MegaCast 09/21/17 "Rebels"

Wednesday, September 20th

This week Ted & Steve chat about the Foo Fighters collaboration with Justin Steve was a rebel at the Huskies game...and you will rethink your negative attitude towards a popular TV Food personality!

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I typically I hate those I am. Work out videos IK do you beach body yeah but I always like Terry's. That's funny. Bit. Iraq bit. What's going on ahead. What else sees. Good to see new consumer and big day today here at the radio station everybody's doing virtual reality check debt it is since we're watching people do virtual reality fit looks stupid. Yeah I was watching him Kristen Vicky play. Like does that they're. Physically mentally be turned to look at you they'll see you right. Right here I don't know if you should wave and the like you do your reporting that the person in but of course they don't know an end and doesn't looks to two and goggles and it just looks funny. I would love windows and I house. Yeah imagine when it goes in your home yeah I just I don't know pizza mustered only tell it out of that I don't go things up like I might puke. Yeah out there are critics they do you narrower and I've done yet today although I mean the arrow one from my shared GQ. I know I was with I was like wait a minute out of Hollywood and I was with how do you think we know we did do I did it before I went to virtual sports to check it out ally. Virtual gaming. Drone racing. Dodge ball. Board games and here are dear to our beer garden ready testament and I will be once again. Watching nine euros to help people on the face would dodge ball. Thought that this condemning a serious conversation actually. Only just we are yeah again handshaking. And I guess they got heart felt like I shake your hand and had to be careful misty studios aren't sound puts it whisper. Yet over a four walks in and is the guy. You're sure don't talk to refer ought to do here undergo these young women for her so she got home and Daryn not just have to look man I don't know what's gone on I'm just trying to do my job itself uses to hold your son it's like Kim isn't really on them on there I kerik a Mexican standoff like they've got that distance between them both got their arms crossed open the one that's getting a little bit more heated his arms a movement. They shook hands everything seemed on how he's doing the I'm gonna walk away from you now now now he's gone he's he'll. That's wild thought it sees Jason working hard there yeah I mean Oklahoma and it looks serious over there on what they're talking I wish if I can't. This particular company put it to a window that would be obvious at all right I don't know particularly creepy noticed which has sparked an old people I was a precursor to none on the ground doing pushups or pertaining we're doing a podcast and actually try and live through this and know what they're doing. Could I wanted to. I don't ever think of us is a creepy duke. But some things we do our creepy super creepy but I quit his creepy dudes do you say that the house which is the better than we just are due to push a little work we start yelling at each other. You know trying to one up them yes and I think somebody is having sex in a hotel room and I paid. Get in bed it's time to show them what's up you scream bloody murder. If you think we should do that like accurate to add a picket your crew have to really keep look like a nice conversation. Just to look like for more than expected just getting into it like you're not I mean it's just I'm really telling you a member a great time doing the podcast with you yup. That's the thing I tell you Steve. I like Q all right I have to like do this podcast via the for ten actually eleven years we've been hanging out and having a great time yeah. You know what you dogs like sure why it's nice to that and she likes you mankind like that you got such as we have sushi off. How doses of the best nights a year I'd have to agree I'm looking forward to December 15 may be will take some time out of our usual slumber party and bogus source and you look at some Christmas lights. Good Virginia Tech and it's. We'll try to direct how how. It's one feature your boy JT how nice I haven't heard this dude you can't get we didn't know he was on his son you have no right. He did the backing vocal. It's part. And many of those a lot lot better come up that would do it which I like honesty my wife and if you look fifties they could even tell me I had no idea. You've got the song. I like pizza while we. It was dealt with on laughter it's let's get to make your family. I like it Timberlake went in there looks like I'll be on a Foo Fighters song they're going in appealing but ticket Timberlake song writing. I think I'll do whatever you it's funny if we act like you're yelling at each other just a minute ago and every instruct them to push ups we seem like such as growth rose. They're subtle push this Obama. You get 101 broke what they last longer when his wife. And that's what she said. Any tournament that the hiring smooth he takes me like a lot of. So today's Ted talk is about doing something for somebody else OK you know so lake. Like this past weekend. My buddy then drag a bond his parents are having their fiftieth wedding anniversary. So it's funny. I thought I was doing a favor to him by don't lean and shown up and start racing with your presence slowness aides said it was really it was very important here is a secure a bang let's eliminate go right. But sometimes when you do something like that did you think you're doing for somebody else. Yeah actually doing for yourself that such a good time out that this is where I should be this Saturday unless awesome yes there was a time. Yeah hanging out with his family his brother Joseph was in town. That was just it was a great times of sending. Right I came out wrong but like but it seemed like I was doing something for Benny and in the end it was it was a it was doing something for myself that was a place to be we had a great time it was just it was a lot of. We're learning is that is a selfish man who's trying to find ways that it actually reflects. Positively on him and no one else. But her crack and they left foot and aggressive handshake nice dinner out now we interrupt normal. And I got Turkey pin wheels were left. Love Turkey can we'll do is also like all the