MegaCast 07/11/18 “Go Get Me A Prune Juice”

Wednesday, July 11th

This week Ted recaps the fun he had at our bud Sal’s house…and his paddle board adventures.  Steve talks about a walking all of Lake Union on the 4th.  The guys look to the future as 80 year old men, and they play an incredible piece of audio about hockey players taking a shower.

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And gentlemen. Please welcome the eight Smith. And Steve mixed view on now entering. John really done a podcast like a year. Didn't like two weeks yeah not long. Look we are talking around the podcast July 4 on Wednesday throwing people off there was it was so confusing and I honestly volatile golf for a month and we were. Not only but only offer Wednesday Thursday. Friday and it felt like honestly I was we were walking on Lulu on Saturday am like I don't feel like I've worked him weeks it is and I felt the same way. Yes he and I took off. The Monday Tuesday before July 4 by the way were on July 5 terrible idea now why would you do that it was terrible that I woke up on the sixers a guitar Friday this is a great idea I. Act act but I'm rich he's working this series they seem like him. Very prolonged break demise my legs are finally feeling normally on the fourth of July will we typically do is you take lose some virtual park. I tie green lake. I chambers bay somewhere and we just walked the living up out of her I weigh come file sizes of tires she said hi Susan who still does like putter head up like. That was now okay I'm tired so this all right let's go to lake union and let's walked. I Colvin did she reach on the loop but the same does some Indian named Luke I don't know when asked. Dude. That's our high tech. It's about seven miles. To go all the way around lake union yes I did not know the bridges starts restarted right down by iams. Talent I can't think of where to be eyes ever reproductive clinic detonated but that doesn't help you seem to. That is not a wrestling him to pick up half. Cleaner we got to move her. Page these late Wesley. Now I. A reminder yet down by. You know keep it where they're building is. Yes affect the that is Wesley my brother yes that's like. You're absolutely right. You know he slate like you thirteenth trip I think the cemeteries like a Westlake cigar really is Westlake. Right so I don't let a lot right down there yet so we like our votes are on the right. So yeah man we read the whole time I wish we had a friend that had a house vote that would let us just walked by and just which funnel walk around look at the house boats but you know. They got a million sides just ignore solicitation it's barn just down one I remember on here. Isn't live that's got to him a Mike I don't think he lives and house for anymore that I know he used it for years music screw it I can do it on the dirt for a year. And they these think I'm done yeah yap. Arafat looking much the ones on the other side yeah are. Multimillion dollar homes yet mean they're really nice yes I've always loved the idea of the app keeps expensive and I'm always afraid of walking off from the water. That's around night via what it likes it was saying you can't have kids and have a house vote now give me like hey go play outside. Make sure you Wear these water wings at all times exactly what you're gonna kill her how to pull much lets out on the dock it's just nature's pool. So we sir walking were like okay we're all going mixing you know word passing new job. Now well yeah app. Every day poems the good the loop could you folic diesel arrows you don't really walk alongside the though the water. It's not really like a scenic water walk by completely great we don't east are Wesley you are for awhile right but then ray when you don't easily you basically you're no urine like in residence the only thing I know is I've walked from delta county you don't want to that hall on dude so when you hit UW just like oh my gosh we still got like halfway to go. Not realizing it's more than half way to go. The casinos you're six or so miles and you just like one at home we had to be done now you're on the right tonight networks and yet they did you see guests are Joseph really go through it. We do you cross the Fremont bridge. Oh yeah so so you went down by like the north play tavern and I'll call you begin you can see you what we were walking over the bridge and saw north lake tavern and bullets. And I just liked. Yeah only a Little Lulu who's seven balanced and that's not a bureaucratic. She doesn't show any signs of tiring Jesus motoring that lol seven pound king a for JC. Every once a while we were losing let's just carrier you religion and act like she wants to be carried this is on the seven mile walk for a suite long legs. This is like a marathon for this poor old dog yet look happy on Dickey man yeah which at a certain point even just lay out. Don't know literally like contact mousse like this is awesome I causes all these new century's peeing on everything. She's having a blast to be able water jug and low water Boldin I'm bowling so we will constantly keeping hydrated but today. We sit around like I'd say immune. And finish weave around 3:34 o'clock but it's number Don yellow stop here all stop there it's so that's a widget or off topic yeah I do my shins Ron fire. I like sham that night. But even sixth place on the you're you're you're hard time you are not real. And they were like trying to find somebody he'd yell we tried it yet. Everything's closed July 4 it's tough dude yeah and I respected I like that businesses give their people off by. The it's it's very finicky to find what's open what's not there is funny because like we try to get sushi all the sushi places by our house are not open and figuring out son I'm not selling out. Try to typhoon place type of places open my wife's been actually. If they don't remember that blonde moment that we all have to take I don't know if that weird having Thai food on the fourth of July