MegaCast 11/15/17 "Genetic Freaks"

Wednesday, November 15th

Today's epidode we chat about Jr.'s dead lift fail...another awesome Scott Steiner wrestling promo...and Ted is going to an interesting concert in a couple weeks!

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We got there as I got loose piece and let them try to point out and yeah I'm not that is alien to deal with a lead slip against her ma'am yeah. Loose lips sink ships and then I'm throwing Needham mass. Sprint in Matt's dudes you seem me all the time combat. You have good today and that's very excited. That your real I suspect eight hours. And I'm fed put up the your when he made history doing sitting down. I know recipient shares in the air we never say. Given either listen you know it's funny I can sit my podcast. Weird so you stand for them for the afternoon shall recommend him for the men's room but when it comes to. The podcast people like yeah if you're leading the ship yeah if you because you feel you need to be in the captain's chair. I don't know I think only just started doing it sounds like you know what I wanna sit down and I just want to be a little bit different than might be every day thing I did on the mantra. I got you will be added to the mindset even like Colin Matt would always slapping hands us I don't want a high five he before we start and they are like why doesn't is that so we do on the mend drew like. I don't wanna do that Hillary uses a different thing right and I guess you edit the foot kick things. He helped pull all gets it right do you do anything with MR and it's just them doing money out to about himself so how religion now would which Cobb doing it over Skype that you aired live soak up their five slayer high fives at a price. I now bring power and yet it is not okay we have another person jet how hot and I'm struggling for no lover not really great reason and no sleep last night. Yeah let me say lake got a really long day yesterday actually is and I I slept straight hours it is not enough and so sluggish of that. Can't think when unless I had eight hours sleep right and it sounds ridiculous say that deal that savvy dad too much sleep. I did that's how if I get more than five I feel weird key items and Anna died this week at his home Monday a two hours. I got a mat the ball out. Five and a half hours of sleep so far this week you've got to be kidding yeah you can operate on three and a half hours sleep Pollyanna. Well it's it but then I am cheating because then I go home I did and that helps. Yeah. Yeah by Tom I get home until a traffic exact count the mustache over there and I seen him before I wanna he looked troubled. That's a B twelve and up. Who are you worn you here so. Our men are blowing it can be all artists he's like I hear you I'm here on the for the sound proofing. Tees that's right but that's why I was Breda could then Jose with the chairs in here and I see some other radio shows and other parts of the country at anti BJ's old buddy Al brother Luis. I think their studio. They're chairs are likely easy voice. These are really the sit on couches or love seats and do the show they get the big arm for the microphone and they just plop it down a guy like Derek they're tablets or whatever they do on there and you know. However they checked the Internet some of them are even. I have a computer in front of them it sounds crazy these days. But and it is so little unlike these lounge terrorists and UBS. Match wonder would that affect the show. All man I don't know about you do the Manger like that I just wonder if you kind of fun to try. To bring my lawn chairs. Debris in the giant chair yes elf and you're area you have to the microphone won't reach it. I'll want to get like an extension cord yeah. I Oregon that I was down one day is that we do things in the may candidate must think that would get ready for life they tomorrow's going to be a big day there's a lot of stuff going on how would we will be recording the mega cast. Tomorrow. For next week's show her because I've I have Wednesday off next week is Thanksgiving so yeah this is potential people to be thankful that we're given them a mighty cast the week of Thanksgiving is the major hassle your view like twenty minutes about that BI LB short maybe thirty we'll do all we want. Did I gotta tell us a stop if we got some great going Ted we're gonna do it. Stop or just listen to the schedules like I was the only reasons toll roads survey is getting it's about thirty I get about thirty minute window but if guys you're coming. Obviously gonna make it as much. And as interactive as possible so make a family you know we're going to be doing a push ups yeah I was thinking about that because that's why today we don't have any music you know we can we don't have anything pre recorded they're not gonna show up put a cup flash drive that we could play our sound effects. Com I can hit up Wyatt from white only in a wreckage maybe he can be like car Paul Shaffer. And do all the music for us. Ali just like something I got to make contents. I don't like this tomorrow and you're ready got white only in the wreckage performing a couple of songs he probably got other responsibilities. Book did you learn on acoustic guitar. How to play testify by Rage Against The Machine. I'd be kind of funny. Yeah I'm safe late they're set up for TV time to run through that stuff right after us yes of the band I mean they'll be standing there and and maybe he can out learn how to do like Olympic ski type songs casino it is the winter biscuit officially kicks off tomorrow. Yeah I mean also we could I finish the day before they would just say hey why can you just play some music yeah I guess not figure in my act an actual like sat. It required