MegaCast 09/07/17 "Flat, Drummies, and Ted Hates Taylor Swift"

Wednesday, September 6th

The title sums it up best!  Enjoy!


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Actually array of rock. 00 no no no no no hole melanoma each page thank you much of its whiskey. I wanted to graduate ski. We'll go down. I think it's good to run and a couple times. Didn't back up yeah also states that. T shirt off and then a dummy you write downs had not apparent to go us here live. Without water when they beat you got to. We keep we've been talking about for how many years now we had a good night. Maybe we ever do well off a podcast on remote. We are worth somewhere where people are there yeah I feel like I've been the best we restarted yeah we ever. You're alive or live to tape podcast we've got to have club I I see due to spit the water despite the water coming out like triple H yeah. My god we get warrior to a 321 battle do all right he's a water guy he has root beer I. I'm really order. I mean. It makes perfect sense but it's still funny when you say it is the best guy does and you have we don't worry Joseph we see imagery to want on this Friday. We're back addicts are yet so I this Friday night between a battle they want to make it out to the battle palace Akayev all fitness it's right. My viral building is right there you know my REI and on another crazy crap might victory lounge. I kind of material on top I'll be there as the commissioner as always and who knows what kind of insanity is gonna happen at three to a battle as we are wrestling has spent honestly. Everyone he's ever gone to we do we address into the each one battle and it's their first time and I talked some after the fact deal we say kid we've haven't. Been to this sooner and is awesome yeah so of anyone out there has nothing to do Friday night. 9 PM it's free with suggested donation of ten dollars will be cheap ass yet man now and then what's -- what is their regular on Saturday Steve Saturday. We're playing drums you're saying and yeah man Perry Ellis there's clowns there's weird freaks. That's not a reckless freaks that we saw another deal or not oh my god about how party they're going to be there they're gonna be a red festival red festival over at the scene of plot exposed center ya and that's not just fifteen dollars yummy and there's not yeah. Others say one down one to eight at a U by the premium theme get any new encountered some Beers I while he's played drums. What's Ted rap and also Singler. Yeah and rappel the clowns I you know robber got an even you have not practice for any of these things that is correct which is even more awesome well clean. I feel OK do when it's on that double doubles obviously yeah I'm I I am hoping thing. So here's the deal I was an RV this weekend yes I think gore excited not make you back in time for practice yes and then right bailout process. Well I mean kill joy it was maybe a practice any apple. Who who purpose. We expect yet it should be interesting to see how my set guess but you'll be right a home has not some nobody would leave here in times of can actually sound check. Yeah yeah hopefully column plants are it's gonna Tex got Al confused. Oh no worries I decide is what people ago Saturday strata talent to scan Tyson's corner just. Yet to throw it might just be viewed I had one of those techs today that site. It's nothing superb. Hurt Mitt you know what I'll just get into it for the last couple days I've been dealing with this issue with a couple different people where they kind of say stuff. Like for instance. And I Citi Steve can you do this for me if you can't it's newbie deal right and then you go. You know me and I don't feel comfortable doing it and it's gonna say no on this wanton and I text you back and go. But what you mean it's lake. I don't know lick I don't wanna be harsh but like I try to lead isn't there a polite way to kind of have some of these conversations are dealt with a sleek. A couple weeks ago two with somebody else it was lake. I don't wanna come out just been meaning to break hey this is the reason why it's climate. I maybe I'm wrong I is due to their social cues people take right yeah and some people don't don't don't even pick up on that. Yeah it's it is sponsored purely via phone. A supremely these two situations until they're both kind of delicate I'm hope I'm principle these two British just like. I mean if you want to have a conversation legacy and yeah I thought that was just the proper way of kind of going around yeah. For a man so I'm sorry I didn't mean to jump in there whatever your. Oh no I got to manage is so easily see and have a phone. You know and then you worry about this things we get the deal once you have person when you see that person but I think they have instant access to annoy the living up idea. Yeah Ali might not that bad a mindedness is a really all the time a whole whole auto easiest to use is an exit came up I he had dispersants at the debatable for an. Are so high. While he only good news this is the bush because our mares in the blood pumping and the brand bug should be I got this one for me. And I can ask for a better time to do it looks these winds. When you drag. You don't like you guys. Do we talk about her until you put so yeah sorry I remember right for the says talking to the second break down. Yeah I. I was hit ten million families and said. Don't like the sun. Yeah trying to answer. I easily Taylor Swift and why. Please do more hot. Allen did well given the first thing we like her ability to write my we'll have a united tonight skinny small. I get like medical lake so don't hurt us. Riley she's very attractive and it's just got my taste I had been part IAA slash. Production value as an immense Arianna Michael. Thought my okay. And so