MegaCast 10/18/17 "Glitter & Glowsticks"

Wednesday, October 18th

This week we recap Ted's trip to Texas, and Migs' WWE Smackdown experience...that involved Enzo Amore and Migs!


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Please tell me he says Smith. Paul Casey made how high their tower in third. Up pretty good yeah. Fight a little cough here they like a lot of people but nothing nothing too crazy I think everybody's fighting around I'm nervous and I'm probably got the start fighting myself I need to get preemptive dude honestly the wall to. Could I when I'm on wall clock at. The sniffles Steve could not get sick. When I was on that plane Friday leaving Seattle. I sort of got half the plane had the same horrible like call you know I had I was at the gym and him on the make elliptical thing machine yes. And Gary next to me is just having wanted to host coughing fits yeah he's not cover and is now. He and he's right next to me you know like I'm reading here it is mother for breeding. I know made it worse through the locker room guy. Yeah so that's let's got a library and focus on the plane like I heard a few people in south lake. Well maybe I'm not the only one bright and they don't one point the guy next to me we started chat a little bit and I got to coughing fit like a present for you costs on them now now and I was covered up like you know what it's like. Yeah I can regulate barely speak to who think the bright sunlight. Take it's it's a water the dog got elected dumb ass like a barely speak ten minutes later he has the same coughing fit. I like he can't talk now consciously. And then right easily do you feel that sick and you know which this is like annoying things a gimmick deal. This is lingering for people again like yeah when I talked using their dike I feel fine. But it's they don't live from from the description I mean it feels like when you're no longer sick but residual stuff installed there. And you just got to call again and get it out yeah funny to let me let me Smith over here that he's such a bad term but how you feel and Flemmi. Real slimy fish. But no erosion amendment saying I don't you sick guys tell congested cicada Sears to get a stuffy nose. Mike yeah but I don't go school by Sam stuffy nose let's go to just it I don't know she thinks I sound stupid or SSI I feel congested. Well I think that's a that we that's exactly what you are I felt Duffy W two yes I have stuffy nose I would like a yummy didn't it. What remains is having no one next suburb you break it out got a DM Flemmi otters Steve is how do you feel well suited I am Flemmi. That's rights for credit. That you wish I sit congested now the woman. 'cause it happens again and not take marriage advice intense and a no no got a book that was me you know my mom you know rules on whether it's not my mom. We urge you therefore it. And that's quite an appointment. I know. Is completely holidays it is true TJ and a couple of other notes surely bigger than they muddied yes. Yeah I mean you feel bad for being immature. It and then never eat spinach actually do good stuff yeah. I hate it it's like you leg they always say that you marry your mother. Is not a bad Alomar mom and how my wife. Sometimes it just feel like I'm a little child for and it's probably my fault that I act like when Ted. Yeah so when we get our Persian senator why can't protect it it it's economic data. There. Good thing is we never had orient you mine's going to warm place you have a conversation. But your mind's centered care something else some kind of fine I was like I thought I loaded a clip of me talking with my mom and dad. To make IIE I recorded them doesn't know recordings of the when they call I had I was still not mornings I put my speakerphone on it as like my mom was having a few drinks and it was very entertaining. So I was thinking about that lower and a conversation I might only get that ready in and speaking in my mom came out. Yeah I do it all the time yeah or somebody will tell me something in the lake in their story yup that reminds me of something right but it'll be a total. Departure Brett I'll go ahead and tell Matt thought if it's like. But wouldn't that come from. But it's really given until the show I say it's something that I have at it like. Yeah it was the white guys and girls they called me that was a good joke a quick paella I mean honestly mean it that way I just for some reason it felt like I had to clarify and say it was the white guy he's. I. Apparently you're talking about how we are doing black clay I exceed your profile that's Jesus there rag tag. May have gone on our a year now again her host to the hot dogs what does this funny fifteen and a half again so there was two people in the