. That's a big guy says every time simple rest of the day on it was it yesterday underscored on how to check trying to. I I get it it was cute the first time you did it. It's not funny anymore which they would try to do it just keeps coming out yeah this is I am stuck its Akamai and still powered it so bad. To name. If you don't you're I've had this conversation up eventually doing this TV show called tendency for doing stuff what stuff and I've been really thinking about it yet today. We have to do this I got an integrated message from somebody listens I names talent. He says any time if you're ever out mile clock which is always a great way to start out a message. Since we've got a dairy farm more than welcome to swing by check it out. I think that'll be a funny. Experience for you and I I mean yeah I live a drop us a kind of city guy. I'm just cal wants us child and so I'm talking about I'm undercut it and that honor I think it's time for us to get under that other yeah I could be one of our like segments on Ted and Steve doing stuff. It's a whole man you see this new exciting show yeah first episode they local talent you don't call. And I don't blame or if you had the yellow beak. And deserves suites tighter shot down there was its ups and slider to archive we could do that there's lots of stuff. A look at the muffins a candle we get out there and go Dubai you make him Buckley and see how many miles over the speed limit it takes before we get pulled over. There's a guy red assessing him and his wife for like we skip the buck Buckley log show for this and I was late. I know that's a big deal so I appreciate that huge deal yeah I'm content that we have to do to Buckley logs show yeah we did. We can do whatever we want. Test of that I think also be a good episode ten and Steve doing stuff we go to parity so. And you don't want to get appeared decent for years I know I've met I've had a whole group people last week in an all day and we've got to do they elect you just go and axles. Touchstone of a fit into that crowd there like you've been burning Hamlet or do you care what just dealt who went out fish stress is Bert Ernie and an L well yeah. And I think that I we can really have some Obama patriotic maybe get body paint. All right this could be a really funny episode of ten Steve doing stuff plus you get to go to parity so we got a year pled out yeah. So it's got to value note hundreds of drugs as a buy particular guide. He's a braking look again. Body pro guys and having fun but he looks like a Mets are neck. But I'm all fairy solutions that take wouldn't be stick it. Have a hard look will take a break have you ever you've been the solstice for a great no. All right so I would go to the siting here this year but I I've gone a lot of years straight. Watching people at a party afterwards peel off the body paint can hardly looks so cool. But I or a one year or senate has also cook out that happens every year they grossly tool. But just watching people appeal that stuff off of Alex I don't know I want everybody paying guy. Do we do we do to make you bicycle race next year. Still want it's ten Steve Purdue stuff I was just hit like. You know like does green light skin tight suits. They should be like bold colors like gold and silver. We get those every somehow glue or so on to big blue skin tight suit. Make a giant doll I call the obvious they are places where clean its mission it we could do that as well. Given darling made that that did the head. He's a puppet version of office. So you have a little head novel Steve. And put it for so let's look at our operate audio out of touch it and like we have a law they MMI could opens its about a bag guys. That's what we're puppeteer and plus for us. Has just gotten weird click yeah I don't know if we really get this shown in five if we do all this is like you need to hang out with a friend this summer. That's the problem influence it's had Munson and are we did add nine new thing we don't you've got to get out good seasons. Yeah yeah we'll be back to women and make his comeback we're gonna we gonna talk about things stuff. And maybe everyone's all giggle at each other. Alcohol all probably betacast who returned everybody will. Oh man. Everybody's okay. It's. Noon okay. If you don't run out. Now on. The minute contest. Whitney takes me. And Steve. There are always open with some drinks and they will be back. Believe what you read about crime squalor in disease we here in Rio di Janeiro I think our city is the perfect vacation getaway. And let's not forget. A leads from across the blue. Once every forty. You don't wanna miss. A city full of excitement. Yeah yeah. New stream. Thrilled. Fewer troops today. And cut should we do one or take what the window closed it clearly thinks that eighth. We welcome back to know me not that big news BE eight. Take the next. Steve and medical. Mean yeah I didn't know. I mean they went eighteen month. So. And it adds that I had it in my head I'm still Bob into Robin also thinking about what he's. Voted for the dog man. The fortune is pretty quiet actually yeah allow a lot Saturn out what to cook got Saturday and in some ailment had brunch in west Seattle nice. A place called it's in my own this Hawaii in place in west Seattle I've heard about that place probably some of the best fried chicken or had my life. I think it was my buddy Brent do one exception to my circle three yeah. That he's a nice timing and it's on the west Seattle I think that's the place where he said we had to go eat yeah it