what's your issue. I hope there were having a conversation about Ted's issue with telling draft. I aged she's always the victim. Yeah out it just constant. It's really that late she super talent that I get all that Brighton but then she's always the victim through this album comes out and it's still lake. It's like all right the wire we still bringing up this stuff why lake. People don't like Carney that's fine village in Europe it seems like you were stricken harping on it oh yeah you still think shots Adam and then you come out with his bad ass like. New look new Taylor Swift I'm Zack. That's right yeah and then within like a week I read her marriage between Alec this isn't clear she's skinny back Alaska she's a woman everybody else into this met like. You can't put in a victim and so you can't pull out US cannot go bad ass now on this and that's why you what's Augusta I guess would you gig. Oh we're gonna move to begin she's got a on the Paul Lawrie and bad. I can I still content I've had many comes ever argue much John Moffett and I wouldn't have mattered both of our long conversation about this I I I got on the go on my side I think. Out of he's still on my site may change his mind since then. I still believe that her incumbent yanked him opinion on this the entire time at least I saved one. Every so don't Twitter to legislate. Her and Kanye gain its late. At no point like it seemed ridiculous when it happened but at no point could you told me. This would affect both of their career direct laundry aired trajectories are protector yeah I just I don't know I I mean for whatever reason she just annoys the crap out of me. If you look I'm maybe I'm just being conspiracy theorist but I would not be shocked if one day we find out that the two of them before they read they believe go became these superstars. Like at a top of the world. The data and sit down what each other maybe did the same manager maybe they were friends meet in a mutual friend I don't know what it is but they decided. You're gonna be the good girl on the to be the bad guy is gonna work out really well for our career and we start with the Vietnamese. All of a sudden I had no idea who asked Taylor Swift was before the BM case. After the VNA we were all talking about our she got a a huge album after the fact including a song where why do you gotta be so mean to that guy. And ever since then and he's he plays a great bad guy. In order emigrate good guy got a good bad guys vice Versa you know any attack guess antagonist in the two of them having kind of going at each other. With each new phase of their career and it hasn't hurt either one of them. People look okay love the fact that he hasn't given us any saying that that you you know you may disputes famous. People who love Taylor. It's not her and her either old Portillo the victim no matter what she does she will always be economies victim. And it's remains incredible the tournament had monster careers. Sorry if I'm rich enough I'll argue with anybody and joining a discharge Sunday when I'm Bob Mike some drama about rich I am and I don't know why he had. I mean look I and a bunch I pokey for breakfast lunch and dinner. I can't I guess that's not a cookie that they resolution right fifth. I look I can arguably a pass right through scenes she writes her own music she writes so solemn salute your eggs like. I give a 100% full respect she is that talented mr. Matt. I personally just won't like Erica and I think sometimes too late. Don't know that I buy it all yeah it's always. Everything so awesome elements if she could she grew in the word swat tall guy yes. Eight and religiously that in every record is like fall victim against victim at. Obviously aren't like. And I get it other people do make break up tracks and whatever but it just seems like that's her MO every CD yeah it's just like how the victim again look what happened to me. That effect at at at. What do you know that she's got a obviate the pretty white princess that's right. Well you know it's on its up on her talents are becoming the new wife princess. Whose pets have you heard of bad baby. And BB. PH AD BH. AB IE. I now maybe she's a pair of silk are of course is like the number one sign in the world are numbered she song on Spotify is a song called these fellows. And slowed. HB a U. Acts could that's clever. So again. HE AEU acts who's eyeing these knows number twos on Spotify it's a big hit and you do know about a bit bad baby news. I if they catch me outside girl. Now my job is hers is now number two is now a pop star. Have you heard the song. I just try not to click any of the links on her discuss I just don't wanna help that. Why else it's just I mean look. This old broom and a good producer and anybody can hide and as soon as I heard us late. We're not helping we listened to much his music and different. I know and he loves. Them and new. Ingredient yeah. Did you like yeah I was and it's not a retailers. We pay. Yeah these things like how did he know. Do you avoid getting hit 200 yeah yeah yeah I had a navy man and he's got. What are hit songs. I think if you don't seem like they went out yeah. Like they think. I'm leaning. Folks look I'm with him cut the quick on this 10 alcohol tobacco suits team. We're talking about TVs and probably a drug addiction actually via eighteen. I. She's just famous arena obnoxious people as a teenager and she's very proud of her hit me see how. How long time how much talent it's. Okay I yeah he won hello. You which is right about then I can say yeah you might music man there and grinding every day in studios. But now good stuff and this becomes a hit me. Know when mr. Rumsfeld you know I mean this song yeah. Like T and T. Take time out yeah in the natural conversation in granite I'm part of this