Metal Shop Flashback - Epic Interviews

Monday, September 18th

We're doing a little something different this week on the podcast. We have some pretty awesome interviews in our archive that we thought it would be fun to revisit. I'm sure a lot of you will be hearing these for the first time. This week, all 3 of the interviews just happen to be from 2012! The first interview on the podcast is with Deicide drummer and overall badass Steve Asheim. Contiuning with the theme of sick death metal drummers, next up we included our interview with Cannibal Corpse drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz! To end the episode, we threw in one of the best we've ever done.....the one, the only LEMMY! (R.I.P) We hope you enjoy this little blast from the past ! 

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Cynics. Backstage press you're listening to metal shop backstage pass now it's. It's been a little while we take into the summer break here. On the podcast but. That's just because you know like there's often tunes on your favorite TV shows and you know they got to write this grip than. Now I'm just it is okay we've just been a little busy but we will be back with full episodes. And just like your favorite shows like I mentioned. You know what saved by the bell wake home improvement daily had a quick clip shows here on talk about Brian. The flashback episodes the episodes were they just kind of rehash some old stuff that happened to catch you back Nazi like oh yes that happens that when they can't put the new ones Euro come up and ready to go. So you remember that one time when we're in peace sign you Jesse spin tickled at speed it was like. I'm. Yes he Speedo yet it was a it would that was one of my favorite episode to see by the bell so what we're getting at. Is there are some episodes or either some episodes of the podcast. Early on. That have featured interviews that. Kinda got buried. We are out where a 118 episodes in now. And there are some some really awesome interviews we did back into when he twelve that we kind of wanted to make this in metal shop. Interview special. Is that cool. The first interview that we're doing is Steve is she from. Now this is the first interview that I did with Kevin and Ian when I first started on metal shop. And I remember him coming into the studio just hang out do in the interview and then we went back to Kevin eons Plaisted. Take it for a bit. And it this is kind of blew on my mind is that well while this school. These guys just hang out rock stars all the time and then I found out that that wasn't quite the case in their past dummy put it school. There's still a big Brothers that I love. After the hour gonna continue on with the death metal drummer theme and we're gonna go straight into cannibal corpse drummer. Poll Missouri Kuwait's this guy is like a genius he's a bad ass and he is just straight up. Brutal. After that we're going to end on a high note saved the best for last and now we're gonna save. An interview with metal royalty who we got Ryan got the mighty eagle I mean himself. When he for motor head. In this is back I went what is this problem is this 2012 as I believe it was 2012 it was gigantic war when it was make you death. Motor head look lukoil. Hand to pull the nose down into that field where senator and was he was unreal to meet him and. Rest in power led me so we're going to get straight into these interviews again he confirmed to his side Paul from cannibal corpse. And let me. Metal shop. It's solicited in Kevin and Ryan the beer for metal shop here with Steve good drummer of the Christian pressures. And it's crushing Christians as with a period. Definitely got the weight and all right Lola you're new album to hell with guy came out last year what is their reaction mimic Lebanese that a song of well we've been playing a lot of them live. And man coming don't know pretty good you know the sound like chimes on the phone or some I know. And that was a Paisley did shots and if I. But no yeah I mean that was begun over pretty good is like sales are hard to gauge just by you know it is. People optimists. Hey you know the songs are staking out there and people you know the record labels and it was in August but were given the people's songs live in the human beat them up like they know what Lieberman seems to those of thousands if not there. Yeah it's definitely harder these days to record like free you know measure anything record sales as a is reading an article about how everything's dropped off about 75% in the last ten years efforts every one. She yanks at. Yeah it's true you know it's I had this Seidman orbiting. Pretty good stuff going to drop by her label Greg Goodman's I got good band I thought great man. A man. Amongst a sea of bands that are making money and let's Elin yet no one you know so. And well how do you. Oh. Does that toilet nice push. With record sales such session all time low how do you feel about illegal downloads hey you know I mean I guess it's stealing. But are a buddy of mine doesn't also mean everything movies games music Cisco library. Yeah and and you know he's pretty quip about it he doesn't. Yeah. That again you know he's hearing a lot of stuff I would never heard about and you know you'd get a to the shows I mean is it's a means of spreading the word for sure bug such a massive scale it's obviously hurting. Businesses. And it's hard for musicians to make a living if known wants to pay him for his work Brett you know when you. Stuff doesn't just come off of trees people of the work. Creating it takes time. And it takes money it recorded. Blood sweat and tears and it's a process. Or just take it yes you know whatever it is wilderness I thought that was a myrtle tree actual but it gave. Meola is music. Flew new obituary and groans from the ground yeah