MegaCast 11/08/17 "Dance"

Wednesday, November 8th

This week Ted and Steve chat about a troll that is annoying both The Mens Room and BJ & Migs! After we get that out of the way, we have a very inspiring Ted Talk...and chat about "The Nature Boy" 30 For 30 about Ric Flair.

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Yeah let me talk. I don't know how fake Steve yeah I guess only time. It's addresses. For renewable plot gases by Michael peck at present. Thank goodness crappy podcasters and Alex one microphone make one right in the middle of permanently. And that this whole thing. And he's been real fun we dual odd yet at which. An average annual damning to. Why I want all of our microphone but I'd rather go to crappy microphones there one. The or whatever groupings or call now but I think it's everything it's it's unidirectional. It's about ticket today. It's picking up access night. Around it sounds like yep we edit doc you're here. And. Like that would just like called out other my dad like we've declared war on. Nobody podcasts. You get exactly these guys they're like no one go from the biggest budget numbers you don't know what's best equipment supplies but you don't matter business. You bring your nice quality microphone. We have to tiger prawns that a multi million dollar radio conglomerate to provided for us you can socket. Seconds that's good solid Saturday new out there on that off brand mega crash and maybe that's nonsense. And and he joined a mega crab shell for a I think it. Do you crap idea I check yours out I make a crap. I doubt. I listen for a couple minutes Elijah term audio quality working with only one microphone in three guests yeah I opted not to keep listening to about that Billy Kidd. Time to hear about his job Monty make a commitment is podcasts. Boy always you can't make him because he's got to pay the bills got three kids and NY that's nagging him for a nice new parts yeah Andy likes these kids are daily we get a real good so cool break contact La Hoya also Margaret Berger oil revenue I want microphone. And and four voices. What the hell out of the couple. Your original mix turtle that's back legs like miserable KI SW today and it's all because of one listener. One lead America has effectively annoyed both. The men's room yesterday. Correct and Vijay migs this morning because the guy I was so mad. Yeah I love the mentality of patrol so apparently this guy calls into the mantra yes yesterday yes OK I wish we had audio of all. Dude apparently he was there was that one of the worst phone calls I mean how was wanna go grab my Craig how often just like did you see audio right do you remember what our happen then. I can try and track it down. It would are right so going into the lake 312 break. OK I hate to three in the afternoon right we had a guy that was annoying her age and he kept an almost authority to avoid men and and full disclosure. I just what do us a couple weeks ago at a party okay. Now I don't know of anybody's ever met this guy he takes different shapes and forms he does but I column and then guy oh boy right so it's a one run on sentence and then. And this have a level and then right into it keeps so we had a Kyle he's got a little always a long story short but it's way too late brightly blooming this happened to me at a party were due finally ideas what a man might eat you gotta stay here like I can't take this anymore right when it hit so. We had a got a call in and we had to keep him over the break. There's a satellite his story was gonna keep ending. And they never did right okay so then this troll guy calls in yes right after the long when the guy in starts doing the same thing. Lake every specific detail and the story didn't make a ton cents right. So. Finally I mean Steve like looks at one point late miles is they do you got to hurry up like come on write any says something and and then I sits up there and he goes. Wait I'm not finish my story yet I don't know and I out how the market for Briscoe. I know. As they are. I'll end on a diet low murdered. If I got the orange well this guy out you know it is like on the side of the page. It play golf twisted. I don't think that is now now guys doubly bad guys on the he's got energy yet it was gonna get a good reaction from Terrelle. Our eyes to see movement actually cares a few people care about a few things and a local unit where literally Barack has they have closed and they want. Orange County weekly out bad. You know back in the day look at the back page of that comprises strippers or what our results after this guy Al guys. A man hey I now and we've done all we had to put him on the breakup Qaeda I was up at a giant Samoan dude who's also back. And hitting my friends this guy's got rid of the sentiment and run and on the call now he was your first got along really got out there isn't a few bad guys are really forever to test scenario that I had receptive he is being cool about it and and they're cops came this is one resident nighthawk you can launch. Like rear Echelon project dressed. Show us heads and I have a weird story out in Bellevue. I lived and worked there on an IQT shirt sleeves and do the whole caught it's easier got a five minutes. OK but that's a guy that's the Dallas Texas this guy. Apparently you guys give up on do you know how long he goes on for you