trays amid a sausage dip. You know makes good doctor you can meals is accuracy oh yeah pat yeah fantastic the little six pack yeah you'll also what else accuracy makes good. Sushi. There have sushi they don't go too crazy like get something like a guy like the also didn't get them on the way home after a play hockey is like right by there and see geometric finger food no no dipping no nothing just. Look how that you have seen I'm going to on Capitol Hill now they have an all fancy cheese section hungry man hailed as a diverse that's a good two contenders yet we got the stuffed up for yourself. Yeah Leo is that hungry now we're talking are probably really hungry dude you would get so we should do one day was that we should make you cash from a grocery store had six. Inside or outside inside. Or do we sit at a table like on like a Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts table where I typically you're selling cookies but we just have our our Mort a podcast set up and we did to a podcast and see if anybody wants to come up and talk to us and leave it at third Mike put a Mike stand up as this and you gotta say join us. Yeah all I do I do that in a heartbeat. Please elect may get test that you may go order. We thought we'd like Denton relic all we wanna do is talk to you about the grocery store in depth we begin with did you end up getting right what did you wanna buy that didn't are you Sherry and forget anything. What are you making with the things that you got or can we guess what you're making with the things that you bought correct all this could be awesome yeah. Who do you guys do for I guess who we broadcast outside of the outlook live outside of our grocery stores. Dude it's a hot new thing that people really aren't worried about that's big in the market and it's not color commentary. Play by play of virtually source I think you know what I was hitting the trade magazines on the radio industry people will be talking about the Sarah talk about the mega cat yeah this is the next level. Did you think outside the box think outside the studio path other grocery store clerk where we do pushups to. Well that'll be fun and eat watermelon I don't know why but I like a watermelon canisters that they have like the little plastic bing of watermelon sliced up I wanna keep those. Yeah yeah. Yeah maybe we should make. You know what we're doing this is almost winter. I I called is that right now dude Iowa hi this I think clothes and all the way yes but I had to close the window almost half way dude I feel like. Asked today the weather which is completely Iraq tomorrow really yeah I just feel like I'm getting sick but I don't think I feel like I'm getting sick from a ship I'm getting sick or my bodies are so sore from meek completely. Hurting it all the time you can't take that weird I don't know what part is sore and what parties just like I don't feel good kind of sore. This is this a little weird world now they stand you do that's pretty awesome I love it. Such a chiropractor all right how that go. Incredible I've been so just chiropractors my entire life because my dad used ago he wouldn't have I made of this theory in my own head I'm like you're cracking your neck as we're talking about. Do you think about other guys. But I it's funny because he would go all the time I thought and as a kid and I created this conspiracy theory that the chiropractor is is doing enough. So you feel good for a few days but he had to go back to the tiebreak you could do more to you. I I don't know why created out of my had a may be other people believe that as well but didn't your eyes you know I landed on my head bowed to a wrestling classes and it hasn't been the same sense I got that I like and in order termite box I had I've determine nobody which is very difficult when you're trying to driving you and Richard though lame that you're going into. Yeah could I I'm always that guy anyway I always make sure returned my head down on risky hidden anyone in the white spot but the motorcyclists are anything but now it's like scooter. Yes scooter as well. Now my fully join the whole body contortions which is not good it is not feeling good so for a long time as you cipher for weeks I can term I had. We're a chiropractor about twice once last two Mondays are doctor statement on Iraq year old chiropractor that we met at pain in the grass so yeah nice guy awesome spot in our Mercer Island. Look man. GO at a moment I just fine now what you could say no all day long I can tell you know whenever I want yeah yeah. Our leaves guy get into like dirty based hip hop. Act and I don't know what would never do that now. You are a lot of people if obviously the Arafat and I told the migs the migs in the main anxious. Subdued amazed Arab. And MA NN near the main span and in removing. Them once the puck. Without going on or off the rails met yet I. Before we take a break on we'll talk about Justin Timberlake jamming with the Foo Fighters on the ground did you hear the back story behind it. I know they met when I started drinking you pretty much nailed it they were having whiskey in a parking lot. According to Dave Grohl I guess that they were in the same -- they were doing recording studio sessions in the same studios I stood there outside the parking lot of free funk in our post marketing and then all of a sudden JT walks by a gay wants a whiskey and the cop and I don't know lambs and he's from Boston. But I don't I went to Boston and that's my only Boston impression if I went to Boston I was at a bar and some dude birds drink in which shots together and they came and you under some whiskey in the top we'll leave it right now. How might a good match I don't know youth. I don't think he's gonna and allow us. So reason we just puts the cap is in particular with you the parking lot he was really cool. Than the night before his last day he says can icing on your record I don't wanna push it but. I just wanna be on its home my friends that's Timberlake to Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. And all of was like you heard it. I would never guess that Justin Timberlake it's and honesty sounds like maybe Taylor Hawkins are one and other from fighters using him backing the locals and that that was part of it he's again you know I just kind of wanted to just be a part of one of their songs and I think that's pretty awesome. Yeah good for them but