Metal Shop Interviews Harm's Way

Saturday, June 16th

Chicago band Harm's Way has been busting their collective ass for a looooong time, releasing heavy jams and ignited pits worlwide. Their new album "Posthuman" came out a few months back on Metal Blade Records and that's a huge move for them. The members of Harm's Way joined us in studio on Friday June 15th before their show at the Highline and we talked growing up in the hardcore scene, gnarly scar stories, some of their early influences and much more. 

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You're listening to metal shop here on 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle in studio right now with the band called harms way. On toward touring on their first metal blade records released post human. Killer album and we complain how a lot of the here on metal shop they're from Chicago welcome to Seattle guys yes it's they welcome back I mean you guys we have here. A few times in in the past in a few years so thanks for coming. And so what would do is okay to swing around the room real quick say your name what you do in the band and will move forward from there and it. I'm bow out play guitar. I'm case yet player base I'm James I am the vocalist and Chris have played drums so shout out to the one member were missing equipment. Hold it down to nick EDS and where have we got some good news Seattle begin eats you so your new album post human first record on metal blade. I guess house of bent metal blade is a huge move I mean what like. One of the top three metal labels probably V top metal label in the world it's a huge move. You know has had have you guys noticed lake a real lake. Dramatic shift in Mike in any amount of people that have come out you're shows just for the simple fact it's on metal blade. Yet subtly then a cool experience thus far. You know we've seen in our shows especially supporting our policy human there's been. Much more eclectic crowd coming in the showdown you know. Parker polite way to put it metal has a better guy out among kids know where those just. Harmonies come coming out it's it's it's a very diverse group of people comedy shows are definitely seen the or watch the growth that is kind of come with with the album for sure what I've seen it I mean over just by being a fan of the band I saw you guys. How long time ago with terror here in Seattle oh and then just a few years back I say you guys open for at two decent decapitated down kimono and so I mean just that dramatic shift is easy it's cool that you guys have packets kind of sound that came up reject gap in a kind of a crossover. Hardcore and metal and then tonight you guys have a post punk band which is really cool when I want to ask you guys about that like. Were you ever been called soft kill from Portland. And kind of got Pope post punk sound. If you were to look at it on paper might not make sense but was there. Did you guys Blake purposely try to make like a mix to build hairy guys friends with the Vander what. What was the mood there we have. We've been a fan had been for a minute you know on and we just kind of reach out to them and then when they played Chicago in recent Torre went to the show and come out and everybody in. Everything everybody's really cool and they kind of and come from the same background as us and the like have been in our core and you know there is a lot of similar wave length type stuff going on on an image is the kind of thing or we hadn't ended the Pacific northwest than a minute sure we could make it up on our. Most recent headliners it was like well before we start. Warped tour let's do weekend of shows up there who can we get him and we really work on Iraq and our brains with like what to do yeah and how to kind of diversifying and so I got so it's definitely something we are actively trying to do was get a different kind of built up and down I just asked toll from soft Philip. They would be into it and you have really developed very quickly from there so there fully important and so far I mean really it's like and what show that just aren't. I think it sounds like it's ironically different might have but but ethically let me do the same kind of that's coming from the same backgrounds and stuff yeah I got some I'm kind of curious about the warped tour final run because he has an last year ward they're not coming to Seattle man. Even her little bummed about that because we know revolving door of the world tour since where they monkey taking the word to hate on me. So what do you guys expect from now obviously is a really wide Dagen meter grinding summer for Uganda. Hello he is going to be on the are you doing a whole run yes or knew then apparently the first four and a half weeks of that damn who we kind of drop off the last ten days. I'm so we'll miss kind of it's one of the more grueling. Parts of the surely goes through Florida and like I. This happened for us live ideal blessing in disguise but you'll obviously be the in the headliner of the whole event rally out there are legitimate based data loss there yeah but yes I mean it's. It's going to be an inching experience stress I receive something we've never done before and renew playing in front of the you know ranged. People just again an eclectic. Quite quickly collect the crowd I remember seeing Flogging Molly and throw down the same day the best kind of point grey is like ties and lawyers say about the soft those shows is like. That's the idea month can't claim the same people to where you want it tried to do it's like preaching the choir you know. As you so if you played a different audience he'll get you know people that might not have. A senior your name on a flier but then they're digit jamming your band on on Spotify and beat up your record next time is through yeah are our third