if you are on trial against the same you know we're still hate America and unarmed. A good thing your future is she shed that and like I would like or encourage you know like I admired king immigrant economics work. Many and I always knew I follow and more minutes and usually it's seven months in jail or they can they teach you when you had to get like prison nearby like six minutes and. No I gave Kirk that they've held meanwhile they were doing court session like wow I guess she's reached. I'm lack allies. The news what they do see my business right dashboard that hey you know I mean like did fail. I became a guy. Why are mad at me I'm happy I hate to end and you know world including NATO earlier he had. It dude you're charging that now and end you know all ended up there I guess I. I don't know the monster came out. Unless some color out by the month. I think I know why she put him in jail. And I'm miles making fun I think I know why if you put him did I just largesse which you would understand what in the Dexter and thank you. I don't not gonna I don't I don't know that'll last like Arnold from angry animal farm I am really I hear you you I think we're closer and hey I don't listen to the call right yeah so the techs are going crazy everything up finally what is going on at the monster you him. Right so then I run the engine Twitter so him. A message comes in its lake. Like oh hey look I was the guy was tell the story about five Tony and for a five and you guys hung up on me you are you come down there and FO US. Yeah. Right gay slur. Easy complete. On her home folk right the right which probably means he's gay. So who. Rates and he started with that and I must say man I cannot administrate. So I'm pretty quick to like everybody else does he politely we should mute on this is that how much. Block off come right yet another one comes in right well this is his second Twitter account right. And then he also had a FaceBook page and got a young multiple faced a break with any key breeze tweeting from the original Twitter so wasn't Tony junior really attractive to figure out there all bit. Right and he's got and one of his Twitter page yes 161000 followers yet but any tween he puts out you get zero response. So then you look you realize. All of his followers are like from different countries that have words that are even words that are blocked they're robots he bought 161000. Followers. Which anyone with half of a brain if you see that you're constantly posting tweets and they're getting zero reaction or tread. The attraction from you're tens of thousands of followers. That means they're not real yet know exactly. So any rights of any sort of hit us up on FaceBook and this and that it's like. But given the day it's late come down. Your batted telling stories. Right like I'm in unison here and I mean I can make my own guesses about what I think about this person but like. I'll put LSI these children do better telling stories OK but I think he'd like to poorer and a radio show what we've got to get to the point it be like you Steve that brought out. For some WB heat king and make as Steve says that can rest a little bit then halfway through it's like I Steve Blake take the fall let's move right right to Ben's mind. And it did that mean that we have a lot what I always I was home gets gong the marsh focus like moves aren't you of the monster ribbon gone. Answer the Joseph bug you got me and my clock and it goes awesome Alexa people Wear it as a badge of honor you saw telling a story you got college got eaten by a monster. Which and I context sound very weird it does yeah. Let's try some and right then I guess he went on the attack this morning with you guys and he's all mad you guys and then he senses the tree before Rivera start to show always sets up by eight. Timing I'm gay I just randomly get a picture is that why you would not the most gears in that don't like I am I supposed to be insulted by that I don't really Democrat but your opinion. Our board ever and I input to a two to get that this is the same got its controlling me on FaceBook for I brought him up. Randomly on the mega castle on the other things while this guy constantly comments on BJ may exist FaceBook page. Easy to take him sent me or my mom had so always so dom it's so unfunny. And it's like I don't even. Did you not even creative clearly he's a terrible story teller because now you're gonna put the pieces together which is funny so. He sent us a tweet for Seymour did you look forward to show them I'm glad that. Could -- the men's room they'd be hung up on the new meaning to me or some along those lines norm would be below me and removed DJ he's gonna light can be so then they circled back and forth disputed that I'm not gonna I haven't practiced that all men in my house that I would bombardment puts morals and the leafs. Yeah you know you're not no of course not and even if you did show the map of my day which I doubt you will but if you did I would love for you to come over and because he's also threaten the punch me in the face on FaceBook. I live day as well also miles and I need to stand back to back up often sought. Protect each other because of this guy who's very scary. Tell bad stories. So he's going off so then I click on his page that's I learned about him being homophobic and just being a