MegaCast 09/13/17 "Crabcakes & Lockers"

Wednesday, September 13th

This week we discuss the delicious treat that are Crabcakes and the difference between Blue Crab & "Dungys".  Both Ted and Steve have something to contribute to their "Should I Be Mad?" segment...Ted's involves a certain movie reboot...and Migs is having issues with someone in the gym locker room.

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If it. I'll play yard out of the let's just do it yeah no we gotta do an official. So now I'm kind of remained. Now it's months and that's good. Modify a file. Call girl to come over modify my photo. Don't Wear baby it's not corrupt. But the income. Zero viruses. This week with alcohol. 09 B at Smith. Oh what up Steve hi guys are talking a minute you particular swing yet you drink I'm attitude I've put my mouth he could even if they hate dead down. He calls came in a time that we're it's okay we have music underneath that's it. I never realized that you're under armour surge has crab legs on it. It out of. If I kept. Yeah and if you look inside the under our party it's fine it's far the flag yet but rep and I'm Marilyn today on. Terps are two and help. Applies him correct yes I mean you went down to Texas opening weekend beat Texas 5141. And then I would be upon Townshend state last weekend tells the state obviously not. A huge program but still we I'm 63 on a Yemen and can you is thirty Turks are Roland dirty terps the stared at their message that is. That's a great under armour straits got it's got the under armour low going into crab legs popping out and Yemen crab cakes aircraft have proposal to deal. But the problem with that is that Maryland is known for their blue crab correct. But I am now looking at that picturing a dungeon this crap because it's in the Marilyn red. Well sending mixed signals tad when you cook a blue crabs they turn out red white and that I never have grabbed its key. New York it's like you're that far away from us now I know pitcher right New York City or like any of the boroughs you guys when you crabs that we deal now we're all about lobster. And chlamydia. Configured with the access yeah well. Christ I don't actually you know what I'm thing about having a Maryland crab cake party all and you get a body aren't. Larry you from DC no did you army of us all right so he's a chef a cat and he's opened up a new spot DC. So he was into ram and all these pictures now slate how much easily do not charge cost just seven the money a certain amount. No way yet few hours thinking about dom ordering. From my Jimmy seafood. All crab cakes and our guests to quit Ariza is legit. We will want to we do that if we do our annual Christmas. Celebration all at the next level news right yeah because my our boys and jumping out the podcast that we booked on the wrestling podcast you know I AJ Klein and nine and Aaron. There was talk about going to Jimmy seafood. They've had Pressler resigned that are sponsored by Jimmy's seafood they had a guy who works at Jimmy seafood apparently it's like the ultimate. A it's a great place for seafood consuming seafood but your wrestling fan. That's where you go to watch paper view is that where you go to watch raw or whatever it may be its IP go to spot for wrestling fan so my goal one day. And hopefully maybe being coincide with you going as well. It's a good down there. Make an appearance on their podcast in studio. And go to Jimmy seafood and enjoy the food that is there all nice. There's no rearm I and I realize that you can order it and haven't sent out because when I went and did AJ house in Orlando. His wife. Our our gift to her for allowing us three knuckle heads that aren't getting married to her. To stay at their place for wrestle mania weekend what we all chipped in an end and had up a bunch of IDB seafood crab cakes and to her own nice yet apparently Sheila isn't it. Yep man and it's weird everybody that area has like their specific place like Erin you sort of plays hard Jerry seafood had a crab bottom okay which is like famous the most that's restaurant PG county used to be really. Oh yes I can't. You would like to two is it was late the winning the one in. What was it like new Carrollton may never to reservations. You had to wait outside not silly but sometimes you lease it minutes late Gary Williams that head coach like mail and that's all we sit there and that's them. Yes and then there's like Jane encouraged to think she and am odds ammonium sir but he has her placed a lot of people like Jim means in. Had a explaining your crab cakes that that your date when your I was back around Christmas. Asked us to hang out with somebody only between six and but it snowed. Tightest senate house and the four cryptic now would you say that the crew hit the crab cakes are better blue crab or borer have you tried dungeon scrap. Or is it just me you don't even going your judgment when it comes to crab cakes. Well the crab cakes or suck your guys that probably don't invest in it doesn't have to do with the guy grab