MegaCast 11/30/17 "Blame Lauer"

Wednesday, November 29th

Today's MegaCast was sent off the rails...all because of Matt Lauer.  Enjoy!

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We tell Matt Lauer was not expect not Huntsman answer share. Let our. I don't know after a bald man. Yeah he's always been smug from two who confess I thought that there. Oh what oh see I'm not been. Just living another day for having been accused of sexually. Being inappropriate at the workplace. Opinion. It's insane. It's so much insanity I think the craziest part was the fact that the person had to deliver the news was as Cold War. You know I mean like well like all this crap went down hey eat what's her name. Belated does this show without him. That Guthrie yes I know I can't do this. This is just that morning here today and it NBC news. Just moments ago NBC news chairman Andy lack sent the following note to our organization and your colleagues on Monday night we received a detailed complaint from a colleague. About inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt our. And representing an after serious review a clear violation of our company's standards as a result we have decided to terminate his employment. While it is the first complaints about his behavior in the over twenty years he's been an NBC news we were also presented with a reason to believe. This may not have been an isolated incidents. Now parts of ours I rule what you read the latest thing don't now know all so here's the whole thing OK I can't tell me so now it's reporting what is actually the truth right. Like Matt Howard did this okay. NBC new yet but apparently variety in New York Times were about to publish pieces on the. Okay. Which which this is like I wanna sound like this guy but sorry but almost to a certain point like. It doesn't matter what they knew the stuff was going on I think a lot of the stuff but until somebody else is gonna report the story it'll air. At that we're Talabani earlier and I felt that. This is like no other seems rather brought the Mike and I think that they in his before I heard this and that kind of makes more sense in my head now become a I did NBC has had a file on him for a minute M by emit many years but. We were in a different time we're assuming that self could is be brushed under the carpet and nobody's gonna say anything. Whereas nowadays and I am not saying this is a negative I think it's great because it's like let's get all these idiots. Out of the spotlight and let's put that miss a stop this. But now is coming out and now people are taking these claims. Intake and heart in actually doing some research and finding out that the people that ever wanted to know there's no way Matt Lauer would do something like that they're finding out awhile yet he is just much of a piece of crap. As is out of the other people that are coming out in the news. Yeah I just I wish that was the truth I I think. You could still reporting it doesn't matter until somebody else's I call you out yes you know that's the sad thing anemic but also. That's so works. That sounds so crummy to say but it's the truth I'm sure this woman went to them years ago apparently happened. And filed a report so what are they gonna do they're gonna intimidator it was last time you heard somebody talk about a good hr story. Where the company said you know what you're right we screwed you on that it doesn't happen companies fight HR stuff all of the time the intimidate you do see that. So basically NBC was about to get caught by other. Things are there or are we better fire. This snippet in the but now NA cohost. You reported did you report I felt bad for her I got Zagat has to be a mine death basic finding out her friend to creep. And if she didn't know about it which I don't know. An out assume not but I don't know. And then Pete not gonna go in front of millions of people and tell them that her friends a creek. Yeah that's so weird it is a guy make us hate the report does everybody listen to this just in but I beat Ted Smith. I got a little too weird one night in waigel up on a road behind. News at eleven yeah like the third leg OK now I gotta continue my day bright stars are out there yet headway going up on people behind. I happen to me wants for the human resource is laugh me out of the office or eight. Something with a loud thing lake. I just would feel better flake I honestly believe NBC just went all right we have a complaint we take care expert like all we are dropping in a lot of trouble. You can cover it up forever and and then then they're not gonna just cut. Eyes off of one complaint. You know I mean yeah they're doing there has to be more like he even said that statement but that all makes sense now that there was a big expose it might have been coming out about him. Sort of world we're living in did you see the did did somebody read we unearthed or not unearthed by adopt. Back out there and a clip from 2012 of Katy Kirk complain about a hour. I've heard it a lawyer read all god is great issues and not any Cohen's watch what happens live back in place of an Katie Couric used to do. The today show with an hour