MegaCast 09/12/18 "Lean Into The Pitch"

Wednesday, September 12th

This week we start off analyzing a call that Ted received moments before starting the MegaCast....we also chat about being short with family members, how the passing of Mac Miller hit both Ted and Steve hard, little league horror stories, crazy Beatles sex parties, and "man-o-pause".

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Why is the one time I can't tell your contents. Although. They tell you figure out but didn't talk a magnet. Oh there. You are now entering. You can feel news feed you when you run a moment where we get in the flow soundproof room that we call the mega dealers. We sit down we never talk about what we're gonna talk about on the spot that's just kind of got hurt 1015 point lead. I think the BS of and we can go out we don't have to act which is exactly yeah we we definitely shortchange people because for selfish everyone talked to random crap that we could easily talk about it got to the point. Where I mean tears laughing and like you know I'm just aren't a podcast now don't even hear the rest of the story we're gonna finish and on the podcast isn't that funny some tests I David Newhan push ups yet. I'm not during the 10 o'clock yet we're going right into the story all right so a little setups and this is right before we start. My phone rings so right coast a couple of major and it's my mouth and I'm just I'm very dry to the point. But it sounds like isn't like his landlord just called MP Jack what I don't know when I'm gonna be home. I'll let you now. I'm like who tells talking with you talked to would such disdain. Sofia admitting it was okay mom and I got your mother. It's Mexico mean color back there's a Turkey Roddick hits worksheet look at. That's going to be our last conversation you average a modest Scott Hoch. She calls and you know this. If you don't peak they are you gonna be around tomorrow she does. You put me you've got bigger pop ups are up up up up well it could you know intense study or work. The other up. The lawn chair right next in the mailbox just waiting by the mail right so let's go well postal carrier puts me instead so my mom. The notorious haven't who have remained captive. Sure having cancer people put sending them way too late and they said last year since on the calls it a hundred dollars a censured the daily news was we July 4 which still hype for this Dorsey I do nothing. I kind of sit on my house like outside your give Beers. And what was it. Think they can. She's there fireworks Hoch was like the fourth of July can't peek at some except Powell attacked or the took a step up. Port told tower sits. She sensed he'd tap our big theme showers now okay now support liking your kitchen and follow her right hand towels Steve you don't mini. I changed hotels are every holiday. Are just. Kind of dead is is Ted Ted Ted did not towels put on everybody should. There comes to that bring up Al and it couldn't be there and I I don't know if I get out there and look what. Devalued the power goes in my. Colin Powell's tough OK except. She's my pulpit like towels. I have Christmas balls out of the city down all year. I was eating cereal I have two weeks ago. So upright and have a hump that's why didn't stay in my voice just like white what are you sending. What now like I don't think I go to I have to sign for something so that she's like no open Mike I'm sending a gift. But it did you send it I'm on my way to send it right now what's this do for. Its first somebody's birthday all that is two days like two days or three days away. So. Her baked good that your birthday is not so the summary sky Marshal friend of all hit one OK yes the party since oh. Right side I just is a guy sit him. I hang ups he couldn't speak of which feature mama wasn't very nice tonight at arms up until that moment that you were talking I thought for sure this was somebody that you were just not in the mood to talk to and then and then it would okay mom why get a good view podcast receive a much better monitor. So ho afterwards as their talent Steve the my mum does this all the time let's get these lake. Got a crazy you have some sense of wait you wait and then might worries about it. So one time she said the gift early is last summer. Our buddy Ben drag upon his pants I think man that runs my knees right now yes. So his parents great people haven't won seats are fiftieth wedding anniversary or simply didn't marry friend who. So I hope. My mom sends their gift early. Edgy easily badger Mino like all right all right to make Danny is there's some gifts saying he's a yea I had my mom's got it they're gonna wait to the party to open. A secret. So we get to the party I court show up at our half late. In the backyard where they lead imported shrimp are happily drunk hurt us over nine dollars and send a disease that study and classic Ted. Hey it's like I know daddy's friends these girls buddies that he grew up where there's a lot of family. So I gotta walk game kind of like are right who might see first in his brother Aaron who's a very nice man makes a bee line for me like almost like. Stepping through chair could easily go Heisman vote in fact say yeah. Like he saw them friction and it all sounds like OJ going to a rental car company before he was the engineer was the world I think the hurt sad because I stab and everybody's. Only two people had come on you're right exaggeration man you're right I'm making OJ look fat you