Metal Shop Interviews After The Fallout

Sunday, May 13th

After The Fallout joined us in studio for the all local episode this weekend! 


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It's metal shop are all local episode one of our favorite episodes of the year would get to put a spotlight. On some of our favorite bands we got after the fallout in studio what's up down when you're welcome back welcome Gordon radio stations that a female dad's birthday beautiful thank you still smoke look at new car we've put the first scratch on it. Not you guys I have had no we didn't do that to me well it's a pleasure to have you guys back we know you're working on new music he got through shows coming up before getting into that let's do basic introduction. Say your name what you do in the vein let's put a voice to a name I'm gonna sell sick and everything that they are here it's clear whether I am Eric tragedy and I am the voice. Case and I play drums as as Alan AKA to a and I am a guitarist. And we're missing links one to him. We are missing Robert are the guitarist in songwriter Diane what he darn good guy yeah where he had got a stuff on the banister have a clear he camera even to be able to do that had to drive and a two and a driver we miss you man that. Channel fewer talky the next and the general well welcome back to the radio station. It's a pleasure to have you back and representing the all local metal scene we're down to represent the show you guys are playing at studio seven. Tomorrow and I are tonight I guess that depending on when you're hearing this exactly end. Your mother S day it's a Mother's Day metal extravaganza. And it is not all it is sold fly it is double nation it's disciples of dissent in its after the fallen is gonna be a huge show for you guys. Pretty pumped what you're. It's gonna happen to be playing you know again missile flies we've. There are a lot of what we do Somalia and cancer and Niles for sort of play denials were really starting on the congratulations. It's a good good mover and Paxton Max cavaliers and -- student where this is the thing is we talked a match today and he actually shouted out he said. He's still on all the local bands that have been playing and he makes it a point every time on this toward actually see the local bands you pride you plan dead quarterbacks on your feet yeah. And I had a blast last time it went from a came through he stood on the side of the stage and washed or set and that's out. Out dealer and also somewhat limited. Who was a little nerve wracked this is good barbecued with a masseuse and again there is a guy of that love afterwards he just goes. Warren yeah. Super people who don't know who you are for the listeners who don't know York. After the follows the they were talking do you wait ego is the wind did you get together how did you get together Telus your origin. Still we S started in 2010. Jason and I are from the remnants of a bank called us to see subject to change. And you were one of the first bands we had a in the studio indeed you know we aren't going to your kicking her in the area for quite awhile. And we got the urge to do something heavier and more aggressive movement and yeah so is this is what came of it. And sent by ten and we got together with the previous lineup was gonna have a Spinal Tap revolution revolving with the news and numbers. And we released an EP and we had her first however with never more and more ringer to hand. English and we came up right after that did metals sub you guys yeah. The task killer and Hirsch journalism. Ever sent those are not even moral domain of course and I didn't plan. So gentlemen let's talk a little bit about local metal is what we're doing here tonight the love having you guys in here. Who are some of your favorite local metal band the guys that played with. That you share have shared the stage with that you wanna shout out. And because we're trying to do is a little bit and networking here and all the bands that are coming in we're trying to get them all the shows again uniting. Anyway you wanna shout out yeah oh yeah there's some great local bands of the scene seriously and it's. It's fun to be able to lead you know put the revelation again you know and there are proud and there's the delusion that remains and those guys just crushing yet. There's a ground appear tonight there at their local enough to play here all the time out of Vancouver articles within sight and their fantastic now all the other it's an island yeah. Testing trinity coming up those guys that are loaded with talent whenever you see them playing smarter Bosnian. Colonial people were taken notes are now what exactly pencil scratching fixing Geist amazing band again I don't hear you he has as they don't have to remind us this day as I've those guys look at their crushing your weapon Lauren went though an amazing man when my favorites. Aso tell us a little bit and so we. A brand new song is what I hear is that the deal and yes they said. And hope nobody else is heard yet but it's not been debuted not really now you ready for mass consumption right now he said that it was mastered lack like. Last night that he lived here and I got to let fresh eye on this trailer for I went to. We've got to file attracts that authority it's real new to us tonight he's forgetting that day getting that steps and yes I hear it. Appreciate them so that says that we is there anything you wanna say because I wanna jump into it let people here welcome back and talk a little bit. Who a little bit more is there any way you want to preface this song here before jumping to hear. You know over the side it's called insurrection and it's really just a reflection on the last couple years you know. It's it's been rough very rough and the yeah mr. I tried to back. Right kind of rally call. You know you for all the people out there that are you