guided by referee breaks your kids the preparation the due to it. It's like when you go to Maryland to get a crab cake. It's a lot more Kravitz blue crab there's old bay there's some spice to it a guy that's what makes them to me a Maryland car that we got to make this happen yes I don't say like I don't I have no issues would dungy is a dungeons all the time. Think history could have done geez last week you dummies don't weigh all evening phrases with food and dogs there or didn't make him first and Hungary alcohol. I'm with you let's just a push of you to grab gigs you're talking a good I'm. Well we can do one of those things to do that should be our party. The push up crab cake party all right still it yeah reached cranky we do set attempt push ups yeah. I think you'll make that happen Yemen and the like maybe two and half graphics could put the this one of them identical to get under surveillance it's a great I had ten pregnant mother rapper. Think it's just chair at a labor and do pushups are I'd pick the songs. It's gotten a little bit of a somber story but I thought this is doing to celebrate the man's life I'm not a big country music dammit I'm sure you heard about Montgomery Gentry. Gentry gentry. Did the guy from the gentry output got Montgomery Gentry trade gentry died and a helicopter crash which is just awful yeah I mean I know the name and then the only other thing I know is that I solve much people in. Country radio no time between how nice he wasn't yeah so it's like. Nobody's gonna tweak pitcher and mean person but better. You can just tell what he obviously was a it was a nice person breaks not often have a jerk dies is like Ding Dong the witch is dead. Right it's more but it's ridiculous how many people come out and all pictures with him it's always. These heartfelt stories about how cool he was two people in the industry or whatever and I'm sort of dances while convincing a lot of fans post on how heartbroken they are. I had no idea what held Montgomery Gentry gentry once I built just demeaned and I feel like country you love them but I'm with you I don't know if I know their music so the other Dave Baum listening to this thing montage of Montgomery Gentry songs and one of them popped comic all math I African love that song. All right so an honor of him and and tribute to him and his passing which is he was next fifty years old I think. Yeah it was sad Emmy was fit dude yeah just tragic but so what better way to you know to show some love is to celebrate music and saw what we're assault on how yap and I'm positive Ted committee you here. Or at least committee you hear the chorus you're gonna know this African sides aren't those. You're drinking and tail gating. Type of songs that you would listen to like even as to not country music fans you know it GAAP. For for attention and told them our country itself. Yeah I doubt that's kind of a weird laid out. I can do to avoid having. You know this one. You're right how much does. Okay tailgate. This song is great so crushing various. Eating fried chicken. Well I've seen valujet. Fit how to make you feel like Richard you have fire roughly. Yeah. Think in the weather now one of the video of keeping them off for the DLC he had. Why don't tavern that prevent. But forget that we'll throw the book put her foot yacht club face fraud exists and nobody who band from the DL team. Who wrote that they've suffered yet but they're getting them from other mess and clean and. We'll hook hook hook look just doesn't happen if I mean as soon as he just does not happen. You know there's a take it slow it down there one day really have something they email me relate he retook the bottom of the tavern last clearly no life. The right there was clearly a guy who thought where you and he went a bit in his get free drinks and yeah. More power to my guest. Ted I'm fortunate I must've accidentally deleted DI Ted talk in show my laptop that's the case do you just do it our. Extra call Ted talk. With me Ted Smith. Who. Oh. Acted to absorb. Our. Dog. Is carrying you. Yeah. It's another. McCain technical stuff I pay it off track I really like your computer coup. New digital room and talk talks. This kind of a simple one can obviously was something after remind myself sometimes as often Ted talks are then it just and I am still miss her body that's been out kind of practice and it's for apologists just just do you. And I don't mean height. Do you go up to a bar. All like I'm ripped a ten shots tonight indymac guy and they may do you like you know what admitted yesterday afternoon volatile masturbation I you know but nonetheless not not not so graphic Ted. I usually do you and you live your life but there's always going to be certain things to get too down yet. And maybe last weekend it was the Seahawks yup by the sound or a gosh maybe it's something that your job may be you know mariners it's a mayor this is it could be. A married out of things that are getting it down but just remember. Your right to think about them but don't let it can. A