Metal Shop Interviews Pallbearer

Sunday, May 27th

Kevin and Ian sat down with Pallbearer when they were in town for a show with Obituary. Listen as they chat about their favorite doom bands, the Arkansas music scene, their favorite Type O Negative songs, what they would play on a radio show of their own and the influence of the band RWAKE.  

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They cheer on metal shop from Little Rock, Arkansas on to war with will be too weary its poll bearer welcome to Seattle guys thanks death thanks for coming down with. Appreciate desert we don't play in the new single time Ndamukong fortune new records from you guys your last record heartless. One of the best records of 2018. Or Tony seventeen ansari was on our year end list but I'm here. So very very awesome how do you guys in studio both before we get going when you introduce your cells to metal shop listeners tell us what you do for Paul bear I'm Bret. And I play guitar and singing. And joke a mostly play dais every now and then little logs Hillary since then back at Google's voice and data in the play guitar and freestyle ruins and oil. Priest mark and not play drums and handle pyrotechnics went. Global when I went. Now I can act as applicable empire around political fall fashion half a possible welcome to Seattle Delmon. It's a lovely day for once it is here in what was let me guess we're here in I think it was another croc and our headlining show that was incredible show. And it now you guys are back in the northwest got to ask you what's your favorite Seattle band of all time. There was just an all local episode a couple of weeks vax I hear we're creating your own and if nice. Presidency. Berlin and opens we since again like classic Ellison she industry. That's a good dude that new song and you out on his anti re create it's it's got three feet a variety mean team around their road team carry knives. That Aberdeen noise man. So what's going on with the new music you guys is put out a new record new single drop out one. Can we expect from you guys when's that gonna be dropping in Kaz mail we're just itchy and we have we're playing the type folk over the guys sit awhile back to man we're just. It Jefferson knew Paul bear what's going. It's a single for a full length there was a just kind of do you use drop it is like a seven incher. But no slam has like a series of singles statement put out like. The darling of OK also and so they did. Dennis and so they would pay for studio time they had like just clearance for today and they put it on you know on that they're about sleep in between shows and stuff from them. Networks wow and so they pay interest of recourse on its ourselves absolutely in idea of just. Wrote it's perfect and we have some other new music coming this year but no new album I don't edit in the missive even figuring out the direction for the yeah I mean you guys are on the road right now you can you know put him where you know it pretty much slate. Other than kind of holidays lake. Late November through January pretty much two words sense. That much march of last year has her own BS I broke out hit. That's impressive manga work. The last time as we were just talking about last when he came through was headlining show crocodile sold out this one is a bit of a different vibe and it's with. Of course obituary skeleton which in dust bowl. A mix build its fall heavy bands do you guys have a different approach when you're playing as you may be you know just an obituary friend who might not. BA you're headlining show do you guys have any different approach he just kind of do what you deal. We've definitely definitely cherry pick some of our heavier material for this round now we've got 45 minutes laws which currently view here at the concentrate and still it's a dollar more aggressively. Maybe it's not our most dynamic access but you know that's it's been gone over pretty well hopefully more extremely medal. And it's open it's funded just kind of come out like a cave men said pretty much yeah they had players just are like him is. Incident like having all of the lake. More Prague he lighter elements and theirs is like it's fun full like bulldozer. Once on my side. He was Michelle good decapitated in in the middle between them was baroness and I thought it was great because it was like he brings you up. And then a Camelot Aiken like he has a dynamic to it so it's I'm excited to see guys kinda like. Any fast Haiti fast. Paul bearer and hit a beautiful and then. Like you said dreamer stinks and I know you say came Mintz there we can you do damned if I'm totally fine we're allowed to use case has confessed that. So what's that what's it like how did you does get on this tour like it did somebody approaching guys I mean clearly somebody had to impeach you have an obituary is camp has content grace are our. You know are looking Brett exactly. The man have one of weird and cool Stewart had this built in which you guys does yeah and then of obituary Manson's been doing really well and the crowd seemed like. There's a pretty strong contingent of Mike obituary fans would never listened to us and Michael come up after the show and eloquently and realize you know. Not remotely do metal fan and yeah. Let's face now I cats you know that's I do remember we don't get to talk to too many do metal bands here on metal shop on how we're what kind of wondering. We only the big for a fractured we got a you know anthrax found a Metallica and mega dad and slayer if you guys were to choose the big four of doom metal hoop. Were on couple man's forearm before bands that you would choose for the big four of doom metal and this is all time glad to begins active in terms of lake influence. Trouble. The CO essays divide us yet minus troubles. And in my dying bride nice. Some aren't my personal as a pro in divide us maybe some can't romance can amass some. My dying Ryan and maybe cathedral something nice central deck as we got a lot of legally people listen or show 99. It's hard to describe a one colleague entry level alone like claiming god fans and Pentair fantasize. So we like we will ask that question you know some reasons in this with a notepad to go right because of any got a check out as many as check out. So school a lot of our influence comes from more mean I guess you don't that's. Probably not being extremely like a parent or music. A funeral