making Christians that he's back. Yeah I don't know exactly right you didn't God's followers right everything Bible verses but everything he's talking about is all violence based think oh yeah yeah you're clearly had a son of god. Thank you mean I figured just totally live in the Christian true Christian values threatening. Students and to treat them to Vicky tail me on let's get Steve fired. So I'd like it because under is like music or you think that's so funny what happens when it happens to you sport you won't be laughing then. On the site. Like that one as well to some some money minute. Isn't what goes through your mind. Even if it's some world where Vicki didn't like you lake right you worker shortage like what did you think Vick he's going to be like all right guys listen to this can random dude get Steve fire right right. Oh yeah this this was the final strossen and he since maybe Jim message Steve's disease the worse it carefully he promoted him. I you know why would you would have I have had these talks before it that's that emerald city comic con. And I'm just like oh my gosh an all time he's following me on Twitter. A meanwhile we try our best out of thick skin to we understand that we have a job where it's gonna bring out trolls. But it doesn't mean that on certain days sometimes it does hurt your feelings and I won't can't do this enough we can't respond honestly know so people get to say talk all the yes they want to us the week. Is he worked for Jack company like I can tell you think about you write this taken out of context or even in contact sometimes this is the company realizes it's more headache. To back guys send to tell us gotta go I thought right. Which is is it's infuriating. Right but I wanted to write him back gimmick I hope one day I do get fired so that way I can tell you exactly what I think of you homophobic piece of crap. Right when that I was using both afterwards on us someone to be like just scare those suck it. For pet. OK is your projection is very loud right you can all you captain tough guy would only gonna come down here and keep my houses that's why on their emotional kick Steve's asked to take. And is a terrible certainly bad guy he would probably stand there and talk about kicking your ass for fifteen or twenty minutes where ever throw a punch he's the guy when you were lined up and you're like okay we're gonna throw fists musical long call mark and he he's backing up I'm like I'm calling on. But I. Putted terrible that goes back to what he has issues with me you apparently did five in order there's an end. I'd miles comes in a Brit gets brought up drill brings it up and now I'm realizing as were all talking. This guy who listens to both of our shows whether he's going to admitted or not he still does. Job right. As it's. Think it doesn't register in his head that none of us like Q Vijay doesn't like Q you know and then after BJ gets annoyed with him he treats its Aaron says recent hook up to that would maybe be duel like me again and it's like. What do we man and then I even see him looking at his tweets on his Twitter page she sees sent a message to Anna Kendrick like hey. Like yours are like yours that make your small and cute on trying to talk to girls like Q what advice do you have for salt Lake -- I can tell you say to a woman like you stood there don't get creeped out by me. Home plate. Holes this guy it's weird man like yeah. That's the thing if you're troll Graham and I know enormously to our podcast is a troll I mean I can get it like me you make and if your listeners ready you're taking a step to listen unless that's weird there don't get is that a lot of trophy right then you're just amassing just like if you're coming here and you hate us and you ran through a process of downloading the podcast streaming at listening to it like that's messed up you knew how. But. I wasn't reading this guy's stuff and I'm just like man. You just. You sat there a sympathetic. Person you're you're you're you're you're holing of people using Bible verses of the to continue you're you're anti gay agenda your writing women ask him how you can be less creepy it's it will read your own tweaks ramps up doing that that's step one. Yeah. This I just I was funny like the guy who has been a knowing the living at the enemy for a couple months now. Clearly has been annoying the living outside of everybody and I didn't know that until. You guys hung up on him. Yet so historic just didn't make sense yeah like oh I said some ethnic she charge you with this minute left me and for seven months that's what I was saying on the air like. People commit murders and get bail. You're telling me beating gives you bail for seven months late but just. Email Jim Norton is a talking I was cautiously answer yes get my steps out of the question I've been living and because my Lamar obviously did accusing rushers and I'm. So why don't lose their. This sounds like I just this story just didn't add up and then he gets out of jail and meet there's a twenty teams take down team before he gets home. And then we'll talk to us or in computer wise he writes the rap music all I am ninety guy could fix it here's my phone only do you read his number and price delete delete all the treats the miles you delete those treats to me BJ like Yuri got rid of all those honest summed