MegaCast 12/06/17 "Ted vs The City!"

Wednesday, December 6th

Full disclosure...both Ted and Steve are going through a funk...they are doing their best to stay positive...but Terrible Ted and Miserable Migs make another appearance.  This week the fellas talk about how Ted is at war with a crazy yelling guy...Steve is at war with people at the gym...and both are at war with a pastor that ruined Christmas.  If misery loves can consider the MegaCast the ultimate comfort food!

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It checked checked Jack. It's just gotten word speedy to me it app and. I. I'm afraid yeah focus. In faces and some proof. That I'm afraid even just talked normal right. Oh boy Wednesday. Off to a good start talking and just give people a little bit of a heads up here it is up 1140 we we we try to circus around a 120. She's on fifteen the it's a short podcast not because of us this time although it probably yes. It's our podcast because they just move this into another studio which doesn't for a can work. So there's twenty minutes to get the engineers to fix it for us. He hit epic. But we'll say the sound you hear in the background as just somebody to win their share pentagon noticed her typical book club and it's nice she's like right next to the wall yelling cheese to go twenty feet away from the window just talking just having a conversation. And so if you zero Deanna from the wolf. I she's the new third member of the mega cast pretty DNA leak yes she just doesn't hear us and she just gets talked into whatever she wants. So you can tune into her. By listening very closely Horry to listen to us it's gotta work the other way to repeat she sort of sit Magruder called would possess talk about right I don't know what to do. My guess to certain podcasts had missed it or not a lot more. Let's just a. Don't remember friends. So bad that I think it's. 8888. How are you sir. And I out of maintain and you know I. All day today in the morning leading up to this in my car right. Mega cast full kiss let's get a plan of attack have some stuff to do a softball down the rabbit hole that is Donald Trump even though the first thing I have distrust for food groups. But big units. Let's let's do it may cast of people want ya the one that they need the way that they desire we get to push ups done we get to Ted talk done we file structure all right. And I felt the Dallas gonna be how we're gonna do things. Intel I walked into our new mega studios. Which is actually the walls production room. You know again we're just you know the little bitches on the radio without saying but I feel like we're you know. If I didn't think you'll like this year I would feel like they don't like desperate the way that these doors in the corner in the kids' table. Yeah a non functioning production agreements awesome. I got a wire going through my legs right now just like a placed above my laptop a US doing that lecture free stuff. Yeah are you you're giving us more content for our website and you get nothing out of it and then. Awesome connection we make when our listeners which is great don't get Iran's. Red all of that we only get more difficult for you guys. It's. A small pictures yesterday on FaceBook like maybe you should be friends that this person would hurt. And it's a guy in the picture of humanitarian ready to do here in the assurances I Fred Hertz. And I got some other guy out front there might have spoken yet to be friends as a Chris I remember correctly except yes yes I guy's awesome. Hi Fred Durst what is the winner of biscuit in you know of who put us into a good mood even though it's sunny out and it. And it looks beautiful that is a plus side yeah it is and cold but this is late December. Well the rest of the country for Seattle like art it's cold but it's clear I'll take hot I am fine with this kind of a winner yeah old Chris. Yeah sunny I'll take that. I would take fifty degrees cold forty degrees even. And if Hollywood 3535. To go to 35 that's right cut and click the opposite of me kind of auction seeds gone lower if right or tripod no. Mellow thought your wanna know fifteen absolutely not. But I I'm with you man I'd rather than over night. 5560 degrees and just overcast and rain up to suck the life and yet still alive today did exactly the sun helps absolutely. So why don't we get things going Ted it's good to see you get red and we got past our hiccups it's gonna be assured of podcast because well. Most of our time was spent trying to set things up well let's get right into the winter biscuit. Tends to get the heart rates in the blood pumping in the brain function name and not us to face a fine and other suns are just growing field once. I work. Can't go wrong with this without. Getting more more people sitting. Smacked on snack shack and emails. Of pictures of their dashboard. Readout. Saying only Vista because they're listening to you know Greg has said winter gets hit the turf just love that we need to be slim fifty to our family. To make up candlelight is that just viewers that. Is that a morning Joseph thing. I've grown up on me are in the morning