Metal Shop Interviews Max Cavalera (Soulfly) - May 12th, 2018

Saturday, May 12th

We chatted with Max Cavalera about Soulfly's current tour with Nile, the band's new album coming out this summer and chatted a bit about his favorite NW bands of all time. 


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It's metal shop here on the rock we're talking a Max cavalier onto war right now with his B and soul fly alongside deal might denial they're playing a special Mother's Day shall bring your mother out to see a Mother's Day and then we'll show tomorrow night Sunday may thirteenth. At studio seven. Given that tomorrow is Mother's Day Max to get about back to when you first started getting into heavy music. Was your mom support of a better wish you like what the hell is she cool that. My mom will a person now you wanted to you know get a alleged faced very technical error. All. She didn't let me go to his conquers all hill also penned a two man NL. But as as the guys. As we got glued it you know better. And are getting in more. Popularity. That she became a huge trend also. In the human right now it goes in elk. Obstacle to her adult who is an arm and that's on residences the issue the real fan so it's cool man you know it's. I mean scored on and I got called a modern day Al Blake. On the economic we will bring them on to the show him with a picture yeah he really cool to. I'm just excited to play it. I'll blame them up and got a lot of being really cool tore us. Armed and dish this story is amazing man because. On the bold man couldn't be more deeper but initial glued together don't Ilie got old style it. Are there change are we airplane everything from our whole career pole. Altering years social like a nice set together and we got a plumbing cool we got the beer in my all. Drum jammed old and dole dole war meant exhilarating we're Greece at all. So like so it's not just exciting. You're on tour with a dialect he said and obviously they kill live does that make you guys wanna like step up until that much more is there like some competitive like fun competitiveness there. In I don't like to lay up being canola. I mean we shall shall deeper draw them you know because they're like our late on. Out like a machine you know they're really late in the super ball. Super tight somewhere we are kind of like Pete not relay were more loose gum I can't hold sort of kind of strong background in her car more why exactly it no need to. You know mark Corey was doing the job Sam com just kind of like more like like energy contraception. But. Is Graham and I meanwhile bush yelled I mean there really been amazing we'll all those guys. We actually trying to get so mean definitely then mean I don't know who grew and Orly we get beat. We'll be able to do I don't know you're court trying. Traditional kind of jamming with them you know like Joseph Daschle Reid because all it. Fault every day I bought it in L arm but yeah I see is just of the greatest lied or older now. You know you do get along really good lit all of them and everybody and I'm fans of everybody in. It would welcome a return here's a lot of record and I'll shall play what Jamal what he had. Got a call came all you know twenty years ago on her. And now. And I'm glad to have played some old southern plains by actually the main engines actually jump wanna say he is saying that would've. I saw some rules. Children older that you are like Christiane Russia record. Cool gonna have to get ready everybody out there is so he I noticed you got the kind of whining they got about 1015 days of the tour he has so you guys haven't been like plank in each other mess with the judge all respect in my there out there on the tour there. Do it or leave the great simulator the end the last thing I ever. It's awesome. So I really like maybe my some Rossi should throw in an address. Is okay and the city in the AC unit in the bus. Yeah LA go. So you guys you got a new record coming out this summer here or nuclear blast. On archangel was awesome and it was one of the one of our favor records or where plan. One what can we expect anything different anything new anything in the same like Iowa we're just curious and we wanna know what we can. Look forward to Seoul flight seems to be like an ever evolving machine yes. Our reality that near record I'm super plump for a man I mean like Q. Who are query are on and it it was produced a dark room where it needed a lot of guts stoker. Who's your premium could Shirokiya. And and Joshua B sand and it was cool because Josh made two double. He told me today he didn't really produced as a producer he produced as a chance this is this shall go directly one a year and so like branch. So that was kind of cool shall we got kind of like some. Early to beat tribal kind of stuff back from the thirty days are banking Egypt and Iraq core kinds. Ever dreamed Yasuda who really we are urged yeah I'm real as we real like trash how law bashed up a lot of fault. You know I remind playing great marched to an amazing on the guitars. Our Mike don't read the base my sometimes just amazing job little girl let's not rule. You know we got one so we draws from Malaysia and they all called. On the rapture edition killer and I. Yes you know so it's. It's it's exciting you know it's really exciting wreck be it well like it should all. I'm really pump or opinion I think conditions combined for all social the most exciting stroke like Coca I don't. I so it is now including your what are you directly resolved. Without putting you on the record now but there's some special bulges. It is like. Maybe because this is coming now on anniversary of the first line fall. But I mean that's as someone who knew maybe the tour that we need to return route tours written. Don't know bald tour being called meg trying to. Word like real beat. Influences when I was writing the initial cleric we're Jamal Al. All I'm really really probably going to be a great outlook it like it. So regarding like the content on the record man like the world is a wild place right now obviously he ever anywhere you go it's everything's a little weird. Have you guys incorporated like any like current issues in the room the good the record the herb Pope political anything like warriors come from on that. I'm going to be a meeting to cowboy has not. When we. Couple political social and his uncle you'll feel empowered enough actual on how shall call all. A blunt on the street desert to restore a bond novel girl that got order bubble. Landing in Arizona ha you know cops really don't gamble that because they're dirt. Indians you know and it. Native Americans at. Not not those gators never did she get unit called regional tried to try to make us all a ball that ridge. Excited are really like to touch stone pledged delegate did that action India acutely be kind of dazed and that has to come alive arm. Whenever relinquish song called feedback that a ball like on the road I don't want this grade is got all of the Golan is on what they were score it has. Holding his smelled like raw. And I. It's a ball poorly and open a venue and as you know like somebody die. Got to play them but you a lot of them because that's the actual you know socially for the span. Some of the matter was in the area you know at everybody illegal in your feedback you know so called feedback has got a real kind of more as Cadillac cue. Hey man we are the road crew right back. Out that kind of lively scene actually and we all know that whole venue smells like this. Yeah that that's a cool cool. Well. We got to ask you since tonight is the all local. Episode of metal shop we're doing all local all four hours on northwest this is all in memory of our our fallen brother BJ and net. How we wanted to ask you what's your favorite northwest metal band or just. Grunge band rock band which are favored Seattle band of all time to put you on the slow hard line all right these are so many choices. Yeah. I mean jeez you know I played an ideologue and I'll. At a church also in all running classic you know. Because. Of course always been a big bet on all solved guarded always look you know all of our own guarded. Scholar like black tablet yeah I mean RIP drew scorn and he had a notional to a lot of does something really cool like. All of its so don't don't let some other ones and I tonight I realize Janelle. Yeah and then even come and even come to Seattle since the supple terra days so we always welcome you back with and so Laura and raise and then nail bomb record and everything he has been doing Manny being shown lots love to know or needed to the northwest so we always always expect that. So I appreciate that. Yemeni final words to the north was audience before you see you tomorrow Max yeah. I don't you know all aligned right everybody can show up tomorrow is going to be great you know let's Camilla plunged. Hum don't meet finishing come on a come dollars each check all the bands. Even even local Ben ami support we have a lot of local bands playing on this tour. And is great and been a lot of really good ones and not. I know that tickled I was told lie in the end it choked who matter don't everybody pitched the quality supplemental ahead you better. You better beat there are being joined though it does it's going to be a great. I'm gonna get there embryo to mama bring you yeah. And I can't do we got the utmost respect do you think for always thank you for always show loved in the northwest and keep keep and it heavy man thank you so much. So our guys in jail.