Peggy do you sit outside. Your daily different place. No I mean there was some closer outside seafood I don't I don't remember OK but it I mean it's a little fancier but it was it was great stance yet on the level like assault these. No kind of I don't know how to describe that restaurant. You know those kind of in between where it's like it's not a diner. And it's late got fried chicken and stuff like that but it's it's a little bit fancier. Like a trend be your temperament exactly maybe trendy store next nice yeah but not super good at acting like to go back Nadal had to fried spam. Oh yeah you have I would appoint. Now but I want to go back and give one of those roles. Were a sushi roll but it's got stay a minute I yeah. I had stand forever. I mean did you ever even as a kid you not. Yeah so like we'll easy Taylor's import parole which is very specific to late New Jersey and kind I don't know if people in New York heated. And then I don't know why it was my family's native so late I'd make fun of spam but pork roll men's basically spam yeah. So like I kind of forgotten them like that I was. Laid up to your side as fried spam is to Hawaii enjoying I was like oh yes the corporal. But of the stuff in Delaware to call its grapple. It's grapple yeah it was like racecar we were just a bunch of scratch me yeah that basically comes out like a black little brick and that's funny yeah its again. Man I eat it now I'd every eight is a kid is not at a restaurant on the beach I said the waitress with scrap or juice honey it's boss of the page you'll generally eat. 100 selling point oh but some people love it. Put them spam so I mean my that's grapple for me hot dogs plus it just sounds terrible right scrap. Yeah it really does I mean like it's very it's safe it's safe which is laying off their for a yup scrap more. Ask me from the worst stuff on earth. The complete opposite. Coasts now both. I guess delicious beverage that may have been impressed supplement. This is the exact opposite it's a crude. Stuff that's all the crap you know usually he. Scraping together. Here's scrap Shia basically yeah we tried to hire that Wendy check to do our commercials tune she said after that the snapple lady now. Similarly when they I think so I docile. I think you just a snapple lady. Yeah I guess it's always a student chooses don't miss when neither snapple lady battling and you say when the I think burgers Fries delicious. So let's when I was on my road trip I hit a Wendy's. Was okay yeah yeah I got to break the car a cutie fat suit have you done the burger came. Tito who's who now. We haven't either now my sat back and she goes no doubt that really think about them he loved that good yeah. American detritus yeah I mean I think it's generally but seems again item you'd like he you try and go oh that's pretty great or you're likely still like let's get some hurdles yeah. But I don't see you just sit around on a Saturday to take a look at each of refugee dose. It's a guy you and I when we ordered like twelve rob O'Connor roles that one time to Dolly last year after excess if you. That's exactly it maybe 11. Helping of it. And got to eleven more helping you saw I ate sushi all the I think it's a what I look at the next there's the debt dim Motorola sushi yeah we ordered a lot of food. We were not thinking with our stomachs are ripping on what we thought we wanted a lot consult a delicious but we need any of bullied demolished at pizza so we see that's right here in PT two I forget. Cash and wonder why am struggling and then today I'm gonna go all you can eat sushi for lunch written. Change path that it can't get it must send cash jacket Steve. And hey if there weren't amen brother his Brothers and down for Obama called on our totally different very good back to Montana go back to football coaching and doing all that kind of stuff. So we're gonna take in the Travers for the first time but of course all three of us had to be a part of this she. Well yeah. Get a couple buddhas and our level Owhali al-Qaeda. So good. So freaking guy I was they were both look hunger is you talk rough food I guess dumping it off to a man is a late lunch and you don't like 2 o'clock and almost dinnertime for me that's super late feel yes of Mattel Benin. Bunch and go home. And it's been dinnertime. Yeah for -- I know they're going all you can needs of your primary enemy community for dinner tonight I know you're fine we'll. You can have a snack afterwards you just act later if I'm gonna gorge herself and then. I went to Mariner's game are what. I had a blast but it's like. Typically out of you I go to a mariners gave him a couple Beers. You mean we watched. A few landings and menus kind of enjoy the atmosphere. Well with the families so we were drinking all right it's it's a whole different in buyer experience when you're going to a game and we stayed all nine innings. Yeah and thank you mariners for putting on a good game because that could have been what I've done that before were ticked off. 21 pitchers duel which is like oh my goodness I just need to beer the I want a couple last year. It same thing like completely sober and stuff in your right you just forget like they can stay a while it's boring. When you're not like being social in the sense of like Scott I'm in a couple Beers mingling or talking so. Now we're like pretty much paying attention to the game and thanked. God that you're like the bats were alive saw a Grand Slam and I'll fire until these last couple games but yeah. But still they swept the Orioles