MegaCast 08/30/17 "Mean Muggin'"

Wednesday, August 30th

This week, Ted and Steve chat about what's happening in Houston...and how it's thankfully bringing out the best in some people.  They also chat about how Steve doesn't know how to take a good band photo.  Migs also plays audio of how he pranked BJ this morning during the BJ & Migs "Facebook Drama" bit.  Finally we figure out if Ted should be mad at a certain co-worker.

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What do these German. Headphones I've been down I don't know what's known doing now. I don't know either a million yelling over this Maliki could but I'm. And did the imam man it's it's not like the because I was really loud and we we got a lot of work is for you at the mega studios right now are cold and an a which is nipple. I walked in started nip and out and when put on ability alone right now I'm I'm just forget NATO and here is me. I don't understand how what studio is warm once you get warm other ones are cold. I don't get it madness this whole place is weird yeah. All over the tiny image you will you do your podcast right to left there we the major broadcast out of yup. And it's weird ever a lot of ocean user colts at about one thought it was what I went to the mix cash yesterday. It was it was all toasty in there and I don't know what to do some so I just took my shirt off it was very awkward while they would do something on your show Terry the DM Errol off. It was packed hour. Perfect she's she's so weird when it comes to I think she's always cold so like back to the old station robbery Neil Golding she would Jack up the heat like eighty degrees and everyone else is like sliding in there and I walked Gilbert grew. Why did the warmer units are as cold but it will tell Sarah put a jacket on. Because I would in the main Steve if you go to go do it my crosstalk and I would play. But it's hot here we go the temperature thing and it was like 760. Yeah. That doesn't make sense no it in our steal a super hot and then my caucus do you do everything for us is like I'll mess that he is after the U Johnson isn't able to do a little. I think you have deaths of a third and also just finished up. Maybe I IA I ain't saying that she did it but I wouldn't be surprised if you did and yet primadonna as man's thanks error yet nepotism. Daddy's girl you turned to was she wants with the it is great I wish I had the audio right now to play for you are our ticket price find it you know we do FaceBook drama yet on our show and parred the bid is that we get. People on our show to act out. The good the people that are posting on their FaceBook page with prime real fees proposed. And then whatever the threat is all assigned people on our show to play the role Tom. Your plan year old Bobby your prime year old Julie whatever it is when this morning. What we're doing FaceBook drama. There's a woman who's like being accused of being trashy to judge about reality television right eye and these guys giving her a hard time. We did the guy sort flirting with her and she's are starting back so of course who do I have to say the girl Sarah who have played the guy Vijay. Huh. At all you improve proof read this one until they got to the line where they do take. You wanna get laid. And it's awkward. I have it if you wanna hear let's do push ups I wanna hear this he OK okay yeah you know I that's a good call I wanna. I doubt I'll do yet a wanna get warm. It's it's too warm it's too cold in here you hoodie nobody will push us welcome Ted I did this on for you know summer's almost over. Are back yeah. It's been you know it's for Bieber and his trip statistical. It's like Don why I never thought they didn't really yeah. Anything can make money so. Visiting and for all you Vijay Colin tandem only Hawaiian Blair. I like getting a little kids that did not break the club and grand close your. I'm the one. Don't you know. It's. Yeah. On June. I am now should you always do pushups quicker yeah I remember one time. I was actually right there with killing that dog does Debbie Paul did that some right on the beach it's gonna be PM from pushups evident as for I eight. Sorry. He takes me. So right now we see happen any used in yet. You know just everywhere that Dallas ticket to Houston area and Texas really bad stuff going on so. Rightfully so you see an outpour of emotion and compassion for these people that are troubled. I saw that today. I was at the gym on T music breaking news elderly couple stock in their car. In basically what looks like the ocean now. And unbelievable dude who's really powerful watched there was a line of people all holding hands. Two to build it could change yes they could get out there and pull the bend and pull the people when I mean I this move on to arms I've no idea they did OK perfect. Sorry I mean did you see some of the tweets trying to find the town Port Arthur opt. Oh my god I sort of watching that last night. Basically the storm rolled back gained renewed and in the whole town was under water it was so rough because the war harder they couldn't send