London's. He's got is a treat gays history homegrown emphasis on how it. Lot of fertilizer. They'll let else. When I mean it's been interesting talk in advance for the last couple years about. The change of the music industry and whatnot. And just seeing how much it's changed in the last couple of years and how they're cracking down on web sites like Megaupload and media fire and things like that it's making it harder so. It's going to be an interesting change in the next 510 years we'll see how technology. Takes us. Leino higher ma'am days past the new law something so fun pipe ours simpler something. It's more about my box and yes exactly and it's like. You know. Fifteen years or ten years after it started thanks a lot for trying to do something after half the businesses governor the site now they do you know care all of them what is the letter. But it goes like we're changing people's rights are where you know I don't really know I just think there should be a way to do it where. You know assembly doesn't have to go before congress what are we doing you know read they finally. Got to the point where it was going to a stop them from looking at porn and then there are like dollar. You cannot have this. You're right at the buck has to stop somewhere. And you know to get people motivated and do something here was born goes on the phone that everyone starts to panic and and then all the artists get their money back moved into an Arab and we're sorry to hell with god I it was originally slated to come out a few years earlier in 2009 but it was really saw obviously last year when they do you guys want to pull off on the release or what was the process like that well we had been working on the entire time kind of like it's like we did pre production while we were doing actual production like we had album recorded and then it was a well we really don't like it. Yeah got it back so it. We we actually went back and we wrote more songs and went back and for a second entire recording session of only like threesome like jacks on the songs I'd written we'd ended up there was like too much blast beats. And they were like too long and stuff. So much and a trimming the fat out of the songs so they were more Glenn friendly vocal should not have to. And then recorded and Jack sons and then that brought yummy and it just took time to figure out what was wrong with it you know and make it rise how to go about it so it was we had that tackled. Just made some changes on those as new ones and went to town there's a secret grind core do you cite record every American matter we don't like movies straight to the entire time I got some of those you know those are there rejected. That's what I'm going -- dumber every ample warrant and we goes take out. Later earn a fair enough. What's it like working with Jack on verses were often Brothers in what was how's the dynamic change with that. I don't know I mean it's definitely cooler by smoother operation that you can forget where well I'm trying to use too many bad word for and a so but I mean it is what it is it's it's smoother jags a great guy great guitarist lives he's like a statue. I moved front and yeah but everybody brings it and and he's alleged and go one extra thinking back a good thirty years or so. Quarter originally got you interested in aggressive music in in medal in particular. I was always into the medal coming along. And as. Metal progressed. I was right there to follow like remember when I was young I was like go kiss but that's what's every two and I'm totally seventies kiss yet kiss alive two detectives. And then. You know some priests and then you catch on the Savvis but it is like all of that stuff sounded old you know and at that old production quality it. And now and modern stuff like priest recordings were starters on modern and made was coming damaged so this modern sounding it. So then there was and then in them. Mid eighties when rations in Korea as it has seen a guy more intensive I was just following it and then right when I was of age to start playing and taken it seriously to the next level that's right when in the late eighties when. Thrash and like Desmond was born from that. It's like just stepped right in you know it was like being kind of threats and he pretty much going to metal prep school in Athens time to graduate booming and finished of course you're ready and do your word to your thesis tell you it's been almost spend 25 years coming up on it for the assigned here shortly well in 1987. Eighties well yeah that's when we formed was an 87 and they're a first demo we recorded some of them as. Before the songs that are on the first record actually through the songs Marmol was only deception way early version of that which means but. I think within oblivious to nothing it was called a dime and then suck officials who resigned in Africa and what so there anyways some of the multnomah releases but yet that's was eighty sevens on it's Tony twelve so that's two wounds was a calculator. Let's not put drivers I don't yet and I'm joke and a mathematician. Well I mean so you've got you've got free what they're prep school you graduated from mad and then you guys hit the running game went on I mean it's been that long. What is it that's kept you interested and want to keep going with the band and being in Manson things like that. Well it was always a first passion mine that was never gonna change and it's still fun and I mean some of it's fun it's is grinding you know there are bug. There's still nothing no residue and everyone seems to be like golden. Souls like well I guess Doug gave donors easy enough I got plenty of free time you know I only do sixty years certainly shows here. At the rest of the year to just hang out spank something. Yeah he hit it it did you know yeah as though gangly man you know give us