songs. They just late solid point. Cook just play some music so we do is a day of push up you know on and throw it out there and suggests those things. Because I feel like he'll do it. Are there are senate the bounds play. He is a people pleaser he he did it this sweetheart of a I have this what it is that defeat Humana or anything he tonight. Have like 6 in the morning music I have it's like I needed to learn how to play testify. And are you guys. I what I you I think both those needs some pushups. Guess that's it the arteries in the brain Bombay and I. She regrets where you can Hossa is this is the rough points. Soap opera does like a man they got tough stuff to do tomorrow. Dealer just finds eight hours. A musician it's hard. I have and are crazy and subsequently more than three hours of sleep per night. You know if people aren't Communists had not everybody should hit up local and people need to be more like me and get no sleep every desired all the time. At the American way to keep it up for no good reason other than a lot of become a professional wrestler a tad hot. I'd rather just how hard copy of drama that you get the arteries in the blood Bombay and a brand auction today and as you know what is the winner bizkit. Which means one thing and one thing only it's. Another one just. Let's get censored establish a little bit I have got its good its. Way to lost its intent to. Did you have any second now so let's get tends to make a fast. I'm meg away. Mental note. The visit we did a mega cast. Should not be an armed and then. Auburn guarding a player whereas opposed them podcasts. Ambush an extra hard by Donald jump jump Donald Trump junior. DJ DJ that's right this study gives wall before the may casts real atonement and a few minutes of first. Tourists aren't starring Kate takes me. I'm pretty similar this week I hope I get good sleep and. Followers whose. Yeah amazing. It's a his Dreamweaver within the county. And we came in kids are talking about you obsolete had a late this perfect. I'm home I go where they hours or three hours or two and a half like Steve just getting some good sleep these devil you need yeah people get where you need to get my folks and honest. So I mentioned this QB Chad talk planned for tomorrow I'm alive today if that were you doing is saving for tomorrow yeah yeah this. Hey Wyatt we need to learn a little jingle it's it's only this. Taurus or starring. These tapes made the Soviet trying to burn. I don't know but I can ask him to bring one. Why we need is trying offered. Well well okay that's why and it's. Thank god that the Obama really strange is that him oh and Atalanta and. Oh and. Tonight before we certified as we were cracking up hopefully use in computers now of course it's it's loading. We cracked up because you're watching Donald Trump junior. To a dead lift. I. Is NC Rampage you know because it an it'll work out doesn't exist only she puts on social media. Yeah I mean that's I don't believe you about working out I yeah I do and they knew what I've never eaten either. Direct post pictures of me eating food or working out what do you think about another check and what do you popular post the work outs I hated. I think is so. You know it is. And an I always hate the US do enjoy a postseason to be accountable to those people typically are never accountable I see them. And I'm not saying I'm in any great sheep brain nightcap but like. That's part of why don't really talk about it because I don't I don't wanna have that that would people see me to be like wow he's always posting about going to the gym but he sure is over the local I get. Yeah I mean I go back and forth on it because it's like I used to make fun event and a friend of mine was like oh you're just jealous did you work out as much these people might. I don't think it's bad I only houses they act. You know just. Did you think I compared to was our jobs right. They work their radios very cool people like it but like. I'll need to post every day like kids in studio put in work yeah plate I think the one that annoys me the most is the fighters. Like you know headed back to the gym it's like dude that cheered job rural where unimpressive. That you working out of time you heard me make. That's what you get paid to do always to work out. When you're not some random dude it's really put in Dexter grabs like you're doing god damn job. Right you're gonna get a big payout for this he still have a job to go dude this is your job your nine to five is that the Jim yeah get a personal trainer every day new. In my work out and we'll know crappy your personal trainer. Yet and then right so then the other thing that annoys me and it's RO Paul Ryan a while ago a guy on the cover of time a slight. Just it is your fifth inning good shape does not make you a smarter person. And for some reason I feel like that's what a lot of the the constant post C news is that well they're so disciplined in this and that like I give them all that credit them like. It doesn't make you a better leader Kurt doesn't make Donald Trump junior not. Out of the mix of the give the stuff he's caught up into the into a dead left when an off fairness though I mean he did make discrete someone doing the deadliest Nigeria's. And and people are just killing him on social media. First formed its terror here and admits his farmers terrible. Okay yeah yeah. The best part about this video he pumps his fists as soon as he finishes like I just a couple of something somebody saying. They kick him to stop Ted I think it's up. To. You can make a real and the listen to a ground the whole time. I mean look I'm not a lie highly done deadly sins forever but I I is that I try to pull my back out my form was not good that it imposes on social