who were seven new out of seven game winning streak when they met met up with the Mariners about all this is gonna sock. And Roddick. Housing ironically the only Grand Slam I've ever seen was in Baltimore Camden yards and an Orioles game I know I yeah me in my body burning we went to like action came. And speaker like nineteen year toiling so we Elliott couple Beers and we snuck into captain for Arco Christ and we're sitting up on the club level Ida sim ever wrap. Well like alcoholics cannot followed I bruise. So we both 90 landings without alcohol did not at a city every three hours a lick of Mir. It's output we do nothing majority meet death. And that's pretty much it. Accomplish other stuff like. This podcasts that's very true. I Rafael Palmeiro hit a Grand Slam win the game was awesome car and do Seth Smith. It about part of think I think sack him having meaning when he hit it and bases were loaded and the right to go. It's gonna crush. Yeah and should they were already really gonna crash and a Mike yeah Grand Slam bout to happen next pitch boom gone Mike are. Who's Nostradamus. I try to for the rest of the game it never works that is by the way the international side for Grand Slam. Usually ledger are all out right garlic Palmeiro hit that big burden you stood at the same thing that stricken awesome socket pitches a perfect. Total mariners do this yeah La a couple of highs and Singh Colombo after a spread boot yeah suffering from Jersey. There are no he would Wear ice. Back in those days I think it should story where we had access to the locker room yeah every time you super cool like an odd people give him a hard time in the steroid stuff and all that crazy crap. He was Bigby most approachable. Friendly mariner during that. 2001. Paid day of them being just monsters and a team like everybody else and Edgar is pretty cool until his Jamie Moyer. But really Bret Boone was like the most personable. But everytime like clock work you show up as price superstition. He's got a T shirt on with the sleeves cut off underneath his Jersey ace would Wear it and it just seven small font chicks dig the long ball. Don't right yeah I mean Bret Boone I think everybody likes some I think he just. She was just kind of dubbed the poster boy yeah but he just he got so Jack does cup but I guess always remember you better run and that that flip it was like. At that guy did some stuff for you because I think that's probably right before he took is that back. I somebody got the death certificate adds some trouble no he is the epitome of be the steroid are telling us a sense everybody was doing. Right and I've always had this argument to some he says here take this pilgrimage of funny here. And light you know everybody else in town on the radios do an island Aaron allowing a semantic the bill mines while there ever an awesome and yet the advantage. And I'd like Jimmy distill them they seem funny of all whatever good luck they'll. The economy my Dong smaller amount but. Yet you know that's Capuano have that's a loose. Clubs say it one live's Chris Columbus do you take the pill now make you better whatever it is that you aren't doing. But you'll also have shrinkage. And yes married. To deploy army charity kind of know what it was like at Mecca. I think it's you know anything you guys locked you remember what it was once. I don't know I don't know what is I know it's on the way more confident and I really am its scope to Prius the Mecca. Safer than a tube socks well miles you know Eugene you're right about that they used to not be fanatic been taken these bills. Where is safer since. So we're a couple of things about what kind of country I demand content I get letters prayers are. I don't this is really cool it's not a funny story it's more like I wonder if I would have been this way when I was a kid. RE player packet out of was a foul ball articulate the inning ended and not a player tossed the ball into the and to stand expiring. He clearly was throwing it towards a school kid who of course. Yeah all they did not land in the kids love it like hit the tip of the glove and then bounced behind are right. Another kid maybe maybe are on the same page may be a couple of years older in the pool taller though a little bigger head I don't know. That's presumably racking Dade's age I guess we can secure its. He catches it and Mike all. Bummer for that first game but yeah score for the other case. Ninety in deep back kid walks over to the other kid and hand decade the ball. Yes as an adult obviously I would do that. Don't know if kid Ted is right Drake is it's like what you're still kids of the well I got it right I caught it but my father your glove wasn't big enough. Ha that's tough I thought it was amazing that's pretty good get elected I had a sinking like. I almost like if I was sick that I wouldn't have done a nice act like I would put in my head I created this story like. I was like if I was sitting near it I can watch him do such a great deed I mean I. Tasters here union go to the team's shop environment Jersey I'll day at the wave of of of rewarding him doing something that was very selfless. Policy about maybe get about sprite. Why sell would do this of course not and it's easy to say when I'm not actually buying it. Yeah I'd like to think I would do something like that if I was like in that circle fortunately I was inside and out there really I cross that bridge. Yeah I think the coolest thing like suing me a lot of peoples and stuff right yeah so workers were hugely popular we are. So so