MegaCast 09/27/17 "Fur Daddies"

Wednesday, September 27th

This week Ted and Steve chat about Ted being a pop music tastemaker, we get to the bottom of the Jimmy Graham in the hot tub incident, and Steve inadvertently spits on another man’s face! All this and more on the MegaCast!

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What's up ahead. Okay see. How are you doing my friend. Pretty good today but. How good I didn't pay off your own thoughts please view of commitment. You are here to view the mega casts I am well off to do other stuff doubts Geller to run the board to Robin to find pretty damn day off that she needs one hit. I didn't sound right no I does put a lot of kids these gallons Heathrow and things like show me the day off man all we did the syndication stuff flights and then we move studios. So late it basically her and might all summer like give the man germs and all they have not. Right because the enemy should things are running for all the other stations cushion not necessarily on vacation in on the other markets jerk quote unquote life style correct yes I got to yet. Colossal pain in the that's a fan but it doesn't you know let them this week start learn in the war GO. Captain player and we got we got the beard in their help and Mike out the Mike and take a couple days off the Beers birthday don't forget to wish my have a birthday it is his birthday today saw that on FaceBook is also my mom's birthday are. I've birthday amid worries this streak I mean I don't want it. I feel I don't like you'll recall them and put them on the radio which is going to be a faint yeah it's it's gonna be you know the problem is will call my mom too which are happy birthday we'll ask her questions and then my god will take over heated up for anybody I think is all about my dad would studio with their anniversary tomorrow so I guess it could be about him but yeah I'll just made that I'll make that an offline conversation. Yeah I am just gonna say for the record. While it sounds nice that I'm coming in and learned something else I'm also seeming vacate like I got to the cases these are used I don't wanna come off well got some gotta gotta be a martyr and hotel we learned from the last Ted talk to your selfish man has a selfish planned Jay yeah hit me I you you have nothing but selfish inside of you a voice yes that's a little save up to its net. And shellfish we also learned that you like crap. If you know grabs. I don't know anybody that's sonic you know I just want to grab. All the crap all the crabs in your bat that I can relate to said that dead I today's podcast I'm looking at my notes then they're very high. All right I have three things I'm here. Dentists. Well I guess four because blue ones kind of at a subs a sub read it of the other ones are I think a dentist mall. All right Luke nice I wanna talk about Luke and women's breasts. I mean I like women's grass that's on the docket for today's mega Castro first we gotta get tend to get the heart rates in the blood pumping in the brain. Function Nina and Ted this one's for you thought you nice and I feel like you should add this one because it is currently. The number one song and all the world. It's tall towers right on our troops who are you now that truth is again party be. With Tom Meeks what I yellow choosing his team go to yeah yeah I definitely a result okay well I think again our guys didn't I don't act last. I got a question I put us contemplative emperor. But I'm dawn load it up. And yeah. And without the ball back yellow piece of my questions that's part of not sure about guns at me awhile to figure out what the red bottom shoes works. And then there were times so yes in general that's been a life all right you have. I'm like that's status like Derek thousand dollars at the cheap yet at the cheap at the cheapest yet. You know me man I'm always in for good dirty clothes are a strip clubs onto Alia I you know I never thought about it now I'm shocked that that's the number one song in all the land right now. Duty just its biggest clubs you can dance to it via tellers drizzle which you may media which upsets me of course in the billboard hot 100 last week and it makes for the first solo female rapper they saw. Curry DB. The top the charts and more and held back in 1998. Kids that's. That's impressive Steve why am I not running up pop station. Clearly no hits on the come out you could really did you could honestly I think it's a cool song it's deadly assault I would wanna listen to a 3 in the morning. Knocks over ya what I would have never. Our guests. That that would be the hottest song and it in town right now. It was funny I was watching an interview with a DJ like months ago. And on Jesus and marrow mayors say what's the best on the club right now music's. But regular cart car to be in the did you outside of it Al the giants and I was into it doesn't happen like this one moment on on the sock. It's cool but it's an unknown its aggressive. Yeah it's slow and aggressive. No my jammies right now it ourselves. It's a. It's a Beijing's. You know just how divided Monday's record and just trying to exist just as awesome man that time just by Howard you're the worst and colleges go back to order. We must hurdle. Told tossed him Vietnam's. Offset is that the guy from the ghost yet. So much your year track. They're not tantamount to. All right all right. That's just nice you know what I mean Brian Lewis. The only human I am doing now. I had no idea I don't I I would imagine many people like drawing up a solo record for fun yeah. How broad reading articles and it sounds like Brian Lewis isn't just helped out towards let's just let's just see what sticks and keep it. Like he's very nice you know do it again good writers studio and do a better realize that part so maybe you just needed a break from. I hope all of its. And it medical more what he got a curse. I didn't I didn't Groenenberg inversion of Carty B which is argue. It. And I on the one of them not it's well it does have the explosive thing. I don't Oregon. Right you don't. It's. Right. The heavily rely. I I really love the new iMac Lamar Stasi did Soledad yemenite. And pretty guy was here at the radio station. You and all of us everyone got pictures what the Mac. I miss that doll I left an hour before he showed up almost alum Michael Moore yeah we like Rivera might do us yeah CM a few times. And I would then be almost four years ago right I know December that I will before I had a whole campaign a mild podcasters yes TP test trying to get him who beyond our podcasts but it did all the work mine is actually asking you management but we just treated a lot about it. All right so I knew we was here I was in here that day. How does that count. But then I know there was any deal William Ryan Lewis and that I just solace they back the forces him griner cool. Yeah Ireland I guess there is something where you know once you put out a solo record without the guy you put out a couple records now a lot of success with that people are gonna create drama even if there isn't any drama. Right we know what's up why's he doing a solo thing maybe he's gonna have some fun enough I go over think things and I really don't think that this record is a fun record. Got to kind cool moves vibe to it or maybe they got beat that we got picks its feet it's real exciting. We got to pick sides of Chris Jones like this ever since said the twilight movies it's