Sumi we have light. Murderers like we just try to get sushi. How it's usually more American and tell me. You know. For a change you got to wet their on this a little bit I don't think she's. You're right but I don't blame her thoughts. Why that chick in my time I valid are real Americans. Should have been naive on July 4 burgers. Pizza. How dogs that's that I caught I wanna. I would do the grocery store like 5 PM on July 4 who would hold grab excellent dogs on the wrong it's like fourth I got the last pit pack a chicken sausages and rolls. Let's get you to be more fitness oriented economic stimulus and the breads are bigger things about the British are probably a rock or there's girls. So neither one of us did any preparation. Zero yeah. Think we were like I'll get some birds and about time we would die without walk in my I have no interest. And barbecuing today a young wanna be on my feet and arrested today yeah man it's a long story short. We fell asleep before the fireworks really don't went off not only Lulu was talked out but sit and I were tossed a tire yourself out Iliad he really knew and we we heard them. Everyone but I slept like a baby. He Greek pre fourth of July. I did the opposite ranked I was go hard on on July 1 candidate day a guy and a music by July 4. I kind of tone it down a moment plus I've I've tour W bonus like July 4 as well I don't know why the July 14 the closest thing to a Christmas day of flight. People generally spend within a lot of family been playing under a new life more frankly it's like seven it's sad furnace like. I don't know that I wanna go out with other people's families are guys that makes sense I got to run ads are about to say do what would you like them mixed in with Dotson now to a seven mile walk well doors of a mile walk with the new wife is different then beat him like 81 come to seeds families giant pit road trip right you've ever when you're but you know. So usually July 4 I'm pretty calm but my buddy was in town so we went to Broadway. In the afternoon and it was empty. Ya yet it was crazy but then by a bit so then I got home he left some out like 6 o'clock madame they don't just chill out wrong. My Glock was so active really. Who I could not only people were just shooting an eighty soft in the intersection here for my bunker or product might bunker it is I. I would call it a bunker now two dollars and I think it is this because that there was no more sees you go you lose why don't pandas and I bunker then I had a bunker well and also I found out you can see about how. Half of the lake union fireworks are to really tall ones are nice from from the voter. Some are good ones yeah the ones that want it right in front runner who has put in the effort. Allows like I'll sit here and have a break here and watch some fireworks. And I and I woke up there's there's like we drink way too many Beers sitting there like he got by got got excited to an inning registered there might would be yes people that came behind it. That's the veteran right bunker. It's a lot of like soldiers walking by the U Greg how they go and yet and I'm Tony is seeking. The fireworks in the intersection for so rules and how old I bet you're like right off the street yet Billy people from my Billy Jeff coming out there like is that leaky you come like that you can see that I'd also didn't realize a lot of Yuma city must know you could sit right there at sea and yeah. So there was a little group I was late the year you can see those sort of a loud concussion. It's what people write them off right. There I can do you know what I realized on the fourth of July is how popular it is damn rental bikes are. All the lime bikes yeah RN EC and yellow ones or the green ones. And it was awesome. Because people are using it to get to this parking is very difficult around lake union only so we were right parking like in Fremont or wherever and minutes Graham one of those fights whose genius a woman have you been taken great. All you can grab one of spikes all live to our car and I'll come get you lose that or you take the bike or just tried to ruin the basket and see what happens. But I really get that far but so we relied. Then as the night as the day goes longer these are seeing the drunk people on these price and there was all areas yeah there's one guy knew his firing up. Basically he didn't he was sitting and walking and he couldn't handle he was too drunk. Uses using innocent in the sit on. If people forget you and removal and in a minute class they he's. You know having the you don't forget but also not as easy you think well dug a hole it's like he would. Riding a bike. And meg you know analogy to hit it terrible one because you get on a bike thinking what's going to be easy and you forget how. Alice is hard sometimes especially when you're drunk yeah it was great it that is they drug buddies were flying by chemical bonds dot let's go. I mean I attack. I didn't ask get. Into clear bottles client by client client like purity trying to help. Paul Paul Paul Paul. Hall errors so obnoxious and hilarious at the same time sort of big tally here coming to the strength trying to make it clear right at the ghost of Christmas. Faster. That's pretty. When we get them puts up Louis beacon of being fitness. Guys and you went to the gym today I went to the gym Paul nice to it's time for us to keep that going to get the heart rates in the blood pumping in the brain functioning we another son for the summer medium dead all right. Previewing similar songs that would be featuring at summer meltdown so yeah. And then say that I would not ever remember to bring you songs with me that's right through call your foot in nineteen foot thick. You can in nineteen put army IR. That's attending a family. Like the Florida. Poland versions of. The production library then. Okay. Take a tool it's tiring. He takes me. They said talk let's start to be a little selective. Now how does he not invited to our parties. See what