man Ryan went last year and knocked loose was playing again. They're like yell I've never seen that many people more terrified and you had a whole life. So go see go see harm's way the worker that leads me to my next question no like. You desk probably went to the war tour and your kids are. Saw some of those Manzi everyone yet has yet done so what's what was the lightbulb moment created happened there what the you know like what made you what was that moment in your life any specific like anecdotes about. A record a song a moment you're like damn. I gotta get in any music and this is my world now. I mean I I guess I'll I'll take this one for. That Cochran's Jane's a vocalist and basically. When I was younger and my my dad was always really into music so I was always around that a lot of you know metal classic and in Valencia debt and you know it. Didn't I guess like I remember I was either second or third grade after Christmas my aunt got me every Metallica CD of a hostile. I'm so welcome the party it's there and now I just remember like you you know master of puppets. Right the lightning you know justice and the black album all. In the must've been you know. Four for twenty dollars or something and must have been pretty young at that age yet again I guess but 109 it's and her loss column. But I guess that was kind of my first introduction of you know listening to heavy music don't you apprised of that. My dad it always kinda. Show me some stuff but you know it was more more classic rock her but Metallica obviously is still music yeah that's the import Syria absolutely but that those I guess mine. Pam efforts in show and then kind of built. From there and I remembered my most fond. A world tour experience was I was an eighth grade I went to CAF five awesome and it was right before they put out the art of drowning. Who crossed a good air rather they show I had truly and now is remembered it. Feel that day you have a clue as it was very anti son. That day they should think and and he he refused to stand in any part of the stage that had but at Sun City to Paris home with. Sit at a Aaron wrapping up the sun that is the use very I mean this is the kind of the crossover Ruth of getting more and more guys yap but dead that was always does he brought easily the best. Experience and. Around liberally never forget it in the N. We quoted at all so do you guys have Blake who have you had it ever have like a young kid come unto you or somebody that was like wow man this is so cool like. Hat what's your experience like with the younger fans is coming from the heart cursing we all did. It's kind of younger scene unit you know I guess. What was the moment it'll pack if there have been any more somebody came up in their liking notice that you had made a change. Each prisoners like their first you know I don't know if anything at the top in my head. But there is certainly. Mean James you can post because I mean there are certainly people who. Have had an impact on their life on just like. Genes being Nia. A lifter dashed yeah rare at that certainly like impact and influences people and as a as somebody who's not a lifter guy fair and these kind of objectively. Behind and watching my friend like influence people in a very what I think a very positive way like Brett that's crazy I think that's really awesome and it's. You know that's not like our band. Per sailing yet not really like grass our message isn't necessarily like Jim you know but it's certain to lose 300. Because it certainly is. An aspect of the band yeah that people. Saw a lot of people identify with them and trying to connect with and I think that that's cool. Even the last thing I wanted to use code which. I mean specifically I remember the first time I sobbed the harms way I think was probably on MySpace or or maybe FaceBook I don't know anyway is that it was a photo I Janes with the ski mask on it. Shirtless at the photo and that just it's doubtful what you guys on my radar no I gotta check this how it we'd have said multiple times and that is actually done a photo that. Did get a lot of there there are what three things there is. The Pentagon mostly that we put out no one bought. And a picture that was the other thing like that then. The video of that Zaza yet is like there's a video of warmer show than the first time we've played California and there's a fight. He can get the vampire friend colony on the shot up telling you what the golf switching to guns thanks Colin you know I think that the TBS does Zach wolf the end yet those rental video and then he took the photo yeah but yes it sounds funny to save those legitimately. We noticed a sudden like. Increase I mean was MySpace at the time that's a three viral viral yes and there is wild pre and you know what it definitely helps when I saw the videos of jeans and burning fight doing my feet first going to die ease into the pit like can you can't bring our Alley and we yeah. So James is that Ari are you a power who are you competitive power lifter. I I don't know I guess I would say I have competed in Boca now like. The focal point of my life you necessarily but I do I do enjoy a power lifting in that style training in whenever I had the chance that you. I I try to compete obviously it's not as easy and when you're on tour yet so difficult on tour do you yeah you have like maintain her. I I'd I tried he's making yeah I mean it. I haven't met Chris and I have said this a lot of times but you know ego of the YMCA. Church cannot honor your membership January you know and Owens also then I'll visit various set crossed engines or whatever so it's. It's it's not easy but if you want to get something done and you want it to be part of your life than a Yankee. The appearance Mac OS that it that's that's the thing if that's when your band