are. Shows the respect to innocent man to iron cubs' spring release instead UA hall. I know what it. I hate it it's got here I am a little bit stone night drug testing. Well that's and he hit he is you got my parents at the scene gift that I got passed a tough late. All right Kate and he's like and you sprung for the frame. Couple this lake. Erin I hadn't had nothing to do with this like my dog scented and it's this awesome thing it's got lake PD you got married any goes back in the newspaper clipping and how much Milt is was caught. As those things are fine I don't know I can't argue might look at though like I've silly. I would get a kick out of seeing what happened on my birthday. Yeah they're out yes and they got two home she framed it and she she's from for the pain so this is the only gift she's ever sent early on time that is your mom know Ben. Hey Ashley Jessica's going to go up there any banks given OK I get my bat I think what's going on now we're Smart are they guests. That was for his parents. Drag go to the gipper they gets. Think that parents get our biggest it was looking do you have that he if you haven't seen anybody universe Sherif a war cannot attach. He should only have 42 more years ago. Yeah as a teller get cracked him. How man. That would be awesome but that would make him hum symphony fork she could you pick up a converted to edit your part are it is there enough. She's invited hundreds and it shows up on time that's you know what I turned pondered I say no authorities laid gifts little more charge and he speaks truth. My kids of the essence now. I can't put her out tomorrow I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow hundred Fatah leader. Plus amazing gave the tasks and that's a hi sorry Jimmy sound amenities like what are you sending. What is your went up I'm on the way to the store and out just stop. But it's funny because I feel like we all talked to our parents that way and everybody in our lives we'll look at all of us like come on man because like. Where my wife's on the phone when her mom. It's like as if she hates our and they love each other based you can bet there hang out all the times yet really she just gets like annoyed within thirty seconds and I'm like Pete. Her one time in like this is what endeared me to her mom for the I think for ever like I can do no wrong. I mean minus six off tossup obviously make them you know may be a turning to OJ Simpson but other than that I can do no wrong because when we first started dating. The first time ever experienced my wife doing now my then girlfriend at the time doing that I getting short in annoyed I get to my parents yes MM my wife will be like mine. They're so sweet why are you doing that and then now she's got to know that she's an okay I get it thank you now. Bittersweet but sometimes they just ask a lot of questions but and I love question they do and sometimes it's question I don't have answers juggle what does. Well what would set up too much I don't know here's Ted number call him. So really takes you get short when her mom hangs up the phone bank annoyed and I Dziena highway for the Dubai. And I was ago you call your mom and put pot and you call your mom back I was rude. Apologized to her for being so rude I get there you're annoyed with her but there's no reason to hang up on your parent. In sync fine this is back projection try to impress me yet so here nowadays Mick Oscar yourself. Is he calls are back is imam. To apologize sorry simple I know my you do ST may meet Derek Haas he's such a sweet. And since then and how might the greatest problem everywhere I mean anything I need to do zags she's like you might you can do no wrong in my mom's eyes how much that's because I meet you call her baton and messy remain I sometimes they get and are sick we nicer so it's funny I I give you crap but I do the exact same thing in my mom and yet. Like when she visits I catch myself which sounds a bit like look I'm just sorry like. My whole point of what he's talking to anybody in the morning yeah rides crickets could be. Shouldn't she said before she's up early she's a time I get out of bed at 839 she's already been tougher for crap otters they given what patent. Mike and their reputation their work ever got some amount down toggle a magazine Dahlia I know not to bother you so it is Gregor everyone knows not to bother you in the morning I really like what. How you think yeah I know we just we could see continuing nightmare and no one got no body Steve. This is early to mama but the urge. Odd man cut me some slack. It's 4 AM they don't wanna talk they they know I get it out wouldn't wanna talk to anyone item we just think it's funny because you just like all of us don't wanna talk early in the morning. But it's very apparent you don't want to talk early in the morning Emmitt Ahmad batting order a low that at that. Yeah I'm mad at a tilt. So why do Richard Bennett again I wanna give a shout out to ban because he is rehabbing my me. Like hey your schools like I knew Ben for awhile like mutual friend didn't PSE and usually when I hang out with you Alexis founders he's a former sounder goalkeeper mob of men spent some quality time with him granted he's forced to be around me and stuck talking to me if a blast and what a good dude it's like it's always fun when you realize it and iron into it but like it just confirms that my friends picked. Good people to be their friends as well. Yeah I tossed out and and it's got a