any votes of people were just tweeting out here's my address please help like wow who were pregnant Maria all people. So I mean. It's great to see this outpouring of compassion and I don't they just something to be learned from that bank and a lot of times when like when crap goes downhill it brings out the best in people. And we like it don't. And we needed that right now the did this. Don't you think I mean she's an embryo we're not gonna send this happened for a reason now I don't necessarily think like that like oh this awful thing happen for reasons is we need people to get together but. I think if there is a benefit no different when 9/11 happened no different and when any tragedy happens. No we're not really we your resold racial. Divide as a country and I feel like. Everything kind of went to the back burner and people who started to treat it like human beings and that that's a great example invited to take six a tragedy for that to happen. Red Sox right. That is when people remember that compassion for your fellow person. After this suit. Yeah Yad does not that I am not the stop when all of a sudden everything is getting better and you know it doesn't miss US even over its reorganized. And then what it is over in a weaker to the politicians will show back up yup and we'll get into this giant argument about who should pay for this who should pay for that. And I will lose all that kind of compassion and empathy we had four to break if you look at that human chain. Of people and I bitch ass and I bet I wanna bet all the money in my pocket right now which is only like seven dollars but still has a lot of money off them. That there are Republicans or Democrats or super right super left that are all holding hands not worrying about their FaceBook posts and arguing over the dumbest trivial bull crap. All they care about getting this old couple out of their car and alive yet. So yes that's a pretty powerful about that if it is. Now yeah as when people had a all the time did you bomb tee though the woman that went up on the CNN reporter. I've I haven't heard the audio of growth it's it's powerful it's one of those little was weird to just sitting on the Manger when I was talking about the storm I was sale might wonder sometimes it necessary to go to the shelters and interview all these people I think if you will necessary I'll -- got a little bit of a disagree he doesn't think that they should do they could say I read it in his head music I get it I want to help a minute donate money you'll need to keep beating you over the head over arm arm of the camp that news coverage if they're gonna cover what's going on it does open hi to people. That maybe aren't. Living under a rock did you disconnect different so if you keep bringing it up people or we like oh crap that's really bad I should trying to help out I don't do any wrong we're reporting on the news correct. I think it's awful. Completely awful when you take 00 what a reporter goes out there with a Michael and handsome woman soaking wet worried about her family and all you wanna do is get a sound bite. Yeah I mean this is the conversation we're having and I give miles ready made a good point like you know you gotta get quotes from somewhere you can't make a mop that journalism and I'm like you're right. Eddie's I don't know what that line is that which he unique TV in news there then you need to cover this stuff. But I do out which guy do you think when people hurt in shelters or whatever like I don't know if somebody comes up with a tell stories similar stories are great to hear bit. Yes sometimes two on to say I'm of the time put a microphone that they. Also you don't say that he could make you guys a whole different argument and it's way more trivial in the eyes like football players a don't wanna talk to the media. Mean those players alone could there's enough people out there that played football that our media whores don't love the talk to the media no different then. It's always deal with a tragedy like a flood. Leave them alone they're probably going to be stonewalled by sees the camera with a microphone and that they want me to talk to ya. Talked to a guy heat it up so we had this woman not having you and reporter wants to talk about what's going on with all the floods. Now you're with your children we heard of stories about mothers trying to use it. Save their children from the rushing waters can you aided. Exe and tell us how the weather outlook beatle why did go get them food on the part today yet as a lot. This doesn't is ya got interviewed people and your network time like this not the slightest thing to do. I do not really break in Downey just did we can't they might composed biblical. Since they aren't easy and you can look at Michael funk did not fade so when he's telling what I liked the way you still let a microphone I am not saying. So it's Flores. It sounds like you've got a very upset family there we're gonna take a break go from that and we'll get back to you later on. Clearly fake news and engines on the whole writes wow. I mean I would