always been about team this a team that yet Monty Mack. All right. And you aren't. I don't know enough bass situation Steve acutely you're asking me to make an informed opinion on something I don't have knowledge on where I am today. We'll take this a bit he was allowed to be found this in my online thing where I guess some random questions and yet and it and that's Macklin or not Brian Lewis has clearly Jimmy Fallon as T Mac Lamar I I can tell pace it would take a look at your phone and what are the most via a lot if you use a mode geez those show like the ones he's the most first I and so your Mac rumor telling them which of oh geez he uses the most by looking at his phones a Moody's tab. The planet. So clearly he. Right the first thing we pursing says the one that in the international dawn yeah eggplant. And it just immaculate Philadelphia he has tootsie was what what is Mac no more using as his form of communication get a place. Surprise face. A horse. Purple heart and all right. Seems odd clearly is into bomb. Silly or sects that are dead catches it in the surprise spot I think I used I we keep the most. I used well I knew Jack takes a while my wife shot gently and immediately communicate a lot and takes you to send him on to faxes and notes on a mistake on my phone. If I was gonna go read and rewrite the from the into a text and a new taxis are a mode G so my number one. On is that only on iphones I don't know like do you do is that how your mode to show up I'll know much of groups. OK so mind this is this is my favorite mode he's currently. Part the red heart because I love my wife right then the smiley face at the hearts and its eyes. And it's been in the Casey face. Been approved book. They expect then the Jeep. I I'm driving in my Jeep BB NN demand wrestling. In my category. All about the very beginning now the very beginning that's usually the ones he's the most of those minutes seems that they got all okay don't say you're definitely not an Angel. Now because I was gotta go over here to use I use that one a lot but it's not my top. I guess we're not and then also he was asked about out as recesses and a fun game no no I was hoping that you have an implant the big. Throbbing right planet or not but sorry it sounded weird. What I want you only use emotion easily couple people. You know I don't even really would my wife. Does this they like. I'm sure I've sent you remotely. You always that we might send him OG three try to do it for the most part majority of Lamo dear Joseph entire yeah sort of simply doesn't say it's always like the Wiki for it it's just like a smile. I don't know what those easily explain and a lot for obviously you know yeah. Hey girl get over here are some who say malaria off. Good for you. Round loses dog we can do it in the studio now before I got extra room and I won't over think it make you do it again first take my mind yet amigos are still hot also gold watch. I was in the studio audience of you to see Ted doing is we have robot dance. Not some. It is but I think this light I watch enough videos you sit in my house nuts and around. But I couldn't have including Dow decently acted dance all the trapeze yeah you do a good job I'd still like gonna trap called republic of you could. Torres it's. Made. A. All Koch come on my aunt said you're nice and clean. You got occurred I don't work today you really thought also was doing vs Packers aren't impressed that he went that far. Matamoros clearly the potty mouth would be eggplant. So at the beginning of the podcast today Steve's that I you don't sound pretty good yes right but for whatever breeze in. AT and ovitz the political stuff whatever I have a few people in my place they go through some tough times affect now how much does not so Hewlett. Simple message today. Just keep grinding people yeah break. I don't know like I am so confused some beastie easily just part of either the say just take a week off from everything just do your job go home. They with a few family similar to your dog. Go home to new giant chair wherever he get off FaceBook but whatever it is you do do but then there's also part of that it's like we got to stay on the stuff we got to keep. Talking about exit so important that just there's just so much stuff going on yeah and then I did Theres I have some of the people there is go to some tough times so I'm anticipate pure and simple. To keep grind it. But McKinney. Crazy decisions. Keep brought in didn't. If at all like he you're gonna get. Through this and enjoy some Willy Wonka. Don't hurt some. Ivory round it's hard to have right nudity wasn't gonna curse Lou welcome live acres. At. Blue long good dude man that right before we started the podcasts on. In all I have a lot of friends that have certain convictions towards both sides I and it's very difficult sometimes goes to site. I don't want to engage in just don't and stoning gage and are you people at a social media especially. One of my friend has the audacity you post a picture and it's not it's the one of a bunch occupiers standing and Susie a hockey players don't take immunity while law because they're now whiny few words and Michael K wolf. Let's let's let's dissect this first of all there on ice skates it's a lot more difficult just to take in the secondly. Most of those guys that are in line or non American. So I can understand why an end and thirdly. They haven't played a game yet in the regular season so who knows maybe there will be players that are gonna find a way to show there are very support. For people that have not been treated well over the course of time. I don't know we'll find out but still this guy posts that. Somebody posts something don't you post something else now all of a sudden there's a political argument that's happening because of that post. The guy who posted it goes enough of this already I'm sick of this as I didn't ask for this to turn into a political argument. Is she did you started it with that and the girl that was a I was leaning more towards her side on a lot of these justices like. What they're widely opposed this political statement with this sharp a million you don't want this argument and don't think JD. Yeah. And that's the world we're in right now beavers when I'm. They ought to drop their opinion and then god forbid anyone doesn't agree with them they wanna be like I don't want us to be a conversation about politics you started it and don't think the fire chief. In Washington campaign Pittsburgh who post Tommy her coach Tomlin is another no good end. And it was an ER and then even types on FaceBook yeah I said it now so close from them today there was like I'm not really a race is the media. Got this adequately dude you posted on FaceBook you caught him and Edwards I confirmed it I yeah I meant it like it. Like at a certain point of almost the second horrible what I wanna say it's okay. Like we know you're racist but just stop. With a BS. Will the media blame me this and that even with the kneeling crap lake. Cap critics started to talk about. A police brutality against African American threat right now. We have billionaire owner sitting out there or this is assigning unique that it's BS and the people getting all worked up about who respects black who doesn't respect the flag. By the way the guy in Pittsburgh. He came out yesterday and said hey I walked too far out of the tunnel. I didn't mean to do that to my T right right no people