media. Braly dancing in my I looked in patent that was like a little president thing I'm not mr. work out the stealth like I'm pretty sure his forms are holes do it yeah late. It looks he's written that all of his back. Well even wrote that Jesus AK he had checked this out I'm doing this and yeah I know my form is bad but it's a personal record he goes. It was a pretty aggressive new personal debt lift Britain today you do good and some five columns are royals themselves like a wrestler but he does. I know are not to sound like a wrestler when you're throwing out listing status right. I know I know the former Idaho also if you need for commenting back to rounded legs up too fast Cedric said Cha. All the extreme end it gets tough received. Add add the extreme and he gets tough pristine perfect. That said still pretty sight hash tag trust me it has to do list. Paris today in New York Paris and weightlifting has tagged senators Ashton ugly. But the best part is not really about a magma magma. Our I just love of the people who post on my social meeting commented on this in secret I was they say. Your deadly it is awful next person guys his form is fine remember they have no spine it's all good. If you didn't. Pull pull pull pull it. All that is arched members espy has always equals bad form. Members don't do your form is bad tighten your shoulders your spy needs to be a straight line among other things and bikini to gore was improper form videos. I need the doctor of CD JI 'cause like now it's. Do not the days of you need to see your trainer our guy and it's easier Juba bro. Letter writing YouTube it you learn a lot from YouTube tutorial I I hugs and agree I've learned how do Bob Janes chains flat tire. I'll yeah yeah I'd like we're together one time my tire Arafat ya at bat and I was with somebody else once in the tire went flat had a YouTube it. Yeah it's a great resource I signified goading you to go to properly learn form. I think it makes more sense to have somebody there to be liked. Can I can MC TP to be like okay. Straight in this part out now move your hips out of you'd notice all those things if you if you don't know how to do it right and you're watching a video you tie aren't noticing all the little things that are meant to be done to make it. Be the right way. Plus I mean he's an across a gym that's an awesome things about crosses or reserve to help you yeah. But you try as a bunch of Democrat that prosecutors the paper both exploded shortly check. Junior he looks good looks good curve it back more I think he'd eat because. There. About what if nobody if he hits it he's the only crossed it gym where they don't work on TV Marti and it turned against him but they may have gotten his product. But I thought that I picked it up up up up up up big public completely user gets their ethos than might lose her own bed AJ making their lives great again. Now Matt back. Well already a break when we come back. Maria do do do you knew should you be mad about your head throws all. Yes yeah we view people an example that tomorrow we ended well I lied they were and ask people that come with their suggestions and their issues that are going on their own world to ask us if we if they should be mad correct so actually have a good email. That I'll save for tomorrow then possibly who doesn't know she should be mad and her boyfriend in its funniest ass. Sources got for the lied they want but I have a situation where I'm wondering if I should be met. Are people tell you this is for tomorrow if they downloaded in time I can forget. My life. Is there you heard it. Screw it Steve tomorrow I'm really mad about everything. No matter what regions which can look we're for we super nice breeze there like you should be desktop and then all of them finance section and me as revenge but on this day each say your personal record. Grabbing six instead you can happen Ranariddh round that back down besides a round every day and I had there was some little weird term for sex because this thing around her back down may cancel my back. Pay check then Stevie today bouncing around ten minute 'cause what would you. Right. I. How about this straight so amid okay. Ocean around the ocean around. It's cold and flu season and that means people will be in your face asking you if you've gotten your flu shot yet have you gotten your flu shots and he got your flu shot and gotten your flu shot you get your flu usually. I was instead of saying none of your damn business for the fiftieth time head to your doctors and get the flu shots that's right the F huge shot that way you can tell anybody who is absolutely certain you need a flu shot immediately to. And a few your doctor will give you wish she'd of special stickers saying I got my shots so if you think you can give your friends your family and your future former coworkers so this year forget the flu shots and get the and a few shots just for the elements. We cannot do and take them Steve Novak. And then it comes to terms. The are you out perfect circle back beta oh nice I haven't heard that yeah pretty awesome and it's a mamma said he hear what else they've got gaga of course that timing is bad there. The coveted a Key Arena and it's 11321 battle on priorities and wrestling comes from Liz to. December. 