Metal Shop Interviews Riley Gale from Power Trip

Saturday, November 18th

Power Trip is one of the sickest thrash metal bands going today. Kevin and Ian sat down with Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale for a solid 45 minute discussion about a whole bunch of stuff: sponsorships, struggling on the road, hardcore music, their plans for 2018 and much much more. 


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It's 99.9 KI SW metal shop were very stoked right now we have to be an in studio at least the singer of the band we complain hell out of film. Well with their newest release nightmare a lot to keep price heard it here on metal shop first. Riley the singer the vocalist of power trip wanna be in town with cable sports man. Yes six and a and and they're also physically. Huge. It again as he as people were strangers a large man then there are pretty tall guys know where we're also late the shortest in the memo. Probably maybe. That's okay for some reason although all the true traders are always little deeds like a DO Kerry Keane. As clothes I even got here I am. He's a little better than me down. And down night. They're pushing for five. He's. Well like a big risks come from small didn't. So and congratulations welcome back in northwest first of all things here and doing your green freedom a little bit that we all our. That's awesome so tell us a little bit about how you guys I mean obviously you you've probably known geek keeper for a long time how did you get together on this side camel corps stories you know it's funny I think it. Unknown geek you refer ready year aka home. It's its existing. Sean and Eric. The guitar player in the based they know a lot about like old school. Texas hard core that I grew up on cool peak. As I guess like. One of those fans would be around and trying gone to a unknown places dividend opens Arizona. Is handling is on the few places they can coast and they were David and booking the shows and stuff so they kind of knew love seeing people that we did so we connected really fast the we get along who have only known him well fervently. You know we we had about the tour basically right around him that essentially. Nick Stuart salukis inferred ave to I think I think obituary nexus from the show victory and Campbell closest levels his these Tutu is doing doom. Here's the says and music few rounds of victory tour than do directs Horford can perform again yes. So you've seen exactly yeah you were told it'll be two or an exodus and huge for back to Mac which is just no. I you go from Britain and I thought Austin area in Kensington. Downhill from. Well you gotta be headlining now. Policy the movies and something. That's going to be or surreal thing when. The day comes we're equally asks Amanda like we really like you know we're yeah gently that we ask them to come on through with if someone else shelves if not give them a Shannon Bentley gently well against all. All the guys quickly oh in a civilian in that usually. Usually native approach to go on to. Say militants have been filled through evolving in the tank allowed to play the old record you know lake. We we can be out of league at listening tour or something because we have a new record Alley negative approach to be the support. Well here's an example like not least just is bringing terror on war with them you would they ideas so you would think. The terrible headline but because not police has all the kids that come out for a that hybrid exactly fair well considering the fact that the last time I actually saw a power trip lives this was a few years back is west Seattle legion hall was a bald yeah I think it's quite a step up I mean. You guys like this year. Seventeen has been a landmark year for your band you put out nightmare logic it seems like everything has just been blown up I seen you guys. You won some awards with when it was allowed wire. You wanna allow wire best song award ice but it's perform like coaching little song. Of the year according to the death acquire. People it was a really big awards thing that's the truth until I never heard loud or mentally and nominated for it. But that the coolest part about lord was. Every every other one was vote based miracle it used. Based and that the new eagle on this Wednesday has and frankly Dan the lizard that got picked except award for best song of the year was. The data nominated and they announce the nominations for the all the nominees which were river us dragon forest. Paul where municipal waste of then seventh full obituary. Pretty yes pretty big game leaves and don't miss any criticism is some good ones Israelis whose boat they did was they they stay accounting. Streams and apple music. For. David is from the morning the moment that they announces a from the moment they announces two when they close the polls that song was actually the most. Streams some non apple music interest in that and who that's how we were on the war with which actually you know for me. It's legit yeah I didn't then didn't even matter anymore how many. People read loud wire or click away and say don't realize that it runs in those based on the real the real world