new satellite. ADM and yet trap music in the cement right like a region. At the top of let's sleep does it go back down. I feel like this is not as good for those that remember the old not happy days jumped the shark moment yeah. I think this might be the jumped the shark moment for trap music. It could be I think he could be. Because she just proved that she's where she put out just as good of a song in the eyes of mainstream America because to me before checking out incredibly which right now because it's needed to train wreck that the perilous but still. There's enough people checking it out to make it the number Tucson on Spotify. I I I I don't know what you do at that point I mean if if you're like you know Bob. Was the rage murderer. With that group. Oh yeah great I term greedy I was gone race among that's not right he's throwing black our goals daddy's third towel and say you know I mean we shouldn't be doing this anymore by major tournaments out ingeniously guy everybody's. Trek yeah I hear ranch in erratic hits off. And timeframe great song lyrics hey look at these totally takes flossing against Hillary got redneck rash. These posts these big bawling tax money that you won't she have to worry about tax money. She's the Boller now he's making more money than us man that's the scary part initiatives aren't that there's no. Yeah no question of that and I'm sure that money taking care of safely by her Fam and oh yeah I mean we've we've seen her mom her moms are responsible yeah I'm sure that you know will go to her college trust fund them. And die and to some Smart dobbs. Financial decisions we made it I mean look they might load up her meal card with a few extra real split that I'm sure this'll be fiscal hawks lost a decision he been humble. Are we get back we'll do our Ted talk and also all find out why out. What happens when a wrestler is in the ring in the WW week. And zippers down all right. It's awesome and the may Cassel thought about it when we return. They are not great learns on the radio and they realism you gonna come coast. And then get custody back. Okay. Okay. This tenth anniversary iPhone will cost you at least a thousand dollars rounded edges more waterproof high risk recognition anymore. New iPhone can make warming since she can remove towards the new iPhone smells like entertainment can change a flat tire in the green new iPhone can keep your dogs and rolled over and all your neighbor's cats can be used as a flotation devices you iPhone can pull your laundry and we can talk to your next. The iPhone an agent yet it's expensive. You'll buy it second. It test there is fake news and now there is today console yet. But that. Thankfully didn't see if I do beloved ocean. Yeah I met Costas now on can now so I'll. You're. Little you don't mind. And Germans have a lot of things. Anymore these techniques. The vocal that's on to a good police have this different. You call it eco ideas who would you say this about Taylor slipped I don't know that site I don't think that if you guys lover a whatever how does not care. Sorry robot in just giving. You know what the worst thing is about that's all that's whatsoever that Joseph solid that sounds like the beginning of a go go sought. I thought you were to put on a go go songs do that yeah I go go to our lips are sealed. We don't go goes sound from police just Google real quick Google music's are deemed a busy to play our geo yet GO slap heard dash GO parity and yet the backyard ban are junkyard band. And if it's gonna pull up who mostly. No recent matches is it that these it was but the hot thirty games. Let's go. I junkyard. And sorry I wrote the pod cast album are you did without knowing you know the beginning of this go go song from play towards some years ago stark the same way that Taylor so it's August. Yeah. The lose you know it's. Four yeah. You know. Oh yeah. Are alike then yeah I'm never this I heard this thing he sounds yeah. It. Physically the library at the studio version of telling you. I tell you and I understand in your. We're gonna hit a brave enough my cab for a good dance. All right well Elliott and write a driver for free Hotmail and tools. Sorry. He takes me. Seat that was is now are out. Fiat. But I had you have to hit I've listened to a yeah that first moron learn granados DOC was a different octave after after that first started I that's. It's deeply and go to like George Taylor slipped and like. My heart just got crushed I can also her will be yet either a plane go rob playing Telus ripped or I might add some pork and beans last night I'm not sure which one was going on right there very. The simple to do it and sooner or not getting people more and go get offs are play that for us our yeah I wanted to do you guys out I like this so far. Yet junk yard backyard been going into you're looking for so rare essence is also pretty Arnold smoke this. The couple have two us. We're thrilled and I couldn't do it it's a couple weeks on. They've always never talk about Joseph began I think it's still it's his fault she got to work yeah yeah and she's not gonna put out a statement saying although that mega cap cities clearly hate women. Well it's so funny because we don't we have mega babes now it would fit said one thing I do like about Taylor Swift because I think that idiot did touch her but I like she sued them just heard dollar to prove that he and I was like. Now that our respect and nobody in the music. Video which you probably ever watched it's you don't like Herbert in the music videos she's got all these images and thank symbolism of of things in the past like it did like a bunch Easter eggs throughout the video and a one point you sitting on like this this thrown. And right behind there's just a dollar bill take to the throne and I'll