MegaCast 10/04/17 "The Youngest Sons"

Wednesday, October 4th

This week we talk about the time Migs thought he was good enough to play in the long as he was not sober,  Ted's adventures in a giant chair, Ted & Steve plan out their cupcake baptism, and how Steve's birthday went yesterday! 


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What's up ahead. What up dude are you sound good you look good offense fans feel good Fritz RC flack got a sleepless nights. Until Amanda they do that instead talk like this. The opposite of what you think why wasn't sleeping while big in the U partying. Yeah people rate your plays I'm Christian Corey is lights yeah I know what I'll know may oh that's right. Question Miller Lite. You're watching some English premiere league game yet made a college football there because could be high school basketball could be ending it can be any gangs yeah. Hockey about the star it is today's day one of the NHL season is a relief. Yep yep although kids have you listening on Wednesday SOB I see it all starts tomorrow when the New Jersey doubles start their losing ways alcohol there at the cats opened up public depends or somebody get their butts whipped you know probably. Yeah I'm not sure who did there's four games on dock for tonight a much urban health plan do you always start to certainly. Yeah right on the first week and bought our first week of October good writer of an architect design help so. Pleasantly NBA started earlier this year. Usually they don't until mid October yeah she's a hockey first then the MBA belief yes temerity in their pre season right there there's regular season starts a couple of weeks did you all do last night. It does involve NBA yes no I didn't. He threw like you elect an outlet pass and basketball right now like when and the court generally just a baseball throwing you junket. I forget to do it means European dude he literally. When you get the rebound tosses it to him he still in the lane then you know labor and by the basket and under hands I hold the weight on the court. Did go away and I already patasse I'll look at that what an idiot you caught it stopped to put it in I mean it was a dime but it was under hand. That could be as big man underhand and I guess earlier you do that you try really fancy to ideally on their hands like you'd think I can totally now has shot under and oh yeah China and it thing you have no control over the ball journalists they look like one hand when you do it under hand yet to smack him like you throw it up meant to. Now and a if you can get that shot to go you like cool my dad was always known for the the cream Abdul Jabbar hook shot. Yeah offer any and I know that outside night today they're getting that good rhythm right kept nailing him. It's like moved like an inch over an utterly completely started from scratch all over again but the problem I have with you and basketball is the only basketball I've ever seen you play was years ago in Portland IMAP pop are shut out some karaoke and it was like he's not missing. And I don't know about you or drill basketball. But I'll attend to your skills accomplish let's just say if I add member of one point even looking and you only. Could we we were masked up we are not you resorted yeah I was fully zoned in and I said if I can do this while doing beds. I could be an MBA player I was convinced thank you go into the NBA if I go to the NBA under the influence of of of sorts yes well aren't I I probably you probably heard the story with the precast. This is years ago. So miles the girls he's not in migs tonight. You don't train go to Portland if they're bachelor party it's thereabouts support the flaws but our favorite story quite literally it's more than more messed up no wasted so we're walking around the city and stuff and we go to this organs Sports Museum. Which gives you just pull a bigger killer time do we get in the hotel right yes so take a Sports Museum are hall Fannie Morgan Blake hall of fame both of music and it wasn't anything special everything now arcade. Again and again antique shop meets an. So I remember correctly I think thriller liar playing ping pong and that miles is league referee a match yet so we're playing in the corner you just appearing EU. Dean dean dean thinks I'm not kidding folks like we turned around and he's just he. You must've ripped off late fifty and recourse like the first solid couple minutes I had not missed the shot. Break it to you guys are coming over there's a family watching me and I'm having conversation you gotta get Ted. A really good this on his Ding Ding not even looking I I I figured out the exact him placement. And the right trajectory of the ball and you don't look on the Ding Ding I appreciate you go approach had. He'll have things out of there are like in law and his family what the hell is this guy doing ozone canceled your greatest athlete they would seem right that they were to see me nicely and at gem where's the national basketball court with other people who are talented they were realized I am far from that. How are you think about this part of the story rigidity plus what 7080 pounds of the time are really fattened its didn't do them wasted that's almost even footing here that you looked at a should keep it you're just like. Being being is didn't that drag on a guy that needs kids that's what happened