known woody what if you were to show up when Daniel like overweight people are like this African harm's way imagine the hell is more dangerous. The record I've bought peso would you say that that show you reference with a photo and everything is that women are really shows you guys have ever played was one of the wildest relay reactions you guys have gone likes the senior memory could be anything we played the tower in Cleveland wants and people. Quite literally tore the room part of our mandatory to overall structure and party yeah it that venue Nam was funny infinite is infamous for being like really really wild like. But like not. Necessarily dangerously loud like I remember there's a whole thing where they would like poor marbles on the ground. And I actually he thought these efforts yeah. So we we'd play in this was kind of almost close to that that time period for yet from that one show that that show we keep referencing was from Florida this is for defense. A cut lowers the risk to you there's as those show. This is for you fest in Florida where where the infamous photos usually taken threat in this is like James and his. Glory days of just being by the most dangerous person and you taking all that aggression out of the crowd at that time obviously we've kind of evolved since then. And then the second show is in Southern California in the San Bernardino. There's a huge fight we refuse to stop playing at that time Ron Amadon I shared goes flying and seven home it could happen. Hi is it may rehab than an industry environment that that got a lot of attention. For better for worse than a yes of the tower show was pretty wild the North Carolina showed people tore all decade down this pretty deep detour she's there is embarrassing videos on a code orange tour in 2015. There's a barricade like normal in front of the stage but it was like. Bolted into the ground he was really in there and people literally automatic out not not anymore are in a venue is real stuff. I gotta gotta mention that the Halloween show will reward our actual palm homes and I heads. Yes I bet that was early on as well and Chicago your hometown and I enormous Indiana cool and as soon as it started we are sick a mosque in smash them. It is a basement. I had no real graver yeah. There was literally pumpkin coloring their entire person placement. And it was just it was very violent I remember very violent for everyone I was just throwing pieces of pumpkin like full speed you can subscribe to her famous nickname in the basement destruction Shelley and I think everyone both this ban do you react after it and in this is this is all this is old yeah as a lot of us. Almost ten years ago now. Sign me on that same vein like. Obviously we've all you guys have been involved in hardcore and metal now special metal blade for small congratulations on I guess we can say hey that's really really cool. How and that we can go on for this about we didn't pop star a whole new podcast about this but how have you seen it hardcore and metal and heavy underground music change. Since you started. To where you are now. Who ranks yeah all I mean I think everybody we can't agree that the biggest impact on unit. All all guitar music is a new term minute and become really fun guitar music guitar music is is got to be social media streaming service just vote no way in which people get their music and hear about new dance. The tension that span is so brief. Some short there's so many bad and you you have delaying so let's scroll funny Seagram. You know I got some time you have to grab some attention slightly and yet he has just just keep on strong so. That's that's big I mean I remember we're just I'm not the theatre day. Where. Before. Like the you would never had a soft side yet it light so. I think it does a lot to break down. Com barriers both good and bad yeah but it certainly like. It's an interest keenly transparent. Timed to like. BA in a pin and especially in light up he world medal and. Keeping that takes away some of the mystique from a yeah yeah absolutely I mean it's going to be kind of a double edged sword a little bit. I mean I you guys are you aware of the axe to grind podcast Newton and a lot of those other cats like that's another thing. Is he got people kind of like we're doing right now to sit in a room talking about music yeah. Which is really cool because you get to hear from your favorite musicians in this and that just being real and like actually like. Down to earth Yassin the so you can kind of relate yeah I'm not so much so it's like a terrible thing the pendulum certainly swings both ways in in both. Good and negative because there's something club be indicated like. Keating. I don't know what ever getting. Getting look as we all used to watch interviews like even the advent of YouTube with our bands who who's your favorite evenly Davey had a he'd sit down listen to him talking like how. So called have to fix that okay. So hopefully we're doing numbers somebody right now yeah I know it's all content creation like. DIY content creation which is cool lake down. You know yeah a band could go out and put a record out and it becomes huge and and it not be on any label at all new and other labels are hidden them up throwing like money and then just because they've already made huge. You know I mean just the the rise of you know like does sound cloud rapping for instance like those people are getting like seven million dollar contract. Ultrasound cloud you know. But also like I also wanna dimension like I think they just beings. Going to hardcore shows since what 2000 or so and going to metal shows. I think that. It's become a lot more open minded in my opinion Michael orange is a band that dike blends. All kinds of different styles you guys have a lot of industrial style