Metal Shop Interviews Rat King

Saturday, May 12th

Local badasses Rat King in studio with Metal Shop! Check out more from Rat King here 


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You see all local episode of metal shop in the right now we haven't been in studio two Brothers to be exact. Daniel and Ricardo fresh C list. From read what I'm generally in Florida man ever gone it's a pleasure to have you guys here wrote you are what we do our shadow Tyler you're drummer he's not here. A lot of eyes and Carl has now. I bet that there read my bad Tyler that he had Tyler learns drummer vignette about Carl for like two years they Colo. Well what we will be talking in the next time you head. So thanks for coming in minutes are all local episodes while he's one of our favorites this year where we have tried to kind of do everything we can put the bats and oil for all the good local Seattle. Northwest metal bands in general so thanks for coming yet as revenue I'd do it possibly be disappointing is that I budget. So why didn't give us a little history of ranking Saudi desert in studio. You know I turned to Iowa and was recently turned on these guys for a while local life. The so called upon your music and to be honest I've never seen you lied. But I I love film over the records and kind of just won the you know I get this summer so when was your first shows ranking and that tells kind of the evolution. Yeah how we started in when he fourteen and I and I think the first show isn't putting working as well like almost. Four years to the date and we've played attitude it's saloon yes rest in peace and now the grades five you have an implant ever since we Hadley said the old drummer he is with us fervent about two years and then we found Carlos through other bands in grant. We just like bonded with a man man like. And things changed for the better I think the music and they have the data service. Faster now is that man he had thought oh Trevor can change that and yeah. At a that are more death metal so we. Yeah that that's awesome you desert. Then in the northwest for five years those seem pretty much as started a band almost immediately when you when you came here that's the point Allan we're here it is though is to make music what are we go yeah we met Tyler and through Craig's list like two months after we were here and were jamming like weirdly yes we've been economic and started again and out of a Craig the success story at our rationale that's rare hit Africa that's awesome. So let let's see you guys are Brothers. Let's dive into that a little bit and we'll see that. As often as I'd like to see if Lecavalier brother ram yeah exactly and so it but I'm. Which when he guys older. I am I mean how much five years OK. On the older brother rectangular wanna hand in the beat downs in your career path of younger REM and we are you are you ready to write music it's always a fight that they're always you know that's the good endings like yes we -- easily first one to get in the metal -- yeah absolutely. So I thought yeah I've -- Reagan died les that's to get scared of like making Dimon records and yeah that is legal I had what is that my opponent that and then I moved I moved the united to the United States first and I came back right after a year Q in. He is all into music and his Plano these Ozzie bass lines and that's our growth and you can anyway finally we keep kicking it now Pereira avenue and now and then he moved with meet the United States from from it McIlroy yeah from Ecuador and now every been playing together since you have into it seriously you know late sixteen years. We would need a lot of yet put it on down the added so are you guys both guitar player's guitar bass and seeing what my guitar and guitar in oblivious article. So well what was the first like what was the first month tell me about that first moment we guys sat together were like yeah we can jam an awfully bang your head next to each guy is curious Malick here in those keys or laugh. A quarterly when he was in his senior in high school Brett so when he came back to visit. He didn't know that I really played is that he came back and I would like the tickets that they plan anesthesia. Plenty of them that's all and I only got your room you're moving in yes they gave up everything is my parents really he got eligibility as is with me in the movie was Lakeland 161517. That this thing and it's so does that to you guys running running at an we were in Arizona does for removed two and if we had a band of quite a couple bands over there that we play for a long time so you know and just took its course electronic. Let's tomorrow so what guy yellow gay guys to come to this northwest then why are all places you can go I've delivered his band that rebirth from Arizona within days and we played at Steve seminal of that than on. Yet and yet it's an odd little school Leo I must say I know people listener and a million members and benefited them that's a long time ago Alice selling march for that band that like I'm going to Manhattan do and we love it here like the use it is like the summer July it is like comic that this is beautiful yeah and then you had a real as a Ramos I had this yelled out take it over over the hundreds when he -- -- on the deployment amen yeah it's like the three good months that the C analyst Ethan won a gas that's no male I'm glad that you guys decided to sticker around so let's talk about ranking a little bit like. What what we're if you like bands off the top your head that you're like man. If we could start a band I wanna be in that vein like what I wanna sound lacks in obviously not trying to let me make you label yourself yet. -- little bit about your influences and a panacea full health -- as he would get shared that I had death for sir I mean that's the technicality -- and I think the stuff within it was president Carlos now that we bonded with supple -- play nice you know first thing we did was like let's play you know and was that in a room together relentless political possible terrorist songs you know and we -- oh yeah we're late that's it dude let's get faster and -- we can -- -- -- brother connection -- yeah exactly absolutely so has that has that ever gotten in your way he has ever get a -- little -- I had a little honest with each other since I had could not for the plane like this like it's good for sure like is that -- butt -- the wind the -- -- -- -- Hit at. I like we're doing at this way. Six red not fifth. That's the problem is if you ever make money to others Mamas and you know I exact right here I'll shoot yourself in the foot here have been so let's talk a let's play let's get it one of the songs you'll come back and toggle among more about the band let's let people kind of get the field. What's going out ranking I knew why killing or yards when he introduced the song hero what was once called string and it