when you let yourself go this young man probably could have been a pro. But he lost. All sense of will power hook. Up. The game and they're saying it was awesome vehicle through books as well our race and our blog pop and and this time around Ted I decide to be selfish and pick the song that I wanted to play because well I don't know if you heard the news. But your boy Steve makes. Is the new drummer. For Stone Temple Pilots all I did not call man I can't wait to share that story with you so in order to get ready for a one of the yellow the but the real Brothers are still the band and actually there's drummers the on the band. Before brief period of time. Your boy in the drummer for Stone Temple Pilots love it on my June 2 book. Hold great long while hello oh about not it's got to know. One job Drummond and now he's lesson of the show. EEye guys that saw ten day event after this exciting day. I love this song doesn't stay under the song a million times. Still like it's still such a bad bad song. The son of first turn Leon for a little while. And they were always good cause especially for this record core. They just put out on Friday. I 25 year anniversary reissue of this record. 25 years goes on came out man. Hi Phil price. I know we talk about that this morning team that's point five years ago 25. Years ago that album came out. And we mentioned this morning a few people texting on thanks migs I'm officially old yeah but my mom was like a go between there and assure you plate. Lucio played Kim yards open announcement is no way it's been open for twenty years ranked by golf no it has Safeco means it go its 2001. That's that's it still feels like a brand new stadium. Yes it's still low playoffs. And compare it harks. Taurus. Sorry it's. Okay. Charming words have never been broken supercomputer that is that it. Acts as they love it and I like him of the dedicated group. Off all 15100 yes the cut cut cut back I think it. I'm just I'm married to man he's part of breaking every year I just have some friends that every year every spring. That this is the year you know like I need you feel like you're at least gonna make the play offs this year up. Now I was convinced. Yet. Don't think any younger. Oh. All right so Ted talks. You know. I think in the wake of all the tragedy over the weekend this map. Often times you'll see this work self care right. It's great work you got to take care yourself and do some make yourself happier whatever. But also and I and again most these are personal experience. And I'm going through something that I do for self care that sucks then click campaign that's about it the Dow just tires have been sleeping and I had a drink if you just make. This doesn't. Right but it's like all right but after you do these two weeks Al anybody go to moves like instantly find who does that Susan never sounds so degenerate. Just thought nabbed just try. Like you to London bloom have come off the form of content I have permission I think cows come I had been drowned. Split. Yes the sometimes self care too was not the easy stuff you want ideal by. It'll make you feel better subdue its current jam band Pearl Jam are eating the right thing. I guess the one nice thing now Bob. Being here at the radio station or not we have a gym downstairs every time I might add. I know it's I'm I'm right next to the gym when I'm Mon and dad. And I know my gym bags in my car. And asked. Fine at least at least get at least fifteen minutes in a nice you know I've put on my through wrestling show and it's an hour later and I'm. Really glad I did it yet but if you are out there ever been my guess the golden gym right now Ted. Going to be awesome or yesterday eats and salad like I had read for our site today yeah awesome. Doubts pub last night man. In broccoli with pepper last night I got a freaking kids meal I'll blow your birthday is my birthday that's there so I got home took a nap. Woke up my surprise me with a few things. Although now Carl. So more more and more on. I. It's all on Steiner. So you do tell me that. You said hash tag last night I'm secure. Five does matter red lighting and putting the bitch part but I have that giant chair since I saw others agree pictured outside late at stake size does matter. It's I don't vote but they clearly I kid you not I was a topic for us thank do we not good. But I wake up like three of Michael I got a I look at my into agreements lake so you know you got a new thing how much who is like seeing a picture of you a giant chair at 3 AM there's me. Idols oh. Obama worked out I don't know it's funny I I'll cars follow a lot of people between the window of 2:30 in the morning in 3 in the morning when I wake up but yeah sometimes I get like snap some ice knapsack. And some real rights of the involve five birthday and I'm like. I don't know how people use their phone might do there are notification weak democracy all of my notification on iPhone are off the only noticed yet elaborate texting calls but I any email I never know until I checked my phone. Need Twitter FaceBook none of those I never I don't see any alerts until I go on the actual happen now CB alerts right. But I'm always afraid if I replied it's on at 2:30 in the morning. Hey thanks for wishing me happy birthday. Move that wake them up are there are allowed on I mean I saw everybody puts a phone on silent night. I don't know I had no idea so I'm always worried about that but then if I don't respond right away offer get two so it's like it's weird thing. That I'm like god do I read write them back in potentially wake up this person just tell him thanks for which emea had reverted back CDO I did. Police did do you when you're asleep that's right yeah they earned it. You know what I was trying to get thank you yeah dude that thanks for nothing to in the morning I want you. To respect my schedule. So anyways I'll posit select parts of my stuff this is a great stuff. Just woke up to her I'm like what the hell's going on I think. 