MegaCast 07/18/18 “Bounce Back”

Wednesday, July 18th

This week Ted tells all of to bounce back…no matter what adversity we have!   We play a fun game about DEA weed slang terms…Steve tells Ted about how he “tried out” for the WWE…and we chat about the "In My Feelings" challenge where people are jumping out of cars! 

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Ron day it is and what that if you just look cool as hell yeah what's up what don't have an all these cool wood boards around and her studio. And now I'm better crackers we had to do something like that. Maybe got Blake Shelton quotes on them and yet the boys round you're drinking that ice cold beer Blake Shelton. We could have like a one up like you like an animal. Yeah he asked what he thinks he's pitched so that's what I think. When to be great if they actually did that the F word here on as you like an animal welcome recognized on a road where are. And gentlemen. Please welcome the V test there. And Steve mix who are now entering. Like you like and all that much like my. Didn't feel my man it's. There we are doing enough to make a bad. Two weeks in a row in the summer. I know pop next week of course you're gonna talk about it when the mics are off but I'll make do one tried before Monday's apparent in the mix. Yes but I can't be years like 1150. I didn't do its currently. I don't feel like I can only be your longitude I'm going to think you were here you you should look today at like 1125. The direct. I don't know it's Monday. Here let's meet Terrance Scrooge the lap so it's a very nervous about saying yes to be given a shot although we Tara and you find out however be a part of the make Al put together thread on tour aren't on the tax our our and see what happens seems guys that are up Bob for this week but I noticed that she was on vacation or. Has it right off to a Monday Gaza that I'm not gonna put any kind of weird night. Hey you should come down of course you'd say no because I'm quite a hike to get here to Seattle pitchers in Oregon. I make it a little difficult he can't but I knew she would do urgent meeting Susie you might have had a back and has acquittal made you come home yes yeah. So I think that was that would jet paddle board as the art I. My staff we got a lot of stuff to do on this week Sami cancer and I've got a ton of things I've written down notes some New Hampshire by the way I thank you meant yeah drum solo for the the podcast that we talked about last week speedier chip let's bar stools sports yet and yet maybe. I you know what I filed a bunch there's something isn't funny shows dude are what do who's unhappy as good one. I kind of kick myself. Pat McAfee when I went to wrestle mania read hero he's a big wrestling fan effect he's done some independent wrestling tonight you know with some pot to tell. He was two tables down from my table for radio row doing interviews are right for Parcells sports for his Pat McAfee shall. And I don't have bond film but I kind of wanted to bug I'm just Vicki come on my podcasts are in the east just come say hi you know wanted to get a picture with a gadget that guy's hilarious yeah I mean he's greatly give looked during the football season to his tweets are awesome. Either using him from time to time of the WB network for like the pre shows off for their paper views that kid. He's a low over the top I think anything is he's got a that's bar stool yeah. I think though for a free show he's got. Maybe tone it down to psych. Go from eleven to maybe eight point five I. And that's just me and down hole might it tome what to do he's on Africa and the free Sean dots are clearly he's doing something right. I can I get a nice indeed and I thought I tell you what you should do. You know I haven't done it. You know I gotta get drunk before you launch in that conversation that people really like it all you out but hey old dude. I think you and I Cabrera book an awkward conversations from drunk people are telling us how to do our job. Yeah I don't care what the job is nobody wants career fights from drunk guy and don't now if you're with your body and he brings a work and ask your opinion that's one thing yeah but unsolicited advice gad. I had back I have been I wrestle on Saturday would CP UW comeback pro wrestling I and is a big big debut at TPW by big singles debut which is very little fanfare they find until earlier in the day that's gonna do it we talked a bunch about it on the makes guess if you wanna listen to the hole. Jobs boot process that led up to it but a guy came up three after the rat after the match. They make out pretty good career I debut match and so it was funny when people says six saves it can take. Adam I always love if you like it's almost a backhanded compliment but Dow's I was great for your first match so I would've sucked it was my fifth. You know I mean well our CNN a complimentary way right but I've done it with fighters CK short late. And that was your first fight right hey you know like that was pretty bad pass behind us and then he goes towards it gets tricky to figure for its. They have it does okay. I mean I bet you're like six ever imagine now it's soccer dad says he's I got a pretty good. And then just unsolicited gives me tips on what I could've done better I saw Mike hello my gosh. Glad to be a part of I didn't. Here's the funny part of Regula we'll listen because you know the guy. Is the guy that wrestles but not like I I like he's relatively new northern wrestling and I've seen some of his stuff and he's not bad. He's pretty good for is like you know maybe tenth Max hybrid that effect at the vicious series or Tommy Sims dot app and a person like you know man. The film pretty good among high you tell me what I did wrong and it's he's telling me and I'm just like. Mike not to assume grated fine piece so it was a sink this weird I don't really know while much of how dare you. Give me unsolicited advice but your devices and stick. So it doesn't tell you me and I'm just like your house and when I I found is like. You know man I I gotta be honest if you like at first everyone here you're gonna say but you. What you're saying his incredible it is that's mind again turns out he trained under like a really