message is while I bring it up as well also is a hates everybody but what's the name of that place in renewing your physical therapy I sort of PT today myself. As new place for me it's not up if it's up to par like another option it's the athletic training institutes and two zest for bend over in Bellevue yeah yeah I mean eight yeah. It's crazy dude I won't say who was but a big name sports star was there. Right. What I guess and my costs so you know latest. How bright our right and I personally do you do that they'll take. I think it is a number realizing he's doing the exact same stuff when his guide I'm doing with some like were basically roommates next to each other. While doing the same stuff they amount Emma Marissa did you say anything from a hole. Got bogged their music is Romo wore only seem very nice but I let them get a blog him resilient the American. Perhaps the easiest and that they get to that place is Kris what do you hear about it in ninety see some of the stuff on the walls and you you hear that they got some ideal A level guys going there. Whenever I haven't seen anybody. Civilians finally see it is that all my gosh. You're right your idol and he's that would do their life you make now but doesn't that's incredible like Texans got high G. NE it's special with some athletes it's hard not to religiously you so you still play. Watching these people and talking about a depth images like athletes here's CB it's sitting right next to me yeah. Yeah I was is a guy M and house doing some kind of like make TT tech settling working on some supplement like strength. He was doing some stuff is while he wasn't injured I think it's pricing routine maintenance. For a lot of those guys because the stuff that they do it that muscle activation you could be doing it even when you don't have an injury which that's pretty awesome because I mean I'd imagine they need that pitted the strength and stuff like that yeah and when he was coaching with the rain and clean. You know Hope Solo is a pretty big mean women's soccer kinda says that sometimes actually these teams like I don't clearly she does it might hang out them both split. Man I got pictures of my niece and nephew with open are they cool yes a Jeep she was treated then great was very nice my family that's awesome moment solid dudes SATA to him once again it's been a really cool experience and I would rather not have to do that because and knee but I'm learning. To my legs like jello right now into the gym and doing all these crazy like like star squad stuff reverse munch is all this stuff and assists like I just. The Sox better. It's it's great that I feel my legs getting stronger bodies. It's X yes I was just got an ever and I got a gap and it's no fun it's it takes precedent it takes frequently to DC for a place guardian yes. The worst thing well and Steve I am not scored in every. Worse though is I'm by the squad would weights are just doing squat CRA and in the reverse watched have like little weights just got to add a little more pressure onto it but it's more just estrangement that the area. The worst is when you get into and you really feel on it and you go to bed. In the wake up the next day you forgot that you did a bunch describes you take that first step down by the stairs and you feel like you just got to block called collapse. I'm holding Lulu I this is off all. And so were those that did set you know pomp but we got mellow dude put jumps this is the push of those push just in honor of a man that I know both of us loved and unfortunately pass. Oh yeah I wanted to show us some local Matt Miller and I had to listen to a lot of Mandela yeah. The only both men and someone tweeted it and nailed it perfectly and said. If anyone was a fan Matt Miller you're probably doing this way like what are your homes just died yeah 100% and it's true like it's. I don't know what it is man but like he's tonight I treated in the because sounds like there's so many fun nights that you would I. Especially. On the plus bonus what can I mean heavy rotation. Yeah. Oh man the other stats like where we strategies Matt Millen really pass. I did not realize how young he was a Mike and even listening to him for years and he's only 26 break we listen listen to reason teenager. I think when this when you do more like a party stuff like you know knock knock and party and get back in the loud and Colombia while they laugh outright like 1819 years old and tensions are very easy. Yeah a lot of I mean horse yeah he just simply do. People like Jack if I had to do you lose to simulate. Probably your favorite rapper like yeah clearly see all these people put not used to be since I've been anything to offend him. How can John even gave him a shout out yeah. Crazy let's get tend to Matt Miller everybody's. Cleveland. This is always there might there weren't a plan Abbas. In the days. Oh yeah your magazine. Did you miss some of the newer style. And it's like nine days I mean this is like Greg Hardy and in Baghdad and I'm announcing some serious thing. How did you think about what did you sign about yeah. And I'm not I don't know what he's crazy lady right that is you've done UT asset. Even if I said no one in my best works but I'm gonna claim it's Friday when Zetterberg on YouTube sometimes I'll play this. You CD insert Graham hosts the last December shouldn't put out on his semi. It was working on a song I ever fascinating and really showed how talented and hard as he was not a