MegaCast 10/11/17 "Maybe Not!"

Wednesday, October 11th

This week Ted inspires everyone to enjoy the bye week…Migs is broken down again, and it’s “Locker Guy’s” fault?  Ted wants a pig named after him after hearing Steve’s experience at Maris Farms…plus we read the greatest email from a listener ever…maybe not!

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What's going on these kids read. But what I see on how much is live in. Survive and yeah man in this crazy rat race that we call life straitjacket and streets unblocked man Greg good cheer you up and spit you out there will. She reached dangerous dance and have helped if I got it down lap and I'm good at undue burden yet. Already you group I don't know in the chest. No no no witnesses say oh I'll be doing pushups a day review the head to head Smith. What that did. On Monday don't have to say no no no because you're out. Let's just say. The locker guy might have gotten the last laugh. You saw the locker to. Coddle. You thought she did a fight not call me. Grade of I got it won't buy with a lot of reactions we lose. Had it man who think it's still Jarrett in my back and I can't bend it now man how hot yeah. We did unresolved we're going back down there on their right now right now. Right now we until we get booed off do it and we are in vero. Just kill him off 0000 CES on a 5 o'clock news kid out it's OK your family will be back in. Swelled to fifteen years he hit it can get back at a much of their podcast opportunities and I'm bars but if they do you know Tim Smith and I will be doing it. Yeah man not students and create two new drove William has done. So in all. Going to the gym every day as much as they possibly can and trying to incorporate more weight training in things like that just get better shape our white flashes a you're playing hockey for ever since I know you. You never get her maybe every once we kind of hurt yourself below to pull something begin their. Now listen you're on like this health kick. You hurt yourself way more than you ever have before. Would it be wrestling now whether it be working while they Grassley is that different options than lift you meet I agree it's feasible which you which could hurt more wrestling I think call me crazy with throwing yourself down on a Mac that's just a bunch of wood boards have a little thin layer of like foam. Could potentially hurt you from time to time correct. So I was deciding on the list are doing some dead dead let's. You know and and and just do that kind of stuff and saws are doing good doing it for awhile now but meg. Slowly building up the amount of weight that I could do and all and all different aches chest press arms enough leg presses lumber meg really pushing myself like whatever. Wait that I'm Matt I try to go a little bit heavier. So I'm doing and I'm feeling good had a great car radio by 45 minutes or watched I watched wrestling I do Carty out if I flies by doing good Ted. And we'll get the push of a second but I need to preface that because I won't do in the push us that I can barely bend over now. So doing the dead weights are dead lists and I'm feeling good about Akira Condit. Did three set to make you know I can do one more. That's always famous last words yup. So get ready put it down to get rated I take a break as a Tony Dow local rooted into the mirror and see over my shoulder. The locker guy and I just the last to myself he's not like hovering over me he's just getting ready to do whatever he's doing right by where I am. And every time I see him a mosaic trying to get my phone does it get a picture to send it to say. Says because he says we would this guy looks like I can't really describe them measles or a guy. So I don't really get taking pictures of the people of the Jim but I try to find a Covert way to take the pictures so it all I've been a common way it sounds like to take a picture of the guy you know. What that moment I stop my form and I hunch my back as I'm putting it down and I feel pop in my lower back. Mother after the luck tiger man I'm telling you can do death amid. So you gotta be excruciating pain right now off today and better. Tuesday was. Monday and so the pop happens MI. You know what do that personally I feel fine may dislike kind of you know I you've popular naqvi pop like you back a Yale. I thought maybe if that no big deal. I out beyond I'll keep working now to the Saddam that the bid detest press thing meant nom de working out I kind of feel the star and her. So I going to have been to the locker room. Change take a shower in the car and that's of course I just say the 45 to an hour minute drive home. Chilled me. So I park I'm feeling fine sitting exceeding I 400%. Rate. I try to gather karma. Although some nine years old with like a Buddha broke him