good like school. So it was kind of cool to hear it and what he said was like. It was really good advice part where I go I saw another rests on against any unsolicited advice and it was another recipes like. All I hear of people do that and I told me if I think. I never thought about that either that's actually really good about these who's got a fine they are does this. Mile Steve talk a mini Steve talk right now even though you don't want the advice be willing to listen to a with open ears always be open always be open and we tell our ladies straight alcohol very graphics. They think hey OK okay yeah how big news. I call is 7-Eleven don't try to pick up our let's get back ten. They do audio you tell us he is hi this is our opportunity get our our blood racing and I. Our hearts club thing in our brain functioning boy and they realize how badly needed until I tried lead into it that's all right a tomorrow morning listen to the opening of the podcast or I repeat myself over and over in the opening his eyes screwed it up. Really 227. Time and our role is completely get that up royally if. The words that no ped. Made a family. But I realize all the songs like committed to won't. I have and everything you know a lot of. One missed the ball towards Iran. Syria out. And you Kendrick. Does he get note Drake. So I had pause for a second but they in my feelings the the she challenged did add new dance challenge and a birth. Jumping from the movie cars I have the attention trying to learn last week so what it is you do the hard thing. Yeah have you heard disarm yeah. How they do it the car's steering veins on my reverse heart and mares. Right and then they're riding with you and you gotta give Mike a solid no they go we go our finger when he bought that what that is yeah and then you just push it to the side. He's you have to find because I came across it. How I found it was legal week and a half ago so we just retreated a little person doing it. She was really good Harris. And I kinda hot. And we kept missing and why she went my GF put up some good guys. Could see I saw the wall without Will Smith. We're right there he goes on early last week okay yeah. Yeah so did it is it's in my Felix Johnson and some people are jumping out of moving cars directly gets started people jumping out of cars I don't know why people are put him in park. It's yes and here's audio somebody it's on either and Sarah a Twitter or somebody doing it. Yeah when he didn't pay it and they're having a good gamble. And. Yeah. Did did go up. You know we. Yeah and much easier debts you can make it more complicated yeah like when a bank's real low now we just got to stay on your feet you really complicated when you try doing it out of a movie we do yourself a favor and go online. I Bosnia are he has them like an a hole sectional good because the ones with the girls there's a bit I saw a few different girls trying to do it and they're not moving the car very fast they don't factor in that. You can't just start walking as you move rented a car and think that you're really keep pace in the car. It's like having the treadmill on line 84. Right a place like settling on it. Brightly you gotta kinda almost like lift yourself onto it kind RTV moving your feet if you just put a foot on years ago and let go of handles yeah and that's basically what it's going to just face plant yes. And I'm just thinking. They recently posted this like we live in a world now where people are heating tide pods and people are moving at a perfectly good cars. To do a dance Trace. And I like to dance the dance has gotten a lot now but we are we doing him a moving car now due to melt down. The door on top of my god DM RB yes right that'll be our challenge. He didn't she I will have to figure out a way to nicely say like. So what's the yellow was awake capacity on the roof could this particular all about 400 some bounce. Right here is two grown men. Who might be moving a little bit now a lot he didn't really have good footwork so you got one guy as I do a lot of forward to do some kind of crazy jazz hands thing. Did I mean just let's be honest and hold for a half yeah that's all we need. Tourists are still okay. Takes me. To quote. The great American poet. I forgot is the MA. Detroit. Eamon Steve and I am no the other dude I'm like oh yeah. From Detroit I started it was Cecil Fielder started to write it are I don't negative don't panic at an area that's okay. Taurus. OK. Takes me. Hope the great American poet big Sean. Sometimes you need to bounce back. That's a today's Ted talk is about OK maybe it took it well. Bounce back. You know maybe something bad happened over the weekend get a bounce back even just you know it could be like. You know if maybe your focused. Maybe your focused on food right now right I am right now I am very hungry rates or maybe you had a terrible meal oh yeah yeah 84 pieces of pizza and slammed a bunch of Beers and the next morning bounce back yeah right back on the regular breakfast routine you're doing whatever. You know maybe. I don't know maybe is that a bad day. You know maybe was hot you couldn't sleep at all Sunday night so Monday here is kind of an asset to people and I think I was not you right never not think it just looks back Ted yet air conditioners no excuse for unity that way college does the front of our window Steve. Wore lots yes Powell so who is unique like a spider bit late date the week. At Alex I'll show a tee off the air until you have the slider peace. I have the slider peace but there's like a bar in the middle so it doesn't fit all the way and I'm gonna have to Jerry rig about in the sub OK do we need to bring us the tools wealth will figure it out okay Obama are more than happy to bring out like you know I got to drill. Yeah but any kind of ballot that's assays is bounce back are to take else to try to get. As quickly as you can get back yet maybe you're mr. Presley just remember the next day would you still you man. Not you know not come on it's tough fight. Maybe you're going to Macy's to get a pair of shorts on the way back to your car you might as soon Manny ends in bot you know one of those mini pretzel nuggets. Things. I have not had those are some delicious browns