does it shock real. Know what I know about Timberlake who girls when they had to be just drinking somewhere and like hey let's do this into some whiskey in the -- it's it was gimmick cafe a go go boys void but that's always a big joke of with the Boston accent. With the topic how do you yeah yeah. They tell you when I went to Boston. Remember correctly I think was boss amendment and other plays a single at the time sectarian number everything's blurred when it's like over a decade ago yeah I'm BJ and I weren't don't want. It's taken public transportation. Do we care hit the bars and then I mean like these cool chicks they saw an idea anyway I ended up going in drinking with Dustin Johnson from bar to bar they'd just. You know how's it off one of them BJ it was you know he's being fatherly to the other high school whatever and that's on the very often. We are tabs are not yet and XX beat not that kind of stuff not backup fatherly. I hunt. Clinton's reference to save site. That's my favorite site I had my go to a center right video sale was one of the better front page. So until pretty economically during gained by having a good time who knows where it's gonna end up. The worst may have a great night out would have attracted chick. And then the night's over awesome that idle leases a so it was fun I know what other people especially chicks when he's had the same person even hang out with every day yet. And so everything's going good for the drug we get BJ become more of a therapist when he gets struck. Yeah. And I kid you not I'll never forget we are on my either of us were a subway or some kind of public transportation and we're going to the next spot. And that he just telling sand. Tim McGraw I'm talking to and having ill having a good connection with and discuss. Hands over take kind of folds his hands together looks at her in a very calm serious way insist. Tell me about your relationship with your father. Job. And I just looked down and nice and it was like slow motion as he sings. Our family no. Oh boy if I could shut him up and put a muzzle over his face of that moment I would have but the need no do I have no game. I have no ability to a car in any girls this is my one golden opportunity to have a fun night I don't really give him make out what the girl. I think your car needs brush I'm talking to a girl and she's not repulsed by me can you not ask her about her relationship when her father. This yen have been tears you know thankfully I've been no situations are BJ before but they ended up tick in the next exit they're like you know we probably need to call it a night and they got the. Takes it home dude I yeah I I've been there before we still are my worst wing man he thought the worst I don't care who it is if people are drinking. It simply wants to us to talk about relationship with parents on dislikes no I just don't think this is the time no oh honey get shot talk about abortion or religion fun stuff. Let's shelf this very minute and the tomorrow if you although we're still you talk a little. Luckily we have been drinking for three hour right. This one time not serious times so good to meet once or on the fire. And was oh no troop use that I mean like oh you're really sure that your dad and I just I. We know what I said up basically was like now no honey creek your body now. Not going man no no old effort to great regret that I alone. Really got to catch a little different some point balls yeah. So I don't they got told you off here the old after updates all boy. Yes we have a couple minutes take a break right now you'll find out what's going on but we get back. I found a clip I don't know if you what's Conan. Much you know what I don't think I have watched him since he last regular television yeah it sucks and I read according to one of the most brilliant mind to think he's hilarious but. Get a comic on I think it was last night but the night before. That is gonna make you rethink your opinion of dice yeah he's. I it's free to an amazing and I spot on and it's also impossibly gonna change your opinion of Anthony boarding. Are all right when the make it valid effort he's dead but I'm I like boarding show I. I would never hang out with him a normal like us and then you pretty much summed up with this guy's talking about a don't do it but I. We'll be back. I now. You heard about the new thousand dollar iPhone ten. Morris some people rally. The iPhone and spending way too much money on anything. He's seeking but if you really wanna he'd things China and you and I found troubling and extremely. Illustrations of the best arms like instead grabbed. Fantasy and fetish for the ending had a great popularity don't get it on my face. Landed them a minute minute and texting started 69 dollars. And ladies you can get the special iPhone xxx case grid of colors for your handling pleasure. You can set the tone on rain I 98 I mean Maria leaf. The apple like sunshine thinks. Just street firm plans to implement now. You I'm going to need a lot of news taking me away. Constitute. Only. Great song I was thrilled about this and it puts on a great live show and alcohol. That show the night before the NFC championship game against the nine early get everybody to Timberlake was our good luck charm oh my god I mean that a Rio was a lecture yeah did I DJ I can remove what he was rockets. Seahawks Jersey into type in the Seahawks can stuff Cullen and I'm not he's got six new talks but you semis but I was into they would. Oh dude real quick thank you for setting me up by a reader guy go to huskies' game. My wife I had an incredible time all nice have been no college football game since you and I went to that bowl game in a separate Cisco. AM Steve yap. Maybe you went to an apple cup attention like in between that you have the job and we had to be huge ten years ago or nearly half. I mean at least an hour and I never been a husky stadium all the easier had been there for other reasons like. Work stuff whatever but never I actual football college football game what a great set up. I saw a little light I beautiful comic I think I might enjoy this morning on essentially like. I look idea whose time tigers are doing all the time for Sanders yes Italian central lake it's a great stadium right. I just the pride I just prefer going to college games over NFL get some say still it's modern but it's look at kinda old charm to it. And in particular