rapper. Do on the keyboard parts and layers that out there who took the days what's up at baseline they command. I didn't realize that he had backups get this close part of the story was a couple years ago. You lost within a year in his life but basically locked up in his place in Cali. By making use Zeke. In doing drugs you ask and then came back out Mike talked about it is like Tom dumb of the hard drugs like you know Mike was back in wanna see New York for awhile. The Mike Pittsburg they think that's when it came out with good music. Dodge and and then it was out and AM. There's a minute where I remember right being on Twitter and I it was clear that he was battling some serious. Did 1 in the morning just a long thread of clearly a drug a drug fueled. Just out there are tweets Massaquoi. In the the next it will come and there are all gone as they all okay yeah BP had a rough night Fiat soft so we sat June seasonally light exposure that somebody everybody likes to struggle on. And I realize how I always thought night. Being a fan of him was almost. All of you we're gonna goof Tommy got dike I don't know like a dummy was an exercise pot heads really like all Matt Matt Matt Miller gold medal got a bad rap too sorry I'm just into it make you gotta be young and a broad light coming I think that's not true man no not Jimmy Graham we are young Ambrose with everywhere where we have brewers qualities for sure. Yes grows while it is great when we come back we'll do the Ted talk but I I am glad we got to throw it out there we go you know you're a huge fan I'm used and it's weird that. Of all the celebrity deaths that have happened series in the recent years this one hit me hearted and most well Hahnemann and where now obviously of course. I Chester but this I mean on the same level. Maybe as as Cornell but definitely more than Chester yet as Sox. All right but looking to break we'll come back there won't be as depressing now yes. There may be picker RT Mac. 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And now we're gonna have lunch on depleted Dallas now we're like we are comfortable they are on the wouldn't wanna get good you know we love blogs starting blocks are. You feel like god chicken wings. I don't think we went out with a. Exxon bag. She. Tora. Sorry okay. Takes me. Make something it's something. Think he's dead talkie is that you take it chances. How. Steve we'll hear more on this over a punch which. Hi you know happy as I have to say and Ted talks its longtime instead talked to Ted till ya. Yet keep taking G it is in. You know it's our policies and keep taking their shots downfield tutors got to shoot taxes got to pass. We give back on the source Ted we're going to be hard right. I love that bad rep talk it's our daily deal with cancer about the take Ted. Literally I was so sure about them that to be as low figure out yet there was just the first strike earth or something and I knew it was a third strike uniting even swing back at him back. I was caught looking backwards K. Drove it back to the ground. Flip off the bat boy. And then knock over the Gatorade bottle. I played organized baseball since I was fourteen and stuff like that's like the way to insult myself the most. I even swing a bat third strike backwards K my vision AMOCO stood W aside and make Steve's. We need John base Milwaukee's is good as a hit lean into that pitch. Tee to Portugal where. All the time out whoa well all of that's bad coach gene. That's really been Brooklyn New York premiere group preserve Lulu Singh Colombo. Well look in all fairness I like how does not justify a mates like Stockholm syndrome like justifying the abuser. But all fairness I batted one season a solid 000. Meg the only two hits I had all season were foul balls and I was stoked I even got those I was terrible. Terrible and I remember that. That season I batted 00. Okay now the next seasons that did the season where he was trying to tell me lean into pitches and just they can take command to take them because you know and I'm Michael heard other than catcher Mike you like. Make I had a purpose on the team's yeah she did I I was like all Benito Santiago for all you'll school violence are you know like that you know I can throw from needs men just. On old strike get given a strike but get a mount Wright iron grip the bat Donnie and I my time my starts swinging he's already thrown aback that a pitcher. I was terrible I just had no hand eye coordination when he came to that right. Until one games my coach decided you know what the other team needs a player. And this is Jimmer are an ongoing experience for me noted that the I was the kid when the other team is short umpires. Put Steve on that team that way they're at a disadvantage. Right. Whole movie press quoted as a right. You wonder why I'm such an insecure person. All zarb a phony about core hole that Ted. I understand him I Sox doing the best I can I was messed up. A why did mess ups I have an excuse for being terrible casino foes over I'd still be terrible. So. Go to the other team and I don't know what am I could have a catcher like I was you saw how they keep pitch does that mean. I was crushing balls really it was like them it was a Disney movie for me now for anyone else but unity so. Every at bat had hit two triples and a double. Nice. Rush number until the game was over and then I had to talk to my coach. And he was not happy with me with a hole you don't man we were you mean. TSA needs of