opposing him it let's legislate his Jersey sales skyrocketed basically everybody. Calm down now if you if you disagree with the cap really we've talked about before that probably would not have been the way I would have to chose to protests are but in the end. This is what I hear a lot of people when you talk about black lives matter or police stuff framing us this is where people are reaching a boiling point ready we're gonna circuit in the danger situations night. Protests in the streets and everybody not just who we deem as racist city liberals too in Seattle ago we don't protest there are aren't cool. So we'll do it here we'll do it silently don't do it so just like at certain points. Where are they just just tell him you don't want to protest they're not allowed to then. All right we'll start making protest illegal try to goes against the constitution absolutely but I mean that's where we're trying to get into the whole new you'll think it's weekend doesn't. And sorry I don't care what side you're I'm not sorry the president of the United States should not sit up there called the sons of bitches and that was out of line and that's what. Who's the tipping point. An argument with somebody who I care a lot about and and mirrors as I don't get why did do some like I do get wider doing this and who's got kind of uncomfortable and it's an amicable. When the president refers to. And and and as a person locally Michael Bennet obviously was part of that that it that that that vitriol that he was saying was toward towards him you have to admit I mean because he's been one or more vocal guys recently. And he's a dog one decent pitches I'm like I do not want anybody referring to me as a son of a bitch in that tone the joking thing sure but I that was a shot. And I mean I told you with so we can't just say this out loud in just. Sorry south the president gave a speech in Alabama where he called people's sons of bitches I mean doesn't that just sound kind of batted breakfast. We think we're back. We know the crazy part is throughout all this is that we completely forgot what they're protesting and it's become an argument about the flag it's become an argument about soldiers in its. And somebody part of a point I totally agree great look I'm not cute I'm not comparing food to our flag but it somebody's having a hunger strike. Nobody ever has an argument about the fact that they're not eating a hamburger. Correct people are all the simulate why you have an end hunger strike that's all that is 18 at a mall this people want you to say why are you yelling. What is it that makes you so upset that you're dealing. While the flag while the National Anthem is going but we've forgotten about all that so what we have is a country that's completely gone crazy. We have a potential war that's gonna happen when North Korea. And nobody cares about any of that stuff that's going on right now we have healthcare system that's falling apart and the odds of many myself included. Arguing about that right now what were arguing about is whether or not people should stand or sit or salute or what during the National Anthem. And that to me seems really weird. And and that's why I wish. As I hate to say I wish he would have found a different way to protest but I do wish they would have found a different way to protest because. Unfortunately nobody is asking them why they're protesting. They're asking them why would you disrespect the country and I understand the reason behind all but I'm not pulling their protest but sadly. The message is completely being ignored. Because everyone's argue about the flag. And I. I mean look at a certain point I very much like sports but I haven't seen this very year last year when I went back east every innocent people that they're. You know they're for friends of family I know these people but they're kind of those people then the first thing we do learn to do was start talking about talent cabinet. Has looked at him I said well your whole point is he's not oppressed as a millionaire right there aren't we you're a grown man to make sure living like what stuff. What did you clear but the would want he took her own making and played enough football game isn't even those I mean that's part of it to legislate. It is important so but also at a certain point it's still just sports everybody. You know Newton right so that. To meet all goes back the cinema talk about a truck and how he won and everything else it's just it's the corporate reached the corporate station of America. In we do this to each other every day at work and we don't sweat it. Right we go well technically I didn't see that. Right but I insinuated this right like I didn't say that I he's gonna hit you know it's his corporate talk courts and I try to put in saying that you can't get me on that right right so that's a word. It's funny because everything is the argument that good the people having without hockey picture yeah. A lot of it was that like you're insinuating I said this music will be undertones of what you said are back. And it was it was a it was a lot of that I didn't say it so I mean what what you can't say I said. Right Billy kind of did say that without saying it. Or did they hatred you have towards the darker athletes that meal on the do the venom spew it then that you don't that. The lights the premise side window I do you bring race into the brother you don't have to write we can read between the lines but that I think. That's part of where we've gotten. It's an area and and it's it's very scary Sawyer brown appointed by Karen I'm paraphrasing but you know you look back and could imagine social media back an idea the Rosa Parks face. Would really argue about what type of bus she was on. Where it or like I can't believe they why would she wanna take the deal line. Who takes the deal line idiots elected to. Right and I that that's the part that create drives me nuts is site. Man this could all be solved rather easily if everybody could be a little more empathetic of course and also just say hey why are you protesting. And then give them the opportunity whoever it is to explain why and have a have a normal conversation as opposed do you are anti American. Right that's the thing that gets me to write waking. It's not anti may be the ideal is anti America stuff his BS yeah. I think that he. Yeah I think frank and then I mean just this morning. On Fox News we had Stevenson goal there OK maybe we need to know what Steve he bought the site will look I don't think John plummet and damn. Dude do you know what he did the interview from. I Arnold Dow all these Russian citizen and hello I'm fond of at all and old actor out. But that may end move to Shia and now you're gonna click here put a multi use these people are disrespecting the flag he move to rush job. He's a rush didn't say no we did our country under siege it's mainly did this guy this stop terrorism with whom balls man. Yeah and look under siege. What was the one where they killed it's I. Family and anyone back Dudley got out of the Wall Street he's. I I don't know what he's the other titles and Marciano so yeah. But most importantly we should just go to Lou Holtz has to say about all this because of anyone understands. Hi I love Google but I'm worried how merger of what you gonna play here did you hear this all now I'm sure something like Michelle Hoke saw Diaz. Eight he was asked of course about the NFL protest know