MegaCast 12/13/17 "We Don't Validate"

Wednesday, December 13th

This week...Ted gives us an update on the crazy yelling guy...the fellas chat about Christmas gifts that they hated but pretended to like...and we play "Star Wars Character Or Disease".  Plus, we are joined by our friend, Ellen Tailor, as this is her last week working on The Wolf.  Also, this Friday is our annual Ted & Steve Slumber Party...follow Migs on Snapchat as they might be sending out some "Under-The-Influence-Snaps" (user name on Snapchat: ImSteveMigs).

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And they might we have successful start chick filet. To place sounds delicious the election truly flattering you know we can get chiefly breakfast. Urgently near you pro bike right by where the old trappers analysts note kitten make that close in my house. Impresses you from the Starbucks. Really know how it's in the same development as. Trappers you'll trappers. Did MIP thank I've never had cheerfully breakfast. I'd much rather be break ups are causes either breakfast or. We don't have like twenty nuggets quickly in the morning like I gotta tell whether we couldn't do that. Americans take you to really get it they'll say get it on the way home home distorting your already Walsh let's do that you are right it was the worst now happen. Eight worst is leaving the next day now we're gonna eat them you call will be out. I love this idea so we could be really sweet to my it my wife we can buy or samarra are waffle Fries to shut them off the front he's ever had embassy's been craving them. Lou so my. They gave jury trash the house but we got you some dale waffle Fries who loves you are they fresh no we Bob Lutz lighten up and it's only happen if. All right. Review Iraq is yeah Andrea but. What's so bad. I had to move to chairs on the sides about what I'm box in the nobody come over here are sort of mega cat. Restarted the intro there realize these chairs are too close to us in the new mega studios in new and on improved. And so we just toss our chairs in a corner. As you're in the wet last time returned to push up to where our elbows are jacked it wasn't good wasn't conducive to us getting our brain functioning Knoll was a grand. Doubles Bob and in this stuff. While still pretty good I think today is gonna be a good mate has got terrible Ted is miserable mig it's tough talk I think are good moods yet yelling guys we've gone for you gave Hoffman asked why do I still. I went back and listened to. Last may cast. Just to hear the story yet and it is real listening to that. It's it's so ridiculous it's the crowd that you're going to effect we got a message from one of our final make a family. Op on Twitter and because deal we were talking about whether or not you should have. Pepper spray or bear spray or whatever it was may face yeah exhibit mime a classic but I came in here that whole altercation it just happened. Yes you were. You're running hot yoga pot he just said hey man just listen to him you Cassidy got wanna know what it's like to eat pepper spray and let me now. Are the Miller or US navy law enforcement and we had to get sprayed in order for us to carry the OC spray on duty not crazy in order to have something they got to know what it feels like to use. Yeah wood which is fair. I mean it's like you would you've gone now I can't take a shot. You know what it's true. But I think with pepper sprayed tee users you're more apt to use them true width with great power comes great responsibility writes I think also those things are easier to abuse I think that's probably why it's like you know what we better pepper spray disguise he knows what's going on. So are about right yeah I've heard it's not very pleasant and he goes up first off your pupils dilate to the size of a pinhead. Eyes clamped shut burning sensation tactics and and in the final is a respiratory affect death feels like a 250. Pound person sitting on your chest yeah no point now now you know smiling face. I've been in a police station we're somewhere where the cop. It'd desk in punctures pepper stray off anyway like fogged up the whole place in the had to leave the station. And then I've been at a protest for virtual got pepper sprayed right near me off. Hurt tear gas that's enough never straight tear gas so I think I've inhaled tear gas which is pretty rough yeah whenever I'm nervous pepper spray thank god I'm slightly distracted and trying to act like I'm looking at you put behind you is Deanna from the walls and yeah he's currently. Dancing and doing pure let's. In the other room. Columns she don't have you folks I don't know what she's doing what she's now doing some like. Crazy hip thing banged. She's getting down almost to Brunswick. All the boot scoot right. Yeah and it she had her own big dance troupe free country line dancing yeah exactly I mean it was good I was impressed but I don't think very distracting you're trying to tell me something serious. And almost see behind you as a woman to ensure OS yeah that's a big studio we're doing how it is just. I mean in a fish ball off there's little studios behind this everybody walking by the hallway manipulate pray they can see us but I just saw where he met. So each other Mike who treated us that information he says there was worse in the chamber during boot camp who have enough artillery is worse in the gas chamber is a media would be great and easy tear gas he said I thought it was worse than that confidence chamber to boot camp when your experience CS gas. Yeah I'm OCS stands for but I would add I do not your license got a tear gas that's crazy yes that is so not seek out. I'd sit for funds he made it a mega cast of the loan venture where we get pepper spray be you know what. That's a terrible idea let's brutal yeah we