back. And then the rest of the night out on taking. I'm I'm doing ice and then taking a bath the icing it and I took an icy hot on I'm doing everything I can Mike is on think in his I have African show. The play on Saturday. And of course this is when I drive my back out. Is I've. That should have been looking forward to since the minute we created this bruiser Brody Dan nets at studio seven. So I I tested now by Gorham electronic Kitna start playing the drums sitting down other I got this I met at the commencement damage to carry my drums. But I can actually apply that maybe fuel a banner. Today yes there was a little bit battered and there were moments I damn practice less I thought pretty good today still a little. Going in a chiropractor today just to see if you can help out lol I nice speed up the process because they you know. Mean in my backs against the wall. I got to perform yeah man show. You just had called makes sense to her Steve mix Fred Holton I'm thinking my god they have my buddy rich you know Vinci from thunder beast in Korea camera like. Too many to call received and see if maybe could fill in for me for me expressed. Will he be will initiate his long hair. Probably not got the rifle and for me but he wouldn't seem as long hair from maybe he would we're friends. Cared about me he would. Does he care I don't think he does Ali there's an FC says it's time that Jesus had regardless. Tired now so it's just our immediate. And I just looked over my own group picture. And I hunch my back like you arm I told accepted and look for all that all that crap too and it the proper way. And of course famous last words will more soon it won't be a problem and stupid locker guy it's his fault. Yeah I mean that's a tough thing would dead lifts great exercise that you have to do them. 100% right there yeah yeah I tell my wife she last sent me. Two who do we need to see you do that gruesome got to do Wyndham just fine. It's. All right well. Yeah. So you're on your own today all right. Yeah and it sucks because today's. Music does not imply for our position you drowning and yes. And I'm really excited to push ups in my own music but now now now you're not numbed got properly watched Ted do pushups. To my music it's like him having sex my wife and I had to watch. Yeah I'm not and they like that I'd like I just like that now he is not like that it wasn't any doubt me now if I am having sex my wife it's cool that you have sotomayor's two songs I'm having things in my wife. Ideas these teens prefer to relieve this isn't like that at all what option isn't having sex with your life what options he just exercising if you walk and she beat you. Clearly we're due in the better of the two right for you guys just. Our I don't I have. I'm a I get the ball back until lap metered pay rapidly over the vote for the hope and give our raids in the blood pumping in the brain functioning tonight either get my brain functioning all right Ted you're gonna get ten to the street sounds a brutal birdied. And I've had this drivers great QA from the chicken. Yes he's pretty awesome. Playing studio seven. This Saturday go to C a seven got the US the buy tickets. Hello we do. Push Israel. Do water. Okay. It's a review during wrestling practice until tonight and you're struggling but so are struggling doing something for you got this. It's a couple more hit those ropes. It's about the couple by that you'll slow walker we will adopt me busier more offers me watching YouTube we've just as people in the other room watching me watching you do pushups. Yeah that makes sense that there's a good plot back. Why don't want guidance harboring over the other residents but it's. He's just they're very very Jay like I itself is urgent guys in better shape that's right so Kelly yeah. Clearly the net good the other guy must've done something to offset the other guys may even get ten. A hot topic they get that wraps up a quarter net. Comment tell them about their being their for those big makes a celebration the Saturday. Every podcast is abandoning you fully yeah how. They're the one guy who like. The champion of local music KI SW even blowing me off Jack Dempsey USC TP overnight sensation. He's legit bond he's listen I know I talked to him 1 morning. And he's is a man. Awhile back Ted hit me up saying hey would you like to off fill in for me. At our cage or at AZ awesome movie is he the greatest thing ever and I was so excited and then it's another big stresses on the same night and I'm so disappointed. He should like us sorry ma'am. Assets they like legit he is often did you suggest that gap studied so why I am familiar won't lead arsenic a lot of gonna throw to thome he's come in. I'll get Danny V for Maher show op on maybe castle maybe hair club yes Cody. It's going