take a break you know move on don't worry that we've isn't going to be a podcast all about this but I didn't. And he said I understand what it's like to be oppressed by the police. And his example is. Yeah I've been unfairly taken that I was given a particular what I did exceed the speed limit because Dutch coach what goal and the patrol officer graduated from the other day let me know it was better about the fact. But that happens in life. A lot coach Holtz coach Holtz out of touch. Heavy I'll come on. I've got it's it I understand what everyone who's going through because I had to picketed by an opposing teams. Students. Alumni. I I use is careful with time but I think you've had an issue at home with your wife for whatever and I go I understand. It's just like when I was married to earn a bowl. Married in my life. I was just this argument we can fathom that in relationships he will treat each other different yet the the outside you might see. But the idea that the cops like you put certain group of people different which so we were just refused to believe. Yes 100% agree because they do they're they're afraid of of losing their livelihood if the girl yup yup and you know that's why it's cracked up. I do just purposely troll like people are apparently BJ on the morning show whenever talk about relationships and his daughter and he's like we do understand your kids coming I do advocate. I have a dog in dreams and her name's Lulu she is my daughter and I think that it's real different that I just know I do not even have an idea of what it's like to be apparent. But of course I'm gonna say I know what it's like to be apparent from afar daddy. Exactly sounds weird for Ina. Come over here on refer that in December we announced it sounds really we were to take a breakdown might have been the weirdest part of this whole conversation Ferdinand. Gifford that he's will be back. Well in order on this podcast that he you have to make our advocates protest it. An intimate as in Tarrant. They take savings defense at all. We. Welcome to shawl and a time for everyone's favorite. Everything pumpkin spice chances are there's something pumpkins bias in every room of your home except the bathroom until now. Now introducing new pumpkins spies Sharma and turning your thrown time and in to a cousy fall afternoon. New pumpkin spice Sherman smells so good they'll find yourself wishing you had to obliterate them down. Downstairs powder room more often. Filled with the smell of Christmas and in the warm and toasty pumpkin and a fragrance that says who needs a courtesy flash. It's just 13 news phones since should be looking for a warm apple and Dave Barry cinnamon and so this off. Just go ahead and peeled the wallpaper. From the folks at Sharma who remind you that there are dozens of brands of nasty issue on the market. On the whole there are the same. Oh man I've. We're gonna move on but yeah I'm an example of stupidity maybe we have time later. You don't know what's the. I don't. A couple of high. You don't want to that I don't. Well. I'll just say this we talked about the guy from Pittsburgh yet there was some other singers a nationally at them they knelt down or whatever or yep saw that just. Make sure you know exactly what these people were between what four before you start bragging about them. Right before so easily as an example to side with your agenda when and as actuality what they did. Those holders and against what you're saying. The odds quickly briefly somebody posted about Howell are great job on him and a football teams that played because of what how they protested right. And then name mentioned how. The singer which was odd Jordan sparks yeah we did a great job. And they're like look at Eric how awesome she was and she even had Bible verses written on her hand. Bob and then an and then pointed out the stupidity of the players that did meal. And right goes before stupid. Here's the problem. If you actually went to find out what was written on her hand the Bible verses had written on hand. Was fully in favor of the protesters saying that we should. Fight in an NB a voice for those that don't have one. Yeah I can't but I grew up Catholic in that I don't get a move on but you can't tell. Angelic. Great chuckle Piaf in it you can't tell him anything now I mean it's lake. Sometimes I wonder if I'm one of the few people that was ever religious actually what would read the Bible but they're premium mother talking about the civic day right. Nor will get off there's a minute don't talk about abortion jolt all seem to me it's one of the worst people write it people love Joe Horn Steen right. Joseph Holstein is easy it's not only is he multi millionaire he preaches about wealth being part of your religion in this and that. Now there is only one time in the Bible that we see Jesus outward outwardly angry. And it's when he goes to the temple and he sees people making money there what does he do he loses his ass he starts flipping tables and he's like this is my dad's house this is a house of worship this is not a place to make money. It's just amazing to be if you pick and choose only out. You gotta be kidding me greatly greatly he's just hoping it's pretty much like help would tell the board dudes who you know lake. But let's be nice to everybody pulled hookers EIL hookers you know what did you try to take. I think that was this whole thing it's amazing you can use angered me like Jack and read the Bible verse. And sometimes a good people take maybe I'll receive federal exemptions to people who are religious and known grab things from the Bible and M and interpret it. How they want an innocent thing you're using. You don't need to interpret it it's very cut and dry black and white but don't be this way. Do it's in his crew sold him out for like gold or silver yacht and he's like I forgive yet. And you're gonna do this for hate but when he sees people make him when he hit the temple he loses that threat I think it's only time either angry or. It's real football odds yesterday we had Luke Wilson back on the morning show. Who go to grab this weekend off man I hope that this is not the sign of more opportunities for him like more balls being thrown his way could get a couple good grabs the week before. And this week as well and a touchdown pass which I as you probably experiences Susie scores are you get giddy because it's your call me. I get so fired how often do we have someone that you know when your life that you could consider a friend. And watch score a touchdown in the NFL. Never yeah. It's really freaking cool when it happened I shut somebody down yesterday but do they are talking about Luke's touchdown on. Now as they giving you already got that easily get to Jesus Christ of both know flake. No it's not a closely he'd have Wayne Rooney. And the person that looks at me and I know I was at dinner with Luke when he told me that Turkey got it thank you don't buy it. A pair of Ari if he told us that. That you can't get more hitting a big enough it's. Because you could go to YouTube would probably find him talking about that because he's a big fifa fan that's where I was from playing fifa soccer I'd watch a great record he scored well that was a celebration music I should do that when I play football wet back would they put on rice so you could find that story. But how often did you actually cited as a first hand. I was at dinner with Luke will. Tell you the