Metal Shop Interviews Dave McGraw from Cattle Decapitation

Saturday, January 21st

This past weekend, we had the honor of interviewing Cattle Decapitation drummer and all around badass Dave McGraw on the show. We talk Cattle, how he got into music, his drum endorsements, tour life and he plays some of his own personal favorite bands. Turn it up ! 


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Cattle capitation is here are metal shop. And the drummer for banking and must be really sexy. Is that you can hear just how the sixties who is coming from the IBI. Manufactured extinct in our Arsene extinction from 2015 in studio right now mr. Dave McGraw. Did they do so much for coming in saying now that that we cannot middle helping to provide an opportunity here. Yeah and when Ryan told us he was like hey Dave lives and in the northwest we knew we had to get you win and you've been mentioned you you've been living here well like 121012 years now. I opted not mean. The third time of relocated back home and it's great to be back and which part of Tony and I mean that's part right now. Alston and so you have a betting cattle decapitation the whole time of the and so what got you into cattle decapitation again. How did you join up with the band. Those are interesting actually met the guys in the game we played this fest called we're we're mosques and that was plain vehicles and terror a time out again. You can analytics. Aaliyah and rules so you know we've. Meehan loop that there's two men and four you know and you're gonna please be chosen. And at a meeting Travis and became friends and body year after that. When you drummer you know gone Torino is available so that all started there. It's awesome. They got you have three of the day Kennedy camp public records and your belt right yeah that's correct the first one was the harvest Ford 2009. And then Molly many men and 2012 and in the Los on the put out 2015. Then talks an extension. And that we site just recently at that at studio seven with per area. Man that was than anything job I was actually on my first date with my girlfriend at a mosque. Well that'll be devastation okay I. Yeah certificate. You you you were some heavy metal magic men a locker romantic script off I don't you would debt or drink or something. Yes a living breathing piece of deputy eating meat on your first kiss who. That's not I think I know it's gonna last man there DOS has to get into dropping him like extreme metal. Walt. It's kind of funny because. Com. I got him to drop me. Because at the time. Is a long term the statement. Do you my buddies are gonna start band. In the original drummer I actually want to play guitar that Avandia. Are there out of necessity and but it was all I was like wal. One be left out in advance so helpfully programs to classic conundrum we don't have a drummer Causley LP announce that we him. You aux. And you know guys on what's in the one you know that classic take part. Now as the house is awesome I gotta be a girl yeah. Of course my parents are lake yeah Sherri what are you are certainly little. Robotic acoustic guitar. And it's got a nice triangle of months now seems tailor refugee can listen to unity. Now I'd on the spurs extreme drumming. I would say well he or similar words first. My opinion. Extreme drummer that I got into. Back you know he if he just put it was so much power and you know. Late eighties early innings or supports her it was a so aggressive and you know death thrash against. You know but. It's just had that energy into me Dallas site the purest form of extreme and then of course Timor be you'll. Everything else along long list of Scott Moore and seen them and Wear on there now might what is sounds like. Crap I was a blast beat mania. Of course he now my ears war. I developed venture out what was going on about. I'm curious to know how you guys do this because. Where is Travis lips San Diego or. Then in California somewhere and eager not on the same place at the same time right Britain or the band song and saying you know. And I decide to answer most of but the reality is that a lot of a lot of programs actually. As time goes on coming due to workflow going. You know you have a system that works you know people relocate. To make it work this thing is America not spray you know so. I gotta do you gotta do what you gotta do to make it work balance out. You know life he had to stay sane of course of course and I mean obviously we low view. We're not on tour all the time that's Avnet. Incident like. Every guy Dave McGraw from cattle decapitation we're gonna hold on you for this hour and make you pick out some good songs and have placed more cattle the gap we're gonna paste but bills. And guys from back in type Marty that's cool Austin's we are at it medal shot here and there. Now. It's W in studio with us right now we have cattle to catch the. Felt that I have to Asian television. I gave a dry he's hanging out calculated in nice brutal playlist for us tonight. And yeah we have some nice tasty morsels for us chew on. What we do that you're here and we got you can literally in the corner. We're gonna try and we're gonna try and pull some info that you sell stuff. You know either the last cattle decaf record Kynan Forney fifteen. Obviously we all know how to add few years before 815 and a little while so are you guys working on anything you what's going on with that penalty kept him. I mean we we all right in our own time and you know we've got some pieces stuff. You know prepared going to mix by around what we haven't really been. Writing songs you could sense we all