to be fun yeah I look forward to a man I shot the Levi. Lion and lion pride music and pick me up a lit up rich yet reached is common. To be cool. So you know getting wasted yeah it's my birthday party I got a bus how it's always that forget the my back hurts. Torres. It's. Made. This debt talk. Very specific for Seattle residents that are coming area don't bend over when joins Edmonds now I know but Seattle residents. Mostly male may be some female residents. The Seahawks. Have a bye this week. Do something nice with your girlfriend or wife whose call if you're the crazy one of their relationship do something nice well about football. I look at it some are you on Twitter you know who you are now. They go do something and this is your boyfriend or let's bed but it's about a week go pick that stupid bomb didn't go to insult that night so that you're right it's perfect timing. Pumpkin. Pumpkin carving make him pumpkin seeds you know daddy you watch all the little football games. That's what I'm saying their I know it sounds bad villages let's just talk about the way it is people love NFL football yep they'll watch it every Sunday the bye week it's the fall. Produce a nicer department it's the perfect time it's. For Halloween your right pumpkin patch corn maze out all of your pumpkin patch got a lot of dude I'm a home. Because our city do it's I don't know man I just hope. Other pumpkin seeds so any chance to get the thing that would make me have pumpkin seeds like homemade pumpkin seeds army and and like I know when I was a kid like. You just went somewhere and got pumpkin but it wasn't like farms like we have out here right you don't like the store. Here you go and actually go into a field where they've already pull them out granted but they're very in a pumpkin patch and you get a wheelbarrow. Maris farms is doing you know a big this year they've got. A pumpkin washing station. Once how water running a little scrub brush it off ball. Never refer giant pumpkin nice it's freaking great best part to. Know this Chris it's a guy you work with Kennedy you've got to a good chuckle out of this in fact there was sort of grab throw when he why are we talking about last place thorough. All the old big Sox yet. It's the biggest check oh I want to in my won five of six races over the weekend. Dude you're picks there like eight races and has eight point oh she literally just looking at the standings last year. My pigs sucked. I don't know what my dad was a rookie. Didn't know what it was still in the spent the offseason working out that a lawyer on him dead left sensible to lots of dead list. No problem with them back is fine legs are working so now this solid eat. Yeah. So this will make he. I think this is named yet this'll biggie is dominating this year. Wolf I did not know that drill had a pig named after him as well. Yeah so when we got there were like oh let's switch it up the pace to security listed the boot the last pig races my four and we were busy shooting apples out of a cannon which I mean also our head now you're shooting Apple's I thought you could only should the zombies would not they'll do zombies in the school bus we drive around zombies walking around not ever specified don't have that anymore they were room that has a bunch of paintball guns set up. And you walk in there and there are zombies walking around in this room now man as many but it's a little bit more controlled chaos are good. But we well exceeds friends and her. Her friend's mom husband is military guy. Matt Diaz great game. I'd bet suitable or whether zombie just decided to hide from us poll do you score. Crushing the guy ran the forehead. And he had a mask on but I would imagine insulin noisy hurts right Mike you have. This should tone down crashing the guy now ahead. That is bond when you ask I don't blame yes I can and of course I'm missing every shot. And zombie a Michael allowed to go right at an enemy and hand once and that's and get his sights on those things are depressed you Steve's a lot of should be part of it yeah I mean I don't have the same training I trained every day. Nike does I mean yeah I'd be totally golden but in addition to that now they have a cannon. Outside that of his targets he just load to an apple usually she's done Monroe for. It's also amazed at least of the big long mates are the big long haunted that the Hollywood's yes though that I that we India could you did we went during the day. Are probably dead the big maze. They also of a monster truck they'll just drive around in the dirt. No kid and it's it's truly the rest. Bears arms is also big dominate I mean I hear stories of other pod aid in corn maze is a pumpkin patches mail sound great and you can't go wrong it's fun. But they really go next level they deal then and