1. Dog I am limited to a Mahmud different ship when you when you slow magic. One. Estimate. To be repeated because stuff yet they go find them now I'm curious is as magic with a K. It's a ha I don't think so I don't remember I don't know Lance and Joseph are always talking about it. Part of meltdown crew yet got the hang with a meltdown crew last we get to defy oh yeah because I was you gave down after it breaks you're down there for job roll yeah you guys are taking on Jarrell. Actually we are is taken out of Tuberville about point out our area only some magic with suit this is all about the suit instead of tents and the tendency. Looking for the Yankees. Can. I don't know exactly like. The Bruins now. Where's this. And I maybe pillows. I think I'm some blood up more upbeat around offensively out first. Come up their dance different song called scared and they aren't the kind of aggressive and make everybody else listens to and I was going and I. All are or aren't you concerned if you listen it's. You get their big mistakes and it's. Comedians should yeah. It's going to kick into the music to trim its. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Okay appreciate your. Now. I don't know how cheesy it's all magic is as performers. What do you not just with the affairs of the disease cancer and just like guys in their constant during the Eric Constance I mean I went yeah right. There you should do when his song kicks in all you so ask. It's. It's like degenerative vision good earnings showed it's. They no longer outside the played good there heads underneath like what are. The slow night now there's just your. Brazil they're really better thank you so much how how data to bear costume but then come out with a clear head. I'd like they like the blood coming out every night it's a very bad. Very ready and I didn't really know. You look at how it's certainly would take a really dark shirt and quite. I'll have an agreement until somebody killed the bear which till the bandit brought to bear and AMP. Let's check out girls but through Dallas all about. Yeah. Okay do you cool and I'm. Sorry I'm a massive man made WW guys that you return drank she can go kid into right now. You look Joseph was like hey economic collapse slates disease like I have a stick injure my date out like RA. And Lance is always all about dismay at the daily I'm going I've heard they're songs I don't know it's not about love I batted just happen to take. A couple bad and I like the bears song now I think they know we're a little little sleepy from me I think it's always pretty much on that temper that seems like this that you play at the end and I if you've been partying too hard when you wanna lay down and just kinda like zone now. Gallo maybe that's about duke are all hope we have bean bags that they show yeah I'll bring my own chair art fair enough or doing that but a festival this lawn chair just turned my life the show box did you set it down a little dance floor. Where is a magic performances. Steve some asking questions about the show he's gonna go with the flow I get a noose you know you go where the bear clubs don't. That does not sound any better. While every taking care of my in my wrestling duties and speak and wrestling somebody sent us to this to us because they know how much we love our being toppled palm. I know sends under the world hates us. Sack guy yeah well he just did another from all obviously is a from awhile though I've never seen this one. I think we might need like every so often have a a segment that's just the Scott Steiner promo of the week all right this one involves Scott Steiner. And Mac. This can't be good it's not all right but it's awful in the greatest way possible but his intensity is there ought to ask. Let's enjoy some Scott Steiner. Freeways for the teenage heavyweight title at sacrifice between you Kurt angle and smelly show. Now before you get there you have an important as it. Deadly during the teenage days and a three of them a raunchy and now of course Kurt angle isn't going to be B and so Samoa Joseph yeah. Now we need to figure out a way to get Scott senator recommend that we do really pleased that actually there he wrestled with doesn't always joke back and yeah. I salute Joe's around that long doesn't go one out of fur over. As always Sima. No KJ started to gathered they went through the there version of the performance senators take over VA or or one of those places back in the way back in the day. But they were both going through training together rat that's a round at around the same time obviously seen his career went one way and NGOs when. Towards not impact or TNA wrestling him. You know thankfully he now is gonna shine in the WWE but yet they both started together on the same time her but did not know that. Paris instead tonight as do you an exhibition champion Pete Williams take on the unlikely deputy Williams is in this promo with him and they both have like that weird gold. My helmet. Chain thing just stand there it was like he's so where liked it was almost like he was night. Yeah put on the rest of the armor absolutely stop with the chain link right from the gold colored yeah yeah I was very weird. Zero I'm Kurt angle on some knowledge now. You know they see all men are really cool when you look at me do this small joke. You can see that statement is not true she normally be all wanna go on with another roughly a 5050 chance of winning. Now heroes and there comes a mass you militant group ran out kids. It's trying to figure out exactly what the F is Scott standard talking about how low valuation decrypt your parents had called portal by two that it. It freaks and well. We need to start saying is a jerk free feature any it's definitely not normal. Children having that if it is far from normal as humanly possible I think he injected stuff in no insults to make America kind of freaky if and it never went away now the irony of the kid he didn't seem this crazy thank you seem like the normal while with his brother Rick Steiner when they bought they were dressed in their collegiate. Wrestling gear I think he was Syracuse and bricks that there was on Michigan. I remember correctly I don't remember any of that I just