story right now so at the end it's I think it's white I. The shooter yeah something how I think that you thought I was just regular Joseph well you know shoot people. But I just wanted to clarify it clicked that's the one of dock my pay rights and in Arizona last for another memorandum of missiles. So this afternoon and that yeah. Iowa I hear it so they both received some push ups more yeah maybe me more than you just get the heart race in the blood pumping in the brand fog should hanging this time around there's a meaning behind this song is because well apparently last night at the WW we my friend tonight. Got called out by certain superstar. What's. That's right and Omare. Has declared war. Under the romantic. Cost ninety you have to do are push just how they look so if you lose you are confused conflicted few still yeah. It's and you. Okay. Yeah. We declare war like Davey O'Brien fans it's no news legitimately look at us. And says something to us I hope it was awesome. Yeah I mean I don't. Of course he had no idea who he was talking to a one of those things. Imagine stamps song we'll get you to talk and a second movement anonymous it's a thousand or stock because that's just how we do things Ted and we do after would you Iowa. A straight to you why there's beef between. The romantics. In men's room worrying and I'm sure you'll have another question and could ask for the Bryant takes the hill if you got just a lot and is thought. Taurus. It's. Made. This one inspired by some drunken conversations I had people think Clinton in Texas. Like after late at night to leave the bar sitting out there talking with people we did we got in some kind of some touchy subject only got what a delved into but it. Everybody was like real nice about it and I'm just like sorry but listen and so my advice is just me. Be nice and listen they sometimes of these kind of subjects who gets so worked up about being right. Yeah we don't pay attention there's and that's it I think for me to I do it all the time and I gotta stop and listen to the other sucked but Ted you're always right thank you Steve you know it's. Plotted or advocate for just just make you feel good. Good morning Manson that dad these arguments would be going you just like. Men did easily listen to my side. Yeah where you make your opinion be a concrete opinion I'm trying to do the same for you when you're right read almost need to be that way I think on both sides on whatever it is yeah where there be serious or whether it be ridiculous. Like might be for the ensor Mori right now yes the serious topic yes that is very serious and NASA last night was a did you read mosque smacked down. Would they do is did you smack down from 5 o'clock to 7 or 8 o'clock to. Nine. No time. The hell math five yeah Devin here on the west it was 108 to ten on the East Coast. Yeah man I was that's a hard for us I don't know. Because ros three hours into my guns only to our state so on typically used to wrestling going until 11 PM so fielder saying it only ends after two hours but. So I just two hours to do a five to seven years so that there way to be live on the East Coast and then maybe Eric are on the West Coast. And then after they finish doing smackdown they do to a five lie which is on the WB network sir I was from 10 o'clock. The 2007 to eight on the on the West Coast where Wesco show why my final piece of the east put it paved dismissed family you know we're talking about for a right. One more question though what about our faith and in Illinois in the central time seven I don't know okay. They can watch it whenever it's often. They just set your DVR and watch it tomorrow and the media Cologne. I do not like math and I know I don't that time zone difference if you're in Hawaii it starts at 8 AM I don't know what time is such an Hawaii going you're there and gives them that you're drunk. A Mai Thais and Nikolay does and you're watching the sun go down and about 45 seconds. So maybe the vinyl pearl at a low bucket by some woman that promise you it's a real Karl. Probably about what per we have got to pearl how I've won and it how much cause it unremarkable box not have a banquet and wanna sell you. Where did you ring in the rest of the pearl and I see you know it's 200 dollars yeah but we didn't do that you're someone girl is the pearl seller Honeycutt we keep going back. Think I'm sorry to thirty years to look at that necklace made. Yeah I mean these are good aframax class ha ha ha ha ha Nguyen oh yeah yeah. Sosa 205 live users Enzo more now he's a part of the cruiser weight division he's kind of like the ultimate bad guy it's pretty awesome guy. Everybody hates him because he's a noxious idea it's kind of like life imitating art kind of event. So