everything yeah yeah related then it didn't happen. But needs we did the rev like I can help you with this but then he calls our show could you want to talk on the air about how much you hate do you teach you guys and Reza not sorry we're gonna pass on that. Hangs up on the guy treats rat and a few I even offered my services to use for free your show is wave. This eyes. We get him enough times we have I just I do I thought it was funny that's what we walked into that's how we started today today you know we your day and I apologize to you guys made a family just wasted your time talking about a piece of crap but I just. Culprit to get us out there you go back app. Aren't we take a break when we come back watch who start to show up. Our enemy cast returns. This leaves the ultimate happy hour. And then it's tough switch. And the Houston Astros won the World Series and now it seems that people are wearing Astros cats all over America. How is it happening these people are bandwagon notes they jump on a winning team right at the end to make themselves look like a winner is that illegals a few bad it is and now it's easier than ever go to bandwagon dot com to sign up. Every time a sports team wins a major event we'll send you a T shirt and hat. Had from that team along with a cool catch phrase brewing under Guzman main man. Plus we'll send that team. Teams will go directly to your phone screen to make it appear you're already a big fan by knew the rams would win the Super Bowl there's no law against jumping on the team wage or even that day after should be a winner all the time. I didn't bandwagon dot com. The rams were used only as an example and haven't won the Super Bowl please delay from buying their hatch. These guys about stop and at least to me I yeah. But then again I didn't get how much need and then it comes to attend. And common man I'm just as I know I'm. Obama does not exist. No he's he's OK okay. I mean we need I don't know. There's no one can MS guys. I don't mean anything that's on the here. I'm about to say it's shown a few moves. We'll toast Malone on the salsa and Eric towers. And I have no idea who's written. Do you just look delicious laughing. And a good idea what is up. I don't know it's sat there all blood Canada like they opened they use them out on their face because. They've seen dancing and I'm just and I had used the size like yeah I didn't lead to a dance dance for me. The few good. You danced to that post Malone loose a little post load powers knows what's up how are some people. I still think deck I think some insane I powers yeah hope he didn't help your cause right now now and the only other time I talk to over those again. And isn't what's up dude dude would about this all about that's likely are you like that's a hot plate. Greeks are good seats. What it's nobody would show but it's. Is this is how we learned didn't yes. Last I you don't push ups and I assume we got to do our push ups. I'm all Americans now they might walk again I just regularly either at least they have like the studios ball. Like my brackets to the dual mr. Palin gives us I audio yeah. Right and I also never think about that giant into being behind me people were doing this and I'll take a take solitude on the mega cast out page at some point today if I remember. Arms and noses beaches to give people a perspective of how we got window behind. Art school. I while we are presenting to get the heart or from the you know just to get in the right mindset. The heart praising the blood pumping and the bread launch the I sure hope Gary can his friend walked by yen because you know what Ted it is the winter biscuit. OK okay. It's an upgrade. It's brave. And I. I don't. Now we can freely. Thanks a lot. I'm really good good good. Did Robin from the men's room tell you about his religious hatred you can that's coming to town. No way I'm waiting. Whether we get a place loops. Oh the flu song yeah we would move comes back I dude. On the list that's on a ton now I don't even know that song. Also who can you play on then yeah I play. I guess to find it on here I got by. High quality technology writer for enemy. In this that we have our data that first. To put you to do something with the Infiniti it is called fluke. Yet new world sounding Thomas Nusa flute original mix roots movements. I gotta you gotta tell you I mean I'm I'm still trying to load it. It takes a minute now. This is that this is what inspires the growth in the end zone celebration. Yeah. Don't go yeah yeah. Oh boy do. A fair warning. Right. First downs and it's. I'm glad. We are joined the blues fans right now. And the other one that's their big jam which is a song has been very popular with the donkeys remember. It's low lights. You wrote all the mayor Kenneth. It's played music right. And you got the picture while you're listening met Ted and I are dancing and how to present. And this is the other one that I think is a big jam for the Seahawks beat I'm Wilson. You may remember this on our trip to the classic. I mean Texan put a comment that they wouldn't miss on my bro. Last year I depositors who got cancer and he wrote back and thank god damn that's awesome. It hurt yeah. We're one step ahead of non Seahawks. It was so maybe. We hope this. The problem at these techno sound. A lot of eighty M I feel like you're not