I mean is lake you know it there. They're stuffy did you all the time Lang then. I mean how I know me I can go out you know who he can practice when you lose a great round 10 shocker how he needs. So I mean I don't know maybe it's been selective in who people you know maybe just some them late. A friend of our friends you know your wife's friends and ignoring your sometimes silly summons and it's OK to be a little more selective you know. They leave Friday may. You does seem bar in the same group people get John made news Friday in a human girl just chill and how much Hulu Netflix and chill man does this feel a little more selective you know. Maybe incentive. Eat crap all weekend to try to lower to wander tomb here is you know peace selective maybe you don't feel laments she's. Soft ice cream for Rio to the very top this time around. Yeah and throw him the chocolate chips and cookies those things and Wallace not get crazy Ted. Its enemies alike they're not stupid it's good points back to break eighty got to cut late I taught us stuff out like just yeah more selective about what your. I know what what you know what actually makes you happy with what's good for you don't overwhelm yourself to. You know episodes and you're not being selective use trying to do everything for everyone in the next thing you know you're just site I am. I'm about to break down yeah just like just the way out with my wife and my habits I always go to Canada vice stuff. I mean how it could be anything you know just going to visit people are there's a man like. Not at the minute we leave and our home kind of mask is leading getting things done maintenance is another step that could you know. Maybe I don't guitar with those friends over time. Daily for your wife's best friend. As smoke less pot just stunning use examples here. A lot it is true athlete means they don't happen is it. He you know what it is honestly is Lee did the weekend before the fourth fight like annual budget people go crazy thing Newton and a friend. You know everybody's out there where you come down here and taken Gaza do it. I listen to get out of city UT and it was it was so much fun yeah. But each seem like a big decision like Al Gore in the gorge and do this and it's a way to hell yeah I'm gonna part of the scene few formal from now rights but what I went down and just lake. I got an awesome place and also people. That guy and then I mean the young north south so it almost awesome. Shallow south to succeed. That's funny that day about the near death what happened. Steve you know paddle boards. Yes are you any good at pat aboard eyed the answer is I don't know. But he never did don't want our little we stand on a with a paddle yeah. Now hold my wife and I do wonder do you have for ever. OK okay so they have a new one called apparel port pedal board writes it has you know like old school stair master. Yeah so you kind of like doing that the whole time and work your butt quite often countermeasure now are you finally did handles rates there's a little handle it sticks up they'll catch you know it's almost a gun runner. Aha so it's easier to use either way. I feel like there might be easier balance wise to for some reality lies a 100% and Ford's bigger it's heavier then. Hope it's a work out call for hot hot bed near that it's important to you when did pass out now. I mean it wasn't that bad but we just all of those things like halfway across this channel dislike what stuff. I don't know let's bring it to so get alive by a drive to the car that we are products. 'cause I'm Smart guy and I might tune sounds just say F it I'm game if you think that's that's the spirit I think. They think it would Greg we come back Ted I've got. All I've got some stuff diet I got some but cool wrestling stories it's kind of almost a mini Ted talk all right I also have should I be mad they know also involves a world of wrestling we should also tell people how we pissed off. The American Jesse Jackson's American community I guess we shouldn't really heated up the entire Asian community have Buckley's bar and tavern. We'll do that next in the net cash return. It's either going to take a break so go to the fridge and have a nice cold I don't save up and get ready to. Oil with some nets. Demanded cuts will be back. Shearer. Three more tips from the show for staying cool during a heat wave. Fill a lot of water balloons with cold water then tell all the kids in the neighborhood. Urea. A little hole in your bike helmets. Catch your garden hose to the hole then turn it all and so you don't seem strange joke with people passing by. That you're melting. Maurice in your underwear included in the freezer for two hours then included alone walked around we'll toss. These shows tips for staying cool during an evenly. I do yes. And then the constant back. He said of the pretty fun during the break. Karl I don't know that the panel board incident. Oh yeah. It certainly catapult this artery. I'd say he's campaigned first call I have to see this south south is amazing yes when he says Grayson is a bar he's not kidding. It's a full sports car that is awesome right so jealous Sally just has to be their Friday and Saturday to Saturday and if you remember before memorial are former eBay for July 4 was kind of like oh where can I guess is she'll Lleyton so we never went out on the path towards that day. So don't Sunday were drinking on my cat found games from game so we go out we always across the CDC yields Susan you know their like teaches you mean is your probably Jessica. I got back. I'm trying to I'm surprised and I went iPhone the current gone like I thought this straight lines and wrong like this for a miserable time on the loss. So then we give back not only do you guys always joke that arc it she's like now we just gotta once again it was really nice that day. Since all this takes it to the brilliant back now where crops like these are you have no idea what the threshold is on this. He's