he's in the room he's in the ring he's talking to everybody Jesus saying how awesome he is and any such talk about talent. Any sense to sing some mean things. And Asus pointing at people in the crowd that he feels have no talent is this guy this guy in the third one the finger points. At either myself or my friend Mohammed now Christmas for Mohammed and all of his friends like Iowa on him. Personally I feel like it was trying to both of us because. I saw I can't you know I it is due to appear right next to each other it really would convince either one of us are you looking front row or an area where in the front yard we're standing he's pointing out one of us are both of us. So I'm I'm I'm gonna take it that he's playing both of us yeah Al explain why afterwards. He decided that's a beef with the romantic text okay. So here's that promo would ands or Maury. This microphone. I don't arrest. He's good on the microphone I love this guy yet a rumor has it though he's like this all the time you won the microphones off. If you can't stand him backstage access to the point where I heard rumors that they stopped the bus and kicked him off at once to Susan knowing everybody on the bus. She's us yeah. What is just the WW thing I have made. Isn't that's like there was a big storyline in the first year the divas show Lake Wylie I think. If all the key digits off buses are out of our exciting journey moto Heidi didn't suffer no falls on sends it did you bother won't don't look this is. I'm with you might indeed indeed life I can handle you anymore you have to hope the boss Cooper. Saw the. This very lucky to look this. These stories. And it's fun do. The Buick. So okay you. You can create or god at all. Is that you yes do. Looked up myself and my body Mohammed and goes. Some you definitely don't got. Yeah. Ho ho. I watch on the network you can't see it if you can see you can't see us you obviously we can't resign him but he pointed straight at us. So now. Is there wrestling danger in like your your other wrestling shirts. Dude I was born at 321 battle shirt Amarillo motto during a book club shirt and you know like anyone else on the eighty to do with the shirts and I just. I think just pick two guys are going to people's buttons he pointed at us now. We've got before it ends or more are funny that's right Aaron award going to do with these beef probably absolutely nothing but yet he saved my set us. We set laughing of course I've won in our car crew are all freaking out because they were guys saying you pointed at these guys you know we need in him. We're all dying him Umar comets on cloud nine because. He has an opportunity to sit front row right I've. The mopping and yet there's a really cool experience for him. And he's just like what don't go there are no grabbing them. That happens so Mohamad and I are training in the world wrestling together like we go to aren't we go to classes together where did come pretty good friends. And then there's the core of like five or so must have become really close and we were all together act that at smackdown to a five live last night so were all freaking out about that. Mohammed I've been joking about if we ever sort of tag team in the migs Mohammed. The romantics. Because river romance. I was just say Eminem's. We can you imagine that's a dummy for I mean I'm Morrison now if I RE Albright had the romantics the romantics. Dot. That's so romantic you have to have a flight suit yes you know me and Zell. Yeah well no with the each other to lean it's part of any good broke into flames up quick there's some pistons on the way this intention yeah. I'm gonna fall apart at some point to come back together stronger thank you the rights mean it's it's a relationship may the last but rock hard rigs and I don't know maholm Massimo how would she do it a couple months is good liked mom of the muscle. Mohamad the muscles says rock hard he's not always rock. Radar. And Mohammed sometimes those muscles linked lacks her whole halt. The romantics are falling apart. And still got a net had rights experts of Yahoo! the more talented one he was pouring as you know he's going you. That made the right. That's pretty awesome there was pretty forgotten great and then afterwards odd AJ styles wrestled so what they do is because obviously. You finish smack down then all of a sudden you got to a five life. Most of the crowd doesn't give a crap about 205 I do not there for that it's not the most popular you know compared to. Smackdown it's on a network it's all right TV so I mean not a lot of people put a good portion of people do leave so I. What they do what they wind up doing is they have a big main event match after 205 live at the dark match that on TV. To keep people stick