Otto and on the makes guest financier. Car. Yeah. Heroine of the pushed aside away. We did. We have room. There's never want to my left arm gotta go gotta keep this nice and tight. It's tiring. He takes me. It might sound like a repeat of the last couple weeks. It's David courts for almost a current status. My right things out of our depth Steve I had I had an idea I doubt I'll let dad. Yeah a guy like literally destroy and got out good good morning and not want to just Sonera steep. Geez Christ a sign on the executive work out data so I mean. Walked up the streets in the dry cleaners had some new genes I got altered and it's great strength now. And I come back as the executive work out kind of like the admiral's feast of wedlock and split. Executive agency Jim Crow like you to get steamer Sonera whatever you get a sweaty in which you can do anything that you're cheating up. Again lied while yeah I dearly would be like steam Sauna hot I had a hot sun since the Masada nice so. I too believe this is why they stay the course saluted you've had to Sunday night okay Sunday there's a screaming guy outside my building and I contend. So finally you like midnight 1215 I wake up might relating. I just go. Shot up. And I thought it was they get it pretty just kind of came out and just went shop when we you I was on my back you can OK. These days. We'll call I got that shot not okay is gone very easy yeah what are you running and the third floor OK okay. But it's on the hill right on first and also it's not that it's not far from the street to be OK I sleep I don't know that I mentor to come out. It's as tough as they shop is enough already since high school since who then. Easygoing at all cops I don't care Obama law. Some call the cops did get a good for you become optional he just YouTube right course to cops show up he's mr. Rooster friendly and walks away Christ so today I told you have a great born in common to have Yamaichi's. In here comes this kind of behind I live by a food bank. Halfway house price there's always some excitement there are even tops the food bank in the morning I like that you refer to it adds quote unquote. Excitement Ray Allen and you'll be like it's guys kind of sketch from time to time yeah literally a 30 this morning was cop squeal and wheels pull up to the food bank is a big fight. So cool. And I'm. Old Derrick. A you know me and I'm pro helping everybody out food banks this Matt price but this thank you scream it's it's him welcome back now and he's walking up the bill. Any screen than right any looks up and makes eye contact with the united search shaking my head. You know they you're the same data now OK okay Chinese say any says something to the united you know what I don't do this today. Any insight I'm not doing it tonight but I'm going to work I come back you're gonna be gone from a deal with the and he chose low low on you yeah you're real tough got a night when the cops showed up right. When we go to the Alley right now and I symbol which you don't understand is that I go to work and that if you're still here which you will be I'm gonna find you can really deal with this. Why did you just spoke with Ted I know. I'm separate item I of this you can tell we're Smith is walking tall. So. So ultimately ABC yup mama volatile in the Alley right and we took. Five feet for me now he doesn't understand. Anyone who's listened to the podcast of the episode that I would not know that Ted does not take no crap what do you via mail with a home our men without a home. If you break a bottle bill and Ted's life he will push you into your ball on the ground for I could I redirect you seated next to you know that rage oh yeah like. And I literally had to appoint a promise they listen bitch wolf. And I and I did this what I won't even look at Evans got a subject or even let's go to reality right now select. I got it would tell you get home from work again Leo you wouldn't understand your work I'll think I don't get home the same time every night. So that's terrible Ted. Hello Samantha I don't a lot of is give some dude she is number voting thirty just strictly tailored players empty because the businessman. But because you give the executive work out so then I go to the office my bill message hey. Yes insecurity after that guys out there didn't think follow bond fund that civil listen to ladies out there like alma hit Emerson meant. Could the guy they don't worry we'll call the cops. Now he goes well here's the camera angle just make sure it's self defense. I'm somewhat tight when it did land a punch somebody at 3 o'clock I meant I get home now it was like 630 hide cheese cheese man. So you just set up a fight after work. How to sort of barbershop give my beer defense that plays they won't just tell me when you're coming over those lake closer I have to give my beard trimmed from them get home. That's legislate they diplomats I'll find you still be out here yelling I gotta get my beard trim something that you are not familiar with yeah. Wow I'm out so that I talked to security guard downstairs and you won't believe this that's an IQ that he