have stuff you know like around time their we're still focusing on tour right now since we. Still have this year ahead of us to view toward supporting cast album. But no word if you're working on stuff. Takes. Well we're still for whatever whatever will be received four from the cattle decapitation we will enjoy it in are going to get any better because that's. A look at some of them do. Are you not we'll accepted into our our offices were confine your medicine part. I'm personally you're current influences man. Current influences cool. Bit of all over the place actually were just talking about this group. Earlier the most into a lot of orders silence if despair of there from that kind of funeral doing kind of stuff but I mean I listen everything. Let's listen to you. A lot of Tulane and jazz actually. Really there's I mean it. And it's not that they're different because of Tulane it's just that I grow up down as her and others some decisions that falling well. Listening to Wear those days there right now is very impressed. Yes so it's you're saying you listen to Selma funeral doom and you like that style of music obviously kettles a little bit faster do you think we'll ever hear what goes slower like. Do you need cattle salt. Well you know I think that you can actually. We hear a little bit of those influences in some of the songs are for the actually every album I've been in these and even before I was in the band. Titles always been influenced by all kinds of different on its you know we just tried make it work but. I mean when we write a word we're just basically writing like where were your ideas that we came up where we don't really. It's ridiculous this parts and you know if the. Our course on his doom song individually and as part exactly. It is the sky also on. So I mean like guys I know that you guys have a little bit down time not much in between during one on do you have any other projects they worked on yet he likes I'd be in game with friends like. Anything like that on your own time not. Really that's something that I am actually. Really one change because. I don't want collaborate with the without assistance for a long time assist that. Or torn schedules been pretty active as of late so when I'm home I dislike. Spend time with my girlfriend Kelly and hit the gym without Kelly Jim. You know just. Just do other things but ounces Connolly take a break from you know by the I've been re inspired recently and I'm looking forward to start product people like. As of right now not nothing. I've. Fair enough. Well let's get into a few of the songs that I mr. Dave McGraw picked out here we start with so red pen us now white's direction and they've they've been my favorite death metal band since 2009 cool and extremely vocal about this Arctic. Every time I can you know without being like race post about structure and all the time yes I I don't wanna freak those guys you know. And the putt I had the pleasure to work with them. And cal corpse in 2015 sort of to see them every day for like c'mon that's usury and is the best thing ever you know of course I'm side stage you know. There Qatar air sees it there and you know also. And they're just like analyze OK got into. Aren't super. When you don't hear it is and he's charged now with us to. Well let's listen then I. You give us some that both you and I'll cars. Let's do that that will be back with that in the garage or are entitled to get Peterson's direction and on. CN. KR USW. Metal shop that ball in New York not call me. That it says that wasn't just us. Playing one of our favorite band is actually gave from cattle decapitation was the air that you gotta eclectic tastes man into any reasonably match balls Courtney. You know what time of night it is here on metal shop where we kind of slow things down just addition. And to the men who shot through poetry lounge where we investigate some of the finer intricacies of death metal lyrics tonight it's a very special edition. Poetry that's right the day plays and have been called cattle decapitation. He might often wonder what he's behind that drum set. What the hell Travis actually saying so right now he's going to read the lyrics to one of their songs. Played born. It's cattle decapitation with Dave McGraw from held the capitation. On brutal poetry. Imbued and atmospheric sepsis. My contribution to this assembly of disorder. In full treating NCs species. Specific to seize capitalizing. Castle to port. I am the history of adaptation to realized. Judge. Jury. Trial and error. I am the one you look for. And your bed at night. Hope born unspeakable terror. No god would ever have created me. Nothing could be so insane. This need true that makes us inherited disgust. Animal and your name. And sign. You know who's to. Respond. And declined. To fighting. Taken over. All that you knew is gone corruption following them. Genus kingdom order. Cannot go wrong. I am the site that wouldn't count and demon. Sports human bodies purged. But in the minds of everyone of us. Isaac PV. Trucks were lost. People inside of everyone alive. We. Can't. Tonight. Anything. There was deed of dropped from cattle decapitation. With cattle decapitation play ball hard. On brutal overturn. Let's ride the. Well. News. Employees. KI DSW. Well. Back to metal shop. This hour we've been hanging out with mr. Dave in the drop from the almighty academy capitation. He lives in town until we finally got is that something the studio thinks turning around assignment was so I'm curious and even played a lot of shows over the last. Your lifetime are there like one or two that stick out