Metal Shop Interviews Expain

Sunday, July 22nd

Vancouver, BC thrash band Expain is playing their first set of shows in the states this week, so we had them stop by the studio to hang out and chat. 

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It's not enough when I KI SW. Metal shop is is going on right now in right as we speak we just got to bin coming into the studio they're Quinn McCracken tonight. Alongside some of Seattle's best the end sub strata ends so I'm sorry sub strata them just one but not world the single some stress is off in skillet Torre kept cracking in the U district has been is their first US shows this all week long. Is there are banned from Vancouver BC called X pane welcome to metal shop guys. Thanks very feminine very awesome day and we been playing quarters of the mind for a couple weeks here trying to give people Pau pump for your northwest shows. But before we get into this interview piece let's go around the room and introduce yourself and tells what you do for X ping guys. Yeah I'm Ryan teachers tonight play drums it looks up its path peeved and I'm clear red guitar. And now Max matter simply base I'm Sean M I'm another teenage temper tantrum vocalist. Left. I'm match and win a place second guitar welcome thanks guys think congrats welcomed a welcomed the stakes are out honestly if you cross though not disrupt that are not lending targets Erica hill because we have got to where there and so they let you didn't hit a QA today alone USA. Hey that said though Ira I saw was the day before or the day you were supposed to leave that you guys got a new look car accident. Yikes end I could only imagine there was lots of either alcohol. You know helping. US tour ever so what do you what was the first thing you said this guy. When he jumped out of the truck told me I can't swear I saw. He literally created you ruined everything honestly I look early are aren't there. I don't know why yeah. Just that you guys who I did actually scream that in his face like you have no clue you ruined everything he's like eating does get is that stomped out by finding agreement I don't do well man we were ready to throw down below the it was he had the decency to feel really bad all I'm sorry we got very candid. We don't have time to third on you know we often don't onset or pleases and thank you and we god got our rental vehicles and Tim Horton exactly I see us. Made it to them good just in time. Well done and I'm glad you guys he made it could that guy owes you I don't know a few hundred bucks towards your next recording something you know if that's right now nearly still murder him. I just quickly get back and I don't next record about that guy to a hog no I'll Matthews like breathing heavily and breeding like he thought we were gonna kill up I thought yes and no heart attack that is fun glad you guys may well reader you with a little red. And so we had a van rental that fell through so I have in my masters three sedan saws like. I'm gonna put the trailer hitch on it and get the smallest cargo trailer and just pull in that so the metal gods were almost telling you know. But the message yes yes and our right and dirty and U haul truck and it's all good congratulations little new hall so tonight let's focus this break rhinos part of the break on the show tonight. Other crack in any district is one of mine and a rate ranks him early and Kevin who are feared venues in northwest man you know Israel's super down to earth fuel around that place. And you play with a bunch of good bands of strata alms yes grand scale tour and the Ed didn't grow hell for style vocal this guy has the best way out finally yeah. Are you with Jason coach is his drive it and some six tech death is off so great over your head up to the U district probably like. Right now gap by literally right at you guys don't you get you get a get out of here manga and Lego man you gotta go and we have to say hi to America for. The sadness is our line and this window is a decent. All right so what we're gonna double the one you guys the sun's up court doors of the mind this this record out now correct yup where do we find it if we're getting unit where do we find it. You cannot find it full words download or get you can also grab physicals www. Extreme bands are band camp dot com. Cool obviously you can always email us or reach out reach out to us extend band. On FaceBook we always are getting better. You remember him. Fast responders yeah I slide into those DNC because they're okay. Are so it's open to all of the first songs and then come back Kentucky got a little bit more which one do we wanna do first here. On metal shop there were gonna do. Did you do today where they live a tea perfect that I read or write back explaining studio here a metal shop. All right we're back here on metal shop that is a band called explain who are sitting in the studio what does he. There they want this to do something for your quick. Not evident given can't do you can't give a granny really not a protectionist. Okay. I'm proud. The single in the may notice that's my recording didn't have that debuted so congratulations gentlemen I'm making a back and how are you guys can we don't near total and how far out. From how how far away from home we guy's going to be gone on this. We're here four or five shows article so are coming from Vancouver BC it's not insane we're used to crossing mountains and pounded out fifteen hour drive yeah Hispanic city over this. This is the Sunnis these five RJR's for our drivers are pretty. Pleasant your. So these are the far this study is going to is held so early and nothing can we just can't North Carolina where shows like the Washington State two or more I've Giuliani rules this is a part one of the kicked out of Canada tour. Heard about it to the and then on Tuesday you guys or Monday asserted Monday he gets heavy a killer show over it real art all ages venue into coma with darkness stole the light is Warsaw does does tourette's guy yeah sorry darkness oldest guy they were our show last week and see how much they pay attention so hey Ryan I wanna have you jumping hero quickly so we mentioned