you're right you know I mean does whatever is get me down I'd easily flip shelf on the road you know you sit at home your mad about the whole might of the many holes one yeah I know he's got your whole day now and throwing no he went back to his house he's eating crab cakes he's listening to what he Montgomery Gentry going to hell yeah. Crap kegs. I'm gonna do news day room. I just mean nobody kinda had a weirder things that it was late. It kept bugging my buddy those who kids yet but he carried the bag I was an equal to a slick is not a big deal religious theme living our life. I could have turned the corner when it comes to a football. Lucas' big used to be and this is probably more so before they won the Super Bowl since then I think it's no less and drastic my my mood swings at them or like a raging jerk when the Seahawks would lose but don't cook kind of communal funk. Yeah and this year immigrants under one game but they lost. I was the only sub tonight where I didn't look like I was happy about it goes. I had canker sore and was a bad mood I believe that ended December I love a bad move but I just couldn't smile. Yeah like talking has just hurt every time and I just wanted to try and talk. But my wife Demi maybe about an hour after the Seahawks games goes. He's still bummed out about the hawks made a mean you know it's don't worry is still a lot of left in the season I was there I don't. Matter say enough I'm in my mouth hurts. I don't even care that they lost like I mean am I care but yeah I moved on. Think why don't get worked up about I yeah I think it is a feel like since you've gotten to know certain players on the team. This move on rather quickly after they lose but the fans don't I. I am a 100% with you yet I think a lot of it has to do with getting older but definitely knowing some pro athletes. And just like right like it's their job yet you know it's like it's it's what they do and I get it and I used to be one of those sports annually for start hanging out I mean I'm still a big sports fan right but I mean I don't let it ruin my whole day like he used to he's got a. Have like a bomber moment from a B 1520 minutes after gimmick cash come on. Down howl like you lose a playoff game you can let you do so there's a little bit more. I went to the Dem Super Bowl where they lost with the woman and I ever was about one does problem I had this little sour because what could have been the greatest weekend in my entire life my greatest trip in my entire life. Turn into a really awesome trip would a crappy ending but I never going on here the next day on Monday. And I am fresh off of watching them lose a Super Bowl I wake up I'm leaving the hotel to a sea of patriots fans to the hotel we're I was a patriots hotel. And I think the players are seeing at the hotel right next to us so I'm seeing on these pages and look and I mean they're stoned and drunk tonight. And I first or the other going to be gases but no I wonder why edited and to hand the ball Mike I know. On the air and everyone at PO BJ is all upset and angry and I don't get a wide is that obscenities that he really a Seahawks amused Seahawks fan because he lives here but it's not his diehard team. That's my guy our team and I just think man. Money and do. Scott what what can we do we will be sad about this kind of mixed for hours and in cry about it like it's over it it sucks but man it was a great game it was one of the when the greatest Super Bowl games I've ever watched. With the crappy sending yet and it's a tough line to tell right then it as they get older does it matters much but also. It still doesn't matter what I. When you freeze that it matters in a sense to me I like the social aspect of sports hundreds and Greg I don't want your whole day to be growing. Because your team lost. But I do wanna encourage the kind of ridiculous missive of tricking out your garage and has Brazil over you know what I lows seen face sort of like our list doesn't mean most of friends of FaceBook reduce listeners right yeah. And I love Selig their parties and they got their food go and I think Christ. Well I cow bell to a gym though it got. Our hope both killed every time what have you ever eaten any of the food it. How well do you has put together an Italian party just so onetime years ago was your show on believable I'd. Oh I mean it was ridiculous I gain like forty pound should by being around him for ten minutes right center of same bacon wrapped everything right it's a hidden behind his site. I don't people who usually get in fights about sport but I also encourage like a lot that's social aspect of it oh yeah and that's I think. That's the good side of sports and incidentally we forget about it. I still smile whenever I see Sony tricked out their car to look like the Seahawks scholars I know it's only in and may be an excessive amount of money spent on something. I love it I can't do it I would do it I think it's great insight if I can do it meaning now I'm not allowed to. I don't have that extra kind of cash is