don't need that to get the energy what we do need is some pushups Ted that it. It's true because the heart racing the blood pumping and the brain functioning this time around of course Ted we know what it is it's the winner of visitor biscuit and I felt like we should go oh gee would limp biscuit I go back to the day when we were first introduced about my faith. All nice hello yeah. This is the one that turns one and a few times where a band comes out with a cover has a big hit it doesn't slot soon after tax. Yet I think about it most advanced and have a huge hit. That's a cover yeah. Don't they never can really recover from you area and currently. Right you know farm setup I like five finger death punch and they're popular but as far as tips but they've never had another bigger hit than their dad company cover correct. Yeah it's very familiar from the big. End yeah. Faces today. Intend. I'll tell you why maybe. A year later I think every member or Hezbollah Pringles. So when you. Usually don't come again how weird it is that. Deanna is over there doing your life. What are we doing it's. Just a moment rear their. I'd say it's us. Take a tour it's tiring. He takes me. So to part of care number one with the holidays coming up and some half a ha ha. Inevitably. Because that's a tie with Steve all the probably aren't your favorites. But that's part of the holidays great you know hang out all the friends all the family. I would just remind people as I remind myself all the time every that are about lately too. Is just. With some people lake. Is just part of their personality you think they're just gonna act the same way so don't expect in the changed as a man economy she's been seen person and you don't have to get super pissed about it every time. I've Sony's not family members or friends. Who when I finally just came to grips with the fact that he's just an insufferable a hole. I started to like him more yeah you don't mean like it you know who want talkative I turn the mikes off here and. OK so you know what I mean like the first impression awful second impression awful slowly sort of realizing. This guy he's clueless to the fact that he's a jerk he's not trying to be a jerk he just says jerk things all the time he's actually not a bad guy he just doesn't know when to shut. At our. When I finally came to terms with that and found humor in that. I enjoy seeing him all the time to Ron Silver foot in his mouth not in his mouth. I'm OK and then I forget about a family like if you just walk into it knowing my uncle is going to say something stupid. My cousin is going to go on a tirade about how awesome Donald Trump is. It's just gonna you waste it. Well I told you I mean yeah she may need a nap in the afternoon on Christmas Day. I didn't encourage round eight I I'm gonna nothing ever happens I think I mean I don't. Thought I would think you know bright guy and it was like every year right she would get all worked tough for somebody else said so and you're like enactment of the kids are here right every year they can't. It chess and again it's Christmas morning Lisa did you go to lake got a reality is that here back he's YouTube's houses they practiced yet some drinks yes but. Double drinks. And later in and the kids come over you claim that you don't pick and you didn't waste in the mortgage backed throughout this this is on our couple of drinks. Sleep that's the best we still super heads of congress tonight right here right it's not like Santa cap off by. And the aren't encouraging you'd just power through Beers like. This family this is the highlight of their day this breakfast is all they're doing right so for the venom. Okay so like you know your families come and everybody is very important Rupert. I make. The days of though family members getting a good food good drink on 'cause I was younger and I never really got to take part in as in yeah uncle especially and it's like. Uncle passed away trio also drink it up none of them do yes. A cramped pod does this I think he's just doing that human Roy and I'll grab my should up to my wedding we're eyeing up the grooms men at my yeah. And he got out over about a glimmer in his I think I knew I like Steve for a reason there's alcohol back here he injuring Kenny is like grandma's to be a mad at me if I drink. But I think he likes have a couple Beers when he's not at home you know what I mean. What do I tell that story that's most aggressive or see you drink all gentlemen have a hard. What are you puppet but it's they should look like after our report according to Steve has his say it's Bollenbach they've bought it's I saw tells spirits. Is it whacks you couldn't get she's got a steep he was five the whole day whole whole perception that Zoellick Thomas are you gotta flips a little bit like mother if you like to talk to open. I think you look good don't seem nervous my combines. Of course I'm nervous I'm getting married. I'm scared I'm worried I'm like yeah I wouldn't do good myth that you used to look hello. Yeah all this crap I'm the guy who passes out the blood for the dumbest reasons already a married there's ever a time to pass out my wedding day. So I got all that in my animate and you. You drink. I need some things to kind of take the edge off. My Geico junkie and I'm trying to open this standing at all wax covered just couldn't get digital strip I think at some point I'm like if we ever saw also on the top off I just need to drink dis yeah get a bucket a break in the bottle whatever lands in the bucket drink it. Bob before we get anything else is later shut out to a friend Ashley. You know 10 yeah maybe one of the old Jeep mega babe she said yes not asking are you guys doing a mega cast today I'll right now so I broke back and I said yup. And she replied and I haven't