Metal Shop Interviews COVEN 6669

Sunday, February 25th

COVEN 6669 is playing NW Metal Fest! Ryan the Beard talked with them about the show and some of the bands history. 

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And nine point nine KI SW disappeared from metal shop and hang analogy Amy Carter in dean Babbitt from holiday and how you guys doing man. Possible so let's just dive right into it. Take us back in 1986. How was common forms. World Cup being swarmed. Well actually myself but actually we just we ordered veto it to high school together love medal you know we're in the salad than. You know. Actually exodus. Slayer and that hurts them those. You that kind of I don't want to play and I both worked at a pizza place. They're actually recorded the first album which is certainly finding there and that could be Adams street anyway. You don't mean to beat Florida. Dean usage share would call in the armor support their tree and world day. Trumba sanctuary. Did they actually had a band like chant greater something you'll burn red. Oh what happened is we hope and actually leadership will. As well in eighty by. And that certain night with the world and stand at the time. They played facility at Gloucester guitar player. Right after our show ask me to join that band I played when tempers short term outlook and a horrible actually. Cool let's fast forward a little bit what. Cause the twenty year hiatus what would meet you guys stop it seems like your band was picking up steam you had three albums out of the time. Well what happens you know everybody pulling down to learn to grow and there are. We could that they got a got burned out her. You know we had the last out we did this on the Oscars I don't know how familiar you are about one bit. Paul the other guitar players saying a couple songs because it's really to me are lethal Lincecum lost interest yeah are you. I urged actually former grunge band after that. Not not all your. Chest older than I am actually good news singer was not they're back in the day the team that original member that's. EE no volume old stories are. Yeah we're actually gonna jump on the ground like in. When that whole thing we'll tapping into it to try accompanying poll thing. You know it'll left. Currently in India. And you're saying you're too that you know Alabama called purple one at a time when we actually got it. Quite a bit airplane you know ladies early ninety. Fossum who was the catalyst for reform all we are we over the years we had several offers to play chose. You know somebody would call and you'll get the there are no show happening and we you know. We didn't have a band together so it'll click or any of the incentive. We are operative show. In California. Only read their reform we need yeah it was a wrenched it and then Jamie cannot go. Intuit we met him and he immaterial. And it just got to click it really easy to get back the other Serbian and again. We gotta give props to our body trying to cancel because he was a big catalyst in this staying nearly pushed beat guidance to law. Get back together and start chairman and he's actually put it in one of the early. Formations of the parent. Doesn't have been called a Beltran weapon here. What was that first practice backlight did it take some time to kind of shake the rust off for doing just clicked right away. Long live do her thing and we actually had trying to you know I had a couple of local local community. But it's in the game nor am I am just ran and says are key like you don't spend an athlete he didn't break up. Interesting about it. Integrated thing about it is that literally in my junior senior high school I groped and servants. And neat and all of that all handled a store pressure guys that are high school prayer we have this album thank god it was Fred Meyer wrote Jeremy distributed forced entry incumbent. And lucky we even had a panic album we. In we have though. What's Russert stand diva. They're and we had all that's up. I drove around my junior and senior year or make peace to our car listening to black that is the black over and over. And then later on when I moved here with my band you know. In the early nineties we went through terrible deal and then the finally in 2012. I was able to meet you guys have become a singer or band that. I had been one of my favorites and high schools so that was a real are great thanks for me personally. That's awesome northwest noddle fastest coming up this can be march 9 through the eleventh which bans are you guys excited to see. Where you put it definitely man accused via. Into them on their first album came out and ever since she lead the bass player yeah actually. Worked at a local music store when a little cute bears currently current view would be cool you might currently eighteen or career change or strings and you know a little. I'll play 1213 epic and prettier in Atlanta adamant that typical look at. It's all about the accused Madam Alex like. My my old crashed banned from the guard he's used to rent a room for balance. The based players of the accuser in the U tortured you they'd eat. And out skeletal work there. They're discrete views that we played with before. And substrate O'Neal Amy's band. We work side control of the stocks that people should really Camaro. It's it's if you add up how many Benji hit for the price it's a great deal. Any last words for the Pacific northwest metal listeners. Smokers according seeing man a trip it's an honor to be asked to English derby the medal that. Just really can't. Well thanks guys I appreciate the time we'll see at northwest metal fest come L cores on March 9 through the eleventh.