MegaCast 11/21/17 "Live Day Live Cast"

Tuesday, November 21st

Technically Ted & Steve are off on the day they record a MegaCast (for Turkey Day) we decided to share with you the podcast we did in front of a live audience during Live Day (recorded during the halftime party at Emerald Queen Casino).  What happens when two men take a microphone and try and entertain a room full of drunk people...this is what happens!  


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Everybody. Steve speaks ladies and gentlemen. We are the mega cast any mega cast listeners out here. Our I don't know why gas card for the rescue this is going to be very weird Ted Knight you'll podcast together. We don't necessarily plan must be just turn on the microphone to talk about random crap and that's who we're gonna do in front of all these so this could be. This is awkward for you guys is this going to be for us it is if you never lets in the bay casting only start off with doing the push ups though if you wanna join ended. That's an affront to stay this front of the stage. Jumping and get and are so here's the deal the reason why we do to push ups is because. Had an idea from time to time get really wasted together we will go out I'll get drunk. And sometimes we need a second wind we need another pump me up to get as do the rest of the night. Sometimes shots don't do that prize so yeah more often than not then what happens to us. Well willow hung over. Things aren't working right then now we gotta get we gotta get back on. Right so in the middle of the night while we're waste we will get down in the middle of the street and do ten push comes to get us going again. Now you've got really isn't gonna make cast before where you just feel like doing some push ups come on not. Let's get as many people as we can do what's up with my party don't we have even started yet what he's got to keep doing them. Dividend per Marty took some method for his current point the always got to be how I can talk about that. All right Ali would like a party started a little crazy but the Mohawk nation looks so much more sneaky right. You're familiar with that Charles Manson look I'm very proud of your report said Marty that's coming from two bald guys who don't even sweat it right. All all this fanatics. Who sadly can't play my father's. I was getting weirder mart have been a look at this like OK things are getting weird all right and that. And everyone's eating and this is happening to head on out and a lot of heart to think what those two guys do it right. We're gonna do some push ups okay is it a reason why we did it does get the heart raising. The blood pumping and the brand pops hey. We don't have music series I guess if everyone else does not derby presented begins goal who. Nevertheless. It's like stop. Hi let's get ten mega family. I. Okay. I'm. We're in America that's always god see you later. Usually at this point that we do majora Ted talks so we don't put on. Oh Steve's got a guitar. Ted talks. So today's tech talk it's just taken wecht jackass w.s doing here today but a lot of you guys are doing here today which is taking chances. We don't wanna be reckless right put some guys that of this work. Likes of the united to get the upper school or whatnot. Which he took a chance you're out having fun you're living your life we're taking a chance to an alive. Their forget man it's okay to take chances how much it take him to live your life. Your families who took the chance most people don't. So. We can't really plan much. But I doesn't stories this morning sometimes like I'll think of stupid questions based on stories that we have we always. Men's room yeah jammies bush trying to find story secondly to a good topic. So I've got three stories and three stupid questions so you do have an answer I don't know we have some neck and helpless maybe be like a Michael runner or you can. If you wanna be a part of our mega cast is conjuring up an uphill here but I'll ask Ted because it's like fines on this one over super show of hands earlier we thought this out. I first thing a new survey by let's meet said that pop basically they're talking about toilet etiquette which is always good when guys are reading. I'm still a man's boot your wife sitting down. I can make some noise and you want sitting down. Make some noise if you are standing up. Yeah yeah. Don't tell advances. You guys sit down. Well I'm kind. 53% of people stay seated 46 stand which kind of seems like it's pretty. You've got to stand managed to nice two point athletic position you're right. Here's the weird part if I'm not a mathematician but I did the math real great that's only 99%. 