is man. Don't give us ideas Phillips a water balloons it's cold outside. Also an hour get out terroristic acts I hit I don't know. The main problem is man I try to be a polite neighbor Melissa Lucas went for whatever. He stands in the spa hot cry like this to get a 2 o'clock slips in yells to avoid. I'm gonna see him right. It's turf for. I can't do I let's hope when they do I don't give a crap just not on this block. Right this is my home right I someone ambulance smoked my splits and peace on a mile go to bed without some guy yelling all the time. And like Alec come home from work not the worry about whether you everywhere in the wanna fight me in the Alley what I can't believe they keep. I was not expecting this story man alcohol now do you see what I was like yeah. Asked David core I said if I get it I'm sorry to even question your dedication to the mega cast clearly you had a moment. He did this is really like an hour and a half ago why and I love you go to your guy at apartment complex. Only thinking Doris or take care of it will call security you'll all the cops thought he's like hey man you gonna be a mop. Just make sure you don't get caught on camera. See you probably don't look the guy to his body exhausted every yeah yeah that's religiously directors' guild and you're his opportunity for I cry like you know every other tenant is comes to me expecting an IQ takes at look at me I'm 110 pounds soaking wet I can't fight this guy he had Ted who's box before. Who's not net no stranger to Brazilian jujitsu and by not distributed he's watching on television I doubt it for four months yes. It's go time dead. Had health and Mario succumb in the Seattle tonight. It's being there right each week's. Big all the signs of like we're in San for Cisco minus the mushrooms in the search for we'd. Hit a (%expletive) its that's the dislike it just I don't know what it is just sleek. Every Arrington cheeks heat lately it's easily have come up having to get these something and brings it down it's. How men no more Ted vs the FCC is Ted vs the homeless guy outside of his house at a I. Own might not say how great it is. There's there's no which they did they just I don't win and that one right now I'm either the guy just beat up on homeless people or this or that. Right there is not did Odyssey you didn't. Not man. I'm not going to tell you what to do obviously your man of pride and I respect that about you and I I probably would feel the same way like blogs I've got to settle this but let's not. Also forget your future your career yes you do if you want to do when you're my stand but do it okay yeah let's let's break it down. Without the career. Did you really into a fight at 3536360. When all homeless man who has nothing to lose the always hot shots early public if it's always great to go. At a moment's notice and an Alley way we deal. Shia and he's even willing to find out what time you're coming back you know he probably has no concept of time nor watched tonight can be asking people all day long what time it is city make sure he's back in time to be able to fight you. Yeah this guy's got nothing to lose it's not worth it and that. So secondly. I am old I am a hunting confident you can hold your own in the situation I've been there with you I've witnessed you I know you're a man of aggression and you need to be looked at either a terrible Ted comes out there's no stopping terrible tech you shut it down. And eastern nothing else happens. Tonight on call for a news radio personality. And this time may get it right hey Ted Smith from the men's room on KI SW. Beats up a homeless man. We'll be back after four or whatever back after this. This is the one time they'll be like Ted Smith from the British jet that's right they will get all here of radio they list the podcast the mega image to make cast does not need that kind of reputation. I don't know what you do on the podcast of Latin and columns or he beats up people and Austin right now whatever. The manager I don't know miles enjoy doing it probably Robin she's probably punching babies and stuff. The mega cast a podcast of peace love and drink cola tea. That's what's that it can really I just looked at that we're not doing this today I think than it was entered into. We won't reach in the Alley will go right now. I'm and it's now worth it. How I know you know it's not just I can actually you know the we're not doing this tonight attacking a screaming here but he was as close as you're doing good though. A yo no audio. I know this. You guys who were not doing Hussein a a young polio girl but just how is this guy you think. His mid forties okay. On the tiller did you have the upper hand Hugh. It's a picture right in politics go I just wanted to beat that's right literally. Is he kept chirping if I just sit what is your problem man. We just total another block which whatever else so late. I know the halfway house I know some those who sell drugs they're not selling them to you if you sit down here and yell all night they'd ever come out from anywhere give you anything. But move a law on its most of the drug dealer when he