that team and you. And you hit a pleasure out of the game of the day I got the game ball from that team a coach David game balls like. And even talked to my coach about trying to get me onto his team secure we have him. The use Dumont yeah I had braids and now he's mad as usual formed the yes she sat five of those orders and his son was the pitcher it was one of those kind of coach's son with a pitcher batting cleanup grant he was a good fighter. But you know favoritism to the tend to agree. Well I'll follow up that I'm bitter at all about it had its now you're playing so I know a thing or two about striking out. That's yet DT taking chances I can't fire at big downfield except value implanted to my parents I quit I'm done with Little League and they were never happier. You always hit. It is a slow and had a forearm. At the picnic picnic picnic although lead times. That's common side yards seriously you think about this odd Nicky and I can RA. Very well yes are you Nicky or you can't nick here you are my person on both. Sides the combat boot. From head who should. Bob counting every now I'm. Who would be what's her name bad. Oh bad Dave that maybe yeah who she's cutting edge of pot bad news clearly ahead while guy love Matt Miller rock. Whatever broke. Our team Nikki all right eight are you Carty beef I have seen nice. New action get lunch. May we see what's not good I want chicken wings and you clearly don't that aren't. This is fun with the game they're ready thanks for joining us this the last may have cast yeah well I sought to isolate demonize when she opened for our Britney Spears it's common don't. At that critical. All right so I haven't seen party beat out more to come back Jimmie when you do have a I was ahead of the curve on that last summer the UR you are you're on your very best dad you're trying to you're banging that drum you hear what he resided in the human Dodgers on Allen and I but this is a rather interesting moment where she starts talking about off her romantic life. If you ask someone you don't see one or regular base says. It's not like it feel that it would turn things in having. But if you see that I'm you know like a once or twice a week removed then yeah ugly times and I eat when I see you three times and that kind of. Talking about sex yeah. But I have heard this already this is incredible. This three times than not she should have descended dude. And. When you say three times isn't spread out over the night or just three times right away. It has could be why no one and a half an hour between each being the hottest. No more than a half hour and then I understand you don't enjoy being touched or cuddled afterward I hate coddling act are. I had a long Evian and lead content it's like you noted Alan it's like once I get mine if I feel really really great food meal oh yeah it's. I can't get funding comic assailant don't make a lot. And we're sure she's a woman. I mean look. ID need to hear that you know I couldn't handle the human on his breath clear especially after round two and thank. They keep pumping huge longer than a half hour hurl he really got to give me a pill or give me. A good solid two hours to rebuild. Let's talk I'm gonna be dead honest here. If we had sex twice in the last ninety minutes. But I'm not the Iran having sex third term mental time out on the deck circle to eat like just enjoy ice. But we have Maureen one not a sex more than once a one night. You want to worry about me trying to come on you know maybe passed out driving in the area. Yeah it's all right nick given how much like that would cut the crap out Herman I guess you wouldn't let me he she should they should be fun McConnell yeah. Should look shows a stiff us. Yeah who really clearly her and I were not meant to be. Yeah yeah and you're talking about that'd be between her incurred EB I've Eckhart beast medals that she does and it actually wants sex maybe once every other day. Yeah especially up that's offset but there. And here's the demonized talking about the issues they see as a card ABS I'm finding demonize very entertaining well. I was aren't. Could not believe. How old. Humiliated. At a loss felt because we eat and I he was we mostly don't clarify week. How we've. Made ourselves. Look. I wanna say that I would never discuss anyone's child so let me just go on record having said I would never far. Talk about anyone's child or parent saying it. I am not a clown and that's clown. And we know you're sad and I'm really this is not funny this is not about tagging and about getting some well. The best they did not from you or did you hear that isn't the issue. Yeah. Imagine. You. You and hey. I. Are they could be in a relationship would humanize. The net total. I only wanna talk standing out I was aiming about a minor back. Jesus find me. I mean look you can't. I can't deny that Carty v.s style is very close and acumen matches right. Yeah but I don't know like I don't know that I ate the like one or the other like our approach them and their music for many years Eliot kind of guy his price Steve don't say that. Now that's the wrong choice she out how she it alienated everybody in like one summer. Did you see her I don't remember how she did that. She. I love how we're doing Omega test about the meltdown arrests. I think honestly I think it's easy eight there'd be done easily Jesus as the Brazilian banks with it ED. It is it is easy enough she got too comfortable I think then and then. Aren't at. Euros