Metal Shop Interviews Greg Bennick (Trial / Between Earth and Sky)

Sunday, December 17th

Kevin and Ian chatted with Greg Bennick about his upcoming spoken word album, some killer shows he will be performing at, his new radio show, the new Between Earth & Sky album and gummy candies. 


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What's up its metal shop we are in studio we're honored to be in studio mr. Craig's panic right now. I don't. Jack of all trades and master of none in the a master of none singer of rock and awesome vehicle trial in between there's this guy and I'm sure other projects as well. A very pro found a spoken word artists and and author movie maker are the in your book I'm. In process right now work and not a juggle but it juggle her. Hardly any more but it has been said yes. Those are two very important letters. Yet so critically applauded each other low but it gentler have you seen American juggle the film now essential. American juggle those twenty minute film. About juggle and only forty minutes twenty minutes longer I think it's American jungle load dot com don't quote and had to check it out for sure it's a little slice of brilliance without Greg Bennett will be plugging Americans juggle brings a lot about it a groove rule of another bunch of people listening to on. Hell yeah seeing that Mary it's mpeg audio hits and they go listen though we wanted to talk to you because it's just been a couple of years since we've caddie here and it'll show up and they got a lot of projects going on. And then you also have a new radio that's called punk rock pariah it's actually been around for quite awhile Cameron Collins. Started on crock prior doing his radio show that's got to university it's gotta be fifteen or seventeen years ago rule and this last spring had me on as a guest and went really well so now we've kind of converted it to punk rock pariah with Crandall and Greg. Monday six he. Themselves you read shall the ear hooks and yeah it's great. So it's one of the two point one FM KXSE use Seattle dot org you can listen to that online or KX as he. When a two point one FM for in the Seattle area low level low power FM but. Everything is is documented in an up on a punk rock ran up comp it is and I think it might PK XSU Seattle dot com knock out board or double check type both those those in France after. Google and American juggle. And you've got priorities if you you've never heard the radio show you can wait 21 more minutes which drag one minute to Google American juggle a twenty to watch it then you can look up the radio should see guys play a lot of music on there you guys talk a lot of what what's the deal it's more it's more talk. Format with music meaningful Cameron's background is punk rock and Scotland minus hardcore and metal. And so. We kind of challenge each other a little bit when he placed sky are placing more pop punk which makes my skin crawl little Beckett cease Yangon and the the effect is the same on him one night. Bring together a little bit of email if he can't stand it tries an obsolete in saint perfect match made in him it's it's a management also but what we do as we we spent our time talking but not on topics that we want as much as topics that we ask. The audience of listeners force we have. People tweet us at legal minded punk and mind that Greg panic. And what they tweet is just ideas for topics and we like it best when it's ridiculous so people have tweeted. You know what's the difference between jelly beans and my mom and we have to talk about that what the Wii to subject you guys have like. Actually gone on and on and on and you trap where you lead you anyway to an extent the you don't think he could yet I would say I would say offhand. The time that that guy in rusher road in and one of us to talk about the new Samsung fully automatic fully robotic machine gun which is coming out. And we had a a Google it and then talk about this machine gun that's gonna kill us all win and I takes over and machine guns can fire themselves and the war machine is coming down inside I hope it's not built into might surround sounds that shipment might very well be like a devious or cosmic they'll follow up plan yet. Got a soccer and I apps that might help I don't know him. That's really cool connect to Wi-Fi at the U think I hit it probably does which is it's for iPhone control. So yeah it's terrifying it's kind of a combination of Robocop in terminator but that that that was a little bit insane. But the people of and brought up the you know you know they bring a political topics over time they wanna hear about Tron where they wanna hear about you know what's going on government politics and not but I. Random stuff like Swedish fish to candy addict comes up from time sucks I hate Swedish fish or why now people hate all of ours. Egan I am and it is it is allowed for you to eat this candy that is amazing right. But he did say it was right no and on saying it is allowed to eat it now I think it was amazing he's at right no nonsense I was responding with a shock to the idea that I even want it well why wouldn't when he grows narrower immunity now at like on this. None of this is important this is important because I know that their people out there who agree with me. When you bite into Swedish fish it's just this like you know the gummy experienced just kept it's it's chewy and sweet and an even just saying that makes me. Great I wanna kill that feel that I can't stand Swedish fish gummy worms gum drops. The Kurdish. You know dummies yea it can't do you like black liquor national idol only got that's okay that's tolerable now it's not see that's clear out of this congress read in. Well I think I am and don't let's see what happens on your you have no this is exit is essentially an episode of punk rock cried Katrina Cameron yeah absolutely. Can't do can't do the dummies can't use Swedish fish came in love Swedish fish and someone actually came in to the studio as a guest and brought she TV game candy for meat eat on the year. And I actually that came and watched me eat damage even I can talk about just chewing on