the at the big races so I go in there and I see they got. The although like the radio pigs so take mine and I think Eric powers is got to pay enough thrills got to pay. And some looking out all of on the Mike that's awesome in his four pigs in this is somebody else it. Op Randy Randy Randy Scotland yeah any swine ready swine. So often yep porky powers. Little makes me delicious thrill ride of powers and different in this time I think you short. Pretty sharp is really updated standings you know you might be right then if you pretend you updated its and based on slip a little bit but it heads. Our refined the picture of the piglet. Yesterday on the podcast envoy here when it comes out tomorrow we were talking about Maris farms now the fund copyright porky powers and a sport you powerless and then. Railing and I was leaving us all our other buddy show on that works here works and it's Weiner you're covering Icelandic. So I was lead native we are talking about mayors farms thousands he had his plugged on the podcast it's a good. These are telling about the pigs can he use the author of cute little pig named except thrill drills is just like the thrill for the thrill. He's had hits a horrible but it won't widow Rebecca it's. I think you stadium with the use yet they go. Email liberals so back then there after you left a neo liberalism went S this year at the real thrills like. What are you talk of. How much you can do go to XX. Part about all of you look at the pigs and and there's one thing looks a little bit different than the others. Us pro is. Black that was filming I heard you who's got a good suits and I think they typically get after the active people I got the lead fart so I'm looking at all this oh my god look at all the pigs and that we see there's only one black pegged him can instead. Mike. Did you see it may. Pick out a black pig and named at the rose. Actually I don't know. Saddam having this weird moral dilemma that. Quite pos because sids best friend is part of the Maris family hunt takes you right you ask some element this weird thing in my head. And I'm not trying to cause problems. And I'm clearly not trying to cause the race issue with Maris farms and Mike. Simpson's friends in the people have run this racist again do you think that this is funny to me in the rules pig. To make drills pig be a black pig all the d.s do the real this epidemic it's funny to Mike. It it's not funny if drove doesn't think it's funny you know I mean like you gotta have this we're moral dilemma. So since friend Jenny walks over. If they had seen occasionally get up and that's. It's about this amount brutally honest your funny at both pagan that this pig and I'm trying to be attacked a wave like what what what's up man. You name it did you pick up her receive a black paid for drill M without her IT must invite. Have to preface is quite a bit because I've of them try to fear being viewed as racist or something which is silly I understand that but if she goes. Yeah I'd throw made it very clear we told Matthew's gonna have a pig he was insistent that the pig needs to be black. So we got to find a black pig. I was like. 08 dot NON 00 Mike always worried that you guys pulled a major races moved as he started laughing so I know oh. She's like we've read by him and he's like it has to be a black and make all okay that's cool yet talked to her I wanna pick next year. Well yeah our we will always live with the pigs. Big. BM Smith. You can see that. Paul. Eaton did. The I have this lead at the cut I will lead Sid no to let any know that next year. There needs to be had at the ham Smith the head of Smith the head Smith you have certain do you have some good firewire or different time we come back. I have the greatest email ever sent to us from a listener of the major cast are. Others headed up by saying the person was definitely stoned when they sent this all right and quite possibly arm Mali. Our eye in the may cast returns. Thank god for ghosts and ten and indeed the minute concert will be back. Man. Become a fool can you insult me. There and he. No we. And. The Dodgers. But not the Yankees are. Do you end. Read and. Greens. Don't. I'd love to run the Lola cars. If that roller loses any news tip. Ha ha. And then it comes to. It's better. Did you see our border closings and featured on the NFL network. We talked about him. You know this guy they look out of ranked. I am right gunmen and I'll never get together than a lot of like fantasy football picks up and down. I don't doubt you know I don't want to comment and found that boys anti NFL network now. You know me I'm not the biggest NFL I don't I don't hear a hard time oh god did receive don't walk we down meal when not kneel and stuff I. I think it now impose my weird messages on basement