have nothing this sand and I'm sorry. Or are you gonna say who's an endorsement of I don't I don't look. Did it now drab and answer my question yeah and I look I am not gonna attack personally reporters either because somebody's tell them to go to the shelter right there right I mean look at the end of the day I don't know what the experience is we both agree I'm sire delusions you could ever I sorry Craig Becker weird lies are so sorry I'm sort of like those firing you kitty she knows too is since that almost that's going to casinos think she's right. I should not be it. You know and tonight our heads like. Portland shot just cut and and get me off of those cameras take a walk away from the situation. A lot of people just think it's still would probably. Did it's I think she's still hold big dog sorry. My bad I'm still doing it but my bad. I know you'd be mad at me for doing it I'm still I'm sorry I'm doing is I'm still doing it I met your pets in my that out. Felt awful man well we have backlight what mobile won't revisit priest would drop already got really auger retreat mere BJ it was awesome yet good for all of our decades and they get this kind of take the I dot who's gonna bust before we went on the air with it to the fact that we wet once is the will we come back yet yet you haven't heard FaceBook drama did today's these Madonna it's epic not because of the actual drama on the FaceBook because of the drought between BJ and I. When the main cast returns. Like they say mean things. Listening to tighten Steelers. And back. You're looking for that's special gift to say around a hundred now let's put that special someone that you bought everything form. Well how would you like to buy them. That's right. Just like stars we have millions of clouds in the sky and they need names. Right now put this special offer that national problem registry will may not cloud app there's someone you allow. The national cloud registry would not only name a clouding your friends what loved one's name helped track again and tell you what it might be in your area. Just they no big beautiful puffy clouds may someday develop into what thunderstorm are point 80 even a hurricane. Possibly injuring hundreds of people and going millions of dollars in damage and it will carry your name on it throughout history. Just think Kevin that storm of this century came from Bob that cloud now that's a unique yeah. So send your money did day to the national cloud registry. And have a hot name on big floppy. What that someone's back. Chelsea you're nonrefundable cashier's check for 9995 to the national club registry the guarantee club could be they can thought he could be small puny thing you do in your area some files may have multiple links to weather channel four win club may be in your hairy ass and your money today. I love you man my name is driver. Crazy Australian might help. And the minute Costas now. Yeah I'd like to. It's so freaking enthusiasm purchase a highly suspect that there's there's like. Seven arrayed just solid chance on that record. Solid jammed solid jams man on jams par three you lose so she knew some of your favorite sports jock rock. The middle of creating some solid. Both Monday night and Tuesday night in my bad I've been sleeping alongside my wife but I have not seen my wife since Sunday and here we are Wednesday. Night. Because Monday night all day and adding on to midnight. Come to the radio show finished show go practice you have brought relying studios which is incredible such a beautiful state law and you know podcast that the show did a podcast also. Then go back there finished finished our recordings. Didn't get done until like eleven and I wouldn't you don't like tennis got home and alive and doesn't shoreline. Sids already asleep I'm CNET. It's weird like I guess I'm in bed with her both nights. But I'm not. So looking forward to today command get home when she's just so excited to see my wife kids I. Are ready Bob a mad brow idyllic place amid so I gotta say like I've seen you. But I party with you and stuff would have seen you physically tired really you don't look like gas. Let me ask would you would you kind of like I like Ali you let's go to connect yeah however our goal to. I mean did you look we're really even party enough that you just a physically looked tired I look like I have been working on three hours of sleep the last two nights which happens on soccer. Three or four hours at a big bad Al bitching about the author of church and let's buy it that's what I like my congress what it and I got like three I slept until about 315. Yeah as hi Ivan Jerry is a self discipline Steve's site it's a 350 I dog dude. I know I'm slacking the show's gonna suffer because of it. The brown I can't wait. So so many exciting things about this and do bands robbers are birdied. A feature myself on drums Glenn from window pane on guitar. TTP go over Jane. Spot outside and dar flies every brand new name but he's and it right now bruiser birdies on guitars well Jeff Rouse the government Kagan is loaded he also French have been