Metal Shop Interviews Ghost Ship Octavius

Saturday, November 4th

Ghost Ship Octavius returns to the studio to chat with Kevin and Ian about the crowdfunding efforts on their new album they debut two brand new songs! 


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It's medal shot here and I have point nine KI SW welcome back to the studio took Scioscia talks they easiest. These guys are awesome welcome back it's a Don and met with when. Low against doing feeling good then it's welcome to our new digs man. Tonight fear beautiful studio yes or no stranger to metal shop and it's the first time here in the new studio we got you some coffee khakis and T and some watered them. Can tonic for you and that's what is being seen baby. Exactly so. It was a big week for you all of course it was how we learn some killer metal shows this week but also negotiate. World you launched a kick starter for our new album that's going to be coming out spring 2018. That's right straight it was launched on Monday. So those linemen active it's active it's doing quite well I'd say it was. If you very fortunate. It's working again you know and I am which is good. You know it's like five days in some like that in almost at 50% of the gulf though he's getting bigger and huge. Yeah so the opposite of crickets and the opposite. That's green and obviously I mean you guys put out quality music and you actually. You know a lot of times people get bad rap with kick starter by actually not go again going through and helping out and actually sending up the music but you guys did you followed through yes and people on know that so. Very cool I mean it worked out for you last time they're known not misty. Exactly. On and you hear about that I don't know and they took the money ran. Don't do it. There so it's been really cool to folly guises career as a band since since the beginning. And this is gonna be the second full length record rate in Australia delirium we have a link up to that on the metal shop FaceBook and the K guys W FaceBook. Let's talk a little bit about. Actually I'm curious to find out what is the most beneficial part of doing a kick start obviously it's working. As opposed to doing a label you get to have the whole project in your hands right. Yahoo! we get to own everything we get to keep everything ends. We get to insure everything directly with the fans as opposed to. I'm going through another. Another party before hand those as us directly to everyone who likes the music and wants to listen to you it's I think it gives the band. Greater sense of ownership over the whole thing I think all of the whole business aspect that makes you really have to care about. Yeah I've Avery did it literally everything everything I liked that. You know I've done through the traditional way for many years and it was always good that this is on. You know and I guess I should mention. There we launched our own. I guess record companies if you will really called the iceberg multi media. And that so that stamp will be on everything we do and eventually will. Probably work and other people's stuff but this is kind of the birth of an iceberg multimedia school threw me an empire through kick starter yet it's it's a good thing. You know priest our goal is to be like death clock and test your doctor and some of them are encouraged to enjoy teachers Taylor lumbering and slow and I have fun they away from adult swim though it's negotiate brilliant. It's killer man and so these guys have I believe is fifteen songs and Gamal former and a yes we do if not more can we would I think we never stop writing Viejo. Going into the studio. You know have more than enough material the record itself. You know depending on how long all the songs are at 1012 songs you know our music's always want a little more than you think you might get a and then we can have those things singles listings to release afterwards in the future which is. Totally cool it OSHA beef eggs scenario and though. Yet the V and about a hour's worth the music personally I don't I don't like records that go on and on and you know that's true got to keep it short and sweet and cut back. And how long is. Got some slayer records superstore that lesson happened and fitting because of working with parents Smith from seven or seven guys obviously he has is it usage stadium. Envisage audio in visage audio. And that's gonna be convenient Hewitt on your mentioning your team lived there you guys do and yes and it's it's a lovely recording studio. So we're going to be recording the second record there obviously knew we work with in the first time it's this time we get to use the new studio and all the new all the new gadgets and everything in them press all the cool buttons hopefully will be lodged in some of that to terror and kick starters well that's our plan right now plus you can just walked on the hallway knock on his better garb like Yelp. But he's I need a little more reverb via the. Headphones up jobs. So what you brought to songs that tonight to share with us and these are not the finished product but they are demo forms and stuff you recorded with -- you record yourself we did ourselves go home studios. Well basically laptops plug and ours Mike. There. It's amazingly communities and help clean and a little known while one system. Laptops and they fix that it. Yeah yeah rattled very guys like it via a we will I know we will. We're definitely once under the title track for you when you delirium let's do delirium going to be cool he's ever been heard by the world yet this is like us. And metal shop premiere this would be a premier. Who. Clever route what's up. Cool we're gonna jumping to negotiate Octavia is brand new song if you go over the kicks arts kick starter on her FaceBook you can. With 1020 bucks get an access. Anything. To Arctic and digital download move up from the area it CD Easter final. Rudy we'll tell you all about the loan a guitar duties will be to all of you all about the packages and some more details about the kick starter in just a few it's delirium the title track from the new blue ship our previous record. Soon to be coming out after you'll donate your money it's metal shop on the rock. Back here on metal shop it's our honor and pleasure to have I don't. And Yellow River and mr. met quickly from my scholarship Octavia here in the studio they've got a new record delirium that they're working on. Coming out. Tentatively like spring next year