remember they're a very good wallop on December big Papa palm got off Bagwell runner on the other younger brother seemed crazies by the brotherhood constantly barking at the camera. Kind of crap. And and Scott seem like he was like the all American collegiate guy with a sweet Molly yet. And then he's one of the team spent many advocates bronze and and got into his system and now he's became a morale. Catch you don't buy freak I thought about it that's who should Don for tomorrow for live day. Spray today ads. We sought time to show up dark itself haywire only can learn not radius machines testify we gives us a break and I come home in a mall like bronze document might say babe what the hell's going on yeah a good genetic freak and I'm not normal. Ted's kissing his muscle yeah. I point 5% at breast fed beaten me you had triangle duets. Good chance you'll win trashy no doubt isn't doing at second place you've got a 33 year third chance of winning. Now he said he had 25% chance of beating him and now is thirty in these numbers will go down and now is 33% Jensen get I don't understand how his chances went back up. Selig they were only going farther down for us I guess go back over and over again. 5050 chance wouldn't. But I'm a genetic freak and I'm not normal so we got 45% at breast fed me lead you had triangle duets. Good jets don't win trashy no doubt you still. The little air. Yeah it checks Jurassic Gregg got our own because the view now have a 25% chance at winning at best and then you said best. Wayne and sacrifice. You've got to third year third chance of winning. Okay. All right. Yo schema grass yeah are all right. I I got 6062 thirds chance of winning on this tour I don't know who's he can't believe me I'm gonna try. All right. The latest in recent years for him it doesn't have to worry about Kurt angle he takes his Third Reich all right. Plus oh don't take you 3033. Chance. My invite 45% chance you've got to make a third kids wouldn't expect. Price of a third chance. Are you that you wrote this down or this is here off the top of his head. Hey kids are doing cocaine might now under duress when from a we don't have out there we go we have an idea what they're gonna say I only typically have a skeleton. Yeah movie. Season he'd start throwing out numbers it seems like that's got to get cremated before he got a chance to really figure it all out. But did say I say five JC and so we've split not substance give an out they felt healthy 175. I wasn't he just did 66 and two thirds. Well they only have eighty back 175 about a guy who only got 8%. Giuliani I didn't I read 13 ranked mr. Zuniga 91 and two thirds. I had not. It's go one on one dad 66 parents sued the sense I got an important one and two thirds of the wouldn't expect a price. Senior Joseph. How long haul behind the triggered the heat it's just throwing numbers out there I give credit to get mad quick. They beat us. If he simply did he barely get it out this week. The numbers don't lie but always. She departs Reynolds got my down disaster for US second place. But I bring you down for you ladies would you rather be with me and or would you rather be would jolt. While I just cannot eat I mean you know. Do you want news crews that might romance let's talk about my result did it would. All that might be the nicest most insulting thing I've ever heard my life this you are those chicks alikes romance. At some point I'll be zeroing man when you don't walk up to a bunch a girl you don't think you may look like go live really really illegal like romance. I'm your guy such as Steve Toms Steve hunt for that bribe rather. In your room wanted to be with Sandra loves romance these gentlemen did you man. We'll hear that party doesn't rely so I have break it down for you based I'd bet on the breaking down for you ladies. And now with some we've just ditched math yet. Would you rather be with me. All the would you rather be would joke. While I just cannot if I mean now. Do you want whose prose that might romance. I like them pause do. You could just let it you. Yeah I know it's wrestling but it feels like he's sort of put a. Read about that there. I almost feel like he didn't know did a work that part out. And now is this him off the cuff and he was expecting her to say why like you battered and Samoa gel and it bothered him my kids stop to his brain from working per about the recycling. What I thought it better than he knew Jews it's that you met but he still like legit pass and thanks are similar one of those six alike program he just wanted to be in this week what would be like F you. Well you ladies would you rather be with me. A would you rather be would joke. While I don't need now. Do you want to lose prozac in my whole minutes. Paula talk on my personal. Would you come home to me I can't freak to be satisfied if we love. It's cool you know she tonight we're gonna and it. And it's typical. Look look look look look good he'd wedge shaped rug this bad you like romance like I'm talking to the fracas. And David Albright a real guide to. I wouldn't be a champion Ed sacrificed to repeat as gold started to surge you always say big public palm has got your hook up. What may believe muscle it's true you need to look up Holler if you hear that. I mean you need to even give immediate do a lot of would. I mean how do you please how do you in China one out Scott Steiner when it comes to a from a PD usually just watch dog instead knocked them. Look first of all you can have a promo like pat my guys via Scott Steiner and and called remaining PD over people except to be lake PD we're out of here. I our goal that as an old you know. Sit tonight we're gonna win I'm going to be in the world champion. I've sacrificed everything to do go back to what