hard for Steve and I we're nice people we like to hang out in Google is a golf and it's so cool would your cool missive that. They're like a much and a you pick I'm going to think my era my friends GMAC pendant and and months and it's they really know cool but what demos we've been a mariners game on a Friday night right. In this dude. It was a listener. Yet to get to the next day rank them so he was like hey man I can't use them just take. And owls like all right browsing that I don't know any is like I don't you know I don't sweat it like they were just kinda extra tickets I got just take a break aren't cool. So then. Coolest part sounds to have them like I left a walker on the block a little bit that's a beer smokes a week's federal government back and there's a little kid. I don't know probably like ten. It seems like he's all worried he's got to get back to the pro shop. Did you so did that likes of Jersey your hat right right and stone Ted walks over yeah. So I was he's like freaking out like I gotta give back give me like do you think there's still open and I said well. I don't know man facility opened Amaro and he slate. Yeah I I but I don't have tickets for tomorrow and Ireland now you do fall yet back to me was like the coolest to pray here. I like mean Joseph green towel to begin in a Coke. Only not a Coke or towels I did always think I will near Vicki got. That's Tuesday and the dads like our great we have to get through tomorrow too could knock knock studio I happen again you know like forty bucks for parking. And there Rihanna 2030 bucks for the moon it's at a beer now. That's great towards this guy. Just. Some friendly good stoned guy college text message I don't you're talking about his goes around handing out tickets all the kids in the neighborhood. The Santa clause of letters. May all of parents have down comfortable conversation and our kids know Billy I'm not taking do Mariner's game today I can't afford parking and hot dog. I am uncle Ted thank you always did not a car. Let's. Go to Minnesota valley Steve Jobs Griese. The friendly stoned bearded guy handed out tickets to kids Heidi Dawson beyond doubt in the car now what about. They're returning their and and we get to do a lot because of monarch as much anymore because the economy exchange in the world of concert tickets of teams would there was one time. If I were down to the end. Not only could you get a pair of tickets for yourself at it for any concert even if it was a sold out concert naked promoters the labels they always given out there they're just handing over tickets accusers like post it notes like yeah. I Kerio. So like sometimes subject KK get a pair of tickets show XYZ. And I probably be neat and might. Not out like 23 parents should he go. Arrow one time it was other Red Hot Chili Peppers are doing a show at the more theater now mind you this is right a growing California case she came out so they are. Masset who writes they are. If not the biggest man in the world they are up there as one of the biggest bands in the world they were doing these small shows as make. I can't remember who was around the calm buying time but it was like. Something was going on where you're trying to do things to build. Morale and spirit amongst high schoolers are so at the Dow's icon like how you got into the show but also they gave tickets. Two of the radio station to the end to do about the people as well. So I had I think. Three pairs maybe two pairs fat pair myself of course I'm going to show. And as I'm walking towards a shot or somebody I was just like based at a science is I'll do anything for a ticket. Anything in some kid you know I ain't so my caddie Dave hock. Hooked. That starts ago we are tired feet. Whatever gears and I wasn't stoned. But hanging half snuffed Josh Marshall it's either way you think your kids like your gifts went heading things up and didn't date him. An even block it again. Captain America here what you do what goes against my shoe sizes. Well what's jurors. That we are his arm saw Mike anything yet actually taken and again and DO. And I intend to take its music dealt what do you want for them how much Mike nothing just. Just go just drove. Take somebody else if you find someone else that you wanna take. Just go easy in these and starts crying is a freaking out playing music what can I do in their nose is sort of memorial like. You know just to solicit the one a seven point seven the end mornings and Steve. Nice to meet. Its swirl. Yeah that's also feel. Nothing better manned and I still to this day I wish we could do it more it's just not the same as he used to be now it's like. Different sometimes we had to be put on the waiting list with hopes of being able to buy tickets to a sold out show. Yeah man bitten times have changed I didn't get the gorilla thing I feel bad about Jews and people like to you know we meet this standard this and I got a guy and you go we skill inflate. You know he's a war veteran assume that it's like. And I'd like to help I just we don't have that access anymore. Not at all like it whenever I guess it was a case you have them can you do this for me Americas and some hardship and Mike. I hope we don't think that I made. Blowing off your hardship for the Sox I'm sorry but we just don't have the access like we used to yet if this was fifteen years ago. Yeah I would be anybody gotten Tony friends you want to bring surer thing. Let's make it happen. But man how is I got I would he didn't really hand over something for free but it's always on