Metal Shop Interviews Joe Duplantier from GOJIRA

Monday, August 14th

Prior to their opening set for Metallica on August 9th, Kevin and Ian from Metal Shop got to sit down with Joe Duplantier from the almighty GOJIRA! 

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It's 99.9 KI SW metal shop backstage here with goes your frontman Joseph DuPont a weird. Excited they're about open from Metallica and avenge seven fold so epic are you doing to NATO and during great thank you. So since you guys are opening Metallica on the west and doing everything out here. We want to skip straight to the Metallica memories man everybody's got something they've been around forever what's one Mike memory rotated related to Metallica that like really got you hooked on that banner. I would see you probably. Pretty in stoked to be opened up from Metallica yet so what tell us about what your early Metallica memories. Well make my first. I encounter with Metallica was served with my cousin an older cousin there was into metal. And I wasn't I was into jobs or rock I was like thirteen. And I was listening to a lot of radios and have basically out of tape cassette and each time something was clear that I would like Iraq or. So would miss the change rose and stuff so we knew a lot of songs would never of the intro missile. So let Bob I loved Michael Jackson and Princeton you know all the pop and also my cousin was listening to a lot of metal. But I didn't understand it of the time and to me was just noise and so we shot him like that just isn't always listening to is not the music is like it. Did come here one time is like OK sit down listen to this this cannot. Yes and he he was playing stuff to me that he thought would introduced into metal you know with soft intrusive stuff and three would play a lot of Iron Maiden. Even a little bit of The Beastie Boys that you know their head he's on her story yet. And and and then he played fade to black and Metallica I'm a red lightning and Mike. Wow I like that. Yet brilliantly intro as so I'd I was starting to play guitar at the time I was playing piano for a long time. And then on ice are sorted it try to play the intro and showed me how to play it. And I have a became obsessed with the central and then the souls they go to the salute that goes on on. On this in cleaning intro. And then the rest you know little by little love like. Wait a second this is colleges noise this is also on the and something clicked in me I was thirteen fourteen and I was off for life. You know what your yes and Metallica did to me so yeah the mid target for me is was like. That door to this. To this world to this universe. That medal is. So because a sudden a little late. I mean fourteen is not all you know a lot of people Doug what do those gates. Those who kill bull and yet you go motor head in the know what I was eight has risen Madonna and Michael Jackson and prince you know. So all of a sudden I became a middle of it all away what's going on so I saw playing piano and has started to play guitar and that's seem there was an in the summer we would hang on summer. That same year went back to school first of school like who's Vega talked who's playing drums is playing bass and I put to bed yet I put that together those like immediately. The target did that to me like I do I heard fade to black next thing you know I was an event that I created and I Ra I was Red Sox and now your aunt or with him yeah. And now on the way watch. I crowned tour when the doctor this is crazy men know obviously iBook up in the morning in what we're playing with Metallica and the what are tired I am no matter how much I miss my family and a wanna be home. So about because we torso much these days so is becoming like this routine and stuff but still whenever we we. We step onstage. To talk to stage there's nothing else in the world you know like that out I'd rather do other moments you know. That if a particular jet back home right after the movie great back up. I can't do that expensive. Right on will do you have yeah I mean obviously you mentioned playing on a Metallica C agent how how awesome that is but you know we saw you we've senior a bunch of times in the northwest playing on. Smaller clubs and then bigger clubs but but the headlining sets do you have a different approach. When your playing Canadian audience at a big show like this he's maybe never even heard of your band before on stage yet. Yeah yeah of course this wolf first of all people here are here to sing and talk they'll. Give a crap 95% of the crowd doesn't care about openers is just wars and talk I don't blame them it's normal I've I would be the same. You know but so at first it's a strategic attitude to grab you people. So that's the first thing is that we're gonna try to seduce them by playing stuff that are a little more mid temple but basically really it doesn't change a lot from our. Headlines sets could yet. This is like 20% of our entire catalog that we like to play live the rest is too. I don't know challenging or hard to you know to make work on big stages. And then this that the physical reality reality of the stadium. Some songs wouldn't work. If you go too fast you know if you do like to do some Greg court. As fast double bass and stuff. A lesser exactly in front of the speaker you know gonna understand ish here and you know the bottom. Exactly so. We have to adopt a little bit also to that physical reality. And songs songs just click and somehow that ankle is not a problem anymore because it's. You know it's it's mid temple it's I don't know what it is more spaced journal notes room. So yeah we we can have