about how women don't know if ports. Well yeah. I. That we I don't know that we chastised some time to learn things about people and bad. You've been friends with that you didn't know they were gonna be thinking like they waited they think it's unfortunate that some say. Yeah fifth after a lot of that right now you add peers people I follow on Twitter I won't say what they do are really like them and I don't know sometimes on to say why are we going down these paths. I don't I I see a lot of post something you obviously insane about politics. Is it weird man in today obviously would I don't know if you're in this into some Wednesday FaceBook was down in the whole world was falling apart because department hearts I Y outlook. I was like whenever I don't care yeah yet it's like OK Oz on Twitter or I'll just not do anything on social media in fact it's one less thing have to worry about late today. Both something about so I fell on our beat Jimmy Page I first comment nobody likes me eggs. Think what to do with. I know I they had like the comics exposes so brand them a much. I think they've been played the point is Danny saying hey migs asked as a homered assignment that I watch signed felt. It doesn't Monsanto is never watched an episode ever. So you have sixty dude how beholden that make you feel that nine nowadays millennial split how old is -- eighty pennies thirty. Indeed he's coming up on thirty. All right I was gonna give it give Pasadena. I might does to me all the times he's only 26 and he knows that the US until now could careless Danny watched an episode was you know to pay me man. It's data eight. Man don't date I know Reza you Emma which opposite did you watch need to stormy one I'm like I don't even know that episode a white a new what's the master my domain nor. You watch funny iconic episodes first yeah. Get right into it but. Bums me out that were now in the world over rude people no sign felt. Yeah Ben was the first on the east coming out about it. You're always in great dude like. Let's us know it's a good sign though huge is who you got some bring you up on the show all the timely we're all getting old the people to get the references. I you know I don't live in a world where people don't get signed vote references or Steve or an array now dude I know our rights armour did take a need for Steinfeld who hopeful. I would in my back cards. So I could look at that I will say this. I learned about the kneeling or not mailing. I honestly do and I do not like the Dallas Cowboys but just despite Jerry Jones I'd like to see what would happen I wish. That Jack. All. But hey our it was a three stars I would like to really see them take it mean now it's see with the cowboys do you like all right you really little venture starters and risk your season. I highly doubt they would idly by Tony Romo was encouraging that that happened actually yeah I'm sure I'll I eat probably would have completely that. You can also get officially NFL network where Adam ranked talks about fantasy football takes seven who's got a funny I'm watching it. And this has always that the message to I was totally seeing I caught this moment where the guys kind of coming on Jimmy Graham is productivity. And I end and M and Luke's name comes up which is legal move is being talked about and get a phone network so here's what happened. Scraps tight ends. It given the strike that he really needs right now. The problem to grant used to be in the conversation with Rob Gronkowski is who is the best tight end in the game but currently. You scored less fantasy points. Then Luke Wilson after the guys from wedding pleasures as scoring more fantasy points when you. Isn't always got a good on the wedding pressures broad rights to different walls and it's two wells in his last name yet may expect our friend the suspect on his name. You have given us bobbled good news sure OK I want you to run. You know it actually belies Owen Wilson but it doesn't matter. You will celebrate the right Wilson brother. At AM Adam rank you suck. Damn man right Luke Wilson old school. I want you to play like your old rules. The Washington Redskins they've allowed the fifth most points the fancy Qaeda exists easily you can do like this week but you know what we need instead. Achievable goals this week. Outscored Luke Wilson next week Vince Vaughn next week we'll and then he'll finally be back I really old school Jimmy Graham. And I guess Rick anyway that's still hard and Doug Baldwin game time decision I had about a mark could learn the blue. Funny thing is you're right because is from last week Jimmy Graham who scored more than Luke Wilson this week did eight they had that touch on the red zone oh yeah that's pretty cool. Yes I missed on abstain and that. You lose two games you're taking