expecting it. It's also suppressed a great feeling that it arm. It's an area that's overly talkative route. Fourth of July 01 last quick peck I don't know yeah we come back hears it he's very. I think eyewitness told quoting get Keiko to the Mariners game for being too drunk. But the real hall cook book that you ought to find out. Involved Nadal are at it. He's sees it are dead T that's a good seat it always is some guy looks like him half a couple when we're back. Millions. And the. These guys what makes you feel. It's. And I know my medicine. It's great. It's. GE we'll return. So. Relax. Marine ball. OK okay. Our. Parents if your kids are out of control and climbing the walls. Trofimoff grandma's house. And head dig camp token do you V. Starting your day with a week invade its deal to make a good breakfast. Can't too good to be look take away all the stresses of parenting and let you relax. Maybe listened to some great game cheerful and doing the daily activities like Canada's steel and consciousness. Or learn to rule the perfect joy. And of course I can afford twenty happy hour. Can't tell did you week. Your most relaxing week of the year. Yeah I mean yeah I don't cleaning. I'm a complete let me guess you mean and who can get them even happening and they. I'm here. Yes sir does all that he had to turn who have done talking and I'm realizing nothing's being heard who's that again. Deep inside David. Get I'm glad out. Alia I know we sing went by it. Somebody. I think democratic. Some pop stars like Britney Spears who's going to step on your support like how to DG that now that. It's got to be some like low level pop star I yeah I don't know I can remember and then ride down much notes on this one because it's an old. Syndrome when you hear like old. Bottom songs that we've used before that means I was just too easy to put together new ones and that's this is Steve sorry dumb that I'm a mom. Behind the current tax. So why are added. We're trying to come off like we're like super charitable nice guys handing out tickets for an although they ought to do any for the ticket she easy to take it and have a good time. Full disclosure I did once. A girl won many many many many many many many years ago our man let anybody. But in the end days. I don't know it Kennedy years ago. She Tom hit a sop it was like I would do anything for obviously tickets and obviously just became a band you kind of Paramount theatre. And she's an attempt. Single. Twentysomething corny Steve sees an even. And I don't even know what she looked like at that time. Yeah yeah but I was like I do care now three and wherever you set aside right back any thing would question mark when keep pace. And she writes back. Anything. Move and go back hall ball all oil. Out cloaked. Arab life. Are you sure anything's drink and then they get their voice you realize it was like going to be like look our section the better take it I mean any of that package skip. That gets this. So the movie monster reassurance. Meet up with our. She comes over to my old apartment under the clean and nice but core remain at the time person like. What's going on here and thank you like 10 o'clock at night I don't I don't Wednesday or something random and all the little light day I'll. This is whoever to somebody's some and I knock on the door he made what would argue on the ballot celeb friends things. Just. That's good that's covered I don't know what he's a good friend of things just just letter register I know she's got a she saw the dollars you can. Have the ticket to start to turn my light through it's often it's new country and had a couple times I don't know certainly some boos. Violates. Smoke show full like I. Couldn't believe it right I'm like holy cool wrap. Yes. It's not. Dell all the ozone or not enjoy it I got this bum leg but gives it its gonna do with you make your super hot nice and she got ticket. That's our press. She looked up there are just want to catch on alcohol all ruthless I love it. I originally led to get to know something's got scared about work and right now we only have one pair for you and I really wanted to go to she won't. My daughter and we are no way there. Billy I don't know what the deal I was horrible why Evian I didn't understand how I. Think at that time I was so dike. I should back she proceeded at the time like eight she would have been cool chick do you think I one of keeping in touch with her for a little bit after the fact. Did you super cool tech or she did now the hot chick that does stuff but it gets you stated that you I don't let's Jurich. You your misguided right. Giving kids that wanna go to concerts tickets given hot hot hot chicks I wanna do whatever for a ticket. But man now the funny I first I was like I screwed repair terrible frank. My head camera into Syria but I don't have any tickets. To use some felt the real and shoes like what's. They really. I would really like getting didn't Jala and there's no crisis around like I'm kidding I got I have a ticket for you I only really get one and only thing that's fine I don't care. Not my. Greatest moment. But. I don't look back and then. You know irons too much information. Yeah I mean I think we can go all the way yet so I live now and although it should got a pair clear. Hall of killing a claim to a kind of weather because she didn't. What is sharing I personally I would cut it off they can keep it at me like a therapist and I was on a just tell you more things I don't need to tell you. Bush just Stephen very eager. And I couldn't. Look