rose business. I love the I'm like no heart to heart life coaching with this guy like look. Your show almost where you're so problematic that the drug dealers don't have anything to do with you break they won't sell it to you so he can move on and so when you said what is your deal would it be sending. Now that medicine what is your problem yeah. Oh he's secure better location a zoo which is your problem require you out you're young and our telephone our right. You can do on come on the mega cast imbued their IPO we basically whenever gonna get Luke Wilson back seek a new Kim Reynolds has your best friend fixes. But that was my morning. Wow yeah I am looking over notes I have it is not nearly as awesome as that for your right leg. It's used at the moment when there's another million discrete digital and others like. Ha yeah there's a ton of Kiefer could use a such a nice jacket on hunched yet because I have. Tournament it's like I think I tell you shaming you. For creating a life where you can afford thanks in 99%. Of the people live in that halfway house. Or whatever they're fine yeah but there's never an incident played a couple of them hit me up for changer their houses came and the scene out here every night I admire that but it's that simple right but it's a woman for six and legislate that guy. Right so what happens tonight. You know. You're a lock your neck in the way your day is going he's going to be out there yeah what happens like how do you handle and I send it to be. A troublemaker. And that's in it to be funny like that's a legit concern I have from time to time when you have those kind of situations where it's like how do what what's the next step. But that's the thing right it's kind of a weird situation because the cops only do so much right. Late night they show up he shuts only would hitting an idiot and an arrest sting operation only to watchers are yelling right. So right so late they'll show up maybe scare him off when he comes easy just right that's like today I couldn't believe. Like. And now we know while knowing him he I don't remember who do you think you remember you now so by tonight he may realize that you. Well it's not how I wonder if you'll be out there yelling about wonder if he'll see it unless I. I you know I don't know what it's like to be crazy I cannot with the record I am we. It got kind of crazy I mean it's ready it's one of two ways either go completely forget org you'll be sitting out there all day yup. My idea on the streets doing push us right now we sit out there yellow and all day as a child boxing I think the cops are gonna come clients who mark before I even get a top job guy what's going kind of training. That's why it has already duties and what's the reality though is that you are so tough the other night the cops showed up you shut up right out. Our students are here. She tolerates my issues of life a lot more trivial like I'm gonna chairman and a couple other instances of Hawaii that the gen. And more people not he besides the locker heat out but that's really Christmas but I mr. Christmas and it is very hard to get fired up. Right now do that is roughly speaking of ruining Christmas when we come back all right. I've got the world's worst pastor who tried to ruin Christmas for a bunch of kids I think it's the most messed up body you're gonna hear is he's the guy and the law. Okay. I think it might be I'm not sure. What we get back we'll figure that out might not hopefully terrible heads and a better mood if when the main cast returns to holy crap. These guys have a future. And that future is to return after this quick break. And medical. This holiday season. Make sure you're ready for company with the new relative begun. Indian meaning air assault or relatives being gone is powerful enough to read your whole mile races dongle that was good. Did beat Brothers in law shoe and everyone's favorite had she done so they don't mind at Tropicana. One cantor relative begun can totally read your house and extended family in just nine minutes. Making it possible for you when your immediate family to enjoy the holidays go away there were meant to be enjoyed. All alone. Ask your grocer. I've gone beyond the. Terrible that I feel now. Good good what's bad 6 AM nine. And at 6 PM ten will be taken on almost message to eat them. Dead vs the city. Let's head vs the world does that mean there's the world wrestling circuit to know what to defy wrestling show's media when his sister had personal world. Editors of the city I like that. That's what a liquor and the many people their like. You can't you sold drugs and there you patrons I like to stop the Jolie a porno which Steelers so why. Two shot the asphalt there is great to sort it yeah there is sirens counseling my neighbor but right. And I can sleep they're open but I can't explain to you with the piercing. The guy you Helene like right below your window like it wakes you up. It's it's unnerving dude that's like when IE. Tried to living Capitol Hill and by saying tried I legit lasted maybe four nights in Capitol Hill. What were you would work to -- old building aren't