as like vastly he most memorable show you ever played. Who that's a tough you. Wolf you know there's a lot of that stand now but I guess for me would be. I personally like her toes to her my mind and it's all the time I personally like smaller cells you know like you know. You know 250 room capacity notice in intimate hot steamy loud. Atlantic standing on top of each other. Exactly. Tom I don't know that it's really hard to think of a specific one because I guess have been fortunately some credence to those lines. But I guess as of Lee. I could see that my favorite show that we played. In the Los. Yes of course we played around this tiny room. And in Wales. Around you is was a big soccer. And early you know. Reward because he knows so it is a huge deal in your Ginn and L exactly everybody out there. Well in debate you got moved in response to play at a slightly larger place yeah and then early opener got moved to like this place upstairs and for some reason. Almost every other shows like upstairs somewhere in your answers like well. Oh in the heat off this I mean there was there was I almost ran like three times but. Sox but anyways so you and others like. Few winners sooner if he gets in there you can only feel like 150 year it was just out of control nice. It's flying everywhere to war in rowdy you know. Seeing the lyrics and forgot which forgot Melancon now like wow but it that education. You know so that I would be probably the most one of the most Merrill says from them. Recent. I knew them well it is. And do that sounds rowdy and speaking of how do you like I was wondering I mean you have been. On a lot of different wars with a lot of different people what are like the rowdy is and you've ever toward wit and what are some navy bands that like like to pull the biggest ranked. You know CI I feel a bit. Now I guess. Get some conflicts. On that because I wanna I wanna really be on untoward stands report references from winter because. You know I know that there is sort of this like a perception that when you go on tour it's all fun and games and obviously you we have a good time piano by. You know you want your your work when the scene people every day and you wanted to know that when it's time now it's your game face on an island and you know respect people's. Bubbles bubble you know who's. Which there's no ball when your toward the end but. I only because party years. Yeah I'll be a lot of I think aired but you know I at least in my campaign it's you know. After the job's done now it's time I would drinker too soon. You know but down were seven aren't you know exactly. I candidate you know when we do a lot of driving ourselves you know obviously that was the case. We've been. Sort of re tired of doing the very ourselves with this kind of burned down on itself that I know that allows you not allow us reviewed you know. I'm with you. They kicked ass. Exactly. There's probably a few younger kids listen I know related and I wanna be like we'll be like they're going to determine you like what's a good place to start good piece of advice for youngster they're trying to get to a man. Won't you know. That's a tough one to beat the be prepared to be bro code and well I would Wear your I would say some were a little stuff for a month term. I'd say. Did your education now going so if your teenager you know. I mean be hurt if if here like eighteen months. Or whatever your human tweets which I would just say it like he can twirl and for the most Oka just. Get get I'm not saying they gonna conjuring like I will guarantee you any sort. You know great job or hopefully not with just get that out of the way your backup plan get a backup plan written because it's going to be tough I mean. Then I've toward for so many years word came home naturally so you know. And l.s like a normal thing but I think there was I knew that hopefully well I don't know that this was gonna happen up and I was hoping that one days or Indians took. Unfortunately am not more. But I don't try to train be secure. And the spears arsenal now I might try to be responsible obviously you know you know once gonna stop you from playing your game better you instrument you know hour or. I mean you can if you look at it nowadays I mean there's with YouTube being what it is to solve social media I mean you could. You can put out music can be known and in your rock star without ever having to place her life for one's core I mean. So viral sensations in I'm not saying go be a YouTube starting my falcons saints allow users I think absolutely get. Wreckage to get noticed or just to get to music out there are some. You know just out a plan B you do what you do when. And you know if you get a good plan going on in my view would you vote. Well thanks daddy gave. Yeah I heard I appreciate it thank you. That's sold total budget drama endorsement you've obviously worked hard enough to get yourself into it have a good situation here pretty proud of sucking drones. Yeah I've heard it pronounced a couple of different ways but I can cite case such people sex that sock. I don't know how to Villanova you just move right tame right right place right time somebody hits. Love of a bit about the bit of I was with programs for a good amount of time and obviously very very comforting yeah. Those radio try something new and go to different company and we please so important in Warsaw. And I'd been at this point had been. Aware sucker for a long time and hours. Really excited about them and in the drums at the origin okay and are I mean they've been making Johnson's nineteen point five actually. And made