checked yet so I'm curious which is about the site. I would step birthday can you give a shout out army Sergio listens for one Wohl. It's just not listening who the second mega babe I mean I thought they were a package I thought there were like it was one name one beat. Mean are we gonna have to dump staff. I mean it's her birthday we can't umpire you know what's so weird though how those elected to original mega babes yup and then they have over bracket to address that is still listening. I don't like our mega they'd stop listening to us plans we got the bills assault point I mean come on Steve it's not returning my taxes. I think you toasted us. Well there's another girl that Hindus and so weird social media. In Delhi camps and then and the daily day I saw her interact with what we are what apartment you're babes and a court and I know. Go between me I have never met Stephanie league. Actually want to sleep I stepped and come up that might put you totally Spokane but it suddenly people think of possibly be in on the radio for the podcast from seemingly Twitter laid up. I treat these people and I see it's a walk through the guy I know them that think that you don't know them weirdo. Well clearly we don't know staff now and we knew her to dream big junior I don't who's listening on the Stockton and an hour's most of which are happy birthday. You know Steve it's the Christmas season in doubt some are going to be nice kind and say happy birthday happy for. Gradually. People here how hot it is here. Traditionalists and you've got people yelling it was sure they're quiet okay RL turn in my top. Oh yeah I'm noticing now. Our whole I'm noticing it registering on my a mile monitor here. And it's an opinion. I mean you would think we were at a party it's unbelievable. Step one of building a radio station may the studio's sound proof. Yeah yeah it's a simple request. There was talk about Christmas before we get to anything else we dollars a second part of it to Ali Ansari records is everybody Merry Christmas do you have you ever pretended to like a gift and actually secretly hated it yes. Oh man what is it. Are right now doesn't matter. It was just a bit Stephanie gave you could still free to talk about it clearly she doesn't lessen. Just because the whole hawked its so funny because the story involves my ex girlfriend named Stephanie I'll look like that's she is crude Steve did you yeah. Obama I have I know I know to commute or that the former mega bass that. You know on a clear and all the stuff he's opt not know her dad to us her mom got me some really nice gifts for the Christmas I was statement I'm off. But they also got me some weird ones and Mike. It was just sort of thing like c'mon you still watch Ali with it QVC yeah. So those are some home shopping channel yeah suspect. There gives to tell them what they just watch that channel seemed really cool when you get a music while the the F would anybody want this I want you spend three easy installments of 171990. Data yet it was supposed to be like a pair permanent weight pair of hands. It was socially you put your cell phone in there yeah as I guess that over by where I rolled to read enjoy it's let's there was a dog grooming him to lose by rolling and let's. Their retirement go up to now follow through stone. All it was plastic you would have. Maybe now. It's too much or cause us some. Seeping right chatting or whatever it is yet anything chafing taping the much of rubbed it yet what do reverted. Great familiar limit you may vote and it went out and I was a kid like a little brat. I got a GIA general have literally went I got this one. What 86 for so. To people according to a study says that they have potential of a Christmas gift and 60% said they pretend like something. Are because city wanna offend the person I gave it to them that Intel and other reasons why. Dude I remember and acts are her parents got me and there's an it to speak proximate goal at the house is gonna be and it was not so portable. Portable. Chara battery. Car battery charger. So you don't have anyone can give you a jump. You've got this not so portable portable car charger like good things. Was linked to sudden will boom box. I'm like I don't have room for this in my car and if I did why do I wanna keep it in here he's got to plug it into something and charge it. And it's like role I mean if I'm ever gonna know what I need to charge my car. Pure play yeah and I'm sure like. Third thought was nice because that time I was living in Seattle. And that person was living in the North End and so is driving a lot and I understand the sentiment and it's like oh that's nice that you care about me but. Who gave this to you and who live wire you re gifting giving it to me. Your car at the time they Carter brought them all and there's a relatively new car that ran very well then why would you keep it that don't know. Let's just say I think when I I kept it in a closet until I moved in and threw it away. Yeah did give some plate. Again be a tool set you Rick. Wow yeah. He got into the tool set I had that happen actually that seemed girl her brother Damien tool set. Yeah my what are you couldn't does this look like Tim Taylor. Now my handy at all when any and other ways and I was don't things clearly. Some of these a year or get a gift from somebody. Mean like you just like the person. There were very close to your trap link. But it's like maybe they got on a brand that's something that you're ever gonna say about Obama do this he's a little boy those big dog (%expletive) let's. Thank you need are the big guy that could lead to hug you never changes you have the big now staff the porch. I'm under no fear shirts up up up up up to me of my brother who's been to public should Hertzberg and eagerness to