sometime and hopefully hopefully mark and that story that. Yes wearing yeah when he was in love with him I used in didn't it. So good we have their kick starter they're working on getting some bondage they can finish up the rest of the record working with Erin Smith. It's a pretty much of Seattle local collective effort right yeah yeah we're human error and then you know vans living in New York now but he. You know he's he wouldn't. Seattle for twenty plus years when things would never more so. It's the end of the outline how did you drum tracking yours again it was there and send it over with the and you're actually probably track and his. His home studio in new York and then button fly out here and join us. Cool like last head over to our FaceBook pages you can get in a minute let's talk a little bit about the up hurt that you can get. And you know since we kisses from the ghost ship Octavia guys if you give them a few bucks obviously you know he can get the download in this CDs though. You are talking about doing like media limited vinyl release following of collectors out there. You know we thing. Yes so we wanna we wanna do something really cool like last time we had a very. Very interesting looking kind of splatter final and we have some cool concepts for the imagery the next one as well that degree and be really cool. It's it's very like clean and cold and icy looking so them. I'm guessing maybe maybe like an icy couple years or nine final with some some Crystal Pepsi yeah. In a it's when you look at you just feel col Upton. Actually stumbled upon some information about the actual ghost ship Octavia how cool recently about it was a derelict ship right that was kind of just floating in the ocean. Because you. Were were was the one hour all the crew were still like frozen him frozen frozen in place mysteriously like and disease. Putting real. That's cool and that is the foundational story of the day and too. Little frozen in place so I meant I know that you have something along with that the company comparison guitars that's correct the I've been an endorser for. Fourteen years ago now when I was in him so. Signed them and haven't. Haven't turned back and never never Willis the only. It Butler play Hampshire they treat you well click IN I love them they're beautiful and play well in the great faith sound good. I also new artist relations company school. But yet they have provided us with. The beautiful seven string Dellinger model and eighth and conceal market starter. So that's available if you make a pledge to via the new record. Yes yes we we have we have one up there and it it's it's sold almost immediately so I'm working very very hard to get another long and these will be played in the studio. You know so they you know of the on the record they're really. Yeah beautiful guitar so have a look you know chance. Authors are great in expensive but worth its. Furthermore you guys are actually. You know kind of selling selling your musicals. Talents they keep you are potentially going to be doing. So lows in their contributions on records for a certain price young people can pledge and gets. I guess solo or gasp poke holes com do we have guessed from them. If we don't we will via here that van gag advantage there publicly well band plays and drip. Yeah so you can actually you know acting kind of root recruit this too calm to make a musical contributions to your project as well out. It's kind of they you know a mutual. Paper and responded that last time you do you really funny ones I did a lot of yoga last time I did a heavy metal version of under the sea for the day and that's awesome. How did turn out. It turned out pretty well I mean because I think at the ridiculous but it was cool is for the schools. But it was hilarious and music videos you know. But you know again and anything I mean where we're down for anything and if someone is helping. As helping us create the elementary music and you know we wanna help back. Give my 150 bucks get a ride to the airport. Become a mad did you you can guess those last until I think from the cakes there that you did last year did those work out of all he had others. There's a couple still I can. On hold I guess I'm waiting for for those those people to be ready I'm not I don't want to hear anything now nobody gathers. There's a couple that it did felon. I guess when they are ready Emery goal here we communicate though so it's. Something happened and I sold in Ireland they would think. He had love doing missiles at the club on. That's always. So what's the website the website you guys have obviously it's easy to go to our FaceBook page hit the kick starter what's the Goshen buck navy's web site if that's not. And obviously stupid question is an obvious he's. It's a mouthful ghost ship Octavia dot com and Octavia is often times spilled knows octave various you know. Don't you don't confuse it with our theaters that's Octavia. Octavia. Yeah so you guys. Are clearly working hard on the new record do you have any shows lined up for this year and maybe it's a little early it's obviously be entering seasons get a little cold out there. Yeah it but I guess that's a little bit early to announce that means that we are working however on. Embarking on her first European tour and then some. They have a lot of work getting that planned out but it something's gonna happen here's thing I'd like to do that along with a full US tour on them to launch record cool news go full blast and two there right now. I like it. So gentlemen who want to jump into the second new premier right metal shop for Mary Mir is correct that rules like over to our FaceBook page hit at that kick starter the new records delirium it'll be out in the spring time hopefully. Give or take a few weeks or months or days there. It if any was hit by Abbas tomorrow never. Pre order. Yeah pre order. So out Leavitt you say practical that's paper that connect that the correct pronunciation yes but I prefer doing critical sounds he it's on scores Brian Nichols the correct word it is it. The strange phenomenon. Explained very well a domino and it's it's like it. It's like a frozen tornado that calms down and kills everything it touches. That's it that's extremely that'll be all right well here it is. Radical radical. Burke burn out negotiate our TV is a go to their kick starter and support the band to an awesome little fear from the northwest. Scotia by tedious new music on metal shop.