Metal Shop Interviews Frank Hetzel and Ronny Munroe from Beltfed Weapon

Saturday, February 24th

Beltfed Weapon just released the brand new song "P.O.W" with legendary metal vocalist Ronny Munroe ! Check out the song and listen to Ronny and Frank talk a bit about the single. 

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Hey what's up its metal shop here on the rock we are live in studio right now with mr. frank cancel belt fed weapon was a frank. With some guys and a beer yeah that seemed evident in Arlen phone right now with us mr. running in a row formerly of metal church and trans Siberian orchestra on his own. Projects and now working with frank on the belt they weapons some might do and running. Many Erica essentially I would have seriously where you call firmer and a weary wary right now. I'm now didn't order a while the complete opposite side of the United States tool that's correct. Well excellent so we're here tonight we're gonna be debuting via the new belt fed weapons on POW and a little bit but we wanted to pick your brain is get a little bit of background info and what's going on with this so so frank what at one point did you have this unfinished and how did you guys get together and. Collaborate on the south. Well actually have had a song floating around for about five years cool. And earlier last year around August I have this idea to put it out and kind tweet you'll bid fine tuning got it ready and then I ended up approaching Ronnie. About being involved with this and it's word all started right from there and there's been a lot going on between now and then but. He it's really good song I'm very very happy with how it turned down and I wouldn't change a thing about it and it's it's awesome. That's great well Ronnie I know that there is some information about this album is in in if you download this single. If you purchase the single 100% of the proceeds go toward a good cause can you tell us a little bit about this cause. I of course a campaign in short. You know thank you very much frank total pro mr. Cutler. It is Gloria hundreds of my boy. Who has curing cancer errand we re going to this horror. You know over a year ago yeah got you Darren and you know return. And there isn't just and out of new. To try to raise money for our medical bills it. And basically just builds in general. You know don't sit there is a lot of people out there that are going through these kind of things that you're. Unfortunately it is and introduce situation. You know that I would like cigarettes frank stepped up. And you know trash barrel under its best. Answer yeah yeah I were you nervous POW is a great solemn. Changes. You know one of those guys in there has been at least you know really can matter came out of the woodwork you know American Angel. And I wouldn't say an Angel of death not. Yeah. But I would say at Angel moral. You know coming out in turn helped us with tourists you know what is guilt at all about their marriage and has been good person yankees I know and I learned in my Linda Michael was at this and it's a client Richard tourists to. You know. Turn to get through ticket groups on the will go on to end you know ducked out what is song's about it's in general. As opposed list basically just putting out some good some good mental and we got a great people involved in this exactly mean so from solos. Michael major you know from that from. You know to PR. You know darn horn and guitar yeah impeached. I mean there's many people like I I don't have to listen economy. It has been so many great people that they're Jeff Craig has brought seaborne managed. They just Jenna is overwhelming. You know really call this people come together and help you know get you get behind a good cause like that good people you know it's it's really a positive. I think we need to see more of out there and my pain. Pressure. And if you're listening right now on your part of the northwest metal community you grew up on metal church and you know who. Running in a row is. I would challenge you right now I this single by this album to support our people because this is someone in the middle community who need your help we help each other again metal community it's just like when someone falls down in the pit. You pick them up. Running in a row in his wife are in a hard time right now so pay a few dollars. Out of your change you know spare a little latte or something pay him some money. And help them out and guess what you get out. Awesome that I asked the rash song. As well so let's talk about this let's talk about where we can find this how I'll see you were mentioning something about some belt that shared since the mom and sources so for us and this right now. Where can we go get the song and I you know help out where we can't had we had we make that. Well the song itself is available through iTunes CD baby an Amazon. And all those links are on my website. Belt that weapon dot net you can go right to the website and click directly on the links and go right to the purchase the song. I. Read it yet. And there's also a new thing we go some teachers. Compliments of opium star promotions have donated some time. Handsome. That's really hurts to to a pre orders or running a pre order for thirty days on these teachers full color POW with the are working and some lyrics on the back. And that's gonna run for thirty days and then when that's all done all the profits from those teachers are gonna go to Ronnie and his wife as well. As the download. Money from that while so that's very cool and this whole song is very special to me in many ways. It's a great song and having the opportunity to work with money. On this has just been awesome and the best thing about it is is the cause behind exactly makes the song even better and it makes me feel feel really good to do this for them and yes just a great thing all the way around and I'm I'm very honored to have this opportunity again thanks guys for talking allies and let us be part of it and now. Helping you guys out to its it's really cool to see this is where it's uplifting alike. Well I. Before we premiere this song I'll Ronnie is there anything you'd like to say to the northwest audience before we play POW. Yeah well I appreciate all the love and support. This is in my hometown. Fans know that it at this point you know I would like to see. Shall not Q are prey. Again Purdue in this floors. There and you know just. It's it's overwhelming yet it's really well this is a great song. We've been going through. You know all right time. There's a lot of people altar desert going to be sure if these arms was cancer and all that yes and anything that terrorists. You know aside from us. You know under people who raise money for cancer awareness. Exactly who we is is a great ticket so. Anyway our eyes saw it wore a little choked up here appreciate your time Sheldon is best rock. One of these days earlier to come on Intel marched. Or solid loans you know raise your videos are you got an open invitation my grand anytime you're around so we got up frank cancel. From a belt that weapon and on the phone if you just we're cats and at midway midway through that. Mr. running Munro lob from so many bands metal church trans Siberian orchestra now working with. With frank and so you know running we really sending you guys are best intentions and all of our positive. You know mental energies that we can do you in your wife and and best of luck to you guys in in your journey and now with this fund raiser in the song. Aren't much to outtakes from the time. They never feel we're back on him and so here it is the debut of the brand new belt fled weapons song and I encourage if you like this tune go ahead and purchase it at CVB. And I tuned so many different places just look it up belt fed weapon POW gonna put up the links on our FaceBook check it out now it's new music northwest stuff for a good cause spell fed weapon. On metal shop.