though right reaction time. Got too comfortable mean in Atlanta did you see she was on some doubt torque game in Nick Young slash BP was slave. It's like he's an NBA player who dated Paris he's deliberately an MBA player names like he did he's yeah he's not a Robert Smith I would like god doesn't think he's nick young and a case like EP correct what is the do you stand for don't ask I'm up positive. But I just she is it is it torture you need is what I'm sorry what I did TO acutely by turned you into this. I like cracks that's our thing now she just like works on everything Baldelli. Shed new brews in this and I have labeled him much I just I don't mean she does well in the restaurant. Furthermore no bail out and at all but I I like the fans disarmed she a lot of people did down there and do. Such taking off my outplayed us. He could take her off kind of move on to bed baby. Had to be a trap I mean. Yeah I'm sigma little pump. From from pop. Let's go from. Wrapped. Old rock all right our Ira Sino U guys amends homer off this week or appreciate you coming in still take one for the team via yeah. We tuchman is this morning but I incident dot U I think we got a top others on the may cast just because it's just the most insane story have you heard about Paul McCartney's inebriated we GQ. Okay I've I've just seen headlines I don't I read any of it are so he did a big interview would GQ I I think to promote his new record. And he was some reason I I contend that now that he's in his seventies. He doesn't care about. Seeming to artistic era to me like. He at this wedding everyone except the fact and are right with the saying that The Beatles are truly one of the greatest artists of all time the band. The press some incredible music now that he needs to. Come off like a true art teased you don't I mean he can kind of show he's his sillier side and also talk about some of the sillier things that maybe The Beatles were involved with back in the day. An easy night he's Serb Paul McCartney yes I was so what does an engine and we do you like Dick sorry there's just certain people that are in that upper Echelon dished George. Yeah I ate there's Wayne Gretzky for hockey 100% in now like Corey how and to leave The Beatles are in that John refer music like even if you're not a fan you have to respect the talent that they have. Not that it's a no regrets he's a fun one because we're just watching some interview that he did I get a first take or something like that I am I was just like. Is it me or does he seem like the most humble cool guy in the world Obama key Democrats should stop. He's really liked it he wasn't Wayne Gretzky he would be the beer league guy yeah hang out in the locker room just sharing stories with he really never. But he knew he was awesome but he didn't. Him realize how awesome he was he just thought well. I worked really hard and hockey and spent all day all night doing hockey's up because hockey's bond does the same thing with specks of Beckham yeah your go to guy Ewing get his I didn't. Weinke yeah setbacks looking good Matt. So obvious he did this interview. And he was telling some random sex stories that involved him and John minded all right so apparently there was a timer him John Lennon and a few of the guys are hanging out. And imagine a few drinks were had and then they just decided you know what now's the time to start. Make it look to ourselves. Oh yes now Ted and I have had many wasted nights we've even shared a door. At a hotel in Spokane correct never once have we ever thought. There's a lot of our winners and start doing things ourselves. In front of each other true the door was closed. Right I mean my here and other browser and other radius I'm sure we were both doing at the same time. Pleats but I've really they're doing it in front of each other like I wouldn't care seriously am outta your next story not put out like Cole. Why don't they are not infer I mean there are neither one season one the one classic where I tickle me came with us see him all the way from Japan are Australia I think he was playing some buy some semi pro hockey there are some moreover there. I became. And who hang with dozens that we had the sharing doors a hero kinda bad. And he started like pulling out the couch mice because we each got our own remote area right. And he's certainly not an album wasting music came as cool I just crash here. Other young man but I'm planning on not taking care of myself for a good or bad. He's just got up in the last. Yes right and good money that newsroom by myself and the only reason why I do it it's that I can have some alone time. So any of the knock on someone else is to receive on the floor I kind of felt bad but I didn't dress yet so Bruce yeah I paid for a few minutes. I see god John says. By Paul says I was over at Johns house it was just a group of us and instead of just getting roaring drunk and partying we brought. Instead of a tub they must have been growing drunk but anyways this is wrong these chairs the lights were out I wanted to write some kind of loosen agenda. They had I mean this doesn't make sense so where people don't mastery in front of their friends while sitting in chairs and I know that messed up people master read like a former us. Sorry I I don't wanna get too fired up about this but this is weird Beatles. Is weird. Yes it's very weird and so then he says yeah we were on the shares a light drought they had to be on some kind of crazy drugs. Time