for like nine years yet and they were doing. I think many other so called plead the fifth it's kind rapid questions yes and and and here's what happened during. UGG a ZU co hosted The Today Show enough power for fifteen years what is not most annoying habits. Yeah. Keep pensions the only apple. Do you. What else did you have a really likes stoic stare after she said that like yup there I said it. I mean. I don't now you wouldn't Ozzie I don't know about anything anymore I I somebody was asking you today right is than Yad trump. To re tweaking book both. Blatant raised Irish or some of those videos are real the press secretaries it doesn't matter of committees you retreat a real. Because the threat is real and somebody said maybe just trying to bring down the whole thing and you know what so when did you vote for trump I thought they were crazy for this months ago. With them. Howell that I really cute little guys are all bad at all I'll always out there Milosevic is to air all the sound try to build a backup. Then of course there's so I just want to thank you because. You very very special people. You were here long before any of us sway here. Although we have a representative in congress who they say it was zero long time ago. They call or Pocahontas. Right page you're the only one that says that first of all. And nobody for he can actually they're code talkers for more to the greatest generation give them their medals and let him go on their way I look on their face like what do we do. I'm right I'll riady apple comments I what do you do at that point up. Did you see this some last minute mile well they meet you know like seems hypocritical is ABC owned by Disney like that movie was about Obama operation dumb as you think. It's not a hypocrite like the moves about her. But he's using it as a racial slur. I've a couple of friends are very very I vocal trump supporters. And one of them after that story came out 'cause. Come on man I voted for you I don't spend did you can you please just shut up. Like I all or. Most poignant statement average like I am one of your supporters. You're making us look bad. But you know. It's rare that I'll defend trumpeter on the same token lake. Why would he ever stop these the president he's been his brash kinda talk and ask guy eight. Coming on these little racist that as an over the years Central Park five. But he gets away with it right Ehrlich everybody else is going down for the sexual looks conduct its up. He later released we have them on camera talking about assaulting women that there's anything right Billy bush can't get a goddamn job I deeds RS then it's right bush needs to run for president. I don't know I never any irony yet it's like I always say your honey I don't I don't moments of though podcasts that a lot of my friends. Right Colin Capp predicted it means that we got some issues in the country. The receipt you should leave the DO country. Trump said this place Sox with making great again and we voted President Clinton and I let me just understand. But at this point you know what do you trump her top off on top of all the child. And god I bet it's stopping and that's I think dead on board yeah I mean this is sad and I would just think there may be knew we would be at war my create or join him to add up odd amount of effort right. But I got let's go have a war by Christmas that's right. I do agree with them should they Merry Christmas snappy volleys Steve I don't care and important. That I was I did Ted talks today one was. Going back material. Tore up everything backed its. Maybe we could do whatever we want not a war on a moderate strain ranked. So the first one is going to be you know make sure you cut out time spent time you know with family cares about me more importantly people you like and I said not a hell what that story seventeen. Twice in a team is piece of pieces two and a bad on fire. Let's stop it out just move out of this house let's destroy it also stopped the last group to a new neighborhood hi Abby do you know what's going on and Oprah I. I don't talk to these format I think every day's a new story about somebody who do you dislike YOK great this person's account. We are surrounded by awful human beings that's all I know that's all I know yeah. And at some point to leak I think we could somehow. Puts some line somewhere to write like. Like the guy in Alabama more than you are sleeping with teenage girls and young baby from a Glendale mall. But okay Ringo Starr wrote a song about. Sixteen year old so what may end from a maul. Visitors don't has been banned from a mall is Don Moffett yeah. So apparently peeing on a mall and being of Metafile. If you commit crimes that involve the letter PU banned from all. Relatives say lake and and it's lakes have got basically I've I don't know I don't know where the line replete and then obviously true also late. If you're out there trying to make jokes it's a very tough talk it. But you need to go to joke about stuff but it. It's so serious even right now I feel like now I'm in trouble for even bringing this up. I put there's lined the dish child molesters but Diebold re being willing