5 in the evening and I know typically on on Tuesday she goes to the gym after she goes from two. Pieces of work usage it was a joint every day sees you are like yeah it's saying I see things Thursdays and Fridays off and that's it. On so I respect that. So I I am like to know who's opening upper horizon blue parking the world print is my wife of 5 PM sake I figured I'd you know wanted to spend more time with future birthday or like I. That's some nice engine pulls out of our hands get a bag. Bill would sushi. Nice to wind into our attitude whenever sushi joints that we go to UC shut the sushi are re in Puyallup IE you are you do so and it's funny I didn't. We order for there and we know they're like every day or even every week you know we met a big mix it up good trapper sometime this issue are you won a super close our house so sometimes. Patience is not a virtue in you that you just right there but Rory called the lady that works this is like I think because they order the same thing every time she knew who I am. And it it's always funny because of like a like this to heart attack role. All and in two though is this mice the U. Yeah you can go to Google Talk about all the credit cards. Okay. Positives that it's an article lady. Allied he had to think UN salmon a year Ichiro idea as you're an imam if you like as soon as I say the first two roles she knows the rest of the order. Ari I got to ask what is his heart attack pearl are just like. I had the series takes every it's just it's nothing crazy it's got a call Pena on it's it's gonna spicy all right but it's really good it's got like spicy tuna. How paying you know I've caught though. Rice the you know the usual night. So anyways I come home got that makes yes. You know as a often that I get to eat a non V meal during the week ended the house at the house right so calm Paul and Scott died coaxed whose whose regular role on the red carpet guy. Not a question yes you eat at the table or use deep in the living room she'll let you know when it comes to CC any other meal that we get. To go orders will sit on the couch and people would I received a pain in the ass to eat on the couch that way it is still a lean over yet do we sit on the bar. I'll let you know read between the kid you know YouTube in our house and everyone here and it's listening has been to my house today tomorrow yeah on talking about bar but yeah bar with a still with the island yeah exactly who sit down their opener will drop something it's great they're not open up cards on such a man I'll pause it. You know. Thank emotional guy she writes a nice harps on me a little poem I got menopause don't cry that the moment's notice believed that an eating emotional. All right I had heard that Serbia yeah I'd like god I always delegate by some to get an emotional guy wants to TV simulated dad walking these kids like a baseball practice and highlights again teary eyed right dammit. Suffered from bad outlaws. It's pretty good. And read the car this ignites and says nice things about me nicely again not teary eyed that she finds great joy that I think that makes her laugh. By I think she's now writing nice notes in my car now because he actually believes in it. But because she knows it's going to ops it's decry the graduates because men cry yes I yellow teary eyed and made Lou licked the tears yes the tears of Droid. Open up those Jameel gift. And god coming to new work out your school and it's certainly. I'll look at it does not sit in all of those shirts get a book club business spoof on the ball club it's called Billy club as a member of the book club Marty's girl all right and I'm Marty. He has an umbrella off he's he's he's known as the villain yet he's awesome you love Marty mark I got great ring intro and the crowd gets into his ago. Good that it's fun all right are you juggle those. No not really catch a similar drug low call that's impressive is that what they did. Yeah. Anyways the very birthday Bob Hope that that was a very good birthday present but I Herbert they give didn't come anywhere near the president that Robert I mean. That dean DiLeo. An air currents in Stone Temple Pilots gave me and that is the gift of me being in there grant nice when we get back I'll tell you have to be all right beat PJ. Well thanks caused by the wrong person fags ST EP. And. I think we demand that. JJ. Again. Just begun. Mean she. Now you have to go to your pharmacy your doctor's office to get a vaccine in your arm to prevent influenza coming soon to a bar near you. Yeah shots tried to be 52 strains of virus shot made with Irish cream clue it grant money and wrote a dozen or not hot. DM I have a fever whiskey around like orange juice and all sorts of plus or the kamikaze swing easy easy