statistically if you were voting with the news or not they threw like. You know that's just like cold hard data rate there and that's so cool to. Totally men. That was that though about a lot of value into the an otherwise kind of arbitrary. Yet because otherwise it would just be like a couple dudes in a room picking up you know that most of it was the ladies went and you know even my brother hacked it. My about it. And as a Google play computer programmer got to basically he had this thing is that you followed shortcut and there was system abundant that vote and and the Susie protested it voted for us in any category that we're in. So they just kind of deal. Scene there's ways to hack that kind of stuff and and to establish I'm sure there are you know. It's against you know I won't old's into the Mitt maybe someone. And the song is looping on their phone sure. Three months or something like I am handed unused. It was just as well you know you sit there and and easily and it definitely what we still have more streams and. Yeah I've been seventeen yeah dragon dragon roars. It's and hey guys get to a get involved in the world of professional wrestling yet did I saw in a good transition to thank you I'm I'm like the resident wrestling owner of metal shop and I saw I was watching don't so this weekend. Along with survivor series to be done he's putting on an event called an XT. Takeover survivor series and pretty cool to see that power trip was chosen as the original theme song. You're song executioners tax has been chosen as the theme song for an excuse to tell me a little bit about what the process was lake of. Of being the theme song for pro wrestling. Pro wrestling event. Loses. No this really great manager. Armani who just does like. Buses but then again it week accuracy ask for an end. And he buses that bush he buses ass. And so. They've you know they've been focusing on a lot of really cool on underground bands lately maternal two turns out color on them into you know moderate bands that are that are known it from Mars but it was tour with than men in our room we really do kind of all collectively talk and sort of futures sort of like the 3COM. Fans really trying to. Bring this certain you know push it I mean again and then really grew up in and bring it filling a bigger level or whatever and so the you know whatever the manager guys they've got there there hookups and everything and yeah. The ages said that a case of moved my wrestling history as I was branded wrestling fan from about 58 crater which is basically that yes things people good attitude yeah like my favorite wrestling match was. On the Selma and the case and I seriously again and an agitator best of all time my friend you know they can. An illegal cable locks we. Watching that live was just like. Yeah like friendly to use the debt that was I don't want a little weary shallow weepy there's been like there's only world's disasters. Definitely gone down the Wear around like their Ehrlich has been. Impact for my child yet again if some really crazy British well legislate couldn't believe as much as dat yet they so though is. If you are your mind my head my cancer usually if I am troubled schools over us this week. So that was my time with the movies in the one thing that we Segovia and you know it's so cold last you know like. They Fuller account I doubt. When we've seen in angle Cain. It's like he's cancer homers you know on the lake. Post now and patriotism stuff just and it John Sina. Regime was a little much for me totally lost it but anyway so like I but I am familiar enough I keep of peripherals. Common knowledge only those cultures annoyed and excuses. Come understandably they're sort of Jeanne absolutely elated that's where they bring to the minor and a triple. As is that they would. Click on Saturdays and usually you know now you know banking and he's very young or do they can Saturday NATO or regular so what is an area catalyst that I. Saturday night and a device and use it. Guys can be able watch that summer work where you are WWB network chicken items under item articulate a free thinkers it hasn't changed their legs or he's either he's had a penalty the free market I think he'd get I think he needed to Tripoli to call and a functions rumors and that's a seat that's the Orioles college. I was hoping maybe I gonna collar managers and one tell them how to get the stream Agee Hillary Vince McMahon called me and was like hey I need the power like cameras and do it the only dealers and the need. Does it was it was cruise jeered. Actually met him before allowed last thing here is that we did this to death heaven and Ericsson and of guy and he came out. And he was really nice on a phenomenally hey man you know like a whole body to libraries want you to know. Every day after school at home home and put my little brother on the loan chaired. There's still like deep seated resentment and my family because of you know moments like that snakes and they keep things alive yet. That he can't okay and you asked a totally cool intently to preview. I had another one which did not go Alicia Randy Johnson showed. Former mayor and diplomat or remand of