lenders people kept calling women Rick sorry those are not three equal levels to me. Absolutely not. They've been there done there alt. Idiots but then there's different levels of the idea eat duly catcalls and you get awful awful who vile human being deserves to not be around society that still had a spot had a feeling yeah. But how then I'd I know it's tough because think. I I battle that every morning I'm sure you battle it every day like you. There's so much juice one time bring all levity is right they make fun of these people but in turn it's like Guam by making fun of them I'm hoping that. Making light. Of the victims. Unit I mean. So yeah it there's this weird conundrum where take. You know you want take shots at the Louie CKs in the mortars in the short and the trumps and and now Matt flowers put them on the flip side like there's part of me inside it's an internal struggle maybe I'm just a little. Going to man a positive like they always seem to be going through by the lake. I'm I'm worried that by doing that in my crushing. The spirit of someone who was a victim who might have experience of being similar to what this story is about Nidal look at Steve. Pace like that show but he's he's making light of something that I experience and there's nothing funny about that where I'm not trying to make fun of the act I'm trying to make fun of the awful human being to do I think they deserve to be the bottom a joke yeah so it's weird remembering heard from at all. Yeah PME trade and like some of the stuff flake. I only wanna talk about it the winner of the text lineup and here's I don't mind saying the word trump. Right all right I'd I don't do it on the there you know it's apostle did you see trump that your immediate it is to people saying we hate trumpet and other people don't write entirely too just like Jesus Christ the man is he acting president. Like I talked about Obama when he was president right right. Who made fun of Clinton made fun of bush made fun of tricky Jimmy Carter made fun of Ronald Reagan and we're making fun of Obama and were making fun of trump for all for different reasons yeah but. You can't. Say anything. If trump saved the baby tomorrow right leg of a baby from a burning house jumped I don't know how but the baby figure out a way to climb up a ledge and jump to the billion child happens we walk combined local me before right. Catches. Yeah right. At least tell that story. We have pissed off the entire audience regardless of like how dare you see submersible Donald Trump. Danielle if you like I'm so sick of hearing his voice while we drew from bring it up dozens trying to speak you know I mean like you screwed either always at. Why why you mentioned racing that baby you clearly are trying to fake news this us. You know I mean I guess everybody used it it's it's nonstop it hurts my head they even saying that word when you know that there's an instant line of both the left in the regular contact us is mine. Yeah I mean I have friends and annoy the crap it's like duke like I've just. But he's the president support you have to just referenced him right there I don't know what your respect for the leader of our country or the other side is bad all Obama would shut up yet but I'm merely talking about something the president. I mean we he is without a doubt the most interesting and polarizing president of all time he's in charge of our generation so yeah I've been alive. And yet we can't talk about them because it just. It alienates almost 90% of our audience yeah I mean looks. We got kind of joking but I'm not I firmly believe there's a good chance we're going to be yet African war within yet another country eaten in a move through to yet. Pray each and tell you get off DM Twitter. That's my other buddy S a big term supporter here he's finally hit capital it was a book. I love the president I will fight to the day I die is in Indy in support of him. But I really wish you'd just disable his Twitter her calf went yeah that's nuts and this is completely and yet. I now. And it's okay you get like you can think some people and I get it the ears of yeah I wanna get into a very I was gonna say like sometimes the trump to some of the trust people they never won embedded in its okay but. Session if you're Christian he's not a Christian man. He lives he lived for years and a cold penthouse which he is not like Q only thing you have in common with him as he is a white male. You look out Robert Blake. I'm just saying dude lake. What would at least you have nothing in common with the man how is he liked you. I would love to have gone back in time if we had the ability now with obviously I crap that's going on when we surprise every figured that out sometime soon. Go back in time to when he was just the host of the Celebrity Apprentice and all the people who are in love with Donald Trump and ask him then. What do you think of that guy. All that rich entitled PO last I do you guarantee it. And all of a sudden. What changed you know I mean I do change was not Obama. Exactly and ended Tea Party got fed the crazy right side of the right all fired up then and right people like well we