Metal Shop Interviews Inquinok

Sunday, May 13th

Inquinok stopped by the studio to play a couple of their badass songs for us! Check out more from Inquinok here

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Faculty all local episode of metal shop proud to present a band called in when not playing. This Wednesday may sixteenth was satiric on go to court and void brownies input up we've got torments her and Crowley and two members of the bands that are super bad ass welcome to metal shop guys yes things around thanks and it's very honored that the guys that these guys are up pedigree. Metal musicians in the northwest so many bands running quarter. And I shaded in many here with tormentors you and then. Mr. Crowley and played have been called somebody to say they've they've god. The shop the man had a dozen heavyweight titles under their belt and now they hear we think we're not man think he got so much for coming up. Representing another style of metal we're trying to touch all the bases and it's not easy. But we're trying something you guys for coming tiger is a great job picture and absolutely so you guys are planned this Wednesday with a tear can't he has pretty pumped to play with a black metal legends of the most definitely. Big time dream come true so I mean obviously you guys have been working hard for a long time. How do you guys get on the show or or try to give information out to other bands that you held not as if we're trying to take anything from you guys but so what does it take. To be able to jump on a big show like that you guys even working hard people understand and know who you are. You have to go and they're beat somebody else like you guys jump on a good show like is it the music or is it networking or is it a little remote. You know but I was there's definitely a lot of book. Nice and there's a couple veto props that I'm okay out today you know like oh are you ever can't play because his legs are broke here on on Thanksgiving. One thing and organize. I wanted to mention is before we hosted metal shop you guys actually had been in the studio with Stephen Kevin the. For us so how well Wendy Gwen rock star how long is it in put up then a project. Technically since 2000 but on 2001 as well experts lineup and they start playing shows in 2003. So we've been around him for a quarter alone we haven't gotten tired too tired utility. Well it's this never lineup as it is they. CA. McIntyre hov is removed via camera number exactly sympathetic that's not matter what might have been so okay so. We're trying to feel like illustrate some of these bands that put the bat what we work on the bat signal spotlight I'd prefer if some of these bands that people might not be aware of or understand. Oh where are some beer influences coming from war weary guys trying to channel your your artistic talents. Without putting too many labels on yourself. What would you illustrate yourself as if somebody was like what you bent. Melodic black metal symphonic. Very old school in a way in the more guitar oriented thing. That is you know claimants accord that keyboard. World bit different lines of symphonic bands that are they in early 2000. And Leon. Heavily influenced by their Kong camp early Easter con emperor and I section than my fair and excellent advice and then starters a real life. Whitney guitar based. Right. Robert guy who's around. You guys have been able to play with some lesson pretty killer bands what are some other big shows he played over the years I mean freaking what you are my 2000. Cannibal corpse as. And mayhem was a big one yet it's cool but really appreciate find much. Thirteen four and learn their team for mark duke you know running Christ are so you guys you instructional heavy hitters let's unfortunately talky was canceled twice mesh with the Clinton bill. There was a wild scene there yes Beckett there. And it happened yet and we are not that senator. Yeah yeah. So okay so we're gonna come back into hockey guys a little bit more about the show and in particular any plans for the rest of the year and some guys as favorite local bands but I wanna jump into a song to so we can give people kind of a basic idea. Of what we're dealing with here oh well we're talking to. This song we're about to play is called death throes correct this song pre in particular is up on on on line to where we're gonna play that one where you have a bunch of new stuff on the way. Tell us what you guys are planning on for your for your new EP before jumping in this Nissan. Is this going to be about a five songs to us at least. Maybe in a couple months there later this year come ya know working hard on Nixon and its argument mostly recorded in the drums and guitars and sells mostly locals left. Oh yeah pac is if you forty gone far enough to hit the one song. Out for people. About how far brilliance like 75% eighty to say -- game pretty close there yeah about sixty because there's still have to apply like mix you demand the rest of the Kiev denies it and it just a guess it but it is scandals in the instance the yeah yeah got Kenneth that is dark it was summoning Daria you're gonna do its dominant influence so we're double basses. Quite where. We're gonna debut this new song and yes and we plan to someone that yes yes who will rat on seeking to catch it live with it here on on Wednesday spraining music by equinox. It's death rows here are metal shop all local left. It's medal shot here on Iraqi district painful enough. Death throes new song that they're working on for the UBP can be coming out there playing. This Wednesday may sixteenth down at L Corzine was secure Conn go to war and void thrown an awesome show that we highly recommend yes. And