around Seville watch are what they had Jamal take on AJ styles in a match which is awesome. And so we're closer that we Graham during smacked number four rows back and then once to a five I started the whole front row last. Sewers right after it let's go. And that's how else and that's how we were lucky not to have that moment when Denzel bright one day he'll get his comeuppance. Oh yeah yeah he's MB you know we he we are accompanied its. How are so. Watch and I imagine in the AJ comes around just kind of two suites everybody united the old wolf pack history book club think views in the book club back in the day. Before he came to WBB when you stand G Stiles use Gaudin exe. No. Right. No he he came straight from Japan ring of honor to W read me roster are these it would. He's shown it and so he's going on to screen people only to treated all of us and that may Mohammed that is welcome so yes you are caught up by ends though. And to Sweden by AJ styles. That's a good night but he did not get a shake up the map. He took you pretzel people are strange Berger group we are we got yelled at by and get about eight votes for corporate it it didn't. So far exceed that I have aren't so hot so that the lick balls great eye for Mohammed. You hope that I get to repeat of the Jewish. What does your regular gonna find out what Ted did in Texas I like meeting get yelled up I didn't know that by somebody and he probably eating get geez we did I got drug enough to Los Angeles I'm. When the man you taciturn. Okay. They're not great learns on the radio and they rule us I'm G-8 hundred palm coast. And it cost will be back. OK okay. Your. Here's the URL on Portuguese and doorsteps this. Ceramic vengeful plastic and rubber may jackal lanterns made from durable poly resins with my old Sonny inside introducing yeah. Real pump and so that's great and get your kid's the real deal and that was super sharp carving knives was greeted edges. Drop the top and scoop up the slimy pumpkin seems got sun newspaper on your kitchen table come can grind under your fingernails slicing out primitive triangle ice in religion with a real candle that burns a hole in the league. And the whole thing gets moldy in decompose before Halloween real goal lanterns are brought to you by tradition the. And brought you by people who still handout apples to triggered readers are. Tendency to stop and again as it will be just the and then it comes to and I don't. Think there's been a little. No on the minute they love you but hopefully it's. To close things out at. Brazilian closer and kind of a few and we'll sit there and really dark when I shall be enough whenever. He's very frantic. To get close to assess how did you have to go through things. A hundred doing lately that's an upbeat song yeah yeah it is I didn't dent who glow sticks and a long time. Dancing with them yeah now I've used them warn them. Still to come illuminate it rooms with a member European I have not being us with an ornament friends. Bad dancer glow sticks 300 friends page trickled stiffed the ego Fella. There's not I'd I'd and I know a lot of people listening probably to hold as much used to glow sticks. I'm telling you if you forget. Did a good glow stick to break in his tenth eighth it's just nice crushed crushed shaken it up no air pockets yeah. I did say that I can tell you forget how satisfying it is to crack a glow stick it's very true. If I mean like the cheap like you got sixty and one to put a say in a real low stick bra agonize too earthy glow stick. To keep out hands. Are currently glow stick. Among layup or ninety. How is your nightmare and you really wanted to know trump black I got to come pretty close dec boom. Which you put it in the glitter. And abused his love of clinical six mega event. Hole I mean that's argue tracks on. All when they're closers in the glare it. In the negotiated local and yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. And oh yeah Lebanon I don't either but I think that's really the course. Who could close acoustic. It's. Still. Who do. Now it's been knocked me off. I don't know why I'm out. Dustin Hoffman rain in meets a tax now if you are yeah yeah yeah I'm definitely gold sticks get your ticket and there there want America. And I would rate in the rough terrain made a joke for you kids out there if you don't get etc. I just didn't bother in the podcast. Take a few hours off. A whole whole whole whole watts going the full fledged Rain Man. And Tom cruises finest efforts. You know doesn't he talk Tom Cruise you forget that he's decent memory Corey and I felt yeah what is not great movies. I don't watch any delays action flicks. All right G said he measures such big time grows guy won't. I just watch sick you