MegaCast 10/25/17 "Winter Of Bizkit"

Wednesday, October 25th

This week Ted shares a story of ripping his jeans with his powerful thighs...Steve rages on Road Ragers...and we discus the "relationship Punctuator" -- that moment when you make it very apparent the relationship is OVER!  Plus Ted and Steve stare at each other while listening to Ed Sheeran, and Steve shares a story of another Smith...that is a hero!  Oh...and they proclaim this winter to be the winter of Limp Bizkit!

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Checks at wit's supports. And then. Doing good feeling good whenever he's outside yeah. Mice long and it's cold feeling strong fan mail. The latest. Strong yellow minions over there that's right because you mania ran wild last Friday brother. So I took pictures. I like the video the video was awesome yeah go to my Twitter or my blog Icaza B dot com or at I'm Steve migs you could see. What's Ed's talking about I dressed up as dominion. Dressed up as a whole Ko him. For the wrestling crude on the part of rejoined battle it was every hallway spectacular called par business core business a lot of people said I was definitely top. Top two top three costumes are but it felt good about it I was very nervous and into bless you thank you and it's in my told somebody I was gonna do that they count look we like bulls. OK but then when it all came together when the overalls rom brother and yellow muscles were throbbing. Like those muscles yeah I lose those typical Ole. Halloween muscles they're like you know pay old tanned skin yet and I bought one of often viewed at comic a five dollar dry fit yellow shirt extra large. And just got to squeeze it over it and made it look like the lenient and muscle rather nice yeah it was great the best feeling in the world was ripping the Hulk Hogan shirt. In the ring and do in the crowd just react to that that was. Unreal in the throwing it into the crowd not knowing if whoever found that shirt threw it in the garbage or whatever come intermission talking with some my friends. Who walks by a guy wearing nicer as a vast all nice I was pumped yeah. A primer pumped to see him and he was to see me on a percent but that happens all the time yes I'm always more excited to see people when they are to me. Yet that's that's I rarely text you Saturday at GE two yeah there's a strenuous and dudes of her lay asked about the mega castle yeah Steve president. Now I'm not GR let's text and. That it. I every did you go one. And well I had 2 in the morning and if you listen to enemies guess you go for the DW. Quick cliff notes version of it. My tire went flat while driving home at 2 in the morning try to change my tire. In the middle of the Dark Knight in the rain in the rain. Thankfully not dressed in full communion and my normal clothes on. Hard nothing soft more bad karma is I mean it's Friday night Saturday they were some good classic fall storm. Queen good grain you know I hear that. But. Right. I can't flat tire blew a tire Wear yet. I just got off before ten ride on my right near my house a lot my mom mr. Cheney's guy you know right over there and doc. Just saw it took forever because as dark and try to navigate my my Jack with my flashlight. Regime drunk people haunted suits. You know. Who says and then of course everybody on the guy posted tweet about it. And so I know I was on my bucket list but if it is I guess I checked it off tonight and you're doing your road to political road so this is something that's. I'd rather change the tire and get done in forty minutes then wait an hour and never win another 2030 minutes on the change that tire. Yeah our caught your blood act. Passed. Let's just be Steve I did a good thought did cross my my my assurance I have roadside assistance coming because like I might like holes like 3:30 in the morning. Maybe well I think roadside assistance overall. Triple A different talking points you bank. You think your boy you'd be quicker I deal puck. But I have a lot of faith that. This says the man who has no car correct will I have had cars like they're pros they're gonna get it and they are quick. I remember BIC like honestly when it comes to cars this'll mean much realists on the East Coast right when it comes to cars like I trust AAA and trucks let's swap out. That's what got my tires I hear people tell let's hope so result I'm like let's do a good place solid place. Honestly I've gone to different places like that and not an ad hash tag. I didn't I don't car I have nothing to do with either of those companies and trust me I would like a kickback for saying less Schwab less Schwab let's welcome the cost me 12100 dollars to get all my tires replaced because that I went to go get tire patched. Turned out that the damage from the being flattened driving on a firm. BLO however a hundred feet. Customers damaged because trying to get the freeway I wasn't gonna change the flat on the freeway wanted to now off the freeway and he writes I felt that that was a Smart move on my part. But then the damage to tire was so bad there right where yeah we are replaced the tires a Symbian Sinai agreed. But they're tired are getting to a point where all the tires like block. We can give you any tire Wear your maybe a few months out from yet. So I had to do it all 12100 dollars later I would love to be able to see less far less Schwab less Schwab and get those damn tires for discount that is what the free meat I'm OK with that too. I think and he beat. I don't think do the meat anymore they used to refer Souter was they gave the free meat. They would random alma walker so as opposed blowing out tires sometimes I blow out holes in the crotch and up I did you every sort of I literally just took a pair of jeans to