1% say they don't wind. Or maybe they. Hang on hang on maybe they go directly to rush hour. Wait hat to what I don't want unseat Ted roof up. I actually I don't know loop on the man put soap in my hand and I'm up by. Apparently there's a big argue that that's happening on the Internet about where you bring your cheese on your hamburger yes this is what we talk about our podcast. You guys like hamburgers like never early starters. Cheeseburger cheeseburger. Like we've made like a hundred bucks in these two idiots are just talking about hamburgers all of a sudden. I think this is the big question make some noise if you what you're she's under the paddy. What's wrong with you man under the paddy. It's warmer that way you sense. Us in you know I guess I don't know man ST it's pretty weird. Proceeds on American. Face it gentlemen we have a Communist here. And it looks like that man. She's on the paddy mother bunker. No we can't curse we're taping this bit of my guess and I want added it. Thank you thank you. Okay one more question Ted I'm positive it's all about that veggie burger please do. So she ever go out after ninety drinking right the next day that you allow Greece and soak up all the pollution had. So my buddy calls when he was OK so it's amazing cheeseburger on mr. Graham we're gonna go to this restaurant and get it I'm cool. Then when we went he wasn't a real Berger was meet at play. Right big deal for begins to make that burger would be talking about. So for awhile as late MI mad at my friend what he took me out and bought me lunch but it was a bachelor so what do you guys think should still be mad at him. And Helen him. You don't. That made that reminds me we also do a segment called should I be mad yes all right. Somebody I'll paraphrase because again we're planning an imprint the email what somebody emailed us as a female and she said she wanted to know she should be mad. She found out what her boyfriend password is. One of these things I don't remember. And this is a patent attorney you don't have her do your thing. Don't OO year old around with a password. Dangerous my friend. I should find what I'm talk amongst yourself I'll find the actual with the passwords hilarious and she's met him was he's mattered who wants to know if she should be Sissy you know the mega cast about it. Now you're talking yeah basically it's like coffee talk right Steve the little book that talks to much else. There if Steve Simpson I'd be mad at another my boyfriend's past where it is. Kayla is a big east 34. Do you. I guess it is some gala. Side Kayla who. No it's not signed may have accidentally about that part. That's the name of his ex girlfriend. Right that's the thing is like okay well Kayla probably isn't bitch and apparently there's 33 other cameras that are pitches because they Elizabeth's thirtieth or not gonna work. He'd get to the other three. I can't cry I got them to 27 visits her donors give to 34. I mean also it's a password maybe he made like two months after the break. It's a great pass drivers are using it as she should be happy she knows that he's not going back to this. Evil ex girlfriend I think he usually more mad it was Kayla is a bitch 69%. There's still like I imagine up Richmond home man. A car with I still think about gala kind of cool when she's not a bitch I still miss her at night. So I gave my best unless this makes a noise makes annoyed if you think that she should be mad and her boyfriend. I'd make some noise that you think she needs us now the F down. Okay. I think resolve I want. Yeah stuff that. I anyone in the room do you have a stupid thing that you're mad about you wanna know the room stinks that you should be better not be mad about it may reach and if you do. I doesn't come over here. That and not are flowing like a light up what some of the hats here oh yeah what does it bunny years. Because a butterfly. Other antlers are their analysts'. You and I need to get our vision is that nobody hears that hump I know it's a butterfly you did. That would any more. It's Christmas. Tom. Pirated charities all shut out there it is distilling company in the browns are suburban. Now look at more than one of those later I think this is we don't we should grab one and I we've got everyone makes a noise for just didn't find member of the mega family. Doesn't what's your question I'm sure I mean it's about traffic on 167 yes all the time yes. Well the one day it took me two hours of work it into your. Well at all. I got rear ended at 4 in the morning 16. It's not highlight tonight's big name was John. It's normal white Honda Accord. I never saw somebody more scared in my entire life because it abhorrent a warning me. Traffic's not even a foreigner morning it's stupid on 167 to doing all this construction goes on to one lane Roddick you please stop I'm at a stop all of us and here. Yeah. And all think it is. Well that's where Summer Olympics is about to hit somebody. Not realizing he's gonna hit me that's CN no ma'am I can't handle like you got beat him I wanna go to work is not what I wanna deal with an eye doctor's or my car was destroyed. I get out I look at his car his first in the shape of a beat. The Honda is an arm like this is going to suck. I look at my Jeep I can't find a single engine or anything like this the greatest thing ever. Now I gotta walk over black guy and again it's 4 in the morning and it's got to be a weird thing you know what kind of who is this what's happening. You price Jesus do that six something I've you know not happy at that moment. You won't rolled his window down that he thinks I'm gonna go like all postal on him rolling down brought down mother ever. Like I got my trying to be nice not like sir you can really wind and out of pocket like it's an accident I get any like bolt that just put crappy because it. From Melbourne. You met me. Like I am not but I think everyone else behind us get even more value. The funny question I get to work my car is finally in traffic at this point we're like. We're on 167 while this is going on I. So I had to work to talk about