turning my cards with Seahawks vehicle could hook up I got to see jobs played in my my GB is blue and that's close enough. Yeah and I Hsiung stickler. About it. Watch stuck in the weird situation now obviously the red scare Washington coming out here recent argue go to the kingdom lake. Between dynamic. And much red zone I can't tell the last time I put on something watch you Tim and went to see you gained. And like I don't really where Seahawks stuff either but I stood on stage in an accident. Am so it's like pucks but I'm a little differently years right a I want this he talks with rocks yet Susan. And it's detox. It's I don't that's the point I don't wanna go to the game I think you have to pick a side now I don't have something. And I feel like I'm probably battling it seemed alarm as well do you not like saying Redskins. I don't just let my guys are you caught your W sort of read and then you finish with doc. Why why is it yeah yeah just because I legit got four emails over the years are like I'm made of our front super offensively so it. So Estrada a personal level that was enough for me oh yeah I did add more often than not my opinion changes when I talk to someone who is legit. The person that if there's someone to be offended by something and they are memorable ones I'm saying a a a quick. Random joke you invading vial or awful but it was awful enough to have set us on who's transsexual. I and I mean if any came out wrong it was like getting eating like super hardcore means but it was just enough to get undated scam. And they brought me a really nice text yes. But says hey I'm really hurt by that. And ever since then I've never once even considered story even even like a a cheesy Bruce Jenner joke you know. Kaelin's energy I just. Once you realize that you have a personal contact with somebody who is. Who is hurt by that because it is something about damn it changes in my opinion if you if you if you'll make the adjustment then you're just an awful human being yeah I mean I know it's high time that went for personal emails also wants enough doubts like in my opinion vehicles like our our right would you name them. If there ever with Tom saint John's book college they were called the saint John the read and Redmond yet and now they're called the red storm yeah. I was sleep. This is just my own insane idea priest obviously crab cakes called the wash U crafted I would I would totally get their Jersey I would change allegiance and become a crab cakes and. I'm asleep I think they should just call themselves Washington at CB. I think you could use wow. How is eventually he put Democrats on the soccer community I'd yeah I know but eventually pick. Which are part of what about us and others say look at you turning your back on your people are saying eventually the NFL wants to put a team in London I think there is a time were the Premier League wants to put a team in New York City are hot so this. These football clubs are gonna start inner Maxine I think Washington could be out in front of it and actually start making money on it. Right away and that's not a bad idea that is just red is my kind of crazy idea I'm but admit the logic is sound yeah. That's funny I would never ever think the call an American football team aforethought right in your right the Europeans will be pissed but it lake. Tony seventeen. But in this global economy like things or change in one and a comic a football unions have a team since. Washington have you got half half half staff at yeah that's so we'll watch it go get us that day go with Aaron I would do a quick break it's pronounced. So we come back. It's all about whether or not we should be mad all right I got a serious one and I'm pissed about it I've got one that optimist about act add to that I'm pissed about and not and one of our members of the mega family. Also has something to talk about and they want an update should be mad all right so we got to find out if we should be mad. Times three and a mega cash retained its. And have to make me like he didn't do we have to do. The minute concert will be back. Football season kicks off when you couldn't care less because of these top reasons you're not. Number five you reserve Sundays for a much higher purpose managing your Taylor Swift fan site. Numbers for the other guys would give you a hard time if they saw how Tom Brady makes you blush. Number three your name is calling cavern at sorry that's a top reason you're not in the NFL. You have insomnia so you prefer baseball. Atop the reason you're not into the NFL. If you wanted to see people would head. Drama fighting to score points you'd watch C span. How. Why you always chasing. Iciness of the two tenths I know I hope and then get Costas that. Anyway it's either way he's emulating it may reduce over time however we didn't match like that. Yeah. That's not always make it about Mattingly. I 'cause I discover this song and in other news. A great song and I had a plain mad multiple times in order to figure out what song a little Rosetta and