Metal Shop Interviews Octopoulpe

Saturday, September 1st

Octopoulpe is a one man experimental grindcore / thrash / punk / noise project that is touring around the country for the next 30 days. This dude flew all the way from South Korea to share his gnarly music with all of us! 

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Saying yeah shots staged press. It's metal shop and a man. In here along with my buddy JP from so many awesome bands overseas. Current resident of South Korea correct yes both my cup next year basically yeah I get rather and then. We want you here shirt and man I'm really really glad we got to connect today in this week a couple years after four years ago reporters exactly if you were ever living on Capitol Hill around their back at the time Kevin and I remember a sharp used to have a house. Write off of Broadway and Thomas by Julie is over there. And we we found out that his bit at the time and still Kurt is currently one that's been my man's idea it was simply together and then ought to ought to hold up the pool. All the polls. Yes and Elena get there are those of the Toobin he's currently in the states right now Torre what does it. Banned pupils but he's our man project for a Mormon then so it's a bit and then yeah so. He's here for that we're gonna get into that little later it is wanna give you you as a listener a little ground level information. They were originally slated to play it showed the Charleston all respect to those guys number him but I heard that there are planet say hey. We're stealing your show we're gonna throw backyard show is one of the final show that we had in my house before I moved out of there. That was Nelson who was at say oh yes I'm so glad you guys got the company that that so that's where we made friends executives trying to lay the foundation people know what's going on. And four years later you're back in the states and you're about to launch into you just play the Charleston yesterday for exactly remember everything. And you're about to launch a new 31 day you would think 31 yeah she should be 31 shows aka. So all of our hero yeah prevalent in the United States. Do you you not you don't have like a a road Europe you know I've been there I security and I don't didn't. So you're on your own made traversing the United States yeah I'm gonna press. You graduate or personal. Thanks for coming back I'm yeah I'm so happy to be here like and I like the tour was my them my four years ago was amazing so yeah. So you guys make it through that my man my two also banned from South Korea with us and South Korean. What will he say I hate us and South Korean national. You remember I don't know it's that kind of a weird kind of yeah iasis it would mean they. In everybody else in the band is doing good whenever there was. Well be your ever everybody's fine yeah sure you know we simply together like we we toured in style salsa East Asia are like two months ago Brian and now. Everything's fine threat and this is like from back in the day when our Arafat our body I'd need it yes Jason Hanson who oh win over overseas to teach in that analogy faintly and in Vietnam and Vietnam Narnia but you guys made friends and he says hey. Our friends' bands come and overseas he got a hook him up so went. Do whatever best friends of course we're gonna hook Emma so. I'm so glad you're back now I'm just excited. Now in the united here in America. So okay so tell us a little bit about. The planning. For coming over here to do a solo tour on your own outlook like look how far ago Kelly how long ago did you start working on important month. Long tour. Oh it's I I thought amounted to a lake about a year ago horror I was like yeah I want to go back to the US so yeah why not to numb I'm touring a lot with this project are to be like though the last year's rule are. Especially in Asia also in Europe and I was. Yeah I should go to did you US and the main thing Els who is like you know there's a lot of English teacher is going to use South Korea. But he usually it is the only Q3 years so you know the always break my heart now if you may make good friends with exactly strange individuals. Yes that that's the thing so is like you. Thinking about our I'm gonna go to the US toward the air and meets all my friends that screen and I know other people even over yet. So how many cities are you going through the Euro like you know someone they're excited to go back NCs like three cup I broke up. I I don't know on like Jeremy EV seven while sees enough. That's awesome yeah. As very terror you started was unleashed the show in Bremerton last night the first one of your tour yet exactly and you're playing tonight at the crack in in the Ukraine Kenya India that you met drew from Durenberger and we played together last year Louise burn burn burn. And yet. Amazing guys. Says yeah I really get due to injury works at the crack in it there's so it's only appropriate. And your points and I was czar and Great Falls and what was the other band that was a Florida man and one of the few bands from necessity here that's going to be good Latin. Elliott great to be set. So