called on the guessing game he's on base and not Travis brat. From second coming. And adopt post modern heroes I think post yet yeah post modern heroes. Incredible singer he's a thousand changed. Means daily tribute night at the more theater the guy who saying jump ahead that's Travis. Guys got pipes like a son of bitch but you'll give me a bureaucrat you know good we're talking about how my Achilles for Ted the year because now he recorded on the bridge studios which was phenomenal. And thank you to Bob Lang and Scott McKinley in the rest of the crew over there for you for letting us had the opportunity of record there. But we're getting the record the fight song EP mixed by Brent allies Brett a Liasson he's the mixer for pro. Nice doesn't suck he's also friends are going from window Pena producer wouldn't appear records there's a came I got some downtime. I just finished working on a small project for Pearl Jam the other is live concert. Movie the Wrigley Field once I'm done mixing the sound for that so yeah I'll make your stuff so I can't wait for that we you know it's the Pearl Jam fan. The fact that I refer to catch and shoot I am part. Brian I know where I am right now. I still haven't had a I don't know what Roberts he shouldn't be here we're pretty sure they're there should look began the I don't about the chip I like a duty to edit it. Eyebrows give Sergio more on the hook for really. A battle and I didn't believe Eumig bull crap Ted fashion it's a tough tough puppet and I like the trojans are gonna gonna gonna. Clean look at the scripture or remotely Sheridan about their award tonight. Violated the very exciting risk. I said. I admit he Duma where new removed the the break and you write him I was up your singer guy Travis is he thinks is always like angry brooding Heidi earlier he always looks so bad those pictures right because we reports our way James Kennedy ideal for just a seven a phenomenal and I are on he came down to the studio took a bunch of pictures including. The book now is turn out to be like our our band picture you know. And it's all the standing in front of my drum set and Travis is sitting on my based avenues of bruiser Brody logo between his legs it looks cool. And you look at the picture you go to if you look for bruiser Brody band on FaceBook to define our FaceBook page you'll see the picture and please like us we need more likes. Everybody in the band looks all series. They all that I don't TP and photos like these guys are all season band programs idea Travis used. Second coming was once upon your records I mean it. There isn't a legit big deal at one point like that band was gonna blow up and then they broke up and try to do it again and didn't happen but. He's he's been through the rock roll lifestyle obviously the rest of the guys have to. So we take the picture and in the picture I have no idea what's going on so I'm smiling from purity years you know Al my visit on aging Foleo wall holding back aren't looking topped everyone's looking tough demean mug and everyone doesn't mean mugging in them. James and me a picture. And I'm just smiling. I hit a cut and talent like bra. You don't smile on the pictures that you got to know that when we talk and I think whenever band takes the pictures once the camera comes out smiles go away. ITunes app that angry to look he's super great you've loved this cute. He could grow if he's awesome he's is a good dude should we take a picture today but we're doing a band photo mad at me mug India and I was even in my head. I'm such a nerd I think shut because sometimes who donkeys and we take pictures Munson in two months and Foreman I. We mean mug you on this one or were smile a smile on army mug in and they always get screwed up as were drawn by so I I I thought man I'm Mike Shea say are we mean mug him but they've got to kind make fun of me. Well sponsors I get made fun because I smile that you didn't mean I didn't mean dog. Three or army mug yap when we get a may cast promo picture done well meanwhile give you a man then you really that sound we incident she's just go. Philly to what I mean mud there's only one phrase comes out of my mouth and what is. So up bitches. Tickets are to keep the mean but kept you safe arts gym do we get. So bitches. I can't Eric Adler I think I get there the problem is I can only be tough of a legit anger right. It's hard to turn on and off its credit we took another picture we're like an another spot of Robert Lang's did not mean mugging news straight faced yet. And now one the other guys probably should mean month so I mean mug and even transit Brock. I was I when I saw that picture it looks like he's wanna jump in the Kerry beat the crap out of our fan. And when you find that page it moderately Steve there's a middle ground between. Thanks to my Catalina looks like you aggressively when I heard a funny I haven't figured out that middle ground dead and I'm a nuclear front after Daria apparently. This was also on the FaceBook page. You think you just look like your raid at your cocktail made it yet go down and