you know where this will you live right I would have been like your neighbor technically all right so you're review what is city marketed as yet you around the corner to think it's like summit. You know yeah. There is an apartment complex that I moved into. And across the street I didn't know this until the first night that I spent there is a female psych ward. Well there was helicopters and you in pretty by ADB. That's really close. Yemen and a helicopter gone that a hospital you think the Grey's Anatomy. I don't know it's only those Coast Guard once they cruise right down I five it's crazy yeah I think that was a military one. Sorry that was a big elegant obviously these are people it was a big helicopter legislate. If we had to die for my studio that we are and we would mean even noticed it but we felt that we saw and we heard it so anyway so I would differ few days the first night that I see there. Across the street from us from us me I was by myself was. Female holes psych. Inpatient. Place I don't even know it's technically called are you crazy went right and not the fund sex why I don't talk about like. Move him yet like people who will be yelling out of your apartment do that kind of so so first night I'm we may go to bed. Yeah I don't have much on my. Just basic a couch up a futon and that was it I was. Relatively new to living in Seattle I just got a job at the and that can be kind of cool to go to walk to work. I know what is it mobile. This woman he's yelling bloody murder annulment what the hell's going on a look outside it's just a woman smoking a cigarette. Screaming. Yeah him to say you've got to be kidding me find out the next day talk in the wind the other people there and a couple of McCain know what's. What happened last night without woman that night all we don't know follow bought Tellme you know my. I guy adding there's no way in hell really put up with that so I suppose I stayed error. And I and haven't had an actual legit lease like whereas like you know six month lease as the month the month type of a bank. I just bagged out right away I just I don't want my stuff and left a note from the dilemma Oregon he was crazy too he. Would you'd have to make sure to let him know it was coming to visit you after 11 o'clock at night. They're like you gotta be kidding me to play a Mike. If you booty call right I'm like I need to just what you know. I just got horny and I contacted this chick. She's probably about fifteen minutes out. So. I just wrote a note that was a complete lie to said. Hey man who bit I'm assuming since I haven't heard back from you that you got my voicemail and leave a voicemail mail I got a site I need to get a move gotten the middle of the night. And said. So I would like Stanley emergency had to move back to New York. My apologies. To care. As before like all like email and social media and on yeah I got. Never heard from the guy again so I mean I'm guided him at first month I just. But he's got out yeah I'm sorry I'm done I'm an only wanna talk to you like aren't you rich Miette back I was weird he was. Regardless. I'm with Jimenez has since asks she confidence is so hawks that I did you relax he needs when your home. You just wanna downtime UN unwind the last thing you need is some guy yelling outside of your place yet. Moved to draw. Can't have kids right houses available yep dropping to afford a guy that I cards start commuting and I think the game to take the bad. Do you remember the facts of life living in Seattle first tune. Why Lewis took about this past our. Did I heard this idea comic I got to see this it's a pass right name of David Grisham is self described Christian evangelists are already know he's one of those aren't he's got to be outside of like dot AC DC concert. Yelling and screaming about all of this going to help. That type of guy that makes him who believes in god look bad because of this kind of memorial. That's a Jesus did noted do you see other people outside of any CDC counts are constantly yeah EG read the Bible that's his whole thing he hated Malcom yeah. Now it is right easily hells bells on against this yep yep for those about a rock not Jesus not saluting you and so this guy. Bunch of kids I guess are waiting to meet with Santa at the Santa Claus house in North Pole, Alaska how cool would that be all right. And he decides I'm will lead them and their parents know what's up that this is not Santa Claus in it Santa Claus is not real cute it is. When you hear it's a psych. Imagine I mean if if you're welcome to stay in the dictionary it would be this pastor and I'll post hi kids my name is pastor David. I want to tell you guys that the real reason for the season for Christmas. Is about Jesus that tortured like our. I I just wanna I wanna Mike Kenney came in an almighty away. Yeah. I get it felt. I'm Darryl goes to church I understand that that's some people get into it without commercialized Christmas is whatever man like. You can do both you can enjoy Christmas you can also believe in god and it's. Possible religious people are agro Catholic EU you have to move past this. They Christmas