MegaCast 09/14/16 "Kirk Hammett from Metallica!"

Wednesday, September 14th

This week, Thee Ted Smith & Steve Migs chat with Kirk Hammett of Metallica!  Metallica have a new record coming out on November 18th called “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”, and they have a new book out now called out “Metallica: Back to the Front”  the book is the all about celebrating the 30 year anniversary of  Master of Puppets!   The fellas also chat about CM Punk’s big UFC debut, and how Steve became “That Guy” in the office!

Mega Playlist: 

Push Ups:  Metallica -- “Hardwired”.

Metallica  – “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.

Metallica  – “King Nothing

Metallica – “Master Of Puppets”.

Metallica  – “Seek & Destroy”.

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It's always good to see you my man would go there. Rude aren't excited. Mega. Mega hubs everybody who listens. You can find us on Twitter at the mega cash and today it's all about attack attack attack. Attack and how weird is this last week. On the may cast we did pushups Metallica we did we we while I knew you had to endure me speaking out about how much I love the band now. Yeah if we were like actually skilled at what we do and we were like you know true professionals. We would have planned all this story archivist dueling this hoopla but the big payoff of this week that is Kirk mother blanking had a. Habit. I surface neighborhood here Palin Kirk Hammett is going to call my parents and score that's right arm didn't. I don't know dude I'm worried I'm gonna say as last name is Kirk Cameron Kirk Cameron Kershaw couldn't play guitar Metallica he also aluminum a stint on the Bonn on growing pains and now growing pains and now he's very religious. And we'll tell you about the virtues of the Jesus he might be jeez DA is Jesus my yeah fever is Jesus knows you are counted Jesus I'm not sure which one but we haven't seen. All three of them in the state government the same time Kirk. Looks more like regular Jesus actually exists in the Bible. Kirk Cameron is like crazy christianity Jesus states a lot of people and Blake once. How come out. Once again I DM were not resurrect did what he called the final judgment Steve the apocalypse talk Evan glass hull and to bring a close circle. I never even heard of Metallica so I mean I'm sure I heard Madonna song. But never made a difference to me until I live with a guy who got me into Norman his name was no steam. Call 200 curtain off. Good not nearly as thought I had you right now all of us since Steve and I could see the disappointment plus your your body and their friend again why he's so disappointed that my other friend shares the same name I don't just gonna cold time and I would sit on this like toy that's my nickname Steve. Kirk. What I reject Kirk Hammett from the calico will be joining us to talk a little bit about the new album they've got a really really cool book. And it's all about master republic which is gonna make all the SP old. Master of puppets is celebrating its thirty year anniversary. So let's get our push it's going to those that are new to the mega cast we do this as a way to get you focused my fur us it's for you. Ted and I are small we don't need to Dubai and strict honesty is that's right so what we do we get ten pushups and you get our heart racing lose our blood pumping good. And our brain function today and I figured what better song to do it too. And the new Metallica. Time to get hard wired. Did you make your family doesn't like you say little pocket there. You know that's the other thing. And already the are voicing. They didn't. Not a ball its super water. Let's get a mega family. That out of my guess every few witnesses and video over and done. Look over there. I noticed for good radio. I'm gonna point out what I would look at that have those two and a push up. Somebody apparently was grooming I don't think anybody just the biggest studio decides and has appeared. Oh you think that the beard there I could be I hope that is. Otherwise they're never coming back in the studio. You mean studio pubic beat you yes you could get each and tour. It's tiring. It takes me. I mean I was just direct or inside. I'm making our current it would appear I'll be so Grossman if you come off from the push comes with it just what you did your. As a professional I once had a our. I'd like why you Graham who I got Steve like oh did you catch you picked up off the floor in your mouth but they've flop fad. But he can't Newton. Cam Newton continues to do things. That makes me love him more more because it makes other people pay him more and more I just hope that he lost on the sideline and people got on Iman is in his excuse who has. I have some oranges to turn back time that the courts all the might it's like. I don't like he's fine. He's like a giant kid he had children slices of fact I don't think he deeply sucked dirt and he's just like I gotta flop and the guy that's great. And think about it when your have been stuck in your cheap buy popcorn off I'll spend the rest today I can't get it out of my teeth. I'm freaking now when you like for him to be completely distraction free and if it means washing on the sidelines go ahead Cam Newton blossom dev all you want. Exactly. And you're right he did a spectacular people just click teeth I'm sorry we in repartee processes