Metal Shop Interviews Q5

Saturday, February 3rd

Ryan the Beard chatted with Jonathan Scott K from Q5 about playing NW Metal Fest at El Corazon (March 9th and 10th). 


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99.9 KI SW disappeared from metal shop and a pocket stock from Q five I you don't and I am doing great and nobody out there I think things are going just fine so let's just dive right into it you guys have been have been doing much for 33 years and then out of the blue whole new album with the new world order. How did that come about. Oh I hope we eat we haven't really been not been doing anything we've been planned for. Quite some time all those years and now we played a key part about ten years ago back in Germany and that kind of got the ball well I'm a little bit. Who played Hillary on in about three years no we got out when you Moroccan he's not a big old world their. Thousand people there. And so we kept getting the invitation to play places on clay in Europe we decided to do with the band back together like blues brother. It would go that would that we are plenty more we get interest from. Frontiers records which isn't the biggest record company in the world now that it that it Italy. Yeah and we released new world order a year ago going great. That's fantastic and in school I'm glad you guys are backed make him more do fresh music. Let's stop the clock back to 1984. When a steel polite came out you were in a project called core at the time crack Craig to Tom wrong on any of this and leave the other members were in a project called tko. How does things cold lasts that Q five came to be. Mosul band called the core that's right it was an all original band at a time when most band played cover songs back I have been cover article myself with a few years and local north but then quote comprised of Michael Floyd rose well Rick Baldwin Michael Payne and we basically would now with the Ryan leads band and running we would play a local club out and we would put the hurt that. And run really come on the record that afterward you're going to air India beat. Gloria and I decided that we wanted to do -- move away and start a new project so we had written on in the core and we alkaline. On the side who went in the studio and recorded the demo these people who play bass and calm solely enlisted and she really couldn't tko and Gary Thompson tko and have them play on our. Our democratic will be handed out and we got pretty much immediate interest from veteran record companies and we got interest can conveniently manager art at the time he wanted to manager Dan Hart producer wanted to produce who went down to LA and we need that we get that'd get the electric guitar player that we audition by Cleveland and eventually. And ended up with Rick there was also playing here aren't that pretty much. How can you do want to LA recorded these basic tracks for what was to be healed the lights came back to Seattle. And the national record in the post you up on Capitol Hill on the longer who called the music. Or that's where he'll likely. That's fantastic and then one year later when when the mere cracks another excellent excellent record from the mid eighties. Seems like you guys were very influential with. So many awesome band great white dwarf and when your former members Floyd rose forever changed the face of the guitar with his invention of the Floyd rose. When he bar. Absolutely yeah. Lloyd is an amazing person man one of the smartest people I've ever known and can be a great time but band together and the many years. Many still don't have reduced down there and show and not. Like road experience down there you know he's still banging around and I appreciate. The kind words about. Great life. According Moammar songs and all that that's nice stuff it's lovely to play the musician and that's what everybody wants to do it and I'm fortunate to have been able to do it and enjoy this. Being in a band that's just been around for for such a long time on trees seemed so many different changes in the music industry in the evolution of hark rock and heavy metal music. What are some of the things that you're enjoying about the music today that were quite around back then and how do you feel about the evolution shop. I'm metal itself. Metal. Slash hard rock yeah because. You know I go back my influences go way back because I like to listen to step that one to head. And in school I would listen to what my plans. I remember when queen first came out I was in school black hole outward. Fortunate see them live a couple of times they were amazing to ban. Elect. Who go way back you know like grand funk railroad. More. Yeah that's where we really you know. Health care company John I think nowadays with the Internet with. Year and he MTV came around and really changed and we're able to see what was going on around the world a lot of them were fortunate to be able to travel a year upward to hammer. CBS Australia just sort of level on the Australian. The great then Angel. You became known appears Angel city in the eighties. This amounted to get peavy seemed almost into anything you can you can monolith. Two Norwegian death metal in that instance in. Or we can listen to more heart aka Prague Prague medal from Camelot. Two on. It was he was banned in. It any differently if you get it yet and he'll be up to search our records that are orders of the special. I never heard them. Well that that's really cool and my personal it is leaving a lot towards more Prague medal melodic. Lots of layers and vocal so cool you are battle and I could. That that Tuesday that based on. You know the original band listen to like me you know that country. Illness in my top three. All time. Of course let's delve into a little bit of the influences for the new record what were your thoughts when you were working on the lyrics. A lot of the hunger or create the standard stuff you know boy meets girl out all the hard rock and hero locking down the street kind of which I still like to write about. I'm new world orders in this is all about you know the changes in the world. That we need right now on I don't know I guess I'm fortunate to live look he decade's worth watch these changing people. You know he too. Desire certainly being here and to. Yeah my. Wish that he didn't desire that things went to get. That's a little cryptic and weird I am an archer I can articulate exactly how I feel about something. On I'm an interview. I usually wait. You know political or somebody to come up with a guitar lick in and it. Start painted picture in my mind about something that I'd read about her seeing until you hear it like that Democrats start from there that pretty much come. What was the writing process like for the new record for new world order lead me through the songwriting process. Por que five. Oh a couple of its I would go over to Rick Collison now and how they lyric and Hammond Stadium. Got this lyric what what. Cool thing is you've been dreaming up lately and he would come out something united look into it pretty even remotely painted the picture of the lyric and my guess you could it not only starter there with a liner Q and then build around that then we would take it into the guys and say you know reconnaissance. Live here want to and let's work on it and the guys who jetBlue would put it that drumbeat to that level with the base to attend Dennis was at his. Input and so putting macho everybody got together and hand Luke writes the lip I was. All we have great post only your ideas down and we work on the range. And we're not talking about little bunch of songs who went into the studio with them and encircling McDowell we put down 31. I'm the mock her come here you know that's what they were looking for Obama. City as good as me and Leo and kept on going. And you've been going for 33 years now. Quite to create a dollar and hi I'm. Early start well thank you so much for your time I had I really appreciate it so your from Q five once again has been the beard from metal shop make sure you check out Q five at northwest. Noddle fast should be absolutely worth going tee so many good bands instead be such blasts and a half to you so much for your time. Thank you I'm really appreciate it. Feel all that metal fast.