eat it all huh. And has finally it was late and agreed to a month there's you have to Christians Jews like. You know like the big talks to how did you say oh my god don't put across from other bit high I think I think I'm over the big box stuff. I wonder about people like Jimmy stuff like close enough to do you not see what I Wear on a daily basis everything's black or gray. Why are you getting me in his bright green shirt. Yeah I never did that I will sit there's other people to like my sister picks out excellent gifts. I don't know how she doesn't and it's pretty has a couple of drinks and put on our assumption holds a thin high I got to give credit my sister and two late. The if they buy your shirt I end up actually bring that that's cool yet or do you just do it up clean but not that you good player at nineteen sort of like OK you understand what I'm what I'm doing here my wife's mom. Ans. Want her aunt I always like gets to something pretty dull. Like a a Jacqui eight or something that I end up wearing all the time I did when Jack they got really three or four years ago I still Wear it to this day to one LLC a vast but it's not oh yeah yeah I was already went yeah. So that I do appreciate that so yeah you're absolutely right. Yeah it yes give gifts. On is maybe Nick Price by winter brisket. As open in place and make you laugh but it's not working. Come on come on. In a room and mind. You there. When you that's healthy dose I think so yeah there I wouldn't do. But skills that took. A good place would be funny. To. And we should take a break you know. Pray you take a break once it's gonna start the right running. Maybe this. Steve and a lot of faith. They have they are or why we didn't break familiar to break his things start and play and now be funny. And I was gonna do who let the dogs out Nevada and finding there on the big hard you know I'm there also good. Luke who don't know that god is clearly good mom. Yuck yuck yuck hot that that moment has touched a pitcher has no mammals don't wanna give up hope. But I think in Manhattan in a big dogs off the porch clearly is Arab wanna make it gets back got. Actually somebody said that something's up a game that we can play our comment in honor of Star Wars being the big on the big Star Wars is coming out on Friday or Thursday or whatever day it is so. Really decent Star Wars inspired games. Are right cl well you know Star Wars Ted did every tell everybody at the dice. Dammit its console man. You want to make ask me back well. A wrong. I have a question grow. It's. What. The kids who swam what was. The mega concert will be back that's beyond. You guys. Things. When asked. Yeah. Yeah. We've Christmas only days away and deliveries are getting tougher and tough turn but people want fast delivery do you wanna receive your items in better than three days when two days or even one day delivery. Well now you're items are available instantly and the store. Slivers shoes letters Tony Snow boards flat screens and much much more are ready for the taking. And there are available now for reduced prices. So kids to. Could restore this to a store near you CUS the store. All the. Stuff on the Internet as available distort the membership required. All right Ted. I'd rather abrupt pitch. But the mixed bag match. Just studios runs smooth everything's going really smoothly. I know. There's my. You're an okay. It just wouldn't work and out of that those. Yeah I know. I never driven. Had it not fleet through the song you know while. Tags you know. I was out you know. You can't get me. Plus it's just you know was that not that song this year. Yeah I guess so. Yeah. Totally non stop written about all of it all come on. Yeah moment more with our Yemen that would want the gloom mode you. Move. It's nice was this ever again. Part of Hollywood Halloween jams players. How would you want. Student pilot got out. Your personal playlist that this is also one of my favorite songs. Already Jack Ingram and how might giving only white people. I mean but the other guy had a wedding in LA come. Be drawn map maybe he's not help this song comes on he loses his mind. Do you ever Wear your red T bird games back in the day at the Purina. I would still like two games in the healing do you remember the cotton eye Joseph guy now there was a guy that would go to the T birds games. At some point I think music easy like that the second or third period this song with my life. And it's exactly what you're talking about the only white guys. Yeah he would start dancing and doing this country dance off down the aisles and that at some point you take your shirt off. It's such swinging it quite a lasso. And at that point security resulting kick him out every time playmaker they would kick them out now. If he did it every time yeah. That's the thing. Yeah and make nice the DJ lake down markets close in profits it is Elissa I didn't play. How how high you can never stigma SARS. I'll just like. Ramirez from. Give. You saw it. And it's not the the truth. Here but let's get my balance. And did you ever looks at us. Brain matter. It might find anything out. What was that song while. You know display and underneath it off right yeah although our. You gentlemen entering the room barometer for a song. Plus it's tough to listening to old bad eighties and nineties dance songs. Yes let's we're monitoring it and say hi Bob I. It's not hurting you're honest I can't gotten the wrong yeah. Good old man. Allentown area riding. I am man wanna be on your personal lines are usually watch you guys in the window next door who. Yeah the group Biamila only can you blank has a nice feeling and officially made it man. I. Somebody we lose your credibility is lake right track that's used trying to do obviously move us all around aren't only anybody