ultimate trump card right bagged. That's awesome like that I was funny never know he told me. We'll look. Not easy swing and by hopefully more often on BJ mig side which is really cool nights. But when I was talking to -- the air he Munich very very distinct point that I email would you guys have me back on the mega cast nice course so he really wants him back on the mega Cassel Matt did you some Wednesday or Thursday or Tuesday whatever night. Works for him hobby I ate he wouldn't be able to do on Wednesday afternoon to when we usually do this podcast but he wants makes more appearances on the may Cassel also. That's very cool very pumped about that. While a start I just to say he's also do yep me outside of the fact he's an ease sea hawk like I think Steve I would hang out in the jet. Yes obviously it's cool because he's on the Seahawks I mean yeah I mean and that's a no brainer but we wouldn't spend time with the guy if the call on this would Wear a coalition of of somebody's job what they are wears off rather quickly if there if third deck yet and guys they comic if it's incredible how nice and cool to do is it that he is nice and we've seen him just. It's not like he's he's playing acting like mr. nice guy he genuinely is a nice guy. And we mentioned we were talking about how like. Maybe seem to off shore up on Twitter whenever we have months on the on the podcast on the morning show like I told a straight up in my pro. We got mega babes now people listen to our podcast because they listened because you were on it and it stuck around thankfully because they like the show. When you originally came to the podcast because you were on it like you bring all the girls of the yard and just cracking up about that he manages the music really called a mega babes and make gap. Yelling I'm running I'm I got three in my bedroom and now we have to like Rebecca we're talking to you yes what's it ash Ashley is definitely a yes OK I'm like yes yeah. You guys to be a lot more when you thought yeah. Theodore stopped. We know where we stand on daylight let's let's be honest I don't blame off yeah we're both the three possible look every little guy you know we're cool book being the third we don't know anyone does is the second real groups tied for second when himself. Yet first and second yeah yeah he's a motorcycle were like two guys in the sidecar yeah. Crammed together recruited Elliott yep they're grown on the back behind him they ladies. But you remember I think my photographer writer thus far Eagles or the flu or curtailed. By the fall you hang with links I guess that's going to. Our last time we probably talked about Luke Wilson RR ershad a great story about Luke Wilson was time that we went to have you back oh yeah. And do you remember her I just told that Jimmy Graham's story the other day. I brought the Jimmy Graham Soria to a ball caller ID act out who's torn a Mike. To receive this role we have them on the mega cast but then he brought up how awesome the beam that was. On the morning show and I was like you gotta tell hot start I got I gotta bring it up so for those that don't know what it gets explaining this but basically Ted and I saw Jimmy Graham naked. And Ted and I were convinced and we should the senate passed episode in the mega cast that this is all. A giant prank on us. Like they set this up like this is something that they deal like okay now for him to the spot rumor that the pool and hot tub is and you walk can't imagine Jimmy Graham just standing there of just posing. Naked for us and they keys are welcoming wagon. Yeah yeah. I tell everybody you know he was such a large ripped up animal like I just my head down looked at my feet. Right so I of course being the weirdo that I am decides to bring this up to Luke while we're on the air and now this is how it goes let me know if you applies for a moment they could say our facilities pretty cool. Speaking of the facilities I have a question for you say this stems from new hanging out on the may Cassidy takes me tonight he's popped arm Griffey timed and indeed our guy got to give a plug that they'll let you know what's up. Do you are nice that the receptor that one time. In snag you and possibly other members of the team. Pulled a prank on us while we were there move. Our dear this hour and he had the look on this is like what that Helen Steele about to bring over her Papa back into it's it's OK eight right can you talk about it right I figured. Maybe you should run this by every report we talked about it but yeah as though he's got the look of fear in his face. Torre on the hey you wanna check out the the pool in the hot tub area of of the locker room I'll tell like sheriff so we were -- to do the locker rooms and we get out there and no music OK guys ready like sure you open up the door and as you open up the door. There is Jimmy Graham buck naked standing in the hot tub with his hands on his head. First thing we see and it's looking at his smile is with some solid. Aren't so we don't know what do at this point and then there's Doug Baldwin and the other hot tub also now my decision making eight hey guys how they gonna tell and I are convinced that you. This is something that you guys do to make people feel awkward way it was Easter and it was he standing up showing little green car okay. They ask Tata iron and have a little bit that's not what I cannot Natalie talking about. I just I hope people please don't leave the door opens. And you can just see him I have guys are seen from the waist up legislate she's all right Paul. Although I don't I shouldn't be impaired right thank you and whatever big whoop eating grin on his face off the you can we have Peter CSF I felt negatively to a party no one showed up yet we are the first two Dubya bush jovial and yes Kempthorne is hot tub party Doug's here. They Jack a mean he was in the back I know somebody like getting your relative. We're naked and waiting for you guys. Me you know what degree but that's definitely a little muscle. Desire to do the hunt gold buyers staying and they put me in the visiting locker room was agog at the media got its best all the New Jersey generals yeah they all consumer Walken and they're all making it and they're already for actions not just like regular naked lies and. I I don't believe BJ would this ready for she did commit seven he went into the locker room and I have a I had to argue with him and I finally does get enough but I just let him say inserted a way he wants to but I still question it. You can visit there all point a bit Poppins like. Partial jobs while in the locker room. I think anybody have a good job in the locker room. Don't know man but why not immediately they fought before the radio personalities came related Boyce got radio guys are coming back. With that I'll put you just compare flop flops are eight a buffer. Yeah right already guys in here let's get and rice and enemies and they know what they're working with. I'd just like regular naked eyes and Jimmy was ready for action well yeah. I mean I know they played French zionists I want the end and it is just like it's a show like while these guys definitely are they have what I don't have to listen to talk about it. Maybe I jump shot fifths. There is some giant on the mound I think the most over six foot wrong but of course there tomorrow and that their bonds don't like a baby's arm. So appropriate response to lick your heart's in the