got to do something he's not Obama you know like Clinton is on Obama and Hillary is not cut a dynamite yeah. Right in the dented their part in grand idea military men on the Democrat I like Hillary know. Even vote for Obama the second time. This happened and we just went off the deep end Dow rolling them push ups and that you should you push a stroke recommended the terrain and take a break yes I'm on my arms to handle that. I'm skating of course weekend. As good blood racing I don't even know we needed a blood race in the heart pumping. Because they were pretty fired up ped Pettitte and yet brings a functioning of the brain might not be functioning. It's a matter of hours fall. Let's really trusted trouble now sees it all with Twitter all day take good shots and NBC in my house leader great point like. They have every tape of view in front of biker during your practice of why. This world in this country is imploding. Gusts and it's happening quick but I'm upstart that's our job automatic train that's right mother mother of my above well eventually sandbag after magaw. Magaw Mobo took me forever to figure out that last segment to honestly didn't need to do over I hate you know whose slogan the people what should I get an economic. He's right. It's a does I don't feel always have to Google that are who they are dynamic false dawn make America great again you know Joseph threw me off but RN. Are right now these people nurse this week why all of my listeners have to do with it tweaks. I was on I eight show I think it is. Our it is I am HL in my mouth that honest opinion well. Brighton we chatted uses a game when daylight Haywood would be Woody's activities and you've heard this week for him when he else but I thought it was like some kind of like stock. Ninth abbreviated stocks. Knowing Qualls but we weren't in his Miami tell I wonder what. We're we're with the greatest right now. No it's not humble opinion RS every. Yeah of course it is a winner of this game and I'm not dead man's gonna bring us comfort Ted it's just get this Fred Durst. The president. Version of this large we should there's a biscuit cover band coming. I just need to get together you what's this it's what's the Olympics yeah I got idea better yeah I have plus get ten. Good visited their Mission Impossible soft take a look around. I know apart. That's ticket don't. And we're. And served. We didn't think we needed it but it's the winter that we needed yeah we don't want me. We needed it but yeah we deserve it we earned it muted the right and it's there are a lot of talk about which we probably won't get to go we come backs. Splits off the line things up. Puppet practice I think he's everybody at. I do hope that last segment with your writer Laffey just went you know these guys are right burn it down. Just how good we got nothing left bro. I think about it too bothered the gem. And Africa watch all I just saw something on FaceBook into his eye socket lefties. Al Mike. The political party has truly become let's sports. I mean I've I've been saying that for years but it's now worse than ever people are. Trash talking the other political party the affiliates whoever you know people who are Democrats trash talk and Republicans are used to second Democrats like is if it's a 49ers the Seahawks rivalry. Right it's sad I don't care what side hire Al Franken or more got a guy eat you Don yeah. I we get back won't rule that a bridges bridges yeah I say. From the mate as it turns. It's time for us to seal the deal fun for me. What they have a. Julio quick. Has prince have he is tying the knot. To celebrate several informal goal should be held the post UK. You are invited to attend just due to winds have reasonable roads dot com today and into. A limited number of invitations will be awarded. Would include enhanced sales were two luxury accommodations these children visit greens heavy his balls. That's prince Harry's bulls dot com even if you don't quit and indeed I. I street on FaceBook so you'll still be able to get that includes looks. And prince cabbies won't. So there will be big and shiny insulin sun so don't miss your chance to get up close and personal with prince Harry's holes tops everyone gets take commemorative bank. That's right. Greens have reasonable sacked just four injury. Yeah these guys about stop and at least to me they yeah. But then again I didn't get how much need and then it cost a chance. Are about implement innovative design new tax. My understanding yes. No it's okay and I know. I mean I mean I don't know. Rules are still OK this sounds. All dynamic then things okay. See you guys do about it. Gary your clothes moments the junior it's disingenuous to marry again. Oh yeah the post makes represent the advancement. Most of the summer you don't multiples below lists the one with no which when that's rock star yes. And then he's a new tournament sanitary. Tropic does I don't know I like he couldn't remember. I would go on anyone savages that night. And angry guys in the tunnel pilots. Snapped into my thoughts on stressed out keep. I don't believe you know when you say you got your tour with the attitude it's got to