sacrifice. DX gold started to surge you always say big public palm has got your hook up. What may believe muscle this through you need to look up Holler if you hear that. On the other hand he had clearly written Matt and we're so proud of what the whole time. Holler. If you hear that you know the whole time he's talking he's an is that going maple lean muscle hook up. Pollard eat me to say hauler. And then walk off with him and he's also wearing the same outfitted as Scott Steiner to take a little mini version of him. Ellis got signer obvious he's gonna sleep with some of the freaks right at PDs get knocked and beauty there to give the romance. It's a good the only thing yeah. I'm not outlets so insulting. Tonight one of those ships Felix romance. Few can I send my romance. It's. Why don't we take a break before we come back we'll find out advisory Matt I don't know I was that he was more taken that moment I'll. Hit another great moment from Scott Steiner demand and also give us this great moment. So I agree watch and is the real life he's like so quiet and reserved in gentle and romantic yes. I highly doubt it. But it would be funny if you wise. I feel like you teach a delay rose petals toll the bedroom. But he would just crush the paddles depression yeah it's like play JB lake rose petals confetti. But the problems are ready like she's just try expect him. Yeah I Edward scissor hands it could mean not harm people really scissor hands but he does that I just one of these world goes down but until we're can start I had a crush them yeah I like Lenny poll in the park police. And that if it comes over he's got some stupid thing that involves boring. The cast will be back it will horrid you have that is. They learn. I would none offered these guys. If I had left. Hello everybody. I'm just to both boys softer. And then it comes. Who's an epidemic. Time has come. To help young women of America. Stop people over usage. Of the words and the actually. No he actually met on match dot com about a year ago right now I'm telling us. I'm so the first day I got there was actually Sunday may 31 this is actually starts and personalized we met actually ends. Fashion show I'll movement can plug just my mom actually parents please teach your daughters who saw action we know we use that word of those sentences. There's a generation of young women learning that happens on the card that shoots somebody wins her my stuff and has actually taken it's. Don't let this happen to your daughter. Thank you for. I love you man my name is driver. Crazy Australian rival. And the man of constant back. I was really. You could come to town and got your numbers you. Or random festival. And do their own headlining show. We gotta go yeah man I know some people don't like him as much. But I mean I love that's irons a little better songs you play out like the other side there's paid little girl. You know Alan. Sorry you can't go. I don't know this environment is the lyrics are going to be singing sees in him and I'm not like got Tom Sizemore anything Jesus. He would hate. The morgue elitists and stopped Mariam. Did you watch the. Sand life yes with it was Tiffany had a huge. I wish Spanish I don't know how Jerry died at Augusta were familiar weather which it was awesome she crush it and I yeah I do love Bob as soon you're talking about I did love her. So a great public service announcement for all these creepy dudes out there. Thelma and I'll got a tip for ya I'll like the climate change any tips that the kid kid. OK if you got so bang bang out. Is she got older. Until Bob did really a bang bang yeah. I wished I use that on Monday that was great I mean she sounds like a woman who likes like romance. Hope it's hit it do you think you are eight civil at the beginning of that clip I need to tell that she's friends with Kevin hardy just worked on a show them. Hello slate is that they just they think Kevin Ari knowing you when I'm Tiffany tip. Ought to test it yet know its base that it definitely has like that kind of rhythm yeah that that Kevin Hart went past yeah yeah I can understand that. Yet a hole the Louie CK one assist and I I listen mark marriage podcast and have you heard hit because you're he's friends with him right and all I can think is like. He's amassed means never make me mad Mike I don't know how to react if I got from a leg you're in the news or something like that you know I mean yeah you're the crazy parties. I'm I I remember having the story and I was gonna and we never got to it. The book about. Two or three years economy cast I had a story about two comic set accuse Louie CK of doing less brightly this story has been out there right right and I do and then I would memorize it all we gotta talk what discusses how ridiculous like what the hell's up when Louie CK. They this is is what he does and we never got through because shockingly we never get to anything we do on the may cast we've moved him more important things to talk about like Scott Steiner yet op and then just kind of fell by the wayside and I never heard about it against us think well maybe it wasn't true. You know at that time. We. But I mean right that's the thing rightly I don't know. So we never too but I mean we talked about it on the mend will we ever talk from the air we'd all talked about Althea now. So wind and so then Michael Weinstein stuff started right and then. Here's a couple other people every kind of forgotten rally Jeremy Piven the outcome of girls get out of him which is not surprising I am are you hear about him is he's kind of the yeah no I mean ammerman I mean but we were sitting back there until we see going out and models driver both like all of us like. The Louie CK being asked to come out now yup so that when