it was an excellent afternoon he's also a Diamondbacks that's what. You know I think actually the humane and careers and I think he did yet. Yes at the Q is me first then make him he was here argument. And the I think everybody was he's used really well like this person he usually quiet or whatever yet let go oh man if I knew you would be years. I what do you sign my dead pigeon. Well it he is that why. Think is meant to skin it's a joke remember when you hit that there visiting W gloom that vs blew the hundred miles an hour and a viral video. And parents. Pros like get away and he's an hour ago. I am I got a picture of them they stop punishing him as a goodwill and you know it is like. The mental laying out as we get sharp feeling a bag of like feathers. To. Like blood being. You know kind of grown I do I don't drew the I don't notice a lesson accidentally and you know it and I dug through the trash like three hours to find that it's not a little birdie there. Number one that would go. An awesome and that yes it's the did good but he was actually the news is cool. That's the the league the wrestling thing basically just it's they they've they've been taking an interest in in some some new bands is really cool and you think they have like one guy working in the back that's like I that was definitely open it up for sure that and that's how it always is which is well who when someone takes account like yeah the that he grew up like it I'll hopefully he has given back. I made somebody told me is named I can't remember putting docket again. Shaking that we should. Ha we're back here with Riley from power trip. They played technically last night and I knew those sold out show with gatekeepers and cannibal corpse that was so bad. And you spoke your feet after four terrible is that she as we follow the speech will still. Don't do that right now you know don't better outcome would be where you just did. That was causing us and because I have fallen off of the stage like this as a and they put this thing is like hot. I have a chronic oh that was that was a week ago in a boot camp here that was my wrestling skills and new glee do you make him so gently and then and then it was weird thinking it's on the camera the way that you they began actually. Pomeroys finally ray beg him please. Where are these problems and feel better. Your local aid that you felt a user geez what happened that he'd tell us. The league for years ago five Izzy personally this venue that's it in and called the actor on in Brooklyn. I tripped backwards over the monitor loans. And you're as those fallen and it uses of those who are small narrow room it it was a tall stage. They had a decent little. Tree with a monitor I would say it was they even like the Steelers and it is actively three and half of fallen some 44 wheel which you know if I was your ball I was following so human. I own. A team. I felt for so Long Island ram my parents Mosley. Yeah I'm with him they thing and it but vote would have been wasn't all my wayward right on the corner. Of the strip leading up to stated. And Justin paled myself he's right in the spine like my lowest I came in at an angle or call and so base is really just again angle ago. Diagonal ish kind of angle and going right in a mile like spy in my key needs the time bounce off of it only rolled over in the band sort of so on the fallen to the black immaturity haven't been. Lose control of Allman functions and then it pass easily public. Yeah taking. It got. Visually blacked out from that from the pain think it was what I paid as most pain I've ever been in my entire life by the worst it was it was really rough and you know I had and the way in my hand reaching through my legs. You know he can move like a month. Today because it couldn't move left or right you break your ribs and a nose on my lower back but and have insurance or anything with loses my spine and everything. And definitely I definitely. Herniated discs is and I did it doomed even worse and is still a lot of really chronic back pain with all that that the two. To two point late I felt the stated as rude bad folly at the end of them differently I love my way it is set somehow makes might just get after trying to heal unlike you know those come treasures can squeaked. Like a mouse. I'm glad I was able to catch it this time. You let your top. So we're talking a little bit about like I mean Kevin and I came from like emblem of Mormon on our part or on senior guys that you and tiger obviously taken that next began move that step. You were talking about playing with obituary next that is land. Ran CN. So what's that like men in late do you have any advice third younger kids obviously you were talking about being able to play more with your friends and like. Be in that I don't know what would you call it beat three. The next movement or something like you know. It's not it's hard thing to discuss but we all grew up going to lead halls and like on menus are on shows stuff like that. I don't know I think this is kind of and I don't wanna sound. Pretentious isn't the word I'm looking for over I think were. Looking at something it hasn't really happened before