and die at some sort of master rating so we all date. And never started shouting and name to people that might help keep us going quote we were just. Bridget. Bridget Bridget bardo. Ooh. And whenever I would thrash a bit more. Yeah and I can't. Jimmy guy and say another name and I love John Lannan is is Surrey is true John Lennon. Might be the best deal of all time I mean ideologue people would say that don't say that's a tall Melvin I think after the story yes he was. He sits down with it lending till the mood like eat this instead of yelling out a female's name he kept yelling out Winston Churchill. Wow home price. Throwing those guys. He's got a peek here masturbating and turn your friends and you're doing now Winston Churchill. Then sit. It's admits it sounds raunchy when you think about it yes Paul it actually sounds kind of weird. As it was good harmless fun it didn't hurt anyone not even Bridget bardo. To me when I think raunchy yet nearly a trashy woman not. You're sitting around in the dark with three other bodies cranking it crank it. I just love last night Steve Michael ware talked about this part that Syria to say. Carnie just in an interview with a GQ magazine in which she told a shocking story. About the early days of The Beatles. Saying they are all over to Jones house and it was just a group we'll listen instead of just. Getting roaring drunk and putting I don't even know it was staying over IP and wishing we moved all just you know in these jazz and and the lights were out tens someone. He started masturbating so we all do. Someone can't remove move. Don't think today he who can't remember. Yankees member. Well I guess I've finally explains the meaning of the with a little help from my friend. And we can work it out. And twist and show okay. And come together. Now. Cleveland this morning is that we got a guy does that inspire this on come together or cry now. Over me. Food that is not where I thought that was going to know who he did even said that. You called the George Harrison watched when he lost his virginity. And there was also a time when John Lynch sub with a married woman while her husband watched. Yeah they did do that crazy. Aaron of their favorite celebrities single Ted all right you're out about yeah haven't some drinks yet have a good time. You rent to a couple big fans of the shall love the manager may address give as the mag I guess right great time finite sending. Gross really attractive she's kind of been flirting with you like this is we're return calls going on okay she leans over says hey. You wanna come back to our house hang out drink some more smoke some weed party with us. And my husband's toll finally if you banging me he just wants to watch. In just. Friction. That's right you're right that's right I think it's. It you have to think about it I hope I don't think I can do it. But I love that you can you. Yes decimate I give me out of recently given a college try right. Yeah I really don't let this morning US Britain checklist that the the pockets Elena occupied guest Paul biz biz nasty yes and that he shared his story a camera when he said the name and house who has but he called it like the house that you can. The house of no return because it was so far from everything that when she got there you kind of stuck there and yeah this couple at a bar and that the girl. Was fragile another girl who already hooked up a policy she must have told the girl about how awesome he was because he's just really shares you sex stories expert and also how low our business that. And then they come over and that excite you should come party with that's come back to my house to get sex toys and do all this crazy it's W like Ed let's go through. He didn't think it's going to be far from where the bar is that he realizes at the other end of that street that they were talking about now we stuck there. And he goes there insurers ask everyone's going nuts everyone's doing crazy stuff and then the girl that had a husband comes over it with a husband and they're all in the same room while he's getting someone to document. You know his hockey stick right she's means over is okay. Beat it all and take care of him. Is that cool tell her husband not the dead do it she serves doing it any day I can tell they hit a moment where it got awkward for both of us. And that's fine I can feel him watching over me and it was just too much sense so man he had ago. At and very stop gap stop what was going on him but blood that point he still there and he's waste this week's crash there I think they woke up the next say they're all like. The company get breakfast with us. And he's like I guess this is weird. That is awkward and then he says he brought up from other players. That happened to them as well like these people are just like basically do yeah. Right they think it's called the fight celebrities are hockey players and Arizona. To come back to the house of no return whatever he called it was pretty funny it's a little and that's a thing they wanna watch yeah. I don't know. If you're like me about those fantasies but I think I don't know if I can ever actually go through something like that. None of that you're like damn I have a layer which you can see if I make it's he could see her great work you're like oh he's in GAAP GAAP odd percent punter I can't yet. All right Ted. I'm hungry AM let's let's put it up to Joey it's it's a push up to I know I you real quick real funny story. A funny but