the facade and you know I mean even though it's a bunch of young kids that pride in tailgating all day long to put it pretty general. It was a lot of fun he did he's annoying cougar fans that kept showing mr. Kruger surety and always in the game against a cougar and I saw they were wrong short man nobody cares. Present that was hilarious. This letter is awesome yes Jeff Chandler thinks of the deadly thank you Jimmer and non market do VI tailgating was. I have so much fun Friday night we didn't stop just be able to IP of people watching yup so much fun. Once I got some of about the college Jodie to people there early number one. But I don't care ER is a real sexist bit when you're touched you know it's not like daughter's college coed turning out so hook that's already a great thing. And at this time of the year it was still like 75 degrees out. There are girls wearing jeans shorts that were not Jean shorts there redeem bikinis yeah and it was fantastic yeah and then building two was like a lot of people are alumni or they grew up with this team and Mike. I still tied until he needs the original festival. You're right out of your area for the day your friends it's your neighbors nitrates and alcohol or stuff looter yet some bacon wrapped scallop who knows yeah man I'll look did you learn a fancy one like you know. Big ball are here. Excuse I would just like to say something else and scouts is the first and a pop out of my mouth at the C bacon wrapped disparities. Yeah I think you probably like a bacon wrapped help Kenya who I mean it's a tailgate you can make your iPad you Connecticut they can craft a mobile Mo Wiener dogs now this picture of him. Roberts picture migs at a tailgate with a salt Abraham like grenades and figure out shallow stuff. You've got about fifteen seconds to make a decision everybody got these things are dollars to cover legal claim. That's to move that some people see husky periods of the whining geez crowd print of the Q Dario I am gone I was a break Iraq's Gallup. Want to remind apparent act dude mean usual game I would love to this Chandler gives as good a couple of tickets yet shops and of course people hell yeah and then also there's a listener of Mars. Brooks. John Brooks and he has an ambulance but he's turned it into it too giddy up I saw that. I'm pretty sure I saw that I I only saw one ambulance yeah and we are other rock crawl Rockwell. I'm gonna devastatingly on the other we word towards you village we were walking indeed the car from new village site oh do we rebels. Rattles around you Rhode Gypsy. No we parked at the university village parking garage where you go to didn't iPhone via our intention was never to stay there. Until we got there and some guy gears a little piece of paper says you know no event parking here could he could tell where. I'm Mario husky shirt my wife were at husky cheering the Huskies ball cap on network. Huskies don't bust you right and so he gives a dream and our original plan was the Wii that entire farm. And we scored. That place is great if you could just is really went to the bar otherwise that's what I've heard from everybody yeah you do you don't wanna wait it's an hour plus wait otherwise it's just the lines out the door. But luckily a lot of people going what you under the age of 21 to assume you c.s don't get up and we Cecil get up just as we arrive it'll pay. You faster to me get in there and she's whoosh whoosh and they're not perfect so. But our whole intention was as soon as we finish. We're going to leave that parking garage and then go find a parking spot aren't promised that we're getting they're realizing the parking is not easy in that area knows what's up McCain's pick for some reason that guy given me that she sang I can spark here made me want to park their economic how do you get it now. I so I think let's give it a shot. How they get another not to go to Joseph wiese and watching the game at Joseph weeks yeah there's no way to tell Zogby got us like. But we give me a piece of paper it's got to tracking device that seeped into my skin's yeah yeah. So we said screw it let's do it. That's right that's how. Rant I got to admit I'm all nervous on the why would have been nervous fortunately car was there and it was great hope nothing. Not a thing and if you actually went in eighteen Diggnation ballot Ichi somehow I kept my receipt and and we went and why are we don't I was the tamale moons and out first wanted to check to make sure that the Carly rooms yes there's some of them on moves ice cream give voice yeah yeah. Ads on it about lawful Kunis. Who Stoops. Salted her grow so to do a moment so the karma you know. So off. XP Carson they're good my original plan was if the cars out there I'm gonna get someone who's we're gonna crash set I scheme and to show her receipt and say look we've been here that's all I had an ice cream. Our car wreck I over think things I know that's Pattinson. A quick look at your card and towed up your personal deduction is we're going to ultimately wouldn't. Okay thank you thought the kids could go I like I just need to Beers he looks like just a while ago. It's easy to us troops a lot of good and we can handle it. And there aren't some two months I'll apparently don't like the B options you're getting two scoops satellites are like her shrink there. Great yeah yeah I'd obviously like a holes like. Ballots a steep slide for a long long after the does turf they're great ST tickets and also the huskies' game and I just I bet we dirty dog you came as a means to them that I just saw her face first yet. Packing up our retirement earlier another little I want depth on the ballot Steve's wide enough millions. I love it when she distribute television currently more but she always is I just hadn't seen her was streaked hair in a long time Susan and forever her little I was a strain it's as you were Huskies cap but I never even put on a cap because the streaming worked out really well yeah so my house dog fan as well. Now that was the only rebellious thing that we get its. To cleans up moves and I wish I hope now who's. Dudes I now I to be zero to a hundred Brad and I escalated quickly tell you know my wife she doesn't think it's a secret she acknowledged it's your break it rolls into she was like yeah what ass. She did at a Britney Spears she did drink get that Matt Schaub had just pulled out a little minus a truly