Metal Shop Interviews Anthrax LIVE at Pain In The Grass 2018

Monday, September 3rd

Before they took the stage to rock us into oblivion, we were able to sit down with legendary thrash band ANTHRAX backstage at Pain in the Grass 2018. Enjoy! 

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We're backstage here at paint 201880s. Me first say it is the medal date this is anthrax iconic rash can. Incredible to have these guys all got to members. We got Scott Charlie frank Jolie John thing that I had a guy. So first off let's ask you guys like. How the Dolan disorder isn't seen these give you the final slayer. Tour. What's likely is it. At least here the northwest is when we hear in the northwest wow even know about that let that's what we heard I heard grew up. We won. Go back to the beginning with you guys has been around for awhile and they're legends and in the metal scene who wanna go back is there a specific moment like when you were hit a record or a time that you like. Realizing that delightful woman you're like damn I gotta be a part of metal got to be part heavy music we. All at. AC DC show at CB TVs. And August of 1977. We actually met at that show the final lesson. It is realized they were opening actually yeah this is what we wanted to do was allies I was not because they see these negative to so amazing. We just figured out why not why not try it out ourselves in and trying to be have been too because it just seemed like the greatest thing ever. And O'Neal would do that. And they can't really beat Dallas AC DC CB TVs they were running for the dead you can't you can't beat it. He already dead opening for dead boys that's crazy. So the question for you guys let's go around the room asking the first album that you actually purchase with your own money. Not been something that was handy you down giving do you buy. Granted he's restart and was. It's so how is John John Pike here remember my alma white's name in my first two days Iowa where they've daily Iraqi human smile. And the crew led by Julie pace all right Brian all. And those were cassettes you know Braun on man joke 1986. Do you Bruce. Doobie Brothers. Street right now. This man kiss alive nice. White album. Round arm action group that won by Beatles a move lots at the end of this equipment at. Who that was The Beatles they had it's a racist practices white out. AFLAC and anyway. Just a lot. Maya the first album I think was Jimi Hendrix essential Hendricks is again Hendrix best outside my with Steppenwolf greatest hits. Its workers here to partner and I mean greatest hitter error since. You know are on those hero all right so we do a metal radio show on Saturday night stand if you guys were in charge your own radio show like. No rules what are four bands. That you guys would cheese maybe just go around me each name it and what's one band OK list by one man you need to play your radio show where they want to live here I mean. A dose for bands. We'll survive with define what each one each Seattle who the F. Why not ten yeah why not today I would hope they were always say you all the air. I would pick pro jams sound guarded house in chains and mom. Answer in order that I play assess. That's why I said those were bad. The open cumbersome. What about two pads. I love asked. Oh you don't hit you literally and figuratively. But I would pick you had to. Putting up its act. By the way I would pick the screaming revisited right they don't. Jimi Hendrix and heart. Ego who's been hard W Orleans right are you know we Drake and metal church again I heard they management. I'm just to Seattle that he can now there's the Starbucks have a then. Who who Starbucks hello they will then he has look at brigade here I would love I definitely. Dish won't. The effect. Wow that was up will you watch him like old GA is that unless that is their injury you pulled that precarious what classics coming into play here publicly to try to figure always say it differently with 700 rounds. That would have been like from radio show in 1997. Great around and stuff people need to hear touch. I have to apologize for the fact that we obviously just got up and you know that's all good I got up and our gunmen and I'm with you have three shows that this tour but he's a little break up and haven't thought it was a laugh how how long have you guys been out now on this one four years. Here it doesn't stop there. Organization or wealth at the bit about the in the I mean for all keys came out two and A half years ago so and on the circuit and we. Pretty much more on the growing their record nonstop for two and a half years that's also are getting it to take a break after these next three shows truly do were off till November 1 when we start with slayer again in Europe for six weeks hell yeah. So do you tell me about the first time you saw Slater for. It's I mean when where if you can yeah I think back that far I think remorse I think it was more than Brooklyn. Or possibly eighty. Four. Known. I on the I. I get confused because I remember in have actually asked to know what it was when it. The first night we were there it is humorous buffet great and they were they hanging out and then the next nicely of all they see that's why I was getting good unite us. I remember hanging out does deeds. At amorous the fate shelves. And I remember seeing him I didn't realize it back to backs and now makes more sense in my brain. And now would have been 84 I don't know apparently there who open minded in my whiplash they're not tasty news. And then go to my my first memory then yes you got pictures players it's like they're all