back. Bill great did you give themselves the I'm not dipping sauce coming guy when it comes to pretzels cool all right all right soft pretzels just the way they are. Especially any NC got a nice buttery miss two of them yeah I mean they're good enough on their own but I won't behind. I'm a fan of the beer cheese sauce I know it's good I don't put some mustard on on a threat to Muster yet soft pretzel but at the end of the day I'm completely firemen knocked in a pretzel. Yeah that I just as long as I know you we BT soft pretzel. I'll forever I don't know what I'll nose forehead that fight yours EO Stephen I want to pre season in Seahawks came. And we did not have a drop alcohol and remember retreat like Dokic folks that we ate pretzels are really well let us I think we had to pretzels each. Yeah yeah they were fantastic and then went to Georgetown to watch her. How what Japan can. Pay. Oh yes yeah yeah let's remember who we saw that's right. It is revered both of us like apple stands there really what did you guys enough remembers eating pretzels. Are we get a foot effort not to mention nod thanks to our sponsor Smith family popcorn all people great popcorn that's right it is. Right there in that downtown Hyannis. Which is where where words in relation to talk well. Yeah I'd say probably a little over 3000 miles. How quick people find it popcorn again. I Cape Cod. INS or you just Google search rally popcorn you order some on hide. So yeah that's right yeah you're right now nobody's going to keep got a few of the Seattle area at the moment there I know there might be guided right now it's intact. Specifically going to Hyannis wherever that Hyannis two had you know nothing about the Kennedys I know nothing about the Kennedys. To support it sorry I know that he was good no movie I would say this this this this is certainly popcorn Houston and we. Airplane. I was reasonably Jimmy Kennedy was an. Oh. The one reason they gets the lead he's the white dude there rapper I really liked that movie you. And even that team who beat. Some of the other three dozen memory get on the social members of bear that out before somebody does. Steve and I don't think melt down the time but I I. I gotta order a bucket of fat popcorn for mean you'd just a watch sports on the it is so good I would totally be down for that problem is when she hunkered down on it. You're locked in. Privacy rights that don't be amendments no. Mel was most wash out results on a great movie yet you've dogs the little mouse. They do exhibit. 2003. Yes quality of crazy talk. Are we away object there bounced back Steve got back there and it bounced back will we come back god that I'm guessing that that's an I'd be mad that involves something in the world of wrestling I also subdued very awkward happened with me. And there's a term and an underage girl all movement that does sound terrible out yet intriguing. Let the mega is not nearly of people are thinking don't worry when a major test in terms. Texans do need a minute to hug it out and then it comes to return. Tonight Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin's star and Fox's new buddy comedy the change she Fiat fast she is. No man. That's why they are James TV. I. Like something to drink up available through Donald. In July feel like Russians I hope they do. Taylor's question. This. Okay. DR. You know. It was and that's why they KG VOK. Now. One of them my season games. While the other mountains rooms listening. A. Libraries making some barriers to as I noted. This is good stuff yet to be here right now look back at parties Creighton every two minutes it's news on her right it's a the most dvd techno sat yeah. I should figure out a way to Ike. I have an online I have a laptop or something. I guess a private club my phone that mix like those songs are also cast or may raise make a crazy mix from all them. And I'm not gonna do you weren't allowed al-Qaeda retrieved every every time we do is not just yet thousands of ideas I know what they've also glasses that's about as good as it's gonna get yeah I mean there's a theme have you thought about it costs you you don't know what that theme again. I think strange strange strange thing is strange beings. Christ I have not thought about that so right now yeah. Joey just pitch I just go online to Amazon and buy that too cheap this lake illegally green alien heads I can't cool heads. Pool. We are both bald with a good cop. We can be called heads and we'll say Emanuel processor like our front frogs career way. Past background let's not forget thank you know snow. 85% of that crowd is not an attempt at a joke they'll make what do you mean you're from France who says you can only had like I'm 22 dude dude I happen to me. This is gonna feel all so like I I. Long story short somehow and crazy circumstance of events and talk trendy dummies guess I got to have a tryout match. In front of the one of the main guys for WW he's an XT. What is us. Who did all I. Yeah I'll tell you it's it's our story. So Dave Chappelle and gave the polls he is a guy that was part of ring of honor he's part of evolve which is a big pressing promotional on fuel call that the feeder. Promotion that leads to a lot of guys going to UWW we. He's also triple H is right hand man during NXT taping so he sits right next to Tripoli to gorilla position they're elected to brain child ID. Really helped these Ressa has become the ressam's that they do you become in an XT. Tell me guerrilla positions in grove this it is basically the back room before so what's up the curtain you did speak man's on the headset someone else is on a headset and they're the ones that are are giving the guys directional well we need to do. Based in contact with the referee they also talk to be announcers seemed to grow monsoon used to be a big time guy back in the day announcer and also be allies have to do behind the scenes so they call that little backstage area. The gorilla position Tuscany kinky but it's really not yet there. So we got done so game is a big deal and he came to town as U Banco neurosis is if you stand and neurosis so what he does what you'll see this band. He sits up a seminar and you charged extra dollars ahead and he covers his costs to go