them and just have. Nauseating and our finalist yeah this that much. And we know to get for Christmas they don't just Swedish French army worms you a check out our Procter and Monday night's over and the sharks as you are that's right one or two point one on Monday night are we don't like advocated other radio shows on our radio is a college for a nonprofit station and it's cool to see other people get involved in kind of what we do you know yeah absolutely when you guys are heroes being stupid on the area that's exactly right there if you read from your way below we thank you thank you thank you can hide that income are. You also just announced what was it today yesterday that you're going to be due an unspoken word at a rumble in Chicago and April late April yeah it's late April. And the rumble was was a hardcore fest up until about five years ago they've taken five years off the coming back with a vengeance this year and they sent out their official announcement today so strife was human chains incendiary do you guys play incendiary against big area you really triggered anti down. Yeah lots of bands on die young and then my misspoken words that I think is Friday night before strike so awesome it's pretty cool I'm excited about doing a lot more spoken word appearances and tumors in shows Iran and world and it's been it's been really good. Have to change the style and the approach were used to be political only mountain talk about the really heavy topics. Now and I've always wanting the spoken word test to be funny with ideas you know if I can get offstage and people like it was great that was funny. You know or pay that was really cool meaning I learned something and have a smile on the face when they say it and I'm stoked rather than having. What happened in the past when people would come to me dislike him it was heavy exactly like what are heroes because they recognize that the world is gonna and I'm the cause of their awareness. Am I am one of my favorite trial moment with so I think when need be rain faster somewhere along many years ago and east the east this that I think people always let me say Greg. You're always so heavy all the time but now I just wanna say yeah in the woods is the best movie while I had a dollar. Anyway. Best interest and he said it also take that and and and transform not just to the spoken word says that's kind of the approach yet for sure cabin in the woods awesome though Europe. These festivals where it's just like nonstop people just screaming and if people just having a great time. You know just high five stage dives and then you come on and you know you have some pretty and impact for things to say what's the vibe like of of of being the only spoken word performer. At an otherwise. All late as the momentum it's got to be a very I yeah pretty momentum going so so the biggest challenge for me was figuring out with a spoken word touring how to capture that momentum. With out trying to be something I'm not meaning instead of coming onstage and trying to steal screamed. The spoken word which doesn't make any sense coming on stage trying to capture that momentum and part of it is just it's just owning the space and owning a moment. Meaning you know at at this is hard courts years ago I walked on a station I was terrified I mean I just I was terrified and not at all how was gonna go over to big fast like that. And I just walked out of state and just like this is what I this is what I do this is they don't what I have to say and how wanna say it. And from the moment I said I'm Greg Bennett from Seattle Washington I think it was just in the fact that I was confident and solid about what I wanted to do and how wanted to do it yet. 400 kids immediately from the states that read and watch this thing out so the same thing with the rumble it's like it's all about just walking on stage. And just sharing from the heart to an intensely and and also having fun with it that's the key is having befallen. And an innocence a lighthearted like the cabin in the woods motor combine all of that with an important idea and people are gonna be on board the not to be like. You know screw you out on a mosh but I can't because I don't know where that the plan which record what exactly is that it. You gotta start. Like my cat get people moshing your. Now when I was in Europe when I was in Europe. I offered one Euro to anyone who would stage dive during misspoken word second tiger tour that. Twenty countries should anyone who staged eyes gets a Euro and it will look at me go. No one ever did. And I was in ot Texas either Dallas or Houston I can remember doing the show a few years ago and I told that story about how no one took me up on this one Euro thing. And it was only a handful kids at this particular show this night. And hasn't told the story this one kid runs up to the size stage climbs up in the state sprints across the stage from me. Jumps in the audience under his friends basically turns around puts out as pompous and wants is dollars or one dollar and exactly right now yeah I should pay them a dollar twenty or whatever the conversion rate was to make it accurate as the Heros not for begin with. But I guess he went four he became the first person ever staged either spoken words but it's just about keeping them. Meant sermon like owning it and an end in knowing. Your audience but also just like keeping that energy going without Neil thinks that you're not. Yes exactly and music is either you've seen trial between earth and sky and the way that I talk between songs is is with not a forceful missed but with. A straightforward direct gag AS of the spoken words the same. But at the same time trying to make it like I always have onstage a little a little vulnerable and at the same time a little confident and focus and just in just give the audience ideas and had to be about them not about me now oftentimes people walk up onstage. And they're gonna be putting on affront to putting on the show were putting on an air that. There's something that they're not the second. Can they start talking you know that it's just a facade there so when I