started over Dario and tools. It's tiring. He takes me. I and this link on the Ted talk ran sort of tell people. Mears. There's always things that you can mere that you can reflect. But. If there's something you want but it's a type of person whether to take the job or whatever what you need to put out which you want to get that in return. You know so that you need to mere. Whether it's a success whether it's a work out whether just you're trying to meet a higher quality mate. You know I mean those kind of things do you put out the best version of view I think in return you get the best. But yet you want. And I think it also as a way of surrounding yourself with what you want. And since you know I knew I'd be around people like you like whatever may be like I love playing hockey gray and a member going to NHL despite all my calls all the scouts. Yeah started school too late my career and I don't know if anyone's really look at 441 year old rookie in the NHL but. I like playing hockey goalie and I like playing against other goalies that are battered and me because that's what I'm aspiring to be even at this age I'm still always looking for a reason to be better. I don't want a good way it's funny it's a such a psychological thing Ted had when I play against a good goalie that's. Not to be Ruben crappy yeah my game goes way down. Yeah because I in my head I'm even though like there might appear because school is a weird we kind of stick together. I'm competing against him and nobody else I wanna be the best going on the ice in his only two goalies so. When I'm playing against somebody who's we'd better than me meant just drives me to trying get to their level. Right is say here's the deal right and that is seemingly indoor soccer. So it's like yeah gasoline eighteen I stopped on a baker on a breakaway I think it shake my hand a great job. Well that the keeper comes over notes the game and you out but that's that's the respect to look at for. Although their own time remembered I love that too I hundreds and agree one time it was like kind of give of those backhanded compliments. When the other going to skim over again man nice job they. Who wish I was your height man. Hope. And I had in my all of you because then you'd be really really get it and you're saying that my height so yeah I am I got banks. Dirk the biggest back in the capital and I think Gary I'm in north so the one kid was really good any dirty snuck a coal mining aha but two separate break Kobe's. I just brick wall in right right just get huge and you can't help but he kicks it right into my chest. And by the second on Mike his team needs like his whole bench you're just like Scott said that government does like you to suck like you all alone by you look at due to a team twice. If you look at the small little who has started in the goalie talk but right. Actually talk on mega cast divisive Akamai net you have a much bigger area and this and that when I come out make myself big like that he was Smart he would try to not make it. But that's on the a personal thing that we community of how we got caught in hockey with the not meg. You know we put obviously somebody's legs are we go five hole yet he not make got one here yeah I'd Nutmeg and did you did do in the run up play to what you'll see dancing doesn't do all the time. Talk about sports we haven't had a chance. Talk about this but CM punk. Actually competed in a real sport over the weekend US UN TV with a 2030203203. You're on it all right the I die I die I believe could I was following you on Twitter as well much you have an illegal feed that you were not kinda share with me you dropped the sixty bucks like I I hit. Do deluge itself I did I am planning on it I honestly dropped it wallop off sabres fight was going on Mike I kept saying no no no. I don't need to buy it it's just you know I can promise of this is not worth of them wrestling fan and I love CM punk as a man I should watch this my wife is like. Yet just sixty dollars. Like. What does Scott Dixon and I'm in new car I could drop six eye and say I'm just kidding that's going to be like wow you're really just. Do you know outages that Mike are you kidding me what are the stupid candle holders although freak in not classy baby. Classy baby can't watch US fight that's a good news now next time well keep in mind seeing on our marriage I look at the pick. Go easy on screen and I. And then I'm content and I can Magnuson when you count she acts like a much of Feinstein and I doing. Bring in a glass he beat you with me and give it a bit right it pieces they're kicking me it is not I'm taking a variety navy. Imagine you ever via that mad never put likely never never going to be amenities and nobody out you throughout that comment I think you gotta go full board it's walkouts ahead. Piece of concrete and smashed back I think it. What did okay didn't go for all nuclear Coke thermonuclear autumn I dropped another. If I'm watching on Twitter likes your post fight is next on my pay. Can I order it to go ahead find or great luck I know it went past the fight ended radical he got his ass handed to him as we all know. I also have to say in its sixty bucks I I do more than I should. I mean you just soaked gangster when you have that paper view thought in your own don't oppose any kind of feeling you're with almost from such sad receipt of approval what