jealous of our time there we just a nobody likes us and Mike's our podcast. All I can't can't ever let your podcast but I have hot topic you know I that's fair. Absolutely and I think to be moved chime in and write us don't assign some right and I see Ted typing in from like an an alias there's on the like I am not really little Kevin during next LY and another to toggle back so you are calling it quits on the walls. Yeah yes so you're you're thirteenth I'm lucky I I had a store version right good obviously there's always like solved Legos and I know it's all that the key cards not working won't work ever tomorrow let's roll or but I'm gonna miss that parking pass the most because that question in this area right I was real convenient to have but yeah do and some odd parts and stuff like Q thirteen it's never good like I did like the. Couldn't get a miss most about UW even the people there is a listener now the part bat I don't I don't disagree that would devastate me too. Did you guys part of the gig is basically how much they charge the part you're all like I know dollars it is ridiculous he but yeah okay fine enough kinda miss you guys are gonna lose the free coffee and the parking yeah yeah and it does smell of Ted Smith there at ten mile walk into the deficit Obama on the mosques yes yeah and. And it's your own code they Smith until yesterday Jason around the news that Doug Baldwin I'm bald man I'd so I didn't talk about another bucket list items. I think every six years of public tees around and Seahawks legally and I got it to infidelity. Woods spoke Kirk spent. Get an idea of the hard times of the Q thirteen fox and they did the show supermarket sleep of course I was gonna be on. We prove yet but I was so homesick that was the show I was pumped to see yeah. And let's make a deal. Yet who that's a good ones yeah yeah and they rematch that was Safeway may raise money for charities and stuff like that and cell. Italy's football players recommend an a for some reason they asked me common rescue dogs team that's why did he not pick up one of the cardboard cutouts I'm not sure. I don't wage cut out. What I look I don't understand all the rules I watcher in secure him employment. It's Doug's team came in second and went to says he had me the cardboard cutouts that you get near like none. And had done was idea that we would do everything seemed we'd get some of those cutoff for such a car work don't have axed from sin and I am so it debt could have been like the deal maker or breaker but I help and she earlier in the game so I think that's why he likes me I thought. Do you like your IJ you know I would add that book with its I think I forget the other players mean obviously what would you do different music of what. A you're like a big team and you say it all or yeah there is shot dead and then there was another guy that I had never heard of cash de Palacio very fancy name yet I. But he was like oh well I I wouldn't do anything different you looked at me like Khamenei should help Amaechi a lump. I'm quite reverently about what I do next yeah I wouldn't know masa put my secretary and figuring out. I don't know what message is very innocent of the original idea why British gives you this look like about 100. Big game like we're do you mean in the same way. I know I think because he's I think he's like a second year linebacker but he's like not to aggravate add social media or anything like that I just don't know if he's not used to. Doing events and the public and what it means to especially play football in this city and be a star Kenny got thrown into that as a think his role cop guy. And Mike's right they don't know the media is just the media right they. I know it's just laid her image and Allan just ask him again it's a nice question to threaten what's your angle. I. Think you know who I was dead the you know I mean I'm a big deal. I bet they get run through the ringer about like how to answer questions I remember many many many years ago when I was a Koren Robinson back in the day and yet some issues but he was a wide receiver for the Seahawks and we had a monitors around the time make. I was on the air when Thomas somehow wasn't very impressive to see Allison may irresistible these days I think there are a lot to done better but at the time I was like how. I said the Sonnanstine team in town on stance seem trumpets the house all the time well I think I think NB AD it seems distraught. NFL cheerleaders I agree so I asked him make him their what do you think about your seat house and he's like. Think man. Nodded perhaps snow all. Low and down my whole hall. And he goes off about how unattractive we've got some of these she got my not known as you say we give many more Seahawks after that question yeah. I can't imagine you that's not good for the brain and no no no awareness are taller marginally star players on the team. Is this crap and on the Seahawks. And there are very good team at the times those like everything they could garrote was gone wrong I know what are we got him in trouble. Well you know what you've upgraded since then up Cecile Luke Wilson commoner and yanked out ice do you have big timing you still. Yeah we haven't heard from him he's gonna get us some really doubt read one for the holidays demand. And then him and got you had to buy a new era and I might will wherever he told us about that yet but he's never come showed up looking like promised us hats yeah. And guess your most upset about is perhaps a 100% yeah. Finally the parking that's amusing I don't. It does seem that usual many everyday but again our priorities are little different what is his hair. I will miss out there via. Talk about like he's never coming back he's never want to. Think he has no knowledge means again and trade