see this band is pure brilliance I. So he's in town has a big sell on a Friday afternoon and 675 bucks a pop and make you know what. I loved that seminar size try out I'm not trying out. Think this is ridiculous sum 43 at one year of experience if last I checked the W he's not looking for that I could be wrong but I don't believe they're looking for that he's so. But I hit a mop a McCain man I know sold out but I'd love to come a mall to pay the money. Just to sit back as a fly on the wall take notes and learn because he's creative consultant the guy's a creative genius. And I feared and honestly do a lot of stuff could apply to radio it's it's all entertainment based right and so I go. Wolf by a great circumstance of events the everyone who signed up to try out for him there's X amount of people. And three of them turn out to be referees so the fact there was an odd number of referees because for a freeze could try out our you know because I mean there's people I wanna just do the wresting thing. So now is an is an odd number of wrestlers doll. Because as an odd number of referees. And what he wanted everyone to do would you pair off you make a five minute match and you perform in front of and so we've. You know that way it's not him watching 25 individual matches it's or would I however many it's him watching twelfth. Right so wanted to guys hit me everything came in do you have a partner a guy that knew a might. Not supposed to be wrestling on Maloney here just to watch. My you know what. If you can't he but he couldn't have anyone because otherwise I won't was taken need to to have solid double up a lot of people wanna do that because they have to focus on planning this one Matt Damon have you looked gassed. Ray knew what this one try out. So like let me check woodgate salt games going outside for I think a smoker Sabina Heyman. I'm the guy had said can I just come and watch is it cool I jump in the ring with wanted to guys because is an odd number of wrestlers he's like yeah. So are. Why do you have your hero you. Wrestler always has skier Ted all right Maharashtra hey Susan. My heroes in my car all time I'll probably isn't right now maybe we need to have a match that I can go to my car get my gear isn't. Yeah he's just rolled around this year are always always. A wrestler a lawyer and it underneath. Yes I have my tights on underneath these teams had. So I don't like I get my stuff. Get on L Mike won the world and I am. Fast forward X amount of minutes. I'm having a try it out in front of one of the main guys for an X team. How did you know. And are dot. What gives you took all these notes he goes hey man give me some time but I will give everybody feedback just email me. Of course myself the other guy and a few others we've all talked and we haven't hurrying him like doing. Who cares but I never hear back from him. I get this say that I had a try out in front of one of the main guys for an XTI yeah he had to watch me Russell's performance expect how. And dude there was great like my masters basic gets asked but even said keep it basic don't trying to impress you with your flip has seen it off. I just wanna see that you guys know the basics. So myself and Melanie chase we had a really find the basic Mac two hours the bad guy and it was great I had been a mop and a one point it looked in my life easier or wrestle. I'm here to teach him how to respect his elders and dad hit him. The prices have dropped like all the wrestlers are dying and now it also kind of crazy to them wrestling and funny guys that I. You guys that travel to be easier I'd like you're going to be you can do offensively that's the new hopping in an XT we have mid for peace deal. They just mean he's just mean you results cut to the core right. He just wants them to respect their elders that's your whole thing. Which you showed no respect anybody or that you. That's why I decided to go back to holding of jokes going over the head of young people I there's this young tag team for the gross trends twins and Erin there ovary not Vancouver and a great. Well they're brewing me solve my. You don't have the time in my life I didn't care about impressing you with my wrestling. I have an opportunity just hammered out and have fun and that's what my buddy Jason like let's just have fun let's all worry about Cape Fear you know because neither one of us for thinking we're gonna stand out in his eyes so. Let's let's enjoy this moment so that Boris twins are booing me and they're like these identical twins like German or Austrian guys right. Did move. And I'm like set up I never liked the Olsen Twins my back. And the Mets aren't they well look you've really got to get that I bet shrug and whatever and like we don't know who that is. Hot night. Okay. Couldn't I thought I thought I could. We don't even know who that is someone you've mastered excuse because we've gotten the that is so much worse that's odd huh. That you guys win prizes leave the men it was cool it was like once in a lifetime experience whoever I never thought last year last month. Especially like a younger Tora point in my life that one day you're going to have a try out. In front of a guy networks through Demi WE. Yeah it's that's what's really deal in baseball man might. Sometimes doubts eco pedal just host circuit de relate athlete like it's like an open date so it's late. High school kids menial acre to generally think groups rightly thirteen to fifteen think they Ruth baseball so it's late. Like all right you made the major reasons would you still worked out for a scout you gotta try out right we got do warm ups like WW we warm ups and what they do. How they weed people out like we had to do the things that WE. Like a football players have come to the performance and learn how to become a wrestler the stuff that they have to do when they first show up no kidding yeah dude who's afraid that you had done. There was one good thing cause giving me Kat Williams who can pops are nip whatsoever to call like where you figure your back you to like push yourself to jump up on your feet bolt did not. I and succeed Mac as I Tafoya tried but I do not succeed not not that a lot of people bit. Some did of course Carl Cameron could do it. On