Metal Shop Interviews Barney Greenway from Napalm Death LIVE at Pain in the Grass 2018

Monday, September 3rd

Barney Greenway is a legend! We sat down with Barney - the vocalist for Napalm Death - in front of a live audience at the VIP BBQ area during Pain in the Grass 2018 and talked shop. Enjoy! 

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And around gather round soft beverage but. Yeah ally I mean this is Kevin when those metal shop Saturday night thank has W. You just woo us I wounded. Ric Flair style it's an honor to spend a little time would Barney Greenway from the almighty napalm death give a little round of applause that open it up hitting it bad. Asked. It's guys who vocalist for napalm death and if you didn't see him on stage opening up paint 118 it was. You know early man he is incredible vocalist. Thank you. Who's they're more. Slowed this man is also on the hardest with a broken arm on stage and I've ever seen in my life. And you you still ran through that mentality you're under McCain I don't feel that after all that brought him. Sebelius the the tie after a day another knowledge that I did the didn't even know what Tony sorry it was broken. On the on the fingers completely smashed. And and apply to Kagan I'll do names really didn't really excellent. Not until the adrenaline wears off a little what happened and Utley how you break it. It was in recent poll disarm Hamas couldn scenario the rest of songs saw as running to get some fruit. Christiane get a price did great compared with flowers in pretty quickly so running running running and an opponent. Some are so I don't block always I saw at the by Soros going. Just so close everybody is what you may go like this that you why is this why lazy they're immunized I don't. And now broken mama my round and look delayed. Because that. I was going to count of the next died and therefore wasn't subject to the hideous American broader health care system right now than an hour about that Canada. Did that these big you know they hook you up. It and let you do better now but I was impressed when I saw you with the cast still rigid onstage if the napalm death not turnaround and not enough for the light of heart. To say that we. So what we're interested in knowing like the foundation of where you guys came from obviously you guys came straight out the bat with some incredible record but. Before that before you started playing music like. What was the first album that you actually purchased on your own not something that was giving to you by their mom or slander. First one you actually purchase with your own cash and how old are very rural. Probably overkill or by accident I. Are Archie so martz had in net and glory dies at three race. However kill ice despite public Sarah Sorrell through. Thanks to log dot it was a Vermont gotten much done your dad got two and a motor never approached me in the direction and so that's also has a first down. All oppressed people you know. Obama dot more albums. Slog of a similar ilk. For me before on this move without him where we. Maybe in some former you have probably not but but other sectors on she's led to me there's purely by accident still here and I'm but it. It's a cool thing is like we just met one of our bodies yesterday and handed him a pair of tickets he's taking his eleven year old son to his first show tonight. Part of me slayer and they saw you know the first big literally he would ever had seen live was they pump that while terrible thing. Why why hideous things are very the good guys are ahead hey Jeff thank you think. So let's get skating here is there's gotta hold of the generation better learning. The legacy himself. It gives me the warm in world war and Fuzzy that just gonna say hi no opposite almost hilarious not address that. So you guys cover the song Nazi monks gone by I can lose. Tell us a little bit about like why you wanted to cover Dead Kennedys not two months off and. Off. You well. That's. A bad. I was off the ball otherwise all walked right this problem as well enough that's. Another race or more is because. Being down being. Human beings we are not actually. And you rice it's you know I was viewed as good as any here big really should that you not so. Paula it's. John RBI broke the. So are so we did. The daughters grew up on then they almost become one of our own songs all of our gross is a Dick Anderson. If we don't apply and I'm always people ought murderer. Of my older it's resulted in this that they were like oh split up people are glad. Licenses of marchers pretty bold inaudible geared to. It's let's let's have a little bit is obviously well like a momentous. Effort. And kind of got we get to the end of slayer then it's like gone that a long long time. And so tell us about what what's the first movie you saw slayer like encounters are Zora won had a whites. How they shot the price but it is always a mockery in London. Receivers career where exactly here was how old were you at that point I was like six million so yeah who will us there was. It was fantastic. Because I points. But warned of music was. The extreme com and it was the alms pretty much. I talk to his lawyer always apart from nor'easter pounds you know responds it would not matter how brilliant so. Not was like on the melts on things that was Lloyd. Melbourne mom could very much your congress upon him and they're big confidence to play yet you'll never learned sorry it was it was our it was like. Collier are bullies like Daryl I would start saying there was there was there was a wonderful thing in let's did. I reflect how does it feel to be a part of this final tour with these guys won't you know wall only voice sort of I don't really haven't sort of respect your body ready because his thing. In our if if it's like to Saudi that marries the talk to finish the Nazi holocaust energize our ten not suffered emotional. Perspective about these things it's a natural. Consequence of the law thing everything comes to an end and they've earned it and a he could both you guys gonna put in work for a long time it and so yeah haven't net night mom's gonna end at some point no money dose RP in our Fareed decelerate. That worry that not. We dark thriller we're bringing crises in north brought to music anymore or. The gate survey. On a 50% what's the point does not going to be 50% of some kids got to be a 100% of the thing I noticed you guys still go hard in the Mano a half days after. It's awesome I love witnessing. So thank you. Think they're keeping I don't know. So obviously there's a lot of divided ideas about what politics and whatnot but over in the UK. You. Breaks it is happening so can you give us a look like your opinion of wrecks it. Yeah it's. The biggest suck you completely pointless exercise quite easy and I've and has a thing in our hallway. Are you know I'm not always a big front of the so the European mechanism from a financial