Metal Shop Interviews Gatecreeper vocalist Chase Mason

Thursday, March 30th

Kevin had the chance to sit down with Chase Mason, frontman of badass up and coming Arizona death metal band GATECREEPER ! Check out the interview to hear some of their music ! 

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99.9 KI SW metal shop is the show window right now in studio we have a duty whose. Who's on Georgia's flew in from Chicago's teams chasing easings urban bogey treat her to a cement because they don't do Marian Hossa Manny just got into the northwest some. So I got to ask you first question what's your favorite band from Seattle. Of all time just in moments yeah I mean if from Aberdeen but hey you know it northwest end they're very influential band guitarist. Clients and all right no woman's right on man you are torn currently wood nails in toxic holocaust how what's so what's it been like torn with nails so far I mean he did. But of the East Coast tourism to started off right it's crazy. Noses noses and awesome man they've kind of it's taken us under their wing Todd Jones specifically has has been watching out for us as abandon you know. Helped me out personally you know male abandoned. Really solidify that bottom puts us. By taking us on this tour and they're big banner now that's your opinion are world there there is there one of the biggest name underground metal and there weren't a few bands and they get they kind of started in how hard core world stunt played in a bunch hardcore fans before carry on terror plots of whom he had. But they've successfully. Kind of crossed over and they're just alleged metal band now. Absolutely and you know there headlining you know all over the USA do probably I'm sure are extremely well overseas. And you guys to get to bump up by being able to open for nails that's that's very awesome what kind of stuff guy he went to death metal kind of stuff got a window into heavy music growing up instead of god and to honk. And all that stuff when I was young pitchers skateboarding. Great he gave videos there yeah around could mean at a cousin I was older than me and he was in the skateboarding. So I kind of you know. Followed what he did I thought he was cool say and I wanted to listen to whatever he was listening to him he played in a punk band so. Adolescent kind of goes hand and the end skate videos I mean. Does is here escape videos oh yeah misled youth he had he had had like slayer songs are 196 on looser. I'm misfits songs or whatever on there and so that was my introduction a lot of that stuff from there got ended more. Probably you know I'm going to be thirty attended this tour so when I was in high school that was when there's a lot like Jerry Hammond I entirely in black Dahlia murder and stuff like that the metal core yeah so that was like you know the early two thousands and that stuff was coming out so that was kind of my. Entry point into that sort of world and then. You know learning what bands they're influenced by. Buchanan diving down into the into the more classic death metal stuff and just there's a lot to him to dig deep tension in that world so sure that's why I ended up. Nice well you know now he touched on and I got to ask you we've actually debated this on the show before. We all know that there's slayer anthrax may guess Metallica that's the big four of thrash. If we're talking big four of metal core two thousands of little cork. What do we seem we got like when you kill switch engaged on earth. You know as a lay dying. Yeah oh trillion black Dahlia buckeye darkest hour finance channels for a pretty big there for awhile I never got to know them now. Knowing her and them I think and I got an end to amend camera listen honor com Alia the oncoming storm man between a very mean and I first came around. It's probably not on the same moral but the first couple. Cave in albums dock so they're very. The arch in coalesce those kind of that's more the kind of like meant of course a 1010 now you're talking a language Amanda cross a nice one to pick your brain a Little League at Mary with that yeah we'd like to still play some throwback like metal core stuff and I want to talk to you about your record. Consulates sonoran deprivation yet correct OK awesome and you guys itself to your first release on relapse records here what is O. What is the feedback been like I know it's been out less than a year now how what's the feedback been like. As far as the record ghost. Ten games and just hitting good steak speed it's its own while still common things that these tumors or we're doing is really open that I think that. As far as relapse they're kind of making not that they ever went away but they're kind of making more of a comeback as far as going back to you where they started continuously. Does not focus for a while I was a lot of you know. Then macedon. And in the end it's kind of like that. I think that Dave. Put us in a position to kind of bringing in new wave in the signing a bunch of awesome man to remain a contender economy is awesome fast so there. We know we need to be part of that kind of new generation of relapse that's it's really awesome because I grew up listening to realize stands for the record we knew really well it turned out. Exactly how we wanted it to sowed the fact that people like Kim and the fact that. McCoy is still getting a little bit of attention even though usually metal or from Hampshire most music you can. He put it out and then maybe you get a little bit of attention for a couple more uncertainty. If you're lucky milk on the thing on the next thing to give us that the fact that people are so check in and out Manning is their first for the first time and I'm really digging into this this is really awesome that is always thought that was an awesome record Manny definitely media topped one in metal shop records of 2016. How we're actually gonna play a song from that record what I what song he wants to play right now for a stronghold all right you're strong hold this. I was stronghold gate creep right here with chase from the band he's the vocalist what's Toni seventeen look like directly creep or we're gonna finish up this tour we had about a week clashed. But Nelson toxicology cost just announced. That's. We're doing matures Paul bear that is awesome fiesta were doing. The whole tour and there's one show that we're our we're not on but we're normal tour and then a couple. A different bands are going to be the third ban on the charm has done a good portion of it create and is well. Another band that I'd start playing bass for conspirators displaying one of the shows. And pinkish black men in this Maximus there's there's a couple different bands on different links and info that's going to be made. And gene and then after that we're gonna do santeria fest in LA. And then we got some more stuff kind of in the works now but he should be done a pretty. Jam packed year we're doing that cycle Las Vegas golf that's going to be incredible man yeah party with the murder city devils and king diamond the same time. Yeah gaming crazy happens that's great at just reversed. This year were doing a lot of the you know the support. Support tourists are bands are taken assembly it to keep them open for some of our favorite bands and then next year you'll be the one that they'll be subordinate has a plan pay. Maybe not the same man's blood that's a plan smaller ones exactly. That's awesome chase thank you very much for coming up to the show is there anything you wanna say to the north was audience what we know heavy captive. Now that's an extra I mean absolutely man. Geek briefer check him out and here's another song by decree for its metal shop.