Stevie shots you can rest medicine like Dell or record a dash of lime juice tonight quilt is this weekend when you're out on the town tilt your head neck and slam a double announces indeed prepared for the cold and flu season ask you a bartender if flu shots are right for you. I've never take them home ineffective. They have chicken mushroom. It's. Does his time. There's a lot of my favorite. It's out there you go through these podcast learn the earlier episodes like at 630 or 44 or something like they have joined now mind. We go forward to. Both mental and also a physical way. We went to San Francisco I mean net net which it is still probably one of the crazier party nights in my life that's the story when somebody says hey Kelli like the previous. Do you ever done or something along those lines is they are doing mushrooms in San Francisco go into one of the worst parts of town. In a quest to find marijuana with DJ Smith was right up there is one of the craziest things I've ever done. Yelling there's a show Han a on vice landed just has celebrities that tell like a crazy party storyteller party legends are saw. And that that I would watch it jungle would still like a lot of stories roughly. Stephen scientific Cisco the altercation. With a whole what do you do I just told the story Saturday insulin was like. Very dangerous and why is tight you know you know what right it it is there was I think that we were there haven't POP3 or. On the whole time now but third we know that person that was kind of like ours are San Francisco tour guide was completely terrified down a warmer speak to that person I have never heard from him yeah I wish we could no way just to get his perspective of that night but our love to be a fly on the wall when he tells. He's account of that night to people because it involves. Two guys that are messed up. Trying to find we've done a rainy night in the tenderloin district Koran incident with the homeless person write an incident where I walk on gay guys going out in the bathroom. Us and apologetic we flirting with girls with their boyfriends right in front of them correct maximum amount to shots of our Jaeger bottom bombs and Yeager Meister. Right uh huh how her. And Jack in the boxes like. I don't know what time was it now. No we went in and out the next night all right you're right Jack in the Box yep I'm amuses say it has a very short version of a long story if you can find that episode I is still contend that that could be animated into like an. Awesome card 200% yes that's exactly who we whenever until it's the greatest picture or cartoon version about sort of got out. I think in an act immediately begin a Mets story without always say and Steve. Seen on a city officials car or cup saying we own this city. It I don't normally I would ever say in our defense of that story I'm pretty sure I mushrooms what I was in the day I think that I think I was still in a bad spot apps like that first break up yes and then I think you were just dating a crazy for Dallas so critically both had little steam to blow off yes we needed their release and -- month ago. Oh yeah I'm I got through with that killed by a homeless man. And then I Pakistani policemen and starts this. Before I think we need to write any part of that store anything parts of the story but try to come. Two hugs and tenderloin ya just lead but that sounds scary. Smuggling madam mushrooms in my pocket on an airplane. Body also kind of stupid yeah no doubt. Yeah up front I think you cop cars but hey we don't bring him do it I mean it. And on six of their boyfriends there I'll might get a brightly that probably might even the most dangerous thing we do I eat. So I'd like I said yesterday I got the ultimate underdog before we get that would you like to hear the voice mail that my parents lost me. All 100% all right it is incredible I may have put this is an exclusive we haven't you put the zombie jammies to Z we have kept. Last year's birthday song that they sang me on voicemail and I anyone whoever says it's their birthday. We we play that has a very high right on the mend from had a birthday song. We have my mom and dad singing people birthday greetings and so whenever they say my name we've lower in state a person's name and it's a lot of fun all right. So this is my parent's voice mail that they left me I. Typically for a while I was and I was purposely not answering their calls that I can get a voice not of them than they were onto me and and I didn't realize does put those things on the and it. Some leaving me voice mails I do call and leave voice mails. Rob this time around I fell asleep I didn't answer. But they left me a voicemail and I'm sure they're gonna regret doing that because well it's gonna live on forever it's not fantastic scenario. I think are a parent hey. You know. Happy birthday. Blue moon. We've do you karaoke. Dvd movie players. Are and I got coordinate didn't. All color happy. Hi I'm ready studies it closely do they native practice. Get this and is your mom is adding lyrics about maybe that was a big mob betting action I got myths about Jack Daniels I I thought maybe this is like the Brooklyn remixes the birdies on. Film room read jetBlue group. Boone unit will lead and you are OK you didn't he narrated. And I gotta coordinate food people on. As we have been very day a few years. But every Specter