now he does not easily comment that is kind of tough that's tough act now they get the Ted thresholds to work with. So they never did today that it would be welcome what I look. You are gonna wanna do more than five minutes on this thing. It's gonna knock your ass pretty we executed count towards that to him tonight that I will say this that the balance is amazingly a couple of times the water came up over my ankles like. Sneak in and yes and you could get it back to that's cool but you're right when it comes through stare mastering. I mean I try to do I do stair master from time to time down in the gym after about ten maybe fifteen minutes. Stair masters over this is your honesty message you can't get off of our stop right because if you do you drowned. At least in mind I'd get off like you to water and I could go over to the chest breasts yeah and keep in mind folks I had alma PDF. The FD sorry yeah he champions league you've got to file. For which was dripping in sweat when I got back. So of debt and so the World Cup still going on right now right correct I today he France is buying. Then it out today is curry show in England the second half of the semi tracks OPEC. Our rights and at that and so what will we we all got together myself you and Terry Daly last week correct we're watch gene. What the quarter final assembly. Belgium in Japan Belgium does I saw I shore up the Buckley's I got there a couple minutes early on the spot the same losing surrounded by TVs which is an. And you worrisome Buckley's are surrounded by TVs medical correspondent this is perfect we go watch the game. Not in the middle of everything what I realized that Susan sit down Japan's scores and the entire barges erupts writes your premise and off to the side. And not in the main part of the bar right so literally as I'm walking Maine's delegates he just text and McCain has placed on crazy for Japan and and then I think different minute and they score approved a number one place at a robs again you look around you assess the situation. This bar. Is a Japan. World Cup bar right and even mine my back is to everybody else to write obviously connected TV. So let's head and I am full he'll mode decide wall you know somebody's gotta root for Belgium in our offense not just kill mode I would just say it's you. Man I really thought Belgium was gonna win this game there might take to win the cup right now like I'm pretty sure they're better than this and I'm like did dirty fifty minutes into this game didn't even more I am not there at seven minutes a break right he was right around seventy Belgium finally puts one in USS twenty minutes left in the game before they even scored. And I'm like man. Was this your mom think and I think of Falwell were going to be the idiots cheering on a team that's down to nothing not to know sorry and nothing is going to happen. Right it were making up tiers slips Richard Steve should stop up algebra you know I can't spell it. So we don't jokingly said rob BE LJ you have brow jumping broad jump. There won't. Pools. Or lie on WWW. Our fingers so great so it's kind of funny right there really cares right. That score that second call all hole and now we're a little powder puffs Attica black PH is the sport and now I mean we've. We've been through thick and then with this team it's twenty minutes we pictures that we've paid our news reporters that's it. And you look at Steve and I ego classic. Belgium guy believes he tell other books I don't know what about it looks like they cook near me I clearly out. An hour I stamped right we're so we're selling it to Mike rich heron farm. So now you didn't watch the game you need to do this or just four minutes of stoppage time which means the refs gonna blow the whistle when it's is 94 minutes yet. At lake. 9382. Minutes and 46 kids is stated to us Belgium's scores not only is Belgium score but the pass the guy puts in a much of soccer. Before the call girl living goes in I've learned my arms up like third. It's Ted charity goes that's a golf and I might not wildcat this call. Us so how we're cheering team. I cannot tell what's happening behind that's. They scored the goal they lied about got delayed to have a Nike golf boom all gay men and Ed instantly. Boasted of bars are emptying out compact not happy while the two idiots in the corner of all we'll. OJU Arab laws are still owner of the tubs just now or the cocky a whole Belgium France correct Reno and it's time for pregnant. Sam comes back right so what I didn't go beat Steve and produced was reserved about it with people look up against who quit. Which cheered for Japan kid who was behind. Let's say he was it has few of its peak. Was harboring. Over you like. Eyes staring at us. Flag I think he was legitimately good. Debating whether or not he's this music is played as a freebie and knocking off one of our heads. Like he was pests. He's standing guy like Allen again was gonna happen permit but you could just really looking at the tour what's going. Why why do I have to sit at a table away from these two Jack gases. And then finally I got he's just giving tested dirty is a ball dirty eyeballs he finally just kind of packs up his cracked and leaves. And I'm in tears of arms is like this is too funny I admit it besides the fact that you have that we're cheering for Brett holds him like. You don't its World Cup the bar's pretty quiet people watch him. It's Ted Turner Steve doesn't it kind of the ports or cancel its gas. Yeah everybody else who believe like subdued unless they score today only two loud moments right so finally I have to go to the bathroom and how awkward this gauntlet of Japan's. Senator just shooting death I hear exactly that's like giving to the table that's probably. Dude I did not realize like how they were all my chips late jerseys and stuff it's just yet you listen to have applied to the bullets hit you with us. So that they're integrated today that rides so much vodka is also Holland yet again