we're looking at this. This kind of really very odd place her. For progressive music right now where these actors these bands that are established. They're not getting any younger. And there's going to be a point where more more of them become physically incapable of playing that's true and it is aggressive music is gonna die offers a bit of forever be lake who really like win be the way that we think evidently. Yeah. Death core brands and more we're removed band grant were whatever is going to be the next movement you know like what's gonna stick around hers is gonna fade away you know on my friends I talk a lot of we think. People want guitar music to come back and you know X and maybe people are starting to look for. Heavy band like you know I've always said about power trip to the few like. Heavy music in any form. And you put the room with the band and believe in the worst thing you'll say is is that that in distance. And it really you know they're right look there like I said that I didn't suck you know like I can get into it. I did hear that the and it's did really I think hopefully the worst thing in not the other is people who think that we do suck and we and then and you gonna come please everybody but. You know we we we wanna be abandon that cat if you just like. And the music we try to take everything that is is good and memorable and and cathartic about it and and deliver that to people you know and because they say they didn't and made out on tour and we do. In the nineties it was a little rough early metal and hardcore is doing okay and I guess arguably and then a few being it's a little period but that was before the Internet and you can kind of find whatever you want so it's almost as if people are looking for more like. Real stuff now like even with this a day. An XT thing where they're looking for like legit bigger underground bands that are of like dot there. Their hard work under the bell you know that it actually put the work in the time in and now it's finally it's actually looking like it's starting to come to fruition for a lot of you guys see including power trip. Yeah you know to me at. The ninety's it was just those guys had money they sold records and they these are they were able to to. You know. The man how much I wanted to live like in within the means of of of the people that I went to high school it. Do legally or belittling. A normal thirty year old person right. You know EMI's though is is. Is differently raising unit this Lily if if if an offshore man is is you know go on for three months and then home for three. You know I wanted to be kind of the same way island don't have insurance and and and owned property make you know command and a little bit of money exactly I mean I do much those who don't really grasp that they did so only when when an artist wants. A pay check your son in Baghdad. Takes money from a company. With the sponsorship person was only the worst people in the world virtually you know was first off again to use your favorite band. Is over the age of 35. Takes money in some kind of way wait keeps them from from. Continuing you know lately yet a YouTube to. Almost towards someone has compromised themselves in some way there's no lake perfect Congo idea of the Lenovo tune in to me anyway. Well I Carl delays at Philly combines Yeager. I mean that idea that others through it that's that that's amazed at our former press segment kicking you know response about a monster hand and and they they really put a lot of spore blindness thanks canyon on it. The thing is is it that's because we've people that is they're doing that because people are buying music so. You know it to find other avenues of love to keep doing this you know plea. Eva and we've we've played hard for 3045 minutes a day we do things like. Come on here and do radio interviews and hopefully and enmity and I was having discussions and other friends think. Now on who these these sort of mid levels were a plea Q you're you know little loses says Mary I think that's pampered through legacy that began where. You know. And metallic union team. You know Larry even that old beaters and then like who. I go lot of respect for. The lake. Those guys that look elegantly a lot like a basketball player goes down for the new please. Thirty minutes and get to see a doctor and someone great look at mistakenly before or forced talent. Among healing sleep in the bed. Guess that we're after oil bring the kind of revenue. That they do literally if you have such a misconception on. How difficult and how. Shocked the music industry is these days a lot of a lot of guys this I mean to be a baby and grateful for everything that's happening but it. Let's be realistic and you know oil leaking you know anyone listening and think you really really care about prior to the Bentley. And and you can't make this shows and then than pleased by the records I eat well measured justly. You know. Find who is support to bin because like I only have so many years that does in the until you look I don't need universal health care it's. And I know because of that fault and I need yet exact hazard units I mean I need. And he really