Metal Shop Interviews Aethereus

Friday, August 17th

Tacoma tech death metal band Aethereus just released their brand new album "Absentia" so we had them up to talk about it and jam some new songs. 

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We hear a metal shop in the studio with a fairy dust can I get it right. The Marlins they have more gate area I think you're trying to argue and trying to garner the area series just over one of the north west's best they just drop the new album called absentee. Essentially ebb since IBM was a bad thing and then there near us with and Cynthia absentia absentia area. We'll get incredible glad who've been smarter and well if one of lead but most technically proficient incredible death metal records. From the northwest in quite some time I mean you get a hold that down for Tacoma he just played a few shows last week record release show at the airport tavern man yeah. That bad pass how was that places a used to go directly David they re booted too like a fool if that. Yeah I'd the last time I remember seeing that place it was kind of like who's Stevie little dive bar used to be an amen leave from theories help us set the show up innings like now do we gotta do an airport like. They're okay we'll trust you and check it out and it's it's super live man that completely renovated inside it was it was bill. All right well either way and they're awesome show last week that's in the past they've a new one coming up with obscure next month but before we do any thing I want to set the table we got. We got two members of the five member band we have Kyle we advanced. In studio right now so welcome yeah thanks John and kind of revenue as things I've been in the end bastards for your being mathematically well there's a couple years ago for the all local episode we had a serious theory a theory a theory is here in studio a a couple of years ago but. A lot of things have changed you guys just releases new record in advance. Other vocalist for devils did double to do an eyelid then doubles only down six days a darkness I'm every veterans day they are double the wooden is other B and so you guys recruited him as the vocalist touted how did all this happened and how lineup. Yes so we ended up pardon ways of the world vocalist things just in the network and outlook and we had a Vance have been in this up for awhile on the new guest spots some like it yeah dude come on in and then. In audition but he you know he knew I any email address and here you are fearless bias negated DM and more alive right now it is but eight came in addition killed it and then a few months later he's like hey you know Scott the guitars from doubles. Yeah he's pretty good bass player you should hit him up so. In that amount and it took them over our drummer had moved over from Ohio and you know that when we had a full vocal live lineup which we haven't hadn't pressed. Her life dissolve our relationships men parallels I knew you know so Vance telling even in this thing and I'd spend about two years now go com. Gone pretty strong here at the hands sounding great in the production on this record is flawless the apple would we've been blown away we complain of the last few weeks who NC has blown up ala. Reviews sites magazines still I don't things are going well for your bandit theories here in Denver and pretty okay then what's it like a split your time between two pretty active maintenance. That's rough and Afghan and right now for a doubles. We're taking a little bit or breaks their record in new album. And just moved down to set just go you have also kills a lover time not being able to play the locals showed today so you're trying to put your focus into something that he can put your paint literally hands on. No give cow get back side a whole are not relevant strong finger and him. So Scully that. But and other and that like it's kind of easy to and juggle both brands that did. So how long do you have the guys are working on this record obviously just came out last week the record release show. And efforts of all congratulations yeah it was not easy you'd have to put all your full force and get. It's like wrangling cats getting five medal IDs together to make some magic happen like that soda can graduation and it's out on the artisan arrow which is put now a lot of the older and they're coming up right now live probably the premiered to act in Prague roster right now. That's awesome. We got the physical copies beautiful artwork in hand it's a CD put in a few weeks maybe a month or so though the finals gonna come out and that's gonna be even sexier I am of them are never vinyl soon their is a little bit of a snappy with a plan make a number everything's back on track now so hopefully within a month. Really some really cool looking collars well it's empty foam green sort of see blue for the standard player on there's a splatter Deep Purple red white and blue there's sea foam green in reds. Letter that is sexy I'm the most color blind some of the visual valuing gonna believe I don't have any idea yeah I mean millions copies looks cool and just didn't want to give him the black normal one okay thanks Blatter NN they've been clo is cool I believe me it charged election let's jump into some of authority that I do feel a need. To show attitude is you guys at the the representatives remain we're gonna shatter your other deeds. If they're listening. Beer bong and do and I would what are they doing are heading Ben's work or no shadow today and we're sorry about your car troubles he recently in his car stolen so keep an idea that her third what car is now it's solidarity found RE frowned yeah we found they got impounded. I got jacked three to just car troubles either way so Ben Scott Matt. Thanks for not coming up the age of prone ES jarred slowly got to take care of business it's easier John is not to be important ones I. Hey lets just fires jumping dude you guys wanna hit riot or the yeah country radio for each yeah although there okay all right Martha's my jeans and a all right so it's