know that's the best hope. Well I mean arguably his best movie might be tax years ago. Tabs is a great phone right or like born on the fourth of July that's a good right are you right. But I assure his actions of greatest don't watch it might contact. You like I just kicked your dog that. So if you would you kick my dog had not seen dame nine. Now I mean that's a Mission Impossible it's none of them. You don't do you any of the mission to the almighty god Tom Cruise in the dominant force in all those move amusing top gun days of thunder I was gonna have about Iraq. That's not Mission Impossible. All right my guys to. So are pretty good I did not expect every actor Matt I did not expect you'd ever see something so crazy. Well yeah. That's good we're getting hit probably zero David as falcons pulled sort of pretty much as well on I. Putted well this. How is Texas all I see weaknesses. This is Mohammed to his romantic thing is real odd out art artsy thing. Bet parents I should see this come and even wrestling with. You're wearing missing glitz the whole thing you've got to do it. That's over here all the white out. I seemingly impossible I'll I'll I'll I'll Annie get there. That's going to all and even though day and night to hot man I don't know. The Moby is AK IEA did and I did ice. I was Texas. Sip of local local. Obviously Texas is a blast. Yeah hurt. CON Corbin bowl game now bowl game just a college football games correct but it was played at the Cotton Bowl that's why you're not wrong I was caught annually brother. Yes one of my brother met upper body will down there. So Friday night we got there. Friday night we didn't do much as recently I got there they've gotten up on the East Coast my brother had to hold onto the nationals. Losing once again in the playoffs the night before my nephew right making took forever. So my brother literally had two hours of sleep so he shows up fold just. And lots of happiness and energy of their already there already into pretty good when I got a lot this particular problem why karate do it's well it's vacations so it's early in the evening. Some like while using my bag upstairs my brother fault you know. Just just say we go upstairs on the fall asleep right there like aren't we upstairs he falls asleep so Ben will also take. Signal should progress rates so we struggle over the easily lets his downstairs and I'm like all right so weird out of the bar. Will hired her for an hour we decided surgery jets fireball. Well like I had to go upstairs to go to sleep. Some like I saw the back down of the parks have him around eleven but he's given up on Ted well this is this is. Refuses to lose so then bio lab in my brother is back up he comes down he's down for maybe twenty minutes an idea. Our arid outfits are important. Yeah these are not your clocks on the same time break so Friday wasn't the best tank for almost no but it was he was just funny the room by the way it was also my brother has an a through downtown at the share to. In Dallas right so and I have the sports bar is not just a bit they're having a blast I was having fun there's no like bright red right nobody was sweat that people on the road course why he couldn't pot. The rights of the next day get up go to the Texas state fair. I won't bore everybody would all the details but Steve just know that I did heats up and caught a tamale doughnut. Which was such a Mahoney shape to get doughnut with lake ice team was like a quokka more we ranch. Oh my gosh yet did. Do it sounds incredible deep fried Thanksgiving dinner which was basically just deep for high paid stuffing the halls. With late Turkey NM and then the critic Tom we shared a burger home. With. Caiso hornet and the buns were funnel cake walked yet viewed. I mean leads yet do so Odyssey of those three. The one I want the most those are tamale don't follow okay they'll be tamale fan I'd. That's the tamale donuts. Elected. But I was singing in the tamale don't know was odd though because even though I knew who was a tamale. Effectively shapes I could tell that I kept wanted to be a go to. There's a fine okay burger at the front almighty god ST get so I don't know what that though we do having funnel cake as as the bond. I will say this think but do deep fried Thanksgiving thing was delicious just in the deep fried suffering right the funnel cake burger like we split it eight. It was delicious in and I'd like to sit here and tell you was to launch date it was delicious but this idea that the economic maybe splitting in Manhattan is a good idea oh yeah Ali sued sneakers and will split up OK so it was a hundred and too much yet so we're having a great time the state fair is how to tell though you it takes for every got to wait for