is a holiday right it has nothing to do with religion anymore no fury Christian or a Catholic. And you believe in Jesus birthday cool. But to keep walking around on the true meaning of Chris was like no it's not. Most of these people are never gonna go to church on Christmas right they're celebrating CNN and getting gifts each other and I mean the synergies that argument is you just like stop. Let it go wrong I hate Jesus and I and I wanted to tell and I know Martha okay and and also Jesus was born in the spring census would have been in the spring there's no reason they would have traveled with fair play. But if you really wanna get into religious guy. Yeah consensus even if that's why he's that's why Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem because it was a census that's our hotel security hot and allied defense is that we go about it tells us right how many people are. So lake literally they retain the Romans were taking a sentence is elderly people lived in the empire that's why they were in Bethlehem but they would have taken place in the spring. Ready to be in the wintertime. The baby probably would it didn't it would have frozen pending jerked. Could have been a hot winter right. To tell you kids today to that. Santa Claus does not exist Santa Claus is not a real the man you're gonna meet today he is a man wearing a suit like costume. Innocent make believe it's not free why are you doing this right why you got awful human beings but you wanna just destroyed some kids day. And ya more importantly destroy the parents' day because now they get a deal. That crap if I was a dad. Not men look a memento piece enough I don't homeless man. I don't know promised on punch this guy right in the face I you know what I would he says not not here not today not today it's hot today also you have to my job I hate. In this make you believe it's not real inappropriate there are no reindeer flying reindeer is there's no. Here's an am we understand it here and you leased from everybody has had everything well if you cannot. And what have you found the couple who we really have fun and interfering I'm just telling the truth and then I'll leave I'll about a minute knows this. I said Leo okay now back and it's and that's exactly and then at right there that's Ted right there yeah looks are meant to take you to reality show you what's up. You shut the F up about Santa Claus. All right let's talk more people ma'am. I it's it may seem to need straits. You lose I still think people. Have any common sense or any common decency that whatever your belief is why in a crap on some kids moment. Susan real thanks Derrick. Yeah and what are you getting out of this besides being self righteous by which I apologize I remember again. That's like Jesus did everything so the people to know how great US district that's my bet if you clearly missed that chapter. Yeah I don't get it either an ad do you think that group of people that you just completely ruined their and day. RL EO you know what sir tell me more about your religion I'm thinking about joining your team. Yeah it's so different and the people knock on your door your inconveniencing me wore off to a bad start you're not selling Girl Scout Cookies why are you here. He thought I'm not gonna change my religion because she knocked on my door and inconvenient I might have been taking care of myself at that moment would you like to shake my hand. I've greatly what does Sega again that decisive itself reaches the nothing. Absolutely nothing and and and that's easel. We do is ruining kids' Christmas the rule of not only ruining Santa but also a great year yeah. Mixing a good time off frosty. I think I'm the eldest my book I talk to the manager about how Rudolph might appeal walker and if you talk but I mean like. Volley here miss theory. All right but because of the red nose that like some kind of a menstrual buying. Content. It's mainly because of the interest are both male and female reindeer screw retailers generally male reindeer we'll have shed their antlers by December. The females would still have some and technically you're generally they do have rosier nuisance. But I just kind of being a Smart ass and that's listening to the nature right link. I wouldn't sit there with a child and argue whether or not reindeer were real. Oh but anybody who didn't debug Santa class to a child deserves to just like live a miserable life. That's the worst of the worst I don't even talk about Santa being real on the morning show but I feel comfortable here. Man. Who knows him I don't think anybody's listening to this to their children. And I hope not face so this is all may believe San Israel but that doesn't finish. Not a deck don't use that word. To parents on appreciated. Don't quite homeless people kids. Get it to matter how bad they get you. She said enough. That I love that person easygoing walked by the I'm surprised nobody I didn't punch him. If I just don't understand. I don't understand anybody anymore Ted may total amount I went to the gym before we serve I guess you now the usually do and dom. At first he's my only issue