this last time is Ryan's got this weird. We years. Cool thing that he's got a weird rigs and seen no line it's really like refreshing that you're doing this what would you Trace. Not transcontinental. Trends contrary I don't know down on the border bench so he's got on the go with and with a bunkers up in Vancouver where he's trying to bring down Vancouver bands. And trying to bring some Seattle northwest fans up that way. So how did you find out about these guys Marron. While I work for a company called the collective agency which is a booking agency that brings Canadian bands down to do you last try to get a foot hold down here's that they can. Do you guarantors and Brett. Did the goal is to bring good bands to some of the smaller markets around Washington good beds and organic. Quote your words not ours had to some of the smaller march on Washington and organ and dom debt discount that help all local music seems a little bit more and pop up or Vancouver bans get a foothold here in the states everybody wins. So I kind of forgot to do the origin story and mention we were gonna do what wailed so what what year did you guys are allies X payment event. Particularly he's driven everybody to think 2009. Craig journalists. Intimate encounters slot we were lovers first guest nice we're all still love and yeah I was basically all it Craigslist and back alleys in Vancouver in the mesa area so that Craig's list success story. Yeah yeah other than the diseases some yellow you know that's it depends on how you look at him and yet finished product you're altogether it yet but it is they have been in bands like being in a marriage the the five hunky gentlemen thank. Yeah so what's don't know what do you guys for the rest of the year now so obviously guys are working on this tour and it's your priority but you guys are having plans and doing some recording working on some new stuff on just trying to pick your brain a little bit we got the we've got almost a full links worst of material hum we're doing another five day tour in. August. Last year going as far as organ great night and to then we're going to in October due. I think sixteen is all the way down a California and back from Vancouver so. Gold dome until a matter of snow that we we told you I don't amount of the collective agency noted we tell you both these days. So he's not listening relative let it. You can hear that yeah I think it's okay what are my favorite things ask people about her bands about it because I feel like it helps people our listeners like connect. With your guys is musical sounds of what our favorite questions as what was a light bulb moment for you and if when he Diaz as a good store all of you have for that matter. Probably yeah like well what point did you exceed that metal or heavy easygoing dude I gotta be involved and when I was a kid I was really afraid of tornadoes. And so the tornado's coming in Ontario so watch my parents room. And there are a caught them having sex to clock out so I I'm. I was the lightbulb moment for the mom and dad I think you guys. I think there might be the best supreme gotten RA I bet anymore I'm sorry I follow that I have been hit back at it but yeah I mean like I don't know where do you like. Do you have a all of a set of parents older brother sister Rihanna story somewhere water bread to the. Yeah well gentlemen here who had earlier and we should should should or should. That's do is pretty cool I Europa overseas living in that China and scoured band camp for bands all the time I came across experience first. Like demo EP before they release anything formal. And when a move to Canada I ended and jamming the space right next to those guys and organize some of the songs well you're gonna fight through the years ago and are some like you were drawn. To the band media TV and now we unfortunately jammed the other guy but I feared diseases could. Guys I Kucera diseases and Ali is now near we we are we sure we actually have a water ready in our species now on my doctor doesn't talk to nobody else like bats seventh congress invite their water read my open and guys and a backpack. We have to be an X pain he'll throw me with a good time these idiots and and they're gonna be playing again at real art in Tacoma. DS everything he has won a state of the northwest audience before your throat and do you you're single. We're stoked to be here we're excited to be doing ones of all ages shows in America yeah we're looking forward to connecting with that scene here. Kind of wait for Ryan to ships more events are way to Canada. It's. The guys. Coming down the pipe may be on the market as the wind let's do it must be friends that I haven't been really receptive to us so foreigners I've really good responses from cuts in 2003. And that though here are metal shop it's kind it literally is our job to try and like show people some new jams and you know quite. Check out some new bands is and a especially our friends to the north so awesome age so that's the last thing any shot asking me other Canadian bands we're area that we should check out our like our own solar oh man. Nine Lithia aggression and see we've got to have been nines and tens of how would catharsis so there are movies neck of the woods. Which are the waste please come back. Supplied to us there please come back slash doesn't actually knows like Savvis hit. I think you've had and you I think they had your. Metaphorical filth I thought well this absurd. So I think you guys so much so guys Kevin Mitchell we're gonna blue jumper to one of these songs I got your record title wrong before and I apologize. Today a couple of those gave him what the real info the album is called pinching nerves check him out and that's explained to end up being campers expand bans Doug band camp dot com okay that's awesome we're gonna play a song quarters of the mind to take them out on Monday at real art was sub strata more tonight the district if you're in the area and when you still have time to make hit. It's metal shop thanks fellas angry kid. Attorney and you thank you check a pound and run and from the collective visions you have to say yeah. Okay. The.