you feel like your anger with the cool kids on Twitter because they're all talking about it and now I can do I doubted that the minute. His music hit boost from city all my arms on my amateur my wife and I sit on. Worth every penny just for this moment I'm with your right and make. I was totally against the CM punk thing legislate just as a fight fans deserve I get the purest he has no chance right. And you see was like pellets or and oh lead exe. What TV star goalie kind of lease free shipping books you know like like I I watched a belt or stuff with like kimbo REP. But on the same token the problem is it diminish she is too good fighters they have to do just watch the freak shows guy takes away from. Blessed you know CM punk I get it this good call so I was against it like the weak stuff. Sidney Nolan. Screw Vincent man screw the DeVito he looked up behind the hype now let's just got a chance and then you're right as also was a Muslim his music hit. When he got to the cage and stared around like arrests are. He's going to ask you do so proud of that. I actually killing all that night what if what if stuff the minute he walked into the octagon might. And he's gonna get his ass take. In Iraqi man I was slate asked yeah Siobhan we'll when he stood and looked around and went. Oh no no I don't think he got it totally took its people the kind. I didn't look like a real fighter but he came in I'm like are as much when you're watching Mickey doll looks like up a pit bull. And Jim concept piece a stake he's just chomping at the bit unlike others is not gonna go out it didn't go well hearing lasted two minutes he got choked out. Joseph Rogan put it best at the end of the day. You know punching this in that Mickey gall is a brown belt in Brazilian Judith seniors dirt road in Obama got up. I I gotta say I admired him while. Again I really do we get the Braves it was great just. Richard how was she just like who is not wrong. Who probably not simply that someone wants to hear about themselves. Yeah look at that's that's my feeling is that he's alive brown belts. He wouldn't white belt in jujitsu tournament rank because it's not fair. What we saw tonight is not fair and Eminem basically has been on about that I'm so glad you got that clip yeah. I got to give credit though he got out of one of the choke holds and I was I'd I thought it was funny because I'm watching all this going to Mike. Just get through the first round just get through the first try am seeing him just get Malden say said during the play by placing him on gays getting mauled but it always just a great line. And a Mike on the browns got to be over soon and I look at the clock to make. All my guy we haven't even hit two minutes and it's a five minute round. She's not general last ID act all thirty minute hounds and boxing are law I mean the log we see your hand to those five things you see it ever make. All of my god it's a lifetime a lot of people like you Lamar atomic he got this handed to jerk but you know what. You're telling me like for you if this founders said hey we need you to play goal he. Yeah would you not do it even though you know your over your sleep I'm still a bunch of girls might anyone who gives him a hard time in my could that be did you don't have a winning spirit like. In my eyes. If you have a an attitude that we're you gonna win put me in a position where I'm playing I'm I'm competing I'm working alongside the best of the best. Because otherwise policy and get better and I mean. I don't know. I think acting the guy's got a personality. Have a he's got to keep training meetings already changed it's it. And they counted Allenby surprise evolves and he he he shows up at like random casinos doing amateur fights I think it I guess he's obviously the money is not the issue he's he set for life. Because of what he's accomplished in his career. This is about. Something that's important to him and as a matter what the stages he's gonna wanna perform how to talk to how quests. Super slightly America bring them to the source yes I just yes. Are we got back. Witasick good that we're a couple minutes away I Kirk Hammett from Metallica is going to be joining us the mega cast as we turn. Take them stable Julio extraneous. Whatever that means. And then it comes we'll be back. The big news with the I phone seven is that there's no headphone Jack and get ready because at. Apple is about to get rid of sell much more introducing the iPhone seven with no numeric. Keep that. You won't know the New York calling that. Oh or who's calling you. Our there's also the new iPhone seven SE with no touch screen and a version of Syria with zero artificial intelligence just smacked it against your head in frustration. No of course I can help you with that doctor broccoli face not so new I phone seven's from apple makers of the new numeric keypad. Touch screen app and Syria at all available in the App Store for 9995. Each. These guys were the kings of club constant. That's right says we are fixing the pod casting call again when I remember to turn on my car. Again it's not dancing. So Kurt diamonds is a couple minutes away from calling us and hopefully we have time. Obviously you had talked him about the new album which is hard wired to self destruct it's coming in November they've got this book that's also out that just I mean it looks really interesting it's