learn things rather. Oh come on Iraq I think you've seen him. Around that. Senator up. Stimulants that it is located about 21 or that the number two in the number one these data I don't know the numbers of people up a it's they have Steve's I think you got no hot. That's a Sox. No drop box no roster features front right I tell you is on the back now and I'm just on the song called bank account that's the new when they got. Or is this towards. Did you win this is going to be a little bit. Whale visits I'm just clue yeah I'm telling you right now being run their own agenda. That is such an example. Eighty and it's like news. I don't know what it's. It's out. 160 feet to the daytime video. The big lead up to it might get them the. Toyota says I was single movie that. Karrie lead. The subtlety to open GT DT I'm trying to do. We're just sort of sticks your sentence I don't know this I'm you're just gonna happen in my calves are you going to bring in the Teddy bear to. Baucus asked no I'm not really my gets it. That Tim masters it's. Upset mom. You can't even talk to. Hi Erica thanks well like I did thanks so I don't get out of it did look equally badly for bars for your keeps. Us. That's great I thought when he on savage looking up but it's not all that many things a filthy about individual. You really got. Oh forget it I was just to redo this last thousand going to this is the one you down the rabbit hole well no heart. But all you can't play accuses him via ST I have got all of what you call review version yeah it speak for doing savage sometimes they do like the out. The non U version. He's also dating right now amber rose. November. Steve do you know black people. Have one black person you talk to and a look at that you have thinking about this does not count if you're gonna rock station with the band. How I look at that you regulate it Steve lives due all of he plays hockey. Doesn't know we're here are a minority but people you speak out. I thought I'd love a lot of black friends that is I can't even say that without sounding like an idiot I have plenty of black friends tags. We don't talk much about anyone savage though Ross went on pilots' hands. And so because I don't know who amber rose enemy when I had a look at a picture now a member rooms. It's I mean I thought amber rose is pretty famous shares should hold each one just to be stripper is ridiculous booty which are all oh yeah. Yes I shave a part of that distributed said the chip with a bleach blonde shaved head I know I did talk about why would you like how. Hasn't even you know amber riposte yeah. So he's been dating her too which I think helped tournaments average profile little bit that I follow her on Twitter clearly I I know black people. See I don't even his follow its proof Fred they're following. You know what Steve I apologize thank you you've probably never proves that's right. Because you're when he beat among race ambassador. Ted. There you can make those allegations. It's a home ramps. Funny conversation from space given a little bit in general should I be mad question involves thanks also good at the thought thanks my body Calvin plays hockey. A guy he plays so he lives up north. So he was he is asking me musical salute to some of the other teams that donkeys play it might. Pistons have to let out a slate. You look out tonight I go on a trip with a regularly conclude that big. I don't know a ton about the inner workings of oh dear leader and I've. Yeah I was you know Britain did it it turned into just come to the you should get your team come on top of the the classic Jack yeah absolutely outside default let's go to class to go to class ticket shout out. Thanksgiving good for you do man mom came up models and down gyms on IV podcast I saw that people are pumped. Facials a lot of front main and my friend James Stacy a bunch people who resume as a black people over. Actually yes these are ordinary Americans making sure hollow stink it up which the big black huge shock does drew can't get out of view wallop. Some chat him up this is great to be like the story. He goes yeah I've run this boot camp he's. Played at Ohio State and it was in the military attacked Brett ironically also worked in radio furcal fears. And then told me quote I wanted to rate make real money so I sit and that that's great thanks Erica. And I couldn't about the bird can't get out of view while a packed so I start talking about procedure what can you got a new succeed. In her dead. Right for whatever reason I just configure her dad's name at the new at that time right enemies that I will just describe the moment he's probably lake. Early to mid fifties real fit. Blond hair his daughter's around thirty. Real fit blond hair and Asia's sick. In many shoes you've just look at this video from my class this morning it's basically like. Thirty clones of the album. Out of like art you're right you describe if you all brick the fat blunder don't you love does not narrow it down south now known out an offense malaria site. But no there was a bunch of people Wear a it was good time the food was awesome like it was a good grieves kind of like a mixed groups