every time oh come on like yet in the bathroom or some women are sure. The timing as I got about like ten minutes and I get my high denominated in realize that schedule a dentist appointment and they would do make guest. The I get a clean and yet that does cleaning and I hope we everything's dead we have been pretty lucky we'll find out next week. Message to Steve that Japanese yes personalities. To next week on the may cast so is that why why why should we find out whether you should be mad. All right might experience a about a movie I understand movies are make believe this all movies make believe. But in the promo for flat line ups okay. Have you seen them from yet I had not their granular hard on vice land you know financial advice now and not all I premises movie is that these people. Are purposely. Dying so they can flat line right either it's a remake. OK I read I know I've heard of the original rights and it is remade it right to the whole idea is we can basically dead for like thirty seconds so we could see the afterlife or whatever okay. I had rather own the whole thing is ridiculous right. They didn't in the promo the girl goes you never told me there was a downside to flat lining. Just like I can't take yet. I think yeah it's three she's herself. Even the fact that you compared the life couldn't she did you ever there was day outside. I didn't read the fiber when I click the green. That is stupid kids keep you know why the yeah I mean I don't I would love. Professional wrestling in an I can say. That's bull crap you Janette to suspend reality when it comes to something like that I'm stoned on my couch watching basically NB a they you're going to public just pissed me off probably yelling at them told how disliked. Don't match. New neighbors like I don't know man I think this guy might be ever really abusive and keeps yelling dumb bitch but I never hear the woman talks I don't think she's not to speak until spoken to her right. I know where his place is he just has a one bedroom. So that's we've never seen her. That's there's always going dumb bitch that's what I've been mad about that's just a solid thing here is as equally as stupid as wind Arctic. To the aren't so I think going to new gem here I and it's been going on for Ben minute and I don't know I should snap at this guys have been trying to be cool. But he's really start to (%expletive) me off so I go I'm working out. Owen and Jim of course is a lot current. There is set assigned lockers and then there's temporary only lockers are of course I'm not gonna pay five bucks a month. So get out my own locker I don't care what locker I use by. If given the opportunity. Like anyone in your fear of parking spot if you park in a parking garage to get ready I write I can go to any gym I've been to a team if your locker which are Hurt Locker. Why everybody in the that like a game to break if I went to an old gym I could find the one that for whatever reason I went to the what what typically makes a locker you fear a locker. I just Heidi I just end up using the same one I feel like for me I like having no neighbor. I always go with the last locker in the batch well top blocker top blocker causes longer yet. And the last locker so there's one that's I think it's o'clock and number seventy whatever it may be. That's the one that I always go to our ain't eleven working out of that gym now since we started here so what I a month and a half we've been here I so there's discuss the it's so ridiculous to meet its so. African ridiculous on city Munson about this the other day and it is like none of these guys are really exist and I know I swear I would take him. If I get time Al record him when he senses like fourteen clockwork. So. For awhile like you would always give me this look when he commanded I was like okay. Could I say hi anyone who walks by if I make eye contact a missing high especially if I don't have any clothes on to the that's a good time to say hi to people yeah at least we got had not yet okay. So finally. I'm dudes in the locker and he coast. And you got that locker Hough. And yeah that's my favorite locker. Cool great locker. You can separate locker but then the conversation. All right next day. Parsons. He sees me on there already. Are you Democrat airlock you don't see ya. Now. Again as is the best locker here. Are right. That's why I keep going to are you showing up consistently the same time. Ultimately it he's shown enough just right after you pretty much so how do you I mean this is probably what you're going through. Have you thought about this village is Jen here earlier that the deal that would be a very easy way to do it but you know man's apparent. People have their jobs they can't leave anywhere and anytime they want I am fortunate that I kind of long in my work stomach can go down those gym whenever I want some time I tell even today I hit the gym before we do the mega cast I say a time before when you get. Now he's likes to sit across from me. And I think he finally hit his breaking point you make up got my locker again. And I won an attempt when my name your locker man they took temporary locker. It's nobody's there are times where I show up in that locker is being used. And I don't know I go to another locker it's not a big deal I would never think of throwing shade it's somebody might think at first you try to be friendly about a like hey wink wink nudge nudge stop using my locker. But that makes me wanna use it more. 