I do believe that was a nod. So that the legal drama between her and that idiot DJ. Yeah I did think it was funny on the cameo as she had met when video yeah. Like some of those people late the NBC the swing and arms yes and that's all heat that is what I don't we were sold out of world star hip hop. Either way off track here Steve you are male what the hell that was restarted NASA to do overdue over. Torres it's. Made. Aren't real quick is that this these are true. Don't just say the words. Atchison who are the words are pretty sentences I guess and yeah I have tickets about twenty minutes to get that. I was so look I'm guilty this we all ardent but sometimes you meet some people and their it is very insistent on. Totally you know we go to many festivals and stuff as I do you hang out met senior a lot of people to talk about. Peace and spirituality in the cement but then you notice sometimes slate with their own relationships on the go batter so it's late but doesn't seem that peaceful or spiritual. So I I've seen as a few select. And then sometimes it worked two at work or even in your family right I of people in my family have this conversation with Richard look. You're saying the right thing but every time you CU the actions are the same slate right sorry but nothing changes from and that's that's one thing. You know there's good or bad it's only about my personality you pretty much it was any of the streak shooters like comedy do what I set. Yeah I don't understand I think that's part of why I enjoy being your friend he I know they use going to be an apologetic yourself as part of I also be a month since one of my closest friends too I yeah I don't know where I stand no work. He is as a human being. And that's awesome JEE all the people who are closest to are just who they are and don't write don't throw out a bunch of lame ass. You know the hyperbole and then all of a sudden doing something else yet and over used term properly I sure hope I did otherwise I deserve. It's funny you say that could there's a guy on twittered I know. I and he's all about positive ID which is good I think it's important preaching the good word of positive getting them now more than ever for many reasons we all need that. I love to have Rory gets to be like you EG a BDP kinda like you know he manages you know like. They can have a better out it's so he's all about that I think it's awesome. But Dan. When he's not talking about that on Twitter. He can play about businesses. That did him wrong oh Lola all the law time. Let's just say. Did that take out a restaurant doesn't have a table ready for him. He's on Twitter tagging now I can't believe it I've ever had back below sort this out a rental car did something. Didn't have it or the right car for an at a bad bad bad did the did day Adam so mad in his leg. Dude and he can I mean not to the point where I don't know him all that well but I almost warrant a cinema direct message enigma man. Forgot who's always talk about being positive we not talk about being positive you're the most negative person I know punch there. Yeah that's crazy it's really weird man so it's I am I'm with you you can't say and act like this is the way this is the gospel but they knew I don't hold different way when you're not preaching the good word of the possible it is it doesn't work that way. No one's gonna no one's going to sit I wasn't as she read through that and think you're phoney even if you're not. And on the big guy is a phony I think for the most part he does wanna be a positive person. But he doesn't know latter rain you name when things aren't going well and things are not always gonna go well if it doesn't go well you don't have to go on Twitter and tagged the company. All the time maybe you can handle it offline and have a conversation with them. And sometimes me and just that simple aggression maybe just take a breath and go OK yep you know I mean like yes we waited for a minute but let's. That's funny. Let's let's come down it's not that be reduced fuel we had to wait for table are op passers recently did one and a bug a couple weeks in a church she was a guy and I feel bad and I can't pop properly. Particularly when he said and even that group on the whole church because last week he today do you remember what I said that we before and wanted. Asked. I'd like it's something about being angry I know that this it's sad that allowed it. Even while I didn't organized job but dull moral was when you're angry more often than not we just went flap to handle right away yet he knows take a moment say is it worth. Flying off to handle four and get away better way of saying it put in a nutshell you're mad you're upset the rental company Scrooge over but. Is it really worth getting mad about or can you just kind of pull back him be like do I want who I am to do wanna be this person all because of this one instance and and that's really what I think was a a valuable thing walkway from. Yeah well it's just the truth manly. Hancock except to begin to doubt but the show last you know late. It's like. That Atkinson ill gotten fortune. Fortunately or unfortunately most lived at the gray area and things are black and white yeah it's only email me and go. We you've been single for a while Ricky seem happy with what is the secret so miserable. And then. I'll take it dressy. The sim lake I find with the admittedly there's still a lot of lonely times yeah I would so like Sunday night sucks sometimes they're like. No the last almost the fourth of July 4 of July sucked I couldn't you know I didn't have time to fly back east and they are my family it just kind of a family holiday. Such as would you like conflict dude take a breath relax you gotta go to for your relationship to eat to what do you like you have a