screaming and pulling each others hair Alia well. I thought they did that when us when we first met city shaken hands you elect. We do everywhere Malaysia. We have you been friends with them since then would it take a little while we've we have not found that we have no question because it affects businesses can beat up. Yeah gets him he'll get back there everybody on notice that there's everybody separate nobody talks if you're if anyone knows what more you know you wanna go back. Boys and a dungeon. Cell like you guys must get approached a lot windier out. Makes people snag you come up do you. I'm curious like what the appropriate way to interact with the guys side because I know you and punished by Sandra everybody want to sell to be with Palin okay if a metal that comes up do you guys that like a festival what's like how right and wrong thing to do yesterday at the meeting we we had a shirtless man come over. Yeah it just an it was weird because he was like what Eddie just extremely not fit. And I don't mean even tonight's winner or anything like that but for some reason he had his shirt off just stand there with his nice jeans and well. And it's really white body and and it's got to stay there were no shirt on it was very strange and like you could. It's not even a higher on this sign your shirt while it's on you you didn't need to stand here with your shirt off. Tonight's got them and he doesn't sense enough now yeah I think you post like anybody you we're human hi how you do if that's really what we're all human. This rock star stuff is nonsense in which we have fun stuff you know when you don't approach somebody I think it's just a good lesson in life is if you ever see anyone even if it's your best friend. You don't Chinese shake hands when you're in the bathroom. I think that's a life lesson now a lot of people still have not learned is I can't tell you how many times I'll be like an airport. Having if he is they say in England. And the guy next to me turns around as a literally trying to shake my hand. While he's staying here doing the same thing is me and Mike did a much shaking your hands it's even worse we take an adult and go in the failure that our stick their feet under well they'll. I could I can never shook hands and violent. I'm not. All right so which one it's sixteen. For all kings came out. This past this year you're lied all the makings among Scotland is out now a pick it up it's awesome. In killer live performance in Scotland. Is there any plans for another anthrax record. It's done really there. Release tomorrow it's called king's among Seattle called Terry king diamond carried out. I'm looking forward to it. Now we're gonna start working on American next year 2019 because we like odd years. Working on stuff. Nice they'll come out on the eve you come out these like touring and if you look at our records go back seat time every single one works like that. We like seeing that it is that's that's pretty I don't hurt the American. And our new movie comes out to. There's the colts. We don't have a title yet. A fine person buddy cop movie. And never shake hands and a toilet yeah. So avoid these dudes in the toilet especially get your shirt off. Or existing well what you wanna get arrested and get taken out here yet or do you. But so these guys have any final words for the northwest side this is gonna go on our website lots of people gonna be watching in northwest people who might not have gotten to be here see you guys tennis last slayer tour. People love you man obviously and they won and he rich got the same in Seattle of gala just aside from being mullah. It's seven married. Where they Seattle man so I'll just say wanted to be they wanted to be I asked. Everybody was from Seattle back in 1990 seven's successor. Wanna you jealous and change tonight after our set but I don't think it's gonna work thought the crocodile present their plans are planned a tiny little show I think is really 250 people or maybe. Well because we will have got 255. They got payments they make hammer we're just happy to beer man we I think we were pretty long time at some point in our. Our lifetime as a dam where we didn't get to play here all that much and now feels like we've been up here bunch in the last. 57. Years or so so it's got dressed when he sixteen and being aggressive when he eighteen. Yeah and and we did headlines shows up up here as well and at the show box and got gas I am so it's I'm just glad we get to come up here have always loved coming up to Seattle at its core it's a great city. When history well now the air cleared up a little bit and that's I'm glad we mention the shall watch for a quick did you hit here about the threat against the major like corporation that was trying to bio the show box and knock it down. No credit so that's what problems. Pike place. That's been Pike Place Market course for the they extended landmark status to to the to the building. Just to keep it there otherwise they were gonna knock it down put up a 44 story Condo. Now that's needed to right. Yeah yeah I knew we mourn those settings you mean like. And we thought we don't have CD TVs we keep losing venues so I just wonder like you guys know when as a new Yorker believe anything not sucks sucks. Let's keep it alive save our show blog show box of course this is the show yeah sure anthrax think you guys so much for coming on talk to us you know there's IRA if you look on the rest of the tour and enjoy your time off. And I decided to grant our very much so they got game can see them play a little bit later on this afternoon thank you both the support.