here for you I hope and everything he'll lose your way. Let's try you again we know what's gonna boycott that almost like we can't use. At an off color my house. Level integrated. She's averaging just she's just she put in new perjury. Usually we got a little magic here that are those great. If for Ely Callaway. And everything go we have been very a few years. Every factor here for you Idaho. A reason and I hosts. Ha ha I love that your parents are like a walking stereotype of New Yorkers. Brooke I could it is real tired in New Jersey hanging out. Being fill Brooklyn people you know like I pitch I legit picture your mom when you might go get a chocolate popped up. Everything go lose you always. I really can't we know what the report out there public try you again. People are I guess you go to bed about eight will try to fully aware of people that. And you'll be sleeping. And we wish you many many more happy ones you make a very very proud ultimately. And we love you very very. I don't think it. Now here are just as a preface. My money but the drugs so much a great troll move on her part to my wife's cousin my mom since the day I was just helpless. Some are let in people expected it should it's. But that's OK also I just did the map of big all the due to a fourth thirty your right now at 730 that's primetime after happy hour right right yeah they're out of trouble drank a cup tot mom's good roots William they feel. My mom and my wife have a fun low like Jim do you take ideas that the negative rating like that of my mom since. Did its job no different today as the apple cry her little Angel I can do no wrong and outright I am an apple where I am an Angel and Ike and you don't around. The best right exactly Ted knows yet man did you recognize real recognizes real yet. Oh are so anyways my wife and I. The oh your son is not that does not lie you know I had so now my wife and my mom. Is constantly like. Their own little digs I know all my all my. My son is perfect don't trying to only other widely got a little competition there's two limiting your life right the two most important people in my life yeah so up and Luke. That is second and third most important people might lose lose clearly is number one defense that we know that. I still here is this is the best part of the whole call. She I don't think hit it. In my Davey DL I have a big day a jarring to me into our old you be my angels. I love you have you held a racquet god I know that. He will I didn't know until losing your mailbox and I love you do bad. When coming out Christmas card in July from acts. That joking don't feel my mom gave recently was that about the gift. No chance of my body then drag Iran yet his parents are having this fiftieth wedding and pressure and right. So I spent you know Thanksgiving up there my mom's come with me so she knows spent spent pretty well. So she really likes of so my mom's kind of the same way I love went on to death and I can be that this stuff to the G. Is late with everything yeah would begin shortly in its spot you like at this point like Iowa Democrat. So neither here yet right. So with the drag a bunch she likes him so much the dragon are pretty she orders this gift is fired up about it to the point of like. The week and a half before did you sense he liked to have police are like a week and a half we know to this party. Every day they get begins to they get the so finally I talked to drag on US. I'm sure they got it just just tell they gotten by tonight mom. They got a gift well I'll. Oh it's even worse OK so I sure kind of late to the party. Walk in the backyard. Everybody's are the first summit. Don't ever use that term actually meant it. Probably hit a very your leg if they did zig we tell the latest trend Vargas I'm late to the party tell it was actually legitimately late to the party right so it's in your backyard at W Rowe it's great that you're so I walk in right. That's dark you're never he'd been speculative and so like I see a lot of people I know right lots of who tells them that thank you are wrong. Yeah I give credit yet could solve their pocket so I hope so I walking in right. Now vetting his Brothers are a drag as an early understood. Their posts in the party so I see Benny but I'm Mike I'm not gonna go bug him right away Newton so I'm just making a beeline for the one do you have for sure no armor go talk to him yet. Yeah that safety blanket right out of nowhere is here. Ted subtle pitch. I turn around and there's been really Erick he just got my parents the same damn gift I didn't hook. I'm like yeah. Yeah what are the us right in Italy these ridiculous specific gift where you can get a print of that gave the couple was married it has late. Things in the newspaper that day and how much gas was. Those are far out like those. But he's just a huge sums of detached from an apparent luck I had nothing to do within religious like a topic is my bombed everything the gift early she's been bugging me about it. I think it was we seem gift the sun duct. So happy that you sign and a bad guy walked intent to some of the pitch. Cause and how it as well. Out of the closet in my got late and help us. Photos around through my guys do that's hilarious Delhi's Hamas run for the frame their Aaron. School. Liaison who are doing right. The youngest child would have done it right in June and everyone