manage. Taylor today and taking you patch this up and learn about these other two breakers. So we know we're all make you moves out here who are struggling. This is time of the year transportation weathered jeans tires you know you never know when you're gonna have a blowout. But I was very nice thousand I'd update by sometime because it happens all the time. My case and make you feel better yeah I got powerful spies brother are. I Tony forest pipelines and between my legs yeah I do as the birth of Eisner's the when Eliot arteries and blood pumping and our brand fog city I this time around that I selfishly I decide to get this to get me inspired alive today. I don't know if you're listening this morning I'm BJ migs. You are boss I think it's because you use on the beach is on the men's room I depose the side or pulled me aside today Obama alive day and don't. Efforts like look good by dress up for the part you know are you serious. Because you guys. Wears suits that I I'll try to convince my crew we don't have to Wear suits this year well I think that they maybe you guys set the standard so why I took that as OK we need to dress up. I decided that you can blame austere. Thrill yeah I saw drills gets considerably thrill while I'm all in favor if you guys if you wanna proposes to your crew received their import is welcome that they could be hilarious if it's just a complete station in recent. I decide you know is what's this dress up dress up we will and we're dressing up as Fred Durst from a biscuit. That's close my idea was that we have to Wear suits somewhere in a velour suit sweat suits Assad still. Yes and we're gonna do all all of us are gonna Wear you really did your service traders are part of this morning on the show I say hey what do you guys think they're called once this address up. I'm thinking we Childress of a spread it from limp biscuit I know it's random but I've always wanted to do it I think you before you have a whole crew must stress this president we're getting live disc you're right now you know. Yeah golf. Nice. Oh yeah I was like could just get less brilliant red ball caps when Dana White tees or the ten K I don't go to deep and you see this. And we do and it all. And number five day while I'm. I it's a mega family. We've played this could. I think I think at this point it's ironic we cool. And if it got so. Get out it was a great CD even results may very like I want to like their records. Tavis our mission hot dog flavored water might be my favorite from you I. I just remember this CD. Like Meredith CD player yet for the big game. Yeah she's playing your car heist of Blair saw how do such a they've been in the so Perez I'm last month risk estimate I have no problem saying I still likely biscuit. I was like they ended the CD don't concede the candidacy veto and this CD right when it was late but like balls made of steel. But don't kick me in the nuts though. My favorite so is the intrude too Roland. All right partner you embrace. So that was fun song to. Just one. I had a brace on her blog. I was looking at a dinner at the explicit thing I'm like all of this has got to be the radio edit this is definitely got to be the radio edit. Off the worst feeling I. Every time right at a time before you. When it's it's not out clicked in that much that my already not so Rick I hated. On. She is dude I never about your. He hit you mine is too frozen things revenue agency to. What did your freezer. Strokes that's like ten and I do not struggle in cold weather. Don't live and Steve. And return it to you it's better in the cold weather it is. Damn planet and then there are very down and Torres while routine thing takes me. In this day and age of algorithms. Hand your feeds and a lot of social media basically tailored to you showing you which you want to miss it man. I think have brought this up before just check your sources on stuff. Whether or not it's on the Internet mean all teams aren't true all means aren't true. Not doll Yahoo! a lot of papers and suffer slanted one way and I mean even just a sudden your body still. If you you hear people say stuff and it's gonna take it as word military. Orgy that. Now a just and also to sometimes think. Just don't take in all your stuff. But on Twitter I try to follow a lot of you know Fox News and right wing people to be you know you got to take in what's going on all around right to just. Know the information you bring an end sometimes you know you get information overload to just be careful. And I would I would encourage people before you share a story just maybe click on the source of the story and see what their Arab outburst in Syria falls in line. With who you are. And now maybe even quite possibly a parody site that just doesn't seem to know that parity sake should be funny I seemed that a lot. We're and it can be sports Korean policy exports and pol. Politics as to where it happens the most yeah and their right there's like a collision course right now is still bright yet comment. Clip art you know we have time as a quick public service announcement alternate alrighty take a Steve talks all right. Stay EU. Did you do your I idea. An inch or two and I think the best way to do my Steve top. Would be. A Red Hat. And a bone and go and maybe. You know what time and adversity talk. Thank Fred appreciate that partner can look at Alfred always looking out for me. Road rage brewing JH I dead it. Lot of people get angry on the road I'm guilty of it too I quite often tell people that they are the C word that's my favorite time. To use that word coming our rice out the windows are up. I don't care the gender you are Siewert if you cut me off. This is what I do I'm not a got to have somebody off not that got its gonna then tailgate