all about. The Ara during master of puppets make put to pictures bunch of stories so. But I hope we have enough time and I don't know how long we get what do you but I hope we have enough time to talk about this video that is spreading like crazy on the Internet. I Ted I watched it before we started the mega cast pretty awesome route to score in around watching some videos and and you get down the on the YouTube off worm hole whatever they call it off. Or call yeah and we just watching other videos and other radios and when I came up with these kids. And I'm sure you've seen these before some people that are listening right now the maybe having an if you haven't seen a Metallica one maybe it's not often that we ask you to pause our show. Because there's nothing else out there and it's as good as this but maybe this is that one opportunity where pause the show for a second M watch this video because. The whole interview on the treadmill be careful as your calls and I'm watching this video I want to fall off that they right now right right exactly because you know we're just so awesome. How did you receive them and followed general Jim no I don't know I mean I've only seen videos I almost on NIC may do a once in the dude was super fit he just. I don't he just like mr. stamper Sunday yeah so walker I'd. I'm almost stumbled on the elliptical Goodman I never had that moment we start thinking about how weird it is that your legs do what they do a million your your leg buckles yet. Why did that vocalists on the elliptical and my wife was right next to me she almost off the treadmill because you laughing at me so hard. Yeah I used to do it the inner rolls around and turn of the treadmill real fast like sprinting so that I would just like lift up and then as my feet would hit the ground I'd have to start running. The print that first step if you put the hammer and I hosted a tumble of people who don't. Have you seen that video speaking of crazy given unit have you seen the video rant now someone's on the treadmill this is the way of torturing people. You put Lego pieces on the treadmill may have to run while they throw make your peace is on sale sign. Our whole. Let's talk about Metallica. So there's videos out there they've been doing these series where basically they expose kids have like varying ages but mostly like you know what would you say like. Seven years old all the way up tonight and how well Fiat. And you can't seem a little warmer chore and they'll play like music that is not from their generation are not usually in their wheel house and get their reaction because I mean kids are definitely on filtered more so than adults in short they don't care. About what they say as far as opinions. As much like we do so they did it with Metallica they focused on the new song hard wired and the opinion of some of these kids is just priceless simply we've we've got a clip would give you a taste but if you have a chance to watch the whole piece. It's African hilarious. I'm guessing it's. Like throwing stones at me. Totally night and design. Yeah yeah. And that's the one kid everybody watch it this girl like it's a 100% debt and what Metallica's I'll just sit. The rest Saddam some the RI DNA but she truly is getting the essence that is Metallica. Yeah hours to pick it up. Let's put the new more. Dawn. Mac gadget he was gruesome assault Alia that the whole time he's just like. They're terrible I don't like it when he yells. It's okay when he sings but I don't wanna listen to this he's not a fan. Tightening that people actually wish that this is Lou. I hate your single word that they send time not only did thinks about Lilly and. Our look dude looks at the phone's ringing so pro while I'm. Kirk I doubt it and now must tell you man pure again it just stop hanging out there at the studio. We don't start are you guys in the studio discount like finishing stuff up for the record. What Obama when you're working on getting cheating on it together you know load it indeed Sophie you're gonna say anything you want him playing we can mindless some of the songs and he's holding down went back shut and got caught I mean yeah. I exclusive. It's time to break it we'll play it over the phone it's gonna be the best thing this is new low I Metallica record up front. Well and I did so much to talk to you about and and just the excitement as Metallica fans I mean I'm sure you're hearing it quite a bit to see the enthusiasm and just I mean wolf first I got news crazy because you guys announced a wherever record coming out mimic all that's awesome that's great news and all the years. Here's the first single from the record and then I didn't even know this is like something that was gonna happen and then you hit play and you just like holy smokes. It's like don't make you described it as it just feels like you guys just came on just kicked us on the balls and just say hey we're back. And it's awesome yeah I don't what are you Oprah and you guys also have obviously his book back to the front which is this. I just ordered it because normally I don't look economic I can't even I need to get this they need to have this in my hands the soon to them such a big fan master of puppets and it's not. It's a book this is dedicated to that time to celebrate the thirty year anniversary of the record. I was curious for you guys. What was the decision