I am I thinking in some your music. And I don't think from my my standpoint doesn't seem like there's much push back on that. People accept it's it's cool it's different. Yeah is that some you would agree with third absolutely yes I mean I think that you know these shows are doing right now it's soft kill is that indicative of that total and I just that. The boundaries and barriers are kind of eroding ominous more of an open mindedness to just. Music in general you know you start to realize that mimic turnstile to my rail go out would like up. You know look at post punk band and then like rapper or something greater range and you study you know you said to see that. But go this the world the music of a lot smaller than you think and there's a lot of kind of commonalities across genres because I mean we'd see of terror going toward the casualties. You know we see trash talking grabber and I think it's I think trash talk deserves a lot of that group for going out for with rappers early on like I think trash talk is. Abandon you should definitely mention if you're gonna talk about like crossing genres and crossing boundaries but it's really cool and it's cool to see a link OK so there's like what. And we talked about we just started brushing on the subject a couple weeks ago like its newer wave of upper cut upcoming hardcore bands we're getting a lot of attention for metal labels who have seen that we the work that's been put in. You know we've been recording our own records for decades. Of putting our own money into it so to get a little support but we now we got a good like a power trip we got a code orange harm's way as harmed yeah exactly so lake. Where do you see the future this going man knowingly using a theatre for tour like back in the day when -- and I it and balls and LaToya will we see what harm's way code orange turnstile. African power trip tour like the monsters of like this is your time now. If he has the net we got the lead open every night and I'm not that I had. You'll be rolling dice this company's future I don't know that's really a question I think and that's kind of what's so exciting and yet that's kind of what's so exciting about where we are right now is. This that this you know worst we just started the record cycle and torn on this record so we're very much at the beginning from however we're we're certainly. Learning from our peers and learning. From our people. The people we pay attention to we were told. By lots of friends say much depth portrait great opportunity as he does even though I like is adding anybody especially coming from. The background date and most heart garments come from his liking your work during a kind of like. I don't know it's like no matter what it's a risk and it's a grind cue from when I know for sure but you know we. Heard from credible people than it was good. The good thing to do it not please had a wonderful time simply wonderful so and they told us about it in and you know a lot of stuff like that it's like okay well. Like let's go let's do it let's see what it can do as seamless as the last one he he how to get on that you'll do it right. That's awesome so okay so one thing I would like to acknowledge like. When almost no Arlene violet shows an Irish Sea was in 2004 is hate breed first blood and huge huge like Soto should special locks up and down there. I was witnessing people crawling out. I don't know if base is they just didn't and you know yeah you bring together like the push mosque metal kids despite icon on the islands and yes so like what how deep do you guys still have a lot you carry over Ohio would seem you would from the heart coursing into the metal and then like. And that an act like what's what's that that in my country had an interesting conversations to say the least. Eclectic returned to precincts that I'd like to say hey new fans like it's okay that they know they're not gonna punch you in the face yeah really you're tired like your dad like. How to how to you're like maybe new fans interact with those old fans who just wanna. You know get down. Marsh Mao anything getting it deftly creates them some tension. At shows. You know when there's you know people is one of them front and obeying her just kind of move around reflect our kids on Alex been taken. The other this thread. You know I mean I don't. I think fights out as the dumb yet now and they'll push you and I can now and I thought did a horseshoe keying this yeah I I don't pushy or shoot a good I don't listen earlier heavily yeah. I reported a notebook like dollar shoes and socks that happens that like our Korea back on us think eighteen and I like a great weird I had you know and I mean at the end of days is. Want people this is down here than any way shape perform read a shout out to he tried six there anti. Horseshoe yeah we'll have sunny and gone on the record harms that is very very much anti it was fully on the record fully on the record someplace that's heavy jammed there's there is what I am. So I mean he'd it's we want anyone and everyone to. The able to get into our bend the app and you know interact with that honor you see fit. Size I guess no more harmony and it shows yeah. I mean anything being said we had we're talking of the students who we we had. Lots of people coming to our headliner shows I think lots people vote will say 10% overall which is 2% overall we're seeing like I saw you on the sole fights or that we done in last year that's awesome guy and add those shows. There's kids you know I like Hartford dancing. Who came out to CSO like rate people I think people worry into aggressive music there's two things there they're familiar with it and then also especially liked older metal I crowds they are. Clinging too aggressive music so this is something that comes along with that