as fun. That's awesome and that they have to go family things didn't go 800 champ so what time of the year right if you like a pagan fundamental however if she can't do. Anything about it. Nice and I just and I related terror you know I mean so it's like again my plate. And I thought up I thought the equivalent to played someone play nice you are different Turkey's amazing disperse youths who goon who these canyons and this and that numb. It's a guy doing you formerly know. I'm for another round get up. Get more acts where do you put degree. On the best tips I am a little drizzle on the Turkey. All right good maybe upgrade the heavy with the gravy put on the tea those who little Turkey little social. We had some bad call yeah the fan is something in its purest form I'll respect that yes. That's the regret dog but now we have or should I be mad men of the time that is before we talk bridges. This and comes from Connie it is guys I've or should I be mad dilemma. My boy Paris was a good and it's funny because at a congress is one of my buddies who something similar happened. But different results. And you'll know where I'm going wants or reading it's funny you mentioned Colin cabinet I have a dilemma. My board are supposed to go to my family's house for Thanksgiving but I told them that my family was not going to have any football games on because of my father's anger at the players for Neil. He said promote her boyfriend. At this I'm gonna my Brothers and there's no football games. I that I was a guy he was kidding turns out he wasn't sure I'd be mad. I lied to my parents about why didn't come I told that his brother was pressuring him to go to his part as Thanksgiving dinner. I should I tell them why he didn't come banks may god from Connie. AM Connie that's kind of a tough one. Does mean its face give people who watch football. I would be furious if I showed up douse known when I watch football in protest. Out of right away and could saudis pin and went. Once you football is still not on the same level as eating a craft on a Turkey. Well here's the problem too is that honestly I. I think it's kind of a stupid reason not to have any football on Thanksgiving Day right and I also think your boyfriend kinda had a stupid reason for not only your family thing to do. Too stupid reasons like offset alternate and hey. That's of Selig I don't know who you should be mad at there. Yeah yes good question what are the boys are probably overreacted a little bit new but also lake. I don't know man it's Thanksgiving even people who hate football on thanks give and it's late to watch some football it's tradition because they watch egg bowl. Mississippi Mississippi State. They could have done that. You know I am I'm rhino may be her boyfriend's a big cowboys or giants or Redskins horror. Packers. Got lions and vikings Broncos. Now and I was lions vikings. Chargers cowboys. Right Washington vs jags yeah. Yeah that's a strange one. Yeah like. I I get that everybody lately charm got every fired up like trumps thank you racist comments to actual soldiers from work to elect sorry sop. You're going to skip the NFL pump Rosario right arm so on them it looks like. No it was protested when Warren Moon was beaten his wife easily stayed up there that Paul Clinton talk about people should kneel on the net what about who was the general Clark. I think there's a ton of of people they beat women in the NFL Ray Rice. I was fine Josh Brown now you know I mean like nobody cared then yeah editing a bunch of cowboys fans freaking out on great party who assaulted a woman jammed big gun and African now they cared then. But now some -- meal for racial injustice you're gonna you're gonna skip the whole week you know. These because there's no American flag on that bed anti terror. Yeah and it's also funny too bright I think you've you've read that story throughout each other is tied for me yeah yeah terrifying. Somebody like. Stand for what you want but honestly a fellow such a dirty we'd like all you know he's like a weird thing to boycott. Else I'd love to be I mean of course united did Thanksgiving myself into -- when when are you with everyone in my family about it like okay what show we're watching our enemy would do a background check on every single actress that's on this show let's just make sure that everything falls in line with what you think. Because he gets a slippery slope like you said when I saw people on FaceBook went on a crap was going on I dumped on with football. If if if if Michael Bennett doesn't it bug but it doesn't stand I'm never gonna support the Seahawks again the light weight so. And look. I mean I I I I just like. Watching sportsmen and I'm I'm torn about like this you don't know who does what behind closed Doris but that's a US so you're done you would be dealt with them for him yelling where is not hurting anybody but you were okay with. Frank Clark who was. And of domestic violence in her college. Now wasn't going to be a breaking point for you put him digging in need because he has a strong feeling about something that's happening to his culture and as. His community. That bothers you. It makes