next time yeah go to a bar where. So we just become the opposing team fans yeah I mean we care what team and is what I will we went to Las Vegas. You know we tried we got tickets to go see the golden knights and the mood. Somehow got screwed up who won a secondary ticket a news a subsidiary of the ticket agency and then. The person already sold to another secondary oh yeah so they're like well we don't tickets gimmick but you said its guarantee right yes it is guaranteed but this is one of those exceptions. And I'm having this argument bomb in the shower on speaker from a tennis not guarantee there are no exceptions when guaranteed is guaranteed. This I didn't every year has jurisdiction John yes yes. Are you younger. So like going out there readable beat him uncle Chris and much of what we don't take it's they don't care they're not hockey fans I mean it may be kinda like hockey but they're not bomb outburst stabbed in the back she's drunk. Kids know where he is anyway he that he was a tough call off his daddy you know at a hockey team already. Well so bad seabirds and maybe there's I got my yards. So we go to a bar and drives to walk into their truck parked. We go to a bar to watch a game in their planting the Rangers are eight. All the sudden I became a Rangers stand that's got to be hard is it doubled since it too I know what I was just so mad at that moment that I could not root for the biggest golden knights I remind you. When ever the Rangers scored on a while wearing a golden knights baseball cap and a golden knights T shirt. I must have confused everybody in that bar. And these days in tears it do you realize that you're cheering for the Rangers while wearing the attire of the opposing team. I'll give a crap from draw kind of met I'm just mad. Some all about it and wherever you wanna be I'm game to be the opposing teams fans yeah. I'm trying to think remembered the first time I've done he'll turn to seek a mostly due went. Yeah it was a whole sub Chris leak and he'll turn wanted to greatest duels in the world wrestling is Greg the hammer Valentine remember him. Yeah. Ease eighties Hyundai maybe not he was from Seattle Washington which is our whole armor of growing up as a from Seattle Washington Greg got around the edges up. Early angry looking guy he did not want to mess with them once interviewed him on the links verses the world wrestling podcast. And because he's going to be this movie it's going to be a free heavy movie called 350 days it's all about how aggressors on the road for 250 days back in the eighties they did you know that was our life and they get off Christmas Day probably. If that. You know but I Thanksgiving was a popular day for wrestling seeing your Thanksgiving. There was an awful grind. And so the movie about these guys and how their lives have been in all that it is it's kind of guy like a vibe of the wrestler the movie star's documentary about a bunch of rust the wrestlers you know. And Greg I'm around at one the guys that they talked to so I got a chance to interview was like hey man I know I designed a grind but there had to be some good times. And given you make funny hijinks stories. And I mentioned to him that when I interviewed another guy he says that Britney hit man Hart always got a kick out of traveling from city to city because back in the day. Within an economy ticks you obviously know people yeah makes this so called midget wrestling so psych it's in the I now I would see little people over recent column address the collegiate wrestling and these are little people doing so I'm single digits kind of pointed. Yeah any ligament it's a little person let's call self one that's climate may be right you shouldn't I yeah however as they're making money off live with the name I don't know I don't know either a tad. Right blowing its I was column NWA I use the full name of the bank and same here Brian it. Well that I'm talking to a guy who's old score right so I guess they won't you Dow is a story of Bret Hart had book what would sort of what are your favorite memories back and they're being a wrestler and this is his story dude it's gonna tell you I would. I wish you only played a lot of rooms on each other and stroke smooth and nerves or just. I remember 1 morning you speak at a bum marriages. I remember just bargained in golf for a on the marriages should go out. And Russell. And he would character she used to Maryland to issue and Joseph you know we did have. Not are all the and Erica and I. Oh you are there's so many stores look really you know it's normal there's a lot of local Egyptian army here or there are more plumber Jews shoot America. It's all about what's Bahrain at the ever get him yeah I mean even. They cheer they couldn't get out so you've noted a bunch of old school so early wrestler sitting around watching these guys climbing stairs latter's. Just howling means you birdies dig a hole. Yeah it may even here's awesome and eat terrible. I know I'm like laughing and I go to my. That's all fall. You ravage your desolate pull something like that on you. Not like that no amount I think of I'm sure I've been cranked and I've been right as this thing you know the hockey yet off. Yet having didn't. Read about yet but I'm not want to go to hockey tournament angle you would have to keep our gearing is not in an off Koreans is one of those draft tournaments I would argue I think it's always in Phoenix or Vegas I can remember fine. Of course whenever you show up back to a lot to it's an rink on Saturday. After ignited drinking like crazy on Friday are on Sunday after nine particularly crazy and Saturday. You hung over you're tired it's 10 AM the last it's really an abuse a locker room I show up and it. Where are my goalie pads. I look everywhere although locker rooms. Where I go like man known gonna tell you could this is the fun of it do you know that somebody's drinking you are here for you like you thought you lost you know I'm positive on being ranked