knows it was a new listen there's podcasts are the youngest kid. Baskets yet there are last year mica the dance letting he's the youngest. So humble it's kind of a joke permissive town like so me so DN meet. My cousin Kelly she's youngest and her family and my great on my uncle bill isn't the youngest that is rumors I was like yeah I get a picture just the younger youngest yeah team youngest team youngest I mean I did my mom would say this about you guys and while. And we love you very very much. It didn't hit it. Do my baby BC EL I haven't been buried. Beneath his right holding being like hey I know. Let's remember that you can get up. It felt mostly was release of the mean I'm sorry say you have to make the break it tee adding the bags. You marry the vast. There's plenty to realize that you can buy RM when he lives yeah. Get a temporary go any kind of the army did the other breeds and other loved stay alliance. Rising cases. So I hope we get back I hope we're right you're drummer for stunt double pilot I am. Talk cop making B -- way she is discourage or assisted tease of the year right here he's a dysentery. FaceBook or any record of the mixed up at. Or read it on my blog today. Or her I beat him makes this morning. Everybody knows it's there for you tag me about my cousin Patrick hasn't heard Patrick we're doing it for you yet man if you youngest. Oh he's the oldest reside Aaron fine and people still do it he he's a very faithful what multicast listener though no Patrick my mom has this to say about Jim. I think what happened what do you make out very very proud ultimately. We love you very very much. I don't think hit it. That's for you Patrick. I normally can turn a little flavor to your staff. Take them sleep in my glove that is what if the that they actually. The men get comfortable. No show way. A remake of flat liners a movie from 1990s. Still in theatres. It. Crews are made for TV movie in 1990s. And coming soon to a new blade runners. The original blues from 1980 to this message brought to by Hollywood. Remaking everything new again. Oh and coming soon Thelma and Louise tune spoiler they've had a pair of shoes. The. These guys give me. It's. And come back and then along CE. Rob Schneider daughter. Like I saw I was wearing down. It's a great song this I mean let's which was talking about oh king rob Snyder's daughter. Isn't that crazy. Yeah I'm Rob Schneider is one of those sneaky guy you kind of forget about. Yeah he's no weird dude we've had him on in on the show in the morning though a person I mean nice but some people like the dog on the DIN and I've heard other morning should have had issues with him I like him he's got a comes in what a weird hippie entourage to become number there's only will T maker. And and it's is that it's awkward because yes. You know he's just kind of be weird if we did we do you do that once he gets goalies these great nice guy and started super talented man for economic. Yeah it's funny to write this lake. I don't know if an athlete came in the plate. A specific thing that they they drank or whatever and would you give it to thoughts which are rightfully comedians are also that's gonna. What do we started doing manager Mike we get asked Mexican have been asked to be on the term podcasts or whatever yeah maybe if we just show might only weird like I just great can't. All this why did you have a great soda I'm on the defendant OK I just like you and I do the mega cap. We both look great so I'm like I like Welch's grape soda personally defense is Garrett. Clean. Puts it she's gigs T pretty little steak and cheese eggs will is great yeah this is what I great we've got walked. We just a total partied like a six pack of of grape soda Ahmed. Or almost always be people. Just you know now we got to cycle at a party split trust and you went to a party where we showed that the so what else is party. As we generally don't like events. I have that I wonder what is the host in alarm it's like a trip to earth press them all a festival or I mean that the annual bachelor party shift we. Carl hockey edited the donkey odds Spokane classic weekend the other parties is the slumber party in my house but that's like a party of of four including Lulu. Com. Yeah I don't know man may read this or go to people's house parties. Well also you know I wish I had the time how far would it be and I know borders are busy area and who wouldn't be great if we liked. Mir caught anyone at house parties that listened to the podcast. Let us know when they are able to start Poland and I'm a leader Greg film crew now be an awesome thing. It would be. I mean timing in them and I got the my wife would have to I would be divorced. Yeah I am already busy enough during things I know you're doing things all the time as well but doubt be really filers who have more time in the week. Yeah I keep thinking it might it be also on people like this crazy Stephen tanner comment yeah and like four hours later be like. Thank Ted deadly even yeah. Thank you even drinking all of our beer the only suitable grape soda. Nobody wants the grape soda except for them right Ted so a lot of our we'd Reich Steve yelled it's all for even taking a sip from one of the great Sony's. I don't know what to do and he's yelling for great fit for beef jerky and he'll have a beef jerky Kentucky still Meehan and seafood plate without