serve like right on man you know like. Bring it rerouting is within reason there they're genuinely very cool and very like accepting of all of this is what these people do to this music you know. You know that's what I found actually since all of all the interviews we've done for the last two damn near two decades it's always the up and coming band obviously now you guys. Who were like hitting the peak at it like the biggest beef backs it in the because they think they're on top of the world but it's always the older heads. Like you know the bigger bands are the most humble is they get it you know I mean and so. Think you guys he's not my death Corbin. Yes I am. So that's said oh. Obviously you guys as you mentioned are just beginning that this day to recycle on this brand new record that said though we know any fear of working hard and I know you are. He got plans what's coming up for the rest of the year maybe next year. What's above harm's way for the you know the next foreseeable future we'll come we talk about anything you can't. Yeah after we do you after you finish or we could Europe nice school. Four. For the first time on on post human will be on out there were at the sanctions can begin. Station is like a -- event yet they just as a whole dying feed store day yeah it some think she'll be on and then a ban from the UK Culver announced solely on their for the first time. On post team and it'll be awesome revised message been to Europe and both times but I'm sort of supporting posts human there and then. Come home for a bit and then we have we have a spring scenario of early fall thing come we have two things Timothy I need get away ends. Yeah we think we can just say that we have like very straight up hard court tour coming up in early fall in later following a very metal to you and I listen months over new unit you know some crossover stuff some hardcore stuff. Just kind of mix it up or. The course of the my six month nearly everywhere notice at all all over the US okay grain and you have a MacKey in the end. Okay yeah hopefully and you would you know those old days have been enough people come out of this one media day yeah that's okay. So last time here is three years ago in Braintree is losing ground again next time for that was four years ago yes or no we don't make it up here too often though and we are here we love it and I mean we're tucked up in the corners and has so far. OK so you guys look at the roster metal blade it's crazy I mean you guys are label mates with them on a marquee guys are label mates with Lar. King diamond merciful fate you guys are with some very heavy hitters in the metal world even bands like twitching tongues what are your like favorite. Metal blade bands of all time Michael like it you know bands broke up into parent living and like with like. V notably record forty. The minaret middleweight record stand for you put him on the spot. Oh well you know past and present com certainly. Heart disease hugely influenced Bible thrower that's Charles I in a repayment Everett and we. When trying to think forcibly an immense and the grind because there's so many it's let's like it. Want to her he had mentioned Campbell corps have a clear I mean I see slayer yeah I love king diamond MS full faith to loose affiliation with. Metallica conclude all of you who doubts version of the pack classic who I was dizzy of the girl maybe a little later. Think that the favorite seat but that's I mean that's huge. But I guess it just let even have you guys is number in that catalog metal blade I mean among those. It's awesome and Breslin goes like one of DOT tell then yes yeah we we met on the I think this north and we met for iron. Was born hockey Jersey at demo does not it was an innocent homeowner that was at other Sasha giants. On the at the gates who were and you could mingle or couldn't have been. More like welcoming. Obviously there's lots of people who work with notably who were very you know close with it. Brian has a general convinced he can happen for sure what offense Brian has a bit of you know. A legend tells that was very cool to me and it's cool to be. That he didn't just like associating it's cool to be involved but I your part of the family at exactly so it's it's also congratulations and so while the one of the last questions we want. To ask one of our favorite ones any show us if you can and if not or if you want to pick a scar on your body. Tell us a story and I got sick market yeah. I have this crazy kind of Harry Potter thing appeared 10 Eleanor and the Carolina birthdays when I was six doesn't carts and had went through wind teases her he's 32 stitches whole week it. Well that's. That's that's the is it that my appendix are in the good things for those hardcore Clinton it. I've hard correlated Scarlett I Syria and ironically one O cab broke my arm of the terror Chevron shell and its. Is that was not as cool as like it did happen at a hardcourt show but I when I was I think sophomore in high school I traveled. To see mental nice. It was mental record release and you know the seven inch I think they daycare to aid. Mental stop and think. Striking distance American nightmare for him. On. And suicide file that's a great lineup and so. You are lucky my automobile itself we. Long story short we end up. Stanley this guy who offered. Sustain his house and his mom buzz bagels in the morning. And I was slicing the bay golf fatal related injury I. And I must have got through the bagel and didn't realize that I was cutting my own fingers over Helen and I got about it you know. I don't know maybe a quarter of an ancient in my finger in chief's and is still have a nice scar. Incidentally and so I'd wanna take a with a side of typo has every time of the dead and I'm like. And that happened at and then had a mental