'cause it's not your Franken locker I'm not taking your locker if you wanna locker gold for him pay five bucks a month and you can have a damn walker to file he just. And my kidneys. I thought are you planning menus and I lock her all the time. I can't write this man so what do you sit eat so I look at him a Mike. If it's over and yes ma'am. Yeah how many uses locker it's convenient out like used in this locker. But if it's not being used. I'm having this conversation with the public as a write anything that he's a businessman he's got his nice suit on and sometimes got guys kissing his ass in the locker room they're all laughing and joking about his weekend and hey I can tell he's the alpha male of that crew. So this is really. For some reason this has gotten under his skin so much that now he's having a moves it conversation with me about whether I should be let him use his locker. Did it take Debbie you know because before you started showing up that was always my locker. And I just looked at him. And I was trying to be nice I wanted to tell me the last fall off mailman I'm sorry I did not know that your first is he your first or your last name that's temporary. There's on the lockers is temporary only all said that I had to I was pleased. JP just laugh do they are yeah yeah I know we always used I want all the time I really like that locker McCain man. I don't know what to tell yeah. It's not being used I'm going to use the slow cooker it's not a Bob and it just ended. Now here we are Monday. I get there. So dirty use math talker I hate it padlock on it. So like a normal human being I just go. I and I try not to be the guide had been set up at the locker next to that person to lead to bad guy like do a little buffer have a couple days I went three lockers down grab the next soccer the number 67 or whatever it may be. I go work out I come back. That locker does that padlock on it anymore it but I I'm not like checking it so atomic hall that has already gone. Present this is my locker I observed that it's only do now. Now I'm getting all my stuff Bob beverage up in the shower to cool talks ten. That guy that guy did you have a lock on the locker but he's using a locker. And you open it up and looks at me. It goes Guttmacher. Which as I'm now wrapping the towel while my waist. While the mathematical. Congratulations. A walk you through this hour and I think the longest free can shower could I just can't handle this guy anymore she's just Friday straight to I don't know what to do. They feel like he's gonna be an ongoing thing between yemenite. Part of me wants to continue to show up extra early and work out until I see him there to ensure that he does not get that locker. Yep part of me wants to join this gym just to use their locker right. Out of spite and been a part of me that wants to call the gym and say what does it cost for me to have that locker I man I don't know if like they have a certain set of reserved ones. There's are on the other end it's just so weird and so Seattle passive aggressively to ease discussing broad way I look at my wife months ago I just met the most passive aggressive manner to jam and this is before the most recent thing early to tell right he's the boss who would ever see these people kissing his ass he is expected to be like oh wait late disease your locker right. They all are doing all court's still the mother ever you want his locker so bad did down here before 10 o'clock. I guarantee you I will not be here until at earliest 1015. How stupid mother ever yet so I wonder if I should actually be mad about that. I go mad about it so I think Kyra and I should such ridiculous but I mean now. I don't know I mean now I feel like every time I see him I would just like I just sort of wade in there till he shows up and then click my locked all my locker now. Ball. That is awesome ice yet a week in that locker room. Fully dressed in my bag limit the group of people show up and I'm like their likewise it's got to sit there. And every time someone opens up that door jump up and just start putting my stuff in that locker. Up in in the eventual timeout Reich is he's there every day as well yet are we did have amnesia there four times a week. Doubt be awesome. I got to act unless I'm told episode I and that's ridiculous like I'm a mom having a war over a whose first. First king locker as your rightly I get it every Jim had been doing and my favorite locker but. Write to somebody else was in I think our autos moved to another area Brett I got a favorite parking spot down in the parking garage yeah I got really liked