Metal Shop Interviews Neck Of The Woods

Saturday, April 14th

Neck Of The Woods just played their first U.S. show this past week at the Funhouse. Ryan the Beard had a chance to sit down and chat with this badass up and coming metal band! 


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You are sitting. Shops backstage. That's 99.9 K I as a W this is the beard hanging out for metal shop with my guys from my neck of the woods we've got Jeff rent on skis the vocalist in Travis time high you don't tell us really well thank you very ravenous excellent awesome so let's just jump right into that you just put out a new record called passenger like you know on September 15 on basic records will we see inspiration behind the Al. All of our record is actually written for my sister who unfortunately is doing with brain cancer she M. We found out of her diagnosis of votes that halfway through the records so the lyrical content shifted pretty dramatically in pretty quickly and it's kind of a long wind its letter of support to her all the lyrics actually it was through a heavy metal are gonna kind of this prize and we uplifting tone to them that's kind of the basis of that record it touches base on a handful of other things including personal development it's my thoughts on a flawed leader as well as the prominent. Fixture of my sister's the forefront of the focus. Cool it's always nice when metal bands take a bit of a shift from the normal John our troops talking about dead things and you know yeah so stuff like that and it's always refreshing and it's it's nice change of pace absolutely Addison's a lot more uplifting -- sold more accessible and it makes me feel better about everything in life so what was the recruiting process like it was awesome it was basically after just three as all contributing graphs you know my joints and just one duties like pisses. Now eyes today. Three games in a room having fun making music passionate I like that let's go back to the beginning of the preamble is the formation. Well it actually kind of started out of the ashes of a band that day of our our other guitarists that plated for quite a period tackled reckon her did disbanded and he wanted to pursue another band as well I was introduced through mutual friend we met Travis via Craigslist ad which desecrate those miracle of wow. Wow I know RA that's. What was the last time you headed the positive Craig's list interaction probably never is my short answer to balance though that was miracle and Jordan we ended up stealing him from another band and Jeremy we also stole him from another vacant seat desert they ended -- to have you basically yeah. Craig's list only worked the one to and Yahoo! and the Cadillac candor if Clinton it was good to get excellent lighting strike ends. Well this fact makes us atom Dan that the market. What are some early inspirations what you would catch you. In some metal we call this'll white ball question because every band has that moment everybody remembers that one show or that one record they just mania I want to. Fur for us as individuals I don't know what my first records that thought like holy Moly I really need to do this was of malice may department misery signals OS's. The half Canadian half American and every hearing that record and I was passed onto me from Obama's older sisters friends. And it just was like oh god this is of morality and it's heavy as it can be but it's delicate destructive it's. A side note my sister been pushing medal on me since I was a kid so it was. I didn't have a choice that you like this that is you're in the skateboarding and heavy metal but when I heard that record is like I need to do this this is what what I need to do so that side of getting and it would reach out. I mean Alison says bands like sepulcher and made at I was pretty cool but those kind of more of Forrester playing music and and I kind of got more away from metal and more into service. Punk but that I heard poison the well. And then made their mind this is really punk rock and Austin and handy and insane. But it's just feel like. Super champion and I would see them Blake sent to the underground and playing these huge shows a lot of Osce metal bands like tanner is okay cool. Guess they need to do this now I should probably be doing and sent them like this. You're a very unique sounding panic until there's a lot of influence is coming from a lot of different directions. To make the cohesive sound do some of your other band members have some other interest in different genres. Our band is made up of complete individuals when it comes to musical taste I had to aim for example he's I think he's probably more of the Prague metal he's the likes that are like. Tacky. Tacky riffs and crazy stuff so. Many here that. I mean I would you know I think that had Jordan probably more about. He's pretty easily DO guys like an old school classic kind of guy and yeah right. I'm really and against the Clinton miseries of them a huge fan of converged. Eileen Moore on the hard course out of things and you can absolutely hear that Jeremy our drummer is really into bands like intern not an animal's leaders like he's he's a very drumming. Drummer the tentative for a lack of better words at a drum major is a drop in drummer and he would say drummers drummer he's data that's the technical term the drug drummer Keith is that Canada. What are some the aspirations for future shows in the Pacific northwest say no from having conversations with the both of you that you're planning on means more runs down here I'm I'm kind of hoping that. This'll lead to a a more of a Vancouver Seattle connection we can start sending each other market hands. Absolutely I know that's the visas have been acquired we're gonna try and be down here is frequently as possible I would absolutely love to flee northwest terror fest I'd love to be a part of the Seattle scene this this city in this area is so fruitful and so interesting it's a unique and obviously very foreign to us so it's exciting to start playing down here we like to be done in the states as much possible. Yeah I basically live in Seattle. And Atlanta an here basically. Now four times a month. It's for personal reasons fair. NASA act coming down here though is and I love it here it's basically the second round so plain here this for the first time it's really exciting and can't wait to do more. Any final words for the listeners out there for them Pacific northwest not faced particular time to listen to our team and you really populated and hopefully we get to see when you're smiling faces that are shows. Thank you very much once again I've been talking to Jeff rent on skis the vocalist for neck of the woods in Travis. Hi that you preach on gentleman that some different things just as shots backstage press.