Metal Shop Interviews Biff Byford of Saxon

Saturday, April 14th

Biff Byford is the singer of legendary British heavy metal band Saxon. They just released their 22nd full length album "Thunderbolt" and are on tour right now with Judas Priest! Check out our phone interview with Biff ! 


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Sitting. Shops backstage press. We are speaking with bid by for vocalist for legendary British heavy metal band sax and literally just walked off the stage in Salt Lake City he is drenched in sweat. They're coming to town this Sunday night April 15 at show where senator alongside fellow legends from the UK Judas Priest. How was tonight's show I guess first question. It was great actually and you know don't maybe you're Nickelodeon sold out. Great show you know people and that could lead about why is why do you songs and then I'll see excelled so they're really good really good show and I am. That's also meet guys are torn right now with priest housed the toward been so far fewer net. And a wrap up an and it's in a few words. Eight showboating I can be secured essentially meg excited and also sure the if you liked. It's sort of you know quite appreciation. An increase awaited actually 82 ish together you know in nineteen human clustered together he thought it was only a second Trulli who wished. In Washington so we have. I think historic sure enough. Well I'm to go to new album so shall hominem know we've got on the ball Google firepower. That's exactly it's like it's not like it's is it nostalgia tour or anything like that you guys do you have a history but you guys are also still consistently putting out music and would have been some of the reactions when you bust out the new songs are urged the crowd receiving a while. Yeah really well LA and we'll machine we shall look comfortable to talk to try and and we do a couple of little traction and we do. When the new Alonso yeah I think it's going great you know on the trot true. She couldn't fly. We do they try to malt shop about Mota had. Joshi are actually good. For a band that has such a legacy behind you guys that I might be tempting to just kind of depend on the classics and played hits but. Why is it important to keep pushing forward and constantly making new vital music like you guys have. Oplink approved a good because we audience and greed generation of well. And opting out jam you know the old I was you know that look look at underneath it won't want to like great outlook again you know so. You're never gonna like create an Asian album has not cheating you won't because I'm done the same thing you know we can try and turn them. No real real estate where Christian yet to be relevant you know Iraq and how would Obama and no I'm the only conduit loan and not cause you know. Any sneaked worked as producer on the thunderbolt album and I now that you're torn with Indy. And he's filling in on guitar richest priest how's it been sounding with Indian know what's it like. Well let me see them all out to someone else in London now lost three albums would you where would on each electric she has. And I'm pleased to you long you know there and you album. And then Glen. You know it can just uninsured money couldn't play some shows so yeah it is grate on me and then. He description of trivia challenge and Allen then you'll be used to go under and I think you're gonna contest HL says now he's not the usual sense is he'll try to be Glenn you know he's just during. He's just can we don't shedding Tunisian Libyan controlling that China has certainly not really. You know trying to be glad you can norms and major and you don't print. That's awesome I'm excited to see it on Sunday and on the thoughts of what can we expect from Saxony Judas Priest concert the Sunday show where senator. Our current immigration element appreciate it much it. Let it beat production. We have we have one of luck you would appreciate it here so yeah is critical it's critical. You know it's. Not Null and you know you can't you can't beat pitch for an unconditional gonna happen again I don't drink all the climate certainly alignment. To make this happened so and other people are gonna love it it's just alone promote. A sudden all children looking at all. This is biggest by verve legendary vocalist of sex in their opening up for Judas Priest. This Sunday at show worsen her teacher asked to the metal show do you have any last words for the northwest audience bit. You know you know calm and ready keep this place unnerved. Trivia it's a formula. Knows how good but shops backstage press.