Metal Shop Interviews Oxygen Destroyer

Sunday, May 13th

Oxygen Destroyer joined us in studio for the all local episode of Metal Shop. Check out more from Oxygen Destroyer here 


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You're listening to metal shop here on 99.9 KI SW it is the all local. Show here on metal shops to huge deal for us to support local middle and right now we have. Ed killer. Up and coming. Death metal band oxygen destroyer kite jeans seemed northwest metal band. They have a new album called be sure manifestations of malevolent and death available now it's going I'm dice was first things first want to introduce yourself and tell us. Tells what you do for the destroyer. I'm jordin Farrell I do Qatar and the locals and I'm Chris slightly drums lounge area played guitar and Ben is our basis for economic tonight. All right so Chris you actually Barack here how many times this will be my third time up here. Awesome and so what bands have you been here in the in the past when he mentioned with the diversity of perception yep and concede to welcome lord you know last month. Him and you'll be all over the place in your new record that beast Joseph manifestations of more violence and death quite in name. What was very orders the album title come from is that just. Jordan I'm assuming that's ahead. A it's sun. I want I just want the title would be long and ethnic and are really just described the kite you in a really awesome way you know yeah. Absolutely man I mean that's kinda your guys is deal but who did you record are waking you mentioned out Cody yes Cody deserves to terrorism with a lower than he's he's got this place and slim would cause of the the medal Smith's. Science he lets us record here. And it sounds great sounds huge bank of they did a good job. I mentioned Iran off the top you guys are a kite June themed metal band an end to my knowledge the only Kai June deemed to metal band. How deep does the love cartoon movies go and like when did you first get into them and how would you know he wanted to sort of thing and revolving around this top pretty specific thing. So long I've been anti G fan since I was like. Four years old man's and the avid a fan of giant monster movies and not all for a long time so. I came up with the idea I can not I write all of lyrics and their Brothers and everything else I said this idea you know as Jim and in my garage one day and I've always loved. Bands with an obscene you know like a mono Martha Scott vikings. Both over sings about war hammer stuff so shut out cigars Taurus yeah yeah yeah oh yeah we dinosaur themed metal band here you India you know nest science diet yeah I saw that I noticed that. Ky U wasn't really a subject that was seen in medal to opt to share buy it. Doubles gold medal and IG movies were perfect for each other. It's basically had tribute to the bid is a tribute to old school does not only just giant monster mideast that's awesome man when I went to great things come together. Aid created a very great thing now what what it would would you say is your fever Ky G movie of all time we've got to Whittle it down in lake. Fortis and you fear characters. The biggest influence to the band is the original 1954. Godzilla movie okay. It's very well done I know a lot of guy you films tend to be pretty cheesy but this one's actually very well made it yeah good acting it's. Got Zola in that movie is a metaphor firm nuclear testing is a radiation and it's a very well done film sure Jordan. How do you even go about writing an album win it's like that specific thing do you research the movies or do you go straight. From your own cause the like collective knowledge basically. With each song. I would take to influence from a specific monster or specific movie and I'd give my own take on it. Coca. Cool brought on what we're gonna play a couple of these songs sold what's go right into one of them the record is called beast you manifestations of malevolent and death. And this is oxygen destroyer listening to metal shop the all local episodes so what are we going to one of them. What to introduce supporting your favorite songs off the record end. I know that you have to have an epic introduction to this because the name is just freak an epic when you tell us what we're gonna play first. This song is called bio mechanically imprisoning the sacred piece of the apocalypse. It's about humanity reviving the corpse of an ancient creatures through cyber medic weaponry. And the monster into becoming so powerful it's able to gain control over itself break free away. From their control over it and uses the powers that they've given to it to annihilate the years. You heard the man it's oxygen destroyer here are metal shop. Back here a little choppy all vocal episode here on Saturday night's game we're with oxygen destroyer were playing so much jams off their record these steel manifestations of malevolent and dad tell me how you could feel about the local northwest metal scene and course of your favorite local bands favorite local Wendy's I know there's a lot of questions there about which is kind of dissect the saint. We really like. Playing at the high line the dad and yes absolutely onstage political team. And we play with some good bands there. One of my favorite local bands is trotting quarter of those guys are incredible leap oh yeah they've been doing it for a long time and every album they put out just kills it. Yeah we're good friends what goes planning command him. I was and who knows could send them. Ehrlich a current Taurus yes seeing them. It's really to fun house well. As the bin oxygen destroyer. What he's been the best show you guys have played and the worst show you guys have played who have come home. Just overdosed on CNN this could be you know this just like her. The league your performance or like the best crowd reaction could be the worst because the crowd reaction the worst because of some funny things that happened on stage. Any of that so let's start with best and then we'll talk about the worst. One in my feverish as we did what is when we played withdrawing cornered and progress and Agnes at the high line beckoned when he sixteen that was a really good show great line let's. I'd solidly played really well it was just a good night and how what the worst I'd say the worst show we ever played one is in Port Angeles last year really. The we played at this venue called the cherry bomb. And and and another crowd just was didn't seem to be Digg and if they know what was going on is kind of weird thing is kind of funny like there were there were some people moshing to listen first but then by the third or fourth on these kind of stopped and Elvis had these looks on their faces light pleading get it might have to like they sat there and you're thinking is this only do they just play fast the entire time. Tell me where we can hear your record I know that you can pick up the physical copy at when your shows they can't make it to a show where can we get the record went right now. You can download our album on band camp and you can also listen to our album on YouTube www. Brutal thrashing IG medal dot com brutal thrashing Ky do metal dot com you got it. Ran on and data on FaceBook follow him on all the social media platforms do you think that I you'll ever run out of ideas with courage you. No I am not not the moment he questionnaire there are a lot of giant monster movies out there. There you go man as long as they keep making them and then there's just like continuation. You know you are I will who give anything to using their shot as before we get into the final song of the set here. We'd like to thank everyone that's been supporting us and supporting her album we've really really appreciate it we wouldn't be doing as well we are without all the support we've been getting. Like half our practices are my parents house so much out the number of putting up for the sub moms of I think it. On the we'd also like to give a shout out to some locals there's a ton of good bands around here I mean there's dose blood. Command. The latter day Asia and does office. The progenitor. That there's so many to list can go to go on it's a good scene. We're going to go into another song of course who listening to oxygen destroyer metal shop and they are kite you seem to northwest metal band. These premier kite Jewish seemed northwest death metal band and the only one at that they have a new album these two manifestations of malevolent and death. We're gonna go to another song Jordan what song are we gonna here next and wanting to introduce it. This next song is called cleansing the earth of humanity's existence. It's about eighty thermonuclear creature rising from the sea and wiping out everything in its past. You heard the man it's oxygen destroyer according to a aids. Northwest death metal on metal shop.