third. Did you hard for me. That's all right I wouldn't address them because Jay is what I like looks like April I'll bring you my friend Ted and Steve on and tore. Do we can use our compass defeat for them when they become into the the hot tub room. It did was that a credit always swear that I don't where they fully naked he was what motivated us. That was a prank goes all just happy coincidence. I mean that's gonna love oh I don't know what they I don't just funny didn't like you know we mythology was anticipating this it's there. Have to put up. I don't autism does this tell agreements they just got me. Yup I look at it in ice like Philly there's a good she edged Jimmie just sit there. But I still feel like US Japanese or Joplin had a hi camera I think you might remember and Britain as always on the team know it was announced somebody else is in the back and I feel like Lewinsky maybe. Me I used to make once we've looked nervous and turn it Jimmy I feel like then he popped up like hey fellas hey guys. Lost this one to resolve off reality globe Trotter any so normal that idea as a general already. You'd think about it. Good stuff and I arguments you are securing the mill if you bring that good to around and there's females involved Mo usually like Trent booked a tour around one known will be in the -- always seems very well UH I got a special tour and I figured I figured you know donations and even many guys a lot of worry. You guys can handle a lot qualifier you guys I don't know if we could hand chronicle what part of his happy he felt comfortable that's enough to bring its mid to late the luckily though in the post cherished of all places we write also I'm with you I don't know we were already warrants clearly it was fine nobody bared he's taken a Pete he's Jilin making use of the locker group. And made that locker room like it was its own. But parents find it easy for you brands to compromise and took a leak in the bathroom. A guy I mean I'm okay we're taking a leak it to the Max bathroom I am not some teams might locker room bathroom I don't know Nagano. I wanna do that. Yeah mark enemy like pro that's my you're not. Just thinks you're nineteen Jimmy juror no ma'am Stephen I generally pretty good and cooled how would meet people and stuff so. I know we shall the story besides even that then we go into the equipment room memorable line. I've never seen that much geared my life gosh it was like it was well. As a just sports exploded all over as your your Seahawks in which you just wanted to run an answer Kravitz one of everything but members talk insulate the equipment to Chinese. Could you walk out of the office legislate bumped to Michelle Obama bench on NAFTA talk Alexander's is there. Hey man you know you on the team you're just swing in my to say hi it's almost a surreal like all right art plea cool and the tight ends coach is has given. God Jimmy crap argument you the crap I have. A camera out of these things that you may be continued to bring me but that was the cause I think that was hilarious there's a funny experience Asia. It's why you guys can go everywhere Georgia remotely is that weird or is that normal like wouldn't go listen laurel okay I know it's just hours. Yeah I'll generously gonna go welcoming committee is. What's even more awkward is post game stuff. Because it's like everybody's you know you got things to do you shower or didn't change in like David so law firm is fully early caffeinated and there's like. Probably 85. Media members know I cameras everywhere vote act that's really awkward I guess the point or like you just. I don't usually go put your business like I don't know anything about it. Monetary and BJ's eyes narrow. Are cranking it right before the media comes and so there's two stories about using locker room and got the airline miles tells a story much front and an idea it's historic. But he used to do it reporting for ravens stuff apparently Tony seraguso. Like purposely would sit there are fully naked to do is interviews to keep him short. And then that's awesome the other crazy story earlier this is that Warren Sapp which. I feel like when you talk about dip in late chewing tobacco it's mostly a white guy I think yeah born sappy sweet dip probably dips anymore. But apparently he would sit there just in his underwear the huge dip and it would lay down towels and would spit on the talent to not know do like give himself Pope offer from the media. Why it's yet doll story I heard bro I'd be so pissed about that the other equipment guide has to do like cleaners and I got to pick that crap up. Yeah I guess I mean overall pick in hotels is probably not the start of the got a lot of plastic gloves you just grab yeah yeah you're right I mean at that point they probably picked up weirder stuff. I mean Robert Gallery was known for Pena's pants before every game to get mad at the opposing team. I'd never heard that all item by the his brother used to work with the hawks and confirmed because I've heard that rumor before and I gallery used to be out offensive lineman yeah massive cue yeah he was on the raiders eventually came over to the hawks who was reduced big pick up but to not go as well as they hope. They think he was a bust every yet he played one season and retired and he was a first round pick is a line he was supposed to be the man by any download batter in Oakland eventually and they picked him up over here in the distant goal but apparently eat. Purposely before every game would soiled himself. Before you went out there. Or Dorian warmup I can't remember web at some point before the game started he pissed his pants and we'll play the whole game now why. To get inside the head of the opposing team. Wow right and you got to the tenth you've got to imagine he's not the only one doing weird stuff like that no. And so. I sentiment by the his brother worked in the credit still doesn't like him and ask your brother is that true about gallery. And he need to ask yes or no I know it's true. We you do get away in my brother's complain about it before why not hockey lake until late. You know kind of like this grounds or whatever when he got a pilot footballers weird stuff that goes on what does that happen in hockey too. I haven't heard anything like that I read on and on a bunch of whiny few words. Well circles as well good to called thank you sir you have what are they quick break when we come back Ted. So. Mr. Obama I experience a dentist's office all right we got weird. We may not get it back. I'm play it. I think it's let's take a Stephen going to do. History. We wouldn't know what's happening. Joining us this week on the History Channel for an update of the Anthony Weiner story you won seven times to service and congressmen. Then Weiner whose political loner when you do we do do exclusive photos of his name's sake she's six women. You resigned congress during the mayoral race pulled another dinner when you send more pics soon. Mr. Hugh Johnson juicy new leather pants and told everyone that he was calling himself. Carlos dream sure. The cruise through the story increased when his computer was seized while investigating the sexting a fifteen year old. Discovered were new rules to presidential candidates Hillary Clinton. Which would soon be in the hands of the FB but that's another story should join us for the ongoing saga of Anthony Weiner. Who brought down the prison and see all the History Channel. If you