almost looks OK and happy can you do you have the statements typically look. You'll grow a couple of eight book. Some bridges. So bitches are so. Real time during our producer of video we got time I and then we'll live every excuse to super frequent activist but out to FaceBook drama like we mentioned earlier. We did today. I it's different spreads to the people baseball OK did you hear almost beyond on the door I was shell may stern the leagues I know that you got sort of a mix cash years ago. It's kind of be going off like four years. Which is crazy feel still like a new bit. Can differ about a year on the league's gestured for people surge saying mid before you PG got involved in this and then. The group play the mis cast. FaceBook drama on BJ megs or BJ Shea morning traced back and others say those are the STV cast act that it's started yeah I think every easily got its start on the ftp Cassel has been going on for quite some time so finally you know it's been now. A fixture on and it's so funny today atomic type we like either radio until Bobby Riggs. On the show be peaceful drama to apiece the drama or C. This error really mean the things that she says. So Texas has some very inappropriate things about not using condoms in all up unsettle my guess every year stripped. Who. Sosa units are this summer I figured let me see if BJ's proof reading the script before we go on the air is typically does sometimes that they doesn't I fully expected loses could be an off their prank. I was gonna have him play the role of a diet once the banged his coral on FaceBook and she's down with it to Seneca SARS the girl. That is the guy. Well we did improve created and this is what happened. And entries from John Maine bribed you Moody's. Heritage just at that moment I forgot to have my little script in front of me by the way you saw you guys to. And I was wrong company's ground. Sure I'm actually much if I beat him plummeting mommy I like both those companies sold out all right you got here Vijay kind of ally that this. And we both clearly don't prepare. It in this case I like brown sugar Burberry and I think people really do like it didn't look pretty including that one chick embody writer went over. Pay pay issues that tore some pitches. To open minded to. Stuff free agent called me again. I have a little beverage you drink that BS BIDs. Name Fuzzy is our opportunity to point out this video is happening on FaceBook does. And how much does the official slogan for round you're verve and BSB bitch but do you Beebe could go to our record and place he bit static are they happy and excited. I keep it up there are kids being rich and over two things event planners seeing bridges and I tell the kids you know Billups. Yeah yeah. Actual fees for postage I love Biggio at times sorry to keep in Europe this move we had a picture of me him and ice cube we can now be visited the patriot man. You'll cool next to him which had debatable music you'll cool next to him I just look like I don't belong. In a different path I. Unfolds and yeah. We ID now we have changed names protecting innocent I'm innocent people in this around Sarah you'll be playing the role on the original poster. You'll be better and I think he'll play the role moron. Pretty well out. I think siren goes either no they don't because nobody knows who's playing who. Until the shoe yeah right I object that she believes real excited about it right now right. He'll be Karl Karl and I'll play the role of Cathy and Joseph that's right jokes. We. We've playing the role of drew sort of you know would Joey middle name is just the yeah okay so that we don't Joey. After my dog if my dog Carl doesn't in my RV. Oh my god it's rye needs. Karl with a crazy guys could do with a K crazy Jack about our conference got sick Carl's like when it finishes in his head from my dog probably I. Read I have one question yes there at that moment I thought he was going to be like brow. We switched right I would question why my plane we got to want to bang my daughter yeah okay but not outside this question is my character hawks tonight yes. The hot man that I am hi Carl. Paul he's just don't perjure OK I guess you know my jokes no idea they were about as bad thanks in his own daughter. Aren't we original poster once again is how there's so Sharon please take it away. Here is this as she did and I was so entertaining and a pledge like chassis shadows because Europe who aren't trash. In the sense. Hey Laura as CN view my daughter's not trashing my avenue enjoy that show and wow does that make me trashy ten. I'm a terrible females. Out you're Chechnya has so hollow cheeked. She and I once took steam power the. They're not a sound like now when it was fun yes yes dash dam. You guys are both hash tag trash fantastic. Like mother like daughter hash tag ratchet family so yeah. I'm momma likes watching six. Certain show him all this kind trash you it's the dumbest thing I have never and I. Now I think is because you watch that stupid show. I just think day in general I mean behavior means anything I think the trash