sure where the B pitcher out there and as we lose. Oh yeah everything and I'll call we were all of values. Records tribal warriors. From the donkeys. Don't game. You didn't really like standing isn't in the locker room for other teams want him YA NB CS every movement has called. Yeah it would be much scarier. Yes. We didn't win a game. Why she did a donkey tied to the. I hope I can buzz Moseley did techno music. Tools the hiring. He takes me. Your phone down. But I couldn't attend are to punctuated her rank religious change that Ted talk. The music get you inspired while Steve. Ted talk this week's about one thing I've trolls did debts. Tell you get out there but this is like Scott tell at a time. Look at my. I didn't get games like James Strickland and Danny Callahan comes Santa Claus I have thought about what I thought. I guess Danny great job and arrange for you and I think that's Danny Callahan doesn't seem to have flown. He's like yeah I do right there is no cover meet your shirt off that's right no cover brother. Shirt off you know she's just coming out and give my dog contest to particular call you. You go ahead you're packed out. Look you can't bring god into the club but you can't bring those guns yeah. I'm not getting weird. What is nights you're like okay we jazz do trying to like lovely wedding dance. Good night to Saturday would absolutely nothing new Yorker who really wait wasted Saturday or Friday and senator it was a waste recovery. I gotta be in decent shape for Saturday we got going on. Our four months wedding off and Friday at the club night fall no at the club night. So they got this song playing. So we've in my heart. So that really you'd have thought. Dad dad. Yourself you. It's fun. And his line. I get free stuff. I forget the sober guy you're making eye contact also I. They're sitting right. We see you get there okay. Look at it. Everybody feels great pain and the fact that we have lost our minds what you do in the I guess they. And strengthen media haven't had fun dad who's had to say good pitch about. You and it was that the deficit will listen to music dancing Kyra. Really talking and I like it hit you that somebody is like on a plane right now listening to this just feel like. What in the world is going good and bad at what is wrong with these two guys. Ted you've got south. Eight the big applause line dance party. Did you catch out of thirty for thirty last night I only saw I I was taking my podcasts I got home and was solid basically I was all the sad part of the. Are you miss all the gangster stuff yeah I missed all the good stuff yeah it's very sad the ending that brought me to tears it's the Ric Flair nature boy. Thirty for thirty and in the arguments it was when he was talking about his son dying and that was heavy breath I literally I turned it on. Maybe eight minutes before the son died Aussie yet that that you need a good power in ten minutes of Ric Flair. It's still a roller coaster of him just being an awful father. At times are closely. His credit at the end of it I. H I kind of in some sick way respect the fact that Blake. He's very honest about like yet wrestling was more important to me yeah and yes even now he's like what I'd like tell you as a father I wasn't so distant memory for being a good wrestler. Yeah even time remains very very contracting even nom at one point I that this is a pretty epic moment on gory the guy that made the apparently they first met each other. Worry did thirty for 34 rom I he Christian Meissner which is one that we've talked about B oh yeah which is an incredible thirty for thirty you know hate personally if these. Join the club had died in the broad Ric Flair on the talking head per for the documentary. And then got to Nome an inquiry carp it was a big wrestling fan in fact amid talk to a mommy's vs the Roman wrestling on Friday or Thursday all and still access to be cool to talk to you. The director about this documentary. So they became close he decided I should do with thirty fraternity or require if anybody has to do with thirty to thirty on it would be campus a guy story. They hit it it's not about wrestling it's just an incredible story about Rick's players like part of pop culture outside of wrestling which is crazy that he is. In the world of sports like. A true icon with football players of basketball players they quote his Promos and all all the time it's insane he's a bigger star now then I think he was when I was a kid. Heating Ric Flair because he was the bad guy. That's fair yeah yes I never liked him growing up for nothing I mean it was the biggest wrestling fans are right like in my twenties is that is Ric Flair guys also. And it's just a woo I still use there elementary right which is a member of first Amir Donna Kelley asked it's cool that they expect ten X Tex now and bullying. You can't go wrong with that now can you kids. He's I was I was sorry. Apps are so DOS. Worries interviewing him what this means I would say the drugs it's your years trying to buy on. And that's salvos. Us cause a one point he does talked Rick about all these stories of brick just being I mean he lived the lifestyle he was supposed to be the Wheeling and dealing styling and profiling guy and he did not only in the ring. But back in those days especially. I mean Al Teddy gas is a great example that they