didn't happen TDs and ten. The story. And then from them. And what these guys would consummate Kagan by the ocean. The mega concerts that. About the protest I. We play this song so much on the dolphins' trip I love this song and I say guys it's only been two months that I realized he somebody and take by the ocean. Those critics say born leader may even though sexual thing. Is it I don't know you just brag a late yeah living happily take by the ocean then I would take a little lifelike that. I can eating cupcakes on the bitch. Justine sleek. Hello Heidi that just seems like yet and that ritual eating cake what we do should I feel proud you know what. That's on probably as a whole real meeting tonight just let these guys brag that I'm pretty sure that's on doesn't have much from meaning that if and you know what maybe at some point you and I need to find a place maybe you know what summer melt down next year. We eat cupcakes by the river. Oh yeah area the cupcake guys you know will bring our stereo will listen to that song over and who have and will bring in a cookies for the cupcakes for everybody. You don't behest. You double edged duke. We'll take you found the old school played. With the bills of would you bake it boom pretty easy pick 100. Because voters are kept want to make you mad right now. But there already made it the app. Good Ruben really had that time energy or ability to make could cupcake soldiers get a regular lead for help from safe why. That would be funny though if we brought if we make me look a cardboard offered him. And then when people come down like hang on let's see if they're different yet. Put up its 88 so each is appropriate or let's say epitome. Edited out flashlight that gives the appearance that there's a light map yeah except actually we do when it that would be awesome really not this is a make believe now we have to make that happen thirty left in the oven. I'm like gallons scrounge up doesn't tell you gonna call honest I didn't get a bowl I would have a ball that has all the mixture and it bases there for show and we just had started up. My iron on turnaround. Here we're we're we're we're very. Who say she's not paper clips Xbox. It would have liked it but I don't paint glass that on twelve and got out apron that have liked our faces but I faces aren't cupcakes. Yeah I knew if you've got to have my face on yours and out of your face I absolutely I light up. I would pick up gay guy he's got. Do what we did OK guys says he also beginning Irish. And with courage and amid an elaborate amount of off cupcakes yes is going to be hard to deal. You'll know what to do back 500 cupcakes yes. It will get like tearing them put her in a cupcake costumes I guess the state nothing like a cup and Olympic update on a course that is it got case. We all know I don't the beach is familiar there's no we didn't hear it right there like dude. I think get high from Peabody magnet there isn't any reason to make huge but I at all like. Yet dude it's a cupcake drug eat right and that's illegal yeah I think we're just given how we'd do our Josh. It's irresponsible budget paths but it is a festival for two years of where they'll be competing cupcakes speech are beats. They take off plus state sale brought it. If you happen. So it's the festival what are the group crazy birdie million people is just gonna start speaking actual cup cakes down and it does trump boss yeah sure it's ODS got a cardboard oven. That's cute. We actually built the notion and I'm making cakes for her I need to fit conceivably eat eskimo viewers you each political geeks you've got a team of thirty people that are creating a wave like atmosphere in the river. Ted I went to the but I decided hey I went that is a little while back out he's got beat all these go get it right at night and apparently gave me a cavity or I had an issue in an old filling in these guys it's like you think it's. Let's is get it out now that way doesn't lead to a anything we're yet to get its teeth removed her crown or whatever it may be think you've had this feeling it's an old school feeling from when they Buren high school. And fine third a dentist in number and now I do what they usually deal meant I haven't had had a cavity or filling in for ever. It is in seeing how numb your mouth gets these days like I don't know what they're using now but it is incredible. So my mouth is complete like I mean I am the weekend I can't feel my face but I lethal game all good ref thank you did. My morrow and all these references you are thank you I don't know what I got. And so. Does all that stop. Really easy but here's the partly I'm tired. As I'm always tired yeah and so I'm like trying not to fall asleep you know. Got video Osce the night before that has other wrestling practice so I'm ready to take a map. Sit borrows blocks in my mouth. It's huge amount that writes oh yeah economic great audience to care. Well I thought I one point he was doing something I days trying to remove the block. But he uses to into the in my mouth so I open my mouth all written a block moved. It's still my mouth but it's like. In my head upon who still fine. But I'm thinking it's putt fall how. What happens if it falls on pages Wallace block is this guy compared to give me the Heimlich to preach in there and pull it out right. So my time impress my bite down really hard and you know how it is your mind plays the best tricks on you that anybody comply. So now I'm freaking out and and I got a cough. It cost to get permission to do some kind of read do my nose and read I try not to cost you still like doing the drilling yeah I'm right I just got. Again though like us because I can't speak till a Mike Moses the international find part I need to stop you from doing what you're dealing there. Act he stops. LA got to move the block and remove the block and call off the block goes out well what we're about to break. Everyday that's going on in my mouth at that moment. Yeah I like a volcano. On his face all O Steve you call scrubs spit blood all the dudes they used. It's on man was he rarely could she you know he had let them now paying eleven that bad but it was bad enough. The northern bloodied. But it was speedy. I don't there's something weird about somebody else is spin it what do you do at that point I didn't see anything else maybe I was what does he say he should not thing. He's continues to do his job like on the prowl. And I go our sorry. But like the whole time now hi a good ride so put abreast of the time I'm like cautious guy probably hits me. This bill on his face. He doesn't acknowledge did nothing nothing doesn't just happen every day even gets spent don't. It must it must not be a big deal it was a big deal to me I felt terrible terrible like I almost wanna get him a Christmas card this year alone go that far I won't. What's that I mean I think he clearly would than he imagined he'd like stunt doubles a little. Wrote back and do I'm out I'm Don fend for yourself figure it out. He's gone to shove it up and a whole state in medical school. But ever since then. There was like karma got me so everything's done. All good I leave. Mouth is so numb for a walk outside the least that's what Nvidia right now infighting approach troops army man spits on the instant karma. So I believe I might well crap it is exciting stuff on Friday were gonna have the USA network's doing in new TV show about football fanatic CIA guy from