let's just say she's so you when you're on Simpson and go okay. That is why he's still I don't know the next line which is make him straight up ask you for sacks behind you don't put me. Is this little Carl that play he hit a good girl calls are monitored strategy of the jazz alana no filters people who don't focus said. See you and I didn't ever hang out with music you watched all my trashy shows me my looks. Hash tag trash task take dealing him down. Yeah. The united Diane I'm. Looking at you realized you planned this. I don't know everything that's happened. How. How good that we always you fifth when he reads elevator realizes that it's just the most natural amazing high as ever fans almost on a high of being in front of sixty doesn't view of the Woodstock concert right that's just walk it's a bloody incident into the dragon's lair and the like always a drag it here I yet did test positive that it could ask for it could be better I would almost all like I figured you just go do the lines and that would do fun and after the fact he has got to pause who's been downstate. Well I know why I wasn't trying to guy who once had sex with a woman inside my daughter's playing the part of the line man practice. I'm. As I mean that's OK okay. What do I do they have dirt. And they're embedded I hang out big news. There's so much better and am. The mama but. Is room needs you now. Wow yeah he is Chicago sorry doesn't even care. I'll now mouse is they are worried allied in a given now if I don't watch. Mean this show if you guys I'm. Did this just a mother daughter Carly why we DH I'm not a moto GPU parents. Thanks and other and fast car accident has faced Jesus and yeah. Jones and in the wounds. Yeah they had San news I am I really reading the home this past and how that. Helen mine still single. The authors Joseph Joe's character guy. These good words in nursing home and not that I can't get anything going on in this guy able to pull that off. I mean I gotta admit that are just ridiculous to you it's also the BJ battery that Billy. Just unbelievable yeah a year trashy trashy you're half paid you DT MF. Okay are we get back we got a real quick break we'll take gobble we come back we got to find out whether or not Ted to be met the event evolved a coworker. Yeah and I can always talk about it yeah. It's like this to show it to last long. And so it's great. And then it cost will be back. MMA vs boxing was such a big hit with the fans in other sports you're following suit. Get ready for these futures sports mashup matchups soccer curses football blue. Oh soccer the baseball verses pretty good. Tennis vs the Pelosi shuttle. Sports fans have spoken they want to sports at the same time sports national match ups you know the only question is. Will they buy it on pay per view. Yeah I've uploaded a good job. The replay of this call I got. Doesn't burn music to play today. Yeah I really think about that Ali that big gene our show happening this weekend both those are going to be there that's going to be awesome that is man hopefully you are able to find a shirt to Wear for that amendment. Yes I ordered a shirt from like boutique put peace. On July 25. In case they just supposedly said to be shipped alike is that going to be here over and over a month ago would have achieved this for you create this good. Make being picked I don't know we've painted on mr. how how that thing that long I I don't know Pete I think sometimes and I just got excited it was like his boutique little story NYC and other ventures so cool. And it's like oh yeah. Who may get a guy solid headache because he lives in New York City and despite what you bought it yeah. Dude I that it would like to exceed one of those things yeah I like but at. I got a cult of Fernando Rodney should have him doing the arrow yeah. I think by atomic guy he wasn't even on the team anymore it took for amber. Yeah it was so frustrating and it is that we don't hurt even though it was played very well but adds that schools that likely should the Arab and yet it's too well that nice to love that song too. All. Deeply duped yet mark your X. Yeah I heard you out yup resource that's like a lot. Ted that we you listen that's are yet you know maybe next you're gonna push ups bring it back. Merger exit out of purpose of the big hits of all over the past couple years of doing the make casts are all right are you sort of you. You guys are crashing at the now driving back yes it camping I you know I'm tad I know it's music they're out of my mouth both late that seems ridiculous but I got a here's how I don't wanna say a high maintenance. But high maintenance my blackness. When he comes to living arrangements. She. Will not camp are I have been subjected to an RB it's going to be nice army. Hunter I mean. And I'm like OK I get you don't wanna camp probably who we find somewhere would I trap also work to rule out itself when really you add that she would do it. To Dugas who loves me loves this yeah yeah yeah that's so easy is it to soak in in mad. But it SA so BO with her and too tired at the end of the