you know yesterday obviously was a a a tough time September 11. And ESPN was on and I'm talking and watching with my wife and they do have you seen that wells crowd there story need to run every year. But the guy with the red bandanna. It's put on my Twitter page all right you should check it out if you feel again the crime Panasonic and incredible human being with the Boston College play hockey. All this wanna become a firefighter. When did of saving a lot of people's lives and there's a part at the end of it where it's like talking about his his history and the other guy's picture hanging up at the door right before any time the firefighters had to leave that fire station he's RS personally see comic you know and in memory of him. There's like. A jogging charity event that ever wears red bandanna is an honor of him but the part they got me was there's a woman has a picture of him playing like in his hockey uniform. Act in her house. And she was wanted to people that he saved and she got a picture of him I know medals never norm but he saved her life so. Forever she's gonna have that picture and it at that point it's water works right. You know me let's get emotional about these things. Am I why it is so for me is like Mac daddy going and you're trying aren't yet tonight yeah. From crying thing you always are crier or is getting worse is you don't get away were originally an older man I always joke I'm like I'm I'm suffering massive man I'll pause yeah yeah. Are you start to be more emotional as a as you get older. I mean I'm always got a crier summit itself that we are free but I have Britain's they'd take you meet our Asia for these huge wood I noticed our friends over forty yet to cry a lot more job. I'm screwed if we ever do have a kid. In my wife says you're gonna be amass any time a desolate milestone happens are charming to opt. First terror why I had to falls out oh my god you know what how are right so I can they got a crier when it comes like relationships in this net but the one how. I don't know why. The once a week where we still don't September 11. I don't know that was all the when the chokes me up the worst and I cry every year when it happens. Is when people get drafted. Dash simply give they get the flu especially if their home. I don't know why go I don't know I love family. Home. That's the Catholic could have a moment I don't even know who did. This morning want to have people think it's our right about a get. Drought lakes made it this Palin a physicist sir he's a guy he was arrested two years ago on a weapons assault charge and Mike he's now going to be out on that started my router as well as angry Fella he's not a crier or. Stadler and Bob as well god do enough good radio all by Doug Griffin Marvin Griffin boys seconds saw you as a team. And they come off the field and they hug mom hit did you see that yeah. That was brutal third crack and then I'm thinking well. I wonder like if does she have one of the sons numbers on the front the other one on the back good reviews go with a rookie has yet to Brooke she's she's she's yeah you're the rookie yap and there's another player on the C upset hugged her. Like these came out of nowhere before the other dude dude dude your boys came out off the field and she's like waving it so Q and it's on FaceBook it's everywhere. And what is the odds is comes over dogs around like a hi yeah I hit a hug you've. I'd I'd I got almost my ma Mike my wife's like if if we have a son and he starts playing hockey. Your screwed aren't you Mike yeah and amenities and put on the ice in his fuel -- year to Soviet goalie like his father. Stick it could. I am going to be waterworks on never being a dad that's gonna get mad I could be that dad bought me obviously you are my story before fleeing into the pitch on well I. I know you say that but I told you paint. I think when I've gone to see my niece and nephew like I did this year. But before I realized it like you kinda turning toy that person. Thanks mistake but again he's playing intramural basketball right the study going to do Eagles need. And by the end of embassy I mean would it kill this coach of one inbounds play. Oh sued. I determine stomach roar. Time to go there that's down you're right you're probably right that I write about with you I would but he just like when I watch CJ play and all of a sudden half our income I've turned into that Eric. A have you guys like I did scrolling he had given up six goals in the first period. My son is on the bench what is brand new warrior goalie gear like you spotter that matches the jurors don't like best starter. Put an end. Just how much worse than this can. It nice to tell a story about my son on the radio every morning and radio celebrity coach. Just go out every. All manner I don't know if I. Celebrate Matt Miller oh yeah we have an answer for an anti Communist coming to Seattle okay now pundits say we gotta go you know what's. And number anyone's daughter until Oakland. And I'd get another family thank you. Youkilis and you have no way no how much you. Cause I'm glad you. And you can ask. The Jewish people out of the segments. All right pretend. When our grand. We're doing everything. That's moment. Excellent yeah. Starting down the killings. It really didn't want to. Did you what wings get wings got a widget cry. It's. The red bed data. And now I'll get my dry rubs. All flats. We defied some dummies via the tell me that appreciate you for that. Let's have.