sir Cameron can look for Tim. Katrina. One down and get it done now that's my goal now is to be able to do that. Our hope and metadata called second it's possible so how hard man. And no there was thus giving the cat. Which is a wrestling thing see you goaded ropes you hold onto ropes you lean forward and flip over the ropes while still holding Europe's Niger I'll be out of the ropes like that. The grid like you know you're hanging from the ropes from the top broke and I got to pull yourself back up in slipped back it. And I might watch him what do some like you've got to be kidding me I am not a mile due out at first even says like look at it out of your skill level. Don't feel embarrassed who don't want anyone getting hurt. Some like gosh there's a 1520 people in front meanwhile this is all going on the please can somebody just say that they can do it I don't want to be the first couple people actually did. But then autism watching it once a supportive even if you into of people cheering you on Mike. I know I can get out. Albania regularly given a shot. Site Triad. Cracked my lip up against the rope around Nauman machine like a son of a bitch and I try and be right let's go Oakmont Steve. I can't do rags give up a run cheers Mike you know what. Did it I tried. It worked out well you're in the back going. I hope somebody else's they can't so I'm not the first two guys do and and you like after all try what's gonna do it. You have days like oh guys socked they would try those collector you all did it he goes you guys are better to me how won't do this stuff because he's on a wrestler he's just a guy that always wanted to be a promoter he's an hour. You think. A lot of the guys that come to live performance senator football players can't do what you guys can't deal that made me feel pretty good no doubt you know any Muehlegg. Okay I'm not completely like I norm not the same shape of a football player but it's nice to know that. You know we'll. That's stuff to me a lake. It's only to be in shape and be strong but there's different muscles and differ Yahoo! groups. Core is important on those things. Yeah to even take lake I want you to get a great athlete whatever and if you know but then thrown Hamdoon let me October this 405 minutes of Roland jujitsu. My they're gonna be doubt they're just not it's just different muscle groups stuff CF flipping out that they think that's a different skills what will we do and are training to use. Times I would do that you roll you hit the term buckle. In the corner they drop on your butt you grab the ropes and then you've got to pull yourself up in flip over and sit on the term buckle. So for the longest time I couldn't do that men and news. He's driving me nuts and just recently I finally be able to do it and it's who I've never felt a higher high. In true wrestling training them being able to finally conflict I don't even know of ever be able to apply that in anything it's just like kind of a good exercise who work on your core yet. But man when I first pulled that off. I felt like the king of the war her clothes and Alex. You her I know I did a couple times and like I got this this is good and once I did I couldn't do it Mike Mann it's just depends on the day. Sicily and those things I'm never gonna be able to do it effortlessly picked that out pretty stoked about that. I met your vertebrae that I had a weird thing go on with an underage. Ma. Yes yes so as. It's you know it involves wrestling upright RC EO go to wrestling classes and it's beginner class is odd that I go to. Dead all eight Neil I'm number. I'm not always the oldest found more often than not on the old strike okay but there's guys in their thirties. Let's go people in their late thirties are sometimes we have people are 4546. Years old but like for the most part I'm the oldest guy. And then we also have guys obviously in their twenties and them guys and gals and wanted to reboot let's training is a girl that is now I think she just turned seventy. And so those super super nice person and you know we've it's fun to watch how people you know especially now I've been doing for about a year it's fun it's it's the people I have they saw me when you first start. You struggle and then each time you see them there's serious improvement and now it's like wow your pumping great you do in this agreed to enact great. So we had this drill one night. Where you add I do think eight of us Osce had four people on one side for people on the other side and we ought to like feast somebody and and so you had to basically do a certain move on that person and so like a get a first two people are at this. You've got to give this person a meat in the stomach. And we are proud that I can next to next to next to you want paired up by the way that's all paired up I'm paired up with a seventeen year old girl are right. Everything's fine because authentic you know and incomes just given about join her grandma comes. And sits and watches you know enemy shirts as a guardian okay. So we're doing all this and then they're like OK next thing we're going to be doing chops. In in my. Rates. I. Haven't. Do you go to Rick flair chops yet out of bed the night edged topic yet right across the test to see it's always great across the chest deaths had. It's right across the Tenet did test Ted. Red crescent Ted spread across the dead yes right across the Ted's both of them. So first person does it second person does it now it's my turn. Oh says she doesn't get the choppy first no. So. For the way he did he had all like. Not advanced by people who know how to do stuff I hate to say das cannot do advanced. But like the guys that know how to do stuff on one bro. And the beginner on the other Ressa they're not doing it to us everything we do we would teaching them how to what it feels like I've just taken me how does it take a punch all this stuff. So now I'm. Having to shop at this girl all across the chest while her grandma is watching nervous because there's this big guy. So I didn't think. So weird dilemma Ted because you raise your hand if you like hey man I'm not gonna chop it can't year old girl. No because there ever was a wherever always finding this to be just all area all everybody