in camp morally skepticism and clothes and they'll funeral and a funeral the man mournful congregation concert. This what we we kind of speech started easing Paul bear back when we got the first record we have a segment on the show called the de sac. At 1 AM weekly to light Stoner doom songs back to back. With a much like bong rip sound effects can detain and stuff sells and that's when we know like that's time to get low and heavy and it's a celebration of our Washington State cream freedoms yeah and again request for Paul bear. For that and for any you know and anyway it's always really refreshing cool here we so along the same lines like. The days. Like let us off the leash unity metal shop we've been doing it for eight years and me there's no here they literally let us play whenever we want. So pure achieving you guys had like it because marshall's four hours long she she has a lot of songs so if you were to pick like three or four maybe five bands that you would want somebody to be here like in what would you play deteriorating here on primary day and a that's the fury album. Think that's what's called. Our man there classic my school. Wait what pressures of anything could be literally any who looks like our way and yeah there are so it's really cool you know everything there are those who earn relapse right there in January he now sits way Craig definitely are they just change because he's basically waiting for. There's some there and yet that says Soledad. Let's toss and our own for a certain ED at the end yeah. Can anyone else who drama and a playlist. In terms of metal stuff for him anything mean worldly being grown and for our fans school. Many but some some rock a mob rules them all rolls eyes burned by. The purple oh cool. Keep keep hurdles going on tour again now. Yeah see yeah we cool I think it's treason deeper or diet such and such on. So I get as he hasn't tightening is one of my favorite and you get to an incredible title negative cover. Bring you all huge fans of type oh yes yes Hoss and what your favorite. Records were favored title negative record yet euros for me that's so great that when it involves world coming to announce for over there are always gotten a lot of that record. Ron and our ice snow Peter Steele obviously. Mensa Seattle's then pretty wild placing dropping like there's a lie is very vital around here I was and is and continues to change a lot. But tell us a little bit of these guys from Arkansas. Tell us a little bit about the local scene there what what what was it like coming up there. What is there to check know anything you would recommend to people like tell us what it's like it from a different you know part of the country you know we actually came up that are pretty thriving underground metal scene awesome year. Kids pretty much there that's like when I wake yeah that record. Budget demands like we're kind of like in their crime they were like around our age that we are now. Like the evidence is clear and then like yeah pretty much is unleashing the most primal cosmic energy that's awesome place. Every always covered Giuliani as a teenager watching these like. Bands in their prime like. Seeing way place. Ten years ago would be if you lose your casting some weird door and spells. Click unexplainable. Like insane and it's arguing things like behind the scenes that really effecting there in the actual. Like content of the the rooms yeah I don't think. People would probably expect this from Little Rock, Arkansas as a truly inclusive and super supportive seeing talks not your typical currently red state Syria's tightly it's been really really loves inviting and call matter if you like. Look departed not everyone else is happy to see you so I was. I'm pretty proud of and there's like a lot of crossover between light metal and other view you know because it's such a small town everybody knows I hope you don't have listened to market our course one media is certainly a difference a fundamental scenery pretty much the same and that's also like I love it you know it. Other people only Indian pole man and so what are world's Venezia. And these others are not enough stands to be too the leaders they. That's ever played together all the drunks fit all of all the people who like didn't have anything better to do to spend their time. In an 80 annihilated together yeah exactly. So unlike got a question yes or something. They're probably. Probably not hit. So what other won my fair request is asked people because we've all got a story man like what was a lightbulb moment if you can remember one that you like. Heard a band saw a show you're like him. I gotta be part of that I'm clearly laid you hear somehow. It's still way. Yeah just like a weeks and it quietly shut out. I'll say probably deflate when thousand middle schoolers confidence. Somebody else's school playing guitar like miserly you know. Crappy little no evil when I was actually. I need to be out there like that's a preferred beyond that though plans BC rich yeah bronze more like a really I think it really bad in San. And so we voted mostly generic as she is being is Seattle's station the first I've heard your mom was that's awesome again. In the terms it is early teens weirdos. Completely sold count yeah and for some or heard fly about sugar rated fifth. I do it's so brutal that. Come on that. Bryant on. Paul mayor thank you guys were finally go get a call in numbers for you guys got he's got to get their pretty soon so before we go well any last words he won a seat to the and the northwest and west and Paul bear fans. And they're really whatever you we're not here and we've never of this vehicles sailor. I'm going to be too stupid. Just you know thanks for listening and that's always been and it but part of the country where we know and we've had a really killer fan base. There's a beginning yeah. So it's it's always welcome arrest him appear like we've really enjoyed playing. In the Pacific northwest it's always had like dark and kind of ground your guy that we I think we're used to it. Phyllis gummy rules on a little scanners coming. But it's a beautiful city you know a little little konduz are put enough the only chance I get into the back then with a slight this place on fire. Yeah we've we have always had a blast went up here and we're glad to be back today. Awesome thank you again and thanks guys we have Paul married studio. Tears.