tickets. We also saw the world's. Largest snake alligator oldest alligator in captivity. It's exactly would you think it is just a giant alligator lane and KH. Her friend and old alligator to know how old was it he was like a 104 when he smells as ace right through it will go to the thirteenth. Is this accident on the way back down the midway it's like OC targeted to them world small horse and corporate flak jackets like all right well we're doing that it's tough to sit back at 5 o'clock and six hits solid pick it. Are you feeling a hundred tickets are doing for thirty bucks center. Sorry it's already just funny just somebody that gets all the world's dinosaurs. I tickets it's so I. I think that the men do good tidings towards a third of the owner of the tiniest horse as a go to like domain manager and say here's all the tickets I got for today now agree my cut. It's my 100% in a car action man. So it's incredible you got in their right you go up to what it's not like the horse is just hanging out you gotta go up on a platform in the horses and a pit. Just kind of sticker to animal ball. It's like what makes him different. Did a miniature horse because that where you could see how long years so he's as long as the real horse things like. He's a drawer Forstmann armies. You could get this is a tiny Tim. Really it's run. All he's a whole this is scam city. It's an all live now to insulate targeted Jim the world's smallest horse so Q to what do put him in pick him up and put him in your pocket but please don't let's start attempt. What can get your time there have picked cotton candy a picture of him he had an alligator who's not a hundred years old yep big out right. And a guy really GA who's running the stand it's like when you remember. He's big now with the alligators it would to stupidly for crocodile like Cecil or sucked and half he's just like I'd sorry that was the lion but either way easily will you guys Muster remembered Cecil. Like now and how all he just actually last year he's honored to what a bad deal if we figure out of any of this is true. And negative like you're a group of Gator enthusiasts. Exit out of course remember season that is why we're here to see big now. Play quote so it's a delay can you get in there with him the guy's like oh no he'll bite people at Google those who really doesn't Yemen and what they do is a snap on in the start this speech and but did it all almost forty years or above what we know would that they're pretty big bullets out to hit it if they're committed to no value if I got arthritis. It's got to be able to do it did not move one bit and some beautiful beach just laid there. What they were real she did you do what it might not have been. Regularly so imagine any steep fare but it sounds like a joke Texas does everything times a thousand job. Including scamming just mimic the cops are really like friendly about drinking and like there was like his hot tub stand right Steve had to do with the 25 person. So hot tub right for you wearing my bathing suits now they're selling them because this Texas state fair that's her either by a hot tubs. So it's the point of like how much holy cow. There's a topic and I know they have menu does dude everything bigger in Texas that's at least not to Wear CD is. Yeah man once you get yourself for beer. It's practically did we did later on. It took us a topic he's got. Maybe it's time for a beginner cooks. Eddie and gobs. And I were over Budweiser. Could. At apple app after app uses of those stupid. I am what I said. You don't really go you have you really see another view buys them I they make you buy a bathing suit while there called polo hotter since I know now. Click of all bear the Washington state fair. Yeah I did have a Google's stand where are not little but to stand where you can buy different type the hot tubs also this is a fair thing everywhere total fair thing all right yeah it did have like the inside like area where it's like a bunch of as seen on TV people with a microphone. Yeah us yes every every mobile companies out there but can actually get their prized recruit for depth or don't really behaved take up this vacuum cleaner or pay check out this whole thing I'll share meals clean everything it is fruit juice sir. I would say one sad thing about the gig is this the Texas state fair. There is a massive stand for like tornado shelters of the oh that's got a sad yeah you know the state fair rich regulatory agencies its government. So that was a state fair we meet up with cob and growing we go to this neighborhood a deep Al I don't know Cobb was gone until just because he's right that's raising taxes now yes a human image mayhem and how are running mayhem as a radio Connick. There was a what