else against it are oh god yes tentatively set you up. I don't know REI to quite possibly. Damn train is a jerk anyway that guy. Yeah Steve West yeah exactly so. So almost son Michael hill all on the news we are conundrum I can half ass it because you. You have to teach someone how to ticket ready you know what they have fast they can then there's the chance that she's immediately for real bright and I also know one of but I also don't want to deliver a 100% full force right because they know will hurt. You know and I mean in. It's again it's a seventeen year old girl her green reminds watching some like how to I find a happy medium so Mike wants them lay into her. I'm not gonna gold like. Like as if like it's a match like seriously intensely hard but I'm going to lean torso makes a sound. So go cross run across in the same rule. Kimbrough you see my hand print it cite brand all because she's you pale skin I mean yeah Graham austere in that you all my guys your arms like. And she's taken in Gray's delegates if I break she's not ditch and now she's been everybody else is like oh. So now next one days and over and shot. And I edit and a total of America. I I don't celebrates the now what are we get your game in her own 80% like reality it really is getting better at 80% felt. The goal drive then why don't you see my hand our idea on her chest. Max why the double life. Across chop and I guess he just Wear and I think I could tank top I got this the you can see the PM for old idea old guy GAAP ball. And if after the first one who is big looks over to grandma don't worry it's okay I'm like oh my god they can handle this man at all. I kid you there's. Did you are you looking at grandma after mutual agreement that don't don't we got cut him I don't know what do you want all you look at. Oh boy. Oh my golf bag so rod get the guidance double her age. And who is ignored training but who knows. Close to triple man. My. You're right. Hall and I hate you were an act. Could I don't know what seventeen times three I don't know donor right now. And you're in that suit them. 51. I mean well I'd. So it's not really three tie yeah so would seventeen times to would be. 34 other guys closer to my visit. It's not like you that it's like it's a double and a half. What does she say after practice on she was fine I saw them as soon after a Sar. But few few days later and they've dug my chest is five I just thought but I just posting pictures like. So polite she puts a picture of all the top marks a good lets you tag me. Could ought to relax please contact me we don't we we don't need there that was all eleven on local radio personality. Good kind of puncher. Ingrid so wrestling policies know how to hit somebody from I can't pass pass that. So weird I mean I'm sorry you can't fight at this point after a night. Do we can wait may get a minimum age of Medicare I don't know why make you feel better she was eighteen it's you still we you've beaten up on a teenage. Eight it wrestling terms. To make this a way nobody takes one segment how to live but obviously you'd think this. Oh all core. Is the hardest practice of my time and their wrestler. Like honestly. Doing flips which is terrifying for me still to this time is very difficult I'd rather do those things that I've actually landed on my head and hurt myself. I would rather do that than ever have to chop somebody else under the age of eighteen ever get a female she when you do. Who'd still got to be awkward but I wouldn't mind is much. You know and I mean. Yeah I like to get rallying call. But it's still put yourself in that position I think I'd be better off just you know give an Arab palm think to Ghana. Oh yeah right but I whether bodies slammer it's 100%. But I'm leaving imprints on her hats there was very weird. She's a sweetheart of a person says her grandma. And it was like you'd she didn't someone took the picture of her chest and I took a picture of Daniel Bryan red chess is like me to come the matter and it. As a thank god look. And it was thank you humans know me I don't need this I don't need is in my life I had a fighter in the Graham say attack you do all you better not with this I'm Steve Briggs. Are we give back. I don't know we can we have a game we comply all right I yen. It's called it's not a seventeen year old coming. I'm happy thoughts and sympathies if you've ever written black it got it Greek action bats that they gave him what I love him bringing in the seventh zero grown replying Ted slobs a seventeen year old. When the may cast returns. Stone tools can turn. It's the most uncomfortable moments. Don't tell her she is soaring this way it is pouring down crack in my. It's. Okay. My holidays is toasting you hold folks are roasting don't lead you about everything he. And it sure does not creating winners projects elsewhere the end perfectly straight graphs. Okay. It's the most how do. It's. Good year. Oh my god this needs to win I think that fast guy as well I think what's he do win. Okay. OK. Okay. I'm. Take them stayed just kind of old and they are ready to go. And then. Dance party. Since you do I ten I got a fun game fresh supply of hearing the news that the DEA. Or. Summer right into it all right. DEA drug enforcement agency they just recently put out a list of slang terms for we'd. All right thank you heard that. I did not read the list of I mean have you heard that recently gave it up a story had to go last week wears like a big deal. Could add all these crazy slang terms and he's right that's hilarious. All right I can find the story Laden's explains. Now no worries and I think Harry DEA thank Craig. All right good job good job voice. Well we're on top of the three big. It's always only eighteen FW we played DEA marijuana is flying. Orthodox. So in my gets elected DA thinks that terror. Thank you DA determined this as a term for a slang term for we need okay horrified he's made enough. So once again this the best of seven. You vs. The gaps the gods. Of our games we've got the right game says it's all right Ted. Do you think the green crack it I'll bet that's a real turn. Ten very up one nothing in this series ladies and gentlemen. Also that's kind of turn the strange. Oh OK I broke free Kraft. While