was with the locker. Yet we still have issues with he stills gals I mean he still like. This weird like he's trying to be the alpha male on this and he's upset that I'm taking his locker so like Derrick thank he always sees the locker right next to mine. He kind of crowds a MySpace when I'm in there when he's in their two biggest given the point where. You're gonna fight a homeless man I'm gonna fight the guys next to me in the locker is she speaks. Camilla top of it I also like him because payment easel crew that you got a bunch people who kisses NASA the U mafia boss right somewhere in this building. Because are talking to him and he holds court in those in but by the way like that that the book dumb bells aren't although the work out. Machines are so I got to even put my head phones on. I have to hear the mall kissing his ass yeah and him talking about the hawks game and giving stupid analysis and I just wanna jump in a bigger moron. Shut the FR that's not that that's. I'm not even like the biggest football analysts and I'm telling you what you're saying is stupid but I'm only get involved in that. Nine and another guy like hey I this guy who constantly when I'm on the elliptical. He's constantly coughing. And doesn't cover his mouth. It is only two of these kind of elliptical so they have a whole bunch other machines like this one time are apparently he does to you. So were always sharing elected like we're always next to each other and he's got the super short shorts and it's not like in the cool Luke Wilson kind of waiting Tom techno Thursday. And costs what his mouth open. Does the coverage now now. Odd odds and take huge is that what guys like I'm stickers it would a smoker's cough I thought it was him sick at first but that's been going on for months. She nice to get it checked out why she's got some awful illness and I'm just to guide its cracked and on him. It's just what got I don't know and then. And going there out front is the UZ at least try to excite which photos you shoot a straightforward. That's crazy I hope is to a sideways there's no hit me. I don't know what side I'm missing and I could fat of maybe your political Buick. Yes no no let's just doing his thing just boy's mouth open golf in India and then. Same guy eventually go to a loose and fly out right it's gonna hit the window and let the look at that means sweet duty. Our senator bison smarter shorts so are separate but the senior balls and include. And then he's got to you know uses the shower or not certain that issue how dare he get clean and kind of howls off and then just leaves a towel on the bench. There's a giant thrown in the hamper the hamper ten feet away from the bench know what's pick up your wet town. And it's like he also seems to like to get ready next to me so I get that is our d.s every laughed and I know we laughed and no attempt to him all the time. Stricken towels are always on the bench. And I you're stuck in the same spot I have did you just say any fatalities highs I don't wanna deal with the remove your locker or did you just that despite steady if that's a big east. Sometimes and I'm the only one in that locker. And when I'm leaving other people are coming in and I'm thinking they probably think that to me that's leaving the towel in just a few of the HU Brian Billick Logan goes back I tell all book I doubt got right. There's always cramping armed our coworkers locker yet towel locker I. I'm Don I should stop working out. Why don't so I would say that maybe just not there. It's cheat her he does she get what you paid for. Well it's been a very fun podcast. We begin this week Alaska doesn't sit in outlook may 2017 overall obviously. We've done peacefully make huge criticism during the Christmas how they weren't eighteen fresh start. Questions for an awfully hot trivia you that you pay us talking to a friend aha and they're like well don't Murray's stay positive to listen panels are tied neck cracked yeah. What kind of how I've missed a process. Steve didn't really cause like I am upset. It's annoying. It's just another visual migs and terrible Ted shall. Yeah which is putting these two weeks left time off we chris'. Mostly young guy will go somewhere from a company that it takes too cold for him to be outside. Until the reason I miss the rain. It is just our and its its. Rodham. No it. That's what she knew I should stick hand in the little because there's late ego out of the garage and there's like a little Katy drilling a second door my sister I just spray and put the booster and there. Also you treating him like a rambunctious cat current. Chris scratching that. Its tests what do you set up like a little sprinkler system. Now and just had a hanging from your thing have a vote and then whatever he's I'd be able to walk into your living room. Where it's plugged into. It's turn the faucet on and just go back to whatever you're doing just spritz and yeah I are you paying extra are you paying your utilities or is that just in included in the bill. Now pay my utilities are maybe this is not a good idea. Honestly I think the bottom out of this water balloons