you and then trying to cut you off and that the people I would like to talk to. The idiots out there that think it's fine. And forget that there are other cars on the road when they're having their road rage incident. You know those two cars and you know it you've been yeah you witnessed it where one guy cuts the other guy off now the senate becomes the game. And the other guy hurries up the cut the other guy off the Mac guy hurry that the cut the other Arab while they're flipping each other often they're mad Mac. Her I assure you my car go faster to cut you off we'll hey ash. They yell practice. Don't forget there are other cars around. For instance over the weekend I'm trying to go to church the last thing I like to do is dial my way to church. I mean it's if I'm going to die I guess that's the way to go because you know maybe now help me in my quest to go to had a but I do not need you putting me maybe big maybe partner. I do not need you cutting me off city you can get to the other car to cut him off because now you've made me mad. And now I wanna flip you off but I'm not getting involved and it you go to church right I'm going to church Jesus doesn't need that kind of energy in his house now. Just I don't care what you gotta do for each other off and call of the day and game move on your merry way. Well new windows and yell mean things to each other and going your merry way stopped doing that whole game cutting people up your. Because these guys are 82 putting other people's lives on the line and I think that sold it stupid. I don't care if you bought the senator wrote him punch each other repeatedly in the face of fact I encourage you both morons. Please knock off the road rage that's all ya that's fair bothers me. You know even Jesus de Manning had camel rage today yup classic everybody knew it. We'll be back. She's a serious. You another guy. Let's maybe I'm. Never married show up when you're done mending three G and forget and start to. Don't deserve it. On America right it's time did take back America by making sure those ungrateful kid robbers. Your house next Halloween and introducing young guns and vegetables disguised as your favorite candy. Little Johnny thinks he's getting Hershey bar in little does he know that he gives him 100% of the recommended daily allowance of pizza. Little Susie just got a Snickers bar a little does she know that it's made of 101. NS Derek yeah. And imagine the fun of opening up but big bag of Eminem's only did discover that their kids including fees. Scientists at Halliburton had heard that did a process of taking perfectly good fresh vegetables and making them look just like your favorite candy. You can't tell the difference in certain bite into it. This guy's desk and Andy's rebelling and I wanted trigger or triggers since 1960. You dream. I'm resist doing and I love the way they had any. And then it comes to. And wanted to be here. I live day. Com or if you're planning on going you might wanna budget VIP pass. Because what we're doing it when I got halftime thing. And in between. Odd BJ may exit and the men's room there's going to be a a nice window of time. Downtime well for people that buy the premium tickets they get to hang out still with us in that room while the rest if you want to like kind of be told Nagle gamble go we eat whatever may be you can come back a little bit before 2 o'clock for the men's room. Not only will there be a Q and a's with different like our show when your show rock girl fashion show but also allied podcast that podcast is the mega cat just serve. So you wanna come hang out and be apart of a taping of the mega cast live at live day and we plan on incorporating people who show us a mega family get those tickets Yemen has Ted given what a great idea and that is. A live version of should we be test yes there's that surely be met tonight imagine I be mad at the end of this close enough I had I knew the statement we don't want any fancy intro forward so it's okay we yell whatever we want until we come up with a fancy internal chip idea that data received be mad that I give her the name of the if segment I think I should be you don't get signed I am who clearly. I should I be mad at that Dowd wrote majors I feel like I should be be mad but maybe people the audience will be like now so. Possibly ten and Iowa have instances of why we should be mad and asking you if if we're right or wrong. Or even better. If anyone that's coming. In US and the let's get under your skin keep it in that back pocket. In show up to a live date and will put John micron will put on our podcasts and we'll leave it up to the audiences decide whether or not you should be met. Yes it keep in mind these are things that you have to be questionable she reading that right don't pop up there and go hey my buddy. Some of my girlfriend and of course she should be mad rush. That's too serious for the segment unless you're girlfriend's also your sister that it should be weird who. They're not timbers fans can. My whole whole whole all all look at that they're taking shots at our friends imports come. How do. So looking forward to that dude I don't know what we don't do. But you know we and China incorporated much as possible Mabel pre some of the bands that are around the musicians and you'll get the put one spot to do like a campfire session. Could be very loose it's going to be very fun to be a great time. Like the normal strict mega cast now now. You know we're very well oiled machine here as a mega cast studios. Bruins. Have to as a Mercedes well what do what do I wanna do what he wanted to go there hey militias are the timers who would stay on time. I shot it down to about a guy now I just like your now alarm me I know it's almost like