there we kinda wanna dive in the year you're bringing peace a little bit more and kind of get some anecdotes about you know how did you get involved in this Mankins everybody's got a different story. So like they can back you know maybe just grown up for whatever what. What looks like the first time that you heard black metal may be like the first CD picked up personally heard on the radio for semi soft music video anything that like really. Drew your attention a black metal. It is mainly ninth says clips by emperor I was really close and never listened to. Malia nine and just the atmosphere around a really cool news. The story. Absolutely. Just. Awesome atmosphere of it and a kind of melded. Symphonic music highlights and medal and wants. You know as big influence. My early days as a class definitely. I would say for me it was dorktones Pennsylvania hunger. Excellent yeah also a plus it is a site it totally changed everything for me because they are. There's trying to figure out a drum. And I couldn't quite great out and that's where US and apple and that actually helped me a lot because my timing. But so bad. I couldn't like could play guitar but I couldn't drum and I couldn't like I couldn't count very it was really really poor and it took me awhile but that album. Really help me in the drumming it's a fantastic obviously possessed posts via but it was such agree building block for me and like I liked the songs I like cal. The production is on the album could legislate third from period. But that like totally chip as the game changer for me about how how bold move for you at that point if you even want him made it fourteen to 145 something like that. CNET CDE I didn't even know what the music was pretty. It was just so iconic the album cover the logos just I knew it was something can be evil everything and I check it out just because it looked cool hand. It kind of just. Was like the first black matte all I ever heard to visit its doubted he uses this so attractive absolutely just are drawn Newton it's awesome so I can't explain how your life change after area of your parents like years you know supervisors like. Yo this he's got problems now. Had to Wear all black neither want to talk to anybody knows or is the problem no course and I think you're right there just like there is like those guys lake at least he's heading things. And it is and time and not people enough people right now. Down and sometimes things don't changed history your atmosphere. Al what hey man congratulations on the security and show again where is can keep hammering this in your head another band we're talking to you tonight void thrown. Opening up with you guys for passage here kind go to or going to be an awesome show. I predicted nuts to but so far his own children and one Pacman and I agree I would say so I think this is. So Terry Collins less US tour wow I'm if I'm Adam yeah I didn't know that I'm the first time they came here. And like. There's a lot of people there but it. There is a very small crowd great for them in the front seriously don't really yeah thank you were there ha yeah. Yes yes I was super excited so usually are calling Karla last time. This is so. This is like a called action and yeah I miss a millionaire yeah it's this win as many Ross is probably going to be drumming to see Chicago and it's you wanna see real sensors on. So include not the man we got in studio are now I death throes assign you just heard what. What can we expect free as for the rest of the year he said you were still working on it. I know you guys are perfectionist because you play talented music it takes a little talent you know and no offense anybody else obviously but it probably at the end of the summer. Our anemic here earlier but that's I'm shooting for and it's like to get on. Festivals next here and as such probably play few shows around here until. But to have something in hand eating. Yes take some new material to that to the shows exactly and now will be having them up in the studio once we're able to what they view I think of all five or six songs however many guys that are gonna. But only peak. Doesn't get any better he I think you get it we have phone calls every week people like you don't play in a black metal and we don't so we're filming quote shall we move on we and I need your help Manso thank you ask for coming in thank you very incidents that thumb and again if you're a fan of this band you like what you hear you think you guys that get along and if you would even if you don't we highly encourage people to reach out to each other man that's the point of what we're doing this episode four definitely I mean. Yes they won't buy your head off well now on the mind in my budget goes off due to tell you might enjoy that. So it gentlemen any last words from think we're not here for the metal shop crew before jumping to this last song here called king off your. Last full length. The dimension of yeah you get in tickets out of band camp dot com we have all around them they're there for free to supplying sound of them that's helpful on in the sport is greatly appreciated throughout all of these years. And look for EP later this year it's awesome and go to the show. Yes we'll see you there. Go to the show because we don't player who lives much we can only do this fantastic. Everyone has a great time I would say continue on with. Making great northwest black metal meant and if your true warrior than your true Blackmon there. And that's what it's all about. Torments are currently in England up we got live in studio for our local episode can hitch with king gentlemen thank you again for coming in tonight thank you so just a tiny keyhole. Metal shotgun or.