process to go through before you're gonna be happy. Yeah it's gonna take a couple months before that I yeah my only advice drink heavily now. It's it's a picture on don't slated. Probably my last break out. But I I I guess we'll buy a new member of the talk about that all the time just actions speak louder than words and it's always important now when you are delivering those words to make sure that your your music birds up. CR Greg smooth relations butt out yeah so are you. He did he wasn't diabetes day now. Our mandate BO gun is it the apple politicians don't watch this guy gets smackdown is awesome how he can look at it if you've I wonder. On catch up a good good to. Spin is and and maybe I'm over thinking things because apparently does do a lot of charitable stuff and he works for at risk youth. I decided I guess is he's he's charities growing and you want to focus Hornish charity I do that. Seemed vague. OK I mean I hope that's true but yet as part of me and back in my head saying is that I. Is that the spin but they kind of would finally dealt with them maybe one say able wanna kind of distance herself from this guy. For all I know maybe they want to bring morrow back into a no more of doing NXT but you know and he's killing on an XT five. You know I mean after that McGregor. Mayweather fight I mean there is not hotter announcer in the world immoral and all. And look I get W he works a certain way yet but I honestly I think it is misplayed their hand. Oh they did like they did not realize that the following morrow had in this in that likes our energy deals in your guy for years but it. On this one like. In my last majors the world of wrestling I replay in my interview Corey grades and I went into a little bit of a battle. Oh Brandt got really rampant this little monologue about how I miss him on smacked down because I love the dynamic between him Byron Saxton. Biron played a great. Awe shucks good guy yeah and I was like tip yeah and mid two of them from from even need to do I do without Corey did good friends but on television. Corey is just constantly. Constantly ribbing. Aren't sacks in just giving him a hard time. The judges pick an idea but and got a virus character plays it off well it's it's a good yin and Yang and the list that we Corey went too raw now he's back. All go to new world again man you can watch smackdown. RAI yeah it would according messes with them. I'm Bonnie it's seems more professional like sorry JBL think came off as a true able if you haven't heard the stories played all right these are really. Team he just like DNA correct of the people who gets along with love them but you don't are terrified of him. And for a guy like Jed like look I think this years ago with some rain and thought I came couples walking to work Monday. It's a B will kind of laughed me but I I swear to god you can't build a legacy if you try to. Then you could donate all the money you know girl if you weren't nice person your legacies if you are tonight's person right. And smell the northern radio sometimes is some real colossal deuce bags in the world radio and India and they do a lot for charity shorten your dislike. But that doesn't make up for the fact your colossal due respect Duce back I think it's awesome that you raise money for decades but I yeah did you still a deck. It's okay. Except it. Robert I'm one that raw using big. We've talked very austere but there's a big gob battled the worlds of between the world of John Sina in the world of Roman reigns to and are trying at each other in the ring. But you were talking about their Promos and actually been really entertaining in their building a good story arc to their Macs it's gonna happen in a few weeks well on Monday. The two of them are going at it. And up apparently Romans fly was down. I didn't notice it. But John seen dead nice and this is of both men had great lines and I guess I gotta say Roman handle it really well. It's my. And accessories and telling John C has some nice things I get a regular work like last week out they came in a written online at their promo wanna get people what's the word the fourth law your approach the fourth wall yes there are moments where I feel like they actually did but I don't think. He woman I think. That's the good that's a wrestling is great when we were talking whether or not we don't know whether or not it's true or not that's from wrestling is at its best when you don't know if they actually do hate each other. And it doesn't make sense that those two guys a page as they both Selig decent dude Greg we've had from moment Rangers one of the coolest guys I've ever met in northern wrestling the other one. Who also seem to get a hard time from the Internet wrestling fan base it Barry Corbin. Derek Irvin is my favorite WE superstar. Not for not not make your wrestler like watching on TV he's the I find him entertaining innocent people to mark time. But as far as the people I've met over the years. We out a doubt he's my favorite Ari just a cool dude like you would modeled I should chill guy but. You know because. He's not on par with the should scale Nakamura who is people pick on and are so okay you're young seizes the moment when Johnson and delivers. An epic moment on community's money in Iraq. And then you and welcome WM Monday and move. I. Oh and I I'd say I'm happy to see when I'm disgusted by her whole face for God's sake you come out here would use different. He didn't know a bunch of Macs. No brutal smiles. I was just looking for your moment to thank god god joins okay. Tough tough tough but I thought I did and. I think that was scripted editor was whoever wrote it was a genius. Yeah now I hear it it sounds awesome. I don't think just our bodies to sit helped elevate seasons because you ruthless right