behind that did you just feel like you know what that record means so much to us and I mean so much to that the fans we should do something called a to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary. What are the good life my extranet detonated book. It did guided did about the movie giants right. Yeah and then what was was remote meeting rural complete comprehensive book on the movie ever seen. This guy. What do Martha's Vineyard. You know interviewed a bunch of people. Gathered budget virtual photograph and I'm looking through that look Arab. That he just the most incredible thing. I caught it for a Barack. And Ed Ed. Let me look at the media and let my group that snatched it geek and you don't want to do a book about John talk. And that's what a great idea. So article let friends don't leave your job go argued presidential the other guys in the bed or bad you know apply all that is it actually is and isn't good book Abacha pocket. The books arrived at all when upload job that guy had quiet and it was pretty much you know of gold gold where I'm Linda corn dog. A lot of that stuff that's also has just housing credit Libya who what what part of the book for you were just like either he could be ice about yeah I don't remember that or a moment where you're like man I'm so glad that this is in the book I users certain. They instinct thing is they're good. It. Our goal of the year making 8596. I think it almost no big idea it week by week. And you know I love the odd aspect of that you are able to like you know there are lots of books to what extent there. Let it won't be by any and from being. Per gallon in just doesn't have a a lot of a lot of you know great. I'll. Horrors of break recollection. Or in other words yeah I think we are going to hurt I was nicely after that look here to tell you. Certainly it's great because it's important like I don't owe everything I could go to the ball and Burton Greg personal pictures are. But Dellucci joke bombed you know its employees and a jar my memory I love you Ali and Corey and he's. Is because. No I don't not to worry about surely remember the year breaking eighty I had making eighty chick it all out there are deeper the order. We need to remember. I gotta ask is it was there Ullman said that were re live to retold gee were you kinda like on oh man I forgot about batter. I don't know like an ex girlfriend and. It's mostly because of memory you know yeah yeah because they beat you really need it it's been so long now aren't entirely. Now those memory dished fuel increased wrong. I think it's our I think are kind of like a surprise. How much. All of aggregates movie but really. He'll need you know yeah the sentiment of let. We don't remember that there. Courage skill hubris superstar. I mean. There are just another day keep on thinking about it aren't you pictures seminars and Laura look at that picture big gig that was on the oddity slower networks. We are accurate job back for a were looking for a may actually include it in England Denver Colorado you know cookies. They're just fortunately it was immediately rule would look people. What was is a Mexican anti choice Wazir tamales burrito taco cannot tamales guy and I always look talking Mexican food people. Yeah you don't need you really get into. It's a lot you know. Okay typical hard to edit. Also I gotta say I got to watch the video where you guys are presented the book but it's who's pops and I thought that was just such. I mean what what a great thing for him to have in his hands to be able to see. I mean at that that goes way beyond the musical Parton has just such a cool real thing. I remember just sitting there watching that video just being like in silence after I watch it just like our man. That have been so awesome for him that you guys made him made a point to make sure that he got a copy of the book to see it to be able to see to do to go back down memory lane for his kid. What are they aren't all of that being followed her so we kind of like you're outlook believe that might feel you're being you know it's almost felt this what little they just needed to happen you know who. This is a silly question that you mentioned I think your all that and you have some kids are not Ted and I were just sitting around just going through some stuff on mine just Grammy came across I don't know if you've come across this video of these. That they've played the music a Metallica to a group of children my kids anywhere from like six years old top twelve years old. What do. You weren't dying nights I don't candidate I don't know or no one Q yeah to a committee not I'm. The host city it means do you like I can't stand this kid really listened to Metallica. Got. But it didn't want that belt it was a senate are with Oprah yeah yeah what part Abu under the eyes James Dolan borrowers like I like it would say voting screens and out I heard so I. Yeah the click search sitting on them but Kristin and and I. Let the elderly couple Mike warned a little over what are you know what it what really need this but really what really just breaking news unique thing. They're you know watching it. Where the warm cheer you trip aren't seeing the show so familiar. Ed I just love that picture and it. You know I think maybe EE bringing you heard it hurts them are we don't look at new addiction. As good in figure that ponder still writing