and made rounds. I mean they've been in the business for a long time what. Which are doing is they were actually Drummond the drug manufacturer for behind. Drum line for company expects and then. It it's pretty obvious if you yet. It's just you know that's but it worked. Tom so anyways when his show Warsaw and we get to the venue and one of the bands playing. Of the drummer a society. Went off. Freaked out sir do you. You know I think music globally to supplement them and I've had to do now and then. It's okay after the show late. You wanna talk a secure and you know he knew someone that you some other person and feature that whole thing happened in start responding and you know I just want to see what we could do so home we are. Not a good situation. You know really how I mean obviously a well known brand within the circle but I feel like. In at least in my community in her view drummers not so much all terrorists that hey look I tore bunch. I can get these drums on front of a lot of people here the death metal representative for sigh exactly and I just I mean you know. Anything drumming but but roughly. Thought well that's you're known for so and that's how it's been it's been awesome I correspond with the Japanese office all the time in their life. Super pro and super supportive and awesome in this is. The great thing so I'm extremely excited. That's really bad at the rules Ryan should grab a link to the website confident on the middle it was that you've got it. I'd Dave let's play another quick song and then come back and talk to you a little bit before you go mr. chosen by you criminal. 1997. I'll be dead souls slave master. They would Dave from penalty death metal shop. Ali as part of the playlist you're in right mr. Dick McGraw drummer of cattle decapitation that have been called criminal. Slave master piece of the from Hewlett. That's right now are concerned him. That is very cool and for those beyond the you've played a lot of really good stuff tonight. Very pretty stoked you've actually kind of expanded to play with the big points and stuff and we've played mad ball and threat can. But we never played the oddity or criminal force lots who couldn't. Kudos very cool man. So yeah man we are wondering. What is what's your favorite thing to do well on tour. It's easy to these one little other than masturbation. Yeah. We originals and actually. Very easy and there. Yeah let's go. A a now well when possible. If there's Jim you're buying and I have to time ago exercise. That because. Yes keep you know he was open your playing every nightly into tons of exercise not really as your left brown in all. So it's a lot of hurry up and wait on and you're actually not doing it like physically. Not penalize them so you know it's a nearby pool there or it's you know your plane and who'll see the day of debate news like I did walk or part of town go for a walk he's yet it kind of thing. Nonsmokers won't go. One of our favorite questions that we usually ask this of everyone pickets are your body. Tells the story about how you got it and show us if you don't have to take up too much time. Launches on all turn. So I have this discarding my arm. We were on tour and here and I mean I've actually a permanent scars it's. They're all from answers it's nothing like super aka. But down. Anyway so this car underneath my arm that we are toward your it's like a bird is to worsening. In Berlin and watching the day before we are not Copenhagen points some critical fast and oh. But like. Fingers. Like I'm really here not here. Next stage it's a sizable. Staph infection. Now it was huge lapses. And I got. Because of staph infection months before it's him. And junkie and yet so anyway perfect timing of course you know on tour in your. And so it's my my first time ever playing Berlin we've played journey a million times but never grew if it's. In everybody's night common ago. See stuff like god what limited to general surgery. It. So you know it was it was pretty pretty complicated by the went dated you know. They wanted to keep me like three hours afterwards as early. You know I'm like all kinds of so wake up in their wake you up to be here for hours and like I gotta get in there by ourselves. And actually ran into the clinic to serve those trying to stop now. You know have stopped them you know it's like this major avenue when normally. Go. Over its alike I ran into the clinic. Make showed up like rents alone you know he did general surgery so please show. You know well but it was critical in the treated me agree. In Boise to video or February. It'd it would aren't our children proper erection. But did you listen to general surgery and if it's just a but by an outside you know. When they bestow an accident. It was funny as Mike so right back I'm leaving the clinic you know normally stumbling they're trying really hard. In the that was completely okay yeah. And I'm like her surgery and like many keys generally. He can do it now now at all I'm like okay. In the next decade or Frankfurt in my time that the band's. I'm thinking you know it's just like whatever. Clothes like a match. Ups like pulling go. That's way out as they clean on the bus man safely on the books. Definitely definitely they've you're the man. Did you get a B gap who's who we've been talking to this last hour thank you again for coming in in and be safe on you guys is next upcoming tour. And that we'll have that you'd get some time. I'd be any final words for the northwest before we jump in and other cattle the caps on here but to go for the night. Me too easy to. Act. You've apex blasphemy. And.