our producer telling us Iraq cannot. Our record upbeat he's racked it up there that don't Chappelle show almighty god wrap Yeltsin and I believe. This action via com you and your another voice from in my home. Got a we're all right gives you your mom have a slight disagreement yes all right our and a Silas was adamant makes what should just set the standards the states. Since my mom and my dad have both retired my momma retired from my dad I my dad retired and I don't my mom is picked up drinking because of back. Yeah they're together all the time and I like she's in bad shape we need to have an intervention but like. What are two drinks gets my mom a little bit more chatty insecurity that you read my mob fury chatty lady right she's gets extra chatty soul a fifteen minute conversation I'm mom. Which is what we we usually have now becomes about forty minutes I and I know she's calling anymore which is not complaining about I don't think yeah it's just sometimes. I never know I'm waking them up or not so when she calls I'm always pumped there's a Mike wolf Barack. Could talk is it that night. And this diplomatic every few days which has been really really cool she co you like in the morning I know usually around like 5 or 6 o'clock at night. OK so is perfect timing and wait for city come home from work yet so my mom and I have myself on chat because I am the Angel hasn't learned movement and and my wife does not need to hear this apartment. It's true it is yeah everybody knows Steve and everyone's you'll play deep down you what does she knows she's she's she's blast to be with this Angel yet. Meanwhile do you think question blessed chipped it in little things that didn't agree so it is yet this is trying to win when you back your mom calls more Bocachica grapes -- in the house as anyone's following our Twitter at the mega cash she saw that after all that conversation I never brought it up to her. But tonight obviously have a mutual love for grape soda a year and my wife so associate big and I'd Z via. I like is if their regular diet cola is and it's okay yeah yeah it's a good enough you know since we don't want a costly drink. Diet Coke she's trying to finite healthier in the besides water of course cherry lime the cross. That was really good yet but. That the group peer CVS is incredible all right the black cherry brew beer incredible. And the greed is phenomenal it's not super creepy it's just enough. But it's it's great so she doesn't listen how does she know about the great so she knows I like great sewed up our butt out of the blue it's just showed up in only all my gosh it's like as it's maybe she is listening. Yeah he's on to us navy. And so I of course text tenement white the year for other great soda it's a simple thing so it was a good person I thought I got up early Saturday out. So anyways. My mom left me a voicemail and apparently my mom and my my best friend Ted have issues with each other. Searing. I see it is really you know I I. Now as she always has to do that because it's just the world we live in when I see my mom calling I assume the worst. I sold my mom calls its fine if my mom calls twice. Anybody in my family calls twice or somewhere like. All right you suck and an end pentium like super bomber town to my dad's been battling a little bit health issues are and it sounds like he's on the upswing but it still. Two point where I think that's also a little bit while my mom's calling Maureen in fact she even said hey I'm. I know don't I don't want my husband or Billy hearing but like me knew hopefully you come home sometime soon I don't want to think of them doing it out of fear by you now yet being in a younger and of course you know I mean they have plans come and visit me sometime in the near future but. I hit that that was hard I was last night in nineteen awestruck respect but I can tell us start to cry a little bit I guess there's like. I got sick and everything about. Life without parents you know I mean an end. They're relatively healthy I mean as healthy is a seventy something year old could be but apparently make that a little bit about health scare and he's doing batter so I think that's why she said everything's okay but right. Also I never know. If my mom's telling the truth or not it I mean sometimes it's just they did didn't tell me my uncle passed like four weeks after until after he passed through your freedom how I would handle it make a human being and an adult I could handle it okay. Please let me know yet calculated d.s than ever contacted my cousins Sam sorry to hear about your you pops yeah that was a weird moment but. So bad and the best part of watching you semi can appoint city everything's everything resigned this month as is mob you know times of Jack Daniels one to call you knew your voice now. I can't do you think you believe that. They Annenberg ADV in the World Series. She's vol I brought up that autumn but you're right about Susie tell about the Dodgers. Aren't. CR the Dodgers fans acute to Steve Garvey was on the Dodgers. All right I wouldn't I assume was you're from Brooklyn or maybe your marriage is never gave up on the old favorites like we're sticking with them they elected like the sixties built pellet that we're sticker you know my grandma peace throughout the good his love for the Dodgers became a yankees fan I always like the Yankees but my favorite team Medicaid. With the Los Angeles Dodgers because Steve Garvey was on the team might like Steve Garvey so much because name is Steve anybody well yeah that's right no different and why like the Seahawks Steve margins it's it's there yeah it was just very adding to open a sports family. So I had to pick my teams based on if the star player was named Steve I was in it