and in the back committed mining and sub current. Eighty. He was struggling a little bit and. A. Actually I favorite because it's not only didn't know or we re election bring it but we're also be a bit confused you or if you're about to blog that. I figure. And also on this 'cause I know I it brought me back to being a kid and and my remember when Nam my dad and I we drive around a lot you it would always be an argument of what we listen to him for the most part I would have to listen diet jazz it was cool. And like Frank Sinatra and stuff like and finally you know what I'll let you being controlled the stereo this time play whenever cassette you wanna play and I popped in and justice brawl. Fully thinking my dad is going to hit stop and be like get out a carcass he just didn't understand heavy metal he's listening to and he's just like. This one I like and housing Wohl. This is awesome and finally bonding what might pops over music it was so cold that I can we can see I I am beauty being a dad. And I'm sure your kids want to play their music is there is their music that they're digging that you can see eye to eye with that would surprise some people. What did it again they're good dude. You're almost. Overhead and that step in and week. No TV at nearly as yeah are the best and British veterinary care or didn't get over big number. Can't quit and started I just remember. Yeah I think my British. Yeah I don't yeah. We played every word operative she chipped it jump shot I guess you want to be wrapping up okay no problem I do what one last quick thing that I mean I know a lot of Metallica for Angela I think and hard wired to self destruct it's coming up November 18. I was just curious because I heard that you lost. Your phone which had a bunch of the ideas. Was that devastating and that kind of like fortune account. Come up with new ideas like what would make the I would just tripped me out but you've been working on all these songs and and you like all man I lost the phone that has all the song ideas. It was devastating for me they should show that. I finished. Start at zero again block everyone and Al admit cheery old song. By the time I got to you know that you I feel those little weighing any and trying to. Forum. You know more loose so you already written and started to doubt that what I did think to myself OK I punched up. But it looked like he could probably make it on to the next level but I think that the. What this sort of the Pablo speaking that you're acknowledging together over a period. All right well for a year a year and a half and dirt hole immediately. Luke already jaded sort of like. You know argued that does that weren't bad they are there are trying to bargain natural. Progression firm. Death magnetic. But my goal oriented you know obviously. Not ever regret that the. Totally awesome and talked and I can't wait for the record I can't wait for the vote to show from my mailbox. And progressed you and thanks so much for giving us a call yet thanks Derek Jeter take care. Ted Ellis talk about something because man I've got it. Actually you're aware of the story I became that guy in the office at all yet yesterday you now up about that she I think there are still talking about it like 630 I can't believe I became that guy yeah the guy that everybody hates in the office. I was that guy yesterday. There's a lot of rules and office space I there's a YU cardinal won the collegial figure out as soon as we talk about it it'll make sense does that add to it basically I took that role. And I gave it the middle finger. And I didn't mean to you destroyed I did not stop for the better Cassidy. Can I. We're based between the blue channels. And nobody knows me knows. Dating sites that are dominated like people genuinely interested and no real relationship. The amount there's a student section people who are ironically. It's yours only. Hey. I don't hate your career back in garbage pail kids. Yeah I don't hate your space invaders teacher and so did you mustache find that special someone who understands the contradiction of your wardrobe. CNN so. I actually heard on the radio the other day sound like it anymore. Then I don't like it anymore either share that tall boy he. For dinner we can go to thus far in the fourth place downtown or we could just dumpster dive that. I don't hate to hear environmentally conscious. Enough seems like your statement and answers only dot com do you wanna have sex. But I don't want it to deepen our relationship. Meaning that. Don't have CNN running clean though. Instead it's okay. That's my. Constance. Still one of my all time fair photographer. Film all babies. Destroyed. Them all voices trying to hurt now man. You come after all a question. Very crowded today you've got a question and. We should do that in the future. A contests. Guess how many questions I've got to get in on an interview what's the over under there are very what do you make. So it's funny like other men do it might argue. Miles that there Odyssey two meters of the best in arrears are seeing the do ridiculous actually how does a lot of talk in the studio I it's got to back away and is no you know there's a conversation works of three people right but then and today I call myself do it out like it was look at you on to good question. See I didn't ask questions your your two I think maybe it's having gone. Yeah