that's. What it is like. Playing heavy music in southeast Asia just as of just out of curiosity and Mike. What's the scene like there do you have a lot of bands in the area like are they varying styles like what's going on in in South Korea and South Korea. Yeah like. You know I'm much more in the punk scene more than the medal team yet. Yeah it's not bad I mean compared to the size of the CD you know elite console. Odyssey is really small birds as a lot of people a lot of bands playing and now is getting is getting a renegade. It's getting India I think. How to how many bands and even would you be able to stop the name grant a man I'm trying to put you on the spotter anything I'm really just genuinely curious to it on. Would sit like I. I would say like into punk scene you know grass today this is what I know. Yeah I would say there is like fifteen games looked awesome yeah. Let's go because this is a metal show. Per day but we you know I was upon a pock. I grew up as a pilot a group in a punk and hardcore and the metal metal core grind no way up Stoner you know everything it's all it's all connected man to. We're understaffed and wrote you know I grew up as metal guy I was senior of them metal band during ten years while and actually I switched to Dong. I still love metal of course totally not I blew it switched to song for actually politics. It is. Debts yeah when they discover upon can you know like day entire races and six is an anti homophobia red is like all this is something that sometimes. We don't have like at least in France where I grew up we don't have that much so Pollack was amazing for me. So that it's it's more of like oh a welcoming outlet for that. That which you're trying to address. Because metal I mean hard court definitely metal not so much it's not as political of the orient yeah. It's a bigger communities that there's more varying opinions there exactly a lot more people talking a little she yeah ha ha ha ha. But that's cool men like on the Republican Arianna Kevin is too so yeah it's good to have you back so let's talk a little bit about your your your you're solo man man when did you start and I need you to reiterate this name emea coupled with ties so I don't mess that I spoke to poohed talk to pull. Yeah pulled means. Oh octopus in French that's why it's is QP name you know I had I guess I had one week to find a name for afford tour is seriously two. And it. And I you know I I've always been connected Kia. I don't octopus. Because I had dead bending Franz school Kentucky loss. It wasn't you know and a yes elevates those common route command exactly so. Yeah I started I think Lleyton 2014. And a friend a good friend from from France contact immediately. Eight in 2015. I'm gonna tour by myself being Indonesia. It was like yeah you till you told me you want to start solo project so let's play together and it's Stewart to get it was like. OK I have nothing right now. Hey he told me OK you you have ten months I was like okay. That's a tough time challenge accept. At the and Austin so. How many releases do you guys have an on and if the you have to now. Well like I recorded this do you know or like it very deed but you know like the first my first was really different and this one late. The he had to project. Pretty much changed a lot of I mean that's normal yeah sure that. And so I ever like he really is last year my first album and again of the year I'm gonna recalled the sickened. Okay cool so you're moving forward exactly keep it running time yeah so OK so before we jump into I want to play a couple of songs from optical yes you did that they're kind of short they're shorter so we're gonna smack it a couple of them together in the comeback and cocky little bit more cool but for anybody who hasn't heard this band or seen you do this. How would you describe it to like to a random stranger on this is that even possible late yeah like. How depots that I I'm really got anything to. I don't know like I give. A lot of different kind of songs you know it's. Daisy basically. On caught core or math corps or is sometimes a lot of mental. But like it did the most in. Interesting part I think is lives because I. I plead Johnson I cultural DRU and it feels Wii is to drum sets yet. So. Oh yeah Dennis the video to and the media is actually Louisiana projectors so really you really do you can't see video on a sell it on someone that you had her for so you gotta go see yeah in this in these in the blast yet. So you know also yeah that's but the sound of I ate invite you a lot of friends singing for me so I'm I'm singing sometimes bad. A lot of friends you know I let gets robbed and you know you're always means stuff. Roommate I know you're on your own so it's on you know he had some good. So you wanna shout out a couple of these people you were working with Blake who felt that yeah. I have to have you know what but you guys we love you go yanks though that said let's jump into a couple of songs from octave Pope. And as they wanna be writing my dragon and on the bridge yes is there anything you want it say about the easy one let people here are meanwhile like on. The