that spot in the first one. Before the elevators. Dirt days or so a few minutes later and sometimes connect those before the fourth spot to take a break we get there and I dyke parks five spots away from my favorite spot. I don't even know I don't know wait for the got a trouble no. Hey man that's the best bodies and it like these and that's the thing he started off like trying to be my buddy about it I love that locker. The smile when he finally goes. We finally actually said payment for you review are that used to be my locker I couldn't believe it but I almost wanted to slap at the guys yeah. And as he did a disarming amateurish your first or your last name temporary that's good line that are out there better than I would you have done. I don't I think. I think I was silly little problem. What did I miss so yeah killed eight. I don't think that's a good doesn't say that's a good behind the what you said. They look great I had about a weeks' worth of like I was planning Matt Leinart I think at a filing he gave me the reason to use that line it's I wanted to moments where. If it was day one. And I had to have that awesome come back a would have had it until I got home and like it. Yeah come back and this image so all I can't even imagine lake. Can you imagine what kind of person would you might give you click like I can't imagine ever giving silly crap mile no reason among bunker. At the end of the day we offer favor locker whatever but just what your locker I bet he goes home to his wife and that's. You won't believe it again Daryn again yes. Casino or not. I guess I told him it was my locker. Yeah after we can be. I had a with a passive aggressive and I I I defended Seattle for ever on this in disguise the king of it. Yeah see up and then I how now they have to overhear him his conversations fun distribute really struggled your to do your due to be ready for the wars in new not to be able to get a spot mirror. I hear all of it. I can M headphone and headphones around the they're not on. I'm listening. I'll waste Monty a wee Mac every mad about the listener now you know look at the night out actually I I gotta get I get Arab. Very well that it's been fun. Our ice and a bye down there and take over that locker. Yeah I can't buy like a like a month's worth of lockers could you know they saved the locker is on the walk. At overnight won't cut it off and you lose you know don't don't be a locker on a temporary locker. But I damaged by like the Kraft and a crappy lockers just get one lose every night just as vital to be worth it just for a month. Every day is going to be original and just do it on Fridays they probably don't check on the weekend it's true voice of the Monday when he's familiar. Sorry I'm fine which is doing it every day me even if I don't work out that date is going down there block in that locker at 10 AM. You don't get you next you got to figure out his routine you know machine you axiom on first or some pa. After him for I watched him work out east side do you think he's the kind of walks around just toxins by these. That guy next issue she's just a patent. I don't know you just played really watch him that it really very forty goes to like Iraq or something like you know like I don't know I don't know which you curl let's say you curl forty sudden you know he curls fifties you suck it up and grab those hippies. And just like our. Office despite joke about him with a ten Steve. Give us a guy who wants wall yet not intentional. There's another reason behind it Martin's a happy accident or maybe just girls tend to grab those tend to think seniors aren't. Didn't want in a row I just wasn't very right ignored that a lot whip them put him in the in my locker. And the next trendy restaurant he brings up. One thing there goes there and get take out. And then when you heard sweet he both in the locker. Keep an open you don't work out figures he'd let fate appeal once you've brought about I got you locker I've got your dinner I'm Bob did you rich. I gotta run now by 600 that you don't very I don't girl who are frustrated they're average Durkin duke and I think I can't do that last one I just got to run by my wife for IRA why don't we get any guy isn't a little girl that's I have to respect that it irrespective. They get illegal if they did a mega cat you can have a. I'm Twitter. I know magnanimous. After the mega badly that we're out of read about all the data CNN all my god Asian ordering the Asian nor have we get we both gave her off a mega hard but together you know. Too logical death certificate if they kick their ass to match. Divx rips the picket picket the pilots get our greatest yourself you'll the other studio and talent. Well hi all a good time when you're in the I can't even get my locker. Hi Steve operation lockers dog. It's not but he didn't break his dad that's right totally worth it. If you're good to know more if we weren't that far yet because I wouldn't totally deaf. Then I win and I care about winning then and that's practically taste delicious.