goes Steve Thomas sneak it in this. No I knew he wanted to weren't sneaking and assorted hair don't care. It aired out there at app. It's still know going through and you ought to do like the bag check and all that stuff well I have those regulations read think if it's not clear it has to be. I mean jeez that's got the size. Of it so all clutch right yeah but like small arms like she had a clutch I'm. So ladies and look into it and it says I don't think that sizes up I think that's too big. Which I've heard before you know you and dad yeah then. So. Sit puts it down on the table and it is like maybe. Three inches too long. Kentucky Yale. Local goose so now this is moment of panic. There's no way to think what you can't bring that in and my wife's legal and a mile without not. Might do if we would've known that ten feet away from where we were doing this there's a mobile check in locker station that they have I go to notre Michael let's turn around this is dropping off in the Mobil station and we find. Well as soon as Billy said you can't bring this and she turns around to start dealing with the next person my wife is still standing their confused like I don't know what to do she hates breaking the rules she won't sit. In seats that are assigned to us even if there's a whole row. In the 100 level were up in the 300 level people like calm down don't worry these seats are not accounted for should still be like no I. So she's looking at me and I'm looking at her to look and I mean is his moment of panic and I just look I know. Let's go. It's like still panoramic it's go time we need to go there was looking at a track like what the hell's going on with these two used to recall like a bomb squad. It doesn't let me in the first not a whole Melo just like a phone. Since sunglass then and I had some money. Trying not your money only can she married him beyond that got to the money below a million dollars you'll be no money on heard economic catching me dry dog made the money and holds it I gradually spreads and you know what's up both oh. Ali let's go yeah pray. You're not there devise another notice and no don't you got it all adds look at down there. Went out with uncommitted dice clay. I don't know why why my wife married and you basically Elvis and executed the money. I don't know what he smoked a cigarette wood over my head go a mile moos. Hey Floyd. Even. Got myself detaining someone in their forties otherwise nobody had any idea what we're talking about secret I just purchased through so she's still padding I don't call and assets like gingerly walking you know we got to go commit. Dude she gets through it. I think she likes of the life of crime now the move could she was like we were exhilarated McGee on what exonerates us like we got through. Six I can't believe I just did that I can't I feel bad we don't feel bad. Don't feel bad at all don't feel bad word who parked on you yeah we got bigger fish to fry but I hate to lose 30 broke the rules twice have pretty awesome. Yeah you know the other rule you broke depriving realized with that and he talked about how fat she was did you continual series of poor bastards that at the bar looking at that table. He likes by and in particular I am out there is like you know little blond girl to snuck in there so what did and took my table back pitch. Tonight straight hair don't care if you're gonna care. Ha I've a quick funny aside yes so drag joke. Iraq you know my we obviously we know Joseph the Mayer yes a source and his wife is French oh I don't know that. Look we re you know Joe's what was French government chosen our team. All right I thought you would millionaire ex husband French. We we need a colonel Tony it's beat mark all I think I believe it should -- might while toes OK I know that yeah. Ha on the document from a maximum waist with him I'm having him only speak to me in French so drag it has a brother named Joseph. Who funny enough is also carried to a French woman. And make great isn't so weird very weird and they have a chip you know they've a couple of kids but the daughter's probably like. Two or three. You know I mean so it's like it's a little kid bit like it talks and stuff when you think there could be tough talking jumble stuff. It's functioning right dots are sitting outside having coffee and I may or not a party soaps with him about that are all that's ahead. And the little kids there and she's talked game in my head as a drinking I think is super cautioning Lilja two little old for Lee Beebe gibberish. I look over and taking the sip and you in my belly up. No no no that kid is smarter than you she speaking fluent French shot off off off off I mean I actually the dig is donuts in the world I. Offs I certainly yeah yeah it seems he's you know I did speak at this point guys. And mind to show to show a guy and we need to talk to your brother. These kids are weighed all the not to say mom my dad dat my mother and he's going we were easy to play what does that got to brokers. So Larry it's my guess. For the job but did you spigot friendships. And beat the basic English of America can't. Suited for a ticket to an awesome it was unbelievable how was your weekend. Besides that you do anything else the all founders are. Now a dec contract. They wanna tap OK yeah so Friday and Friday I went mean Joseph went down the club. My house so it's good students hit the Washington athletic club are we just got the club but he is doing there. There's sports bars and they're your member Joseph was a member we see you work out in the U watch a game at the bar. Dude it's unbelievable I've never been to a Washington athletic club. All they had a good old U downstairs right got a locker room issues and as you know yeah I mean to unfold Jim Fulton may have played a ball nice restaurant and then the may have a good sports bar to your member. Our friend remember her she can go in there. In for such a fifty placing a shockingly good chicken wings would they charge you for these strengths Arianna are they reasonable are they jacking it up casino that these guys are all grown in the cash. I mean it's downtown prices it's a bit crazy but it's not. Not only the top yet not paying my 25 dollars wondering now but the food is really get any Casimir Joseph meet at their Friday times and then everybody Justine Jamie. They live on a cell voter what shall shall soon Letterman and hung out I think