Metal Shop interviews Deathbed Confessions and Kyberox

Sunday, March 25th

We got to interview Damian from Deathbed Confessions and Ashley from Kyberox about their show this coming Friday (March 30th) at the The Swiss in Tacoma. 

It's an art show and a metal show! Check it out! 


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Here are metal shop that was banned by the name of deathbed confessions of course you've heard them on metal shop before their friends of the show. Hadn't been off for a couple years so what we wanted to refresh your memories of the awesome this from Tacoma seamless by deathbed confessions and we welcome home. I'm sorry we welcome. Damien not DK I know. He's got an Alter ego we had Damian from debt betting here of vocalist and his wife actually. Who's also in a red bed called hyper talks animals called EDK. That's you open it to. It's all good we got two guys in here he's got an art show and it showed show you have and find a new one coming up here. Super stoked. For our thirtieth you know the thirtieth this coming Friday at the Swiss in Tacoma. Got a bunch are on display about a recent paintings and from sculptures. And then. Also went to read them to play. So basically get to show hi everyone how awesome yard game yeah well let's go in labor working really hard man and he's also one of the best tattoo artist that ever seen. And I seen I mean kills it. Howl. Along do you. And feed it's a moving around what -- studio tattooed like I operators just were by appointment now you can have you know upon on FaceBook appearance programmer you now and you feel it yet what's your answer Graham because he got to follow you men because I seen some artwork that you did on on clay or frankly over there wears on you Chucky doll over or hit a way to do this whole through. And that's can be fun and play. Two little throw flick on and I guess he'll be further jobless or unemployed office. But he definitely did help or isn't there this with that that swift down in Tacoma it's 91904. Jefferson avenue Friday march 30 deathbed confessions Khyber ox swamp maybe swamp that we and then what's the deal with DJ Donald demo dame well being he's actually to start off as a client of mine and he's he's the superdome DJ and I decide be fun to bring them and they played. Some party music between ban career. Some some Montell Jordan and the good news is so we do where I got five on it you know. This themselves well and I'll have to return the man everybody mark Morrison. Well this is taken a non metal turn here. And so but it's going to be killer because deathbed confessions you guys are gonna be headlining a listen yeah yeah okay in Cairo Iraq's Ashley European this is gonna be. How how how many shows do you guys have under under your belt belt yet. Now we've got under ten OK okay and that this is our second show plainly and Damian and that the compassion that's awesome. It's definitely fun it's like the romance behind it the fact that we're together yeah are banned at the plate again there at the most fun. That's you know it you know it's funny is right I sing in my bed and she sings in her program but we also do a project the other bonus like that term I was. Oh Oscar I see that has allowed you guys are Barea diverse. Like that. What's the deal with the treaty asserted trip hop band together yeah I just because for fun like when we got together seek it saying united I used to do a bunch of hip hop production step back in the days and so I was like man we gotta we gotta make some music together so we visit baby making music are our first flight tests. Our first test song was a cover of I mean your wallet you're all I need from. Method man and Mary. Am and you guys really stepped it up and it's spent a couple years since the EP came out and you know we've heard before but he had been a while we're both like hi Dan man he delegated. Sounds like old school hardcore blues influences kind of come in and you guys are to instant. Direction from some other bands and he's an inspiration from some other sources and haven't heard your music before it's great ultimate thank you. So this track is called. XS. And expands there is called excess. In excess I thought as an accent I didn't RR yeah all right we looked on my expert for us in exactly. His deathbed confession see the march 30 this coming Friday at the Swiss in Tacoma police out vendors don't see you out there. Can be our show and a metal show so here's deathbed confessions. On metal shops. Harder and. The business. Metal shot because her deathbed confessions. Excess in excess. I got that. We got it man it's so good. Seriously really really get stuff that's the song we are talking about where Janet earlier stuff and those risks at all fingers you guys we got Damien in here from deathbed confessions and Ashley from diver rocks their players show Friday march 30. At the Swiss in Tacoma I've never been this way this has still haven't been there yet it's also but is our roads rather they've been there for. I don't know early nineteen under its moral. From the old school Tacoma history and it's filled with art. They Alley scholarly pieces of art well it's it's you pick it all the right place for your art show. Yeah I mean they ask me if I want to do like the artist of the month thing and then I don't like them. Have fascinating things it will basically had a show gas. They got to toss your own vibe on a debt that confessions play with Khyber oxen swamp heavy. Let's talk a little bit about your art for a second before it before jumping Khyber rocks. How long have you been an artist like you are alive ma'am my Poland via earliest memories and live from. Pencil and paper again. You did you ever like you markers on the wall as a kid agree on the line. You know realized that I know young and I didn't take some cart keys and car Ruben system of my mom's Pinto that are now I don't know anything. Is that the only time you're cut you're in trouble. The question. Yeah. Probably you know welcome that you want to discuss on the radio he's. So what's your preferred medium mine because that we know you guys had season. I didn't I like to be all over the place I know some artists that think that you should only specialists in the specific. Zahn Ehrlich style writer and I I'm all across aborted due sculptures and paintings that tattoo for a living. It just