energy moving on animal what is done now prove to us and he's coming back all I think yeah of course we miss him tell him. This is your public plea you know we need you bad attitude OK but it's so Luke. You've got an elegant even printed as you had a hall of fame ring here ruins it involved Walter Jones at two yup yet I was pretty awesome yes that's another reason I always wanted to secretly be on your station to you can only begin all the cool attractive men come by and here and play country music art at a time out yeah. I get a lot of do what's outcome of during brought New York I think by far more attractive art like I say give tech heaven on earth with a demo ladies. Country artists yeah yeah I mean we trade you. We'll meet an easy pzena your married to a beautiful woman by the bad and hot you've got that I don't know her but I tell what you want to get placing armed scooter. You know I could have done a little like wing man when a woman to had to deal here but. You know only really totally failed I tried I remember telling your Obama hostile if he were to win a crossover event tickets. Really not a huge rock band and a middle road for Austrian capital broad country band why not because they. You needs you needs of my dudes who they are for your nation and we need some with more river and with a lot more women are friends do a couple of years ago where I mean a couple my co workers showed up to a men's room event it was a correct you're like a black party released he saw a man that was great in so surprised but there's a lot of rumors are like lens Allentown Guinea get to get higher you know this day I get out volatile and valley to flirt with -- letter pop them like similar. With this kind of delegate people still ask you. Now there's no HR issues the right ever was that radio. According based on some of the behind he'd seen stories we hear. Now with the best and I'll say that every person I have data that I worked with eventually one of getting fired let's not only did my job maybe he'll be safe Ted son does say and yeah. Have you dated people here at the station here the gap a couple of stills who has been a couple years I kept that real harsh and I still clearly out and Mike's up. Yeah I even do that. I'm sorry I can't work manually secretive shows how bad we aren't mingling with the salespeople I've no idea who you're talking yeah and then there was a sales people say that's like revolving door unfortunately their lucky recommended now. But yeah I mean I was in Michigan. My first experience was dating a guy and the rock station in I don't know how vulgar I can get I'm listening I'm not gonna swear but it's a little inappropriate I'll go ahead I knew I wasn't gonna work out when he referred to his beard as a womb for Elmo. I. Why won't. Pump or paying full class. And I weren't thrilled. That no it was not knowing. I had a true story last name with clock Selig cluck like a chick and selling of our future and Janney clock can do womb room it was more club with a balloon over LA I was dizzy and how nice guy I've got I think that's gonna work. Mary and a girl and humor stage she likes she likes her womb to be brewed as I gotta go down with the good country girl outside a work. No he got it I didn't do anything big reason it made me and let us say about me though. I couldn't get up once ten years later itself. I didn't try to think that the easiest on the Bure and I think's a Hubble looked at but I never deal anybody here. I hooked up with a couple people work and I thought OK I'll. Now I was old receptionist may waive that when we're at the end yes and it didn't end well well. But I'm my and I was not interest anymore and she was very clinging right which meter really difficult to check the mail. Because of the time if you remember it was on the fifteenth floor I went over to the end and there was of the mailboxes. Were right behind the receptionist desk. So I have to wait till she would go on Mon. Every time I don't Jackman because every time I would see usually you're coming back. My really get the heat tickets yeah. I phone's not working. Christopher has gone back and you could I thought I have facts are there is very very active and that's how we communicate via text I tried to note and Faxon tour. Allen is sorry oh now I know you and lessons before you fired I wasn't about to graduate and we lobby and militia. You'd think anytime you need. Guess still hosts. And never mind that well yes don't you wanna pay for parking yeah yeah. We don't validate. How awesome to focus. I did that it really what is a dignified and and we don't valid a validate what you can come by anytime you want but let's take a break we'll play the Star Wars game after Rihanna take a break when the mega cast. Her returns. These guys that. And that future is to return after this quick break. And then get. This holiday season. Make sure your ready for company with the new relative begun. Indian meaning aerosol form relatives being gone is powerful enough to read your whole mile races uncles I was really. Did beat Brothers in law should and everyone's favorite she'd done this they don't mind at Tropicana. One candidate relatively young can totally read your house and extended family in just nine minutes. Making it possible for you when your immediate family to enjoy the holidays go away there were meant to be enjoyed all alone. Ask your grocer. I've gone beyond. CNN all those good he's just regular people real sweetheart and my wish nothing but the best for. Yeah did you man. She'll do well I'll hunt chilly it Roma morning show in GAAP held it down after after that changed Larry Craig not inviting earned Richard Ryder consider before an average from time to time. I do you seek other people think that's kinda. I don't know man you really