partner. We're in a weird world math the so we're pod. I asked Brit is right now I think we're killing people we're going to isn't funny humorous or boycott nuts when I assume that's what I'm boycotting us is the two groups of people that are boycotting the NFL brainpower all the trump people they're like how he did they don't restrict the country and in the black was not a people to boycott meant for a year now there's a cabinet yet. Like off what did you guys have some income now. A blow all their little minds I shouldn't say little minds that's insulting I take that back. Too late that is out there I am protesting a million children both sides now. Speaking of football. You're into what I what did you see the guy got dom made fun of because you went in front of the video camera news Chris. Ali we draw. To what they got a got the fumbles. No Robby Anderson from. Mastic is on the sheets yet. He's not and he like did something looked into the camera like vote for me for the pro ball. There audio just having fun yeah and when he announces guy like all up in arms guys pennies and a wedge about it. Over a bunch I haven't seen this like oh this is pretty funny to refine they figured this is what happened. Sees race. Everybody's so angry man. There is so angry. And everybody has the late you know what is to poke balls above refine its football and I'd look I'm a white guy I'm Roberta White House hole you know white guys love duly sort touchdown. You toss it back to the referee. I think is they think white people freak you love it right. But he just it's so weird if a brother somebody has little fund is mostly like they just can't stand continually evolve with Anthony share. But there's score touched all day it's just a crap. It's entertained heads. And here's the example. 950. Why I hate sports media. Somebody. Why is met him yeah. What are you DOD your did your money on the game. Is your fancy football team completely screwed because this guide his campaign for the price it's funny I does malaria yes. He completely quit either he can't concentrate don't play on the next play now going to have an issue of a football player that they have a big play idea hole lead to eat thing. Yeah AME optimum hungry and NIC. That's fair. Yeah I feel more Steve. No to maybe know about you worry about the play in the third quarter cent making me hungry you pretend bowl food that you're eating yeah. Sports people that kind now very angry podcast it is it is. Just yeah. Sorry what she was brought here and lighter religious late. There's almost nothing you could talk about any more right are you can't talk about Hollywood is Carl molest and everybody get talk about sports that a turn into something. Feel like. I don't know I give it would've rocky CBO it would picked NCAA tournament. I. Buying it Don rock off triple once in awhile right I think true. A rock idol. And I brought class or an enormous obscured a W loved baseball yet you want to based looked games or whatever might occur like jelly beans yeah dislike. I don't really read like Daily Beast this little look at sports man. Think that make it a big deal out of it it's so weird to that's what I think Roger Goodell but right now somehow I'm only defending give general. I read crazy you know Tony the dean. Q so can fuse and the defending people don't even like. Sacked it worked it was really did feel that it had I did my story. Know there's a Christmas tree shortage. Steve. I'm not put the spruce in my house. What's going on we ever tradition to go get your Christmas dried out but if there's a shortage and there's always Bruce's. I'm not about it. Where they're saying is. This could mr. Sharon's here in the northwest. And missing experts say all of that there's Christmas tree experts here it. You would be a great Christmas tree expert even customers can expect this place slightly higher prices this year an average of ten dollars or more to your Christmas tree this year is probably cost you were fifty bucks. AM. It's as idea. Not a good time Ted would need to get your Christmas decorations. So I am like. After the first week of January all right see you leave a month yeah but that's violating the day after Thanksgiving resented entries up and I'm like. Then a few people take him down only the 27 like no but for me plea. That took a whole Christmas week between Christmas and here you gotta go past new years at least yet linked to right reasonably epiphany little Christmas on the sixth yeah yeah why potential. As a zoo say January 6 is right around the time that we take it down and we we got ours up though. The day after Thanksgiving I saw us all the lines and whips yup yup that's right and that doesn't make any sense Freddie don't make me. So it. We have and I saw. But train track and a train that goes around our Christmas tree out of school may cast listeners know what's up and yeah. Every year ten and I have our slumber party in my place a one year to discover that inside one of those strains. Was up. A lion Tamer whipping that line cannot. Just I was like on the ground looking at the state of sticky it's got your whip reliant. What does it say Rucker so yeah