banks and spank. So we we read that you're an avid gun collectors this true well. I'm about collector we have Soledad go around who'd community here. Rare but I just liked to have guns around because I may. Do you feel. Like in American cases on the apocalypse that's right you never know what kind of a Kabul Catholics it. What what's the favorite guy on the eve gap with your favor again what your go to. Your piece I got the 456. Hours ago and one. And I like my Mossberg pistol grip shotgun Malia go to Baylor CA you know perfect Rome this. That's perfect for any kind of events. Is on the defensive. On the fence about one of the fan my. On. If they're Miguel Cabrera hit his getaway for. You're yeah. There with my bond. Yeah and you know like various other. Missiles the projectiles from flame thrower and I like to make my own bombs and stuff then they can just buy diesel and like. It is. Gun Pollack black powder that. And like vastly can make your own name pom if you had a friend of mine. Barn himself really ban roof Monday. And is on China to make those same mistakes in them do in my matches on look out for the pretty good it sticks to everything to mix and match you read the anarchist cookbook that is Hispanic dude trial. Buddy remind all women have rated perfected the recipe well buddy of mine was in the army in spa was in chemical warfare division so he had a couple recipes. They let him motionless he was loved him. Legitimate and usually they're out next to a chemical dispensary tankan it's blown that is everywhere in his gas mask. Problems I'm invincible ideas have been so do you aside over the years you guys have had people protests or shows what's your favorite sign. That that you've seen and any when he read. And we're like you repent. I don't know what you're talking about the did had a year but did it get there. But I don't know how does were holding up our own signs screw you to. All go to hell you know joining us you have an end to the all right so one of one of repair questions asking we ask every single band this every single person we talked to you biggest scar your body tells the story of how you earned it. And this one shared by those who own a C a while that case never cut a net slash. Right across man zevil here that is normally I get this back. In Vietnam. The economic when I was over in Cambodia should have been there now mentally deals and operationally I almost died from two more than you. And almost never happened this month that. Hoss and Steve I do you have any last words for the people of Seattle before we let you go yeah you know we just wrote career with the gig I appreciate everyone coming out is great diamond. You know. Just keep. And then it was the most. Long live the aside keep people appreciated guys thank you so much thanks guys. Steve from the inside on that side. I'll be gone it's evident in the medal shot here you guys W dot com hang out Paul cannibal corpse played good today about it. I'm doing great things perhaps. They were hanging out here at summer slaughtered on the shoebox that and we're talking a little bit now life here record torture is definitely one of the most brutal records of the year we want to find out like where is the inspiration come for the heavy mist that is cannibal corpse. I mean and we've been doing this a long time you know so I guess this comes from without us at this point you know I mean we're all products of heavy metal of course grown up in the eighties and everything in and you know love and thrash metal and all that and and growing with this team and becoming death models I mean is this you know it's kind of competitiveness I think over for our childhoods and bringing us up to this point and why we shouldn't be able to keep. So right now when I random person that doesn't necessarily not thinks about medal when they ask you what kind of music you band plays or what you do for a living. What are you tell them. I would say well you know that word extreme heavy metal bands in the chances shoes everyone's heard some sort of heavy metal you know. And then it weather's. Whether that's just you know black Savvis or. Metallica you know obviously there's a big difference there in your battles so I would always say you know while have you heard of Metallica before you know. Chance are retarded Metallica. All right we'll take orally Metallica and you know maybe beef it up you know a little bit now it's a little yeah. Yeah I mean is totally Metallica's pretty brutal you know spreads big influence for us of course you know and it's it's heavy music you know and that's all I look at as to models it's just an extreme form of metal. You know when it's taking it to you know to the total when itself but basically tell people which is an extreme heavy metal man you know. The locals to videos informed about that yet. As they still might then I'll heavy metal like rot helpers decades ago. What is a little different than so morgue I'll Earl to get past that ignores an extreme you know. So what's like the sickest most deranged or insane thing you've ever seen camel corps 10-Q for the band I don't know why this comes to mind I just remember more property more disturbing than anything admirably did an in store somewhere out how we work. Occupant in the way I can't remember pac ten years ago. But I earlier in the deal and an inch or signing you know at a record store or whatever you know. And I think this happened pat I was on the other side of the table but. Some dude wanted him to sign is his tips wrote a sack of you know. Like yeah all our Sony was like dude now I'm not gonna do. That he was lower what do you do you don't sound like dude come not I'm not lady gave up at a seminar. Unlike a lot didn't it now you know itself and then I think even at some stupid like yeah. I can't remember at that pat I just