depends on my mom sold some of the stuff that I have up right now some canvas paintings. Have been having a couple knew 2 things that I am experimenting with where I'm actually painting inside. We site plastic. Club horror layer of pain to layered. Pour layer of the plastic console has a lot of depth to a diploma mine and yeah sounds also is pretty cool and still experimenting with open up I'm happy with the pieces and done so far. The hard part with the radio and arch like we need to post up a league right now yet art and here I have been it's not as that you visual thing when we're talking over the radio but we'll post some of it on our on Arthel comedians go ahead and give us a follow the one other thing I want to ask you before move on. This guy builds and yes emulator cabinets. And copy the tables at school this. Seriously blew my mind when you put that first one up for sale dude I was nano millimeters away from to. Taken that I actually I decided not to sell it hasn't been. Design and build some even better ones this camera. It's it's super fund that thing has like 141000 and that's when I'll say it Graham opposed the Internet fees you have to check that out and I know people listening would be like. We'll take one right now I'll take one I'll take one sweet and step to the tune I thought that at. So you're listening to metal shop and we're talking all about the art of decay exhibition on Friday march 30 and that was damion but not only is his been good to be performing but we also have Kai Barack's. And before I talk about Khyber op owners say. We also have a listener. Actually she's a listener of metal shop she used to go to work job late night and GM metal chuckles about. About listening to medal count him a one goal and to a graveyard shift. So nice to be in home caregiver. And some of the ships would be anywhere for you know after 108 titles sixth and then the next Eric can relieve mean whenever they need to. Yeah and that's like when you need to get the most pumped up you never know you're gonna lock entity like they could be sleeping or they could be trying to burn the house down so listening to metal shop gets your blood gets in India and then like a parent you're ready to handle it you know and so what was the wildest thing you know like Sar did there aren't you glad to talk about it. Nondisclosure area out there and a lot of simple I mean everything from people trying to break in their own card again driving every punch in the face now that I heights. And slap. There's been pole and everything out and unions clients down the street you have a passion is that saint yet. And that's new metal be pumped up eaten about a yes hotels a bit about carver Hawkeye Bruck I want to start with the name is like Bernard and easy stuff and I'll love it. Sound of the name. So lenient ban Ayman mechanic came up with it and decided we love our rulers and the Khyber crystal axes used in the light sabres that they went primary and then hunting advances can we meet at. And I think they'll accept the and apparel from yes that's the best banding story I've ever heard. That rules. I mean we haven't found anyone that's had that and India than LC synthesis of payment and get that copyright copyright. 2000 acting so you're go slow EP came on 2017 and on what are you guys is plans he said he got like less than ten shows on what's going on for the rest of the year with you yet. So much to learn in the road not yet. So we're gonna do like a lot of local suffering now and our drought is having a baby in July congratulations. Unnamed drummer. Aaron and marina area. Yeah everything you know you look Katrina days at. With marina. And so after July ever gonna probably take a little bit of a break we're pawns in the music and then hopefully we'll hit the ground and hopefully and eight years maybe you know the aim and I plan that's the goal means like a funded vacation or you to play music probably get so many albums sales overseas it's like why not if that's where the market is yeah well that like is there particular country that's like super India and Germany and France and have been downloading lots. So there's like the big in Japan thank you guys are big in France. I when Rick have a friend last name I'm back could be a connection game. Speak and speak French or Germany the has not really just like the typical right by accidentally. Including Taj meant to them and I can say disown. That's last name. Both these very. Speaking French right now you're a metal fell freedom ride dammit Friday march 30 the art of decay are you gonna have you pieces for sales I I saw you do something in there yep well I'm I'm gonna give away one of the the bigger pieces because it has to be fun definitely. There's there's no price tags on anything if people make an offer you know offer then then that's more than one dollar. It yeah yeah between nick not it's. That's all I pay very little and then he is sponsored by like it used to yeah login either missing out on the board and thumb from what I understand I don't I don't really know what do all of its commitment Philbin when I understand that you know put a brand new idea and I PE. Untapped and provides some sway for us to win. So some Beers some art some metal it's gonna be killer and it's the art of decay exhibition on Friday march 30 at the Swiss in Tacoma anything you guys wanna say before we the NDO little segment with the guys at. The driver I asked superstar for the show's thinking that swamp heavy for hop in and yet they're gonna be on the de sac later today at will be playing of you know those guys as the red and to be a party as far beyond actually last words. Think. An assessment by incentives is back on listening to up to being on it and they you've made it untrue that. Congratulations you guys and great music replacing Khyber ox right now off the go slow EPI Barack's KYPEERO. Acts. Strawberry wizard is the song. Sounds like a strain of weed. Let's funny cat that that was just go work on my all and so they're like you know even read about whatever you want to some working tied us know at the challenge now I'm gonna write a song by the strawberry Wednesday and I did yeah. I was. And it I'd thank you guys again so much and we'll have to get it back up in your suit Friday march 30 go to this was in Tacoma what's up south then here's my Iraq's its metal shop on her.