comes off to a new demo. Yes yet this is the demo record for a tour last November I. We'll probably see a new recording this year we're planning on our record falling foam rounds in the finance rules here stranded by ranking it metal shop the all local episode. Medal shot here on the Iraq Carl local episode he's heard a band called Brad he was stranded we have them. We have them all over the student well almost all in the yeah captive. Two thirds Daniel Ricardo Ricky thanks for coming in fellas thank you managed to Griffin and the Leno let Glenn there's a lot of things I wanna try and get squeezed in here before what you guys out here. First and foremost. You guys run record label. You have and how do you think that is impressively difficult absolutely and take a lot of patience I know that definitely so what's the what's the label called and I tell us a little bit about how you got that don't and why you wanted to punish yourself like that happen. Well it's quote within the mine records and we started in 2012. Just pretty much we we are putting out our own music so we were to disable them just that are friends yeah. You that he's being control your own Jack or at least two we did that in united front without bands that relay. Mostly arts and yeah opened with what we can afford grew out catheter. And a rollout is like the lake I hated when the ban would canyon dam owners currently with a sharp being you know I mean the guy likely to be well presented yeah I mean I never wanted to be liked his clout in this yet has he put a lot of effort Hart added value music. Yeah they got a put it in the shiny little pack and half again I'll clue you know dismal -- -- -- -- release it to you it's like everyone just Bernard shortly element to myself now and I mean in the other cars that are with us and then -- -- you know this release this and even looking actually a lot of bands around here tonight a -- get crazy -- and he's ready Arizona fans yeah oh yeah I'm -- northwest as accurately and we've been meeting more bands they kind of knew this year you know so it's Amanda a lot of great bands here so it was like looking around you know that's why we get the all local -- and check out as he gets are fine and everyone welcome pastor who -- if you look that said let's talk a little bit about and might. I don't know what we're here and give local loved everyone you know first and foremost would you guys right now but who were a few local Lindsay doesn't share the stage with. And friends you may hear anybody do you wanna shout out some of your favorite northwest veins yeah one of the first bands we may hear was Ryan. And I like car wheels are drummer used be with them and that's how we kind of met again about a split together yet we got that split down with them went on tour with them in last November that's also. But they're also you know Friday death metal it's this lake pretty because though one main guy gave that does everything yet. Other bands a sigh of their main lobbying. It's not a loss goes but as I have yet. Tamils live and oh yeah I mean all women veterans and those guys forever that we don't know the guys and oxygen destroyer but I've been reeling and they're incredibly and there's is that there's really stepped it up to absolutely rule it's good to see it's a good time in northwest metal man data seems like your man there's tons of stuff going on all the time here. Current or past what is your favorite northwest end of all time who really criminal. But then you have the hell am I mean ironic the I was ten when grammar arguments that I got sick in the first hour here in Baghdad than my fair Elena Bonner and an Alice in Chains both host and you hear that you Alice unless you put on well localized Teddy it's argued there is no I thought this and instead. A little bit. All right so let's talk about some of the shows the guys coming have you had a show well we'll just mention real earthquake if for anybody out there June 2030 Kelso with the accused eighty which is awesome yes regulations and Allen for sure at a new new place called Arab this and then there's a show coming up in Seattle. Benito and six yen down at the fun house with six's yep we're gonna be open up that's believe band it's going to be awesome and we love the fun house mauled his tights you always play their last weekend and on and I brave men and all of those guys daddy that's awesome well. I aim serious some a bit. Curious about the name ranking is they're like origin story you're our reason behind the name ranking. I think it was just a cool name that we thought of and after we Gould racking and if you Google racket likes put together. I mean it'll blow your mind notre ranking is scanned now I don't so like it said that this weird natural phenomena we're all bustle rats will be all it. I just minutes here and all they tales we'll get tied together. So there'll be like forty rats all tied together and they call that Iraq come like a one entity remiss if I don't care glass and now I am an -- lawyer I think you'll like Germany or somebody like that where it originated lately have been a museum yet yet to have the one that's the Alley -- 4050 Rachal so you that's what you when YouTube Brothers combined you become the rat camera and a process that's all ranking but it's -- -- -- they had their big guys have food at schools all right let's move -- I'll for anybody who is digging effort song before getting this more your jams where we find guys online shot a friend of and that label to yeah I would worry I'm grab it the best places are band camp we got out within the mine records Doug band damn dot com and you can find everything that we've pretty much done on there. A you know rat king I another project that we finale important stuff again that's the best man camp. So yeah will put up both those links you know group right now I'm on a metal shop FaceBook and maybe in the cat silly one. That said like think you guys are coming for our local show her Kelly any of the other look at is that I know rule that a lot of the other local winds that were played a night they're all gonna be tuning in. And they're all gonna be here in new stuff too so yeah if you guys out there like this been hit him up get some shows ago and it's networking happening. And same for you guys if they turn down the line to sort trying to put I've put everybody together tonight it's cost UTE equals happy and and may 26 at the fun house were about to play a song called overdosing hate what do you wanna say about this one guy saw this plaza reprimand this and straight to the point one of the first songs hero with Carlos and its street the boy amend its two and a half minutes of I am. Any half we are racking up the all local episodes down any final words for the metal shop listeners and our fellow northwestern airs are here key demand of your hair and head over that overdose okay. Hi rude but it's.