remember that for some reason they like we're all like 06 now islands and a lot of action got away not as are gonna sign your screen you're not so you know I mean that's just you know. What it's all said and done like what you think Campbell Campbell court does impact will ban on metal like how do you guys wanna be remembered think I hope will have you know seem like we had a great impact so far in word a quarter century and so. I mean like we talked earlier. I mean we're Campbell of course it's gonna be what it is. So we're gonna do it on our own terms were Gannett as it existed on our own tumor on her own terms. And I am and I'm sure will and Euro terms in one day be who knows but. I would just like to be known as the and that never exactly never compromised we did it our way and that was it you know. And maybe will go down as one of the most brutal bands of all time who knows you're headed there well that'll be for you know other people to decide but I mean I've. You know mostly like it just cents a though just. Doing it on our own terms of plate got our whole career really without changing her you know. Thought process and really changing her music at all we did an hour away you know exactly on relenting primitive brutal death model and you know and we've had success from just. Doing that you know and no other reason. It's not because exactly we gave and or whatever I mean if if it. You know we're gonna be more popular it's going to be society changed you know I think our house you know. It's not new anymore you know. Yes that's way I'd like to look at it as this week we we did it our way we stopped short on we're on Roland said in in our pursuit of playing you know brutal primitive style dot model. Exactly you know so I hope hopefully that's. That'll be easy. I'm calling nine. Kevin from metal shop here and you guys that we dot com. Here with the almighty let me for motor head thanks for talking with an image and engines do. He's mounds. Me into here you know yeah. Canceled last year at mayhem festival rocked the mayhem festival over the summer we were the first to get statement stain can open up to us about. Detected two or 2012. And that we were kind of wondering if there was any truth to the rumor that motor head might be playing mayhem festival this. Useless things and and death list with the anthrax can get. It's. Beverly ago period. And yeah. Well some people wake up and he Wheaties so people do their morning stretches what's the limit to much your morning routine and how do you get ready for the day. I hit I hinted that usually. Within a few and denial and on them with me Lisa Marie just. From. The mormons don't mind. I. All right now obviously tweet while there's a lot of party party talk about party politics. An ambulance dogma that they're gonna vote for if you're two run for president I mean what would be what would be the Lenny kill meisters. Slogan. It would Samir policy. He's been. Dying now. Saying it's time. And this country. Innocent and fortunate position. The politicians who have nothing and like the business from politicians. Huge group and I you can get a break from that and they get them and you know revolutionaries whose vision. Some of them and execution solution impossible every four years some of those look. It's. The and they and then you can. You know an open relationship group question who look wage can. It wouldn't work. Are you ready for it. They're urgently to that's. The but here's. Snow bowl noticed an. And really publish it shouldn't make. Young people who long like hoodlums again. You know occupied second. So I'm rooting Indian Ocean five. Hutchison got it I don't have a quality and they let the business takeovers of so much. So there's no contribution contributions can distract you convert Third World country is of them contributions. And then you lose them. What were running on Dinah. Ahead announcement John. Long. I have let this one do you have any water in London. That you wouldn't want that. Do you have any advice for elect any maybe some young musicians are coming up with them about it. And they humorous things. Because whether you guys can give you would be based on my experiences. When I was younger and like those that could have those experiences is open so much. So I don't understand how this event to sell. To them. And they couldn't have been more sensible roots and threw him in the existence of this ratio on the sexual with the punches and come LeBlanc and you know. It's. So give up basically this. Interview room to welcome the chance he'd give it doesn't. I just a few questions left that we we had a few people on our on our FaceBook page that one nasty few questions of some of the Seattle listeners. Johnny my Eric wanted to find out like why do you exclusively built for the regular Rick about it. Let this shake. They concluded that come on usually we can do so let's and they split so outcome of the big place match. I don't play well you know maliciously. Coach in the coming. The movie making this decision you know. I thought last question for you sort of a favorite questions to ask. Picket scar on your body and tell us the story you've got it. It shows that you can. We. Hughes. Who's better who's you know legroom and the mutual trip to shoot fifty as a whole boy who publicly split my. And that's the illusion delusion is not ship them with nothing. So they'll executions. And surrenders that huge margin. Because the end of the finger at the yet what might be a little different if you are a lot that digit. Some sort of hold them. And there's so the recent one without any question suggestion. Plan. First. I well Atlantic moderate thanks again for talking with fans appreciate the time. And go and check out JPEG enter 2012 thanks again is that Kevin and Ian metal shop on K I filly that count them. Excuse.