to we can of adopting a bit. Also there's another thing is that we. We open. And then eventually unfold. Please after us so for them is much more people. For us people are still you know injuries in fear of looking around and oh yes there's about male vocal. So. By the time we finish this said is like twice the amount of people there where we start so we need to think about that through some old man. Exactly so we we we are it's it's a challenge honesty it's a challenge and we tried not to get carried away too much. Because we're just like a little appetizer for maybe a quarter of the crowd that's going to be different so it's you know. Brings you back on on the ground. But they are another going to be some people losing their fish for Goodyear out there tonight you know yes. Correct that. I hope for. So aside from Metallica you guys are gonna do a lot lot to do a lot of touring playing with a lot of bands is there a ban on your bucket list checklist that would be a dream been for Goodyear to play with they haven't got T yet. Not yet we we go we'd love to war with mission go. Maybe and so in some countries it would be co headlined some countries who would headlined. And some conscious they would headline so we we are at a at a level now we could do it for electrical Hadley toward with mesh together would be fantastic. We're trying to make it happen with them they become friends we've played festivals with them and stuff and one offs and stuff. Many many times and we're in touch and you know. So we're we're trying to make that happen it would be called before we die to make it happen he's at right now don't you drop in teasing Seles. Now on none being dishonest that we're just talking with them regularly about the damage is turning give up because it seems impossible our cycles are in. Synchronized. And tool I'd love to there was a I'd love to open told just to be able to watch them every night. Well you guys that just announced another headlining tour and this time it's with code orange go to launch awesome been loved and Diaz. Can pick them or is go to learn to be an ear into these days yes. Absolutely we. There on the same record company their own roadrunner. So. First time we played with them Dave ruff former drawer than in our that takes care of us and Port Orange. She's huge funds from from the beginning like there were nothing but cut and you is already. Fans and he wanted to sign them signed them. He's pushing them he's been a great job on them and so you convince me take them to war. So I heard just have wanted to sort of comment I didn't I wasn't sure and then they release album before we started to tort together and I've I was. I was in all you know like all my god it's like. The good old you know QLCD five from the ninety's yeah they bring box but with some hard core might have been had an industrial yes and then we we met the big guys and and I guess who did there also you know you can hear. Doubters but also the the house that attitude. Parker's hard workers to. Did something else about him I don't know I is this is sort of they don't give a you know we're here to destroy all you know. And and when they opened for us tonight okay because tour school but even then they know there's going to be some huge cash. You know I want to use this figure for support and is like well okay there are scared to say yet you know things that could you know. Ruffle some feathers. Heard the November election. I love that actually suffer some like do I look what she's old nobody as those sort of like it's awesome. And hence I love their attitude and so the first tour did with them when really really good so now we we try to bring Americans as much as possible. Are apparently if we hit play any music device what would we hear like what are you listening to your right now and he has a busy cycled jail time but anything on your radar that you want to let people know about it shout out or anything like that. I like I like electro music like a lot of different stuff these days I'd like to go back to a James Blake. There's an English singer who does a lot of for a programming and singing is a real real singer amazing singer and yes I can this. Strange world. Love James Blake a love for the orange who love their album opens amazing. You run from us who don't. Brought from macedon. Released an album was like a three piece band archaic Arcadia. That two. After dean of Yelp like damn I didn't mention is that we can call us up on the job. OK okay I'll call you back a Khalili packet. Brick awesome Joseph from goes year thank you so much anything you wanna sit in the northwest audience before we let you go and take the stage Metallica. Yeah we're very excited to be here we read we love touring America. Where Europeans and it's almost like tradition for Americans to. To not like Europeans and your prison not like Americans think of Americans are open did. But that's bull ish man I I got to see group B you know both. Worlds this good in both world and a mountain having a blast. Being born and raised in in Europe and France and our live in New York city's yes seven years. I embrace both you know for all the good stuff that you find. And the northwest of of the units as is is to me of very attractive because I don't know there's something here with Seattle even think Hoover. Portland you know all of this whole area I just wanted to express my love for. Did people here and nature. And do the scene you know that the music scene there. Since then the grunge in Seattle. And I know about love it some I'm really happy to be here was up everybody. At Joseph do plenty conclusion thank you so much.