it. Irina bring it up and here first though I get a text from a list or on our text line because they may this was that you're in the car accident earlier this morning. Like wow very attentive service. No we talk about it and apparently we talked about like around 7:30 in the morning. And there was that guy's car was still there and the traffic was completely after all morning. So sorry but a lusty well wait a minute we got to answer the question okay yeah you relative. All steep. Should he be mad about the traffic didn't let me write that Ellie act are. Makes a noise and everything that's just to be mad at me because of that traffic. Mama I'm gonna ask you you shouldn't it's clearly you guys are terrorists. Ask whatever you say yes. Either way you'd be upset at the traffic just happy to be youth day. I felt awful there's nothing like that. I'm glad I couldn't leave so I don't have the look make eye contact with the other drivers because I don't that is I'm sure we all love that. Easier that's that you're stuck in traffic as you get past that person even though you don't know the back story if you give them like that hairy eyeball. Yeah pitch. I still like the guys that scared to. Bloomberg News European. So I don't like you tell some of the people here wearing red baseball cap backwards wearing a white T shirts and make a family in the back I love that people may make test he certainly doesn't hurt guys. Get rid of those guys he had nobody likes you guys have heard. A smattering of a golf applause but. Do we get the whole group picture we're gonna senator Fred Durst and see if he actually responds to it. I am so glad though this man showed up I want to make some noise this memory over here who's wearing a T shirt please get on top onstage caught up and come up onstage. Yeah. Talking about you. Want to go. What's your name and Christopher Walken Chris ever walk again is there a lot. Look at these shirts as I hate Brett serves. I feel like Fred Durst is gonna respond because she's very in the middle of the picture and it just isn't right. Black letters I hate Fred nervous. They need to be taken a lot of ways. One flavor because a minus magma. She would run. Have you tried this magma Roland trappers sushi it's delicious now know that we'll thank you for doing that that's awesome. Chris are walking everybody. And before we got to get out usually bring my cup now as my come I come I come alive. I was gonna say I had a little story about traffic with you okay citizens RA month iron Mikey does all the pictures were cast W greatest. So I'm at a stop light. Well there's the in his Jeep and he's on his. So I get on my phone and I text them. And an average what does that but I kind of scared him. I think it up your phone right now icu for a unity ticket and just in any of them the light goes green I'm driving and he gets attacks in the flight. Well I'd like you do every crap about taxing it. While texting me that I'm testing. Only better ran a solid texting in many excellent it was more subjects who put a backup at headlining a master and I thought you next. When some highs tonight. Oh. Alcohol. One shot won't hurt yeah. All right everybody's our son son son John John John John. Dead dead dead dead. Oh. That was that was just that yeah that's that we don't wait to smooth it. Yelling my name I look every time. Now there. You just got out all right issued any of my name at least yell compliment that I'll. That goes for all of you. Well I think we're done. This episode you guys enjoy your first may I guess it's. Are my kids Isabel on night tears and all the other places were you get podcasts Daniel loved the cover photo it's demonize wrestlers and what our actual bodies looked like. Yeah we do look at the pacers that that is legitimately us and our shirts off yet. Not Hulk wrote in Iran be censored I cartoon art it's an optimistic acts. Susan we had that would more push up soon until we always do that we usually had to replace them so now you've been a part of the mega family if your new. He can feel comfortable join us up again on the stage. Our only one guy. I look at everything great shape he's probably listened to our podcast for five times a day. Do you still weigh 300 pounds before he started with nothing to pass his life changed almost. Reported that for you bust out. The guy right that's a good we were the same size good for you by. All he's got the Luke Wilson techno insurance. Saw. I see Luke Wilson from time to time will it's beyond official I see the official third member of the mega cash you can look back up to pass episodes and Luke Wilson will join us and it just is weird because it's kind of funny here you can talk about. Stuff has nothing to do a football and you just do with women and others in the next job. That's literacy series as well you know he's into a couple of and Asia now stronger and allied. Techno Thursday. All right let's get Denmark so we need people to clap again makes a noise for us because it's just it's way more fun that way. I hear you Aaron. I did not make a family. So much bigger followers on Twitter at the mega cash we really do appreciate you guys listening. Will be giving my god this is revisited why can't I thought let's dig a quick picture of all be behind us in now and not W really sweet. And a woman I come to daddy. That's what happens. And live day. Oh you're cutting off.