that is recognized by the DA as an actual slang term. For marijuana and they get what they Kyoto would dispensaries just break down the means of weeds apparently felt your pain. This guy goes back to last seven the last segments conversation. Granny panties. Other safe golf really sits false my dad. But Ted give a commanding two nothing series lead in this game. We keep adversary like me is distributed so grainy and that would blow Ralph what we've crossed the line. All right next one. Tickled being. He began as a slang term for marijuana or not. Smokes and tickle me. And the DEA and everything falls again. Ted. You have a commanding three nothing lead in this game that I didn't think Donte' strength. And that is marijuana. But. Some of them. Down like. Let me go home with his native Bob why. Eat spinach and so we unite is getting stronger. The whole world loves those smokestacks on each evening. All right she dancers like Florida. Do you think your rebate. Davis slang term for marijuana according to the DEA. Yes. But boy I. Ten is now off three games to 10. I love you get a loss right there. Didn't beat down pretty good it does sound delicious your dignity fishing. What's it be fishing its clout I don't know if you do it all festivals like your burning man. State officials Paula put a light up toy on the end of it and then you throw it in the streets to make and actually people bend over to pick it up he just kind of really games. And then when you get a break. There's the finalists it there and then think. It works great except one person we started real meaning and and they just ducked down in the shadows do you like Palin are you okay Eric gently millones. Michael RA catastrophic efficiencies through in the last night. It was over. The most people you really thin and they get over there and like I had gotten any you guys talk yeah. One guy had a bad trip thanks to you beat Ted Smith getting misty this crouching position. 25 minute the whole political. NN Yokich is good love. Are bad perhaps Friday and we'll go go back into the seats GAAP. All right tenth. For the win or will be in 32 series lead pretty Ted Smith. Do you things. Red hair is indeed. DA he's flying terms for marijuana. Or is it not bad kids that's the good we've got to read hairs on Ted. You have just won the series games the wind. Ever since the capitals won the cup you have been unstoppable I've been on fire yeah Bryce Harper won the hope right Gary. Steve kind of question yes it's very hypothetical we need to keep the music going sure okay. Seattle gets a hockey team yes. They play the devil's in the Stanley Cup finals now we're talking about this is somebody videos where my next sat their like. Do the Mariners in the nationals are the only two teams never make it to the World Series right who would you cheer for and I think. When he brought the Mariners fan but also. The nationals got this year I left so I've never seen the net I was in nationals play in Seattle wolves I'm like that's a tough one. That is a great question yeah I've I've debated this question. Since the rumors of a potential NHL franchise was coming here and for the longest time. Other boats going to be. Double number one Seattle talked hockey not hockey hockey hockey. Monopoly about hockey. Giving an out of Boston otherwise let the belief that you are right. Are those like Seattle's number one. I mean New Jersey Devils always be number one Seattle be my number two team and then whenever they'll play those because we are staying either I just don't coated game ever rooted home owner be that guy going to. A home game wearing the opposing team's colors I just don't wanna be back out. You know I mean they you've seen nearly years when the C Oxley the Redskins I is. I guess you're not gonna catch in a bar I catcher anywhere that's a no win situation they don't seem to be great to me I have cheered loudly for the CRI group of the Redskins yup so it's either alienate all the people I know now how are you email if you play erupt. And that's the thing that I watched the devils win three cops and again this is easy. Me to talk about now like I mean these decisions are at. Their hard. But it won't be until that moment where we actually have the franchise. And it actually matters in my own weird world to come up with who's my number one team. Yeah so when all of a sudden the season ticket thing wet and now it's a it's darn I mean. I say that of course I could be wrong but I don't beneficial official their cop during looking for practice facility they have an office set upping queen man. They were able to get Todd lie Wiki to not Tim why we keep to leave his job which was he was next in line to become the NFL commissioner. Which was just not a matter of if it was a matter of when it was going to happen so he left an incredibly lucrative job. To take a job that's not a 100% sure my ass of course are gonna have an NHL franchise here and I truly believe that. Would all that started hitting me and my. And Barry talked and we had allowed lie with keys are Mittal wanted to music came and we need to get you to come to the office we have some ideas you wanna talk to you. Some like oh my gosh sake I'm gonna be probably doing stuff with them in some way shape or form probably through the radio station not like. I gonna be doing stuff there are you don't need a Murray signed dessert backup goalie their practice goalie. Nice big name the first man bring Bruckheimer and I would he came in they gave me the jobs on the third string goalie alrighty alright so it's like. How do I turn my back up my team now I've been drafted in the first draft pick of the Seattle French obtaining. Of course but I was like Hushmail we have I become buddies with some of the players. We have wanted to show. For pride no we're gonna have guys coming on the podcast. I just don't know if I Kim. It's going to be hard to make the mine number. Your team yeah I mean that's sort of the Seahawks think frankly becoming friends with Lou Kurt or when AJ Francis came out here mailing guy right high school with great college yeah how. Tough. Play greatly you meet those dudes and Blake. Best yet cheer against the C you know like I wanna see them late. The Serb buddy wanted