what can I say about these. Yeah like yeah on the bridges with the a very good friend from France since she let she's a senior offend. Really awesome black metal band. And band called humor broke the W had Purdue's running. Look at again it's weird and a guy that's as hard pressed stupid to matter it. You Le is ever it is so you know a again in news yeah. And are writing my jag and Mike has good friends scene for me is. His name is Dick. He plays in many many bands in France you know what from the same hometown. It. But school source dumping of these two ought to pull son JP is here from overseas Europe a jet setter a world traveler. Ha ha upon give metal ahead of all varieties lets them and then come back if I do them. A. Yeah. But a shot here we're back with JP from octave pulled. Yes I'm getting pretty closer I get better and better remember when he plays that shell in my back yard capital my parents came out differently party animals. There where are talking of speaking French and them exactly where I remember that and I feel if you ask me about you actually it was don't think so. We were gonna see that guy again and combat all hotly. Well you better. We're come onto a show mom exactly I come tonight that tracked him yet tonight at the crack and playing with our Great Falls and Florida man with multiple. And cellular explained to me what we're playing these tees on the little bit about the live experience with the band that you set up. And you've got you've who reminds me give you one my my man so we during that so that's a little part of that you were mentioning how you've. Have created kind of an interactive. Experience for the audience like I was what was and explain that to me over it yet. I like arm. So first. I'm against you know and I've loved her that's not my job is like two programs so for the first on my iPhone a project in which I can combine music and a you programming so it. So yeah yeah I ever so you basically you had yet to speak up those solo player you want to play. During the so and so I had like four different saloons and the views of sellers. Before getting into us at this stage of the bits that you're playing drums solo. Doing a little bit of singing. Activating the you know that triggers and all the effort but you also have a video yes playing in in. Alongside you are in the background similar. Right yeah yeah I like the next January and thoughtful whatever area. So you give the audience members the opportunity to. Help you choose it's like choose your own students. You teacher on storage feature on song Natalie they go to UCLA is solely solely for that Favre like yeah you choose you so little guy Reynolds you salute character. Like street fighter style I don't know so you literally had had a few and a drum stick out to somebody yeah exactly how do you pick who you choose different. You feel like she was rocked it out the hardest and hand them the option or like how do you how do you pick that person and the crowd. Oh somebody that you you know and and and times are. Man I told a lot with this project in especially in shine IDB's randomly do you know people AA cuts come on stage yet give you the stake. And yes many people don't like what she did they do indeed don't speaking Lisa Wright was a disaster and ha ha ha so you usually I you know I pick someone alum like a U wanna be part of delude the sole met at a point. Yeah I explained you know rally creates the lead to better. That's cool so you can see that tonight yeah and are going to be doing that and the entire tour here also are I'm not sure because you know I have. I have many songs would have for that tour so you know I will you know. I don't want to get bored of playing the same size again and again innings at a teaching engines. So you're gonna be out for a month 31 days yeah exactly so you're starting here in the northwest and then your tour adding you're sick you're going down into the queue on a yet to them across the southern part yeah I go yeah I know you we would across Texas and you know New Orleans and I would go to Tallahassee. Now one part of the United States to be in the east then again he hit okay that. Yeah I see when you you know out of touch about yes and then you're heading back up the East Coast and back and Canada yeah I would goatee you know it's Chicago Detroit during the three Susan can dad and I go down to you like the last uses. In about two more oh Baltimore's got some handy music and Alia. That's quotes a do you have all of your shows already set up an already prepped down everything and all let me throw them all lost yet what will spot you can never see it some of those are have some unforced seeing circumstances Iowa happened so yeah I am you know I'd be flexible exactly I don't know you know you're doing now. The JP man thank you I think he Beth for coming back it's been four years since that we had that magical night together exit path into. So you're also in a band called my men might not win did you guys start mime and Mike and what was the vision for that project how did you meet up with the other members of that band was it right after that moved over