a party they think this was. Restrict. Yeah I don't know words or terms weren't the problems. After listening to this podcast in the story the first segment. Why would anybody about it is to her home and it's a good point where I'm where I'm in my animal yeah I do you disorder it was almost a musical but it's the truth they've listed in that league. There's a check supposedly its equipment in my own rich I don't wanna know what's actually in their grapes the public that. Why are they so protective of it. Look people. You might not think we're really good to be at a at a house party but that's fine you know I know is that one person believes among young person is my mother and you make a very very proud both Tokyo thank you thank you love you very very much. Should things get it. It's too much pain being the media are. That's right the jails the angels angels that's us if you want the angels come to your house party. That is not much you wanna pay for us yet and I legacy Steve and I are angels but I've seen him just pick up a halo. Not even using this giant. He's kinda yep is it just came to a like a magnet yeah does he tell you get to your halos all the time they're on folks trust us with the right lighting you can. Oh yeah I think about the birth they get that I got from central Ohio Carl we're out of time will be back next week I'll tell you all of us. Until we get on the car it's hard now just assured us that meltdown exudes a review like. You'll let me. I can see your he OK so we we we have a cup pack cupcake day at. Some remarked on next year update girls in country girls and yes CK carried out hit us off some. Now we and the other day we should be halos this Jewish stress of his angels yes just walk around and wait on me white sheets with cheese you'll Bayless. And which did the data we go to river and have Michael liked you goes underneath it's who going to water in these topics yeah we should baptize people she she she. It takes. Don't think we baptize you know I got a big tyranny and you cupcakes cupcake baptism all know we could only do that this is great yeah. I meant yeah. You know it if I had that it's a good morning dimension I'm skipping it now. Yeah kick kick it cupcake baptism isn't worth skipping anything for yet and we got to go like a little bit farther down the rivers like it's partly due to get hurt for. There's two angels down their back I think people and get a cup cake and I'll bring my big speaker thing was like angelic music like oh yeah. Oh yes and obviously turned a corner and what is going on down here yes yes we'll get we'll get MC TP news gold's BO puts a wings on and that's we'd be golden swan oh yeah. How about that the only really become to us trust. Bit to get on the golden swans a bit of the bush and other river rats. And they get to come later think to idealist like got a bad back. I gotta update you like what's what but now or you know Bada. This we should find the most messed up person and our group every and we have them halfway we just decided this back Finland's. And he did they decide flipping thing like you've genocide and her address drew brought up in the air and catch it. Cupcake that didn't mean. And and you know and I'll come in for and that's fine Jones of the violence that. So we had. On the make each item he's cast we had fifteen Julio 'cause it's what brought you back I don't know I outing BI can get through it. We have deemed Leo Eric writes from my original pilots on the show. Waller talkative out. Glenn was geeky out of a guitar stuff I was mentioning to Eric how awesome would drummer yet now I just I just love his style how aged beats the drums and agreed to do rhythm sections phenomenal. There's a heartfelt and every mention that we have a band together. The span they've gone bruiser Brody and currently. Got back the masters of the didn't do the UP man I'm so pumped to get you a copy of this are off one of the songs all the players feel at some point. It sounds just it has a very Stone Temple Pilots ask provide to our right and I speak out about that moment because of the fact it has. Early Ara sort of out of the court case. So I mention that those guys and then. V just give us an invitation. To join the band when they come to town. Some so here's the audio doggone and I we have a band together we just started up together and what keeps me the most is there's moments from Ike menaces feels like core Aristotle double I don't. Our guys are good guitar and drums yes yeah. Writes. Hillary I got some things and you can take we have Vanessa and I we. The job right out of this when we come to count you guys kick out of salt and you commodity play is this is the. Our men and more whole Lotta man did at this point Ted. Blunt and iron looking at Asia like I could other there was hey when we come to tell you could come on our bus and we'll listen to your band or something like cool but not. You can come on stage of play we saw double pilots. To see any right. To your continues. While that would be fantastic news. Erica and I would step down. Do you guys you know. She. Played. Along with the slick legit like you wouldn't Leonard you're the part we're replacing the guitarists in the and personal pilot for saarc holy crap that would be awesome. All right so your continues. About Eric has the fortunes. Wait a woman that you 93. Kelly isn't early denied