I. And is that the low budget as we mentioned before you came when I've left for the brain that I you know there's some instances where it because of that weird delay. But I am I looking antenna Mike I don't wanna keep being like I don't want him have him feel like a dominating the interview the mechanics haven't had a smile on my pages and make things like enjoying the rise. Despray every network. It. The appointments could actually either there's less commercial break lake. Yeah of course the footage reminds you of late his old friend of the band and I know would you really fed still quite an ex girlfriend house duplex delegates doesn't look. I had to lie his good friend and 14 of a powerful metal bands he died during that that Ara. Tell me about your true friends. Through an Arab we were talking about his kids from it. Happy relationship. To your kids. That was awesome that we do want to talking about I love the fact that he watched that video the kids. That he liked the kid we hate yet you love the kid that Hayden and his band and we were like armor to fight decade. I think I literally sit that I will punch that it. Yeah as a joke. But it wasn't Jeff can you actually punch my computer monitor while the keep space was on there yet. Just to get a ticket. And are actually. I'm delaying the inevitable as I mentioned that before we ran to our commercial break. I became Mac guy here at. KI SW yup I became that guy in the workplaces is not a radio station back I think this is workplace that guy paying. Ted I know leaving your hands. All right so any workplace athletically you mega contractions laid outside but if you're working hand horrors. There is to certain lines you don't cross an office but to mean for the cardinal rules is. You don't mark currently fish. Network now look here SW what happens a lot. What hair club doesn't bear clubs are boss who can't get him hard right so we can give him a super hard time and generally when you smell it take hair club cooked fish get them. So yesterday I get out of the stairs you know and I get a little bit now Mike Sousa somebody's record or even fish. And mr. Steve. Almost block she but I left it too long didn't do what it's like I know you'll like her weight confession that I am. Steam. We could examine over the weekend about when and there's like Alia we it I've I've I'm one of buying a pound of a pound piece of a fly OK Simon and my wife's Egan says she doesn't eat but I still my head was buying enough for two. We cooked into the Williams have blogs like are some. In my head Ambac today. Yesterday I was like skinny you cold. I like old times at least delicious right I think of this and makes blue looking potatoes in here and I kind of want those to be warms my cattle potatoes so good idea I have to although it in the microwave. To strike a minute. Warm things up you know. You shouldn't be Mercury into short right but I was plus I was on the edge of funny ads Ted I got to do enough where when stink up the office place. Then stupid Steve who sees a bird bird but a little walk around I put it in the microwave and like. I'm who runs in a bathroom. Groupie and get back in time to pull out of the microwave I know I can make this happen quick. So you set the timer for a longer than you wanted to yes sort of the two announcements. Still Epstein you could and I always do when a cook anything else in just a psychological thing to ask me it's no I just don't let its looks crap. The microwave that Michael is not that good two and a half minutes doesn't always do the job all right all right that's their policy its argument. What did you stick eight I'll look at for a minute movie set ever tour after let them and left. I got bored waiting so I'd like I'm not just knocked us out while it's cook and I go to bat him quickly I come back in our own the best in the worst of the front desk yeah she's like all those cool shoes. Amare and these flowery they are great she's right and I'm very proud and also very. I guess insecure about them because. It's not often that I'm wearing shoes with pink flowers on them but I like how I come I'm gonna try and rock them and so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Including destiny today we started talking about the shoes as telling her about. Oh they also may want to look like pepperoni Pizza Hut. They also make one's a look like the corps colonel wine bottle. And I'm showing or where it is on the website and then hit me like hall crap my food so I run back down the hall and as I'm walking down the hall I hear everybody talking. Salmon you're salmon and salmon and make them. Make up some of the pitch and I smell it and I don't I'm very good census and also from right to smell it. It means this salmon eggs and you know the joint now in all honesty it doesn't really bother your bug me too much. Both like Italy just fundamentally you can everybody's like that's now are Aaron everybody it was the talk of the office. And now I'm in the kitchen or my its gravity and get the hell out because I heard somebody mention here economic. All I can get out of here and have people think it's him awesome. And that I run into you and run into Mike from your show and you both look you had me in I'm right and I'm the caught. While ping candid because the semi candidates to. And I'm like it was me I know I'm back guy. And now other people are