walked onstage and I make it about the audience what have they given to them whether it's allow for an idea. Then they can sense that as generosity and authenticity in their on board. It's a good analogy for like two while unintentional way less this year. I'm metal shop and learn and now realize gonna play trial found that we are so go check out the radio show punk rock Fran Monday night's 102 point one. If you live in the midwest or if you wanna go out the rumble for the mid westerners all the rounds just the rubble able April 27 April 28. Supporting the headlining. Mr. Gregg Bankrate absolutely moved pretty exciting three you play one step away quickly before jumping to this anything you wanna say about the song with worry literate. Always loved this song the song is about the the human potential for violence in each of us. And what our responsibility is as we think about our potential for violence or potentially just unleash on others. To think about because that's something that we can do uniquely human to think and reflect on ourselves. What our potential is if we just let ourselves go on checked when we're not confronted with aggression so. Yeah always one of my favorites because it's a mid tempo rocker and I've always been soccer for the mid tempo rock songs and Miguel here it is one step away by trial. We'll be back with more from Greg on metal shop. That was trial with one step away. Awesome northwest hardcore band in the B vocalist of that being in studio with us right now Greg Bennett. He has he spoken word artist. He is easy singer he is a public speaker he is envelope he's at he's no joke a letter. Former struggle or have I mentioned the movie American I think you'll have Yeltsin does a radio show called punk rock pariah on KX as he used Seattle. And I he is here to I talk a little bit about and spoken word album that you're actually going to be doing yeah I mean the idea filler it's. It's a prequel idea I you know I do so when spoken word shows at this point are on the planet I've always thought of becoming cool to have something at the show not just a sale because it's not going to be a money maker. But as people all the time asked me if I've got to think recorders to be cool that something codify it and recorded. I've recorded every spoken show I've ever done about all those on recorded. But I had no idea that I would either do it some combination of live recordings of me you know do my thing. Or and have musicians who a friend of mine friends of mine record musical tracks like musical beds and then be speaking over them. So I've gotten confirmation on those odd that that. The following people are gonna participate Iraqi vote Lotto who you might yeah yeah definitely in Iraq on Kevin seconds is gonna spa. Give me track which is great. Richard Burkhead who's an underdog into another's gonna give me attract little defeated black metal shaft is are we get the heck yeah that is so cool he has this you know this this constant onslaught of blackmail it's pouring out of him so he's decided that he wants to give me some kind of like atmosphere black metal track and when he was in Seattle last weekend he stated you're talking about it so yeah and it's gonna be a wide variety of humans you know from. From metal and hardcore who are full of friends of mine submitting tracks that'll speak over those killer maybe that'll be. 17 inch and the other will be live maybe that will be an LP and the other LP will be live not exactly sure yet Adams. Pullen and altogether almost like creative that paralyzed acts exactly like that so yeah apparel lacks you know these are these guys and suture this surgery and a surgery without suitors that features yet. Look at at the kind of get that feel like each of them musical attitude thing. Okay and then what in order said that the musicians as you submit what Everett is that you wanna submit an all right to that feeling will collaborate essentially that way. Because the thing is to set that the track that rocky gave me. You know as as. If melodic as he is in this gorgeous he has is stronger I know it's been described as he can black metal shaft track as melodic gorgeous and may be melodic but not gorgeous necessarily so. All the influences are going to be entirely different and then I'll just a work with each writer or each musician to think about okay. If you had to have this track approach something what's give me one influence a little right around that influence with what I wanna say and the collaborative to a rate risk song yeah. We're we're still a game this thought. Pick it up they would do that let me just wrote the spoken word parts of if we do QWERTY give you eight to load influenced hip hop beat. Who would you wrap over only only if I could talk about Swedish finish my utter hatred and and combine everything bring the same openness we have. Fish. I. So we definitely respect them the worst while sweating even just thinking have you had a Swedish fish orient what are you even talking about but doesn't exist guess. Tornadoes with Swedish fish in the middle. It's a Swedish Finnish labor Oreo half until a bomb dot com until this moment I. Thought that the worst thing in the world was either imminent war with the north Koreans or Donald Trump telling CDC that they're seven words though it can cause. In the next year late words like fetus and words are transgender or just science based science waste fact he's yeah I thought that that was the worst thing happening in the world that showed us that the apocalypse was imminent but the idea of Swedish fish or Rios is now the book thing but they're Regan. And got away yes so it's so it was a glass of gasoline and you know reflect crushed you know plastic and it. Those are dinosaurs and think oh good point good point I don't know are handing me. A pattern that Greg would offend me a the Swedish. This thing up so people Cameron just genuinely upset when we're on the radio and it's a start in on Swedish fish he doesn't interest herbal jagr Jagger to standards that. I. It's a triggering really hard right now. Yet when he seventeen and trigger warnings we re fish eggs