immediately you know I. A 1003000. Dollars. I have I have one I'm on a waiting list among three waiting lists. And it's and it's in months on the tour having them mentally and I have checked Obama and still on them. And still brought her in Ireland lines and I heard every day in my life. As deal with it and you know I go of given everything out of Renee and and sprawl and help and you gotta deal is that if you look at your understanding of Santa's salary room complaining and now and baffled because you know link. I can't look at the adrenaline going you stock. Caring and you know have a care in the world and and it's it's a job and I love my job that is just my job maybe at some benefits well I mean there's a lot of people out there you know my job maybe at some lights you know like. You know guaranteed income you know thinking EU. Does does this country does countries in Europe. That operate on this that link if you very successful successful. Enough band eight you don't have to be on tour all the time candidate you have to do is say Canada's it to that. You've heard you give a certain amount bag for the government or whatever. And you'll still get a living wage during those months the year end the year on tour I think even he isn't claim unemployment. When I'm off tour. And where we we have we have we pay taxes and now only as of may and you know since we started making money we do all of this legitimately. He's got news and lastly to host cell Allah and so now now it's this because man. You know my a lot of money flowed around you they came up in in in in pumpkin and analysts definitely. I wish Hiller like you know realize that you could still be upon can have credit to them you know they. Now that's an oxymoron. Is and well against Moore yet shoot a you know at that time. And to think I'm guessing credit friends all the time I got I have played friends' news. Lose body and and and tell them on trade places the hard and and is is hinting at Meehan and you know he has grass though is the yanks kind of thing that's. I mean I don't feel like you're complaining I guarantee their a lot of people listening right now or college and on their heads going yup. Yup in the same boat and they don't get too you know too were on the idea they they don't have any health insurance they got injuries they're living with and you know it's that are setter but you put in and out there you did it. Do and what you wanna do and you're still doing it. Known and amenable I had them in the oil there relay as loser recently. That kind of goes to more of an epiphany to me was. We were shoot news I think. Our second drummer markets had just left the band and Chris Walsh who plays drums now and is is now on the longest running member amazingly all original members of the the Syrians Chris but he's good with the bad in the long assumed his turn in the early years the mailing me really done a couple tour's I think. We just dropped hammered down a starting to get a lot of buzz out there. I was just I was looking added jobs because led I was getting X close to graduating college in my degree was in technical writing you know. I was looking it. Writing jobs in Philly then funds from the adjusting to my dream job at that time because expect anything from the man labeled band was from the ABC. Europe and ago. She's a couple other parts of the world as you can give our equipment if you read view good songs you know you can -- guarantees equal since you wanted to do is obviously you would Alabama down you can pick them back up again and -- whatever fashion. That's Conan do wanted to me you know to have to have as bush is doing sort of being like a full time he's usually dream I never really. Bought into that dream. And I was it was. It was an editor in chief while blue lizard G but it was definitely an editing a very little visual thing editing job foray in American. English magazine in Portugal. And what they want wasn't they want it was someone who understood. Americans for their first language and really wanted to have any kind of American English dialect brokered and tired magazine and I started. The interview process and I got really fired today and they were there early Buehrle who did basically told him to pay mean anything. Do all of this that are about to offer you a job they're they're gonna yeah yeah and only then you're off to a class that blessing in disguise sizes resonate in. Just so happens Portuguese. They can because and that's what I was getting to add it was is that is that I have I had learned Spanish from Mike Connors at twelve grainy and those of flu I was pretty get that in like. As the you know they asked him as a humility even though that it's it's different I'm pretty confident IQ you were picking up pretty quickly uses an American English. Magazines again don't need to show on the first day you know any Portuguese if you will should be able to speak English to me anyway. But those those are very new flow rose of asking myself. And Ryan take his job rumored to go on the stores he was actually the first time we ever woman throws the ball looking at the moment alpha and Omega. Which would have been 2012. Which also have