but I was a kid Washington was good and their best running back was to lease it. It's ought I have a cousin named Timmy Smith I mean it was it was perfect for us that is that would see you understand what I'm talking about yeah I mean activities at the running back with black Michael's intends obviously white but you know we still. We still identified with a it's all the same it's any different yeah somewhere down the line. Mean those roots are are somehow relate. That plane wearing that doesn't it's not enough and and. I want real quick. So my mom is also retired it in her seventies yet for whatever reason make sure Texan about Maryland games. But the the last two weeks she just really tax me about. The World Series. Like baseball. My mom called me yesterday to make sure to find out what channel the World Series was not like I wanna poll what do for a quick for. Three. Aaron in their mom's cell last night 601 PM one to one top of the fourth let's develop players is still swept their heads off. So what is it with our moms being retired and all of a sudden coming baseball fans I think you know I think it's because we have the time in their generation which is so baseball America's pastime yeah yeah I just it's just funny I mean a vote Monique. I don't Acura last time I told my mom how jacked it was for baseball that's a base and I still watched race over just where she set me up to its at all and all the World Series. I'll be honest I had no intentions of watching the roads here's a they you know I've been so I ended up watching the World Series because I knew my mom was watching is almost like a dollar goes hang out my mom. Watching the World Series called. Half hour we for the game to find out and chat into tummies yet a couple drinks Jack. Maybe it's the Jack I don't know but all Assange is a big baseball fan again yeah are just funny. There are could tell you I thought I imagine the end able about how was so little the American. Jimmy Kimmel show. I just like I don't even know who this guy did this on the series a little silly camels out. Oh man look this same age and we reminisced during an iron opponent well. When we ordered they did Leo I'm. Relaxed Kimmel because he was in Brooklyn that week. Good question yeah I don't know how kind of ironic I don't know how she ended up watching Jimmy Kimmel. This is probably big news that he's doing a show for Brooklyn and it's probably also saw Howard Stern resigned yes you know I was kind of like she. By default like Howard Stern not because it is contents because her son was obsessive hop artists asked stern yet growing up as a kid I mean I would leave my house are weak up at 6 AM to listen to the show you know I had to wake up it's like seven something. Listen until I had to get ready for school put a tape. In a tape recorder record in that how we get to 120 minute the longer tapes yea and I purposely. Commitment parents to buy me a recorder that would flipped it. When and what I was gone and automatically keep recording on the other side so I get two more hours of Howard Stern nice when I leave for school and I come home. Hurry up the finish homework a moment let me listen until I finish homework. And that my headphones on and just sit around and listen Howard Stern. Slight obsession little bit to attack. There's a lot of friends Ted. Argument then. From. I was here and they're trying netware and I was sitting in the corner and told Chris is a little bigger around. And he downloaded underwear on relay after and. They'll be giving you an update and I don't we talk about you wouldn't know he's some kind of funny thing. I love you we know we can give me a call but at least. That was the call right we gotta get we disagree Digisette Howard Stern is odd yeah actually I consider as you look young. My friend Chris back in day we were both younger kids he had long hair my grandma bought it was my girlfriend and values she was such a sweet girl. Real hard later on when my friend came down insisted his underwear apparently I don't remember that part to tell it was a man hears all bad. Or is it on the top on now would be weird for growth came down no underwear with no top on me about what goes on year. I proposed until we are now man right now yeah Howard Stern going on Jimmy Kimmel all this. Whoever it is just you know I have a god I love it. You sat even at 36 I do and how to. Lake. We at out of you know you just put the in front of something in them god dammit I can't believe I just said that my wife give our time though it's in the FaceBook and Twitter. Yeah the TV. Now my Goosen who would you don't know I don't watch some TV particularly to you could just say I'm watching TV. I the one that gets me all the time as I still call an icebox. Do you really sticky ice box milieu don't I do yeah rob in the days of the icebox. I don't know would Jack seeing. Your bright but it just isn't that a nice but I guess technically two refrigerator. A refrigerator pitchers of beer out of the icebox. Punk kind of wanna give you an ice box from like your birthday. Oh please don't wish we had one in our home for years did you really yes you read you grew up with the national ice box OK we never used it even just getting antique. You know like the tops we don't put the cubes or buy them at the big heavy door wow so my mom I love this thing I December took up so much space which you might never get rid of it. Wow yet it was that we had a wicker chair she low open in that crate Natal are crepe myrtle tree on the front you know what that is. Think the trees they the real pushing the summertime only bloom in the trying to hang over all can have a pink in it and stuff. Basically my father hated my mother loved it then and it's obviously split up each date