talking and I hear pose mass salmon the gigs in the salmon comic. Great. Not guy after I got off here at six and walking down the hall. And Leah who works here Netflix. To melt paint yes so there is there's a whole conversation about cooking fish and I guess I walked in my hallway I hear going. I'm just melting cheese on top of this tuna fish the smell you paid as would be able actually cook this year. A public they have but still don't talk about megs look at that say event. Us. About four and a half hours after the fact yeah payments. Yeah man I see this story. And it says don't be that guy office break room advocate and why am I OK here's some of them aren't doing other people screwed. Yes this and it should not to be said don't touch other people's food what he incan garden. The label things for a couple reasons made a letter ready else now is your fruit and be maybe put a date on it that way you know to throw it away at some point yeah. By next thing to pick up after yourself yeah I'd like for people learn that over the weekend everytime I come in Monday morning. The sink is filled with about thirty coffee cups I don't understand that. It feels like what do we have three people who work over the weekends. Did agency each used to have ten cups of coffee and use a different copy each time Brett and believable well established that I am slot. But it worked you have to keep it clean it's not sure hold -- choice right and here's the one. That hurts. There are certain things you don't heat up. When it comes to an office break room there are considerate people that don't heat up seafood and then there are monsters. Seriously the smell does not go away. Police were begging you keep the left over a sand and at home salmon because you're not exactly this article that was written about a year ago knew me. Before I even knew me you know what I'll do next week. He's got your back coming. A microwave a bunch of broccoli and act and I'm gonna cook some popcorn and bird. All stick it tool what do you guys Seton Brock play second that him burnt popcorn. To new dish magic that turns into like the new like bulletproof diet. Let it go it's got to be burnt popcorn. Instead of insanity it's got stupidity. That unexpectedly. Providing what to look great feel fit it stinks like hell. You want your office workers they hate you why you're shredded. Try stupidity. What does that all the nutrients out eat microwave sank a look at them properly and don't forget the post about it on FaceBook every three hours. Before I thought I thought quick. On stories about how your life has changed because of stupidity she popped this rich you hear about this aux sable's fund that of course that's what they do those things that brought podcasting. They tell me what to do at 6 o'clock and then a month credit because that is what I do could I want misery but I can't imagine read it's gotta be brutal on people like cooking salmon at work yeah this is no this is mostly all about like who do that guy in the office are and people sharing stories. Reply and this is not just all about kitchen stuff of course that shows up in hearing a lot the salmon one. Our reply all the company wide emails and things like that's great news ha ha. I hate when people do that but then you're in a weird dilemma. Do you respond because that people do that keep people start replying all to this comment and then soldier we like what you just blocked off. Met a person says it I like you'll instantly be having a four weeks or hear somebody hit reply all with like some personal info like money issues yeah and it was like. Normally. I I mean he I sitting right away like you know you hit reply all I don't know if you could take that back but it's like. Let's just it looked bad. And one of our co workers replied all to better reply all and just wrote. Reply all pop pop I might. Mean you can fit. Pull pull pull a nice. Way to make you burn more typical let's say I did one this owner likes to sit at a computer and laugh loud enough so that you have to ask what's so funny. And won't stop laughing until someone acknowledges her. Mac I've I've I've dealt with people like that Ritter sitting by the computer new gone with the a and M might ignore them ignore him in the night. I. Am I didn't look at what is so funny just tell me like stop laughing. Tell us don't stand that I do it all the time if I simply wants if I finds an unfunny they came and you gotta watch as video. BA just to sit there laughing yeah and then of course the person who uses the speakerphone for everything. Now holds a lot of other ones but of course were running out of time we have we need to go back in cook. Alia and I got a couple funny emails I want you to just laugh about it not tell anyone all right our. So for all we got there. Injury stupidity to greatest worst to hit it and thank you Kirk Hammett and of course begin a Metallica. Time to get ten. Thank you for listening find us on Twitter hacked a mega cast I Ellis with the mormons out there are anonymous content like Metallica Metallica kid. That's another topic curt Bob. We're gonna keep it elevated doing man dad maybe ride the lightning today and I'm like dad called summer of Obama always there was wind false Mattel doll. All barber shop until oh. The album comes out in November improvements out now. Let's get turned. Did look at the view of the times said.