entry we did show in New York. We didn't you show that rose Roseland Ballroom in new York and I was just helmet band apart we are and elect the man I would just die to see what we look like himself like. According to replenish 67 actually and Doherty had Josh freed from within talent and so you have to decide change like Josh. You played song I just gotta see it shares are gesture treaty dependant checks I think. I just freeze plays it like a perfect circle he's been an event called the vandals he's the got people who Weezer from the guy's an incredible drummer so. He had very high expectations that I will sorely disappointed if he's expecting Josh reads on the drops but still Janet are all due to Mitt nada. Yeah I'm lists are for once you're through which our we're gonna do already practicing until the data come to town and rumor has it will be here in the summer. I have never been to a Peter Parker share a nerve into a show where Europe and where somebody hasn't been like Steve Steve's great drama. That's awesome that means a lot and I hope that that continues at the stunt and didn't the west they don't want might media crash and burn would be. Playing drums installed shuttle pilot's hundred you know yourself you'll slocum yeah all right I'd drop a stick I can't buy another one. I run through rational. Right the odds you can run out on the Atlantic records and there they're all excited and just look in the case of Iran violent and not hush. Read this week I write it down morning just stand there and just Washington's like holy crap machine really good. Clearly there's a great. Loss to show you guys you have to now. Let it allowed me to go do that telling you you're gonna come up. You're gonna grab the guitars drums and on the gets around to try and how I'm like okay far outlive you. He'd be on the mall all you have no idea material and I got and I want them. Never happened so that's a hundred send it I can happen every suits some in saint. And when we get there man please you guys. Combine and one hang out all the looks you know what this you know just get wacky would guitars and got a complaint you have sort of pick a song rehearsed it. And you guys and rocket. You've got to do that all dude yeah yeah I you've got a whole new way around government opponent amid a Brit glad because he forgot there during a podcast I can understand why goes. We need to pick a song that we can actually acting now Cole yeah I'm like yes of course we do they in so I talked to Cassel who set up the interview via. Asked on and I was dead men their management guy is talk with him only so have they really cool with the enemy have a good time in a guy who's gotta love that. And apparently two of your guys heard playing with them when we come to Seattle hop. The winner is supposed to come around again sometime in the summer night yet that makes sense I mean at hopefully. There's rumors and I mean every really cool if it happens but sometime in the Summers went on here. Yeah and man oh man now Slash Tony I'm only now leaning towards sex type thing. I feel like that that's the summit turned me onto stunt double pilots it's a powerful as apt song. I know I can play it physical practice in a bunch and the crowd's gonna go nuts because it's like when their big hits yeah. I mean they're gonna let us out any song that we if we can pick any song I'm gonna get all year and go with the go we're beside I'm going with like a hit a like debt. Right well let's put your hit. I guy I know I get it might be your encore in my bill last time you sat. You told us we could pick any song and I'm picked him out and now that would be unbelievable. They do an encore work where you're the last the last guy that you beat the throw out the sticks around the sixth and then I go let's go come on I get a altogether do about to a back hole. I always. Already. Don't buy outs and then you got a half million. I mean I guess I don't know how do you assure their play every usually heavily goes meet and greets yup. You can Hoffman that you would sort of get pitchers could absolutely signing autographs and autographs. Well we don't really make it out to I I actually don't when nearly got to anyone I know your autograph all OK I don't know if I could spell all that out to say have a nice day out. That's switches best wishes on the youngest my mom loves me. A. Didn't lose this I mean that would be weird to have somebody sure that would also be also bad mom loves me up. They just Steve thank you Charlotte grappling with on the back Steve committed eggs I'm the youngest my mom clubs the pale like we now. And if you don't know why it's because of this. If they got very very proud ultimately you know we love you very very much. I just hit it. I usually get out here Ted. Oh compliant drug allows you to dance you did it feel sorry for governor in hot became an aggressive pat. You would serve you got to play book includes the crowd to temple pilots. Now that would be a mess. That's the funny part is they have a lot of faith that we know how to play instruments. Thank you don't mean luckily you have to really real musicians that's something really look so we just million revenue like Becky and their ball like I did. All right and then. We've heard great YouTube video should get off. Part of that setting of the idea. Okay. Night. Falls on Twitter at the main cast.