somebody that just basically topic. It's a mile I had broken my last girlfriend change all the locks on doors in the house yeah so you can never come back in right take that punctuated her. Yeah I thought I would punctuated Iran yen or euros the year number one played the first relationship I had it was like. So now the pictures yeah out that was a big one but that doesn't count anymore so the last relationship I had it was like where is officially over it's like. I'm friends yeah see. And block. Yeah I don't know how do what you find that find me on social media. Do you know it's funny I've never done the block thing on FaceBook then I had people at fedex's do it to me and I'm like what's life. Right yeah they just all of a sudden it was like we have a test had a mutual friends play but I think it's obviously. I I don't get it but yeah. I really know what they afraid that you're gonna stock them like don't give yourself Obama's credit they've. Yeah exactly. There's fun here actually if anyone wants email us in our email address is your station oratory does act. The mega cast. What was your punctuated her when you brought us a call to be kind of fun to read what other people we like that when that relationship ended so. Yours was infringing somebody abiding yeah changing the locks down there's like there's something that you do they signifies over right right every for a produce totals are wrapping up in the site. It's just tyrant. I I love hearing those guys refrigerator pops. Generated a jury all may I mean even from immediately wet it down quick brought there was nothing better remember I changed the locks. And then I get the text did you change the box while I work she came body she's come by get some things even though she told me Sherry got it like I made a point. You have everything right regular rest. I just you're not welcome in this house anymore like I just point this to be very clear you can't just come in. I'd does Leo we rented by attacks and she laughed just because I work in all dynamic. We're good right into a yes they are trying to be cool about about like. I don't wanna risk. I don't know you never know you have to you never there's only. Right now we're gonna get into it Shirley to changes locks so I change the mall which is great cause I I I had a bow our locksmith come in come by. He showed up turn I don't listen are you think hey wait a you Stephen my gap and it's always going items. I did see him being my last Karl that you know what I'll just charge for one I wanted for the rest of the keys nice house they tc me like it's. Over under box yeah it was awesome so yet nothing better. Then getting that text did you James lots yes I told you were not welcome in his home why would you know that I changed the locks. Yeah that's my other big thing to you by break I was late were done. Not really break ups that's like not an insult that's like the ultimate thing like when I say like that person is not welcome Michael. To me that's late. We're we're. Yeah it's you're dead to me yeah I wish you nothing but the past I don't want which oh well I don't want harm done to you or anything along those lines only to be miserable. When you be happy going to go why do I life right yeah there's the dreaded this exactly. You can still live I'm giving you permission this kiss the ring of hot yeah. So tell us what you're unsure leader is when you broke up on I don't know exactly what you did at the mega cancers email one of us and we didn't and it and sad about. Those are the next episode will make his blessing quick break when we get back. We could talk more about the Howard Stern stuff that no we didn't get too but also you mentioned Allah you love annual with the last name Smith oh yes. I did you know that somebody with your name. Save somebody's life. Now a celebrity Smith in no way am shocked though right sort of mega caskets back. Talk about how. Take an Stevie in minutes a day today and it's got to. I have no idea what the hell that means none of them and then it comes will be back and Moscow. Even. Okay. When you're a kid you couldn't wait for Halloween it wasn't just candy it was the one night you could be that may. I Wonder Woman or Superman. Now that you're an adult your kids can enjoy Halloween just as much did. Hey well they would if their costumes weren't so lane. On what used most of me what this Halloween if you go zone pigeons dinner and emotion or worse yet you tumor Jacob sartorial us. Don't worry parents now there's help I get more candy dot com the site didn't convince your kids to toss that lame costume Turkoglu. Get more candy dot com is loaded with data which demonstrates that a cool customer and results and hired kid. Yields on Halloween. For instance even a simple. The ghost costume consisting of an old cheap two line holds results in a 33% higher Candela for your kids and if he or she went disapproval Moochie. Which by the way it was so last year. Get more candy dot com because Halloween was never supposed to be lame. He. If I was just thinking out loud I would say and take in Stephens. Mad love hate eyes and then it. I don't we listen. So I'm looking at you right now test. I was sorry. I did and the man yeah. You know I mean like I met him and I didn't like this at all. Zain thanks Jim you're looking much better day do I. A big challenge we. Any of ideas listening at this somebody's eye contact when your friends in the car which unfair if you don't mind. We follow this and we right where we are okay and you lose to romance it's just based. So right it just doesn't count but I cannot rule of law locker rooms with you stay up late right. I was just laugh in this morning and thank you so. For for Halloween mile for each you know. Our dressing up