on the call the cops again. I don't know I think a mace in it sounds gonna make some. If you. We're usually at. Well my first thought honestly was like. I have a machete America down here tonight. With a machete but and the problem is he bringing machete to account you'll have to use the machine right and that's the issue with guns do you pull a gun on somebody better be ready to you lose it yeah. Sounds like a nice up. I have a taser. It's a long gone nice did you dat ya bigs that things scary. Just because it looks like you see that current 100000 zap them enough I don't know I mean we've only Jesus does that people on the bought. All right and the lag in it it AL Shockey it's more like I think usually will scare. Yeah I borrow it. And tomorrow for tonight just I think I'll now I get this morning of whom chill out not have a guy screaming bloody murder etc. place right. Well I mean Al Gonzales do you in the news for. Killing a man and a. Sorry I really gets amazed. Am going to committee sent you from east anybody. No I don't and I like today literally I should read this it we're not doing this today and then attack and he was five when I guess as close as you are right below our wallets of the Alley and settle it. Don't like you have a full had a hair. I don't know he wears some crappy old patch them doesn't bother me want to see him late. I'd like IBCA taken to a physical altercation try right but he started seeing him process. Those mix of humanity should have to working like scratched up knuckles maybe make cut idea I got like a broken hand because I got a fight with. With a ho welcome. Tech person bonobo she's. On am sorry to hear that well you know what I do in order to be prepared you do have been. Didn't send more Porsche yet you wanna be small yeah I can see that the fight yeah I have strength in the best read I've strength is to do more push ups he cites a we're gonna do this and I know Saddam Allen's in the other room during her shift I. Ounces are seen as to push ups was out of that she will. It was is this just spoke just tip on this round at a pop up its clean. I hate this studio. If I mean really immeasurable and terrible in my who just embrace it just do it at the house if his base all the time. So podcasts of us is bitching at a simple tools ever admitted it cannot affect feel bad for Detroit that's this where I was late. I'm Tom others again the big cast now been put on I swear to god and I try to eat mr. Debbie downer in December on the slick all. It's okay. For a lot of here's a lot things got on my way. And I get it then you're just gonna have setbacks and the one of those down periods a little swing backed up a clinically. When we open this is gonna happen this week if this change clearly. Updated chip Reid stated. The guy he gave me an extra we years few months yeah I'm I'm I'm in the film I I I feel like the mega cast listeners Greg we got a few messages from people who Massey podcast I was down like love is. How is that in the new widget from B write them despite it being a train wreck we found great entertainment in. Durham plenty of funny moments despite. The attitude that you guys had an okay cool. I hope that this is the same yet until we believe there's like Stephen they still are having from the worst might have been doing admits yeah yeah it just that's why it's also lose the time I get to talk Stephens has repeatedly was going on I can't believe I didn't really do not expect that did this this is where the pockets of amigo. Yeah I don't we talk a little bit about the weird pastor. You're talking about I have a gift card issue on nine jobs I had an incident with one of my yeah family members my wife's family members right shut him down. Shifts. Let's just whose push up yet there's a lot of stuff let's bring us now man at Mexico we are at. Are lots of you here Rick curse us and that's we will move really angry. Where we not even holding back if it's us holding back we should you elect scratched at me because I hysteria treat you figure out even timeline. Yeah. Yet as I mean I'm gonna be off all right so we can make something happen I yeah. All right nice. I well everyone who's listening as always we appreciate you got me out guys now more than ever yup and in Egypt right you're almost like art therapist but you can't talk back to us. We bitch you bitch for an hour or her 44 minutes. I'll go sound nurse goes down a big game this weekend yeah MLS cup that I'm excited about what if they win the cup that could be the turnaround all the way I hope they don't use. Ted might kill the homelessness they lose. Think you can even go outside and do you champagne shower. Don't exactly right now and that kind of environment now. Now. Packed. Yours or make us feel better this get. If you fly. It's pretty clear apartment yeah another you have to worry about the homeless man yeah. I was content. And as little weird yeah. At all. So what did drop but now they're grounded her what's up nicely giving up making tailored clothes feeling good good guy yeah. Journalists get onions. Are you upload them Twitter. I familiar cast. Yeah man. Oh. He's.