it came out as late. I'm really surprised. I wasn't surprised I was surprised and all of a sudden because I anywhere from two people today and five rather quickly and I Wole OK and then I think you know how to help you and I I check mark Marron I was some Twitter and some are Clarence M gonna come and talk about this. Are my pocket for a while nobody's gonna say I am very curious because he's friends again of clos rushed. And that's got to be really weird and I don't know how I would handle that. And then. After I read that a couple hours later go by and then all of a send Louie CK is admitting to it which was like one of the most. Eager to sit coal. Admissions and ever. Her and it was so weird dude thank you I got into this argument with a friend of mine and with my own mother. They're like well we see the ECK admit to it Leslie and where was his apology. You're there like in our well we see Mitt housing kill but like. For normal dudes like Louie CK needs to come out and apologize to those women and be like yeah I know you're busy. It makes almost as men look terrible and really what we get a position of power an hour's gonna do this to women. These are all comics I mean as he said in his own words they all admired him as he used the word and Meyer. Three or four times in that statement which I'd always very. Narcissistic. And it's like why it. Certainly I get it right so at a certain point some of these crimes. Are more just about power then but it's like at the same point like this Louie CK. But I'm sure there's a ton of women that would sleepy you just as your famous gaffe played why you go around pulling it. Jumped out in front of people that. Our part of what you bright bright idea he had and I agree like I mean if I am a massive celebrity I would they Walid skip to do whatever you want if you want polled by pretend that your empower. But for some of these people are just so twisted in their head like that probably is what. Got him going was knowing I'm gonna be able to do this whether they want me to or not. And that's messed up yet and I hate them since we lost I don't have enough a lot of respect for him because he admitted to it might. Yeah I'm more respect for the guy who never has to me too because you never done it. They it's refreshing that yes it's refreshing to hear somebody actually just say I did do this and not have some kind of lie another lie on top of another lie but that doesn't mean I'm gonna I'm now all this and think the world of the guy or make a post about how much respect I have for I don't respect him. Any great because he didn't apologize to me it's like all right so is he admitting to this speech days. He feels batters he used it maybe took his career just on our industry merits because he's open I know I've I'll come back. Maybe I'd term views in the situation but you know I mean and he will of course play yet like you don't care. Him I wonder I wonder because you don't pick up call with Peewee Herman. How much is like to your brain her Mike Cook it than what he did it was obviously not right cranking in a movie theater. But it was a porn movie theater in the war movie theater and his career went to crap for a decade at least in his career really never recovered. Think he's done some stuff we're back man know whatever it may be that he's had some cool. Quirky roles blow I'm yeah he's been employed again he did and the Pee-Wee movie but. He was hot as hot can be at that time you get a superstar. And that killed his career. And that to me is something that I could be like you screwed up shouldn't have done that. It got an immediate but compared nowadays is seems like people give it away with a lot more and in being able to come back from it a lot quicker. Mean rightly dinners. Yeah I it's crazy and I mean look just this weekend I was an Hoover with a guy they used to live in Hollywood right he worked in the film industry and he was like. It's still goes on here is some of it's getting called out. But he told me he knew a girl it was a stunning moment you sit even in the stunned community it's the same way like it was kind of expected to sleep with people to move ahead. And then healing you forget is in Hollywood like people are so desperate for those jobs noted that they'll do almost anything. Mexicana. I don't know if you had these moments feel like you know I never really think about it never think about could have I mean look yeah I see perverted things we all do I mean I I have enjoyed a lot dancer to a my time but it's always everything I've ever been. Do we need an always super consensual stop you know what I mean. And everything about the poor people out there that are. Being in danger being imposed and on them that they don't want that they've known me like where it's like. He's got to make a press release that is my early twenties I was black out drunk and some bars and smacked two girls passes for eight I hit Brian Sears did Sears it's like. I'm sure to be Leno late. I'm sure it's not a big deal really right that flight down to think I wanna get that out there because I ran for office. I won't content I think there's a lot worse like Mimi you're going to see space magical whatever happened is that that's gonna hurt your chances are that you expect to buy a ranch burning man. I'd say fine. But I was single and I will say is what he's Ambien get serious about LA I mean I feel bad about that now yeah now grant it I'm sure it's each written off and his girlfriend you know whatever. But I also say lake. And do it Steve had a whole thought there and just laughed at. It must become need to get more sleep that's residents safe but I also remember once. You know buddy come on him coming home in this try to fret and she was so hot right. She