as. At my idea dirty south rappers. The chains and elaborate a boom or if I have for actual horse let's do that I've yet to where I can't wait to Wear Saturday right I'm so proud to see pictures of all we have gold chains he's got a JI edits he calmly composed have grills right so my mom absolutely no idea I thought this team like. Think teen years ago well I'm still has that she sees like a million pound the chain of whatever. So this morning I'm joking around I got the chain are hard and it Hampshire lists that I remember years ago on the bus. Remember it was like it's somebody good volleys and it is like take off my shirt I had it figured I'd just like art in. Oddly that is such a puppy if they like outside of late meet you at a couple the donkeys like that would mean nothing many. No but it was great Holliman Kelli for that that that weekend the classic all the classic. Rick Ross do us all mad as I mentioned speed definitely redeeming purple average and he is the jam yeah can we defend Allen again. I'll escrow X yeah yeah. WWE former W restart I thought he was their friend half a second is possibly you start member of the British bulldogs used an invention known as the principal watt dog. And that's our Davey boy Smith his son Harry who also memory of my Davey boy Smith junior are noted that we do you refer minute. Things and work out he I'll let go and he's been killing him on the independent seat back I just recently here for a defy wrestling. We had our defied gigantic in Tacoma and also in Seattle kill it. In and in the rain who's very entertaining he's a big huge super nice very funny like Erma I asked him for how do you mean introduce you. He gave his launched bill saying I want one huge views me as the most handsome wrestler and all of the world. He's a modern day James Bond all lines of going mean going I realize always. He's just Brittany yeah right I still did it and you give me this look like accurately he just did a season nice funny guy. Lets us. And Smith lose interest in these also hero. Well. We all are apparently sounded apparently odd the other day he saved the woman from jumping off from abridging committing suicide. All right today's stories knots. He knows quote I see the light today and I'm grateful I was able to do it when driving. In eroding Calgary I saw a girl crying and hanging off the bridge would someone trying to talk to our. I stopped I jumped the barricade I tried talking to a girl. And she was crying and an emotional mass and threatened to jump if I got closer with people on the ground waving at her not to jump I decided to grab a hold of her and not take any chances. She started to slide and I wanted to go more at it and wanted to go more as I grow and grabbed a hold her. Luckily my years of grappling in self defense and you got to grab her heart and not a ploy doesn't do its assault on the ground and art that's right. And how to pull her up from hanging in jumping she wasn't exactly small either which that line. Pissed off the Internet community. All OJ did seems a little unnecessary I thought I know always try to tell stories like me this is tough but I such yen like. I just he's a pitcher like a fireman be like yeah we savior one small either let a big girl. I know I read that's my legs whole people are gonna focus on that and not the heroic thing that you just dead and of course you checked the FaceBook comments and a lot of people are like you're an amazing person probable block and then of course there's some people out there are just like I can't believe you would say it was not a sigh she is in and also I can't read you posted a picture in our faces scene and it. And the picture is from the distance you can't tell what she looks like yeah. All right so. She wasn't exactly small either. I need to grab her clothing because she would have ripped through it when I yanked her off the bridge that's another thing about Michigan that yanking. Yeah and that makes more Santee Sany couldn't grab her clothing because she wasn't smoked. Right they did to set that set the tone of the story. I established the mount position as you do are grappling and I did not letter budge justice said that she had a gun to. She's she was crying and says she just wanted to hug but as much a one a hug her I told her I couldn't hug her because she said she had a gun. And then she squirm and demanded I get off of her I told her miss you not going to move unless I want you to I'm an expert crappy park and your stock bonus to me. We will get you help life as a precious thing and I'm here to help you and I held her until the police came in the police thanked me for my help. And they sit I really believe if I wasn't there and able to grab her she would have jumped. And they confirmed at duke please confirm how everything unfolded in and the stories onto the centro. Which is crazy. The reason why when you have. I'm just being a horrible person it's like if he's in full amount she needs to shrimping get out there and here's the that's a he's in full mount and I don't have a color picture it but. Take a look at what Davey boy Smith is wearing. Oh my god her pajamas what we know once. He. A blue one Z. That is so intense you right I mean I know you told me it was a full amount but honestly any amount is that in same. Thank you have here Michelle Obama an extra grip up Flickr. Please I am not let him go view hero of the day that's such a guy that's wrestled a high level only simulate that would be like yeah I'm an expert Graham cracker like. Did you regret app where outside of my level an expert Graham Harrell not let you go yeah I shot and attacks and and I haven't heard back from his arms openly we get one podcast to talk about the whole thing good about be really really