the UK. Who's the host of the show I can you want to go travel from city to city to learn. About the culture for each team that tail gating an all time since it's great idea right it's my that was my own idea. So transfer English premiere league soccer fans for two fans from an SEC I'll do two shows a Greta you're out yeah. He's coming in on Friday and not an. Take calls from people giving him ideas of what to do this upcoming weekend for the hawks game and and in turn were going to be on the TV show that's gonna be premiering November so it's really exciting. So like AME see where Seahawks skier and I'd be really cool cadets say what do you know where Mike I'm right Dorsey option to like rate to Yasser I'm bored with this. The NFL's onboard with this everything's going on my great you know to some understand I do the show kneeling so I hope you're okay with that died in Kabul. You called me off guard. That's a weird jokes to you why would you yield to about NFL to tap. What are the like I should get a new laid for. For her arm for Friday morning you know I know the short one way urban I want and I don't get a fresh act so go to store go to lids at the south hill mall. Again remember. Have a MySpace is not all right I got the crooked smile dollar and I might I'm just gonna go in I'm not gonna talk to anybody gonna go and find my cap. Either to get Dixie Dubya just sports that random northwest sports story that has everything under the sun yet going there. And of course. Running to listeners. Still believe. Total apologize because one of says he listens and make gas. I was not hi. I I probably looked weird trying to roll. Maybe I am hi. Whole message batteries from now oh home. In my brain. I'm gonna talk and I'm drooling. Out of my mouth the whole time. LA I love you know I might did you mention the dentist yes OK I did I don't want you think you're strong how to write but I'm nineteen that they don't. Of total us up applause. It's good to leave your try to get a hat grew Rihanna TVs are on boom again. A halt tonight as when a company come out I got just like what's up Steve I'm probably may be sure the conversation a lot shorter than it should have been but please understand I just. Very embarrassing and wanna keep drooling all over myself laws try to talk to you guys lose nice to meet those deeds yeah. That that is always awkward yeah. Yeah what did he talk of the say like eight years ago on a sounder is being. And just there is an ax they're gonna hadn't seen in a very long time our interest paid his dues starts talking to me. I look at that she's like ten feet away like Kuwait could have a I remember I just got lake. Silent in walked away from the due to mimic had to go on the air Billick hey man. I apologize unease I would always stop the dark right that was as of the rare times that I was until I couldn't handle it sorry. But last place I wanna be with where she was. Right yeah I religiously grip I at the end of the day like right just feel like that don't pass makes up these two guys are happy feet deep migs like him. Rule nor myself. And probably a bigger girlfriends that are there are like they did it donating care. And there are duel and like who is this weird though that these guys are happy to meet the what I need to rethink my relationship with my man that he is a fan of this guy. Yeah Steve the drawer. And the girlfriends as TV is not the nickname and US TD Steve the driller Steven Shuler STD that's mistake I should just said that yeah I'll pop up every couple weeks now it's okay. It's I had one last night during the heat and hope I'll just an immense of people. Some go to my elevator right in my building and it's like. The 10 o'clock after the podcast V podcast of when our medical Beers for its other bar where it's normal like median age is probably like. Mid thirties and above frank and I Wear my washed and had micro 130 in the slippers like you look really cool Gaza thanks Linux and cool. Mike Walker whom to convey the elevator door with. Think these you do invite their cronies and I'm like and that they think they're cool and one of their girlfriends who was so hot. And like we did it just gave me this look like. Who are you I'll play a way out. The hunt twenty year old does not like I do not look cool little help beyond his old dude way to buy yellow right now valued ever pressure. Hi hi hi I thought you eat. If they don't you do pay off Hogan hot and she's brought you back down to earth. Yeah and I avocado like you know like it's Tuesday night I had no idea or she's only dressed like that but it someplace cool yeah oh absolutely. And you look good doing it he had all this Friday are you come to defy. Is that Friday yet aren't arrogant guy tickets a car company. Good job on offense properly go ideally what I missed it last week does this Friday night I I wrestling over Washington all some great matches you've actually this is just stacked. Card I got. John Morrison moon no impact. Cougar Mellencamp you know things he's wrestling guy by the I listened to cops. Oh this is going to be great yet swerve he's gonna be wrestling Matt riddle whose like picking a bros he's awesome views and MMA gotta now is doing a wrestling needs. Killen it tie is taken on Christina Vonnie eerie. And there is a triple threat and also Nicole Matthews is not matched. Mike's a jab is back what is boy it Ethan HD all nice the American guns it under my feelings when there yeah all Mike's free on Twitter yet is yes sometimes he just says stuff that I wish I could say. Yet he's just got to cuts to the quick a lot yeah yeah yeah Andy's super. Great guy and he's incredible in the ring as well. There's a lot of great matches it's stacked card and her to have Walter Thurmond from the former C doc is going to be there the kid yeah I just found that out today in our op are but he you haven't met him yet the Monte gee he should be your body heat I wanted to coach for the CI a so be there plus the builders NCR club going on at the fire at the Washington on this Friday go to the fire wrestling dot com anybody want to get tickets I'm I'm back ring announcing looking forward to a man -- that I was at a time. All I Brody kidding I'm looking forward to see the big dude and he's wrestling big Jack another big do you know we both and both of them are as dial. So that's gonna be crazy to watch two big guys just flying around like you to doors nice pass. Artists get out here Ted its push ups get a few more push it and. So. It. Not a high hit it and yet the peacemakers and it's meant. Guess he's that you're so that we do things. Yes it frankly tell you like to listen to is like DMX. It doesn't last hip hop record you've bought old man yeah. Did you watch two shots to pocket video is that you don't man not only do you like sit at a constant it's. Remind you when you were my age. Probably a nice drop out. As bright guy you are really cool wanted to hang out you can look at ourselves and these two dudes are really not try and I gotta get exactly what it's like 38. That's my kind of guy sorry let's get to a mega families thank you for listening. To me I'm here. To stay the course summit and iced. The hey. That's really don't acquire allied field which is our music. It's weird. And sad pathetic. I don't spit on anybody XT at no. What. We don't hate. Batteries very low who wore percent to got to enlist the all right thank you bliss and find us on Twitter at the mega cast this.