Metal Shop Interview Brody King (singer of God's Hate / pro wrestler)

Sunday, October 1st

Brody King is the true definition of a badass! Not only is he a killer pro wrestler who just made his Seattle debut for DEFY this past Friday, but he is also the singer of the crushing band GOD'S HATE! We had the chance to sit down with Brody and talk a bit about what it's like to be both a metal vocalist and a professional ass kicker. Enjoy ! 


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It's 99.9 KI SW the show is metal shop my name is Kevin gears and now in studio. I'm actually really stoked if you listen to metal shop you you hear me drop in like little random. Factoid about wrestling here and there are obviously we don't get to work wrestling too much into it as we are just covering the realm of of metal and and hardcore music well tonight I have the alternate crossover a guy but the name of Brody Kean he is not only a pro wrestler whose wrestling at defy. Was Seattle's most legit independent pro wrestling company. Just last night. At Washington hall for defy kings among men but he also seems for a killer. Like metallic hardcore band from LA called God's hate wrote leaking how are you doing man Kevin well it's good to have you here last time you were here was the last rain fest I believe and it would it's cool to have you back in Micah in it in a totally different setting what's it like being in Seattle and in and not coming in as a musician. As as a grappling now. It's cool it's it's weird because inflation you know user we have to do some forty yard drive from LA to get up here and we're always starving and tired but. I'm really SATA host Seattle. There's a lot of stuff I wanna do that actually fit in a couple of hours so hopefully we get you guys screaming about thugs and Russell and do all Nickels in the ago. I I was listening to you want Steve makes vs the world of professional wrestling podcast you mentioned that you're to go to use are the Seattle dot. And Molly moon's ice cream you can be hit those up tonight at the show. Of course I mean those yellow dog right next to new was always the go to you young and in honey lavender had volumes is. Unbeatable well definitely shout out to do those two independent. That's that was fine establishment exactly what you introduce who's with you here today fellow wrestlers for defy. This is by trading partner slats brother Douglas James. I don't. And get it man Mike's Arriaga you all know me defy crowd that the American guns each in each. That's awesome worlds like an awesome crew appear. A bunch a wrestlers. But also what's been going on what God's hate obviously you know he you you do wrestling. I'd probably gonna guess most of the time and godsey is like a part time project. Yes that we think in backseat in the last year probably we did. A two week tour where it would tire in March. Or April I don't know that the liberal. I was those who there was there word from Leo I think or Chicago. To. Like nor or nor were from New York to Florida back up to New York for the black removal awesome but yet those those cool tour and and like. Lester we do that sort nails. That was awesome. Right now we're just kind of like Glenn lower as our new music star and record cool and then hopefully we'll be back appears there. The U come out to a gods hate songs I do security device and just seat them at the divine justice all right let's play that right now it's metal shop we are in studio right now with Brody keying the singer of this bad. But also whip your ass. If you try to stage dive. Or something. Want to look like someone who homeowners want to call it. So that was divine injustice here on metal shop that is not just the song by God's hate but it's also the theme song. When he enters the ring for Brodie keying. He is the B singer of the band and he's also a pro wrestler he debuted last 95. I he's in studio right now hanging out with us. And it's just so cool to have this to you because he has been blowing up if you got the chance to see new Japan's first. Ever English American showdown in LA he was actually one of the young dragons I believe like young line young line sorry. The young dragons is it WCW take. Young like you're a young line you're an American young line that's that's Spain. That's insane man what was that like tell me about that experience. There was there was really crazy. Rock your marathon my traders are he. You know asked me if I would be interested in doing then I immediately said yes I think there ya what I was gonna be doing on the sort of been sweeping the floor I just want to be in the building when it was happening total but yeah I mean being around those people and there's some of the best of the best there you know others. Spoke out. And Takahashi and and I know it in there all dislike the nicest people out there so it. Everyone has that blast those most respects. Ever in the wrestling hawk room like. Decatur there is tight are currently don't call me a little entrenched the CD yeah that was prior one of the I mean I have worked in the in the movie industry in the music industry. Forever. That was part of the onetime like frozen to know what to do I checked him out the back and I was going in my car and it is late here avoids public. With second and look over and historical plottage it's like didn't like all the to negotiate in public know just keep moving. The garden fresh. I don't know what to do. It brings up on the pot is big some bits and he would say I mean this disrespectful as sip of coffee for the working man that so what are what are your goals man in the next couple years I mean you party blown up your your wrestling here in defy. What are your next couple goals I mean do you think actually going over to Japan could be a possibility. I mean I hope so those are anything's possible right day anything's possible I mean it's still really tied over their pledge you just have to work your ass off that you earned that point but yeah. That's that's my main goal right now like obviously. You know it there either you're stoned him knocking that was her that would be obvious choice but I really wanna make it the Japan. Arugula try to. Worked for -- energy yeah the other wrestling guerrilla the other big gold mines and let's start it. We'll see you'll see manner and will definitely be keeping tabs on you anyone listening to metal shop now even if you don't are like a fan of wrestling look Oprah leaking stuff. He is a hard court did. He's down for are like independent music and he comes from now world and any sings for God's hate but he's also a bad ass in the rain we're gonna play a song called mass murder any shout outs you wanna do before your yadier Brody. Actually a show about the guy on the freeway that we saw today you know. You're driving down the freeway waving a gun out the window is like obviously dancing so I don't know maybe Jesus really feel and are open that that you were playing what are you thinking was some incident I have no idea yeah I don't gonna assume I was like we kept our distance. That we we pulled back a little bit but we're here enjoying the show I mean you know maybe had a -- to be tracked Marty BYT something that is you know that's infectious. Rituals where you go out the window the ego gun slinging jams. We got mass murder off the record of the same title thank you so much for coming up and think you guys are common defy a. And W on. Twitter defy end of the want instant grant support and support independent wrestling and support gods hate it's metal shop on the rock. I.