yes Saturday and is slowly made my way up to Munro and crash up there in the Jack you and I salute a wee little please cut tipsy cal on Sunday. There's 11 bill and one in Redmond it's a grass fed beef isn't that one of the best burgers had more time. How yet it was super good our moral road trip yes machine on it yes we are things do not delegated to a football game yet illegally parked. We 82 grass fed beef yet. We should make this the fall of us yes we should go for full upon break. Think you don't have a Photoshop us like. Italy part of the package is put all the stuff like a couple would do in the fall back that should be us like this could be that this will be the fault that leads to my divorce. Good I'm spending way too much time we Ted yeah doing things and my wife would like to do but she's not invited because this is you're not yet it will violate those ridiculous rubber boots to our veterans conscience. People's pockets lights locks yeah. But I still do the whole thing. Begin a lot of we've got a lot of tweets on our Twitter about the locker room situation as all the inaugural thing is unbelievable it's so funny because you now always say whenever it's a moment to Jim I'll be up and mold that you like a locker room guy. See there are in my wife now whenever you Jose and what did you say take it you know they just think she's somewhat seriously. Could you let me know when you're leaving my YOK. Sure I usually do but say I'm just worried that this guy might snap. Hold my colleague it's that bad although he was there today I got out of the shower he was already doing his bang and I could tell like he he's got glared at me. Aren't any set up his locker. Two over from mine because the one right next to my Missouri occupied. There's no crap ton of empty lockers man. He is really out of his mind has drawn down there and then the other day I thought for sure him and I remember some words could this guy coming to pay. McKay he rheal. There's just a different guy just kind of looks like him as a guy who looks almost exactly like him who's very nice. Who are normal conversations with because he doesn't care that I'm using the last locker in the temporary locker section. So he's still still picks since guy James I treated us at mister James 1975. Because I have an old man trainer at my gym that freaks out every time I need to take a cattle ball to a class. He thinks every general Wallace's. It's a weird thing that Jim Mann people yeah people have we years sense of like ownership and it's I don't know if the bench is being used are really hoping the use the bench. I find something else the used duty we've talked about this before he goes back to those DM routine people yup. Well this is what do I get you have a routine Billy this is it Jim yep they sell memberships to multiple people right we'll take. That you come to this gym every day you told me you can't figure of little augmentation do you work out today and it probably for the best you shouldn't do the exact same thing every time railways company. And even that's a distress. A lot of guys Demi Nesta kept getting in my way of what I was using and I don't usually care but accused purposely using every single machine in the gym like that was his work out at the lowest weight possible. Frank five reps. Global mobile next move on mobile home Mike. I wanted to be eyebrow I think you're gonna accomplish more just walking. To our tax Delhi from here man. And go up and down hill I think you burn more calories than doing that. Then just barely putting any weight on the Dem machine and going around and I think in his head that it was conceived you don't watching him. It was entertaining. Until like two kept getting in my way. In that punch to knock it. Like did you put it out tasks I know hungry that's Pestrana something else. Yes and I lately cheese steaks which is better call. We should that you one of our places. That would be a nice day Steve there be an incredible day love to be the best they ever got there would be noted there's been nearly as awesome as that day now now and I just thinks that. Set the wrong wrong rules say that because I'm looking at this one text. From surge movie previews murder movies. And he writes based on that put that picture of me in the locker and you can see it at the may catch he says it's the greatest locker. You'll not find a better locker and of people that noticed rocker this did not seem better lockers people who talk about it it's great laughter. And in my theory KM she writes that guy sounds like a tool. A body south not playing Steve Reese is a lock you need a fresh filed lose dinner I know you'll lose it too but will be worth it. Quite possibly you're right they welcome the world's strongest man gives you advice you listen to a that's very good point yeah. That was funny red festival salad is a great podcast called not playing stupid fighting on iTunes and all the other and a very good cook. Yes and also sometimes is very hospitable and brings trapper sushi when you appearance podcasts are got pulled pork when you know what I think we both want yeah yeah it's. So I'm. He's dressed if you want to read festival he addresses the world's strongest man had the the the Barbell the black Singler right and at first I didn't know Selma Panasonic's now can't piece out. Yeah like myself doing it. So walks entries came ammo Scott Dohmann. And look at him and I swear first thing I said I don't. Did you lose a bat. It nomads wanted to do for fun like all my bad so I think that I everybody lost the bet nets on his podcast or something and. Yet I thought we had hired him. Is seemingly showed up I was like cool. The strongly and here I need to do great at Miller finally walked up there I didn't think I was like oh wait somehow like I know you talk about the graphics and I've seen some high technology has to your red festival there are so many people they got pictures of south he was the may what I honestly I thought at first like oh we hired a strong man could at all I think came in a distant number two to the bearded woman. Yet as far as people who took pictures of people and I think next year like I like what's Al din of the next year will encourage more like dress it up and stuff like that that's a good idea dress like freaks yeah. And he is an awesome idea freaks Paramount and language. To what is so loaded motivated the Harvard scuba we take a