been sameness of that stage her so. The GE and take it you went on tour I do well you know I ended up not having that choice. And enter any. Excellent program. And the news if we're glad you're still here just still raging. So what does this tour is happening now Campbell courts which is what's on the what's next you guys. Swiss Tony team look like for power trip. When he eighteen is going to be. I know a lot more of that and fell out of genuine disadvantage January you've got. Persistence to earn your averages ten days with he agreed chair Matt ball us. Broken T. Am I think born from pain me. Some other man's or do is only one or two other man's ability to where it is it is a big to a they do it the do it every year. And we'll do them every year you enjoying your feeling that things like fifteenth wonders why. But started off as a brief things obviously. And changed up at the bit it's always been kind of hard court tourist things whose sentences last year Franzen diseases but this year. We're finally getting to do which is is just going to be attending a vendor for me which will be great because just like her for its part it's perfect perfectly you get a fair. You know like you sleep you party on nicely V you know you wake up in your years here like early morning workout is like playing a show and I and over again that's a new day begins. And hero Paul Nyhan whatever city you're in you're just run around and you know. We've done a cold truth too there were were good with Sudan and the Madeleine did you play some shows with them their cool I recently got to meet Jamie because we did that motor and covered McGuire yeah hand and he was awesome socially. I think this is it is going to be insanity. For ten days. We just announced it and outrageously long two hour rule go back to Europe. And two thirds march 11. Doing direct support to tritium. For lakes seven week a test is there a debate on. Very vans on tour and it is a big one and he gets in his zeal so many Tribune they should get FiOS. Really an absolute. Guarantee honestly I never listen to them. And then and there have been a big fan but their eyes to you don't commute into value of these towns like business and metal. That's senator Arlen says let's see. Differently gotten softer or consular. You know I don't even care because I was the same lives lamb of god and I went in with an open mind had a blast because it's a left like thinking damn. Who cares what anybody thinks that their records in the guide kicks ass yeah absolutely you know like they'd just naked and he and they've been through some. Salary gas I guess mutiny Tribune then husband too he feet. Mr. and we I think that it is. I guess I just mats the fans that he really wants them through hours and little we've been that or Israel is or. They know they know it's yet and that's both can cool with some of these at least so there's like that there is the slate sort of middle probably. I'm not quite like. Lately. The first or second generation embedded these guys think you know the history of the AM there actors stuff that was being it is. All this possible the you know late. Who else like physically glimmer of god being in otherwise and switching gate you're telling us unity and I don't know they love little guys. Yes I don't know much about them minute to open up for it. Well yea avid bowler and easily I know all those other bands that you mention a lot of those guys keep win. You know they know who we they know who turns is I think that's cool they had dead they're being becoming a big help in bridging that gap and being like. Hague guy in you know older band that brought media yet you know exactly check out this band and then and that's good I'm glad that those guys. Are out there to do stuff like that for us. I mean last time we saw Mike and kills which use were an anchor of this that your. And I was surprised. And good grove is that the guerrillas. And Erica is like multi platinum or something like. The video but you're right it's it's cool seeing functions and or unexpected places industry mr. We'll cool man will forget what the hell that question was doing and what what okay do you have anything. Like although we are doing their toes so yeah I mean there military introverted and I should add has been imprisoned is is opening an awesome the other cool we've foods and Cardiff and there are really sweet people really excited to come issue we're going to be a bus with them. It is seven long weeks and tritium jerks forward then imprison opening and the UK coat large jumps on five shows. It has come home though B Blake. The end of April basically and then from there we're gonna do another minor but we're gonna kind of take you back in Q do weird Colin do you really go back to some more of like. Hardcore. Punk roots anybody think we got and I can't really day and night out and try to get I tried. It you know like I I think had attracted its a world will be banned if you wanna see. Yeah B will be. Bay Area like wide range you know it's if it's something for everyone you know we've done these big metal tours we wanna still you know. She'll love to like all the people that. Debt like everything