higher items like where art dude come on man I got a quiet like forty minutes. And funny and then what Mo got it right I don't know what's up. Allen well where are they that I dodged a solitary I don't know what's up. And I'll look up. And there might the big events like these America and our studios that I do expose events yes they're just pulled properly placed right above me above me. Mike you've just. H word it's sounds howling and get these as my dad jumping when his stick on doing this finally won that again at a guy's shoulders because that's how they did it. They have an innocuous stick I'm like you guys hilarious but I hate you right now. Now of course I didn't to somebody else might Gaza good frank let's do it this person. Yeah I know pretty good in high school like Henry got a ton of trouble Biden in a shocker I was ladle hot. So harbor didn't intentionally Saturday. In its like me. Up anyhow probably bass players I know we're analyses Keefe. October joking about something in the teacher every time he comes finish just like you better have those books those going to be studying right. Casinos or try to check on them. Tiger how we got into it now say anyhow keep his late menu and you'll get in trouble enough. And he closes my book you remember like in high school the little speaker really make an essence any jumps he puts it now. So easily we now you'd get tropical all heard about it keep it Dick Darman. But there's no check it patents. You're a favorite like it's your wrestling rings when I first started going entry to a battles are training in time became part of the boys you know yes still newer guy but you know. Wanted to guide the weekend warrior agreed to Craig oh yes he would CEO it's a night of the show music came men could you fill my match on my cell phone can I sit in the front. I guess he had a problem and laurel lasting after he walked away like hey it would be funny if I just film that insults you know the whole time. If I am in the morning guys on the older guys that you have to do it you've got to do that totally wrong. I'm like gosh man so. Luckily I was without any dangle I am am Eddie is it must do in this tournament fine but can you film and on your cell phone just so that way. God Jessica Jessica wreckage right of the new guy on the new guy coming I love you Greg one of my home he's man like I you know I mean you wanna do that you wanna have fun but you also like screwed over yeah. So we film a good ten minute match. On my face and on Eddie's face and we're just reacting the whole time like we're watching it not looking through the screen that wasting an honest mistake and everything. This site know. So we do this night ends up helping terror down some stuff set up the ropes fix everything up as we're about me to leave you think won the morning Craig comes over to Steve. In my. Dude. He looks bad and Mike. Like what man he has. Hate to break it TD. You filmed my entire match. On U. And I watch it again you filmed the entire match but did you. If you think he never took it himself he mode so he thought I was just immediate praise. How do you glad for you would you feel as though I. Man I gotta tell you were just in everyone in the corner watching and our volunteers are down like I can't do this anymore of a growing disaster which you knew they always think. I'm just glad then you're not a stupid as I thought you where I played well. No and they'll forever is even that was funny that's actually a really good Franken and putting and he's got your music you enjoy it make a school no worries over DL. I just picture completely aback. Here's the new guy he's the commissioner. Lisa Marie you know he doesn't know he's insulting a broad palette. She sat there for ten minutes you never want it's it's almost argue that. We have well learned I didn't look. King wow pay. Go laws of Beirut. Could certain of the funniest things. You know we come back with our hockey locker room stuff that's another wrestling Ted talk possibly we'll get to me who will. I was still pockets on Austin chicklet style hockey podcast that I see is nasty side Paul does that mean Tiger Woods other former hockey guys Karen hockey guys. Bad one of the greatest stories that I think yeah. You'll get a kick out of because you've been in the locker room with the boys the whole shower mentality. Salary and got a good idea how to put perspective into the minds and hockey player and an in our. Absolutely love. Sharing a shower with another grown man eighties intense is its fifth says I love that asks how you're not a hockey guy I don't think you truly understand how much real shuttle. Would you share hurrying to get there it's a matter of like walking in a round of exposed penis is as close as you get to other dudes and not being caring right there. Yeah I was like why didn't quite hit it in Steve Buckley was like dude what are you saving me much I don't know the culture I do wish you they're all it's kind of weird regrets. So well. Yeah I can't wait for you to hear this audio and a guy gets returned. And. Ten Steve need to minister to save each other's backs and OK I'm gonna need more than a minute. And then it comes to returns. Here are three more tips from the show for staying cool during a heap when you. Instead of doing shots. For a couple of ice water on your head every time someone says he isn't hard enough for you. Phil year old dilapidated bean bag chair would bags of ice. Sit on it until your friends your chilling. Sadly I tell your odd girl friend your boyfriend's not to come over tonight. These shows tips for staying cool during anyway. I already from the oil and some conversations about stupid. Well good because to make the cost is match. How did you guys. Watch NFL network and like this. Fueled by. That he looks nothing like me whatsoever. They're just so PH and the same way I cast my stomach is carrying a lot of pounds. So don't get those kind of muscles you'll lose look Mary Trammell moloch bank CEOs