Metal Shop Interviews Darkness Stole The Sky

Sunday, July 15th

Darkness Stole The Sky is a band from Olympia and they have been hard at work for quite a few years. We were stoked to get them in studio to hear some of their music and talk shop. 

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It's medal shot here on 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle starting 11 o'clock hour right with god banned from Olympia darkness all the sky welcome to the show guys and I would score around the room and there's five you. So let's give us all comfortable and tell us what your name is standout what you do for Arkansas this guy so my name is Johnny in and you beyond. My name is Jesse blew away plea lead guitar Watson had bing and think I'm neck definitely attire. I'm Bret I play the drums I'm Branden actually the base while welcome gentlemen he took the ferry over here I that's news they have an anti guy here he got his diet I five north to shut down right now as pretty brutal night so throughout he made the right choice I headed back across the very area in the very residency be party in this would you say in the big city had a good Serena via a duty if you will you guys got from long boards and some skateboard so maybe can skate around downtown after have a couple Beers you know we know we are now getting publicity here again there is no dad's health hotel car or walk enough built and I do that we will don't bomb that building if you do get caught China busts and that again. So our men like we are as I was talking guys before us I love meeting new band so it's good heavy as I appear build relationships and all that stuff so let's. Let's start at the beginning Helen you guys when did you start as a base it. As band has been going for quite awhile now I joined the band and June of 2005. I'm amber there RD previously I'm going as a like a punk band and Brandon was in the end of that time horrible you're on the dash and then that's so eventually I came and started in on guitar. We lost the guitar player. That was original member friend he can it was a means I'm married the man in the when I came in. I wrote I played metal bright is still think there's Natalee yeah he went to a metal you know pass from that point evolves pretty net yeah actually. It was really cool so he got better your instruments big center and I showed in the there's more than four cores right it was shocking nobody on our expert so when he joined the Ben were you guys still playing Samir old songs or did you just it was pretty much what. I joined the band there's RD they had a whole set and I joint effort to tie her to quit. And we slowly phase which is kinda like when that red tire Wear original guy laughed when I do I tonight. Took the spot you know and started writing songs and then what everybody's Tony Harold his guitar player. As our friend from school he played knows well and from there just kinda we're on the songs that you clicked snowball yeah we change the name and then. You change the name then what was there before when I gave one even it at the garage band video is one was. Air raids iron there the ways that you those little ugly way value today that's an old legs brash punk band any aspect before we brand new and we had like we had all metal heads with the hill and then then we're all about crossover period. Damn piano and I wouldn't I do in the band Randy guitar player were sort of writing new songs and any musical direction rampant naturally we wanted to new man named and then that's when. It was darkness those guys really look like remarking on it and I had a tap on paper Mario for the game really be. Well thanks Intel yes there's zero matters like this story line in this old -- those late in the waters rose and darkness stole the sky I don't think that's pretty cool that's fascinating isn't it OK I am in a. Switch endorsement or something. Give us free stuff. You guys have the Muslim killer shows coming up shortly we're going to be talking about that in just a few what we want here's some of your songs now this is coming off the record that you guys recorded. Eight what to what town again was it. Martin Zeno say you know after I landed recording and a Montesinos the shots and then ride on it it sounds great. I remember I was really president Cecile doughnuts let's jump into real quick give people a taste welcome back and talk again what the well which I really hinder your wrote anything yet wanna say about this maybe the singer what's the what are the lyrics about. And you're rope is just about. Why even Mario is good. A just a dirty girl do incidents and make some mistakes and move for web. Good enough mare and it's and Amir wrote. You're by darkness with guys on the shop. Don't cane and I feel. Who were out there. Anymore. Hang out on metal shop with darkness stole the sky we just listen and of the rope offered her new album inevitable how you doing guys. Then you're okay pets as it is right get an upgrade right now I don't know why other radio sitting in the big boy chair nice so we want to have Ryan jump in on these cute is he somehow enlightened we can delve into this more in a later time but he's started. Our relationship with some Booker isn't up in