Metal Shop Interviews Rock Photographer Neil Lim Sang

Saturday, January 14th

If you've been to rock shows in Seattle, you've probably seen Neil Lim Sang hanging out by the stage taking bad ass photographs. Metal Shop had Neil in studio this past Saturday to talk about what it's like to be a well-known rock photographer, and he shared some tour stories from his time with Gojira and In Flames! 


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We've got a lot of bands here on metal shop in the past and we've had you know managers we had. Ford managers we've had smokers we've had promoters but we've never had a rock photographer. Here and it's very cool if you go to any shows in Seattle. Or the north west of Portland pretty much if you go to any rough as you'll see this duties got he's got crazy colored hair. A big appeared. And as David Neill live saying he's taken a no easing the czar photographs of all the metal bands that you love so we're gonna ask him some questions first off. They took my brother thanks for having you guys it's awesome you are a friend of the show. And you recently went on a little trip with in flames and Ryan in you've got to hang out with you Portland. Again we we don't you want for a look at that. Let's go let's just jump right into the oh Q I had to get into photography and we're specifically metal dog. Well it's been a long road. And taking photos for quite awhile and lose in the C work. And it's always taking photos with like little points utes and within planes for a long time. We are going out on Ozzfest 2005 so I decided to actually. Invest in our. Shooting ace figured muzzled tried for. Something. How did you and getting hooked up with and planes that can be. Well my real day job do you visual effects and animation for film and televisions so. Back in the day I was working for industrialized equipped George lucas' no big deal no big deal as a slightly injured. Along that it's pretty cool dip the and the guys. In flames guys are really huge Star Wars fans. So I'd been friends who have a lot of people out there record company you know put them in touch with me. And first person emailed me was Peter's dad is clear and Anders and we struck up in the email conversation and we met in April of 2002. When they came Hughes San Francisco where I was living at that time. And we really hit it off well. Two shows of them did San Francisco went down with a lot of people. The rest is history yes. That is awesome and what is who have been some of Euro photography like ideals like would have been some of the the best photos you take. In some of the bashers you've ever done. The best shows I've done gas like law Ozzfest was amazing. Just recently ended 2016. Years orchestra and now. They made a lot of money up that tour I just saw how much money they made. Those guys are amazing live it's something very different and it's really great. I love going now in flames there. And friends and for some years totally spent a lot of funds and you don't just do metal I mean obviously just say trans Siberian orchestra but I see you doing a lot of like classic rock shows. Give Purdue like hip hop shows or anything like that are just rock I've been doing. And offered to do some hip hop shows but it's that matters schedule after a lot of country this summer. Which was really good at something very different and he just keeps him white nose like something out of Norman. My comfort zone really via. So when you were first trying to figure out how everything worked who were some of the people that she looked up to some a few titles while when I was growing up it's always like. Reading mildly mentally and circus magazine security for autism. Needles laws hour mark Weiss. Firm and Ross how often signals geysers. It quintessential rock photographers have been around for a long time and really it is. She the industry in it's it's really wild to think that how many people out there just have had not heard these names and ages grown up with their pictures on the walls now. Yeah it's very very different these days. Definitely man it's it's awesome that you've been up here man we're gonna play a bit that we were just talking about inflames you met them because you're affiliated with our board there are big star was nerds. And now it's just one big. It's that one big family with he's gonna towards inflames and everything's so Cole thank you so cool so we're gonna play so you request a cloud connected any reason why wonderfully that's what. They play be a demo this on a long long time ago before the record came out and when they finally came out I was blown away because I remember that if it was Seoul so memorable two days ago. Was awesome cool. All right some info is gotten ill limb saying in studio didn't call 206421. Rocked. Given the questions we what's the advice for rock photography is metal shop on the rock and now we have a man in studio you only in saying he is eight. He rock photographer by knights. He Izzy incredible designer by day. And he's just a bad so fast. We think there's a connection between that not only is your connection between him and in flames as he's toward with he's good friends at them but also. Kind of similar with coach you're you've toured with bush era and I I saw you. Were hanging out with them like. But with alt and double West Coast is fast was it desperate. The house just in October Roosevelt with them right after I got off marxism rock. We can. And got dropped off back here in Seattle and those guys are great. Related. That is awesome so how did you get in contact with Hoosier I know you said. Through in flames with the kind of let's start with connection was similar closure I yes indeed it was through in flames again we did in flames took them out on. Tour for full European and fully American tour in 2008. So we are on the road for about four months together so you what do you are in place yes I've toured Europe and North America that is incredible though we were together was Goodyear in those guys are just amazing and really brutal alive so. It was fantastic. And it's just amazing this yelled how big they've gotten and how much hard work they've put into it in two grammys like Wile. Who would've thought it. So man I got like a question for you since you've gone toward with all these billions on these really cool things. What is one of the biggest moments that stood out for like one of the biggest well. Moments now while there's a couple things I can't really say I there are at let's keep it FCC friendly. But Syria the reality is I think like Ozzfest was agreed moments. I was shooting Iron Maiden and Ozzfest and that's one day 2005 when that fame isn't egging instant it all in. I was beside one of my rock idols and our photographers and I just captured some moments with the Iron Maiden getting a good now as one of those while that's a crazy moment that rule is. Remember. One I'll remember when. I. He loses it taking all those photos. Give any advice for people when trying to get into music photography that are just get into it and see your photos and like and how to do that. I don't do don't do it okay all right it's now what you think it is it's a lot of hard work it's a lot of fun. Lot of networking Tom I would honestly tell people do you like really try to get out there and try to meet people. The carrier local security because they've got your back when here and that it you're trying to get that shot. You don't see that flying person coming over that's gonna take you out so be called everyone I think can do is stick to sell these unless you wanna do actual work. Yeah exactly. That's awesome man on so how do we find you online because I know you it's big social media is a big part of photography these days I'm an answer Graham and and sang and I have FaceBook page and saying photography so win saying LA NSA NG. Yes when sank photography we are part of a pretty big event that's this kind of becoming a thing here in the Pacific northwest. And that little bit. I've gotten involved with a group called rock out Ellis oh yes oh yes we've they've been around for quite a little. Quite awhile and we just got on her on nonprofit status here and we're putting together some really cool plans for 2017. And one is a big rock auction of really cool memorabilia to raise money for analysts which is Lou Gehrig's disease. Oh that's pretty awesome this is really nice to see people giving back. Rock music has done so much for me and help me one house acute. Because my father. Passed away from me so it really helped me deal with a lot of things. And it took me a long time to figure out how to give back and I've been in this scene for awhile and have. Quite a few friends that are able to help out so when and that rock out in Alaska eyes. It's really something that those really moved me to actually give back and finally be able to deal with a lot of things and it's it's been great. That's awesome and so it's all come full circle yes it's scary very cool. Wall workplace regulation. They streets I Neil thanks so much firms that you'd awesome man Neil limbs say he can check him out. Is it limbs saying yes it is at limb saying the check that out on is to grant on FaceBook hit above. Film appreciation. Show you heard in my metal shop. In stroke is beautiful beard and also. Off it's untouched and here it goes here at toxic garbage island as a whole needs some sort metal shop.