wanted to be a million dollar man he wasn't a million. Millionaire now so did speak Mandel made it a point to keep the reality. To keep it seemed like whatever is happening inside what you watch on TV is true in real life. Ted DB Osce. Hit the jackpot. I've McMahon democratic granted you spend some whatever you want to make you look rich no hit he got on limos he made sure he flew first class all the time. He gave them a credit card just didn't you know you're at a bar and you wanna buy the entire bar round of drinks go ahead. You're the million Darman act like I could you imagine that Dawson yeah. You're just a struggling wrestler you get signed by the Debbie did you either like every got this character one you should be you know BM and basically we patterned. Vincent man made a character that would be him if he was a wrestler is before he was ever trying to wrestle right so it's like I've always that's me I'm the million dollar men make. That's Vince McMahon and so he wanted him to be that character both. On TV and off TV retirees are similar is that while I'm going to be this nature boy I gotta be it both in and outside of the ring. And that included two dying a bunch of checks even know who's married yet ever even ask them about in this is that clip from that up from the thirty for thirty last night. How many women are you thinking. Realistically. 101000 men. Her character will. Not terrible no way I know do but when he he tries to break it down he's having he was having multiple sessions are different women in a day. You have some before after. Still seems crazy it does is say he's their X and I assume it's his ex wife yes she still alive or if she sees gets interviewed in this documentary to ha huh. I just I was doing that in acumen and well why do you think you couldn't be monogamous did you try to be monogamous he just couldn't do that did you ever say to yourself. This is it I am going to be married I'm not gonna cheat. No I didn't have fight to your grocers are what they. I just there's no way. I mean I try to put it just I was miserable. I was visual being faithful it's got to be harsh for her here to this day well I do like how that tells you get her in your documentary and he. Like I asked. That she was shocked that no more more people haven't won in a TARP to her about wreck. That's insane rang I mean it's almost to a level of lake. Me and linked to is could you just cheat on her normal. How he gets it seemed egg zero west given any you can hear is voice I think care I care for one day. Yeah I mean my only question with that stuff is then o's it's just why bother getting Mary. Right. Brightly that's I mean that's the one unless I get knock someone up in these are and in those days is a little bit different I. And the whole idea of being you know maybe is that you youth soccer wedding got a new I just think it's honestly like to be married again. Yeah credit now he's good at that health scary sober now and it's is like someone that the probably. I don't know if he's hit hit this woman's invited saudis pick and then I hope that he's being cool well. It's just selfishness oh right because it's like you did siege but he just like to me it's we just don't get married it's less so what Jeter. When Jeter. Betty thousand colony right there like they were Mary to nobody really care. Righteously lake I don't is secretly and how much say you've got to be monogamous or whatever else the lake. Get married though like he added but I just can't have both and everything. Right right and an end so this other clip which are soon after that story Dennis is just so paints a picture this this is how epic Rick flair wise. So he would definitely sound profiling he yelled you grab bragging about my shoes cost more than your rent or your mortgage or whatever it is. So yeah he had a live the lifestyle to see you sites were flying and explain spending all this money to do this but. Boy he's the rest of the guys as friends the other wrestlers got to reap the benefits so they're in mice planes a private jets with him yet and they should a story this is I believe road warrior animal. Arn Anderson and then staying. Sharing a story about a time that Ric Flair. Because apparently he's the life of the party just left for a second on the plane came back out wearing nothing but a rove and his loafers or socks and had a full on Steffi. And here's the story. Going from Puerto Rico broke boulevard at age have a 47. Who knows the veterans out. He's got nothing ominous alligator shoes dress socks and the road. Now the veteran goes. And he should staying it's out it can't deal with this and you'll know he was completely naked. And he was like really red and have never seen a guy is doing. Its pants pulled down more than Rick flair and boom boom boom boom wrestling was fun for me. It was really legendary greens huge sums don't have this. Mesa Roy who watched that you watch the thirty for thirty years saw the sad part you missed out on there in scenes stories and it's chock fall in scenes stories and even if you not a wrestling fan. It's it's your typical thirty for thirty knots of roller coasters of ups and downs ups and downs and an end fortunately didn't. Could you imagine if he could he just resent that scare he almost died before it is thirty for thirty came out. Yeah we talk about what no