a nap yes and we were bye week coming up because taken and that during this week I don't but I was getting back when I retreats I don't sleep much there are so I would say kidnap. Let's see our sales. Rest easy when I nap during your games he generally went. Partly you know what I'm not to remember that have been doing well I'm calling you up its enclosure I stabbed the go to bed dead yet taken that didn't. Critical power that ticket to act. Spent time view think and act. Let's play outside of a child or drunk buddy miles hoosiers who do you like. That was the only two times leads up at a reasonable that at some point our friendship evenly Ted. Take a nap right price go lay down your brow like spending a weekend together I guess that's the X amount Paris on them and he said. In that man yeah Mac until late government applied to read their Munson bachelor party. It was the second night I think make two of his bachelor party in Portland. And always one maven man won because I worked on I was. We are all wasted down fading like I'm not feeling good. I don't have it'd be I just wanna close my eyes are listed ever wanted to go around 1030 at night then look at the Mayo. On the go back to the room. And take like a good 45 minute nap and just text me where you guys are going to be you know me in there. And everybody was like. There's no way you come about yet achieved many closure I should not come back might just text me where you guys are going to be. One of you remember to do that and I'll see in about an hour hour and a half I need to take it a 45 minute nap. Take a shower get going again. Sure is ask meant to set the alarm at the wake up woke up 45 to an hour later took quick shower. Showed up to where they were the look on everybody's faces is like what do we do not think you're actually going to rally am I knew then that. I just needed and that became depressed that I got done with work and got in my car drove all the way to Portland and memories go go go go go. I needed that extra couple minutes of sleep and I thought a million bucks and I ended up being up. The latest tally they were sit at the same Bard had news minute intuitive from bar but yeah I doubted awesome but I thought I did you shouldn't got to forget him accurately PG a it's a beauty but it look what I was a Saturday because who it's an important pickles Damon. Or that some beer fest at the Portland pickles that stadium all right and sewer outside drinking all day and I was just burnt out. Yeah that's gonna happen to me this weekend. What would you do this weekend I'm going to Dallas for the Texas Oklahoma game you can visit my brother he's someone you reap your yearly tailgating. With the ball right we're trying to get the trip back going sort of went from there. But it gained kicks off at like 230 every local time. So it's like it's gonna be like ninety degrees at like 767%. Humidity so it's like. Can be hot. We drink it in the sun halted I think it's like yeah thanks in a water. Yeah I got a lot of waters and I was I was told earlier they I have a bad feeling and I'm and I'm gonna crash like six or seven. Who that's a fun time off I can't wait and I emir my brother haven't had to get a good trip just to listen long time to us to from you should have looked forward to Bobby Kennedy. Now from mob member of the mega family and I I was reading this he now and just cracking up in fact I'd I'd. Must've missed it last week but they got it now because it was sent to us on our Sunday morning. Otherwise known as Saturday night October 1 they believe at fort 25 in the morning. Ole arts limited is Rosa both fortune running from grants here are the star checked. Questions while high high written in all caps. Just see the title. Detectives. To go one and I'll I agree I like I like this is that it questions on high. Hey guys my buds and I'll listen to the may gas and not while. We were high as half. Re engage in some spirited debates the funny pricey it makes it Celek past tense while they were high as asked but it's very clear as you read this he still high has asked. Yeah but you know it's it's 5 in the morning now so maybe he was higher earlier that's very good point. They got to a point that he spoke the points. That we decided to take notes and send these debates you're way to get your take on our pressing issues. I hope you guys we'll take a moment during the mega cast to address these issues all right all right please take into account that I am currently high is that while sunning that's OK okay. The sober version enemy probably would say hey grant don't bug Ted and Steve would you done debates who did dumb friends. But alas I am stones. And maybe I'm Molly. I was what are what you thought that I think people think you broke it hits the air 080. And maybe I'm