pod serve we could grab like a hotel on the way to yelled. Ideally KB would be dope but that place is never available. Now it's I don't even know why they even advertising it's always taken up by the crew whenever there's a concert at the gorge it's always sold out before they even. You could even think of getting a premiere yet but you could stop that Mike Alex Allen's burger something rank that's what I was thinking. And stationed. There are no hotels that are like equality enough. And her head really do that this one bad review and that's why he Yelp. In a plane any of those websites have reviews one bad review that that they saw cockroach. Don't tell is dead to her really yes. One that's crazy they could have. All five stars they can even say hey I unicorn comes in the room and just sprinkle it too. Look at. How well I don't wanna know where it's very good for a couple of it. But he got the idea that if they're bad description could who could and I got three hours of sleep last night you know broad and mr. van did you ever think you're rich hacker. I mean I mean honestly I think it's terrible terrible hotels all idea I would have probably Paramount but so first you hear people at the Canada fight our way out of the worst hotel all time but also I the really fun time for them. Which would look like Jay Leno to but sometimes late. I don't know you'd go to a small town like this is not a options I'm with you Ralph. We do the donkey chip. And we sit okay hotels. Now we if you would we've stated some real questionable ones and still had an awesome time yeah it doesn't or someplace to lay your head man some idea where already enjoy really rally ahead on mad bad. Yeah and I have done that. Yeah I don't think about some of the little road trip citing itself which is accused it to a town that they don't have a holly and anything out. So needless to say will be driving back to its two to Puyallup after his consumers should hope all right. Every five luckily it's on Sunday. And I'll be able to sleep also have Monday off and Saturday I'll be able to rest up by some they'll be raring to go and honestly after that concert I feel like going to be on such an adrenaline rush that I'll be fine to take that trip although it I mean you have never seen Guns 'N Roses which slash and in Duff in the band. That's good point I've only seen numb when his guns and hired hands guns composers so close yet so we are seat until yes this is I'm really excited about this. You join a stage now turning. Not only would do anything I don't think there's any kind of like. It's like Guns 'N Roses are really promoting any zoo work with the obvious who budget stuff resign and you don't. I think this is do you intend on going out there isn't it yeah I know Terry and I and I are going now we're gonna sit and you know. I don't know I just assume long that some assumed I won't we'll make sure we all hook up together article I guess when you're kind of way. We'll help you auto sleep I will never got a good break that's up to Brad and Derek yeah. Hey didn't you guys gonna meet up with Stephen said Bob I already volunteered almost a swing at that school. Examples we like present like 10. Do you guys ever met Sid yet I did you allow them against your pictures Z very beautiful Ted and Steven nice guy I think he'll be very nice Daryn but. I did my best pitchers he sits up the problem is the court issued out. I think. You would hear you didn't bring a girl tell you what to hit a dead stretching this comedy how would I deserve well. What are put me go to credit leg. Ted. Got a heck just do I need different that was good about it at the red oak. Stretch outfit. They've ever known US I com we'll find accurate to. Our guard is horrified he educating every aspect. I don't go there and you've got to you wonder when he threw mad at. I I thought about this for a get out here yeah usually it's me. That's not having issues or maybe self imposed its usual co workers. This Arad instead and I cannot be happier or more excited to hear the story I want to tabby of their memory approached him for good. I think the bottom line is this this vs super working with us like woo the remote to help out this say about 50 wait what was wrestle mania. April April until he started a few weeks after that so made it let's just say he started him. I yes 234 months ago yet you wreck so every time I see this person in the hallway like US steel and I give they had not are there it's up there about innocence of their powers by about a 100000 people. They might be annoying to have him. Isn't nice guy he is but I'm always run in the bottom talking about you rest and he just like. Coma in Massachusetts a look at why am I telling what you think I'm in my forties I don't listen and you wrap management is that a big heat that's receive a look seeking any particular detail with talk about the other things like. Also you're under that every night I don't you care about bamboo G news talk about how bright. Hit a lies among McCarty B now Steve are you know what that means. Kodak yellow. All I've heard