doubt have been I don't know if they would have shown. How do you show that dikes debt soon after the guys that they would try to put on the table or the on the back on the chopping block until they can put together another ending to the movie. Yeah I now do you still show data now I mean you don't worry I kind of became close friends with him I also wonder what you wanna show. Yeah I mean that's like always remember never Mickey Mantle. Knew that was it was a sad thing I'm Mickey Mantle right. But when he's about hospital die any does that press conference in trying to don't be like me like I was a scumbag that's pretty much the average player story right there in a nutshell yes. Well look at a time. I know reacting to break I mean I'm afraid we and the shell I don't like he does some good weather over there went over awhile you know what happens. All right Rick flair it's at and just bring up we have. Was that trying to lose and now all the weather. But I was seeing earlier Leslie does the weather I think is because it's colder also other semi podcasts lake. I don't like what could have won out earning less they don't discount it and just got tired is going to chill. I'm the same way man you my wife says I'm having a really like she that's the house later and she's you know my wife she's a creature of routine oh yeah I mean I know exactly went to him at 4 AM on the nose or get a text her when she wakes up. Now 6060. I I we get the text leaving for work. And today and at 614 halftime lead and works moving really slow today. Like yeah I am too and we got a good night's sleep. And no and no reason we were embed relegate fifteen or 838. Sleep around 1230 I mean you know implement different you different hours but relative. And all day today is free to add a while on a meeting and I just wanted to. This stress and that's my wife's sake. Hit a wall while I am at this meeting so boring as soon as the second Texas is like oh what's first at that you actually were driving and hit a wall call all. Look I've had some bad luck recently. Got rear ended by a car comes to my own accident at some point. No I did not run into a wall not this time that this stuff aside now. And your purpose got to get out I did yeah to batter now you look better this is did you meet balls that she gave me. Oh A I would do like a meat ball without the meets you know I meatballs last weekend I bet they had the lead to non now Turkey meatballs was I was closer to yield yeah. Now I mean you're right it was neat. You don't try to relate with yes. I'm just saying hello at me you know when you guys have real Italian meatballs hey I'm joined here our sewer pipe not that. Day or maim or not I don't know I am not the preferred that the conference that's devalued they have gone weird it's like zero diet blooded like I am with the I'm just hundreds at a time bloodshed yea ya that's right known who I give comfort that is. I just dancing. Yeah. You don't want big. What are we 2009. Intel is toast it Jersey surest defense the most dudes were ahead of the curve. Everybody in I don't mean just those dudes I mean all the dudes on the Jersey Shore enough it nobody listens and dance music out now you know you're right they're all bot that it's. Yeah it's the stuff. There's not a lot of wrestler fan friends and they are definitely putting the G in the tee into GTL. That's all my buddies are different DOD empty candy on the gym they can and so funny because if wasn't for wrestling I think they were saluted a gym but it probably when tan as much as they did. You always do on Friday was we deal. Yet about its. Let's bring him back. All right so you find Ted and I knew what will be will be the club which you sure it was rust. Diego Bob that's right. Just for you. I won't get that here of course even know we are enjoying techno and we're dancing and we doing on that stuff let's not forget that this is. Winter is the greater good yeah. I wonder who's gonna walk while we do these things. I thank you. I mean seriously thankfully they've got six or so and that's really what we live life day my day yeah right so may cancel out of third set. Yeah or Friday. Are you do we do a making. Do we do a mega hits next to the regular ones and then without the lies they may have the next week after us. Freeman I haven't talked about differences that could affect. But come alive day yeah man Thursday the sixteenth gonna KI SW dot com get tickets get the premium tickets and you can be part of its people. About your dad. And bring the question could really do worldwide personnel tonight and dad yet still we're going to be met Christina bisexual or if he shows up. Then I don't know why. You've got its. Act. Jordan has this evening's hunt the listener in the days. And then miles pummeled them to a bloody hole. Resonating best ever. While listening to techno. That's what do we do through just don't I don't I got to do assumed I got to prove. Let's spread out and I right people we our jobs we do we do on this product for a podcast the least we do is give him a ten pushups. Oh all. OR. IX. Is. It's not ultimately podcasts like this guy on microphone again. I those boxes Milosevic others lay out wonder. I know right there might eat meat on these well. And it's like prosperity that that. It's basically balls on Twitter at the very best. They are yeah.