after the script the Cisco for the jugular. Even me and you write this type easily r.'s friends if we would have won that it is like. I just go for it yeah but you could pretty ruthless as people go each of their record you go he do right because it did yeah and the beauty of it if you are close enough you can do that and insight and if I go to like we would assume you're done cutting each other deep we'd be at the bar taking a shot a far ball it's a ballot laws plump. Did you hear the crowd does fantastic. And Romans come back right at the end it was awesome mystery opponent quite inventories and gives a big slice. Throwing I'd say I'm happy to see you when I'm disgusted by her whole face for God's sake you come on you wouldn't zipper over. I don't crackled at that moment I cracked the F bop. What was his reaction did you do down they had a bad smiling are there arguing that it is you got me son of a bitch. How much. Imagine. The inspector great lie and bots they actually. Big dog fertilized there's a big dogs loose but did Diego and murder nor is joggers just say I'm a big dogs and a big old. He's also allows. I was just looking for your balls but it may god. I how are while we take a break yeah Ted I got to be very excited to share with you all right you know we've been out billions in a world of my Angel the grapefruit lady. Oh yeah well apparently there is a mega mega deal a celebrity. I noticed. The minister Ortiz thought maybe my family. So. I will yeah yeah out there enjoy it. Gonna break mister Clarence. These guys my life. And roses. And that's fine that's sexy. The minute concert will be back. So summer is finally over for your kids and they're going back to school and maybe you're experiencing a little withdraw all doing well here are some tips to help you maintain a normal life once the kids are gone. First walk around the house dropping close all over the floor second leave a bunch of dirty dishes in the sink in screamed. The study just saying. Third whenever you're not getting something done just say out loud. I'm going to count to 3120. And finally when your husband keeps trying to just say stop touching me. I'm teaching I away never mind. That's all the time. You are marble. Woe is I have just will go. We're going to. Rick Ross. I feel offended at new song by Rick Ross in fact I've been listening to his new record I don't even care he's rapping over children's music man the guys voice is always gets me apt. Yeah and he said it one time in an interview now I do it all the time you could severely than what your favorite chicken wings lemon pepper ball flat. It was all fun that's made just before he could I saw them order wings won that one of his links stops if you really put just the flat ones not the drug leads all usually lemon pepper all thing levels wives did and he was talking about how we Easter I've been. He used it to flatten. Eat it. If we put it down with him the five predominant. Mean it's cold say look I like the flats Letterman honestly I don't give a crap you know no budget grouping of program and even I did get fed I got the put the perfect ratio of flags as now I say it. Two drama he's as Ted would say. I would go seven deeper now I go 80% flat 20% drum beats. I think I never thought about just different deep and I am who ordered to give legs to stand up and send it back. I had 30% more Johnny and I wanted. Who took on this episode drum and flat men and you've ever been in this conversation with somebody know of my god there is people in my family double only eat the flats. Really yes they are fine he's put a medium kinda screwed and allow the I employee break them open right now. I got sexy woman have. Our on our guard down and that's again not all on that little tended I. I don't bunch of people that are like that the although we eat the flu that's really. Yeah and like I unusually late. You never run any chicks are like that. No yeah most chicks I know. These go with. Boneless wings. You know we got our nuggets nuggets tenders which are delicious right you are not seat upon which you can read a little tidbit. Corrections. Just give it Steve apps gone off the rails just give it to revamp how they make it says certain watermelons are seedless and other ones aren't. Khamenei didn't science on on the. Yeah I mean who the foot I've seen one with seems to know why all of this they got a bella did their extra space isn't either yea watermelon used to it's maybe get what did you see him there. Yeah or you get the white ones who don't tennis needs yeah it is like whatever it's like. Don Don. What happened. I don't have been how do you make more. I don't know man in watermelon farm and stuff to do I would imagine the sixer head beat. But I was a kid I I was afraid I saw a couple seeds that you're gonna grow watermelon out of our veterans sonic as they're trying to mom and it it is her mom realize that you get a special son. Now the trust me I felt for back to the Philly there were any Refaeli going to be slow see your problem grow watermelon dude I was like militant about have like a knife. And I would carve out all the seeds I get in order he once like some water on them to a twenty minute process yet it was delicious to get me wrong. Your freezer it no big cups of watermelon thorn in the freezer and it's not like my watermelon lukewarm all right don't freeze Steve. The result today. No still pinch of salt OPEC really they were just all like to wolf whistle pick. Dude. Washington. Long the world did they feel on myself and yes if he was over there or they can do buyer of the united air emirates or whatever half and he went to that do its restaurant aha I. I can't tell you how excited I got. It's right now stalking is the last episode. It might mean whatever wine he was he was over there