Molly. Maybe not. Oh volley maybe not dot dot dot. And this version of me is saying grant you emailed this to the mega cast you mediate. You email the Arafat and as you demand answers to life's toughest question this call OK. Without further ado. Number one. Do you reclined the seat on an airplane. Oh never. Hole could unite clearly are on the same page has grant on the other hand. Not so much I'll come on grant to your ideal it's my seat I paid for it might idiot Fred refuses to and thinks it's rude. Yes grant I'm sorry and I hope not hiring now some real ruin your high it is rude especially the guys six foot three that's behind you. Yeah well here's the deal nobody likes it when it happens to them so it's like if we all just agree not to do it there won't happen anybody. I don't think we should have a reclining seats at all right they got to get it out of there and in this isn't just leasing unit lake. Live truly. If you look at the size of the seats we have consciously make them smaller and smaller and smaller in the room for that is not there anymore so that they can then charge you an extra point five bucks to sit in the seat that used to be the regular seat. That still doesn't have a lot of room to work with but all the and you feel you get all this need extra leg room. Correct right and keep in mind that it's taking you half an hour art generally on average to get someplace longer. Any did in the sixties. I didn't realize that yeah. Pleasant. Well a combination of things in my one there's a lot more planes and number twos the planes are much heavier in move slower and maybe they fly slower to see gas. Interesting yeah. I know I don't I believe you because I remember my honeymoon my buddy who's a pilot yet just so happened it wasn't even intentional he was flying the plane back from Hawaii. When we were coming back. And he looked as good as you guys will be home earlier than usual point. Of course we dale. And he achieved a good forty minutes off of that flight. Yeah they could trust the eye for the pilot has got to be kind of frustrating yeah it was just like in 2017 it's crazy that takes us longer to air travel it's ridiculous. All right so that's OK so you and I aren't the same page without grant's friends. Yeah I mean I don't recline that seat critic grant hello Graham I don't care how high you are. Yeah dad. I number two. You tip the person you hedge your carry out food. Now he. I do now and it really well it's because I like the person at the sushi place and they go to all the time. They H operatives and other sushi place in Puyallup policy GRE that we go to a lot and we always eat at home. The lady there and knows our order to depart where when I call and a sister doing your masseuse is this nice. Which is hilarious casino sits right there next to me on speaker phone owners like. She's like I should I be jealous at the sushi will be considered using your Steven in my interview we laugh about that but so now I feel awkward. I don't know why talk refresh awkward not tipping so I always tip. I mean I guess yeah they share the tips right jabs I have still work in yet to give I just pick up take out. I don't I don't think you're wrong I don't yet but you're right if I go somewhere like the Margaret taco Del Mar and watch did you make my burrito I'll leave my box right. But I sure as hell wont tip someone man cheats or I dom at Al blocked there even though they offer that opportunity in the dual sign and then it's a what did you do. Would you do that every me up I had to do all the work myself at a put all the toppings on I had to pour out the surf like what what point are we just going to crazy. I'm with the writes us to a grant said. I don't because all they're doing is Hamlet handing me a sack of crude. One of my friends who took five dollars at a restaurant no matter what the costs and a meal on take out he has money issues he's been five grand and engagement ring and a bit said no. Oh well aloe aloe aloe while. It critics go for it. That's how they sit in a bitch says Nelson Chris aggressive when he saw bricks defense so this is his buddies she said no I'm sure they're all Carner pitch now very true and I'm open that is so far removed from when it happened that it's it's fun the last thing now I'd imagine he was able to return to bring. I hope so for what I think she said no but I'm keeping the ranked fifth in the shocked. All right number three aren't final question isn't it when there is a good argument satellite I hope grant. Whenever you guys have anyone actually listens to him I guess if you sounds weird stupid conversations and debates where your friends send them our right yeah. There's now an email you myself for Ted yes you don't replenish our and this is all we're doing enough all right do you leave a