also we got addicted I am worried this year Steve what happened well luckily she's isn't as big. So going to be at a smaller tree yes Autry to Riyadh maybe think about chemical analyst Roy roundtree it's. Really just got to be in between tree OK I don't know about a victory. Nate OK speaking charges are well when he gave all this out because I know I'm not going that way Steve now. At story Christmas trees here. So says how people decorate okay it says speak Christmas trees are more popular in real ones that doesn't shock me yeah. Older people are more likely to prefer fig trees and young people that's good yeah you still younger and me yeah. 82% of men sitting in a mostly outside decorations for Christmas that's me that's me yep you have an outside. I do I put lights on the railing gosh how long does that take Jack. It did take up to five minutes. Said he Iverson limited it was a decorating inside that's absolutely right I do need tree I do all the lights around the tree. The Garland around the tree and I help. I put up ornaments but Emma white swoops in and moves them around where she thinks that they are better I do the whole trip myself. Probably because there's not a woman and that's very true he could put away guy and interview some weird like. Silence of the lambs thing. You Reggie come around and a woman's we'd like now. Mountains girlfriend with a tough game going right away at all he has fully loss is now clots in my but you do a great job with the trig right. Susan Davis argues that ours are about decorating is taking everything down after Nazi I don't might take everything down it's easy. It just kind of depressing yeah that's true. Big Three things in most of them what we like most about decorating. Okay it's getting into the Christmas spirit all right being creative. In the tradition. Yeah. But he makes he fielded trim archery. Yeah I guess that's the one day we don't have is we are defeat tree we used to have a real tree until spider hill when I see trim that's an old school term for just decorate it. Always to trim the tree oh I think you pressure I had my we'll clippers in a holding pattern the shape of maturity I don't know I mean just as I would have meant yeah. Tougher smog and now trimming a tree isn't actually each I always thought people trim their tree. We know you're probably right on our very bright Ted. I think you'll know that find out which you bribe that's right typed. Blow it up speed. It's over it's all aluminum lobos. Maya. You know we don't get a tree. Yes you do we got to kind of data go get a treat it like we got you treat that's not what I saw that certainly won't crap we better get on this tad yeah man what they were gonna do that you guys have. I know we got to figure out yeah. I mentioned to my wife and she rolled her eyes. And since you and I are we are together that's fair dude I mean I wouldn't say we aren't we have weird you know we have a slumber party yeah. I think she thinks that's kind of strange. We we got an annual Christmas tree hunt. Right maybe a bar hopping. Sports sure from where I don't even play the sport that's very true and you come over to spend the night you cannot possibly do this kind of weird. The festival. Yup you can the vessel this year though that was weird tightly do you like any of the band finally I thought about the music paved dot com. Yes but the river yeah. That didn't make sense that are. That's we should you this year and I am who are we what is your Christmas can't spend Christmas. Makes you tell me attend came to our house but you guys stay in the RV outside of the house. And Hulu. Yeah it up enormous and the house couldn't. I became income does. Carlo yet that you don't. Thank you for listening to this episode and me gas ever still there at the end you've made it congratulations I thought what am Matt Lauer is towers fall. I doubt it it just so confused over the sworn in the got to the tweets about the stuff. When it's taken not fake Matt Lauer has been largely what is going home you promised they would and I we don't have a lot of opportunities to talk to each other so when we do the missing cash allotted time this is whatever is on our mind at that moment. Bleeds into the mega cast yet so bright you were returned the microphones on tents like. How other Matt Lauer. And now like Alia was right talk about I don't think you gonna be. If I would know that Matt Lauer would put us down this downward spiral. Think Graham RS. Jump train main role through mock them oh foes Marta as saying mama follow. My got past day RN ST a bag Miami John. Gray. Ash tag trimming the tree German mature. Yeah we sure this kid that's the most important part thank god we have the winner this I had my drown my sorrows and egg roll. All as well as they make chicken wings I want it. And I don't let things like there's been. CBS. Appropriate day rolls. TJ's deli just because of agro. Tiger has kids and your family. They would then they need everything that people. They know they were CN. And on the world. Mac break ground for. OK okay. Sure and match. It's been completely extensive and put them at the latest. Through that may cast. It's.