ride up the new rap album and Cynthia absentia absentia. It's a serious. A theory as us. And if you're gonna for the first time and check these out check these kids out will be right back brand new music local suffered serious here medal. Rides a brand new song by its various gonna get it. Tires so it's. Theory a theory is that adds a furious new Tacoma. Tech death an awesome day and they are. Playing some killer shows but how we gonna talk about his record man this is this the beastie it is absentia absentia yet. Our it is good job aren't having good duck the artist and hair out tell also will be till about the record man what we reduce birds to record this sort of get natural elegance of this. It sounds through huge dish out money so I act. Engineered all the guitars and go. I got in the recording his base is that is on home set up Matt and I went down Eugene with Stephen Parker from Florian to record the drums ion. So I'm off to my glow from inferior and notably it do all the mixing them with him to Brody rivers and I'll for the master and it is. A lot of talent holds metal hands on this yeah yeah all hands on deck and we had a Vikram -- guard as he gets keyboards he's in the band redemption in lots term and possibly the other one. I SLI solve our relationship they we had to pack that's awesome that day it sounds so clean itself powerfully in any huge so thank you. Yeah for doing a great job on that all right represented our YNN substance yet where can we find you guys online like if if they're digging it I guarantee they are is against a web store at least boom and link here what more we find this. So you can go to our band camp you and your FaceBook you can also even go to the artisan Arab web and artisan they're dot com now our sooner dot com I'm from there you can buy a Mike still are finals there and on the wall flags and shirts. I see as a role in all out on on them on the marketing campaign I love that and you'll be seeing elsewhere in our a serious thing. A furious that he shared distilling that he's he's trying. You'll CS when teachers will be good albums by the little shuffle in the sense that you or someone Angelina progress of some swing and those videos and fight over the color out well for that that said so we're gonna talk about a couple of the other shows that you guys have coming up here. You know there's too little wanna focus on let's let's do the woman's a little farther out first the picture of what's coming up here you can be Saturday but of course it's on a Saturday it's I don't know if will be and we don't see you guys down and hey man OK so it's going to be in theory are expire beyond creation wouldn't exist at a furious. And obscure this is stacked asked lineup superstar and many tech death threats to Seattle beat the early don't show up really is gonna be old core zone with a date again it could be Saturday September 15 all right got to show up early can you got to play a second right I believe so yes school around 63615. Is I think that's what time will be on but there's show starts at 530 rat. Just a lowly grinder mine gap on page is strengthening and now nineteen still reserve before you get there you'll have a great night you know we aren't passenger plane was intact death and so that's that's a really great show you guys opened. A for obscure a huge huge show who won the other shows that we're giving away tickets T also tonight. Is kind of like who. Ku is also the first UConn one day no man no let's talk about this up dual fun house and Al Gore's own show where you can kind of walked back and forth between your high tech and. Yeah that's where basically we're playing in the fun house side Monday night the twentieth with a poppy on enigma and create and our boy is it snowed this Ian and if you buy a ticket for the fun house show on line you get to go to the other side where power glove and among the sick locals are plans yeah I saw today. So if you wanna go see two for one this is an awesome deals as such if you've ever been Intel Core Sony might notice they have a minivan and you got to the finals which is an awesome venue in itself. You know come some of the smaller bands will play over and that's what sometimes it'll be like me be a full show there and a metal show on your side like and it doesn't really kind of co exist. But the fact is to metal shows at the same time the mini fest in and of itself at the two Furman got to go for it to shows so just can't show up to the front our show buyer ticket for that and to you can go to both very very cool Korea emphasize CBS have will have like links sales on that on your FaceBook we think we went it was not a it is. A woman FaceBook what we'll do what will post the link right now in the case on the cash W and and metal shop Facebook's to just make a little easier for you know the and and it's really hard for everyone these days AKA. Rather sleazy itself so we're just gonna make it easy as possible redefine the route to get into HTTP. Colin back slash WWW. Wrote me a video or friend Shelby and it be in the actress from out of it and she put in some work and over the ocean forest though that chatting Shelby they Shelby. All right guys so any last words felt to Ben Scott Madden couldn't be here we advance and and Kyle here any last words for the northwest metal audience man before jump back into another one of these theories brand new gamers you've got crashed. Think you guys are gonna support nuts these last few shows to buy the album things are check this out keep supporting local death metal senators can. His words are if anybody else he's the guy that's. And also support Vince is another big guy who has for a you know aren't America. There whatever they'll have their time in the sun exactly gentlemen thank you again so much congratulations this kicks total lasts about furious at. Areas of Sanchez this one's called that which is left behind your hearing. New metal strip out of the north of new metal. And you NEW we like to look and ready for you have more you who. Yeah stuff kids. Metal shop here. It's.