at all. And I. Let's go but I liked it doesn't let me Vienna thing was true. And isn't he just got excited. That's you know what though at how large block little time do. It it shows that you really like Derek yeah how he did. A ball. Okay hole. Right. All may and so I missed it by Matt much. Hello I'm. A guy can. Forgive say what happened. Paterno mikes off but I mean. I just have to sit out is looking I was proud of I was protecting myself. For war. But then I mean c'mon I'm shooting myself in the foot. While trying to put my protective vest on. I. Am I've never heard that story that's ugly you'll so it's go time NASA slut comment that ride the war zone is ready. I'm guns a blazing and you miss fire them. Wish you say. No I don't think I don't know I remember. I did I live me I do I know. I know for sure ice I must sense of the extent of ansari used to ride and now it's kind of a compliment I guess I don't know but yeah it's and then fifth that the alternative but here's the weird things don't think you will that. And that's why I kick myself because like I should have like actually pursued to hang out more with her because she. Thank you still reach out to me I'm not asking for tickets I just like in general I guy really wanna hang out with you again and never made it happen to those ads kind of embarrassed by that. Yeah you just got back to him that I know I love are all right now but I mean I'm not going to be Ike. Reduced Obama may get I talk about his big regret I had on. Adds volunteered for you that's actually the guy who can do brat covers on an acoustic guitar and climbing over or not a Tibetan. This indeed. In exchange for an obviously ticket. A theme. Yeah you're right that's the counterbalance dusty and likes jazz handed out a budget ticket yeah yeah but joke but it's all. Within the scope of what we do and sometimes I think he's our Broward circuit the struggles it's a redshirt a little evil. But again today you know and evils up let me ever on one she got to take it doesn't go to the show I remember hearing getting like a message read text message tremor that night. Saying where are you I lost my shoes in the mosh pit. Or might remain ignorant a hole. Just got harder I think. I exterior of the hot stuff I did I really plus why couldn't go to war yeah. We're headed at that point in my life I wasn't really able to make. Magic happen and that was like ball out of my league thank you Chris Cornell. Yeah yeah I've I've had a couple of Stewart also like holy cow. I really believe I'm doing this there. I would likely have to listen before it. What is with a smile but it. Liquefied BC what appears ribbing me out but there is smiling like well. Pretty excited you're naked yes indeed this was gonna happen now I did not say this is a whole all of those surrounding. All of the woman how do you react to that I don't know Greg ready are you kind that a compliment or that completely creepy. I mean I I think it comes off creepy I wish she came awful but it was the count like I did you know always smile that much so just like eight. We just talked to like Susan super hot yeah those Leo this is great this is amazing Shia. Now who broke. Let's look at I don't know I think if I bin with a girl for a little bit I can be a little better Matt Light. This is the first time you write like sorry I'm very proud to see your naked body right now yeah and I never thought about the something primary tactic and bad points. Hello I did not know how hard it was going to be oh yeah I like this do you played like a nice little nightcap. Than just the diamond Joseph is up to like a moon. Hall well yeah I forwarded from one. Mind in something else blown. I'd I don't know I don't know where we go from here. Why. And who made us to have been through a time if you can mend things come out there aren't expecting yeah who hold off. Thought just hurt. Safer than to scientists. That's my big issue work couldn't I was trying to be safer. Yeah I mean I was super safe there is zero chance to half who could really say no it is day of action now. And this is like well plot more arm. I don't know it's beer now. Yeah exactly you're Cooper thank or it's like deep do you have an hour to hang out tolerated again. Yeah I hope but I don't know about you but it's a mental game. I doubt I got my mind is very said you just completely screw that one not yet to our name and no it's gonna I'm taken. Ninety some semitism and Freddie get back in the game. Me as good story for you now report explains why we love obviously so much a couple. All all of the little hurts. I meant that they forget mom god man. Laureates are not a whole Cody and Cody prayer breakfast at rallies over brag you know I have her. Let's guy he shows us thank one section over from us. Full line Hoke Hogan outfit got he's got no legit realized skull it blonde briefed on kind of got the mustache. Got no yellow and the red feather boa wrapped around his neck. And the bill T shirt cut it to three cuts in the back like cocoa he used to do this is not a vocal rules. Yes see with other wrestlers are lol he just shows up by himself. Look that's weird he may end up Kerry was there the night before they saw a couple of our co workers like sage and I camera loss from our I think Frankie may be Archos. Our Vanessa and their picture with him in the parent. So. I thought all the silly walks down and were offered an outright is awesome when guys yelling rip your shirt all contributors surge in a dime. So funny and of course he's doing on opposing he's not