aha but eight we were playing on the weekend or so anyhow Terry got off work watching the show like ten Thursday she gives me a call. Not a terror terror terror and she's like club and for life. How long is that salt based restaurant. I don't know why I still get really excited about Softbank. You know my nickname. Old day today approved. Payday. At the epic and epic. Still to refine our Rick Ross it's grown it's right there I'm screw. Just happened in her right device also militant premium and I let god that's awesome yeah I saw him in dip well. CNN apparently that's is thank you love scar and a brave man who wondered from the stories I hear it sounds like a fantastic time he's a young guy decides how to imagine an influence is something to throw himself into the fire. And dice. Yeah. So yeah that's weird with that story. How so. Mean I don't doubt that bill does Verity said like he wasn't dropping to figure out who's right away Saturday I wouldn't be shocked if there obviously is a drug in his system. What what drug do you think would lead him to do that big bath salts. We were wouldn't act then I mean I guess if you had a bad acid trip that could happen in a minute to give you are. I don't know and that's hoping to get people forget about with loosely gins. Is for the most part most people would take them are gonna be okay but there's some people would just RD have a recall like a predisposition. Okay to Conde maybe have a little insanity and I think those drugs would would push you towards their. I can sue you mean but it just like steroid summer watching a documentary on steroids are they bigger Harder Faster and the guy does a guy who did in the end Lama China say do we surge is right obviously tonight we are part natural lead this national ripped right. But he said. You did the people who worried rage. Did did this ever it's only MEU a heightened version of whoever you are there are ready jackass is like those guys every raids already had region them. And as steroids obviously ended up but I. He's at I've been doing steroids and I'm fine I don't bring rage ever becomes the good guy. And I don't necessarily true but it kind of lends what what you're saying if you messed up and Ed you're doing acid. You might do something that intensifies how messed up in the head you are. Yes and mile theory after I mean look there's a good chance he just six of drugs losses minor ran to fire break at all but I gotta explain to people know you're there on Saturday night watching the man burned. Mean there is you are so far away from the main entity of this giant circle for people swing in fire and stuff and fire dancers who and then there's. Black rock city lake cops at the Bernie Meehan police. There around there's the actual police they make a ranked it was known brands of firemen and fire trucks awake. Geez I thought like you are right up on that thank you know I don't know do you we have to be at least a hundred yards away from them it probably farther. Wow so I mean like a whole football field away from the burning man it's also seen how he got he would match Molson dodged everybody the Miller theory I heard was a was messed up. And he was just running around and then he got scared when the concert Jason in the firemen could happen and might maybe trip to lake. There's there's been people like ten years ago there was these stories up people jumping on the man after her fall and over a not so it's not that I don't but he. I don't know I mean 881 in there just to do something crazy then fell on any. It's also the mast the biggest massive fire ever seen in my life. That's insane I know I know you adapt our way from the actual structure of the burning man. Right you can go in there all week long and cook and input because it's a massive structure but on burn night man they set up a large perimeter. Tickets in the stories is out this guy's 41 years old he broke through a safety barrier and dove into the flames on Saturday night they got me to selling dissect. And Al I'm not picture what you just described and I'm glad that you described that BS our victory safety barriers like something that's all can hurdle over here and I mean nothing special no I mean there's physically a ton of people that. Within its gross is in the news views he just stop gap back from there as well and they're asking him I knew that he did burning man would be affected after that guy died. And he said dead obvious I'm a look he said obviously it's tragic incidents goes I would like whoa whatever man. But he said it's a lawless affair there and that's what the beauty of it at people of the ability to freely express themselves is not the first and it's always jumped in the fire. Yeah I mean I don't know about that that wouldn't shock me that's crazy. I mean that is kind of the far right like you get to ride your bike you get to walk around it you've got to take care of yourself. Yeah I mean I climbed on stuff there that generally I never would do but it just. And the result out of the restraining order against you for that now secret but there's got to act there's other stuff do that I didn't climb on to they just. You know whether I was altered or not Digisette part of your brain that goes physically. I can't do that yeah you know but he is it is huge it is lawless you've got to ruled yourself and and take precautions. Have you thought about that lady that we met at the bar before is that I'll tell blog already up up up I wish I could kind of get a hold a nice check and find out how burning man well first because they don't listen Kennedy was last week a retirement or the week before. This woman was fully not prepared. For what Bernie Mihm was going to be and I would love to talk to her the C. Did she acclimate. Or did she just go down. How bad