don't feel like people think we're on approachable but winning. And just ask won't have anyone on our station so one eye popping and join us for a mega cast and most specifically the mega Casio yeah what I took your rule. Or was it PGA's rule when I started my podcasts until monster like you not welcome my podcast yeah there's like eventually because they come on and then you'll just turning. To the manager right. Linda Canada Hummer and in this thing but like Miley Demi casts like who can't stay like yacht under six weeks' guests drilled popped in just to say hi for a half a second stuck around for an hour. Yeah it was great. It was fun because it's different on I don't know BJ on mocked yeah I just right I just the only hero miles or throw on your right now I think you'd be weird you'd have BJ I only had. You do have mine I think once or twice. And it was our one time because of all the changes our show I was like right at the height of all it was like that day and I felt like. We now have the time to be able dedicate to explaining everything that was going on on the morning show and it wasn't. You know I had that it's a lot of inside stuff the for the hardcore figured OK let's talk podcast about it let's just talk about what's going on and how we're feeling all that crap and that was that made sense but yeah yeah Bora and then I'm like hey BJ you're going to be a guest cohost of segment. This is BJ megs but it's awkward because as you know it's like. I'm used to following his lead it's rendered it's like when the kid all the Sundays is the parent does that make sense yet if we ought yeah. That's like going to they go on to something now relate to you're not the authoritative figure. Right like now your son as the cop in east on the parent might get off my blog it's weird yeah you get off the blocks are you mention real quickly that that the crazy guys from last week's episode yelling guy on he hasn't been around has no rights that was Wednesday came on Wednesday night he was there. OK I cops came in nudity d'alene take him out. Now. We'll 'cause I talked to I talk to an off duty police officer that said. Make sure you call the cops and I get it on record and it's on paper. You know you'll want anything to happen in minutes late. I'm accused of walking around beaten up almost beat. Ted Smith hates homeless people right so I was I gotta love and so we call the cops again I talk to the top and everything needs a well it's not enough to take a man on the finest reverend record while Lofton that was Wednesday night. He leaves. And then Thursday morning he showed up for like. Ten minutes which pretty quick for young guy yeah he's gone don't you're not then don't hear nothing. And then. Saturday morning in each show stop hopefully at 8 AM any swinging a golf club brain. Always get T tart but at this point I should also mention that Wednesday night the other locals have turned on him. Also everybody sick of is that everybody screen it's lake can keep using this word but a cacophony of shock. Yes pop we've had is legal and those TV shows were some guys yelling at a window trying to get a girl back. Yeah what else like shut up it does exactly what it was a mean it was like at that point I'm kind of laughing. What they call me and to the homeless from concert and raid on Saturday morning and he's out there with a golf club. An icy lake some other dude in the building across the way basically kind of might seem build if he's walking in. I don't know if he's come over whatever but it's early. 8 AM sorry for normal folks is early thought I mean that's sleeping and yeah asset is that in key is just basically gives the same speech I gave him like I am going to have fewer. Like I am not taking with him and the guy starts ladies that drew the little Italy he's losing looking media secured a bitch who run a play like I won't ask you lopped right now at all. It is just so I mean now they're like threatened it and sending us the cops showed back up that day you know Saturday morning and then seventeen cents. No I thought I heard 1 more early morning for like maybe two minutes in and it was like. Could hear somebody yell somebody who's gone so like I do not think this would I think somebody else way to be distressed. Hong so maybe is now off bothering other people in different that that's nice it's not this'll be disaster but hate to keep some away from your apartment complex. I'm OK with that I was nervous I was worried for yeah. Still suicides they just end up like go outside the lake so we your way right now and look around and everything you what's sad it is though I didn't wanna argue and make you make you know produce. Even though you and I think we know we're more like Brothers and just huge right and I mean like I think we've beat. Sentimental and carrying. And not feel that there's gonna be our rations passed being thrown away by you or me you know running right. I think Hundley should Ted's okay. I don't seem like a might is overly concerned parent or brother or whatever it may be so detector Twitter and you retreat in about stuff and I always find any street. The other way of checking up on you could share okay yeah yeah best and I tell you itemize or just talk contacted you. Dictating your own. News about a cooler yeah we just I mean. I notice see he's gone Harmon is still kudos but I feel pretty comforting either move to another blocked. Got arrested or got his ass beat by this is pretty much all the options there as the volume not bothering my Ted I'm OK with it keep up some great. Or maybe just got off whatever drug he's on he's rooms the neighborhood he doesn't yell. Imperial I think yeah I count that line guidance are. That would be funny they're out there because they came in I was the young guys sorry and I