sitting down though he's yet that posing yeah arm caught he almost like beat the old school version of a dab. I hope stab. And he's doing all this stuff and obviously the people behind upright Illinois because he's not sitting down just standing up doing mr. in the game youngsters are like hey you need is. To doubt he's got off off a sign with him is his mariners rule. We keep putting it up upside down. Guys just clearly was not taking your vitamins used R&B. Jason honest on him about this he's taken vitamin are. She noted Murray he he must had a few drinks will now. Not kidding you maybe make couple innings go by all of a sudden. Jumbotron. Showing him on the big screen. I am were the moon they play. The sigh oh yes. Sit down yet and here's the best part he's sitting down when they play the song up. He had no idea what's going run like Hummer you're a terrible mistake oak podium the man you here. When it comes crashing down any heard some sauce goes. Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan and and fans. And I am low area like he's just still sitting meg looking elsewhere talking to people finally sold him a Mike hi Hulk. They're playing your song and you're on the big clearly this is what's this is what you waited all day for Craig this is why you dressed up as the hoax are probably he's got a million everybody and that it is time to shine. And he's not sin city finally jump shot surged during the whole code in that move. And all is posing and of course the place is Don Knotts I'm losing my mind you don't like. And house. Our cars are sitting close or do you say get a picture. And I'm real leg is still wants so awesome were that and now he's riding High Court oh yeah. And I I may be maybe a couple outs go by before Rome some of I'm not positive. But we're there for the whole game and he never showed up again. And he walked up the stairs with security. Ushers are cops rushers. Larry. I did you got you got him again and which I thought wow I mean talk about from the highest highs. To the lowest of lows in less than Manning. It he had. The brick Kim mariners people. Find him find this song play it put him up on display. Everyone's losing their mind how great does that feel that your address of a hole co game and the stadium is put in all its attention on you for a few seconds. And then within minutes. He's booted out he didn't kick out maybe they took until celebrity section record date where one's macho man hang out there and held true warrior. Are talking up ghost joke. I bad choice of bestsellers. But of the rock and stone cold. Yeah I don't know that's weird though you're right. But I'm ushers must have been talking to a before IK you've got to sit at all he had a multiple times yeah adams' one ushered I kept being McCain meant to sit down thank. Really between innings do all your stuff right nobody cares how terrible run flex away then do your bag. But it should have found otherwise yeah. Now is awesome awesome that's crazy I don't as a so I. I hope we got kicked out because I mean what a great moment to go home and that if you as a significant other I don't know if it's ms. Elizabeth owners moved you to. He's down he did steal it from much demand for a minute. Are but do you go home guy now is it odd man an awesome. They got on the big screen I flexed they played my songs and I got kicked out. Yeah. I wonder though cortisol Disco bar after that let Beckett ran out we ask why you can't get me off on all current hall. I seeing races today. Yeah didn't court kicked at a sports games is tough have you. Now I've been ticked off fields. Well yeah I remember one time when you walked on the field it was a charge game can I should've been there. And you re alone and you kind of brought attention Newsom because you drink Gatorade down on the bench. That's very yes I mean like that China think Jeremy kicked out of league team. Now I think we got close back in the day it's in the soundness match is given as the other team you know warms up right in front of us Ali you're right. So I really like what we saved right in front of you like. Like when he met some twenty feet from where you're sitting right so we've tainted down now because early in our mid thirty's but you know. 2009 when it started it. You know that simulate we are still Marley taught me some stuff I'll defend. We we we would give it to on some of the guys had some choice words. Ever one dude they used to go he speaks Spanish all and I forget who the player was being used in like did you just lost it. And was like screaming at him and Spanish are facing liked it down nearly achieved. No way no. Do one time we went to bomb really do much other causes Plattsburgh New York which is like. Minutes away from the Canadian border and about 3040 minutes from Montreal. All right so we were going to sometimes I would disagree bay Contra myself in a few my guys that I my my crew misses before. You Munson in the there are these guys are not nearly as awesome. A high enough so where there and strike and it's right around the time when I come back is trying to. Create its own country basically there are succeeds where secede from from Canada move so there's like. Riots in the streets there's like people dislike things on fire it was brilliant same. And who were in the middle of all this and where the Americans. Iran at a restaurant and the waiters is being a jerk to a slight because we unanimous black folks crash I ending any misspoke French I. Today we get into the car now like we should get out of here think green