of that guy. I'll sign up Kodak yellow. How famous there's a rapper named Bonecardi be listening to her sort of doing Gary Powers are now Aaron I got ya what's her name again. He's supposed Malone was on Steve Austin's podcast was yeah I don't listen to yet. If. Did what else they were personal and wonder why second small talk. Right her song is boat that yellow I don't even know what it sounds like but then there's a rapper whose theme here is to boot Jack or some great he's. Close to detonate yet. You're very young and her but it you know yet if I could look it up right now or how you spell as it is but Boldak yellow yet just putting party be it or not so local. Party and I spoke pretty busy and I CEP. Our yeah got it there it is. Hard to be and will. Doubtless. There's a lot of cursing in that spot clay yes it has the explicit policy up already get prefer hot how many seconds you could be for a person's. Are we counting the N word as occurs. Trust you kind of have to I I agree as in no it's just start out I just sign up so much you don't dance and more are quite reading. Twenty seconds we can make it. At least RNC. Chance. We don't get tough. Talking. All stars out there Dodd could prevent I think it eleven seconds. But Matt and they do just what I am not even kidding Eric powers to the people I presume rademan as a matter how pretty neat. So bright so Erick Erickson became a reality of hundreds of even Aaron is an awesome dude yet good I've known. I'm him back way back and they would Howard to the ending queue was pot in and it was hot and and like those are two big powerhouse stations and our morning show is doing great. His morning show obviously is doing great with a team man. And how would go over there amenable to a pilot because she would hope we opened about he's not hooker or Roxy these really care about competition are young and dumb. You know we didn't bind to that kicks right. And I saw him I thought all he's going to be bad he's like pink eye opener yeah royalty. Comes topics doozy here Steve are using I I like you do in ball by. The nicest guy in the world and ever since then. Emanuel brings a Barrick powers that I would always just. Like Derek that I know you are about it yeah he's just one of the true good guys and radio. So passionately opposite of that and I of those guys and bad guy out and I but I everytime I see a mom like hey what's up whatever any never even late acknowledges now and he's only spoken to me once the got to needed something. So then today Tony to me a lot right so I kinda. Was a guy I'm doesn't stop saying hi to whatever and then today is a walking in the studio which he is close is Steve is that to me like what two feet if that we make I can't direct. And in. And then maybe just stares at me a walk spotty and I have threatened. If I get you already saying hi to someone else so usually the high parades started you know Mina phenomenon have pets got away but but the whole low parade. You saw pronouncing guide 170 think hey what's up he's like. He's a nice guy. He. You know I mean did you stood out this got a pencil like let's let this like our he had trouble lag sort of stop the holiday part of who we got a problem. At all. Right now for IU I was afraid of artistic disabled low withdraw would you do that you knew we were being so much trouble and our company. If we brought him in its I don't know what's your deal man. Why don't you like Ted from Ted real likable admiral Mike Ted typically people don't like me apparently they write mean things I might packages. OC fold Steve's Steve needs to lose the ego. You're nice to meet and unveil the old guy yeah Ted young a lovable. You Omar Hogg. I should do that's what should I choose our go to over the top well. No comment. There was do you good vote. X yes so this week on that should not be missed its weak and I think you should be. But got on the horse got out of course can be like mom I love stirring the pot I just had BJ have sex and his daughter on FaceBook drama. It's outweighed upbeat view obviously. But they've had to say hello this is how hard is it the sale and that's of state the only time he's ever stop down to talk to me was easy honestly need it's up. I mean like for personally you like a favor. Stats. But today you know this person that person and what's up. The only time we talk so he knows who you are he knows that you on the from star in the pot I'm sorry I shouldn't actually stop take a should be mad he seemed to get nice and. And all right all right I gotta go Eddie House all right yep yep or he was the current Omaha. Is okay days lower at home he's now. To get out on the blue chips. You can rationalize. Do you like that guy I get detonate a family we love you guys and gals of course presents and you ladies here Omega code. So riches. Re not here. My head of the week. Orange juice. It is nice in the top gobble up a word about my head on the desk it's a great Compaq. But I'm minimalist six studio yeah. Colmes I don't care about getting through the O line don't forget to follow us on Twitter may be cast. Use. Yeah.