have this golf club member would you like to determine for some gonna go to chambers bay. Yeah I mean those who've been to those kind of a main step late. But I did the council would do so much luckiest the golf club around thing you know Paul let's aggressive yeah it seems dangerous yeah and he doesn't seem like he's. Our typical yet because they kept saying you know we're gonna do. Get us an email from will and he says Biggs I don't know where. When you will not the be a fun quiz for you intend to apply. Big hug. And because it yeah Star Wars character yeah. We're disease. All right I could no more diseases. How are familiar are you Star Wars. I I mean I have will lose skywalker. And Darth Vader and the guy and I know that when Tommy sweats and a giant Tonto. That's more than beyond that part I don't know about I don't add acts and he walks and let my brother wants movies like I visually seeing him as a child ice but I've never sat down and the like I'm gonna watch or worse but really. Yeah I really enjoyed the first three. I don't mean menu next to. Group that came out I noted a tough first dream when the first one that ever came out back in the seventies and eighties I Brett thanks back to love that one. Yeah didn't care about the new reboots. The last the most recent re direct a new hole in. Former con di spoiler alert. Bob I like now when a lot and I am so looking forward to seeing this one I don't oppose our theaters but. So in honor of the fact that the new Star Wars coming out this upcoming weekend we're gonna place Star Wars character. Or disease are the CEO Ted does tiger's first one. Do you think so bull blunt yeah these Star Wars character. Or disease so full blown as CPU well BA it's a bold look. There's a disease. Learning correct that's always your Star Wars character I would agree with you sound like something that you get on your balls. Yeah I do you have so mobile. When I saw the stripper and green John Linehan. Casino battling some ball clean card next ones all year to close the Bada boom heard about a pink. I know. Any renders a bull was good we get Star Wars character. Or does. Please we can't we can't. Porn company but we get out this season with a team at the end and so this is quick hit which hit. Star Wars character. You're pregnant doctor all right all right so you one point oh good good things about you wanted to do was work. Work Davis what is now the dude it's a little person. He was a meanwhile Hughes and will hope that he did a comedy special lights to Shubert. With repeat your babysitting Stephen Merchant great joke. Our next on Star Wars character or does the outlook quote unquote getting it they're gonna get about criteria. Moon. Irvine gas. Star Wars character. Who disease. Don't let Odyssey disease you're correct errors and yeah. Did he tell you the stuff we used yes this is the loss of vision. Irvine gas. And I heard I guess somebody dude bad gas Khaled. They have done Soledad Irvine gas for an English after that maybe eight some bad yeah. Jeff Irvine restaurant impossible. We I don't know if it right so our starter you're telling my animals guy you know that's Steve you're missing out on restaurant impossible are. Jokes he's dating or married to a former WWD even jailed him. Oh yeah not bad. John. Johnson Star Wars character Ari disease. GO NK not ground who have done. That's obvious dollars character you are correct it's a Droid did you manage to get three right one wrong to do one more to do one more all right. So why isn't there a lot simple lots and that is an easy. Do you know what kind of disease. Colossus yeah that's when you're when you get a disease and a possible. It's a virus transmitted by ticks are cool yeah like Lyme Disease. Don't know when to move Laidlaw disease I don't know. So that includes our fun game. Historic character or disease who said that the mega cancer is not topical but on top what's going on in pop culture. They were on Star Wars people outside and no I didn't leave. I work for playing our podcast. I nerdy and after. Maybe my nerd stuff next week. Fun to make it Kessler nation. You guarantee gene variants. I always get out yeah. The grid that aren't we gotta get down ten. Gotta have raised about why did you did in the Baja men that I did he did eventually kicked dead we showed up that's right we can't gasoline good. A kid that's in there. Used to get up just. I those kids and family and your family like out of some families I thought you got Lucy ten fans. I mean that's just big loud. Stay lit and look what those types of all let's go fan okay right. Okay. I don't want it. Some of its. And I got a big slumber party on Friday. That's Jack tonight yeah follow me at Heinz. So I. Hey yeah I'm snapped back maybe. We want to I don't know you probably won't do it on Twitter because what we're gonna be up to would not want to be chronic. Gold for permanence now. Oh I fire my fire out one early. Yes yeah I early like 1 in the morning that some like that stay up folks so yeah definitely I'll follow loss on us that September might not do anything so we might just sorely disappoint you that's great point almost a bunch of pages of my dog and were hanging out drinking. And so when I'm truly get a lot of push ups and on that night oh yes and so I everybody have a great weekend I don't know are we doing them I guess next week. No I'm going to be podcast Wednesday night okay. So this might be our last mega cast and so the new year yeah. So happy holidays yeah merry Merry Christmas happy new year we'll see you in the near may be maybe we'll get one a before that if it is that's made it's it's just a gift to you bonus. But you know what. Unless definitely starts listening again we do crap yes staff happy birthday staff. Follow us on Twitter at the main cast.