was literally in my bed in this imagined I mean I I not done much women at this point but she was so drunk. They remember walking her back upstairs in his late sleep on the couch yeah would you do you you're not gonna remember and as I mean even. Even like six or seven years ago I remember being in Kirkland at this girl's apartment. If she called me jeans. And the third time she called me James I was like I'm calling maneuver which you have no idea why. Yeah. Diaz yeah I Nigeria. Does this. Sad to think though like you know you rework draws females here we have a female friends yeah and probably all of them form the majority of them have had to deal with some kind of weird. Maybe on the same level as the Louie CK thing or even worse on the other ones stories we've heard. But at some point they've had to deal with somebody trying to end they play a corner and then. How on you know you want to have make him feel bad because they did or just unwanted advances being cat called mean and grainy compared to. But these are all things like it just sucks that think we even Rotella this and Mauricio then some guy taxis are supposed to be doing they should just get over is just a penis. Mike. Man that may be easy for you to say but I I don't know what that feels like to have somebody just do something whether I want them to do it or not yet he met either. Touchdown. But that's I guarantee you that seemed due date that Texas that it would be pitch to somebody. You know. Masturbating in front of him are a dude off course. Course you know death toll to his guys who can't think about this week we'd love groups we love almost all groups right so that auto care she could just show or Bruce Munich yes that's. Different yeah god dammit. Right it's almost op Ed that amount to get on the bomber rode but I just say I may just made me think more more about how sucking it must be to be a check. Just that the deal with that on a day to day basis yeah. And Leo maybe this is a good thing not this army but that people don't hold me to move and I I I feel like you to truly a good thing to get. People talk and end and open up my eyes open of your idol but of other people's lives like you know we might think we're being gay dude but we're surrounded by a bunch discovery dudes in. It's it's good to now. Being known as guys who don't tolerate this is women were not tolerating this and and and good for every woman that's now saying stuff that's a dads bringing these idiots doubt I don't fill that out they were doing was poor career it's a good he chose to. Cranky and in front of women that didn't want to inmates stuck around because they've they idolize him and were hoping that he can get a better. They did they could help him become help them become better comics in the early two asleep if it wasn't that big of a deal then why did you tell these people you ruin their careers in the senate. Yeah and name one or girls I'm from what I read I remember correctly amateur was only anonymous on said that's that was through that that was the final straw that debt they stopped. Their pursuit of making an Indian detainment business in there that bums me out the year because. Equip us academic. The next Lucille Ball you don't know yeah I mean might be mad if someone did something to you know so heinous they use it you know what I'm stuck with radio. Don and fifth at at. At W weird yeah man Sox. The at all should be mad as a simple things and will be out here I can decide so my headphones for tying. A one channel doesn't work anymore right so I just got these headphones so in the past we had an engineer here. That when these things would happen. I give it to home within hours you have a fixed musical level it's hard to deal. Well we have new set of engineers here yet and out into the Vicki graduates are college drop them off I'll I'll give him to the guy in Tsui he can do so. Drops him off given to the guy and now I don't have any headphones on I. Not looking for them to get done and today I just wanna know what's going home it might take you just check and see what's going on like. Is he working on them should IRD dead I don't know I don't have any information like you know anything to us. Now we now. And this season and he knows he has a ball and saw a lot. Even to think he died. Just taken in to see how Steve's when bad things are going with Steve headphones are so here's the response. Unfortunately. We don't have the luxury of same day service he'll need to borrow Perry use them as is there any off. It's. Time to take the fifth. I don't wanna touch I want. It's a hard look at this is like guy out I want nothing to do valid fact. What I'm about how often have you had a kid I always brag about it so I should bring up I'd like begs the oh probably would stay away from Iowa. At the promise and I as I know the problems and it's very clear we view. You want to lose Roseanne might romance. I would talk Omar please don't care. I say ask the freaks yeah after the free zone that's a really it's certainly is very clear as the wrong person. I will hopefully if you're listening to this on Wednesday. We'll see you tomorrow we'll see you tomorrow live Dana so we should say hi get mega hugs also please participate with us. Bring your stories of whether or not he should be matched wall so maybe prices on games I don't know. Beautiful friend challenger. The life. I'd fill you. As a whole thing about grind hi would have been fun. Really good next time. Probably not. We'll put it in the stats of other things that we never blew up with the money that's. I get that may have family handout laws on Twitter at. The Medigap. Do enough reserves my dad's Italian guy get and I hope the bunch of people doing with the stated that they look at us.