traits of German go down in flames I don't know if they stay the whole week right they just say how fit like you or after one days you realize that her kiddie pool was not gonna have clean water and it and she said I'm out here. Or did it did something happen it did it become a moment in her life that may be sold. Walk away from as a better human being because she was forced to change the way that she thought. I think that's probably what happened you thing yeah. I mean that's part of the beauty of burning man two is that lake I'm telling yet. If you go year after year I'm sure you probably a little more used to it but by Wednesday or Thursday would you mental your breaking down. It's your living in the desert it makes both said he would be teams are supposed to be their rampant chose to do this and you chose to glorify and your music for me he's used a Laura urged chunk of my vacation for the year to go down here for find the right to survive in the desert Ed build structures have a good turn to your money I would imagine oh my god it was so expensive now. Yes and I like that that's insane like Jesse Thursday morning I was I was ready to be like. Cobb we need to Lee tied to go home right any kind of comic backed out of Hollywood a furry jacket. Felt so bad I think that was like the morning at like noon we pop the pour out of luck kept. But like I don't know what to do let's have some drinks and figure the stuff that's. Kids around and will determine if we wanna stay or not it's. Suspect sounds terrible a czar I would if it's a different place. The job and it's funny that I just guy I I've I do this on here because I suddenly come to do work we get these threats are results of this on audio clips and also yeah. And they'll grab these fine he standup comedy routines are just funny stories from comics whatever it may be and this one. When I was point now a story of a burning man I knew it probably in the talk a little bit about passage because that's my eight. That would be I know your peers but I promise you call this guy. So I was like take your fear to go to birdie menu duets that Daschle Cyrus good to have some accidental my tong and I want to know in the next Ian element of fire hogging the burning man yeah. Well anyways norm McDonald you guys did a hold bingo on Letterman a few years ago. Our hump. About LSU I haven't heard yet brother Ahmed as we permit for the mega casket is in the we talk about random hallucinogenic things all right but you would have Norman Dow has to say about Al ST. If dad who's not a lot of anger and merge. You know brown made in the send money tonight. Shows loosen up considerably and knows how you imagined. Oh granddad. Gave John well we you. I now do the hard drive a reality TV. You join LSU ignore McDonald's knelt honestly I think you'd be annoying. I'm grammar I kid lynching scene I heard Pedro warming isn't it you gotta be careful of that LOC I cannot. A flash back ten years into my twenty years thirty years and love. Matt we'll have a brother doesn't let you deal. It didn't tell me I'm buying droves plus dollars five years I guess how. I and then twenty years learn how. Could make good fit. Yeah influence. I like this stretch my drugged out of the coin is. Ten years have past twenty years have past thirty years. And no flash back to a gym then turned out to be. Here is tomorrow. Horror and let the big gash and give me. That's pretty funny guys carried are always right get out here and I work to do so let's get out of more push ups. Hoffman may have family as always thank you for listening to this. I if you did do this podcast out congratulations. Yet and cubs see the new original that in in red vessels a refund Ager to Beers. These clowns belly dancers are people worried stereo lists that are really drinks which that part I'm really sad to see what that means. The Saturday after a stimulus around the clock. Yeah I cannot get to make a hugs gets a mega although the new results go around the gone around 320 in the afternoon so if you try to find Ted and I W per return to finest or we'll both be up on stage. And I'm probably knowing about afterwards as well in before so yeah break in the second half of the said doesn't involve us now so while they're playing their music will come out and give megabytes yeah. So where you may catcher if you have one that they're they're they're not buying drinks for both program now yeah man it's tough yet times are tough in the summer yet a divot fifteen dollars or beer with scorched. Yeah actually me who talked about the Guns 'N Roses. It's hard not only that do that I bought as the league's I mean. The towards browns can't the super expensive yeah but then I just kind of sat at their Trevor forgot about them honest I don't want to drink you begin as they are not ZoneAlarm. Pro I've. Recent friend that got us into some like the cliff house or someone Australia and so I think in return for the favor other although by all drinks. Are buddies like. The idea. When all Keegan holdings does it for postal right or not dude you don't need to do that it's too much money but doesn't worry about it for drinks for doubles whatever ways I. We had eighty dollar sixty dollar 72 dollar. Forward drinks. Cool I hope you enjoyed it. Eight market ironic man 72 dollars. Sought the F fund. Who's going to Twitter and read up on some. Of angry positive guy anger positive Aaron that's daddy or a Bob didn't say great. Great runs on I wanted to surprise dead. I don't know if I didn't want to lose you know man. We thank you Willis then follow on Twitter and your dad so yeah. You are you see a huge sport you've been stopped. Okay. Nine CN great festival enable CNN Saturday showed KI SW dot com to get tickets. Fifteen bucks. In a box. Yeah backyard junkyard and get into yoga.