break we'll finally get to that. That got audio clip that explains why. People should change your opinion about guys yeah I'll go yeah exactly and he thought oh I completely forgot something that I got from my costar Tara that we get to this is nice break down the weekend. Fund. Who fundamentally cash returns. Take and steal needed minutes a day today and it's got to. I have no idea what the hell that means mud I'm and then it cuts will be back and Moscow. Even now. I. First there was lingo take. Now get ready for leg over condom. Safe sex just got a whole lot more fun and creative just attacks illegal condom around your joy oh yeah. And give her the female Lego parts and click they go together taken apart and put him back together. And you can stand again. They don't condoms it's perfect leads us to reason written just for extra pleasure. Condoms comes complete with wheels window when. Little margin hundreds of extra breaks in case you need to build even bigger enjoy it and enhance your experience. Lingo condoms brings a whole new meaning June 29. Then we got best home contest. And then it cost is that we. Hello I'm okay. Yeah. So I'm not caught in the other night. I watched this yesterday and I was watching it nodding my head I think it's everybody likes to goo fund I fi ID it's just correct I mean he is. A punching bag in the in the world of pop culture I would say in my defense I was always he got beauty fan and throw got to be any until I met him in person and you've got to do she. Yeah yeah. So are you at least have a good reason for not having a good opinion about I fi ID yet a lot of people just don't like him because of the way he looks. Right and this track this is comic them find where his name is afraid because I was always a guy hitting defender yeah. I mean do we did some stuff on TV with there we went to these things those like diners don't think I was cited diamonds and I feel like that show late there's a ton of those shows album in his defense like when he first started that show he's got to the man that. And in and it's still great. It's still fun it still makes me very hungry but I mean a lot of people just won a crap on the guy because we don't whatever to bleached hair the sunglasses backwards that the of the loud short stuff. But the way he talks whatever it may be the all the rings the thumb ring numbering some don't you do wearing a common stock. Yeah hi announced. You don't lose an hour on a Saturday or to Washington suture is involved and so hunger all the time viewed we've Minolta unarmed man vs food the new one I would seem new when it is that you cool. Awesome I know he's gotten McNeil obviously a lot of hate because he's not out enrichment. I think he's I think. It's a suicide have really childish but this is what we do I dehumanize attic us three would really be friends yeah I think he can fit in with our with with our style of life. Adam Richman was great hosts the show that in the days atop the fans out anytime you have a little pompous to the end we now are lost weight school everybody. I think this guys seems to meet the team is gonna do all right he's funny I I really like the new version I like the old version that I I'm I'm enjoying it so. This congress and he was on I'm not Conan O'Brien show. And he breaks down just code in now my bad. This guy right in the same Torres mentally edit that out won't. Any news on code and next night and it was awesome so I'm gonna play I have most of the other clip on so eventually when we deposit let me know but I think it's just spot on and it. If you don't have a personal reason to dislike guy. Can someone please explain to me. What that hill Daffy area ever did tell anyone. You are no long talking about the celebrity show. People are mad due to all the time. Hit it it is saying I think a bigger dude got long hair he just looked baked a high and it keeps pointing behind him but there's a PowerPoint presentation customer even comment on YouTube where are on FaceBook about that. He's appointing a Sunday night hey man. There's no PowerPoint presentation why do you keep pointing to the curtain behind you. And it's the Eddie man. As far as I can tell all he ever did was follow his three kids. I understand that people are horrible all knew what television personality and he didn't do anything wrong. Here's what he did to America. He started a company worry hires everybody. He pays more than minimum wage begets health benefits before he has to. He has a nonprofit or gives pretzel making machines to school so they can fund raise I know that one sounds like I made it up but I swear to Christ it's true. And that is true yeah I didn't know that when he was a kid that's how we started being a a food guy is that he created he made pretzels and you would salt pretzels out of a pretzel stand. That's cool and I guy I didn't know that either that Asia's tired to do so big could have been leaves a bad day that's what's it mean things to be what we saw him. He works what's Special Olympics athletes and if you need a little more sugar with this medicine he also officiated at gay wedding. Yeah yeah I didn't know that either could get on you yeah yeah I don't lighting out no all of those things and change your opinion about god aren't inevitably to eyeballs and it. What do sunglasses backwards but I would take Ted you're just dealing with Allen had a chemical burn it I'm just head back up guy yeah space and bleached my shoulder to air towards the pretzel. But let's see asks why is on his shirt. It's all over this dude like he's a member of nickel back. The way what the hell did nickel back again. I drove me whenever I went with that I agree with the nickel back all right I I it just became cool to hate of years ago you commit to Quebec it's like oh nice and easy just type the word nickel back people have stock and how he when he was talking about it. Somebody put up there I went to a nickel back concert for fifty bucks 25 dollars for a ticket and Tony five guys in the skies and no one would recognize me. I've seen at the back like multiple times and they always put on a great for you shall I still say animals is a great song awesome song yet. Then that's a song we get pumped commanded a tunnel yet. The fall to us we listen to nickel back isn't all the time you never were my car mid of Amazon nickel back essentials nickel backs greatest hits. The court's first direct