is done but I just go right. Some girl try to attack we have the concert because I was too tall and I was and in her way to make end she's speaking of friend and I don't understand what you're saying she slapped me. There's like really just a heightened intensity in the NN in Montreal at that time it was kind of cool though to be a part of like to watch the chaos. So anyway we're trying to figure out how to get back in and it has to figure it out. It's one of our guys are trying to talk to someone in Iran we talked Tuesday about an undervalued Phillips is off well that's all things French Canadians say I'll speak English to the date. They only speak French two Americans right. All the I could not agree more. So what our guys I don't know gorgeous they're speaking French little JO Mike. Oh you this whole time and he says I dropped. He would go rock. And I like. Mobile maybe this'll help us and the guy he set it to his face turned beat red and six punching our core like this. In just yelling and screaming oh my sore Qaeda it was a sober one guns it and we get out of that area. They were all like running hot and adrenaline and I'm like what how big east could stay Chris and it business whose niece. I look at how did you say. These they tied it I carry exact phrase he's every system they sent a lick my balls. Play the whole time. You've been holding that trump card. And you brought out there what we need to get home. Shop like that's not the time all we're all like what well luckily we abide by block we ended up seeing the street signs that took us back to America but we were. Break him how our right of course we have one guy can kind of speak French knowing that this is elected is big news malls. Who is always awesome she thought it was awesome the excitement yet not now I've never been that close to like some serious like rioting. That it's a protest but never like a riot yeah I was like you know people just knocking things over and yeah they'd like trash cans on fire. That was the coolest thing I was the show off some brilliant at the module Montreal forum dying which is such a cool old building. And green were phenomenal for overtime they're seeing Green Day it's really. It's it's an unhealthy amount those are probably see them close at twenty times. Notes it now every time they're on tour I would go see a grenade they always brought a great show how they ever seen off next time blank you know we get an extra pair. Vitamins give him Tia. Well nice out before there's some hot Green Day fans out there. Do you think her grit and tickets. And then my friend Steve once this. You know my you won't really complete opposite. Did she won't resume some unattractive like 240 year old woman right. I think agency like a plate O'Dell unlike you it never happened for. Whenever it doesn't really came off without the gave her a high five in the tickets. I didn't funny bunch from parking lot eight. Zell leaves for me just please who's my number I don't get value Ted you guys who do acoustic style. Let's get the real stuff a real or the metal. No it's still real life. We do and it's all summer. You know I shed yeah we know I'm not tired yeah I mean how could go ahead with the tires. Your car Friday after Al pitching just. But we thought 00 for sure movement in the present okay put it on your. We should be old soldiers are great. There's a Paramount right playing allow or the more I can remember people we just knew the guys parked next door just flare in the thug like. You guys going to change. By the fighting everywhere in the street. How's. Roaring action came shirts. They want. Where did you. Didn't die. I'm not hours and when he opened up. A couple of you may need to collaborate. To change it out to James 1002 James. Did I go to that Georgia yeah yeah that is the drivers audience is 1400. Palestinians today. We never did the pushups. Ox let's just brag about our no music not music I'll just deal all right well then and it's it's it is gone safer than 2%. I. Want. To do pretty. Well our. Yeah. And not. The. If we ever do without music. That's an awkward and really weird. Yeah how does that that in bang my head. I'm so happy and. Had a happy mode before I got that six of the hot girl again. So titlist won tickets for all. It gets he gets the tickets segment to think guys couldn't be class here and say good three. The gas can be keeping the whole picture last year included a yin and Yang. I didn't do it a nice things for kids flourish does love story of our basically. A moral I'm prostitution. She means sex in exchange for some new. I just draws the money it's all legal and above board nice it was they were comp tickets and not pay for them. I mean it was conflicts if I meet a girl to air out for dinner and we have sex that mean that dinner was equal from the sex. Who actually go. I guess your blog that we never do the I don't page. Kim do you have any comp. Dances tonight. To work out deals and strip club how I do it I draw the line there Steve. When I was always says there won't be really great they were god I. Carol comes over and she gives me like a card. I'm I'm so recently come. All of whom. Yeah my tourist. That is lab regulate what I hope I can dance like no one freight. Singh know. This car. Like some big big DJ and I don't business and he gave interrogate did he realize who I lost. Punch card and I might solve jacked a Mike yeah half punch card to the strip club but how much dead dad is dead tonight. This suits are I do I gotta get back door that AI. Except for them to sign.