funny. But I would imagine he's being blown up left and right about this story is all over the Internet. So I Smith have the story kind of like this of course you do yes also miss our heroes. In the first six months I lived here okay I'm walking up born in a cross is I five men and there's a lady are you wearing a once it. I was not following them not to Smith but I was very depressed okay very homesick. I hadn't had a delicious chicken wings I thought met the standards of east go to CNN. As I understand what you're saying there's some walking around them on a ball and plaster and I didn't hit it. Who do you cook you. You that would just. You Erica I guess it's only in the Maryland lake yet no cluck you chicken man. He plays that are named him on a poll. Any green turtle. In any of those places Obey chicken wings and get way ahead of my thought OK sorry it's a depressed the walk and home. There's this lady she Joseph let her boyfriend he walks away and she's like I'm gonna jump over the bridge. Was over the real step now that Smith was a lot more proactive I call the cops. Until I saw the console up I walked away. Turn our back cop also last name Smith sort of roundabout way you word hero sale could use it right. I mean. She Brian do you like what are you doing and I can't be he said you know I had who he's an expert graph where I'm an expert grab where you're like I'm an expert dialer. I thought I'd animate these so I don't call 911 battered and most yeah. I'd be doing in my whole life I was born into a toll the second time I've called nine on what. I don't think I've ever called 911 trying to think really know I've never called I called the cops. But not there was never like urgent side I'll go like that non emergency line right. Yeah I've done that before the I've never called 911 called I grew a lot of sirens that any other reason. Years ago I was driving back do you like. Chandra what area and is in Maryland anyhow it's got again no. No I cannot stoplight. And there's just a dude walking Carter car like banging on the windows. And like demanding fights. But it was weird this is right on the PG county Montgomery coming fine. So I called 911 their like. I know your recovery counting those we know you're MPG now they look band but this guys either gonna get killed or easily kill supply brake and can we stop arguing over where we are right like I get it I'm right on the line delight I'm also by ticked off liquor or something like -- o'clock o'clock you republic. The pros clock you're on the court. It turns out that person the miles Montgomery. Another that. I. Other mat that got. Advisors says it can't figure out those honey. But it. Honey barbecue cook cookie right now I know I've never been there yeah I know I'm just thinking about it I'd be a lot about our Buffalo Wild Wings we need to have a buffalo we do me and I can't properly Knight yeah. And probably two weeks maybe. I have wings forever that's Amanda I was obviously I was about the Senator Edwards affair of the wave and I just eat some in Dallas two weeks ago. Gosh I miss the days of when I would. Leave the rink at the old Palmer rank I would have to take canyon road in answering by canyon pizza which is a gas station did show I really Charlotte Allen. And not only did it delicious chicken I mean delicious pizza but doesn't delicious chicken wings there yet so sometimes he'll if I felt like I extra sweated we get some chicken wings and there's nothing weirder and trying to drive eating chicken wings but I did it. Do so here's your problem right exactly sure what problems your wife and a lot of problems I don't think she want peace in the freezer once a while Lily I'll just pilot. That Tyson's yeah. Just cut it you cook it long enough in the oven make it crispy stuff I'm not to say I never enjoy a chicken wings at home on a seventy prior correct so you gotta like basically I don't oral. Now don't oil that a good way too fast put put him in there and like you it's just go to for twenty minutes go to like twenty fought a guy you mean by like there's some places. In town like basically chicken wings and had a another page comic basically burned me out you want me to burn a Mike. Run up to your other like two or three times do you make of Krispy yeah yet this is nothing worse than. To eastern neat skin right right it's flake that chicken wing is not like the high end part of the chicken it should be Chris. Right into the sauce should almost be kind of burnt into. That's why you love the old bay links and crispy drive around you know we all final drive Ira bet none of pepper well you know what let's go to that you claim it. Just close sick to know right in the this is I don't feel pretty pretty much all the way our producer sign has a rapid up. And you don't look good now you look terrible eight it looks like chicken would be the only remedy to what you're dealing. Yeah outright need a wing in the between two last year. A 100% I think that's the best way to impact you know what I think we got to listen to the words of our wisdom from our friend all right. Keep the home grown and maybe. You know what and it. John I think content from this point. Really beautiful way to homeowners. I think there's a clean version. You know I don't know. I guess we'll find out. I and I. It's. You had this summer rock. I think if the wind or if it's your fifth game. Know my day and get your Red Hat out putted backwards. Why they didn't like team. So until my day. November oh. Sixteen I think November's sixty camera crew mussina just right so they'll not get a W dot com I get the VIP package that way you can email us. We know he had these dental work. Very men's penises yeah. It's like I said. Any longer fly. I'm familiar fast. On Twitter.