his team didn't. Members yeah I'm. But certainly nickel backs called the most mammals and I know. How you remind me how your mind I got this photograph I tell you remind me out with a CCU been gone and I'm like no let's Cilic Clarkston did you bring them we got here are very similar though. Nickel back. On pit stop that's how we ended up in this mess. What I did it I don't wanna hang out what gap theory either oh yeah look like a hot topic manager moonlighting at a Friday news. Horrible horrible big debate do anything wrong. Well wideout sets they got each day and at UFF that's. He runs around the country to small businesses and gives them free advertising on a national platform on a weekly basis. Advertising those small businesses could never afford themselves move his own television show. Because his hair looks like he was electrocuted while drinking Mountain Dew. Mean why aren't BR can't get enough for May have the need more day didn't. And he seems like the kind of dude that would be means adopts. Hot hot hot hot understand what this. Yeah do. That put on Rolling Stones T shirts until food courts they suck tomorrow. The result that's pretty good as did you ever comes down we had to check it out maybe to get him to do pocket maybe go. We do pockets accuracy with this guy yeah I'd like you have a good time at bat. That's the thing like rhetoric I watch sporting chick whose were killing it no point to I think they we would broad out. You know might be intimidated talking anti boring. But I would feel like I am trying mentally him that back in my mind I'm trying to sound cooler than I I am. And oh get him I had. I have much in common other than I would know he's famous rights of women I talked about I'd pay you like Jerry do chief Rudy meat to particularly key obviously likes punk music acrylic that hard like old school hard rock more than he would delegate. That is another we talked about yeah now and next the united telling all we're listening to was nickel back in my punch in the face you know kid these very aggressive man. Today's gotta go blue belt are purple belt now jujitsu of course he does she's a stream he did it effect. Well number his last wife she's she's a black belt many she got to me to fight in that oh yeah. Do somebody's food guys out Robert Englund. There aren't nice that Freddy Krueger ya doc Robert are right Jeff Irvine they did as possible. And the restaurant impossible guy. I don't know that want all he's married to you like yelled Kim former WB wrestler ours also opened TNA nowadays night. Yeah he's pretty awesome yeah I don't show I can't get behind is bizarre. Roots. See. I'm with he does is I don't even have weird foods but I like Zimmerman and the things currency school you're seemingly does leaked late seven destinations or whatever now and you'll just pick a city anywhere what he's done one in Seattle. It just came on late this is the best through bikini in the city I am afraid gonna putt like a grasshopper in the process like known as the best whatever now meeting a fresh off his cock his other shows just normal foods right so you became the Seattle he'd go to like some did fancy like the walls in the car premiere. And many go down play the market got a Beatles on the horse and cart are skeptical talk I think you know reality I'm every man I've heard you'll talk about it I just can't. Bring myself to go to a place called the waters in the car protect. I've beaten at the little place leak in that building I've eaten at the little place out front that just sells us sandwiches that are really good they are a trendy name might meet in grand. It does snap its lakes and explode or some dinner. Yeah yeah I don't know but I will say he was done just grab on a French baguette yeah it's like why don't you got Ohio we couldn't spoke lipstick it. You're listening to his pockets and joining deposits have dinner I don't care if it's at 7 in the morning all right so here's an argument I'll go with other men drew we sometimes get in trouble. His duel on T agents on fruit and then I get and the dealership dude on the podcast you guys there was talk about food the shaft new yet. Here's my only argument in like look I know on the mean miles broke him really go for a pulse yet with food but it's lake. Fool overall. Easily with people talk about Italy the main thing that brings people together like scarves did we break bread as a sagging. Because we love eating food with people. I'm a gum which he did that there's a reason why I work out as much as they do it because if I didn't. RB 700 pounds on the amount of delegates Walt among look and have a six pack I think sort of reality either Dicks to lock sometimes. Article like this weekend like I made a sausage dip a little out of season. I Q how dare you were you wearing white pants or doing the stats yeah. You can't I can't explain to people plagued what do you make something of people like it so much like having I had one scoop of it arsenic. Yeah it brings people together man yeah. And it's fun so that somebody else made to believe these lemon poppy little takes. Place. I would never pick lemon poppy is a flavor they were unbelievable that's the best part when you accept it yet and they were all like stuck together but little starfish autopsy just ripped it off by fear want to go somewhere and arguments of spaghetti pie might want. And it was this it was this big daddy dish. Compress it a point where you could slice it like a pie yeah. It was the greatest thing ever pop a man and fantastic yeah I mean you'll eat that sometimes he would strap it up yet what's I gotta go do virtual reality and eat. I am hunger this past I want shine when I don't want our show yet now when we have to win we have to wait piano is a close. All their car I ever got to do pushups Isabella two minutes around here every got to build up and appetites. More of an appetite yeah cops starving I can't wait to see. Pity either he's immediately took it to get everything up like I have started that says now it's 1244. All right well make your family as always thank you for listening to this podcast I've failed I would get this yeah I'd love. She's yet to give a man PM in the pump I don't know. I'm gonna work almost all of the whole month before all of us and the demise of my marriage. Right. Did detonate a deadly virus onto their back. The mega cash. Steve Jones a lot. I love love. It's.