so great you were are you ready for 28 team and the I. I am not convinced. Paired activists were to get through 2018 but sure I. OK we have with a spoken word record I like what is there a timeline on that like when you going to be able. Are you we are waiting for. Well submissions there waiting for submissions at the same time actively talking to the people who are submitting to a silicone wait around forever I'm thinking that if I can. Get it out by summer that would be critics have to be touring a lot this summer and the start in in Europe and go all through Europe on the south America's well. And maybe go back to Mexico looks at the spoken word tour in Mexico all of January this year talked about. Trump on the wall and racism and getting people's. Input on those things rather meet talking up them about those things people we're getting tons of input every night was brilliant. So I wanna you know. Do you know these two hours and have enough something for the torso hopefully it'll be it'll be in 2018 halfway through the year hopefully we'll see somewhat of a work in Mexico are you doing kind of like a Q and like how you like handing them account yelling as the top American for what I did is I came out each night and I spoke either on my own or depending on. English fluency the audience with a translator I did about 25 minutes and then I opened it up to not only Q&A but other people sharing what they wanted to share. Because it's really easy for me to come in and say hey we live in a racist world. And they're gonna be like okay dude from there why exactly. So I said you know let's open the floor at the Mike is yours if you have questions or if you wanna hear my opinions on something let's hear it. But let me hear from you and we'll you know we'll document all this'll take notes on it then. Eventually my friend Rene and I you know Renee booked the tour. Cunard going to be compiling and putting together a document to pass out and English and in Spanish with people's ideas about what they heard and saw. At each of those shows across Mexico's it was really interactive way I would do 25 minutes and then. The conversations some nights were forty minutes I was supposed to know were much longer sometimes they were shorter people you know we do 1520 minutes secure and in the people would be like. Let's go eat food get to know each other yes exactly so this great time. Often 118 you hear that stuff and we need a bad things look forward Q Greg you also avenue between the curtains. I album coming down. Yet between that the sky finally. After years of our band having just. Consecutive. Life crashes amongst the members and whether he knows parents dying or you know terrible breakups whatever might be. We have twelve songs that we ground studio demos force so to those are gonna be. Two out of three songs for seven inch that follows up a ten song LP. We're going to be recording it with the opiates and rockets who plays and job Canadian pop on began. Yeah two record and an April oh totally there's still play in all times of the as a good friend and his producing skills are. Unbelievable we come wanna try to create a hardcore record with like almost like now. Sensibility to it not a pop sound. But hardcore record for sure but what would hook yet with hooks with the production style you don't mean that'll that'll them that a pop producer can bring that are right at my affect our favorites. So they go so we're definitely gonna be recording assumes accurately it's literally everybody is waiting for me finish their you're wasting time and hear what does great combined. Way to go for killing between Britain's got better and our war song about it it's about anti Swedish fish UK I wouldn't even waste studio time on absolutely. Are we lying to plug. Before you get at. My humble more than anything else people. People can I keep in touch with me any time through words as weapons dot com but more importantly. 100 for Haiti dot org is the 5123 nonprofit that I a the executive director of the does. Development work in Haiti we do. Anti collar work where we. Have people inspired to build water tanks that saved their communities from cholera and the anti sexual assault education we found the first ever entice sexual assault initiative in the south of Haiti how people can find out more at 100 for Haiti dot org or if that's too complicated 100 FH dot org. Just Google search 100 for eighty you'll find you'll find it but first Google search American juggle. Great thank you get so much for coming obviously doing work on a grander scale and a smaller scale. One of the the first like long interview average it was nineteen Greg came GR CC. To speak for that depth and I think you have salute and a nice plus an hour let me just talk him however one. Love that I don't come full circle I had to go back to the to greener for community colleges and the last five or six times in this because if you guys shout out to Louise hall absolutely he had at the Swedish fish. And let's check out what do we do this for hours check out grades movie that he was that had a huge hand in or have them vote majority of flight from dad Affleck not present still Netflix there it's not a Netflix I think it's on Hulu knuckle but yeah flight from death about human fear of death in the sub conscious level. And how that influences our behavior it's based on the work of a cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker actually hired. Too bright his biography his working on that that some work on that right now have been working on for awhile to have you back any time particularly before it's all over. You applaud Patrick I'd like that. Our podcast today I started. Sometime between eighteen I can't get. Greg thanks again for coming Greg Bennett Greta plant between her and I sung that's the title track EPA's at the first for steadier I that's right the only one yeah roots and wings who also thank you again for coming in now talking incident thanks guys that aren't just black. Between arrogance guys metal shop owner Greg panic American jalla. I. Okay. I. We. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.