Metal Shop Interviews Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Nailbomb, ex-Sepultura)

Saturday, October 7th

Max Cavalera and his band Soulfly are returning to the Northwest on Tuesday October 10th to perform the classic Nailbomb album "Point Blank" at Studio 7. We chatted with Max about the tour and the possibility of a future Nailbomb release. Enjoy! 

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What's up with metal shop with Kevin Meehan and Ryan here we are on the phone right now what mr. Max Cabo Lara. So fly it's coming back to studio seven this Tuesday performing point blank by nail bomb in its entire eighty with candidates corks and Modi Kang Max. How the hell are you man. And you'd commute don't you guys now it's our pleasure so where where are you right now where we're calling you. Order a ball. An hour and a half dollars from mar Ellie she'll. We got here do we teach a sold out show yeah slow controlled tour. Yet gone gray we had a commercial yesterday. Are solid interview was so crazy man blazes erupted in all. We're looking forward generally to produce Seattle show. Here we are very very stuck meant Kellyanne and so we were wondering like. It's it's monumental yes you can be roku playing the point blank record but we're wonder Mike what major wanna start playing in the nail bomb album from 1984. Was it like an overwhelming demand to hear these songs live. Yeah bad you're not up from a lot of groups always welcome on Obama to me always mention nope all they always your social life. All and then you know we did the routes to which was great you know it was really exciting. Levy and economic. He started the whole scene you know from that on wheels we thought. Yeah I was given a goal attempt but but as a response. It's so flat as a band playing the point blank but because she really cool because it turns it on the aisle oh. At gun point blank into a touring I'll go. Gene which is crazy and I would probably possible but he did it end assault is. Played as a bent are even more geek has done and the ones in the aisle wanting to keep it cooler you know so that's looking dust at least that's what scoreboard the energy saved us from beginning to do and it is just it just crazy energy and an upbeat. Also kind of nostalgic takes people back in time cadet no form here and that came. Oh totally totally now. That rule saying you geek tosses the sulphide twist on it obviously as you said. Under the media you know we we added our our our happiness Hewitt says that don't wait council Liam toppled. Point blank saw a lot of the songs. We wish you have all the gamblers and averaging you can hear it. Court all but we on top of that there's the band weight that real had been you know that it sold like stock that people love so I begin this. It's like basketball world you get you get an album that access but you get also. Getting that extra. It's a live band aid that opinion I get is that. If we release or Blanco last week and org or call or who that feels like it's great it's such a crazy cool feeling. So now thinking back to doing that that particular nail bomb record. Obviously a big piece of your your career and in the history to hit your history as a musician like is there one word that you could it like attribute Q. That timer that record to end the nail bomb album point one can think of one word to describe it. I. Based off. Classy that's agrees just directories just pissed at everybody you know is the beat Blake. Angry all all men late in its light used to be called 1000% hate you know when it would force made it and then. You two to two point blankly and on but that's a pity it. It's like cute and all directions everything would be like we just put it although it and so he didn't spend a Woodstock we don't like to war stock play guerrilla. Like really crazy stroke like wasted no way blind and lost in all. Ward this is all intimate as grave you know it's the beat released mapping to the men's Q&A the debt Greg quirks. So relevant for right now I think is more prevalent. Irrelevant now out there in the eighties and years ago when we made it. It makes more sense now fortunately this is a war torn dollar in all our quality of life has gone now we have all of these. All these shootings then. And you know nuclear war threats and all discreetly stops. So is our war is even more powerful and out of ever so it too. It's incredibly. Accurate to put it also also I've right now. You know I didn't even think about it like that but it's totally true manner but that's as a little beheading his stood alongside the music there's just like that. That green new relevant CO2 itself that's pretty normally man. And and and it's it's there and we have the original backdrop which is it's it's a kkk guy with a target on me now. Damn might sell it already self. Inflammatory use to decrease in point in all and we have a leg are reasons you'd hate church. In this ongoing itself the edges. Just brutal angry. It crossover between what notice Cinderella guard slash ministry. Of machinery spammers now Meeks we matter which had good. Good combination and not think we're done I would do we now know. At a point you get a repeat did you hear ever realized that are correct we got all on the master so some obscure full experience. Carolina obviously even working really hard on on missile flight stuff and we'll talk eat in a second if we can about the new cavalier conspiracy but. Since we got you here we come are curious any chance that you guys are ever gonna. Do you another's nail bomb recording or anything like that Freddie can make commercial suicide is one we always play here on metal shop but we're just you know while we got you here. Yeah on an up. That's don't don't go on my wish lists. I have two going into real hard magical means to Alex duke shorts and east briefly on stooges stuff these days is dozens. He has nothing to do we play such you know they don't wanna do interviews loyalist writes. I'll continue to gain entry delay revolver interviewing. Outdoor all right why he he he doesn't wanna Kenya and any part of being that he did gave his blessing Forester duties and it was grade daughter yet. Go ahead and Max I have added has finally did you know which is great from meat it's the electoral laws are a model. Wait a month back but. Two goal lead him to get going the studio and make a new record earlier that your total tall order. The nearly impossible I'll you know. You know the creepy have been good or is it out of adult at the lake. The bad that my brother and doing cattle area more Caldera stop acting like so that's truly possible. Maybe you'll see how life how well over this tour's gonna gallon now. You can use Edison leverage guy payment. Oh he too is not a mutant. Like eighteen yeah. Film and video from the like this at a sounding like CNN that one like Eric wanna get back in on that. So you know we just mentioned but there's a new cavalier conspiracy album on the horizon it's called psychosis is coming out November 17 your first one on napalm records. Look we expect from the album though can you tell us about it. The job only the very definition of the two sides that I liked the most which is death metal rush well so I think. Dornin. Best way possible like the rich completely should. And made by neat. Toward that record who is knows liked my. You want to writing rich and then trying my best trash routes together we do my best death metal rich guy does put him in together and not. Yet it is it's a radical record every like how he came out in no. I don't like artist says he would always sit at my new record as the bashed on you know I will say that but I'll let people. I let people here in and judge for themselves but I can just it's I am I'm still quit that I mean we did a great job. Two. Ought to and a producer did a great job is a great could be sort. And he was playing on top of his form. We have one song we just in from god slash costs sliders Jamal real cool. On there's an instrumental called psychosis which is almost like Prague raw. And everything else is just blatant but death metal trash metal mixed. One one of the greatest to ever do we're talking a Max Campbell error right now the coming back this Tuesday it studio 7 October 10. So fly performing point blank by a nail bomb. We're gonna let you go here and admitted because we know you're traveling you gotta you know. Keep your head on a swivel but he got EF final words here for that the Seattle northwest audience before we see you again later this week. Yes give debt currently because CDs sure it is war to watch all the ban some doubting him to seniors grade you know call opens the show. Are there. In all of them know my son's band but their particular as they began a new guitar player I cooler stuff. Is getting super tight. That you got noise in which is amazing man that you noise than the coming out and it's incredible. Terrible scores incredible athlete that's Matta we all lyrics of ball we. Just had their characters and then. Denoble you know so it strategic and stick up put up all night you're gonna have a a great battle had our problems it is. Who hundred gram packet dead deserves to be a walk from the beginning to the end. Dude that's so awesome man we really look forward to seeing you on Tuesday and again that's Macs come Lehrer thank you so much mental stamina Pitt thanks Max. So our Brothers our rat on you to your mayor we're gonna jump into a sign up two point blank and we'll see you get on Tuesday deeds that giggles toward the bookcase in my age yet. Both. It kills.