that we do it came out seeing us in the might you know be and other stuff that plea. Let's give them a reason make the case so you know one won't bend that were huge fans of that. We asked that could do was drab majesty now and also you know dead is like it costs. Re wonderful human being you know we text all the time and and Suze supportive of each other and is great because I didn't know. I o's fan of their music and and there are a fan of ours and I had no idea you know these are the connect to an opponent we'll really usually denied any. Has that allowed wireless Brian posts and which is cool it's. Rules now as royal headache from Australia was in a manner that they're counting an am and that's that that's just a cool feeling is in the come across been Maria well I really enjoy the music theory your work or whatever inning you that's one more thing. Think not even necessarily going back your roots or whatever by doing that like back bringing your friend's bag do that's gonna do nothing but help you. Yet and then you can get that next opportunity is gonna get better and better man I'm really really stoked. That's who we've been watching the progress of human effort last few years you guys know your stuff. So we appreciate you coming out it's been I appreciate it if you like or don't just come and Google's and questions a year in the power strips that. So tell us wouldn't like being from Texas again so you're rocker. Were medal you vote for Donald Trump O god to. That's for weeks or pissing people off its session go through and lastly few seconds you know I'm finally that I found that because you're from Texas and the you know years clearly like more in tune with like. The other side of that I'll let you know it's too bad any proud boys you've made to listen news show will have just misses by mere hours. Because low for the comes yeah there's the to some of those now in the south and here in the normal last as you. I mean are there and see I think their Bogeyman I don't think they can exist excuse me not yours good actors they don't know as he goes to those elements of that now you get it down to within allowing themselves to hard like stand up and that this weekend. I just don't think there was an incident I just read out yesterday there was at the Astoria club up in Vancouver BC. One of the probably is was there with a bunch of his friends again jump by like five deeds in the bathroom. And then it turned into us. Moon you guys can that was Kenton who's like this no I know storybook a heart that are made me say something about it in the first place was because. Oliver came out of it because people have been giving. The whole thing is that she's a friend of mine she has been for years and and I think who would have a new ideas and and to be to. You know late. You know like you go to another bar you know they can. Yeah they're like all the cops yourself a good god goes on Morales you know welcoming two bit plea but you know of bars a clever as an aim obligated to a damn thing for use. Trying to discern you as they don't want to exactly it says right on the sign right by the Arab by the yellow early again out exact you know only Lou look I understand all inclusive the game that you think is no way the cute. Tell me there it's akin announcers someone based on you know. There racers ray scanners in an obvious stuff like that but it's like. You know if you're going to be in there spouting hate about it yeah. You know and there's a digital Sam was saying that these guys are out there antagonizing rules. That I felt I felt in the decision as to make it easy Terry bows at Philly you know they are the thing I can on the I can't think it's finally giving them the there's sort of like his daily nebulous things were Blake. Think the way the right wing views late in T. It's scan and keep. And a leg now man isn't just a little lately. Is definitely there aren't like seeker and and town meetings anything usually is that. I think it's gone down today at thing you know like I am go to my scheme and now we'll bus and because. These conservatives. Thirty. He's got a cal get a lot more time you get needed an assignment for him for playing well we're glad you're a radio interview I got how many times I get bleeped out. It's more than three time that is that's sure. Toledo where we appreciate you manna stand up and we appreciate you putting up the awesome music that you do in that. We hope the power trip has an killer and 2070 engagement we have president's we have violence was. Make him any breakfast this morning yeah that was really nice tennis titles in that thing you do with the omelet early uses and that. You got that from YouTube video I am and the link please go to print that the whose killer it is so what. The Indio a year and 2017. List of top Brett top records of the year I guarantee power trips going to be in there for metal shop at least and we'll let you know what what number you get. Yeah are making other whatever it is it will leave behind in Palin or so ago. On to say about keep that in mind. Rally from power chip here on metal shop thanks again for coming in do you think like guys I think you the end yeah.