is no limit. I call may have ma'am that's so Roland aged trying to meet us again meters at the Japan at the Behar by this point the bartender religious all the Smith boys Miller Lite tripe like yup. Similarly steep alum which is kind of the cool new hipster neighborhood the dramatically Al Jihad. But Steve we went to a barbecue place at the PGA and the PGM Welch of how the PGM lodged a guy apparently it's world famous week the margin as we get over there now for the game ends. We ordered something called the trust. It was. A pound was at a pound a brisket a pound of beef ribs a pound pork ribs half impala pulled pork three sausage links. We're all your friends get beside you led off duty was also. Why wow yeah it was so good barbecue there is growing for wrestle mania the barbecue was uncle incredible yeah like I know it's like it's supposed to be Billy it is yeah. Any Olympic Collard greens were also more guy couldn't get over it. Yet I'm hungry just listening to the story. I know well hey look image field of drift. Apart some of those in a horrible place alternate Sunday car and you had the claim back a bit that was an affront. Fight back now. I did get a free beer though. From stopped from cradle their machine wasn't working to she was like I is a four hour flight to Jews they and he gave it to like it can't give you another one sorry. When his water okay doesn't assure Mike just don't waterside yes and then like ten minutes later she came I was like you know it's grueling and painful arm. Tougher opponent thinks. You brought the rebellious side of that lady yeah that you deal yeah she's had a tough day that's when no matter what happens to. You'll always be my troop romantic I'll don't try to save it now Steve. I am I gonna do what you need to Watson Tom Cruise movies well I mean does say it is funny you got a new do not have any Menem even. When you're making. Us wonder why and how well you come to wrestle class alcohol that's gonna happen. Ha ha ha I guess popular prejudice in the states if it. If are always get that here Barry I gotta go I'd come get to be a part of a documentary how nice about wrestling is really talk about expressed. I was a great time and I'll I'll sum up this M moved dollar one piece of audio if you want god to give you an idea what makes dresses like that who me. Are ready for white only in the wreckage went on stage nice I'll so young wise the best so this is only after. This is me onstage. Hey hey Ed pro why are all in Iraq attack on these. In the okay. Why did you record it eat great I think you heard it. I like to apologize and advance I am not yeah. And why and you all are enablers mother who's like yeah. Some topics like you. Yeah ornaments there's drums with him on a soft nice now. And it was everybody's fault every demos near the bar somebody bought me a shot as let's say shots and thank you everybody came out and bought me a shot it was an incredible time dead in a nutshell. I got wasted achieved twice outside of the party by some all old school migs Dallas good times a listen nerve. Had cookie twist flown in from Carmel. As a gift for me yeah OK yeah I do that honestly got me and not an emotional scissors gonna cry but I don't emotionally touched on that was just south of Stephen and an Austin who did that. Saved it all night there's the talk to the back stays at we had cookie puss in the cooler. Waiting for all of us to finish a rewrote and enjoy it I I enjoyed a little bit of could keep us now they are bringing on the bus will have it will go home almost in the donkeys put on the bus. We hang out of course listen to a bunch Edie Emery just kind of party and the boss for a little bit before arm you know before we had all the way back to Puyallup. And as rang and now have a good time bus takes off at night. Oh you get the cookie plus somebody came on the bus insulting people less choice locally push to resume cookie Thomas. Are what you are sick and it was a no hit no. It was not a chance to be melted or maybe it did I'd whoever had it hasn't melted cookie puss. That I yen on new friends chief from a lot of news or an arm off that bus without you to cut your thoughts. That no more baseball the problem was that the only way. He's a tout their late that I could give us and got warm. NIC went SA WST. All you thought yeah. Just like to take the day related and all right well we started out as long as usual but we'll we'll. Sorry she apple. I don't have any profound thing to say about that after the glow sticks in the litter it's. Thank you were listening follow us on Twitter estimated gas fed. It's been fun good do you have any let's you tend to do it. Yeah. Like his song a little more now yeah. It's an awesome. Well what are the probable.