know hit the streets in and forcing some change in making their voices heard absolutely and you know they really go under appreciated sometimes you know but. Really doing some some hard work out there so. And I just trying to you know give a rally cause everybody and handle you know to the get the metal scene you know route that. So this is for you guys fight to make changeup there every day and it's a departure from. The of the previous style we had a little bit it's Lamar street for a little less dressy cool obvious a lot more towards the direction that our new record is. Go home community Buick insurrection in Zurich after the follow brand new song really hit. Hey you with the right now and come back with after the followed its metal shop all local at the. The. Insurrection by after the follow plan tomorrow with not able soul fly double lesion and disciples of dissent in the Mother's Day metal show me a deal to see any of the I after the follow mom's gonna get in the game who cock into. They're like oh I'm gonna beat that answer he could affect. Though it's cool that it's happened on Mother's Day you think will be able to see some middle modern country should be a good cover an hour and that mountain and it. Blue room. Tell your children not to you and me tell your children if you go to our show him. Doesn't roll off the time not going to be here with me packed show the and gentlemen I give him you're really. And you get one to send a shout out to studious and Pamela. Yeah AM is definitely. As a matter fact. There's a couple of bars nearby that everyone knows the studio seven is. Great nobody growing pains but dry they're gonna literally I literally just it goes firing tavern just a couple blocks away and if he can improve your mom is with used to gets then for five bucks off. That's all yeah right that's kind of cool my aunt owns that. Oh that's off some mop bucket of Waverly then there's that I'm up. Again I am and I am living get to a so we're we're looking forward to going in there and thrown down. It's cool to see it it's still going as planned shows that it's gonna be big. Least I mean we used to live there you know and in Sanaa while figures. Leader it was a relief effort for us now live there as an ambassador. There were never really there and there and oh so my thumb that's where it did but and beer smell came from that soccer game that figures. Tell us about what else is coming up with you guys this year it's good to see you guys back it's been a little while and we aides did you see guys back make him progress we just played the news or play another one here a little bit what's coming up the guys between eighteen. Or actually just getting done with a couple yearlong run of just a ton of awesome. Live days and we're getting ready to finish rating the new record and that we're gonna try and have that out by the end of the year. Mom before that we got something coming up in July with I am morbid the year almost earlier in orbit and today Benson dated yet so we're gonna play with them and other shuttle's silence it yet they are in there we're excited to see them. So gentlemen. Shout outs how can we find you guys online forum for digging these songs where can we find them where we find you were going back Richards. Where can we sent you nude where what's gone on the thing that's alone wrong. No no nudes police again. Sorry you get his stuff that. FaceBook after the fallout need to also get links there it's all of our. Individual social media after the fallout official on Lance to ground we have some new web store stuff being set up right now to be one place that you can go to for a jumping point if you search after the fallout. Very very shortly that'll pop up. You be able to buy armor should be able to buy our songs really extreme our dogs. Be able to buy tickets that we can send right out to you and Estes much easier then all of us pouring out name. We'll be this that would Arnie isn't going to hit it on YouTube mixture that you just put an active Fazio. And some cool stuff popping up there at some cool. In concerts. Camera shots. So you know when you as a can be plan tomorrow you know the set time yet with the that we have no idea are and we'll show up early no doubt there lately or before and violence offline. And then my social media headlines right now and the month social media and done maybe to keep you updated. May be if you play your cards right to show up early dammit. Gentlemen and Jesse. To get to see you guys think you so much for coming we're gonna help these guys in again. Was when you get the whole thing. We wouldn't want to bring if you package lemon C asked how we we can't wait to bring Europe I was loved to see that the big thing. An impressive. That's a fine fine thank you very popular I gentlemen after the fall as a really weird if Aruba tomorrow night tonight depending on when you're hearing this Mother's Day bring your mama go see the local band after the follow revelation. Nine all Nile so I disciples of the sent. Anywhere at any last words for the northwest audience before we Kiki to Helen a year having noticed it all the moms out there in that did this. Thank you everybody for your support over the years we really appreciate your the reason why we do this and indeed you know you know accuracy yes we compared CU. That they thought they keep her for two minutes and now also little shout out to the hard working men and women are romantic industries thank you. All right guys we're gonna jumping to a limbs become lions anything you wanna say before we jump in the song here and continue on with our all local at this. Around rage. We wanna see everybody studio seven at Sears walking around come up and say hi I would love dementia. And I hope you enjoy our new stuff. Yes get in the pit and bang your head to on us on it. It's after the fallout. On metal shop. Object yeah.