that last Saturday hassle but yes that yet walking around it's different grass. Still doing our Saturday thing you guys carry things can serve dubbed by some random lists are telling me any to ten my legs all I saw that. You what's so funny he's like I don't know maybe just me it's late but that picture doesn't mean even so trim in this in that. That is really what I expected to college is like looking good news like did you hit ten and that's what I did I don't know why well another man is telling another adds is that we don't run the bigs Gagarin did to Obama I'd. Click let's remove ourselves from all this and just listen to what I just said a grown man it's another grown men and he needs to go tanning. Right and now responding to a live in the south and I do if that's true GT you know. A direct from what I've zero intentions attending summer heat they Gregg got out and you indict a night you know get my amount of sat. I don't know I that I means a bill will help I'm sure he's just like he's interprets the proper turn right but that does got a funny but I'm like there's no no I don't need to tell animal QB now and any rights back bullet shows. I can pop group. I do I'll yeah is everybody knows tanning beds and healthy as they go multi right you just standing outside a general. Glee and I get it he looks cool what it's like grant. It's amazing to me that he just like what. Five years we've gotten away from the team and think oh my gosh yeah why think about when I first met my wife I just beyond the time hopping on baseball whatever it's called. I this day eight years ago yes and I see pictures of Sid when we first started dating shoes super ten all the time yeah. And that was the thing right and finally she got no mite and but so even health conscious but I think I've watched this evolution of her being just moderately health conscious of being really health conscious not just what she eats what she drinks. How she works out but also you know I don't wanna get skin cancer. Yeah and and which is really been an issue gum I know I want you to and I don't care if he gets can get now dictating what. I'm titles back to the problem with taming. It's house make. It works. I castrate him once and and they went around to look you look tiny no doubt but I wrestlers tan and I yeah of course it makes you look or shredded. And I won't lie still sometimes in the wintertime like when you get like February or march is just too dark for thirty days and I'll go hop in the bed for 45 minutes just like really feels not it's. I've never been in a tanning bed. Really yeah dues I. Never hated me different or wintertime we have it you shouldn't go to home but he does kind of get you Pharmerica. Starts I went through a small thing he's and they get handling companies that we are half and see I don't know you you never noticed. I don't think I did yeah so what led to you we deal right in my life. I just kind of like I honestly was this before you rented a gym or after your into the gym and before I ask you do your laundry. But aren't so miles and I once in the mainstream years ago had a joke to your do you GTL for I don't remember that. Right that was the problem was we both can mentor like. How Muhammad kind of like didn't do his bed. So the girl Dana at the time stepping in Bulldog yeah. So I was telling her story about how it's in the tanning bed and how it's late singing to myself like oh instead and attend an embed it you know just some stupid song and and she'd. So she went into the shop G is. There's no ceilings in these rooms due as you understand make whoever workfare could hear you sing tears up the entire critic you were a matter. I'm like America complete access and awesome rough. We were when he did you see good tanning the other oh yeah are a man yeah at least once or should I experienced it once in my life we are we ever do that I televisions are tens Deaver doing stuff. Oh yeah. That we what do you think he's yeah I think one time we just go tanning more we got a cannon of bed just you can try but honestly at this point I'm so late I haven't been in once and so pale I can be more than three or four minutes yet craziest even Mike how's it look. Ten years ago to how she looks now because she's. Not raise hell not like oh my gosh your senior year me my eyes go blind elbow like she's she's not tainted yet and I don't even think about a suicide epidemic. She looked different practices like this weird thanks of the some things going on as she okay and then I realized I know she's two and give radar she looks now. And sometimes nowadays it's funny everybody sees entertainment out AG season girls entertaining and almost sticks out yes and you think that's very unhealthy. Did she do right hasn't read a decent seats that could happen it's gonna die as a big and huge bomb ripped. That's not good it's a good preview. I stopped handing prep it's like a movie picture myself like. So reasonable jury could hear pizza pizza really air that's dangerous and she's doing. It's so funny how we all are a lot of is that it's a good we will look at what to do it how. Holiday you know look when you're eighty. I'm like. How do you go Google search eighty year olds. They did that matter. A man hair growing out in my ears at a ridiculous amount that I I would ever lake. Got used to work at the map that. We have exit good old school disasters I've been in like the navy kind of tactic not a term dream in swat team yet it's still look tough yeah. And also. Insist what I do you do now on a massive bad guy yeah yeah and I got the least of my concerns are how I tattoos look when I'm eighty. I'm more worried about crap in my pants. Yeah nobody's gonna like rule out and talked TV you tattoos look like crap old man. But would be terrorists try to concerned about making eighty you're not be. Skies follow McCoy and I guess they're really protect smokers don't have any real life without care and that's where we should the F up I'm eighty. The Jimmy