relatives and friends like fifteen years of never heard that story and Matthew and is chili delays you're still there he got it let me see you then. We put me out of that it's. Yeah I think that I am not to look like it goes the bagel story over breaking you're arm during a percent. Yes I guess is a par for the course that hey I go inside that that I thought they cast says Ventura and. Yeah mine was so I had to scars. My left hand IC wrist and left hand and I. I was like seventeen other high school. And I was carrying candles. Upstairs from my mom aka and I slipped going up the stairs. Which I used to do all the time on my parents there's carpeting for slippery there's slippery. It's salutes I slipped. The glass breaks goes into my hand town now and the significance of the story is so couple days later. Bow and hang our band at the time which is our first then called double crossed it was like they used crews straight edge hardcore band called me yet we're like 1617 years old. We had our record released for our first seven inch. On oh yeah and so I had. I had to play the show with like my hand wrapped an outbreak show. I think thirty ad I'm ice factory in Chicago and so are seven and she just comes out of the entities day it's it's a record release. It's had to play the show with like a bandage to hand and and also. Lot of my parents about where I was going that night because if they could pay if they would have heard that I was playing this show with stitches in my and they would have not. Approved it not cool gonna go over it. Jimmy's house yet yeah they'll be back compartment outlets which happened all the time when we're nosy when I was younger to go to shows just you know sleep over here so no there then no ideas go to the city to Sudan's though. CS had to play the show it stitches in my hands. Made it work. Except but they've popped works for greats who are getting even at a nobly and Andrew W came Harriet errors. Everything worked out Chris also broke his toe because he dropped to my guitar head on his. Look I learned put him at indoors so flopped. That never again so called economic nightmare harm's way from Chicago in the studio lot here on medal shot and thank you guys again so much for coming up he makes around and around that we are one last question for you if you could. Now and no matter how embarrassing it is just be real that's what was the first CD tape or record you actually bought with your own money the first thing you actually sought out and purchased. Know you're on there is no the only way I do not exist my first I went to Tower Records school Chicago in Chicago Atlanta is in debt Stratford. Including L and dad lives thriller. Nice there's like ten bucks analyzed through the system really was an on cassette tape was on the CD 290s which is really crazy we nobody had C players in the car in -- yes I like we did you had to listen to on this little crappy bloom box ya. And I was still great analyst. Mine IA. Based go to babysitters and thousands are red and her. Her son was a little below the mean and he and I remembered he had just bought Tom Green Day. Yeah I do key to enhance. Weezer the blue album yes. And I remember saying I have to either get one of these Valium money for one I know exactly she's hey I feel well it's conundrum that's right. And then I went to hum I believe this is a Coke coconuts yeah that a minute Hitler could stay coconut records and I bots. The reason Lou Baum campers first record I purchased. My friend he saw what he pre back in the day in the covered my name is Joan. When I walked by and he gets here is yes Joseph somebody hit a gay strange is you automatically make that happening here with Jamie singing like I just just be goofing around onstage is like on court. A past NASA and the whole layer. But it's like we can match as they covered and a in the garage in the graduate is awesome and another song gathers like a couple Weezer song Santa that they covered for nickel limited seven incidents rules. So I was I was given a lot of the CD's. My older siblings. Think you know her plunk in you know Nevada's governments of debit the first CIA. It can. Honestly remember purchasing was would things forever yes. It's expensive it's a double out of the double out of thirty bodies aren't there and the commitment react and Yang and I had purchased it from my target and those slick with my dad and I remembered the specifically taking the price tag and trying to cover like usually I don't Isiah. I read. Hold on says the F warriors yes chipper or in time and yeah. So yeah members who put doing that and then purchasing the album and big investment. Did our memory that I remember seeing the triumph video and I I it came on and I went to go to get (%expletive) and I came out and it was still. Oh on always listen a lot of you know love get everyone's got like five burst through and as diversity and it's crazy all night to get album took. If I. Did nothing but respect for you guys think you against fruit coming from Chicago and handling business and Mike could do this mis hit back on the map not back out on that on the map but on the left. And then put an effort and it's not easy congratulations on metal blade signing thank you thank you and I post human is great ideas have any final words for the northwest audience before we head over the high line in. He ocean sandwiches and wash it. Yeah can be a time united movie in Vancouver tomorrow. His story after an international listeners and then we'll be down in Portland at the Hawthorne. Ends on Sunday for anyone who may be listening from that part of the part of the State's cell level yeah yeah deaths so we have over were stoked to be here and hope to see as the not on thanks a lot guys thank you yup you harm's way here are metal shop just. Shots stitched.