to see him win on every cheering for Detroit Lions now yeah. I mean I would did you talk like soccer was easy to an early care about soccer when I went back east right so when the Sanders came along with Blake I don't mind I doubt prove allied DC united of course most of your home now. Yeah right right they. You know hockey that's a tougher one we're gonna go to games yet. I know really you know going to be rocket they're dealing with here I mean I I hope that the dilemma of having their really pick between the two will take some time. But man I'm not I'm I'm I'm sort of think I'm gonna probably be a Seattle fans first and then a double stand forever but they're gonna become my number two team which feels so weird to say. And I feel yeah terrible fans saying that if I come banding mean the team that had been a fan of since 1980 life. Yeah how long time. I would yes but. I'm now. World to. Like I love sports and claimed he has about the say this and you're absolutely right yell at like I've really soft enough on this site. No we Lithia clear course to hit into a T and Mike. But sorry that we work in the entertainment business in Seattle with the other teams play well it's great for us yes you're and that's Hillary's ever the national things the Mariners look good. Know there's a chance they might think the play as a trustee. You'll see your boy a hole with a record is speaking tonight Steve and gave me I have mariners keep air gap but if they may the world figure they have a much better shopper might. I don't know I have never seen a Mets game and that's stimulant. Now at commanders. Yeah I mean it's always that you are very very their stuff just to wrap your hometown that's like hockey was so easy this year with the caps ya it's like well you know hug him Mike now. Bacon. Are they get a dormant volcano. And now that there wind I'm back. Devin you've always had love for that I mean yeah we'll talk about it I mean obviously ramp up. The closer they've gotten yeah I mean I I I would sell last ten years you've been good this year was the only man the only time I was defeatist in the beer gardens like cabinet. What did show quick oh yeah yeah I mean I'm I think every text of the duke it out of the times that they're gonna choke. Actors generally at the classic I was he caps guy and her Yeltsin be like you're from Jordan got a joke. So man answer that question I think. I'm pretty bad. A sounds a bit like you said ma'am we're. I'm gonna put where and I'm. The sports are just that it's entertainment I'm not gonna get mad at I got to commit every two charming anymore like me when I was in my twenties I would have been pissed average Germans are saying the Seahawks lost their way. Or this car Earl Thomas complaining about when he beat trader get a new deal. I don't care anymore man I love the team. Amar hi when they win if they lose some bombs for maybe an towering that I just move all my life and academics we a bed stand. In the eyes of somebody that means maybe should get your priorities in check because as something you should be living and dying by a franchise anymore. You see some of the players coming go. And it amazes nowadays its just lake we understand it it's a business yet. Right and I love it when a player stays in the same spot or whatever but also like these as we get older we get it. Outbreak east we see the end of the line for us or for anybody and you don't want to business dude. But that's he's changed its nightly you're gonna go. You're the co worker village early when you're somewhere you wanna play on your Sherman when he was aware and make more money the only thing that bothered me about the Euro thing and it's just a stupid thing in this is when I get bothered by a stupid things. He put up that we music I've been an underdog my whole life and those like. You're number one draft pick went fourteenth overall viewers. You're like who love you played in Texas. Might do her on god for there. You get drafted first overall your kids in order to greatest safeties it's played the game of our current generation you won a Super Bowl. You're considered one of your kids are the best Seahawks of all time. What are the underdog in all best yeah. I did it again you kind of mentally tell yourself you're an underdog C you're always have a chip on your shoulder. But as a human being I have a hard time looking in US an underdog well that's the funny but the chip on the shoulder 'cause I was told to me this is today. You know there's stuff to like each angrier worked up asefi people always coach in the angry about patient being that. That's often people that are above and right telling you that they're already at a certain level going you shouldn't be upset about that. I totally idyllic it's okay don't you wanna live apart your life angry but look at all these great athletes or beat the always have a chip on the show up where you never think they're not so think. We got you'll walk around angry but I do lake. I think it's okay you walk around that chip on your shall we look allows got a dog ball men or even Richard Sherman like they'd these are guys that still are motivated by the fact that they didn't get drafted high yet or treachery and all Earl frank and Carlos he's he's football. I would royal hurting royalty thank you is I didn't know point were you ever doubted to be pretty now. Maybe a little leak. And that's why you guys calling it chip as your shoulder. And that's incredible. Right sites I. I jetted and your 1000%. Right it's just he's a weird example that. I understand that he tells himself that probably to be motivated but it's hard is somebody you look at him who's. And thanks I don't know when the last time you were an underdog girl I really don't yeah. I wish I get out here and got stuff to do. I got teenage people this lattice like her. Well a lot of low tech game hot. Days and go. I see we're trying to leave. She's not doing that break dance on top of the hour he. It's. Bishop remixed. Welcome. The build up right there. I'm part eight pushups I hit my taste in my car kind of like. That's right Gillian. You can follow us on Twitter. As a mega cat. Did he did know today's episode grab you by Smith family popcorn. Good people great popcorn.