Vancouver BC rep I'm working for a company called the collective agencies that. Works hard to bring Canadian bands down to the United States and I booked their entire West Coast runs good down the coast lines and is trying to like get a BC northwest at an angle and you know you make an app which I think super admirable sir awesome he's bringing down the band expanding you guys are going to be one of the so yeah to generate a couple showed Obama let's talk about it let's inform the folks the people the general population and hitters is. The first one and on the nineteenth will be in Olympia Washington envoy here and the second one will be my 23. Monday I realized they had the real hard to come look I rattled south pummeling yen and the won it real art has some strand them on the show that in your loss embers a metal like element there. And that's that's an all ages Danube keep. Pete this okay August 15. They're gonna be opening up for awake and I am royals under slaves and CK YT. Can't kill yourself hey did you really need anything more to go back unless CKY two K Brad and I think that's hard to Sierra yet as well ma'am. Shut out and exactly and we're superstar to now on you know that you're the in his final Moran yes PNC to go for 25 dollars at Portsmouth music they'll. Have medical Syria yes right like a couple blocks in the and then by by a shoebox uttered on the council where manor yes if if you ever went to shows to studio seven you'll know that the people who book those shows. Are now book in some awesome rock and metal shows at club serves so go and check them out end up against CKY. Into darkness all the stones. Very cool very excited yes so what happened when he got that call UN because I don't know I don't know death there's good thank you dream right there we knew like in high school that we girl to play this showed tonight. The coolest thing ever you know I think that bank listened to and skating like you said CKY DK army has they're sound episodes is like. Totally game from June on how many how many was broke arms and legs guy yeah do in the stands grocery Charlotte because it's download your eyes yeah I think yeah exactly. So congratulations okay thank you and thanks very excited. What are your goals for the rest of the year guys I mean we have we're seven months in but you know we only have a few more months left end on May be in the next couple years what your goals where he has wanna see yourself in the next fierce honest staged. You but. Oh yeah we did play a lot of shows that the last couple months we've we've played. Some awesome shows declared darkest hour we played with cycles sticking using canned as I said a friend and fired quickly some. Pretty close doesn't his keep in the ballroom that we did recorded WEP which were plains on tonight. There gonna and more songs we record real soon now we're talking draw back into another force on the haven't something ready for a full length eventually so dressing down next got to keep working now yeah it is kind of resonates so we're excited because. Brett has been an Africa for years now but. Johnnie and Jess air guitar player vocalist there's some pretty near the mantra about a year gallows and it's not an amazing thing so a lot of the stuff they're playing now leg. I know everything we know where they're derived source of excited right now as this line Housley and you ought to be able to go projected at a new. Not style or just enforce the no word yet but I feel pain relief fund on the New Orleans and the first time we've fully who wrote things together arming our rulers for this holy. I absolutely crush Sheen I mean we've taken a Celtics and very strong energy and Sarah he made that for the last you know a number of years were taken those songs upgrading them Mahoney in and just completely re dialing them in and get them is tied is absolutely possible we'll end our fans at least from the area veil now and it's not like me and you guys are just sounding great up and when we will we go into these new material it's gonna. Just completely floored everybody I mean we all of it to you I mean a columns first Purdue and of course sells its you know right. Hamlin reed yeah well he's another doesn't make it big boot whom I know I'm not good money out this guy kidding me you stuff. Denny did know what's up Brett as well. So again those shows are July 23 with X pain and sub strata that real art in Tacoma then August 15 with CKY slaves royals under awake and I am at clubs are we're gonna go into another song here called halo effect up your EP. But any last Worrell who we are seeing from. It was fine young minor questions like where is obviously on pace but some orgasm and camper where everything candidates not just tossed out and programmed death tickets out of porn hub. I don't know ahead of soon on a busy day president MM thinks it's an instrument or missiles guys on this becomes a dart stores sky and gang camp start installs an idea pros what day you can just bugler name in there don't really know I was under outside of us a little rosneft had to do. Gotten cook no luminaries you know they are not. It's terrible. All right Darden has still this guy here's halo effect it's metal shop on Iraq they tell us. Now.