tip for the maid at the motel. Yes. Yes I deal. I also leave a mess he wrecked and if it if it marijuana is being smoked I leave a tip every night. But I like what I've shared route to the donkeys or whoever and there's a people are smoking on my. I do an ad and I know people who arrived in Ding like to 200 dollar fee for a smoky rooms or whatever I never had that happened to me. And never does great smells. Because I must when he box. I I'm with you that's part of the reason I do it too but also like I now I was real budget be your cancer and so yeah if you're gonna smoke in the Hulu like deftly tipped a. And tip each time you never know you don't wanna have that one made this immediate I used to think all tip on the last night. But. You don't know you'll notice they made so you knew my role take care of the mall especially if you're up to no good in that room yet. If you risk getting find tip everybody remembers a twenty bucks each time and even if five or ten bucks so goes along way yeah. Our do you think grant is a tipper are not zipper parts. Others say he's a temper on this because he's so sweet. Brand says I always do. But his reason as nothing in through read are write his reasons fantastic I have. My theory is no one does that job because they love it seriously. You think those made one Omega bed with two strangers and just bone Don it. As you know they do it because they need the money if I have some extra money I give it to them as attempt. It's funny I can't argue his thought process and that is molesting the same dimension animated friend Trevor spent five grand and engagement ring for grown as they know. Hello hello hello hello now. May I hugs from grants should look at the sport Trevor guy. Heard these jokes all night just it kind of driver are czar rather than I don't let it go for awhile and if he's sure examine all these friends listened to the mega cast. Granted that's an that we can read it and Trevor has to hear it again on his own time he's got sorry Trevor that's just the heartbreak of this ditch say an. Let's look at a if you opt checker is. -- opens and let's buddies they've got lead you leads you slap me read a great job rob sorry it is a horrible thing that happened you in the long run you don't metered out. Connecticut. I don't I would've started back up all the we don't know Graham I didn't set this up for failure to hold up let's not forget unless he is owned and maybe Al Mal Molly. Maybe not. All right let's get an idea I got to go to chiropractor is going to be a new jets for patients with them maybe Luke I've album whatever it is I. Yeah maybe not. Howell. Yes. It has to be argued as British and on maybe I'm astounded. Maybe eight shots maybe I'm drunk that maybe are not all right Steve let me get ten outlet I it may be mad backwards. And yes it actually does keep. Robert baby. David it's spending the day I think you guys are listening to make cast Ted you get used to. The maybe not. I like Davis. For the blues seven. There's a big tourist Ted. It is my dad again it is great to. Common ground going ten under guard Travis brown done on both goals the second coming. JT goes over James on guitar or browse some basically dubbed the Kagan a bunch of other bands as well. Nobody is this so if you ever seen the music video for the receiver he's so excited to. Museum playing wearing a hold steady teacher automaker bands yeah Jeff Rouse is currently on tour. We Tommy Stinson. And the touring guitarist for that Dan is the guy he's he's got plays in the hold steady. No kidding so I sent the video suggest I had no idea dispatch help reduce this. He's looking at the video here hey man I'm watching the video with the guys names. He did so also on the band the hold steady he's formula to know my shirt. That's all that is great so come CS this Saturday night. The fourteenth of October at studio seven proven pretty goes on stage right at 7 PM to get there early were the first band and a bunch of great bands are playing. Right addresses and that's after members are boy white only white only in the racquet signed a number to be jumping up on stage attempt to do a song that's going to be a lot of fun. And our band man the last and nice now as he's there playing my damn birthday party which will be forced him fantastic so. And then closing up the night. Our boys a window pane. Also Timmy great nine music arm really pump bring extra money because we'll have our EPs for sale which was again in the mail might Thursday bought T shirt blue. Women's underwear it's going to be good time. Panties pond to it is just. I tags as always it's always a blast doing the spot yet and have fun it's a good by the happy birthday thank you thank you I might get drunk. Maybe not. Follow us on Twitter at the mega cast. Maybe maybe not.