a prune juice bitch. The commitment paddled like. You liked our fight to protect the older than there is a grandstand. Attacked. Her up and I think. We have zero. Somehow make impact. Hope. Played real good that would subject or we lose our memory. They're the good sense of brokers who tried burned a few holes and our brains together for it going where AD rom ID eighty C 85 and urine and whatever it is differences. We need to be like some old age home. And you need to say that the sound like. She's driven her to Vegas and I put my pads. Good I can't stop laughing but it it it yeah it's. Pretty hard before we get out here but there's result would be the sound from. I did I I Europe cannot you or I don't moderate cannot yet to kill enjoyed this this this podcast is just funny it's just think. It's just like it is the salt of the earth guys aren't a microphone talking their hockey dudes op are still sports puts it out it's godspeed to alcoholics I love parcel yeah. So it's it's part of that or else high and they just crush it and it it's on iTunes all the places so they were talking about a certain player. And they called the manned rockets when mayor guys are just so attractive they have to acknowledge that they're just hot dude cigars a manned rocket like he's pot make we have to admit do Mike Gosling. Yes right. Just like Gosselin. So they're talking about that evolves it's talking about showers. And then have talked about Henrik Lundqvist. All of your brain doesn't keeper he's like the king of all of the mail rockets yeah I mean he is it just hands he's a model yeah I'm mile jet models and he's not playing hockey it's ridiculous. So here's here's a compromise pinch it was from a couple weeks ago. Rush hour story is I'd be put on my clothes and I would be one or obsolete the rank and I'd be walking out with my street clothes on after rush hour we don't know yet stick your clothes off a shower look at me as a guy to do so Monica a player and I used to play within this. The shorter fingers on the pros right yes since they eat is all throughout how easy this is pro level he's talked about like. And you've seen this happen even where I should listen draft enrichment gone in travel where someone shows up like Munson showed up once he was he implying was in Bremerton. The right do jump in the shower and he took almost closed jumped in the shower he any employee he wins here it is that's is thank you as well hang on talking in the shower to get all right. Rush hour we do they not be ups take your clothes off from shower look at me and I need someone to talk to sort out and get undressed and going to show. Still does in the Summers also the best conversation and I'd literally rather. Donkey kick to men and take a shower by myself. Here you guys served pro hockey players and they still. It was kind of cool for meeting here because oh my god by the time the pros come they're just right in now know. There's still like they're Frick in dearly guys that's crazy. It is funny though because like I don't think people realize how much time Uga I actually do spend in the shower would. In college whenever royal when Miami and all they covered up everything except for their ranch and I named every single guy on you buy is a wrench to move out there. They cover. Oh many many years ago months and when times that I've promised you guys I could pick all you guys are based just on how your cracker box. And thanks Craig is I think that's not sounding I can even do that but it's. Using dirty the reds are like that there's a great line call veterans. Up their seat. And everything else does that's so you Rhode shade guy. Iron Man up where it is and they you know home boom bow her own web to build the biggest French among you guys who played and who historically like. Let's listen I don't know what usually got the biggest Barrett and it is I just ahead on three cute but I know we use the same but I'm Ian is one. To thirty Pankisi. Hendrick Lundqvist opponents they call still that good looking and he's got the biggest one yeah the greens. Do you among Lundqvist all our URL lot of car these handsome guys get all mass. Playing Jim McKenzie I got quite a moron got what do you listen he's supposedly don't like the biggest one every one title on the broadcast. Apparently might want don't want totally honest I'm sure that's a baby's arm holding another babies are said it was so I am only initial all the while it is the. Right it's not hard to tell us your answer from the northeast. Although of the onetime couple got all of soccer you had to be you driving him. It. He's always did it top right into areas of data phenomenon about a baby vomit about what the bottom of it when the Beanpot three times. There's got the biggest press 12 very Anke. I think everybody's in these are actions do relate. Are alive oh score Israeli he's very accurate look given the good of the sport and he's got the biggest one. Is the biggest donkey. Homeland. If both are pretty good idea are they that I think there might go go all right now. I think Santa has got Beattie. Is go get up and down we're down a little October oh god we are to moss misses a time. I had. Never got that it should I be matter of the wrestling topples into a bottle of alcohol or if there's enough stuff to be madam out. This is being happy everybody's. We had a banner like this oh yeah that's right everyone. For your quick shot. They've got a big win for me. When it's nations peace that you had a beautiful joke you can do it. Thank you didn't help core CP. He had a week became the strongest among all bad. I get familiar gambling. Okay. Because I'm not sure there. I've been making Kansas. I mean I thought I'm not apply. OK and I decided because of my god it's Friday night yes I did make it out. Sure but if you're always on the list. Giving them one. And then yeah. Yeah. Remain next Friday and Saturday next Saturday Tony first cage tournament Yale IE QC Eric we'll see you next hour. Hoots.