point of view where all do. Love the year period thing is that it brings people together on we've managed soon. Small and large not how bijur Warsaw in the year being continent since you know I Nazi Germany and Italy and Japan in a whatever. So I. From that respect he refuted by two people come together. And it's a social always staying where I help me pulling countries. Struggling. Almost pulled up in other financial sought things not some auction on because it. Things like you're and this is getting pretty going to be technical and it's a tough question can you answer it like Korea but all stars say you know large. Like Karen. Making countries. I had debt dropped quite clearly the preakness offering that's the broad unity and student you know so I saw where I'm I'm forty in. In many ways but I know I know this you know I saw around book put it this right. We already have in year. Try seas off the soul of things that happened when Hitler kind superpower the united southern and eastern here we are on an aircraft just movements. Like upright and implying beard. Some people need to be careful what I wishful. Because it could just hold as July again I don't sure nobody wants the world the weird time in the world especially now well yeah leave it's. And I don't really know where to go forward with that kind of thing because there's so many different opinions. And I think you and I leave the real simple my sister. People should. Stocks drawn on the stunned. Wall Street and human babies. In our heads and hearts tree of that your brain and I won its. Nice established. And the politics goes out the window products policies and raiders losing an arm. Here remains first and foremost that's what my eyes we'll build anything else human raw X. People look. You know that that very promise cynical about it but dice the crisis. Living together in the world is that everybody's got Roy it's it's house to remind son did you have to respect each other equally because let me tell us so many different types of people who look to make show like this to you know hates old. All of these. Any gigs or any music cities have more because of of the world at large the facilities. You know it's not any different so therefore wherever you are one of your policies. Than everybody else to be given. Respect to dig. Miss it policy was funny how differences kind of play out the window of your what you thought that your metal community your family your anger gramley exe and these candidates he ran all over ugly death. So in case you're just walking out we're talking a Barney Greenway from napalm death yet. A little bit later tonight we obviously have lamb of god we have slayer on the main stage but right now Barney Greenway from napalm death very an awesome to have him here. It's a viewers think unstated napalm death that are in 1981. I was gonna guarded. First him stride Zogby here. So my question is thinking as you guys still can see you play what my favorites on how the years condemn is when my favorite napalm on us on the all time how do you stay interested what keeps you interested in. No Harley as musically Bentley you ought not only that at the. How does not song to be full military it's what you. That's our guests are you wanted to unite different people did different things differently and on our web. We Regis. Marques Brigham for the wrestler dollars and Rio we're just gonna kick Arab music that was just off the rivals. As it does not itself he had does a hit by this event and does not debate. The sign Ames strain has and I promise also allow guns are used very strange sort. Know he's sports science starts off the united very different on the other end of the spectrum but still extremists. You know outside of dots that's what we get a kick I'll be in our marxists honestly utilities still needed push the envelope. It is they ears and it's so well in a utility getting spectators and Eliot you know what's the point in being stacked in the united Amanda Super Bowl. That are some people the word lord tonight prompts from my door the second album all over again which she's turning some good songs. And you know I'm not a from longer than most are about ready to thirty seconds long. But what's the point you know we're we could do not rely on us all grown up Iraqi and our son. Of course we we're never gonna lose those elements it was gonna pray that what we're you have to following. You know do from march to move forward otherwise what's the challenge as because last the year. Straight off but like I like you guys have fallen into a real heavy group I saw some in our early. Right in the beard got like punched in the back of the head bigger guys is set so should people are out there is still love and it's up. What is your favorite northwest band of all time. You question your favorite northwest scandal freshman employment. Through. Pours all day in my in my niece and awfully good idea rocked the different it is from bounds and I saw things you know put you on the spot there. Accuse. And actually use. Growth. Still it's beautiful old school park holds on a lot of mine all right so. Shows that you can in the city to get naked or something pick a scar on your body at Telus show us that tells the story about how you got our. Well Billy you guys are good to the most recent which she's this little fellow that and that's why does it look like anything. But I've been ticked wheel bicycle out. Obviously we sell in front of the other bounds retreats testaments practical on these beyond us. And it's been around sort of fry him the things you concede the backdrop percent right somehow bicycling. Made a bit more now on site judges run destroy into the rhyme or whole full power Holtz saw my armies. Potential could have autumn of the market as his new gazillion everywhere on the road could get that Zaria but I'll always of an opera from offering a large all I've got to look at this that's like shying spicy you guys like. He struggled to get sports on one thought brought offering normally might ever get that Greece that is that these well now didn't which is why it's like this. What you're weak profits oil my about it yeah. RA man that's awesome. All right if you were to host a radio show. What is like you were three bands that you would have to play before the end of the night and Hillary Helio your Israelis on the spot wal marts say it would bring in our motor nice rebound. Who else. He's on us now yards I would be associated here. Or and probably some New York seats cost about nine east costs no big notes he had taken notes slums. Familiar mode yet. To answer there George division. So Kelly often might as well rounded out. Everybody give another round of applause for mr. Mardy related grenade blow. Thank you against Oklahoma don't know institutes. Thank you good as others as you tour and used to always bring you put up through more wartime and it's got selected ahead.