to South Korea are exactly that just after a news. So I knew a girl she organized issuance Austria for my older then my French they and and like Quinn and moved to South Korea we nets and she was bringing those two guys so. What is from American Matthews and get a guy son and he's from South Korea and we started just you know hanging out together and had a point oh Lesley at. You liked what can amusing jewel I can like open cult court and then meet to. Oh can you please some people bass guitar and I can play drums and funny how that started that you know may be only. Two months after I write to so Oscar mechanical and so have you guys been going since then her yeah. Yeah well you know during the year I would Torre's move to Vietnam so we get to stop need to be extra. But accept that yeah. Was here and I'm varying age do you mind if I ask how old Juan. And eighty cents. All you know and the building exact down about to turn thirty threes so. Save having an ever when listening who's been listening to metal since the eighties like Shawn saw half a few guys a little babies. Well let's cool Manso OK one thing I want to ask you before you going right. They want a fair question to ask all of these big bands that we talked used. The light bulb moment for you so at what point when you were younger or something like that. When you heard a certain song may be side show you realize wow like I wanna be in hawk I wanna be involved in heavy music was there one moment the remember that really. A spark that interest for you so yeah I would say. The first time was my best friend we we whereabouts like fourteen a few dazzle us right about the age drains you and we just like. Here received. Odds yelled boom like unplugged New York from Nirvana yes and you know exact data connection exactly add that to we changed my life and I know we directly both of us we bolt an acoustic guitar I started playing guitar and was like yeah Loma. Yet that we started a band arrived after you know covering all the Nirvana songs so that works that did to beat. Yes I did the same thing how would I didn't know exactly Richard dog apple so that's cool and then the rest is history. Yet now here you are eggs in Seattle. Yeah on the radio station I broke them man I told you earlier you know was driving to Seattle today and always listening to Pearl Jam and I was like oh yeah this is the way who is herself marking is it's a perfect combination executive. Well man I JP it's an honor to have you back and it's a good glad to have you prayer. If we were a little closer accused via our little state is years ago that. Colts though. Go see him tonight. If you don't see this how can we find your band's online yet band camp linger yak pays like I haven't been camping fees that page of course. You just have to remember Artest Delray in the low post the links to of the no vehicle helpless hope you can let them put it's no what went what we're looking here 02 poor. Opt to poo PO ULPG. Yet and you install the first part Doctorow a look too easy yeah. A man I am I'm impressed that your musical diversity. You're you're hardworking and willingness to do like take a stab at his running a solo bit and yeah the entire country. I wish the best for you and that's a big adventure I'm dance man in yield you'll never forget. Oh yeah and have a great I'm I'm sure it's gone. Make sure you make friends along the way like you say to you to meet people ill you might have to. Get into little fist accounts for time to time hopefully not hopefully get to steak cleaning clear from every all of the problems in the world I I hope so yeah again. So before we jump in in my and then Mike and well let's explain my man Mike. Would you call this punk hardcore grind we for people who don't know you know anything like we say like fast core or threat score cool and that's perfect. So and then my and then Mike is also on bing can mine and my dot band camp dot com. Expect a check that out so it was this Brittany three headed shark to posts yet. Go back to the octopus the shark campus theme exactly hell yeah. Is that JPG had anything do you want to say as a final like shout outs are like farewell or anything to the people whom the northwest. Who might be hearing this for the first time. Like. What can I say I can sit like last damn you you. Backyard Giuliani got in was like to be called a non days if yeah oh yeah that was just amazing so yeah I hit. I hold is gonna be great also had to crack in the I'm so happy to be in you know northwest that's. Are people area and beauty for people so I'm just so happy so. And any time you come backe that is now yeah I will do the best weekend Nokia has not yet so let's pleasure to be have you back. And the semi the semi man Mike. Three headed shark deposed JP thank both of you heading into two headed yeah that's helped. Trip two is enough yes yes that's not funny abides and thank you again and give they control. You me everyone. There's a killer shark octopus hybrid headed this way so please leave that arena and timely fashion what are you talking about no no. Okay how about this. Who knows how good but shops backstage press.